The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1930
Page 8
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PAGR. EIGHT lll.YTMWIU.K. (AUK.) COimiKIl PUT IIP HONE Butchering Season Is 1 im- to Provide for Appeli/-- ing Meals Later. By COKA 'I.KK COI.ICMAS Home DrmaiKlraliOii Agrnl • A few years ago canning meat in the home was practically unknown, but today an Increasing annum Is being canned, and canning plays a very Important part In the fo:nl preservation program. Home canned meals serve the double purpose ol cutting UK; faintly meat bill an:i lessening (he dependence upon cured, salted, or smoked meav which become monotonous and :iv< Jacking in important elements With a supply of canned meats the housewife can easily prepare an< : EMTC an attractive and iippiHl7.hU' meal In a very short time. II is difficult, to keep fresh mea', on the farm without an ice si.pply cf some kind. Since Hie awrajjr farm home lacks thlr> convpntenr; the home canniiiR of frcsli meal a 1 butchering H-™ seems to Ire llir only means by which a year-ronu'J supply can be available. The Diiti- clples of slei ilivaiton should bi- thoroughly understood before (il- tcmpllng lo do any cannins. Why Meats Spoil Spoilage of fowl is caused by living organisms known as mold, yeas' and bacteria. These are present In the air. water, soil pud 'on food Most all living organisms are easily killed by bollinu temperature' but not so with bacteria on meal. Meat'should lie subjected lo tem- cerature not less than 250 degrre r P. ill order to sterilize it agaius' (hs livln? organisms found on it. Necessary Equliinirnl A steam pressure cooker is abso-_ lutcly necessary tor the slcrilln- (ion of canned meats. Large dlsV pans, roasting pans, kettles. heav< iron skillets, and Inrni-lmunW forks and spoons are necessary to' efficient handling and propuralLor nf the .meat for canning. ' Sanitary tin cans are the besi containers lo use, A hand sealo will be needed for pulling the lid! on sanitary cans. .Glass jars m 1 " be used, but thcv are not as satisfactory for •canning done in llv Mcani pressure CDiiner as tin can' Preparation of Jtral for Cannlir Many kind? of bacteria feed o': nrntein food. When the protein I broken up during decomnositlov substances known as ptomaines av formed and are dangerous t health. For Ihls reason it Is of Hi- createst importance to use ali«o!nlc- ly fresh "meat from animal's tho' are "healthy and have been bu'ch pred and handled In a Fimllan manner. As snon as all aniiual hen lins dlsaiineared. Hie meal-Is read- to pre-cook for cannlni. Remnv all bon?s. wipe with a damn doi'- cut. and prepare just as would ly done for Immediate serving. It I' not advisable tn use flour on tli' meat or in the gravy when it is tr be canned. Flour forms a coatln^ of starch which makes slerilizitio'' more rttmciilt. If a thick aravv i desired the starch mai 1 be udde'' when the can or tar !s'm>encrl. Pre-cooking meat before rnnnlii" RITZ THEATER Monday and Tuesday 1 0 TIMES as funny as "THE COCOANUTS" HKtiis HI;HK TODAY I I01.IA >UOIil:itS lurking, onf UIOlllll Ot )>tJ»E lit IMll Jll.l IMJ| i>r l<l|;li hfliucil, tprniN ft hoi nnd »i-nr> Jiilj dny lonklnn tar n Juli. Hrr lirr, Jl A ll(i All I; I' HIM;. Kits, IN a iildnw, rNi|il<>)r-rl m. n »i-ruu>iri-K» In u ilrro >Li,,,. Tlitr MM- In Iliilllmiirr, Jrlr«. ItnKrr*' iiifLK.r i-nrulnt.-* knvr b<rn iKclr mil) kiiLin-c- »if Ijicumr olriL-t- Ik« ill-:; 111 at 11(111 HOCl'.HS rfiir. IVIln 1. uniurfFotnl In hrr • i-:.r.-h lor «nrk lirmuir ot ln-r link nt .-nmmfrHal .