The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1931
Page 5
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3,1031 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUK1ER NEWS . PAGE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first insertion and one cent a •rard for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement liken for less than- 50c. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 300 FOK SALE Used IVz Horse Motor For Sale Will make a good motor for 2'/j to 5 horsepower load. Needs one new bearing' Will sell cheap- COURIER-NEWS Bridcse &£RVIC£.INC. \J Ax/ ANNC AUSTIN THE IHACK PIGEON* *IHE AVENGING PIWT* " MURDER BACKSTWCS' iu:r:iN n 1:111: TODAY AMT.A SKLIM I* munKrnl d four il-i>» |jt(rr tunnc. Ihluk (hnt n vntiitr rnrkrl In Xr\v Vurk, nnd iirn^Uf fnlla"*4 Mtft tu MftJiiU- nn, In-In-line «J»»n ihrlr pny. <ic- -i.ii n 1 1 n- f " r I li t- S H».lKrll Mm slon," Dundee Interrupted, but there was no remorso In his shining blue eyes. ''But Just so 1 set to New York— Uy tlte way, youUB woman, what were you laughing at so iicar'JIy? 1 dliiu't know 1 had made an amusing remark -when I asked you It you thought Tracsy ! Miles loved lils-wlfe well enough • to commit murder for !:er." FOR KENT IN DELL—FOR KENT—3 room house, $8.00; 4 room lionte, 511. L. Fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. 18C-TF FOR RENT—Modern stucco residence, G rooms and bath, garage and out, houses. 525.00 per month. Also 5-rooiu house, $10.00 per month. Dr. Sallbn, Phone 410. 30C-K6 FOK RENT—Nice sleeping room, close In. 310 Walnut St. Mrs. R. B. No!en. 30C-K5 Itirurlif. fr.-irlrc hr l» fallovvi-ih. Irlr* In CM-niir trniu, thr MllcV Iniil^r Ilirnimll Mir Irnnhj riHiln Yiliulim lull I" *hi>l, A it-h-sr/ilLi Inim \i'1T l,irk amir," thnr "SIV Al.l.ll WT VI I, HAJIMV" SAIKI.1.1. nlm l,:,il lirrn •"•'•n r.dc-n ullli Mln, UIIK "itiki-n for n rlilr" Minn nrirr Mtn'» drimrlntr. norm. In ""arm <bl"- IH'MJUK H.l-k. NTlr mitt S|irnfru.- \vere hlnrkninll- iim K.iinronr. nlin IIL- Itlnkx iniir I,,- I.-I.OIIA Jlll.KS. iror> I. Him Fl..rn »••«•. a ti.itr >., X lirlllvn nn hrr hnaliand 1 * hl:uli,n- cri. nnrt frnr» Mln hn« <ilrr;nly I«M Slip « bt-r. ivllk n run .nil ullrnrfr »ke till, ilulrn train J< H'iE AUIUHM.I.. nn- ofhrr |Ki*"K'lf •IK|u-i-l. nnd hlilr* llir pun <i» n "Tri-l "Iirlf In (lie CUI-KI*' MIIKH. ll'InrnUii; In ih-- 'falnl. «llt, hurnir n»nry rrt nn.NNY laughed teeth and liruwn »j'aln, white gleaming. love with Tracey!" Dundee a»keii curiously. "Oil, yes! But she'd havo betn fn love with anyone who wauled to marry her, and tbo funny thtug Is that. with, the exception ot i'eter and Lols. they are th« happiest married coujil* I have ever kuovn. . . . You ECC, Tracey has never KOI over being flattered that BO pretty and passionate a girl as Flora «r..y S|irncli<-. mill lit lit-r nnnf*T ' nnil FOR RENT—Six room bungalow, newly decorated, hot and cold water, garage, 105 Dougan. Apply Ike Miller, Phone 889. 30C-K5 FOR RENT — Front room, with meals. Mrs. Ii. M. Sanders, Phone 252W. 2P-K7 i. FOR RENT- -Furnished apartment, 719 Chlckasav.-ba, Phone !i95. 3P-K9 44VV/IIAT nre you '• Dundee dtinai WAM'KD WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 701 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, imy quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF III'M.I-:- "h" wnrrlrrt »ui]i]rn1? iifiL-r Siimim* 1 '" ilpnilit .tnil.V DKIKV. nml -AM-ri- HAVMCISI). «!,n In Inv "Hh WprnKMt-. Trli-il in cimnnlr alileldr nflpr hi* rirnih, nrr nl-n i>n««ll>lf •nnuiru. llnnnrc n»k« rn\\V ^HAIN. Ihf tirsu'^i Flnrn rnnii|:h tn kill for her. nnd utii- IniiKli" hrnrlllT. NOW 1:0 »v WITH run STOUV CllAI'TER XL laughing at?" manned Itidigjianl- ly. Out the sustained ringing nf the telephone bell checked I'cnny Grain's mirthful lanphler. "My Chi cjso call: . . . Hello! . . . Yos. this is Dundee. . . . All rtj'r.t. but make it snappy, won't ynu? . . . Hello. Mr. Siiinlcrson! llnw is your nmthorV . . . That's line! 1 certainly hnsie— Yes. the Inquest Is slnlcil fnr tomorrow ninrnlng. but there's nn use your Icavlne your innlher lo come Imck for St. ... Ye?, sir. one important new development. Can ynu henr ms . . . Then hold the line a moment, please!" With the receiver still at his oar. nmulee Ustnltled in his pocktt for a foiiled sheet of paper. "No. oper- "I wns laughing at something 'else. It suddenly .occurred lo me,' while you wore spinning your foollch theory .'how flattered Tracey would have been It Flora had confessed to him Saturday 'uljlit that she had killed Nils' because the was Jealous!" • ' " ' , l "Which WM not my theory. If you remember!" Dundee retorted, "Uut svhy is Ihe Idea so amusing'! Deep In his heart, 1 supnnse. any man would really lie n bit flattered If his wlfo toved him enough to be that jealous." "You don't know Traccj Miles is well as I do." Penny assured him. her eyes sllll mirthful, "lie's really a dear. In S|ifle of being a dreadful bore most of the time, but the truth Is. Trucey hasn't an atom of sex appeal, and he ffltut realize It. . . . 01 course we girls have all pampered his poor lltlle ego hjr pie- lending to he crazy about him nnd , terribly envious th.-.t It was Flora who got him—" "But Flora Hnckoit did marry him." Dundee -Interrupted.- "She wanted him., laughed! And that's why 1 you want to rnleh the. live tfTUlACEY. wllh that decp-ronlcd -*- inferiority complex of his. would liavo been to flattered II Flora bad told lilm tho killed Nhn out cf Jealousy that he would have forgiven .her on the spot. Un the other hand," aho went on, "If Flora liad told him that Njta had docu montary proofs of somr frightful scandal against her, can't you sec how violently Tracey would have reacted against her? . . . Oh, no 1 . Tracey would not h»vo taken the o'clock iraln tor New York." "IT'S already pacViMl urn! In my oli •.'' Duucleo uasurcd her hu- Ir- "Cut lots of timo. . , . Hiillot Here's ihe tiuiito edition ol The ing Sun," lio Inlerruiitcd him- as n hinall hoy, mnklnri hla roinnU ut tho courlhonsn. ilnnu llio niicr Into the office, llo rcnched for n, anj read [ho Blrciuner headline aloud: "ITALIAN' OANOSTEU SOIICHT IS DltlllliK MliltDI'.llS." • • . I waKcr a BOOI! many lifails »'lll Ho easier on tnc-lr pillows to- nlslil." "Let rac see!" Penny conimnncled, anil Eiuicluil tho pri|:-!r uneero- tnoiilously. "Oh! lllil you seo Itils!" ntiit sho ixilnteil In n hosed story In Iho tnlddlo of the front paso. " 'IlrlclKO Parlies Canceled.' " slie ro:id aloud. "The nwloly editor ft The Evening Hun wns kepi busy at r:er luloiihono todny. recclvlni; j notlcc-a of onnccllnllous 0 ( urklgo OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern ^1 see BV-Tri'' is Hewe ! «-* He's ~rH' GUV 'iM\Jewtfep YH 1 AM" -tfieRe'J A suB'SEC-r' -frUT" WOULD A VJAS'rJ-BOARD OUT WISE CuAlMS -fHA-f, BESIDES £Vl£ ARE fi\!&LVJ£ OTHER 4£& IM "T \,40T?UTJ ) LlrvSPERS-fAfJP vlis DQPE < trouble to murder Spratjiio. when , p ntll( , K scllcilll | 01 , for „,'„ rcln!> | nfi , must have been n beautiful girl, demanding—" Sprngue popped up for more black mall!" 'Terhapa he might have. If tlic scandal dated back before tho mar rlagc." Dundee argued. "Let's aup pose Sprsgue did cup up, and Flora turned htm over to Tracey. Wlieo Sprngue appeared apparently uuin vlted last nlBhl, Flora must, tm r o on plufe and needles, trying to maki Tr«Mj treat him decently and hoping »galrm hopo tlmt Tracey would simply pay thv sconndrel all. the blackmail he was ator! keep We're not through! off the line. . . . Please Ltstc-n RELIABLE DEALER wanted lo handle Heberling Products In Mississippi County .Excellent opportunity for the right man. Earnings of $60 weekly not