Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 26, 1943 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
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Monday, April 26, 1943
Page 5
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, MONDAY, 'APRIL 28, 1943 D CURTAIN WEDDING Miss Darnell,' of-Middle-Aged Cameraman, P. Marley, 4i Bv WOOD SOANES There was a good deal of i- iU i-j' wees ovei ljic unexLiecLeu maniae ui yuung jujuua jjnincii to middle-aged Peverell Marley, the cameraman; Miss Darnell's mother didn't approve, once she was ap- Miss Darnell is 19 and Marley ...1 Tffi.-, TIVr. xnai wuen Imother spoke "her mind about 'the nuptials the neighbors wprp able to catch any and ; every comma in the peroration. jS. I only met the lady once or twice ...i -T.itirfa was trying to make a . start at 20th-Fox, but she had very definite ideas on now m Darnell career should be promoted and she discussed them in a high-pitched voice of enormous carrying power. . Yet Marley more than any other agency , was responsible for the . youngster's progress. He was the cameraman on her first test, and he handled the camera on her first three pictures. More stars are made in Hollywood by the interest of artistic cameramen than are de- .veloped by the directives of ambi: lious mamas. And; speaking, a client of these columns -calls to my attention a major misstep made bythis sage the other day. - ii moii thank hpaven. ine nein Biai ---- and read: Carl Brisson,. whose- son Freddie is married to Kay Francis, teturns to Broadway early in. May for the leading role in "Early to lied" the George Marion musiSal. A note with the errant thought Impaled on its reads: ..'. .1- "What- goes? You are slipping, ,. -Mr Snanes? I don't be lieve Roz Russell would like you for that!" ' . Well the amiable Miss Russell is t. n.noinif (he ribbons on iu- u,.i( foi- (hp arriving Bris- inu uctoniiitv - ,. Bon junior. I doubt if she has time to read the small print in these columns. , , As for Brisson, he let his old- min Introduce him to me and sundry others as a "brother" back in the days when Papa Carl, soon to be Grandpapa Carl, - was doing the "Cocktails for Two" busss in Hollywood, so I don't thrfik hell squawk. u,, The one I have to worry about Is Miss Francis who has had a number of husbands but is eligible at the moment. Miss Francis is a pretty goHscout, however and doubt if sWn summon her lawyeis for the cofrection of a mental f lip-" ilopT "4 ' Whether or not "Arsenic and Old Lace" plays a return engagement on this side of the Bay remains to. be seen, but whatever happens the University of California Players are proceeding with tneir pia.is lie melodramatic comeuy ui lights of May 13, 14 and 15 at yy lictici , At' the moment. "Arsenic aim uw Lace" is concluding its return engagement in San Francisco with an extended engagement at the Geary. It goes south on May 8, making w "T.ifn With Father" and, subsequently, is to make a tour up BtlhSPOUenllV. IS lu lllcmu a vvjui r , . fSh the Northwest playing re-IVar news on the bill includes pic-turn dates. tures of American, British and Release of "Arsenic and Old Lace" Frencn troops advancing in Tuni- l h!"r,Za h r the developed such lasting proportions and it is a credit to the owners that they did not disturb the college and community schedules when the show gave signs of touring longevity. The Hays office, which usuajly maintains a philosophic calm about the pictures emerging from Hollywood, once they receive the official "Go" signal, -is doing a little more about "Hangmen Also Die," a United Artists' feature. In the mail the other day. was Vvo j aiiu")i- tWUO-HO ntiiwiwiww - . STAHJlPfsDE UI CAM I 111 TS.7& NEWS- STARTS TOMORROW ALAN LADD HITLER BEAST OF BERLIN ALSO Moonlight Masquerade l'M:i' Hit Show Parkrd with Stars! ST All SPANGLED ItHYTIIM Bob Hone-Hint Crosby-Dorothy Lamotir-Kddie Bracken-Fred MacMurray-Hetty Hutton also ' . WILDCAT Richard Arlen-Arline