•M'rrlriuv. Slir KIII-* kouir Nnd nrrpnrr-ji Ike i-nnlnj: nil-ill. Mr«. H<i|c<-r< nrrlvfi uhh n Irru-T \\klch fchc I'mit-rnN fruiii lirr ilruiurhli-r. Il.tltM'.V Sllin.DS. «ho llvrn nrnrky, <-nrm'« in Inkf Olln for n ilrUr mill Mill-Kurd, Ittt uliiut-. rrnJa Hit* Irllrr. iCoiulimeri from page five! CllAPTKIl II VIARflAHBT KOGICHS read Iho lencr Ilivongh n third time. She cat nn the lied In the- small, dimly llelilcil ronin. anil bent over the sheet ot UIIIILT which Hill) trembled ElU'hlly an sho held II. She knew every word typed concisely In Mark o* the iiage of letter lii-ad stationery. Certain Jumped f«rth. "Heller for the Blrl"—"offer lier every advantage"—"In a publlltui lo do much"—"consider her welfare." Thoi'O wore tome of tiiem. The. teller fell lo Mrs. HOSTS' lap and then to tho flour, U'ltli i both Inunls- nbo gripped the edgo of tho betl. Fear welled In the great brown eyes, sweeping licr olhcr fealurca nnd contorting her face. "Id!" The cry was partly rebellion, I'f.rlly a moan. "He ahan'l liavo her!" Harmless enough tho mannscrlpl looked, lying there at her feel. It was only a few paragraphs typed on rcsufrtnblo slaltonevy. The teller rend: "My dear Margaret: Tlie subject 1 am aljout lo broach Is ono which llai I'Cen un my mind for several months. You will understand i wuuhl not lako Ihta action wlllimil considering Us many angles. "I refer lo Cclia and your plans for hr-r fu'ure. I am willing to take the girl find offer her Ihe advantages of ediit-allon, foreign Irav el .mil a home of I'slaldlshed social! "Tbo nialch? Oh. yes. Dorgan pusltlnii. Von kiimv. 1 am sure, i «-on. Vrali-tho inalcli wan all that I am In pii*dtlnn to du much I rl^hE." for her. She will soon he IS The Always Hie pictures were to Dar- llme has liome when her future I ni-y Slildds of prirno Importance, must Uo considered. j||r. might photograph p. president. "I hope that yun will consider tier welfare llrsi in answering Ibis offer. All nf the iiirangenu-nis I have In mhul deucud naturally un your decision. As the leader Is of the jrri'ntcst important!* lo mo 1 houo to'hear from you soon. "Very sincerely. Jnhn Mlicliell." Cclia Rogers' mother was gob- bing now, "Ho shan't huvo her. Ho shan't!" Elio cried. "I'll N BY El I glvo Ler up!" SATURDAY. KMIWK 12, li):iO Gerbault, Writer and Ad- vcutnrer, Will Quit Civilization for Bamboo Palace Hell Be a King <«i Barmy /i«d°. (o Ctlia'i uviy o/ tlnnl(ine, llir. moil exciting job in l/ic' worlil. He li'cis n staff fi/jologrup/ter on ncU'jpapcr. many necklaces niado of halls of lire. Cella pointed to the dazzling vlsia. "Jsn't it like fairyland?" Blie .inked MiKOrly "Don't yon think It's beautiful?" "Yep, hut 1 like the breeze better. Lord, today was so hot I didn't think I'd ever cnol off again!" "Have a K°OI! day?" bho naked. Dainey nodded, lie had. to Cclia Itognr.s' way of thinking, tho exciting job In the world. Hnrnoy muilo pictures for a nows- paper, lie was one of Us staff photographers. That particular afternoon lie had been iilinlngraplitng n golf touma surprlbed in meet her neighbor of tho snow slorni Incident. Introduced HS "Mr. Slilelds of The Post." Shields gave her the most prominent pojlllun In tho photograph — and rightly loo. according to city desk comment later. • • • A FTER that Ceila said a shy "Holtii" ivhcn the two met. Before long Uarney Shields had met and won the approval of Mrs. Hog- Though nothing had como of thoio snKststlons his encouragement had meant much. They hail passed the park and were driving norllivraul through a Eubmban district, liolh tho youlli anil tlie girl were bare-headed. Shields .drove with one hand on Ilia wheel, the other arm rcsllng casually on the buck of the seat. Overhead the dark sky was stmlt dod with alar Itsht. The tlirijlililng liy HF.r.p.N NKA Service Wrilrr 1 NEW YOIIK.