The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 22, 1986 · Page 36
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 36

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1986
Page 36
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The Pittsburgh Press Wednesday, October 22, 1986 ENTERTAINMENT Qujoago brings Pete Bishop v. '.t-v.' t .'e PitUbnxih Press , out old talents, new hits, but fewer fans Xe piUsborgh Press jo how eood is this Jasoa Scheff. the man WtA replaced Peter Cetera? Thafs the obvious question about Chicago these days., Scheff s OK. He's lighter-toned than Cet era, especially on the highest notes, and sounds more boyish. He has a less distinctive (oice, although that might be simply because to're not used to it Now the not-so-obvious and more difficult question. Is a band that last night at the Civic T . ..... i ; iL!. Lrena made its turn appearance nere in uus decade alone still worth going to see? In one sense, no and it seems the public agrees. Ten years ago this month, Chicago drew 15,362 to the arena. Last nights doncert was in the hall s theater-style setup, and only 5,692 fans showed. up. Like the Beach Boys, Chicago s been around for what seems like forever (actually 19 years) and has had loads of hits (nearly two dozen) and does almost all of them in concert and does them well. . And if you hadn't heard "Saturday in the Park," "Just You 'n' Me" and 4Teelin' Stronger Every Day" for five or six or 10, years, you'd be justified in saying, "Gee, it sure was nice to near tnem again. But like bills, crabgrass, visiting in-laws and the Beach Boys here they are again. .. There are only so many times you can hear n "Saturday in the Park," "Just You V Me" .. and "Feelin" Stronger Every Day," no matter how well they're done, before enough's enough. ' So what did Chicago do but combine some of those old favorites into . . . well, "If You Leave Me Now," "Wishin" You Were Here" , and "(I've Been) Searchin So Long" were a ' "suite." "Make Me Smile," "Colour My World" and a "Make Me Smile" reprise were REVIEW a "mini-ballet They were medleys. Yes, most of each song was included, but that's a tacky tactic more typical of over-the-hill, middle-of-the-road, I'm-sick-of-doing-these-things acts than "major" arena attractions. Additionally, it wasn't a smoothly run show. It was supposed to begin at 7:30. It began 20 minutes later with no word of explanation. The 20-minute intermission lasted 26 minutes In another sense, however, Chicago was very much worth hearing, and again the public agreed. Unlike the Beach Boys, Chicago keeps having hits and winning new fans especially young women whose screeches indicated they think Scheff's kind of cute. More importantly, Chicago has lost none of its assets: tremendously high musicianship from all hands, instrumental and stylistic versatility, lush vocal harmony and an overall sense of being a class act. That means that once again old news could be good news, from "Along Comes a Woman," bouncy but more a hard-rocking, power-chord number than the original, to rousing "Alive Again" to "25 or 6 to 4" (the lively, exciting, old-style