The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1936
Page 7
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PAGE EIGHT Oveiwhelming Victory Is Fourth for Nu Wa; Laundry Deep in Cellar counted R-lien Blajiclie MowLs missed Mildred Edward's, easy roller.•• •••-., •,., Doris Fowler, .Laundry; Barbara Simmons and Hazel . Lutes look hitting honors with two for two apiece. '.. . Hesste Heniphtil made n thrilling one hand catch of ii liner off die bat of Eunice Scott In Ihe fifth Grayson Now Sees Defeat as End of '"Black Menace HY HA11KV (ilUYSON S|wrU Kdllor NHA Service NEW YORK, .lime 23. — Well, Smith, if Whittle, c Laster. is II\ J. 1'. PUIIvN'D Nickles, 3b The Slaiullngs M. Iglelmrt, lb Teams w, L. Pel. 1 ViiUBhn, vf Nu Wa Cleaners 4 3 .511 Willis, sf Applebaum's Store 4 3 .57) W. liiJebart, e! Coca Cota 4 a .571 Stanley, p B'Uheville Laundry 2 5 .S8li Chapman, 2b Nu Wa Cleaners and Jack Applebaum's Store wont Into n three Totals \>V lie with Coca Cola Haulers Cecil Cola for first position In tlie Girls' '"ley, '-'b-:fb Softball League, last night with' OldhBin, .-.s b-il)jiiiit victories In 'the twin bill. Ull'die. If a hole, it had extra buses ^lib- Olcd nil over U. The box .'cotes: 1'irst (lame . . Nu Wa Cleaners Al) H H I'o A command • again, nnd Madison .Garden threatening lot the Ala). Scliinoluif; took jimci) of ,j,,, wind out ol Louis' sails right under the KIIII In the: opening cnnlo'[r;,- PO Fjmllv IW-, TV when he planted a right hand ''° ' ltlall y Manages DlS- Iliut packed plenty of authority o ' '-'-'--•" ' •" •• , have this law on Mike Jacobs unless ho' lays' off Jim Oritddack and ax 44 2 U o 41 020 4 1 0 0 U 21030 4 ' 2 > 2 u Jacota "ihd o»' IV/«V 21000 31100 32200 2 1 ft 0 With Sadie Biiimey pitching two nit ball, the Cleaners extended H'.elr winning'.' tin-ink to four r>mes—the lunecit of (ho season- on swamping Coca Cola, 15-2 in the (list same, while the •fiaum-j crs. timed the huplcs-j HlythcvlUc Trunible. if McGce, lb Kin/cy, :ifo Wdnc'r, 21) I'l.sher. cf nilbiun. .sf j liuc-hanati, NEW CARD otialifiV Tf : ™ ('A II l\ f l uall " ca ''0ll (As Usual) A ___ » • . | h ' A • **• Against Mlckct D Mobiey, Texas heavyweight f\tin r^.. IL._ i._ .. . o"» Memphis Knoxville . - liead. .it was slenincanl, Hint Louis] only i-eaclicd out with . .mummm, au/iou^n noui Col. John Heed Kllpalrlck wants', thouuht of It at Die time. right In ' was n September In the, Looking back al It, you suspect " 1|1|C(I one for Die ,-,-• -I™ I" Queens, but llin It was al this early stnije ol lll| w himself In hi s „,-,/,,), ,„,, -luhlock ; says He will box for the proceedings that LouU "tniiz «°"'^ "Ike" nioomncld W "" ": M l Garden cd thai here lit lost was n war- Mran S ""V. list night in l : n lius .Sc!imcilnn ( rlor who was not afraid of him , '- v willing show at the but the Clarden claims loj Max's Ilfgiils -- - - ' have some kind of a hold on the of .banquets and handshaking is stinethlng else again. H was an inspired TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1936 Today's Games Southern League Atlanta at Memphis (night), Knoxvlllc at Little Rock. Chattanooga al New Orleans. Nashville at Birmlnyhiiin. National J.easue Chicago at lioston. St. Louis at Philadelphia. Pittsburgh at New York. Cincinnati at Brooklyn. American League Boston at Detroit. ' Ney; York nt Cbic.igo. Philadelphia at Cleveland. Washington nt St. Ix>uis. Pittsburgh . New York '. Cincinnati . lioston Philadelphia Brooklyn ... NorlJirasI Arkansas r.r. Parauoiild at Newport. 