Judre THURS MDYIEVINE r.V't ' MARIBEL VINSON GUY OWEN and a Cast of 200 in ICE REVUB of 1943 wifi ELEVEN 1943 SKATING CHAMPIONS! Time : 8 :15 p. m. BERKELEY I C E L il U D WIO Hoar (HATTUCK, IRKIIIT $2.20. $1.65, $1.19 ICELAND (TH. M00X SHERMAN CUT (Ht R575), NINKS (BE. U00) CALLS : NEWS OF EXCITES FILMLAND 19, Is excitement in Hollywood last : jt - T jl. r n is 41 arid I venture to say an enthusiastic?' fnrrri letter "from Arthur DeBra, director of research for .the Motion Picture Producers nViH nictrihnrnrs of Amemra. Inr. r-nmmpnriint? .t.hp ninturp which stars Brian Dortlevy, Anna. Lee and Wal-tpr Rrennan. "Hangmen Also- Die" has to do with the assassination by Czech patriots oi nangman ney driclt , On Thursday next the Fox-News will become the Telenews, and in due course of time the Telenews will begin a new life as- a move-over house for Fox West 'Coast. Announcement of the shift came during the week-end in a pair of Qtatpmpnto from B. V. Studivant. Northern California manager of Fox West Coast Theaters ana tins w. Levy, Western manager for Telenews Theaters.: ; Tha RrnaHunv Tplpnpws will hp operated by the Levy Interests with fnv Wpct Pnast retaining a finan cial interest in the affair and co operating on products. The sum. total of it is that Oakland loses one newsreel theater and Bains a new subsequent run house. - WHEN PICTURES, SHOWS START Esquire "Yankee Ddodle Dandy," 12 noon, 2:25, 4:45, 7:10 and 9:40 p.m. Fox-Oakland "McGuerrins From Brooklyn," 12:05, 3:05, 6:10 and 9:10 p.m.;. "In Which We Serve," 12:55, 3:55, 7 and 10 p.m. Orpheum "Tarzan Triumphs, ' 12:10, 2:50, 5:35, 8;05 and 1040 p.m.; 'Circus Jubilee," 1:35,; 4:20, 7 and 9:35 p.m. Paramount "Street of Chance, 12 noon, 3:05, 6:10 and 9:20 p.m.; HaDDV Go Lucky." 1:20, 4:30, 7:35 and 10:40 p.m. Roxie "When Johnny Comes Marehinrr Wnmp " 12 nnrm. 3:05. fi:20 and 9:30 p.m.; "Shadow of a Doubt," 1:10, 4:25. 7:35 and 10:50 p.m. T & D "Hi Ya Chum," 12:20, 3:10, 6 and 9:15 p.m.; "Amazing Mrs. Hol iday," 1:25. 4:15, 7:05 and iu:zu p.m. F. D. Rs Trip On Newsreel Bill Coverage of President Roosevelt's third wartime: surprise trip, now in films at the Newsreel Theater, in cludes his visits to the S.C. Marine Base, Maxwell Field in Alabama and Fort Benning, Ga., where troops put on a hand-to-hand combat demonstration with live ammunition. -a, Eisenhower at the front, a spec taeular air raid on Germany and latest films from the Russian battle fields. , "Plan for Destruction," special featurette also on the bill, deals with the aspirations of Karl Haus-hofer to devise a means for Ger-mnnv tn ruin ihp ?nrTrl which had defeated it when subsequent wars, which he foresaw,' came to pass. One of his fmost zealous students was Rudolph Hess. Lewis Stone provides- the commentary. Peru Films to Be Shown or U.C. " BERKELEY, April 26. Traveling "in the footsteps of Pizarro," John S: H;imprl. Oakland hilsirfpss man, will display results of his journey in a color film, "Peru Old and New," to. beyhowri at, 8 p.m. to- l-nrtrrnur in' Whpplpr Auriitnrilim nnHpr aiiQnirpq of the Tlnivprsitv of I California Extension Division. I Hampers automobile was the 10th car to cross the Pan-American Highway, then only partly completed Veterans Whist Party SAN LEANDRO.' April 26. The United SpJhish War Veterans' organization" of San Leandro will sponsor a whist party next Thursday at 8:15 p.m. in the Veterans' Memorial Building. Mrs.' Christine Groves is in charge of arrangements. And . , 'Street of Chance - FRI ' SAT 1 CHAMPION SKATER mmmmmmm n.iiim, HiifniiiW ...v.wfr-. ,;,- ,v:: . . -j. - ., :':.