The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1944
Page 3
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'WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBBK 20, 194-1 I'.I.YtUHVINLK C'OUIUHK NKU'S One Jap Bomb Hit Princeton But It Started Fire Which Doomed Carrier In Big Sea Battle I'EARL HARBOR, Nov. 20 (UP) —The skipper of the tight carrier Princeton has told the story of the sinking of his ship. He says that a single Japanese bomb, probably a 5CO.pou«der, caused fives'' which forced other American naval units to sink' the Hat-top. The skipper, Capt, William Buracker of Winchester, Mass., told his story matKr-of-factly until he described the final minutes of the eight-hour fight to save the Princeton. Then his voice broke as hu said, "The number of survivors is tlie one consoling factor for me." • Out of a total compliment of 1541 officers nnd enlisted men, all but 88 were rescued. • ' - • • The weather was murky, he said as the Princeton entered the second Philippine sea battle. "Our patrols had starte'd to lam lo refuel and rearm; when suddenly a'dive bomber broke out of a clout and headed directly for. the-Princeton. .We manned our antiaircraft batteries,' but the 'Jap pul .one p Downed .Airmen Count On : Navy, Luxora Man Says What arc your chtinccs of coming ut alive If you are afloat In the 'aciflc In n tiny raftV Lieut. Henry C, Davis, sou of fr. and Mrs, L J. E. Davis of near jjuxora, and who lias' served as a iaval aviator since the start of the i'ar,. says "Sit tight and take it asy—the Navy will go out lo find ou. And It usually does." This navy man knows what lie Is nlklng about. During a large share >f (he time he was In the battle ,1'cas lie served with the far-famed Black Cat" squadron. To the Americans, the sqimdion was one of mercy, but to the Japs, the records how the "Cats" were rip-roaring Igers, Lieutenant Davis: squadron rescued. 18 pilots In a four-day period. U other times the 20-year-old flier told of his buddies picking up Army and Navy aviators and crewmen in Village Gossip on Leyte mailer numbers, i He knows how It feels to be his bombs squarely upon the his bombs squarely upon th Princeton's flight deck.' 1 >'-, Euracker .went on with his ',storj of .the last hours of his ship. "1 wa not particularly concerned at first.' he : said, "because I figured- th bomb was a small one alul .that w could quickly fix the : But, instead the'bomb went dow Into the hangar deck ' where tor pedo bombers were loaded with gas and torpedoes. Large fires ifmne- niately started. Torpedoes began to explode. Buracker gave the order to abandon ship. Two cruisers and four destroyers had. been left behind by the task force and 'hey took on the Princeton's personnel. Only a fire fighting damage control unit remained aboard the Princeton. Tlie Princeton despite terrific Interior damage from its own torpedoes was still afloat on an even keel. Buracker wanted to tow her home. But then came the order that all good seamen dread—sink her! : He and his skeleton crew,' joined the remaining ships of the task force the ships alined ' themselves and fired their torpedoes,into the carrier's plates. The Princeton sank almost immediately. Temperatures Atlanta 1 55 Augusta : 03 Birmingham 50 Charleston 60 Chattanooga . 53 Chicago 34 Cincinnati i.. 46 Denver J. 40 Detroit . . 43 Jacksonville . ....... . 61 Tallahassee. .: .-. >,G2 • Kansas City Macon . ... Memphis . . Miami . ... Montgomery New Orjeans New. York . ....:... 