'fJatesvllle at, Osceola ..,.i/no> nij uiv-viui: .. Mourn laundry lavtlier into the M - Whittle, p cellii with a well earned 8-5 win ! in llic niffrr-plccc. Sidle did nol ulloii 1 .1 safely until the fouiili when Lucille Old- lal to right to start the fi inn I.orene Witliier secured the Totals -Score uy Innings: Nu Wn Cleaners 'lyi 39 . ij Cecil c;o!a Ilottler.s 001 10-2 • Summary: Errors-M. Iglchart ^ i Willis, Chapman 2, Kimcy, M. ,., lhrte 1) " sc ' llw ~ "U,crl,l! i.Ml.e,, !m e,nning:she:j^i"?i c ^ n kVcwJr^w*'^: «v r » •*«-» t^in order and «-,,h errorlt %£££«'>. "wSe \^. Iris—Browning and Damon. Second Came Ulythcvillc Laundry Ab ft n p 0 A Eiu'in, zt -—. would have easily wielded Hie whitewash brush. She had five assists. ™ e Dinners rapped Mary Lou \.htttle hard and llmcly. and rcg- islcrcd In every Inning but ui c second. Oul in front. 7-2. Nu Wa Killed the game..iuvay for keeps nn ci(jht-run outbuilt In (ho McDunlel, c IS ucort;e, i!i Seotl, n P. Russell, ss Fowler, 2 II 0 0 0 Brnddock hiisn'l g»t any too much 21020 "'" e to eel ready If Ihey collide 2 0 0 8 0 in ll 'c fall, and ihe Jersey MJck 1000 i I doesn't ngure to be any keener If [ the match Is pl.t off until next 21 2 2 10 4 t ynr. The promoters' srmnuMe may result In tliat. With one sl/nblc purse to his credit, Seluuclinf may decide against the high tax bracket that n .second bout would mean, iierr Maxle likes plenty or lime between .starts, too. Again the mistake liradilock trade in not tackling Schmellng in the first place is stressed. Among other things. Schmcllng proved Braddock had much more chance osaliifit Louis than anybody suspected. While tlie nexl big heavyweight r i . C1 of hls -WaUlcs,' and bekai ntoomllcld arou lap t,h fi Jebr '• I',"'" 1 bDdy tel1 » ra '- H« cta f ° Jl Ulc »«»nd lap t,h fi Je h the third and raked hln will t(i " 8ainst lllc ''opes, and e short punches to the liend ' I " lllt '-"'""B '>>'"• Refere it Al llik <„.„. ......... -, !. . . '. ' Meronrn. n7iir.n., . .i..._ _, 0 - ra n ie eowicr ''u final canto. Marie Iglehart led the o Hussell 'lb nmc-ln ' ' nine-hit parade with t\vo triples Her sister, Wllinn, and Iinogcnc •Smith also collected two hits. Allei hlltlnj sarely in a:l I'our of Ihe (james slic has participated Helen Laster. Nu \Vn shortsto)! nnd Ihe league's Icafllng swnl- smlth. failed to eonntcl In "lour trips lo the plale. Al Iglchnrt had an even dozen 1 uloiits at first base. Laundry Starts Lite Dlytheviile Steam Ijuuidry wailed loo long before they started theti Ecorhig.- They pushed over two 111115 In the fourth ami added three more on a long home run bj Pauline Russell in the next time at bat but were nol able lo o\eitake the Jnck Applcbaum lead built up In ^he early innings. Eu'a Whittle was itehci in the right the winning duel Johnson. If Edwards, ef Btanllekl, p Totals Jack Applebanm Sallbn. s.s L. Whittle, c H. Lutes, cf Friend, rf Morris, 2lj Siimnon.'j, 3b H Lutes, If Bevlll, st Hcinphill, lb Whittle, p Totals Score ; by innings: Blythevllle Laundry 1100 •I 1 1 a 1 :i 0 0 4 J 0 ! (I 3 I I 1 2123 3-0 0 0 Referee Mike ' dropped to jiis in., n . .."" — "" 1Ji "" 'scinnei- .,,,,1.. ^- -- -—. feeling of Mob- ii.B, But llic Teuton had not vet . ,™ olll 'l« > s patted Bloomncld stared to H l; |,t. and when )« did,™' lhc I)ack ' Morrl s »'"., ns sur in the next, round, ft quicklv mis''">' st:a as ^*»Wey was chanrlnc' l>rovcd that Louis wasn't „„£, ,' I wl "; n ">e olflclal raised his Ian in token of victory. Aflcr the match Mobiey explain «l that since 'ne was on bollor ilunng the roll he was not abt i,,,i'i".". ""'"-" «ini:s iieiore bclne " see where they were. When )• co n' )OWeBt ' e<l ln «"" twelfth to lolt Bloomneld scrape the ro»" : complete the blfgcst pugilistic iMnu»hi "--• -- • • • ' s ' . -„,, vv/ nni; JH.UU, ' Al this Juncture It did not w™ MCTO '"y thai II would be long fo . ,, ••» " L WUL-II j)e (| t In the next, round, It nulcHv ivri? proved that Louis wasn't any:,,) "f tlie superhuman the oxnc ^edited him .with being ' !?"