version, not their new, gut-slugging remake of it) to an effective pairing of new number "One More Day" and oldie "Dialogue," both "we're all in this together" message songs. "You're the Inspiration," ."Hard Habit to Break" and especially gorgeous, near-majestic "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" were winning ballads, although the last one, as usual, broke into hard-rocking, horn-led "Get Away" and spoiled the romantic mood. There was no great individual performer or showman. That's never been Chicago way. A much slimmer Bill Champlin, thanks to his burly, soulful vocals ("In the Midnight Hour," "Will You Still Love Me?" and "Colour My World" were his best moments), and auxiliary guitarist Dawayne Bailey, a superb find, came closest It was, as always, very much a group effort and a good one, despite the few times they sounded off-key and not together and their ham-handed version of the Beatles' "Taxman," which negated George Hant son's biting, trenchant words. And there were little highlights: Scheff s roaring bass work, Danny Seraphine's steady drumming, Walt Parazaider's hot sax licks and some short, three-man horn segments. But you can't sell tickets on strength of those alone. Chicago'd better keep having those hits if it wants concert dates even the hardest of habits can be broken. 'Robocop,' a futuristic action movie, to begin filming here Friday By Ed Blank 'f he Pittsburgh Press j Production begins here Friday on 18 million feature film called Robocop," which will star Peter feller, Nancy Allen and Ronny Cox. It will be the first American hovie directed by Paul Verhoeven J Amsterdam, Holland. Verhoeven, probably the most ghly regarded Dutch filmmaker, Has been represented on U. S. streens by "Spetters," "Turkish Delight," "Soldier of Orange" and "The Fourth Man." I "Robocop," which began shooting in Dallas on Aug. 6, will move Friday to the Wheeling Pitt Steel plant in Monessen and eventually use locations in Ambridge, as well. I Although set in Detroit in the near future, no filming will be done there. Sroduction manager Charles ewirth says Western Pennsylvania locations were selected "way back - June, roughly, and locked in in . July. We needed a steel mill, and (locations around here) were architecturally more conducive to our needs than they were anyplace else. "It's set in Dallas because of a story point that will be obvious when you see the movie ... but it's not the auto industry, no." Filming will continue here through Nov. 6. Tobor Pictures will release "Robocop" through Orion Pictures, probably early next summer, Newirth says. Although "Lady Beware" and "Kid Brother" were filmed here this summer, "Robocop" will be the biggest "name" movie since "Gung Ho" in the summer of '85. "Robocop" concerns a policeman, played by Weller, who is transformed into a partial robot during an operation. : Weller's credits include "Firstborn," "Just Tell Me What You Want", and "Shoot the Moon." Miss Allen starred in several . films for her ex-husband, Brian De Palma, including "Dressed to Kill," "Carrie" and "Blowout." Cox was in "Deliverance" and "Beverly Hills Cop." "Robocop" producer