unusual. Write for free catalogue. G. C., Heberling Company, Dept. 27, ! Bloom ing ton. III. 1C-K.5 WANTED—Reliable man between -ages of 25 and SO .to supply^.gld_ established demand for Rawleigh Good Health Products. Surety 'contract required. Company fui- nishcs everything but the car. Good profits Tor hustlers. Write the W. T. Rawleigh Company, Memphis, Tcnn., or see me, Dave Edwards, Leachvillc, Ark. 10-]i7 TWO YOUNG MEN Who can leave tov.n. S^nrt. about S27.50. Wrile Box "D", Courier News. 3C-K5 DUE TO promotion, t "lave an opening for a responsible middle rued man or wcmian in this territory. Customers leads furnished. Should ymy arcnnd SI50.09 per month to start. Writs Mr. Buffington, T, Heal Silk Hosiery Mills. Caye Girardeau, Missouri. 3C-K5 LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's.Place, 213 South First St. 23C-TF STRAYED—Black horse mule. G years old, cut on hind foot. Call 555. 3P-K7 IN chief!" he addressed the district attorney at the other cml of the louy distance wire. "This Is a tele ^ram Captain Slrawn reueived ihis aflernqoii frinn the city editor ot Tlir. .Veit Yuri; Kmilnp I'rcss. . . . Can vnn hear me? . . .All right!" and he read slowly, repeating when necessary. U'hen he hnd finished reading (he £oje;u'am. Lie li&tcnedjlof a long minute 1 . Emi not with .^o much concentration that he could not grin at Penny's wide-eyed amazement and joy. "That's what I think, sir!" he cried jubilantly. "I'd like lo take the five o'clock train for .New York Eind work on the case from that end lill we actually get our teeth into something. - • • Thanks a lot, and my best wishes for your mother!" "\Vliy didn't you tell mo about tbis 'Swallow-tsil Sammy'?" Penny demanded Indignantly. "Torment- lug me with your silly theory about Ifoor Flora and Tracey, whcu all tne time you knew the case was practically solved—" "I'm afraid I gave lh» district attorney & slightly false impres and Clio was certainly rich cnoogh to set any man she wanted—" "You" would think jo. wouldn't you?" Penny agreed, her tongue oosened by relief. "I «as only 12 •ears old when flora ilackctt made ler debul. but a 12-year-old has big ears anil keen eyes. It is true that Flora ivas beautiful and rich, but- well. there was somell-.ins queer ibout her. She was simply craiy to get married, and If ii man danced with her as many as threa times In an evening she literally nclzed upon him and tried to drag him to the altar. . . . .Her eagerness and her intenrlty repelled efery man who was In the least attracted to her, and 1 think sus was beginning to be frightened to death that she wouldn't get married at all. when Tracey came to Hamilton to \vork n her tether's business. "She. began -to rush him — there's no other word for It — and none ot he other girls minded a bit, because. without Flora, Tracey would have been the perfect male wall- ;lowor. They became engaged almost right away, but didn't get married for six months — I suppose old Mr. Ilackctt made Flora wait. All the girls were freely prophesying that even Tracey. flattered by her passion for him. as ho EO evidently was, would get lived of It, but he didn't, and there wero three marriages that June." "Three?" Dundee repeated, ratber absently, for h!a interest was waning. "Yes. ''Which 1(-exactly what Tra.