£*$, ll l ? rrln ° I»W 1 American League .-.:, W. .L, Pel. ..':' 41'. 20 -.<j-J2 .. 30' 20 .581 . 'il 30 .508 d , ' a do/.en times before being ' ° " Coll)eU Jo ,n ,„ rope they were under th?m and for the " f =«e to coin" o i e o con '" Ncw Orleans ' " land "««> lo break and go to Se 211 2 0 |J 200 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 Ab l •S 1 12 2 II Po A 1 1 1 1 fi (I 1 U 0 l>00 —-.-;-•" 6 ini\;u I]]), _ __ u- . , continue' lo tn!k about what on ihe surface appeared to be an amazing feat by Schmcllng. The world was wrong, and Mill- Ing, courteous Schmcllng wns Sclmieling .said Louis was an •in cw rleans ' tlouhl that Louis ever again wll ™" cr of n great nghl. , lc ls u dlsl'.lu-l^™ caihe. ring. As It ff ns Ihci mll)dlc ^fien th c de D .V 11 & H V , I If J^ 11 tl SI 111. De"pll"" hL,"I SI:< ""' !l8etl kl " ^' were times when It appeared IK ?^™V}««:*WiS^.<to* " ll « tie '» 15 minutes, after both on even terns and any oo we on even terns and ' thought that Max finer could I rr " crgcd rro "' '™«y UghL sm£ "'"ve gotten up „ Lullls Stoo 7" Moblej-* pet, a flying .caTsci,- a corner watching Arthur DOIIO ™ rs ' fi ' x <T '^n In a "row placed vflll /*niitih ^,.» .1. . __ . . }ll^ni>incil^i i— ^ .... ' i' 111 ^- 1 -*! nt out the - M10- Buttcrfl --..-..v..* Jb nuiu 1XJIMS WHS nil -"**••"-' J-"uy, 1 ULSO IMOtlBht mnatcur, .lie wn.^thc, first Umcl LouLs ," J( ^ hnvc nmcic n IIP U'nc vmnntrn,! ,—it.ii.. i. Ilinro nffr,i.I i ^ ._ _i . ... VUU.K out me Btittcrflv ., '" Ll<1 ln a condition whe ''"'Cher Coy. I aLso thought llin't c I linni »g of his b'noulders for l] Lol " s "" Sl ' co "" " I 1 1 2 1 i* 1 1 0 2 21150 11000 he was smacked solidly by puncher's list encased in a small glove. Schinelliijf W1 ]d he saw a weakness In Loiiis armor. "He did It was limt the dark nngel carried his left, guard too low ami couldn't lie missed witii a short right- hand punch. , DcnilKcy Had lu Take Test Never go overboard on a fit'litcr until you see how he behaves when his knees buckle or arc dlp- 8 !l 15 a. _ nnn 01 = I<C< ','" ° 1C U ' s1 "' ^"hns 1 " been c 000 23-5 n ring axloln since Jack (wiled four basti on balls but off-1 set thai with five strikeouts. 1 'Jootsie" gave up nine lilts, and V as the victim of having them hunched She handed out n coif- p!e of | a-aes nnd fanned 'three. Aiir.lcbanmcrs Get Busy I mo Ll " e Mnnnssn Mnuler would win championship. evcn vctcralls - the tired old eyes waived the rule In their «B«hisl his winning J admiration of Louis, the picture to Play Senath Sunday boxer. That's w imi smoky "JM mis all along—a piclure fighter. lllll>li:rani1ICrs licl lillsy Mnrr,. iinll • „. . . nn — * ' I"-""" 1IBI1WI. After a scoreless first Innine „ ^ nn'lcys State Line Giants T.'c yoiinu Negro was an nutoma- irfs o,,. n ,,. ™,^ „:,., .?_• «rc_SKiediil«l to meet the fast Se-MO" - the punnet of dm (inrti-i,.. baUs ami hammered out our W lint turned into five runs n t e ™ „ Jack's Qu-ens got busy will elr " rc .. s " t1 " l " lc(l to meet the fast Se-j l<"':- the puppet of (lie ancient baUs ami hammered out our W "I' ««.»