Arne Schmidt worked on such movies as "Pretty in Pink," "Red Dawn" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," but this will be the first feature film he has produced. Executive producer John Davison also made "Airplane" and . "Top Secret." Jost Vacano, director of photogra' phy, also shot "Das Boot" and "The NeverEnding Story." Vacano was to have come here earlier this year to film "52 Pickup," the John Franken- beimer movie with Roy bcbeider and Ann-Margret, but production was moved to Los Angeles. All casting for "Robocop" has been completed. In its eighth season next summer, Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival for the first time will stage a non-Shakespearean play. Gil Elvgren will direct Edmond Rostand's "Cyrano de Bergerac" as the second of three shows, June 26-July 18. It will be preceded by W. Stephen Coleman's staging of William Shakespeare's "Two Gentlemen of Verona," May 29-June 20, and succeeded by another Shakespearean play to be announced along with the guest director's name shortly. The third show will be presented July 24-Aug. 15. All three shows as usual will be in Stephen Foster Theatre for 22 performances. The schedule is to be changed slightly in that a Sunday night preview will replace the Sunday matinees that formerly concluded each run. Additionally, "Two Gentlemen of Verona" will be performed at six matinees for high school students May 18-26. Elvgren is head of Pitt's MFA directing program and Cole man heads the university's MFA acting program. Pittsburgh Filmmakers has persuaded Mayor Richard Caliguiri to proclaim Halloween as George A. Romero Day here. A 10-day retrospective of Romero's movies, plus related workshops and panels, will begin Friday at Filmmakers' screening room in Oakland and at Fulton I starting Monday. (Ed Blank is The Pittsburgh Press drama editor.) s SHOWCASE a CINEMAS SHOWCASE EAST ONLY BARGAIN MATINEE DAILY $2.00 FIRST SHOW ONLY LATE SHOWS FBI. SAT. SC WEST A NORTH BARGAIN MATINEE S2 00 WtD f HI SAT i SUN. FIRST SHOW ONLY LATt SHOWS FRI.fSAT. (NORTHI I 1 CONTINUOUS SHOWS SAT. SUN, HOLIDAYS 1 COIOB OF MOWtYlH 1:00, 7:20. 9:30 CHIlMiN Of A IESSEC OODffl 1:00, 7:30, 9:45 JUMPIN' JACK FLASH ffl 1:30, 7:40, 9:40 DEADLY FRIENDffl 1:45,7:45,9:45 CBOCQDIH DUNDEE gfl) 1:15. 7:15. 90 STAND IY MEM EQQ, 7;5Q, 9-50 CLASS Of NUKE 1M HIOHHTJ 2:00.8:00,10: COtOBOFMONIYIB 1:00, 7:20, 9:30 DEMONS. . f2:00, 7:55, 9:55 CWAOtY f Bit ND!B 1:45. 7:45, 9:45 "DUNDEE" IS IRRESISTIBLE! "A CHARMING, GOOD-TIME MOVIE THAT'S -' IMPOSSIBLE TO RESIST". .. " MICHAEL MEDVED, SNEAK PREVIEW PAULHOGAN IS There's a little of him in all of us. PP I SA PARAMOUNT PICTURE -A .. f : 3 (A 'iAti CM MfTTt SOUTH AND -NARMAI CMEMA SHOWCASE LAST -It. SI s. SHOWCASE NORTH, SHOWCASE WEST. souwmwu. .MtliHjktli VKLAGE- JUMPIN' JACK FLASH fl 1:30,7:40,9:40 SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE fil 1:30, 7:50, 9:50j THAT'S LIFE! p&fl) 1:30, 7:30. 