-..:.v:-:''.;i.." II feilf . ' I ' " VV. Beverly Licht, whose, skill on skates belies her years. She will be' one of the performers in the Ice Revue at Berkeley Iceland starting Thursday. Coast Champion, Show Star at 13 Celebrating another anniversary in her skating career with a role in an ice carnival, Beverly Licht of Piedmont is rehearsing a dashing nautical number; for the Ice Revue to be staged at Berkeley Iceland, April 29, 30 and May 1. Earlier this year she captured the Senior Women's title at the Pacific iCoast competition here and reachctl the top -brackets in the Nationals at New York. '.. . At J3 she has been skating for five years. Sharing top position with her in the performance will be numerous local stars and champions trained by Maribel Binson, herself a national champion for many years. Camera Club Meet Set for Tomorrow. G. H. . S. Harding will be the speaker at tomorrow e v j! njji gjs meeting- of-thc' Camera Club of Oakland, taking as his subject, "How to See and Capture Pictures." Harding will explain methods which may turn ordinary prints into salon Winners. - Second leature of the meeting will be the shewing of a 16 mm color-sound motion picture called Cavalcade of Color." The session will be held at Chabfit School, with a "workshop" period preceding the business meeting. TOWNSEND NOTES Members of the Brooklyn Town- send Club, No. 8. will sponsor a whist party at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow at 1328 Fruitvale Avenue. Edgar Rice Burroughs' .lnii.j.iv uunniw HLluulllULLLIi FRANCES RIFFfffin JJHNN. (BOr) SHEFFIELD ;J The Iiime Trio Frank & 'Jean Hubert Seller & Seabold Gray & Diane Kim. the Wonder" How. and other Bit Ton Stars. Aoet '&oureC 'i v . "4, :ilf II! a r-r it II Binr Crosby Rob HoDe-Dot I.amour Fanlette Ooddard-RT Milland STAR SPANGLED .RHYTHM U a I o ... I. i..--,. SILVER QUEEN mmm 11 IFuVE SERVE 'Shadow of a Doubt' on Esquire Bill "Shadow of a Doubt," Alfred Hitchcock's latest study In suspense is currently at ; the, Rnxie. Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotten are teamed in the story of a romantic murderer living with distant relatives who are unaware pf his crimes. Others in the cast are Mac-Donald Carey, Patricia Collinge, Henry Travers and Wallace Ford. "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" is the musical sharing the bill. Deanna Durbin as "The Amazing Mr. Holliday" occupies the T & D screen. Miss Durbin is definitely grown up in a role which presents her as an American schooL- teiicher in China who brings her young charges to San Francisco to save them from the Japs. There; through a curious chain of circumstances, she finds herself greeted as the widow of a wealthy Nob Hill "Commodore." E d m o n d O'Brien Barry Fitzgerald and Harry Davenport are featured. Sharing the bill is !'"Hiya Chum" with the Eitz Brothers and Jane Frazee. James Cagney continues his impersonation of George M. Cohan in "Yankee Doodle Dandy" at the Esquire. Many of Cohan's songs are heard in the film, as well as portions from his many productions. Joan Leslie appears as Cohan's wife; others include Walter Huston, Richard -Whorf, Irene Manning' and George Tobias. - 'Arsenic and Old Lace' in 3rd Visit "Arsenic and Old Lace," starring Boris Karloff and featuring the New 5fork cast, has had an interesting career in San Francisco. Its present engagement, the final two weeks of which it is playing at the Geary, marks its third visit to this city in one season. It came out from New York last Fall and found business so profitable that it had to come back in a few weeks. Following its second pppear-ance the show trouped back East all the way to Boston, and then de-cided upon another 'transcontinental tour. By the time it closes in San Fran cisco on May "Arsenic and Old Lace" will have played a total of 10 weeks before an audienae of 128.000. IN PENSIVE MOOD! Todd Duncan, who will re-enact his famous Porgy, ole tonight at the Curran in 'Torgy and Bess" which opens the San Francisco Light Opera festival TTI IllCtl MII HXI1IE 'HIS DMIGHTER WAS THE J VICTIM OF THE MEN WHOSE TIPS HE TOOK! Ik X IU1 Comedy, - Carioon STARTS TOMORROW TALK OF THE TOWN GIEL TROUBLE SSI Abbott and Conlellv 1 THE NAVY Fred MacMurrar-Madelrlna Carroll "VIRGINIA" '"'i n 1 w.-.-W's-'.