—Some day the world will hear of King Alain. Sailors, voyaging far soulh, will bring bank tales of a happy Isle where all men do as they please, and traders never come. An island of natives with a while king who lives in a bamboo palace except when the bea-urge grows loo sirong, and he goes sviiiidering for a while. •For Alan GernauU, famousyoun; French author, adventurer and ; athlete Is geiing ready to make a , dream come true. ! Civilization has given him nil j that it can. He hns written twn I books. He has seen "In Quest of I the Sun" piocluimed a best-seller : in France last year. He was boy tennis champion before the war. ' He still plays in international | matches. He was an uviutur in Ihe World War. And he ha.s gone on long and lonely wandering of Ihe seas' of the world. So now he is saying hail and t farewell forever . . . unless he . conies back for a week or tw« '' some time to see how people live in i crowded cities again. He Ls head-; Ing for the South Seas. i Will He Ki'ij; I Gerbault sat in his apartment, at | Alain Gerbault, aviator, sailor, ar thor and adventurer, is shown at llie top of a New York skyscraper. | left on the deck of his tiny yacht "," in which he sailed and outlined the plans of his new j around the world. Upper right. : moie recent picture of Gerbault. era. It was almost Impossible not to , 1 "" 11 o( " 10 "' oln r was [ho only approvo of Uarney. Ho had such thrilling stories to tell nlwut celoh .sound to cut Urn stillness. U would tie peaceful, Celia thought. rltlcs anil oxnllliiK ovonlB "covered" n " cl oh ' E0 heavenly restful, to rids In his day's work. Ho knew every-' °" liml °" lllto kingdom as naturally as most men make out their daily schedule al the office. He doesn't know where his island kingdom will be. But he will start to find it when spring comes and his new boat is ready. who plans to return to the Sout:. his Seas and establish .1 kingdom own. lois who gave him a heritage of ' sunset till he dies, noniail dreams. Hr was reared in | Hut above all, Alain Gcrbanlt i France, and was graduated from j has kept the dream of a little boy. mem. Hot work. Shields assured I en one, went everywhere—yet kept his Hie girl, bat on tho whoto satlsfac- lory. He had gotten us pietly n negative on tbo hotly contested 2Mh hole as he'.l seen In ,1 good while. She turned toward Barney and an unruly tendril of her hair -that was dnivii-Knfl lunched his check. us boyishness. So Cilia had Kino to motion pl_ tiiro theaters w'lh tho young |iho-1 Instantly llie sirl smiled, pushed tOKianher and i,.r many drives In the lllllo car which was Uariiey's I' a lirnlal murder sceno or a Him slur hut llavjiey's Interest was always In llio lillle black box that Then, because sjio ivns both tired and feminine, her heat) dropped to tlio pillows anil Iho leara came. IV 0 ono could havo been more •• ' blissfully unaware of.lnlluenccs abonl lo cliauKQ her desllny than was Cella. Sbe was leaning far back In lier seat In llarncy Shields' cjiummy llttlo roadster, licr hah tossed by the nlghl brcczo, 11 [13 bowed In a smllo. Uarney Shields, Iho young man beside her. stole a quick glanco In Her direction. "Swell breeze," said Uarney. Cclin agreed. "WonderfulI Oh Barney, look—!" They were drlflng through Druid Hill i'ark. Lights In the dl3t»nci> was lo lake hack a "saapny shot" to his city editor. For six months Colla Rogers nnd Shields fiad been friends. Tho ac- qualnianco had starlcd shortly a[or tbo youiiK man had moved In o a rooming house across Hie street 'rom (ho llogers' Hat. It was qullo ntconventlonal. Cella saw him for Hie first timo one January morning when she was having a distressing encounter v.'lth a snow bank. She liadn't expected the FUOW banlc to bo ihero. and Ihen all of a sndile thero SHU Seated unceremoniously In a iiilo of cold, damp Enow, floundering and trying lo get lo her feet Of course she thanked the slraugo young man who helped her rlso am collect her scattered books. «H was grinning and sympathetic niu Uelia liked him Instantly. It wasn' just Iho Ihlng to eland and laid lo bo sure, hut tho stranger her knock tho snow olf and win can bo strictly proper after a dlvi into a snow bank? A week later thero wero picture: lo bo made ot senior activities n glowed and sparkled Ilko many. I Western high school. Cella wa pride and joy. Harucy alwaya cv I>AHN'[-:Y did not smile. Ills eye [dallied that the car was a tnslne. a ; wcl ' c ' s[1 l on llio road abend an the curl hack into place. ieec=b!ty but llio constanl care he avisbed on Us shining Krcen 6ur- ace and his eager attention lo ivcry iiiurmiir of Its mechanism ;poke of tlie deepest pride. Cella liked him because bhe nev- :r became tongue-tied or 111 m ease, wondering what to say next vhcn she was with tlarney. Sue lad otlicr boy friends, met through school acquaintances, but most' of them talked only of sports slin had novor jilnyed and places slio had never been so lliat she felt stupid and shy. Barney was different. He was, furthermore. 