-ey would havo done, Instead of taking the awful r.'Jiji of murdering him In hli own boine," Penny cut In spiritedly. "Bealtlei, Tracey wasn't Sono-from,the porch long enough to to outside', signal to Sprague In the trophy room, shoot him when Sprague raised the screen, and thou hide the. si|n. 1 told you Tracey WHS gone only about a minute when ho went to see It Sprajuo'e hat and stick Trere gone from the closet." "D!d Tracey and Flora both step outside to see-their guost-i tntn their cars?" Dundee asked sud denly. Lois Morrow and Peter Dunlap. Johnny Drake and Carolyo Swann. and Tracey and Flora." Penny answered. "Although I was 13 by then, and really too old for the role. I had tho fun at being flower girl for Lolg and Flora both." "Do you think Flora «3s rijally In 'Tracey rlld." Fenny answered ''Flora told us all good night In the living room, then rau upstairs to see If Betly was sllll asleep. . But remember we didn't loavo uuil midnight, aud Dr. Price say Sprague tvas killed between Din and 11 last night." "Dr. Price would be the flrat't grant a leeway of an hour, one wa or another." Dundee told her. "0 course, if Tracs? did kill him, 'h Iqt Flora beilevo that he had give Sprague tho blackmail money h was demanding. For It la Incon colvablo that a woman ol Flor Miles' hysterical temperament caul havo slept—evcu with two fllceptn tablets—knowing that n corpse wa In the bouse." "Oh. Tin sick ot your silly the> rtzlng!" Fenny told him with vch ment scorn. "Listen hero, Bonn Dundee! You probably laugh i 'woman's Inlullion.' but talte from he—you're on the, wron track!" "Oh, I'm. not so wedded to tha particular theory!" Dundee laushc "I can spin yoa exactly six nio; just as convincing—" "ADi I cliun't listen! You'd he tei <Uutt borne and pack your ba of tho week. Klsht fiiiutlp Ims:- ses. leirllkil by HiimlHon's soi-.- il murder ut hrli!i;o'—oh! Ihnl u nply a crime!" "I'd Mther not piny nrlilRo for vhile mysell!" llnmlec Iruighcii. ho roso nnd started fur Ills own See. "Anil dmi'l ynu chro le.ivo u room when you become duinuir you havo thu ncivo to piny ;ntu! Itcratmher. that gun uuv' lenccr (re allll mlsslne!" "What fin you mean? . . . Yiu on't Ihlnk thero'lt bo more—?" Dundee becnino Inslrmlly ron- He hetorc her terror ~r illiln t icati II. honey." he falcl Kenlly. "I ilnu It la more limn likely tliat U gun Is at Iho IKJIIOM ul Mlrrnr Hut da lako care of youi- ell. and by thai I mean don't woik ourselt lo death. . . . Any mr-a- ages for nnyoiie In N'ew York?" 'cnny'B imle fnco quivered. "l( ou—hapijeji to run across my ither, which of COHTJG you won't, ell him Unit—mother would Ilko r him lo come home." At Intervals ilurlni; the Ifihour un 10 Ne*r Vork, Penny's faltering vords returned lo Iminil ihe ills- rlct attorney's special luvc.stlKntnr, iltliough. be woultl have preferred o devote his crillrc nUvnllnn to mapping oul the program lie In- ended to follow when lie reached he city wlilrh, he tnlly believed, md been the scene ot the lirst uct of the tragic drama lie was beut ipou brlnijliie lo un ciiunlly tragic conclusion. As soon as he hail registered at a hotel near the Pennsylvania station, anil hail shaved nnil brcak- fnsled. tic tcok from his hug a large envelope containing thu photographs CarrnwRy had made of Penny alive ami of .N'lln dead, linth clail In the royal blue velvet dress. In the envelope also wns the whkp Eatln, gold-lettered label which the dress hail so proudly borne: "Pierre- Model. Copied by Slmoiison'o, New Vork City" Half nn honr later he wns show- fng the photographs and tho label to a wnmnn buyer In the French salon of Slnionson's. one of new York's .most "exclusive" department sinres. "Can you tell me when the original Pierre model was bought, nnd when Ibis copy was- made and sold?" lie asked. (To l'-t Continued) Hwr >v~ I WONDER wite (He CfTrleR EUEVEIvi ME^J ARE . [JA.R.RR-RLlM'Ff v>^-*- SEE \\&R& ,-fOM «~ UQMC3 BEF( NoH, OR Afi^BODV ELSET EV/i rlgARP dF EI^S'ffelM, I ADWJCED A -irleoRV -fo • SCIElitlFlC WORUD KUOUJM AS -Trie "HoQPI-e -THEdRY"/. -TIME AWP SPACE, QR SiMPLV BE UUPERStooP AS A CIRCLE} , VlHeRE IS THE .KiP Of t^^yh A CIRCLE Mou.jfMorr. •l»l •> HU MBVICt, KC.