42 : ,...59 45 :..' 70 .53 ........53 .....:..: 53 San Antonio 53 Savannah 66 Tampa :...'. 76 Washington • .52 Dallas 51 Houston 57 Jackson '.'..'". 51 Little Rock 40 down on the water, waiting to be rescued, too, nnd he claims, "It .isn't so ' bad, I was'only In n life'raft for; four days." '• • . '•He; grinned ' and .wcntvojl, "You see \\-e had plenty to'eat and plenty .lo' drink. At leust I di'd. The rest of the men were sea-sick. Biif: we weren't the'least worried about being rescued. You.just liavc faith myyour'outfit." . ' How did lie be afloat? Well, that's another, of (lie many stories about the heroic naval aviator. He tells it '• simply. Naval intelligence' had found a Japanese task force, .His section' of the squadron was assigned to make ft .diversionary attack on Tiilagi to' 'Ut'ol draw off part of the enemy's aerial ward. attack. It.worked and the Navy pa- ',rol'bombers dropped bombs-all.over hat stronghold, but the gas supply ,vas not sufficient to get the planes rack to their base. The pilots knew that when they started, or as Lieu- brand of »6 tenant Davis intimated, "We figured flom Texas, we- might run short." So the planes crash landed and the men took to the life rafts,'which they broke out of the planes' holds. The next day American • aircraft spotted them ami three days later a destroyer picked them. up. '. • Lieutenant Davis was In action from the very start of the Pacific battles. He can reel off the islands find the actions, but he doesn't. He was, however, at Guadalcanal, Bou- ealnville and Munda, to name just three. At'Bougainville he dropped his lumbering PBY down low over the water and blasted two Japanese barges loaded with soldiers: '. Admiral Halsey commended him and • awarded him his: first decora- 44 lion. This week another honor, came 47 .to him with congratulations of the 40 Secretary of the. Navy, it was an 48 ; Air Medal,.awarded for hazardous 40 night reconnaissance missions over 31 Bougainville. His job was to spot 35 Jap gun .batteries, ammunition 28. dumps, headquarters and barracks 35 for the United States Army artil- 52 lerymen. He dld'the job so well the 47 soldiers had little trouble wiping out 20., many of the objectives. ;• 451 .-The aviator, who left Memphis .13 ! State College in 1940 ,to enter the Savy's air force, won his wings at; '.hiking lime out from shooting down Jap planes, members of a Yank 40-111111. nntl-alrcrnfl Sun crew exchange, cliilVchnl 'with three small citizens nf kovlc Islnnd. who comc'n-vis.iltng nboiird . .- their family's patient water 'jumiio. , -' V, Texan Returns To Battlefield After 26 Years WITH THE AMERICAN THIRD ARMY IN WESTERN EUROPE, Nov. 23. <UP>—-Twenty-six years ago a -young Texas infantryman went over .the top in the valley of the Moselle river near Met?.. A well- aimed German sliell knocked him of action as he charged for- The anonymous German who fired hat shell probably thought—well, here's one less American to deal with. But he was wrong. He didn't <now ho had aimed lit the tough brand of fighting man who hulls It took Sergl. Leo Blakcslee 20 years to gel back in action. But he made It, despite a skeptical recruiting board. As the sergeant said, "I reckon I figured I kin da had ;i job to finish." ^nd when the recruiting agent told him, "Heck, Leo, you ain't got enough teeth to chew tobacco," Leo Just went out and bought himself a new set, and llien