«ta. «l "K state line' 4«k Blackburn, .who, like all the "' . , ., """noon, while his psl, became so wrapped up in !"' tllC BO ° ker T ' s ' wil1 llls ellBrBe tlmt llc <lltln ' t ' consider ( second Blanche Morris Barb " 8 '""!"' tllC BO ° ker T ' s ' wil1 llls ellBrBe tlmt llc <lltln ' t ' consider Simmons and Hazel Lutes singled ,S,' Pr ",fn "'," Bn '" e *'"" the Ca- " "ccessary to show him what to in order. Bevil was safe o a' V. ' ' C , tCftm at CaruthersvIIle J .tip when he was on the floor. > lo th « in order. Bevil was safe o a . JU'ders , choice. Hemphlll went 1 ra i,"° cown swinging E Whittle walked' lcr , , filling the bases Saliba also whit ! 11? "I"" " c ' L '" lc<1 U J' 'he Mem- ae o seng e fed bit Lela WhWcame through I %,„ , S , " l "\ e * M c «"c Sunday, I last remaining question In regard with n timely single n ivl s-nt twa ! ?i „ , HnlKir ' ll! ' s'nr hurler for! 1° Ihe crslwhlle Brown Bomber, s S' s-nl l«J ( hc Bookcr T . s> , s £che ., l]leil ,„,.• "Can he take it?" The answer was . - . A E nlnst Schmellng. Louis lor lle yesterday, 3 to 4, jhc first time was in there with lighter capable of setting the . --• km. *. i u vein. Andy 'Pilney of Notre Dame In, the fourth quarter against Ohio State. Schmeling agnlnst Louis ' T Ill-ills you'll never forget. I The glum, tortoise of Maiiritiiis ! spent 1GO years on the island bc- ore It was removed to England The age of the reptile is unknown since It was of great size when brought to Mauritius from'Alda-l bin. mound fluty again Sunday. more o\-er. They added another in the third en successive singles by Simmons and Lutes, and an oullicild muff. \ The moon lias no Alics JTnliba's long home run shield it from the Kilh Bes.«ie Hemphill perched on :njs. In spite of Hie fad nrst as a result of a hit gave Ihe surface may have n unumsrs their final Iwo runs nnd ol 273 degrees when Ilie commanding . lead which overhead, the heat db Laundry was not able to over- the sun, nnd on the yes, bill thai he didn't like It, I can't recall a fighter touted lo Ilie extent that Louis was who so completely when After getting nowhere In the ueiow. first three rounds, Laundry dent-1 ed the rubber twice in the fourth. | Ei"lit hit safely after Doris j views; second, und the sec- speech: it Its Eclimeling wasn't afraid nUnc hit him and nothing ha.. , .. " l is That was a neiv kind of a game i eat.disappears with to the young Negro. Schmeling hit «i,!tc -i inL i ' Ollls and nurt hl1 "- Tlml also sinks lo 307 degrees wns a new kind of a game lo thc colored cloutcr. Methodical Max marched front scman scored. elements of the Aryan conduct; right ef- and center with a fixed plan of - Johnson 1 fort; H B ht livelihood: right tnind- . B veo vent lo secor.d on thc throw and , fulness; nnd right Ing. Louis said that Schmcllng fought sideways, and that he r(1 l imrc - found him difficult lo nght "I get 70 cigarettes out of that big red tin!" so>s CHESTER G. DUCKWORTH "The fellow who called fVinco Albert 'The National Joy Smoke.' sure hit the nail on the head," says "Duck " There's no easier-pouring, oasicr-rollim/, cooler-smoking tobacco tlian mild, mellow }'. A. And I pet arounii 70 ccgarc-ttes out of that big 2-ouncc economy tin." P A is swell in a pipe loo. %& ~ " -^-i.-'j:* 30 P. A. "makin's" cigarettes free if you dcn't say they're the best ever Roll .rarulf 30 Alb.rt. If >» don l c ;,.