- ' -i . i i g i is i - ui f FeaturestaHs at VM VVl LplJ I ifllllf(l ( 7:3510:50' ' . lft1lll'Virmtin I IM - 1 ni i n mil lj. iw i 1 1 . : i iff. i m w-f Jg&sm -r &v imam a-t jh 5sK ; BrTfTT .111 Ai arJr. ",12 ,ifIiF.l.llH14 ' im , ' l, IUII II III llllil j I WSj IUH'IP II II I la KV- W Trr-ISmroBERE'l I I j0m AVi'.", 1 - ' . 1 WII 'AM TRACY in "HAYFOOT" j IwHEH JOHHHt COMB I L--J RMJISiniH. L WJCJ (j:lH:liiM'l:l fSw I W'Wr' 0r-it r "MATINEE DAILY, 1 P.M. A r 9 hl I' A - . - " - ROBERT DON AT j! ill THtY WM!iMqmI F7 rd Jh rf -KN M "Young Mr. Pill" , l& ' WWl , I Two Cousins Bask in N.Y. Spotlight By JEAN MEEGAN - NEW YORK, April 26. (JP) Blinking, little from-thp, glare nf publicity that drenches new celeb rities, but liking its brightness and warmth, Cheryl Walker has bounded in. to New York from Hollywood in the best tradition of what are fondly called "the good old days. Her role as Eileen in the movie "Stage Door Canteen" has been re corded and sealed into a flat tin can to wait for a resounding Nation wide premiere next month. The work is behind her; the fun of be ing recognized is before her. COUSIN MAKES GOOD Gorging on the blaze of glamour inat surrpunas.L.neryi js .-another proiessionai in tne same lamily. Marthe Errolle. her first cousin and best friend. Marthe has kngwn the umiiea iame of provincial opera since she was -0 and now, at 23, has entered into a ' new nrofpssinnal phase for palpably better pay: "J am, sne announces, a saloon soprano," appearing twice nightly in the Savov-Plaza Cafp 1 .nun pp. ' Cheryl looked un from thp first Daicn oi tan pictures she was autographing and for my benefit recalled the day she got the plump part in "Stage Door Canteen." i was doing a bit out on location Sol "Lesser got me on thp tplp- phone and wanted 'me to meet him in an nour in Hollywood still in the shabby clothes thp hi t nart re quired I sailed into town in a tnirlr and din't look a bit out et place." LEARNED HARD WAY Everv dav for fivp vpsifc chn Vm, been soaking up movie technique, the flashing trick that must be performed without thought. When fi nally a cemera was focused on her instead of past her, she addressed it easily, she knew every angle, hadn't she watchpH it frainoH r, Madeline Carroll, Una Merkel, Carole Lombard for five years? Also she is a regular in the cafe lounge of the Savov-Pl7a Martha says "I show off when" the charac ter (as she calls Chprvli is th" and Cheryl beams whpn thp f.f crowd murmurs "amazing" while Marthe sings. 'Born Happy' At Alcazar Among the large rosier of entertainers in "Born Happy" at the Alcazar is Rose Murphy, who plays the piano and sings an old song, "Time on My Hands,in an arrangement that makes it entirely new. . Others in the cast with Bill Robinson at the Alcazar in "Born Happy" are: Delia Rhythm Boys, John Mason, Velma- Middlcton, Mabel Scott, Three Peppers. Babe Wallace, Whitey's Jitterbugs, Holmes and Jean, Johnny Vigal. Judy Carol, Jimmie Anderson, and Pot, Pan and Skillet. Alameda Efks Will See Motion Pictures ALAMEDA. April 26. Motion pictures will be tire feature of this evening's meeting of Alameda Elks at their headquarters, 22,55 Santa Clara Avenue. ' Ray Kranelly, chairman of the motion picture committee, will be in charge of arrangements, with Robert A. Smale presiding. Iturbi to Play in Oakland Tomorrow Jose Iturbi, internationally-noted pianist, will-present a varied concert program tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. in the Oakland Auditorium Theater. The program will be given under the auspices of the Oakland Forum. ' - L 1 7 th and .SAN PADLO - Phone GL 4-1 2 D I l -tflj . H ClMl RONALD COLMAN IKiBS. I Kl ' IB- I IViD:. I I "Random Harvest" li 1 m I,.,, - urn mmiiai-r mi n i II ir'in ' i m "l tt lin n r mm irrr T - The Oakland Forum Presents J OSElLTURBL In His .Only Bay Region PIANO Concert Tues., April 27, 8:30 p. m. Oakland Auditorium Theatre , " " TICKETS Sherman. Clay Box Office at H. C. Capwell' The Oakland Forum Office 1432 Alice Street TWO MEN WHO s4 Bernard Miles aritfUohn .Mills, support of Noel Coward in the 'In Which We Serve." 