tried again. And so at the age of 54, Blnkeslee won his case, and wns assigned to his World War I outfit, the DOth Division. Ami lhat division ended up rlghl back at its 'old stamping grounds the Moselle valley, and Leo was Arkansas Briefs HOT Sl'lllNGS—SctiuloH Hurry Tiiiimin cf-Missouri, who will Ui ¥ • loirrc vlci' iiicslilcnt in Jnmar.v, li'Js nollfjoil secretory Gil' Woul- Un nf the Clurlanil Cnunty Ch»i>- Icr of jlit National '.Wildlife As- scil-iliini (lint lu- \illl cniitlmu' bis custom of v,lsllinK'II<Jt Slirhiss as often us imssJIiLc, Truiuah Is u ircmber «( ll'e Hc't Sprhies ehaii- (c,> a! NIC wildlife association. MTTI.K HOCK—T. K.''.Unstick of'Angusla has Ucen elected dlri't 1 - lor of ttic lieniunal National Itnr- al Electric Oiouciatlve Assoclu- lion. Hi! succeeds T. J. Kobirtstm of .loncsbwo—ului lias resigned In gu wllh tlie Itiirnl Eleclrlfli'u- tinn Ailminlslnilitin in SI. I.ouls. I,ITT!,E HOOK—The Missouri anil Arkansas Trarisporfaticin Cumpauy—a trucking subsidy of Missouri ami Arkansas Kallrciul —lists filed 11 ccrliflratc of dissolution withL.Secretary of • Sh\l« C. G. tlsili: The certlflcale wns filed by 1'Hesiilent L. A. WalW«s ami Secretary W. I'. Watkins of Hairltou. Tbe truck Hnc was ^ recently sclj to n Harrison 'nulnnto- liilj dealer. LITTLE KOCK—A Mttle Riirli lumberman, Nathahlal. nykc, lias been appointed as one .of H'c llireti men to rcpirsciit industry Finds Verse Of Scripture On Goose Bond C. Mum, Justice of tho n( Doll, babied 11 ul« Can- niln soose n few days ugo near l:ls home, When he cMiirdneil tlu big blril lie nolli'Cd n bund on one leti which tiltlimuely yielded ni iiilm'slhuj story. Thi> BOOSC wns one of n fllah' tlmi Iniuled In a ililch nenr \vhon Mr. Mam, wns fit work vvol^hln cctVtn. He riulrkly went to th house, obtained hlr I;IDI ntul she one. Tlinl \TUK on Nov. 13. After relurnliiK the uluumiuir Iraiid lo tlu> Jack Minor lllul siuic- tinny, Klnssvllle, Ont., 25 mile. 1 from Deirotl. Mr. Minis lins re- crtved n letter frcm Mr, Minor': Tcrotnry wlileli emitiilned n gen 'ral of inforinatl.Tn nhoiu the wovl nf tills iirdent wildlife consoivn, 1 llnnlsl. Mr. Hiner Is ciilleil the plonoe' bird bander <m the conllnont. II Indued his first bird, n duck, n Ills siictunry In H'O'J. Ills object \< biuullns birds Is lo :tudy thel ixnet tnlgrntloii rontpH, lo lenri liow lonu they live, Iviw tar the' travel null other fuels of a scion lillt nr.lure. One UKcrcMlnp Ihlnir about th' Miner bands is the fact (hut eac' duck or goo>:e band eimles n \ r ers' of Scripture in addition lo ni Initial uHllonliiir. the icuson Ii which Ihe bird wns handed nnd i number indlciilliit; Iho yenr, us we' tin' nnuie mid addicts of III tender. Mr. Miner snys ho Ii In iiio wn' n religions fnnntlc, but Is a si" cere believer In tlin word ,tl Go'' so lo pass tlie Scrtnture nloni; U others o.nd cume others to thin' more and read their Ulblc.s moi 1 ' lie in this simple way pills l)lbl r xts ou each bund, also \vhcr cnn be fmind In the nible. llu poinU out thai these veviC' nve been Invalunble lunong llr xklnvxs niul Indians who shoot n>' ceasionnl sjoo'se, as (hey tnkc UK nnds lo their missionaries lo He* lie interpretation of the Bible r;:s'e. The nils;lonary In turn hike? lie verse f.'