9:25 TOUGH GUYSiEffl 1:15,7:15,8: 15 STAND BY ME HI 1:15, 7:40, 535 CROCODILE DUNDEEUjgjI 1:00,7:20,9:20 RUTHLESS PEOPLE ifTJ 1:45, 7:50, 9:50 1 1 r. t . L J I kl. H H 9: iK W 1 1 ii CHILDREN Of A LESSER WD IfJJ 1:00, 7:30, 9:45 DEMONS 2:00,7:55,9:55 CLASS Of NUKE W HIGH M 1:45,7:50,9:50 DEADLY FBIENDB) 1:45.7:45,9:45 THAT'S LIFEIIFCHS 1:30,7:30,9:25 TOUGH GUYS PS 1:15,7:15,9:15 CROCODILE DUNDEE ESS 1:00.7:20, 9:20 RUTHLESS PEOPLE no now TOP GUN 7 JO9:30(fO 1 STAND BY ME .00 j TOUGH GUYS 7 40H 55 (K3) I JUMPIN' JACK FLASH 7:40 9:35(1!) ! PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED SO RUTHLESS PEOPLE Mm 7-30 A Ifl tO IIaMk i,l'.iiii..ri,li.y-!w,l:,;, VAGABOND 30 (:0 WANCI $2 RUTHLESS PEOPLE 7-45 A 30 (l (MM MdW ini MiiiKfif Mi n.jitwMH-ni AARGAIN MATINEES $2 OO THE COLOR OF MONEY i, 7:40, S5 (R) CROCODILE DUNDEE i m. 7 30.9 55 ikoi DEADLY FRIEND 1so.100.9ss (.1 TOP GUN 1:15, 7 45,9 5J(fG) fTTTt.Bl'.'.'.'l..l.UI $2 RUTHLESS PEOPLE 7:45 ( (MM MidUr RUTHLESS PEOPLE 00 () k 1.50 MODERN TIMES 7:30 A 9:30 $0 RUTHLESS PEOPLE L 7:30 9 30 ).. MkJW i$2 RUTHLESS PEOPLE 7:45 II) RUTHLESS PEOPLE 7 00 A 9:00 (t Unm ItMt Hv,;iMiiuvH'v'.l'3 PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED 7301.30.w13) DESERT BLOOM 7so9 50(ks) DEATH OF A SOLDIER 7:40 m MY AMERICAN COUSIN ,s) $2 TOP GUN 7 Jo9:io(w;) JO RUTHLESS PEOPli 7 4o 9 35(i L LECAL EAGLES rt3rai WHOOPI GOLDBERG IACKT FLASH "HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!" Hi -0brOMMCrV.103AMGflfS A, CHESWICK .Cheswick CINEMETTE SOUTHLAND 9 . . Rt. 51 So. MANOR Squirrel Hill McKNIGHT CINEMA MtKnightRd. SHOWCASE WEST Robinson Twp. SHOWCASE EAST ..... . . Monroevllle VILLAC-E South Hills Village "THE BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR." -Joanna Langfield, WABC-RADIO "One of the movie year's best bets." Peter Travers, PEOPLE MAGAZINE CINEMETTE SOUTHLAND 9 ..Rt.SISo. HARMAR FrocDori Rd. KINGS COURT Oakland NORTH HILLS McKnighf Rd. SHOWCASE EAST Monroevillt SHOWCASE WEST Robinson Twp. VILLAGE South Hill Village EON(Sn OCJOBH 37 198 EROTIC CITY (X) FOXTROT (X) Pittsburgh BALLET THEATRE it I All VLIWl Ik mm iw-iuuis TONITt-JAZZ WITH ROBBIE KLEIN & FRIENDS nuK-u. nnn rl-wtwom f5S67JOas nrrAHC niArwooo$r.-oNnc UiAttlC conn or ioa ir lau- WPTS A Jlm'i tacordt proMfit Th Undlipv1d Oun of tti lluot KOKO TAYLOR "The best film of the year." Joel Siegel, . ABC-TV KatMeen Tumer Nicalas Cajt . , he. U0lban CHESWICK Cheswick CINEMETTE EAST MonrotvSIt Mai CINEMETTE SOUTHLAND 9 RL 51 So. MANOR .Sq.H McKNIGHT CINEMA McKnieht Rd. WEST HILLS CINEMA Moon Uy.J 4, rv - r r a r . . i IffffffffffffV t TONITE, FRI. A SAT. THE CRUISERS: LILIES I ) UnHm kn, Scrit 2JMLn 4 wwwwwwirltitwiHtwitlritirl T . ... FULTON MM CMEMA WORLD RT. 51... HARMAR CINEMA SHOWCASE EAST... SHOWCASE NORTH SHOWCASE WEST.. VILLAGE Downtown Piti. Century UIMal ...Harmarvie ... Monroe vie ,..McKni(htRd. ..RobiKonTwp. So.HihViaie POINT PARK COLLEGE, THEATRE CO. 1 M pivscnts i ERVANTj OF TWO MASTERS - a t oiiinlv l)V CARLO GOLDONI' l)iri ( led l) DON WADSWORTH OCT. 22 thru NOV 2 Ell I I I s U L R (, ... AYHOUSE THEATRE CENTER ' .1 r r.iiK .ii. c i .i ' caii 621-4445 .:; 5 I. SAKbAIN MATINEE $? PRIOR TO 5 P.M. AT FUUOH MINI. N JUMP "A stunning achievement ... penetrating . . . powerful, compelling . . . Marlee Matlin explodes across the screen . . . one ojthe most captivating performances in years. A movie to be S&lOTGClo " Jeffrey Lyont. SNEAK PREVIEWS WILLIAM HURT QiUdrenqfa OENIS SHOWCASE EAST.. .MLlebann ..Mooroevit 1 '.Viiif.