23 yeara old. tall, well set up and endowed wllh a grin which. thoiiRti often impertinent, was alwaya friendly. Carney Shields' features wero by no means classic. His hair was dark brown and worn slicked back' but thero wero unruly locks which no amount of brushing could keep from (lopping ovar hia temple. He had yray eyes which looked out from iiark lashes and won your con- fldence. Chlolly Shields was- n young man who cave tho Impression o! know' Ing exactly what ho was out lo get and bow to go about it- Thai, iisido from technical knowledge, was bis great asset as a photographer. Ho know ami sympathized with Cell it's efforts to find a job. ,Ho had tried to help In that venture suggesting Dosstblo employers. yea md neither he nor the girl unoke. Jusl lo ride ou and on like IhUI Kudtlonly Celia was aware of a quickening pulee bcal. Tlierc waa soniethliiK maairal nlinnt tonisht. I Wiis In the air. She could not inderslainl 11 but could sense ibo llfi'eieiico. Never, never had tburo lecn a niglii like this before! Cclia was radiantly happy. Slid drew a deep brcatli and lliougbt that tho very breeze against her cheek wag like a caress. Tho girl's licait was nouiiilliii, now. Sho leaned far hack ii\ bcr seat and felt liarnoy's arm slip about her shoulders. Sho let it rest there. The car plunged ou, culling tbroiiEb tho darkness. Tlioy passed a great, bulking limousine and then two smaller cars. After that for a long stretch they had the road to themselves. Tlw wholn ntght bail Acquired misled loveliness i^ jCelia's eyes. Abruptly lier reverio was shattered. The roatlsier fiwerved sharply lo the roadside, brakes screech- lug, ami halted. Tho nest Instant Cella was caught In flarney Shields' embrace. His lips wero pressed to hern. Barney was kissing licr over and over again. "Cclia!" ha murmured huskily. "Oil, Cclia!" (To I!o Continued) Over in France a 34-foot sail boat is being prepared. When the apple blossoms are a mass of bloom against the low green coast Ger- tault will set out to sea—alone. "1 always go to sea alone." he said. "No one else understands and | loves it as T do. I've been to the , South Sea Islands many times. Now i I'm Koing to stay. j "1 shall find an island that I like ... it may be large and it. | may be small. Then I shall popu- i Remember! Bailie your blues In buffoonery' Shorc-benl anil sure-bet fo r laughs arc THE MARX BROTHERS Animal , Crackers SPECIAL School Children Matinee 3:45 Admission Grades 1 to 7--10c 7 and over— 26c Regular Matinee 2:00 admission lOc and 30c Night 8:45 nnd 8:45 admission 15c and gives the desired flavors, shrinks he product and aids in stcrilip.a- ion. Meat, packed raw tastes like slewed or boiled meat, and it is necessary to increase the lenplh o' :he processing period. As so™ a' ,t has been Eccred or biowned. seasoning may be added according tc» taste. Meat need not be cooked nn- lll lender because the canning process will finish the cooking. II should be done at a high temperature until it is nicely browned. ;Brcf Sttak Remove bones, slice piece. 1 ; from '.-4 inch to one inch In thickness and cut in serving sizes. Wipe with a damp cloth. Heat 4 T fat u.illow oreferabUO In a heavy iron skille 1 until very hoi. Pul strak l:i. an;' near quickly on both sides Sprinkle with salt ami pepnrr to ta=.te' then brown nicely. Park in ]ar or cans, and adj Ln-iin^ hot bro'*' iravy made by addms bo'.lir.