>v his lexl ou Suudnv ml nil natives linn out -lo clniveh o see, us they i ! nv "What Clod iiid that time." One iicwspapci IP.S Biven Mr. Miner credit foi iiif niori' real home missionary vork than any other Canadian. Like Father, Like Son A 1 Jathcr nnd sou who fight Germans together, us members of n llusslan Buurrllla band, A. Volyncls mid Ills boy Nikolai, 13, ore pictured In tlio ncwly-llbcratccl town of VilciUn. The father considers Ills son one of hla best scouls. I Society—Personal a Marine, 'writes fvoin the Soullv I'm'lfle on November 5: '"We ctlgng cd the Japnnese fleet iui<t fouiiht them shot -for shot. I had previously said, "I've -seen llielr :pli\ncs lilt the ,'lml I've i|ever. seen any of ilid'r sh'iw ' buL >ou inn bel^ye mo. 1'vo seen Ihein ' now ftiul .too Sjrandson of Mr, tnd Mrs. 6 J,| Smllh, who ft a*, Injured at SalpanJ having been buried under rocks I four--flays before being v rescued wr(te? tlrtt hc-'h^'been dJsmlJMd from the ^faval hospital, riethesda.l Maryland, nnd Is no? Im Pnlladel- Thin for re-assignment"'' PFC Byron O Wllkins Jr, writes! hli parents, about his recent twol dajs furlough In-London, ana thel vKll.he made to'lhe'home ol an| Km;ll.?li familj, Mr and Mrs Cow- pei, to we Eddie thel) son, with I whom he liad corresponded since! he was In the fclxth gr,ade In Lux-1 10 school He v,rftcs'thal thelil ospltallty i as ereat though Hiclrl unoundlngs are'meager They! nrtly told him, ann hfs comrxsnlon,I hat Eddie has been mfssing Inl clloti since 'Fetruary They -tookl liem to his room, just 9s he left! t nil of his hobbles,'his bike/and! ils books, remlndins him, EO rhuchl if his o*n room (\t home, and re-1 ailing Hie rtescHptlons of hit hobbles In tlufr corresitondoiUc ' n 0 li now In Belgium on thel ront linos located In the homo I of a Trench family with four chil-1 dicn, n^e? 2 lo seven 'Im tislngl he French -I learned In dear oldl Uixorn High .School, under. MMiss| Tcmij , right and left • •• nmny nl one time foV coinforj,. Inld a smoke screen 1 nnd' uiirk nn ( | forth In It lo •dodge .We iiiii >it ii Vi " ' 11- i ' y*^ ''''{I ivinj ui it, iu vw /Illlnn. J. UdbeUc^ son of Alfred (L ,,. y ahv fl aM tt ,, nflrc . Tllell Uixovft, n cook with the , t ,,,, o(r „„ ntui . k t,r.pliincs'banic edljettor 5Sth BombanliiuMil Group In Illy, 16th AAP In Itiily. bus recently cen authorised to wenr the Uls- 'ngulsliud Unit Badge wlieu his ctcrnn !j-24 Llbcrnlor outfit was IteO "for Oijtslnncllng pcilonuance f <luly In armed contllct with the noiny .Commaiulcd by Lieut. Col. Wil- nm L. Siiowden, of 20 Smilh Him hi !c torpedo'anil bomb us. •'nicli toipulocs ililwcd but wo hail some near IH|SM>;; fl'om the bombs, Tills time t cun tell "you where . 1 happcni'd, nut Ilkft tlie 'other Hull's This liappenod'at liyte. Merc aboard tho old "Mighty K , us «t cull IIDI we (hink «c hnvc what jnu w(iuld ca]\ an Ideal crew out to finish the job. But the his- on the 12-incmber advisory bo;ml torv of Leo Blakeslce repeated itself. A German bullet found mark just as Blakeslee drove for- of President Roosevelt's, tmu'ly created Office of War Mobilization ami Reconversion. Dyke Is ward over almost exactly the same ! lumber consultant for the LIUU 1 . ground he won 26 years s ago. As stretcher bearers loaded the Texan onto a litter, anrt started him'home, Leo was a pretty disappointed man; But he thought t 1 .;? sltu'atipn :oyer a minute, looked angrily at'hisU'hree"-bullet r wounds, and Deadline Announced For Reports To AAA '_ .LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 39. (UP)— Administrative Officer J. L. Wright of the. Agricultural Adjustment Ad. ministration