-ti IB I " El 1 3 n I t ' IN , -rorward Avt. J f JJ la DEADLY FRIEND (R) 2,4,6.8 THE COLOR OF MONEY (R) 7:30, 9:45 MwroyA.4il-IM3 H PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED (PG-13) 7:30, 9:30 JUmriN JAU rLAMI (H)8. w FwwrJAw.4ai.700 CHILDREN OF A LESSOR GOD (Rl 7.30. 9:50 CROCODILE DUNDEE (PG-13) 7:50. 10 TOUGH GUYS (PG) 7:30, 9:30 HIEIttUiW-HI i37-6I45 PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED (PG-13) 7:50. 50 THAT'S LIFE (PG-13) 7:30, 9:30 TOUGH GUYS (PG) S. 10 TOP GUN (PG) 7:40. 9:40 m.30lanBi-00 CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH (R) 7:50, 9:50 DEADLY FRIEND (R) 8. 9:45 CROCODILE OUNDEE (PG-13) 7.40, 9:30 TOUGH GUYS (PG) 7:30, 9:40 8mWMl7i-e70S ItutMni Pwpl. Only All SnU $2.00 at a tinwi RUTHLESS PEOPLE (R) 8. 10 CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH (R) 7:45. 9:45 ladilJ7314300 SHOWCASE NORTH SQUIRREL HILL Ruthlm Pnpl. Only AH itoH 2.00 al ai lima RUTHLESS PEOPLE (R) 7:30. 9:30 CLASS Of NUKE'EM HIGH (fl) 7:40. 9:40 m ---- ..... .. .. BAUSCHtLOMB AND OTHER FINE QUALITY SOFT CONTACT LENSES SOFT CONTACT LENSES 2 PAIRS $g(g99 INTRO OFFER (NEW PATIENTS ONLY) wp'iiajiWiiW! i eyeglasses") CALL FOR A NO OBLIGATION APPOINTMENT S Bisect. mm CLARK BLDG. DOWNTOWN THIRD FLOOM 261-9800 PARKVALE BLDG. MONROEVILLE 856-7600 LEBANON SHOPS CASTLE SHANNON 343-3770 PERRYM0NT BL0G RT. 19, NORTH HILLS 367-4004 WE CARE mmmmxm GUARANTEED DOCTORS OF OPTOMETRY IN ATTENDANCE PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED (PG-13) 7:50. 9:50 B JUMPIN' JACK FLASH (R) 7:45, 9:45 TOP GUN (PGH.10 IT Wi:YBI.:l..I Md(Biahtld.M4900 LP K MddiighttJ.3c74M0 THE COLOR OF MONEY (R) 7:30. 9:45 (ttattW J.ljllVilll. .J UwalnAw.7-U54 All Son S2 00 al all tkm. NOTHING IN COMMON (PG) 7:15, 9:30 RUTHLESS PEOPLE (R) 7:40. 9 40 ilF.T.'.UMiE" H t. B Nart)iW-4433 AUSaontl.OOalalltiiita. HAUNTED HONEYMOON (PG) 7:40. 9:40 RUTHLESS PEOPLE (R) 7:30. 9:30 liM'T.VMll'l Caalwy sum7 Rulhlai. PmoI. Onlr-AH Walt (2.00 al all lima. RUTHLESS PEOPLE (R)8. 10 CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH (R) 7.40. 9:40 DEADLY FRIEND (R) 7:30. 9:30 TOP GUN (PG) 7:50. 9 50 Kt.31 Swli65M)500 THE COLOR OF MONEY (R) 7:30. 9:45 A ROOM WITH A VIEW 8, 10 DEMONS 10 Only JUMPIN' JACK FLASH (R) 7:20, 930 PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED (PG-13) 7:30, 9:45 CROCODILE DUNDEE (PG-13) 7:40, 9:50 THAT'S LIFE PG-13) 7:50, 9:50 TOUGH GUYS (PG)S,9:55 THE BOY WHO COULD FLY (PG)80nly STANDBY ME (R) 7:30, 9:40 Ml. 'MJ-73O0 CHILDREN Of A LESSOR GOD mi 7 wi ti 3 THAT'S LIFE (PG-13) 7:30, 9:30 in but nnu luULD FLY (PG)7:50 9:50 TOUGH GUYS (PG) 7:40, 9:40 ITWJ i.H.ViftaBaB3.T700 THE COLOR Of MONEY IRI7-H am DEADLY FRIEND (R) 7:40, 9 40 JUMPIN JACK HASH (R) 7:50. 9:50 CROCODILE DUNDEE (PG-13) 7:20, 9 20 STAND BY ME (R)8,10 l:)fcLH MSatt.4.B7Tr RUTHLESS PEOPLE (R) 7:30, 9:30 ;i:J'lYi,II'0 DanaamSAMOta All Smis $2.00 al afl ttmm HAUNTED HONEYMOON (PG) 7:45, 9:30

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