-j v,-i 'er lo the pan grease >r. *h'.ch thr ''teak was fried S f al a r r*r.ce. Process No. 2 tin can? .*4s min utcs and No. 3 tin car,.= 53 min utes under 15 ixmr.ds steam pre^ sure. Ilarnburs Steak Rim the beef through the mea: orindcr twice, season vulh silt an' ucpper to taste, ami shape Int :akes. Heat 2 T fa; in a heavy Iro skillet and saute cakes until nlcel browned. Pack dry. Process No. 2 cans 45 minute and No. 3 cans 55 minutes at 1 pounds Of pressure. i Soup Stock All bones, sinews and m".il sera:should be used for <:cw antt s-o- stock. After, Uie meat for nw sleak. and other has b"- cut from the tones, saw those ilr contain marrow in small nut in a lar"« not or i-^t cover with cold water. Add a sma amount of salt, and brlr.j; to a boi Boil slowly for from three to fl hours, or until the meat will sli ftil '••'•-'• '' scraps, and boil 111? slock until it concentrated enoi:^h to "jell" when cold. Fill boilins; hot into caiu; or jars. Process No. 2 rails for •!!! minutes anrt No. 3 cans for M minim 1 * at 15 pounds pressure. If a clear soup is ilc.-ired t h <• stock may be strained before canning. Llvrr Taslr Two and one-half p^nwis liver. 2 j •aspoons ol cinnanm:i. 12 table-' icons around onion, "i rnsu crnck- rs. 1 iionnd i»rk n>; Ivcf fall. J . I 1 - cups of milk ior 2 cnps lilk). Slice the liver and iv.iv boilin? ater over it. Henvnc skin anci lood vessels. Boil until heated hrougli. Grind liver ami fat thrr ood chopper with fi"p knife. A:!<" innamon. onions, an:! o ackers be- ore the second uriinliiv;. Griiv 1 sain through fr,o<! rlmjuipr will- nil butter plale. AIM >;'i!k ant" ^5*. and mix thornn-lilv. P;i:k | r nns or Jars. Prorep.s Nn ? rnns 4" ninntes and No. 3 cars ^o minulc' : 15 pounds pressure Tfcartf Beef or Ilntl Rinse in cold walcr. ,i>iii rcmovr il portions unfit for KW. rm i n - -lew kettle. Cover willi wafer, an' coil 15 minutes. Park, add 1 tp:> moon salt, and cover v.ith the ly>;i hot broth In which the hear' was pre-cooked. Seal. Process NV rans 15 minutes and No. 3 r.i;i. S', minutes at 15 pound* prr=snn- Canned heart Ls dr'.iciou<; «i,<. : ••fjffed and baked. Canning Cliifkon Kill the chicken •.>.: l-.q . hours before it is canned. 'r.".-m. ". require; that Ion" for the h vV 'ical to dlsauiwar. nr 5;;:,' ;.• ,-•• 'he skin on the nrck Tiid :''" : i;.-. ''ar vein, and Inns thr a,ir.>~ • • '•-rid down, so I! will hlc-.-l -v,' •Remove the feathers, shi-v. i •;,--,, ind dress. . . Frinl rhlrkrn • flit Inlrt nirrK. wir in :i.-. ; ,-.. Rescued Diver Clings to Old Job the University of Paris. "Nothing I leained there help me now," he said. "It wasn't until alter the war that I decided to go to sea. So I built a boat and : went." I "Maybe 1 shall return for a lit- 1 lie while some lime.I don't know. • If I do come back lo New York I hope there will be a skyscraper with ! a 150th floor, so 1 shall be high ; above Ihe clly." ._ __. _ For there is something of Kip- late it with my native friends and ! lin S i" Ihe sea-mellowed heart of =ivc each one a plot of ground, j the would-be king. Something tha = Every man will raise his own food. I wnnts to be snipped somewl-.-3rr I'll be king. Bui there will be fast of Suez, although he has lu only one law. Every man may do I yellow maid awaiting. Just the sea as he pleases ns long as he doesn't, ""<•. even more than Kipling interfere with the rights if others. | "'ere is a little of Ulysses in him. If he disobeys there will be no | That desire to sail beyond Hi- punishment but he shall be re-' moved from the Island. ! I shall have a court, but that '• must be worked out later. No, wliitc men will he included in my i island—just Ihe natives. And no traders will be allowed lo come to ; the island. Sometimes I'll sail away, I for I Intend Ho study Egyptian,; Sanskrit and other ancient languages as well as the native tongues and religions. I am