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THAT ACCOUNTS FOR THAT By Martin HE WANTED TO BE SURE quired to give good notes drawing, interest at the rate of G%, iu addi-l BERLIN. (UP)—In order to make tion thereto a lien to 1« retained sure of ^ m i ng this world ic land sold to secure the P ur -! iiajne(j OUo n ar dt first took; poison, Dated this December 2vlh. 1030.1 " ien he twm * ° n the gfls Jct " J. W. BADER. i 12-27--1-3—1-10 THE MATTER OF J. W. BADERv ADMINISTRATOR, DBN, OF THB ESTATE OP J E. BELL: NOTICE OF SALE OF LANDS FOR THE PURPOSE OF PAY ING DEBTS. Notice is hereby given that I the undersigned n-s Administrator DBN, -of the Estate ot J. E. Bell wiil on the 24th day ol January 1931. at the South door of the Court House In Blytheville, Arkansas, offer for sale on a credit of three (3) months the following described property: The East Half (Eli) of the Northeast Quarter (NF.'l) ot Section 13-14.12 and the acre- alien thereto belonging. The purpose ol this sale is for paying debts of the J. E. Bell Estate and the purchaser will be re- New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 3 (UP)— Cotton closed firm. c;:en high lo\v cior.e Jan. New 992 1CM 092 1039 Jan. 01(1 S97 1021 DOT Mar. 1010 1029 1010 May 1038 1055 1030 July 10o2 1079 1031 Oct. 1075 1035 1075 Dec. 1092 1100 1002 Suots steady 1030. up I02t 1028 1054 1078 1093 1109 15. nnd finally sh FRECiaES ^VND HIS FRIENDS 01 DMT FAR BAB FCLCMl THOSS DETECTIVES W.S WWv (WIAY OM THe TPAIM? Jo^/S BUT VI HAT US HiiaKT COH& HUGE EUG REPORTED I ASTORIA. Ore., (UP) — Family I manj breakfast egg was laid here by a; pullet owned by Otto Lcbeck The egg measured O'.i Inches by 7',-i inches. NORWEGIANS CKI.ERKATEI) MOBILE, Ma.. (UP)—Norwegian sailors in |»rt during tl:-3 Christinas holidays celebrated together renewing customs of their native land. HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, sliuck on. 88c bu. Shuck oil. 8Gc pe,- bu., In car lols. Colton SLilcs Sales Co., Ine. Blytlievilie. A,k. Plior.e 174 or LD 1GOO. Local and lo!i|? distance iKiulin;. Spccinl ulcs on carload lols. Team for local lianlin^. V. R. WASJMM TRANSFER HCO Chickasanlvi 1'honc 831 New . Orietiiix Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jr.ll. 3 (UP) — Co'.ton closed steady. open high lev: clcsu 985 1C03 9J(i 1005 1013 1027 1038 1054 1053 1078 107C 1035 Jan. Mar. .May i Jiilv Oct. D:c. S))0ts slc.idy at 974. up 5. 1012 1037 1053 1076 1025 1052 1017 103-1 1112b JUST IMAGINE just l^^^SIHe... /V1 f A sot- o? TAFFV, Tusee By Blossuz ALL DAY SOCV.&BS, A BAG \ -frO OTST ALL OP Of JC'-'-v BEAUS AMD J THOSE FOR A A poOhio OF CHOCOLATE DROPS FOR WILY A NICK6LJ/ '*V ^iv ^, -=^ €U gOT JOST L DID /' II *^.,, OX THE HUN By Cram ^Yc can Save you money on Auto Glass JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main I'lione (Hi Water Supply in Old Mine Prevents Shutdown SHENANDOAH, Pa. (UP)—An abandoned coal stripping-, excavation here provided a surprise wnrc? o! water supply in time to prevent a possible shutdown ol tninlnc operations becauss o: v,;Uer shcrt- age. Engineers tor I he Philadelphia aud Reading Co?.i and Iron Ca:n- | paiiy four.d a lierl) wat?;- supply Itctalliug or.c huudicd million nal- j Ion;-, in the itrippinjs excavation abandoned iv.any years ago. The i \vatcr had accumulated in the year.-i the hole had been nrglectcd. i Men were placed on 24-li:ur ! siiilts lo lay 3,000 feel ot eight- i inch pipe and to install electric i punip. 1 ; lo carry the water to the • ntarty collieries to ]>rcver.; th:ir i shutdown. VAK£ STROLL . EtCO.VS MARMEO WHEN AOTO TR\ESTO RUN THEM OOWJM . START OF P1STCL SHOTS BURSTS fROM HOTEL / SHOOT, M<W. vjc^- Tl\6 BIAZF.S NOU GOT / A iv*£.T &UN FOR.? '^~7 RUM IWt MftD. EASH SHOOTS 8KCK. A, ttAiL or- BUUETS VftV<E5 «H\tS WE BjtVOPP'l < MFVJAN TO Tt\£ HOT£U JOOtNW COLLAPSES. V wiTri ^ wa wuo, «• ^ .0 6) FC- O S.PAT. OIF. ^i?? 1 B^»tA, c /j;y^t !Sl } PS TO ?«.« WM UP. \"^& HWL OF BULLETS V GRftrJS Tt4E PROFESSOR'S V)>J WHEN HVS OWI^.IS

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