says January 15th, 1945, lias teen set 'as the final dsite for farmers to file reports of. performance under the 1944 agricultural conservation program. ' : : . Wright says payments will not be • made for any conservation practice carried out on farms under 'the 1944 Tfiple A program unless the reporl of performance is .filed with the county AAA office on or before January 15th. Pensacola In November, 1941, and \v»s assigned to duty .in the Pacific. • He returned recently to take the .nstructor training course at the tfaval Air Station i iiMemphls. Af^ lerrhe is graduated, he will be as-r sinned to pass on his flying and- fighting lore to Naval aviation cadets at a primary" station,' .' Reck office of the smaller war plants corporation. ''-. Our national production of or r.n?cs in the 19;ll crop'year^\vlll ex cced 105,000,0,00 bpijcs, ' onc-tliin than a i;ect>rd-break.lrig cro] then remarfod: •.'••Well, heck, I'did- ° r flvc ycarii aB °- .' n't get killed,.did I?" Emphasizes Need For 1945 Garden Program ,-. WARNING ORDER In ' the Chancery . Court, Chicka. sawba District, itlississlppi County,' Arkansas. '..-.' ! J. L." Turner, Plaintiff, vs. No. &S46 . • Hettie Doyle Turner, Defendant. '.The defendant,' Hettie Doyle Turner, is hereby warrie4 to appear within thirty days" iri "the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff J..L. Turner. • ' • Dated this 23 day "of Oct.; 1944.- HARVEY. MORRlS, Clerk. Percy A. Wright, Atty. fpr'Pir.i - . C. F. Cooper, Atty. ad Litem. :• lie soys, "We are likely- to need tre mendous quantities of food." He says the , food .'need will con tinue throughout the war hud dur Ing the first few, inoiitlis.after jieac WASHINGTON, Nov. 2D. (UP) —' comes. Jones' says 'that gardener War Food. Administrator Jones would do wclllo equal next summer urges that the victory garden pro- their record of- this 'year when 18,gram be continued in 1945, because. 500,000 victory-gardens were grown. •cct, Denver, Colorado, tho cited plus' squa'droii'.abpai'd-,1s 'just mit . was presented the olflclnl uimncndatlon by Major Geneval Inlhmi.F; 'nvlnlng,' Cnmiiiandlng Cicnoral of lite IBIli Air Vorcc, In n :remoiiy at the group's bnse. Mr. nnd Mrs. K. K. 'nicker, of itxorn; whose oldest sou. Huizt'iu. Rrcat there's no prnlvi high cnougl lo describe lliolr • ability.. To us aboard, she'.s tliu qucun of tlie flnl lops. l'crlm|>s your prayers lurilci the trick after all.' I TO ' Olttvonci! Orawton Hobby 'Cheers Boy CH10AGO (UP)— Jack Daly, 10,1 licdrlcliiep since last ( June arid des-l Lined lo sjiend 10 more mpntjis Ttl lioni", hns started a hojjbj of, col- 1 Icpllng soldiers shoulder Insignia, I Many servicemen at home and over-l seas liavo sent him insignia. Hel hopes to assemble eventually a com f plain equation of (nslgnln of U S I Army outfits ' '^ IRRITATIONS OF EXTEkNALCAUSE f tzeina, Reno pimples, ulraplerlnKvvSrra, ' , toiler, milt iticurn,' t>umr>» , m(l upls hroX6n-<)l(t''»kiii Millions re- I'mo itchlna burmni ,uiid MrcncM of tlicsoiiilMrioswJlhtliliiln'jiloliomctrcat- mont Bluk oiui \V I ilo pmtii|crit goc-a to work at once, AI(|g honlinu, wprks tho iintiaeplla \\n>. 26 Uara eucceas lOc, 2bc COo ftzoa , Pijnjhnso Ptico refunded if >ou f<s not eatUllcd Uao 6nlj ua d' rcctod Vittil In clcupslna ia good eoip 1 njoj Black cnul \\liko Si in boap diilv T\vo out of every tlivcc births In the United States last year took place ' in hospitals, averaging 21 every half hour. ' QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STorvmcEi ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeBookTellsoHlomeTreatmenttliat Must Kelp or it Will Cos! You Nothing Over t\vn million IxiHlrsnflliolVl J.I,A III) THKAT.MI2N"niavolii'Ciisillariirri.