going 10 live this way because it will give me time to do the. things I want to do." The place in which the kin? | will receive his subjects will be! made ot bamboo-cane with a rcof of thatched grass. If anyone wants i advice Gerbault will give it. bill : life is to be so simple and natural that the future ruler expects few difficulties. At night sailors will catch the gleam ot crimson fires where the subjects of the island sing and dance together. Sometimes a boat, venturing a little near, will see the shine of brown bodies in the water as the king supervises swimming meets. And. maybe, through a glass, nassing mariners will notice games '.hat strangely resemble American football, For Gerbault, nationally known is an athlete, doesn't intend tr neglect the snorls angle on his 'iingdom in the sea. The king will wear the loin cloth }f the natives. He will eat from .heir wooden dishes. He will learn 'o speak their languages more fln- jntly. And he will try to forget that I who wants to go away, ah alone, and be king of some place 01 other! S'.;:e. I'm going to k^vp lijht on diving—what of it?" said Diver ick LJene.'c. 62, after jesr.iers had brought him safely from the bottrai of t'.ic Mississipi-i iivcr nt New Orleans where he had been trapped for 25 hours by fallen piling. Dencsc is shown here juM aflev rcmovinr; his helmet, below, as lie was beinu bruu^lil to l.tic surfflce. i tl-er. add seasoning lo I.ISY. i>> i «.ui.< 45 minutes and No. .1 r:n..>. '< unli: nicely brown, and cm elth ' minutes at 15 pounds prc utter ot Ihc followinr; ways. 1. pack I dry without removing I!ie bones. DEATH TIIKKAT l.l.'l'fl.l! Tra-ess No. 2 cans 55 mlntitt-s and | DUCHAREST. lUPI-On Kit---, N'n. J cans 155 miiiiiics al 15 pounds j of the opening of criminal iii* pressure. '2. pack without rf moving ' aeainst a number of prl'-.t-. nt Fill cans or j.u::. tlu-n cov- ' oilier anti-setnUic agltufn:. it •r chicken with boiling hni eravv j court liifiges ?' Eor?.-. and ^'_ Ms: incle by adding boilirsp uat^r to a j Mines. Rumania, received nii'itr mail alumni; of Hie p.iii UUMSO. 3. i mr.::s !r:ters thrcateninn tliein wl' rm.n'o ti'.r bnnvs and p.i.-k Artd! dcnlh if tliey failed to urd'-r 11 ^oilinc hot Kvnvy. P™V.-.N No. 2| acmillt;.! of oil accused. uniewliere. far beyond, tall build- | ngs. made by men, swin;; tiitm- ; ;elvcs In silhouette agains', the | .veiling sky. j Gerbault is leaving his type-' .vritcr behind. His notes will b^'; nade in longhand and Ihe books i .vhich he will write . . . although : f writing interferes willt his Ian- | ;nor. he will give it up ... will' )e in his own handwriting. There will be no'radios on tlr sland. The wind in the trees ant! ' lie pounding of the surf are music j enough for the man who would • 'v king. These and the native j songs. "I am taking no canned good^; n my boat." Gerbault said. "Po- : tatoes and rice and things of that j sort will serve me until I find my . island. I shall eat only what we I raise when I do nnd it. Fruits and j vegetables will be our faro." There will be no.riueen when | Ihe Island court assembles. Ger-: bault. who is unmarried, doesn t i A-ant one. "No woman would love the so- u 1 do. No woman would want to I'.nrney as 1 'do." he explained 'Ihercfore. I shall go nlcne. I al»ay< cruise alone." For his adventure Is not new (If built another boat. "The Fire •rest." and spent five years on a iiip around the world. Only las- ; he crossed the Atlantic alone. !!;*:"::> t!i* sea for 101 dav "I'hc Firecrest" lu which he made ih other adventure trips, was .V led long. ) Oerbtuilt has no Viking ances You Are Invited to the Opening of The Model Home 1200 Chickasawba Today and Tomorrow In the Afternoon 2:00 to 5:30 The Model Home Is Built of Quality Material for LIVABJLITY CONVENIENCE PERMANENCE BEAUTY See It at 1200 Chickasawba Mrkmo Lumber Yards Main at Cotton Belt Phone 880

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