«n,,, f rom d , Sem lne finc , , ,„„ ike poctatiii wish the ,„! of !!,„ tobiceo i"i"lo Hi U *w bine within > moiilli from thUdilt, >nj »-e mlj refuni full Du T eU>c pricn, plu, poii.jc • Wiiulon.SMcm, North C.,r,|: n . PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE 70 fino roll-your-oWn cigareltei in every 2-ounce tin of Princo Albtri easy - J - Iter ULCr. - - * ,i b], «'''<"«1 fn» was nn "ore effort to get up I,, (lle Tl »«: 10 minutes twelfth round of his engagement' " !ie<i " Dugnn. n taal, shifty 152 with Schmoling t^mi-iti llriIII1 ri .,„ „,„.. ^ I - olillL y. iot- Uuls- Nol (Jp to Negro Slamla'rd oln E "'il P»nx> by forfeit He re ' n e „ B00(1 m - Klln . c | secoiul W ftli a front croteh slam in Louis wiis tl,e most over-ralertJ ?" lnll '»|«. tTic referee awarded Bluer i,, m e mor y. WUh „ , , Hie match to Dtigan because of credit to Schmcllng [or his ma"'-'™" Umic <' st '«"^s ami b iU, -by nincent uerforinance Louj, wn , rir P°- '\s usual, pirpo singed » tartl uc " rtot ' •>n his left eye closing from- the riot. In _ ' - •• fv OKIgttl He \yel8'ned 169 pounds. HID United States, about -«. ..u, .uii. eye closing from- the ,. " " lu umle( ' States, about third round, and sealed llglitlv 'it ^ m - ow co «'s of iraort arc wound "'e/vliKliip. . ., |Wery year in the manufacturelof It wns even money that Schmel- ' " " apei '- Bml f °r other pur- IlltT ivmiPrt n.^ ... ~ .- DOSe*!. Mnclttr om...— i . . v i 1.11 u "J^IIJILCJ- * "g would nol come up for the 1 ' ose -' i ' MoHll y S P™ mill round, 3 to 1 thai "£ ™ used, wouldn't be among present »' the end of 15, .and lo to j and hemlock Jim Dandy agnimi Qallnnt Fox ' lni '' i ' ;<l and Whichone in the Trovers!' re(luce(1 Not one Swedish tank failed in 19J1. despits the depression''Two raised their dividends, ami ^'\ 1 them. licfn-c You Hay Any Oulboan! - Sfe Hie NEPTUNE . 2 Ii. F. Sin«te Cyl. (Other Sizes to 1C II. p.) HUH1JARD TIRE & JiATTKKY CO. TASTE TRIUMPH! No need K> shop around any longer—here's America's greatest Rye Buy—a Iiislory.inuktiig value by Nnliona! Distillers. Don't miss it! OLDEST RYE AT THE PRICE! Haw yoik . Uoslon . . . . . Cleveland . . . Detroit Washington Chicago Philadelphia St. Louis Northeast Arkansas League 32' 31 31 31 28-31 .508 ,500 •*?= 23' 36 .390 .351 OsccoTa CaruthersvIIle . Joncsboro Newporl ParagouJd W L.-.I-ct 22 -14. .61 15 • .605 IB .568 20 IT ' .54! IS 20 .44; 23 21. nnlcsv'llle ......'. ; .''.'.'.'.' 10 30': .25( Baseball Results Southern l^a^ie Birmingham 7. Chattanooga 6 Knoxville nt Little Rock, rain' Only games ssheduled. National Xeapie St. Louis 8, Philadelphia 0 New York 11, Pittsburgh 5 Boston 5, Chicago 1., Cincinnati 1, Brooklyn 2. American League New York 9, Chicago 0. Washington-St. Lohis, rain, Detroit 8, Boston 7. • '.; Philadelphia 4, Cleveland 3.' Northeast Arkansas I.eajne No games scheduled. Birds possess Doth the keenest and most far-sighted 'vision. Wrecker Sen-Ice - Gas OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 177 - 810 Latest addition to ihe roster'ot thc -St. Louis Cardinals- is Art Garibaldi, yount' Coasl I.c;i(!ne second sacker, wlio wa., ac- ciuired h'y Hie; National League tlub from Sacramento in ex- thange for liificldci- .Johnny Verse/. ap ( | Pilcher Dill Cox The youngster: hit .320 in 71 Kames in the coast loop before•' lhc Cards 'picked him up. • A recent review of characteristics of people .of the .world revealed that Americans are the most progressive; English the English the most conservative-, most mysterious; Australians, most spoiling; .-Hungarians most musical; Irish, most religious-' Japanese, most courteous; Italians most romantic; ana Germans' mast'methodical. The Hist directory of London had a royal origin, being started by Cliai-les 1, who wanted a list of citizen.-; who could loan him .money. 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