|lofor tnniiluiiLioriHsirr'ss.irlslllBrroiiiWorilath uud Duodenal UEcrrs (llHi In ticcsi Acid- Poor Dleetiton, Sour or U|>«t Stomach, Gasslnen, llcarlljiirn. SEccplaiinoit, Dtc,, iluoln Eiccss AcM. f^Dli] nil UI(],I)'H' Irlnll . Ash fnr "Wlllard's Miiiage" ivIMrli fully explains llils tri'rtlif.i'nt—Irco—at BLYTHI5VILLE: KTRDY Hf-WAY DIIIJO CO, ROBINSON I3RUQ CO, ARMOREL: ARMOREL DRUG CO. calls for An "iron 1 . 1 to (he shoe Industry is a unit of measurement I-48th'of .inch long. . : • . Planters Hdw. Co., Inc. • home of SHERWjN-WILLlAMS PAiNT DE LAVAL MJLKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, BlytheviUe, Ark. HI/I It what Chairman Donald M. Nelson tayt about lha papsr ihorlagti rt« tt ' > Sffiii«*» IldWMltag ^^Sssr SiS?».-«K WINTER'S COMING! ... A RED SQUIRREL STORES AWAY 1/2 BUSHEL OF NUTS FOR WINTER . INSTINCT PROTECTS HIM AGAINST COLO WEATHER! ' EVERY WINTER JHOUSANDS'OF", MOTORISTS FAIL TO'PROTECTJHEIR -. CARS. WANV LOSC THE USE OF THEIR CARS, WANV RUN'Lip"' * , BIG. REPAIR BILLS l\ / o ' ' T [ )" * SURE TO CHANGE YOUR -' . OIL. THICK'SUWMER* OIL " , " INCREASES WINTER STARTING LOADS .ON . . THE BATTERY AS MUCH TO GIVE PROPER ENGINE ^ m*^tefa®*&fa-, f '. LU0R(CAT(ON! •• ' IFOR LATEST NEWS-TUNE'|N YOUR E6SO REPORTER EVERY : DAY f •a >w. WM «c STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA J. LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Ait. Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While IH$ Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 nt U being converted inw^ .rtual «capon» of war . , 25 WAR PLANTS CLOSED! A« we go to press, about 25 milli making war products out of paper hav* had to close down- Are we going to let them stay closed? Or shall we open them again with • community drive to save waste paper ... and keep right on saving it? You know tlia answer/ We MUST twing those 25 doon wida with the biggett »v«- H1Q uu"'—"• •veryborty. lahche of old boxes, corrugated papsr, cartons, bags, newspapers and mngruines, that this city hns ever leenl Ws MUST organize our friends ... our children... everybody who hns a loved ono in tlia Armed Forces . . . cveryono who wants this war to end soon ... in victory! Get going right away on thai paper trail! „. YOURESSO t>eAL£R Pd IT ! SAVE A BUNDLE A WEEK SOME BOY.'S LIFE N«wftp*p«r»i FoM them flat (the way the pat*' boy lelli them) and til (hem Inbundtexbout 11 fachet hJ(h. Tit them la bundUl •bout II Jachetblth. Corr««i(«<) *nl C«r*. board Box** «nd C»rton«l flatten them oui and tit ititm la bundta afiou 11 Uchn hlih. W««t«bi.k«t P«p»r tWrappor*, Enval«p«t. EtoJi Flaitca and pack dowa In a box or bundle. •O that Jt caa U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign Here Are A Few MORE This Merchandise Will Be On Sale Saturday \ , Transparent Glassiner, Yd 60c Wall Can Openers .....:. 1.75 26-Inch Bicycle Tubes; ... 1.50 \ Heavy Glass Goblets 15c CLOTH Limit'3 Yards ' H & R .22 Caf Automatic •Gen;'Prewar Shellac, Gal. 4.50 No. 0' Steel Traps, Doz.\. ,2.95 No. 1 Steel Tras, Doz."-..-3.75 Fire Shovels ,.•;. HARDWARE (0. 726 W. Main Incorporated P/IWM 575 . . .

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