'False Rapture' in Filial Run at Central "False Rapture" and "Fangs of the Wild" will, bring to a close their extended run on the screen of the Central Theater tonight. Otto Kruger is the star of "False Rapture" a tale of cosmopolitan life in pre-war Russia; "Fangs of the Wild" is an action story of the great out doors. Starting tomorrow the Central has two top features "Talk of the Town" with Cary Grant and Jean Arthur, and "Girl Trouble" with Don Ameche and Joan Bennett. . - Pastor's Wife Will Present Review Mrs. Laurance L. .Cross, wife of the pastor of Northbrae Community Church, will present a book review on "The Robe" by Lloyd Douglas, speaking at the monthly meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Northbrae Church, tomorrow afternoon. Luncheon will be at 12:30 p.m. Mrs. W. Smith, president, will con duct the business meeting. Accompanied on the piano by Mrs. F. G. Duttie, Mrs. G. M. Whisler will sing the spiritual. "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?" . . allied tor Jail', THE RITZ BROS. in "HIYA, t'HUm" Jane Frazee i ronWrorrhrnTKl "Tk l" f to SAN FRANCISCO'S 1 V f SWANK NOB I1ILL1 f -y.i.'irlati-ii"iiiii lairin'M Tniife-j CI V. SERVE BY SEA! t w who have important roles in war epic at the Fox Oakland, . , 'Timber' Is Headliner At the Broadway The lengths to which enemy agents "will go to halt the flow of materials loathe armed forces of. the Allies is, described on the screen of the Broadway Theater in "Timber" a story featuring Leo Carrillo. Andy Devine and Dan Dailey Jr. with Marjorie Lord chief in support. On the bill also, is "Wild Horse Stampede' an action story of the Old West with Hoot Gibson and Ken Maynard and a selected group of short subjects. ' Tomorrow brings "Hitler, Beast of Berlin" to the Broadway. FRUITVALE tL 14th St & 37th Ave Bob Honft-RirieCrntihv Veronica Lake-"star Snanc:ed Rhythm" H E ARE THE MARINES'-Marine Feature CONTINrorS PERFORMANCE everv DAV STARTING AT 1:1X1 P.M. Mpn un m it iftinrlimiMimnf in TIMES WebsteratSantaClaraLA-3-3422 Exclusive 1st Alameda Showinc THEY GOT ME COVERED" I HOPE and DOROTHY LAMOUR HAYEOOT" with William Tracy BOB also ALAMEDA LA kelTUrsl 2-44: VOl Nfi MR. PITT" ROBERT DON AT - ROBERT MORLEV JOIR.NKY FOR MARG ARF.T-Laraine Day MATINEE DAILY AT 1:1111 P.M. TTOr'TTP .Phone LA kehurst 2-7337 UUUi SECOND RIG WEEK! Jamp? Hilton's "RANDOM HARVEST" RPT'Tj r.nnv fi. POMATT-, rri MAN 2 llFT MAR SAN LUMIKII ISiLi I'lriil E. t4tn f, Eu-lifi-TR-HSft 'WHISTLING IN DIXIE"-Rcd Skelton Ann Htitherfnrrl. at 7:00 & 10:20 o'clock "DR. GILLESPIE'S NEW ASSISTANT" Lionel Barr.vmore. once onJ.v at 8:50 -p.m. 4-Star CAMPUS TW Inoaks 2300 Rancroft-TeJetf "MEANEST MAN IN THE WORLD" JACK RE.VNY & PRISCILLA. LANE CHETNIKS.the FIGHTING Gl ERRII.LAS Pius March of Timc-"FOOI) CRISIS" CALIFORNIA Opens 12:45 p.m. Continuous Daily "STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM" BING CROSBY and BOB HOPE " SILVER Q V V. K N " GKOHGE BRENT & PRISCILLA LANE UNITED ARTISTS TW-230C Corit Dailv "HELLO. 'FRISCO. HELLO" . Technicolor-Alice Faye-John Payne Lloyd Nolan in "TIME TO KILL" "D BMn Mni St. at Rheem RI-50C ANTED WINGS" RAY MILLAND- it- VERONICA LAKE LOVE THY NEIGHBOR with Jack Benny STATE OPEN "ALL NIGHT Continuous from 9:00 till 6 DANGER IN THE PACIFIC" LEO CARRILLO and ANDY DEVINE "IDAHO"-Rov Rnfiers' Latest Special ORINDA Tunnel Highway atOrinds Crossroads. Orinda 223 Bob Hnpp in "Star - Soanclpd Rhythwi" also 'MVII.ncAT" with Rrhard Arlcn LARGE FRKE PARKING AREA JRAND LAKE TW Inoaks TWO Doors open 5:110 SECOND GREAT WEEK! "ANDY HAHDY'S DOl RLE LIFE" MICKEY ROONEY - LEWIS STONE Cecilia PARKER Ann RUTHERFORD and Introriurinr Andy's New Girl F'nend LOVELY ESTHER WILLIAMS . ALSO "NORTHWEST RANGERS" esCR ,UO Wm.LUNPIGAN T:i-kH01T. trie. a DANE and Julm (.abBAUIAL: PLl S- LATEST MAF II OF TIME PARKWAY i-arK Hiva m t. ith Clnudclte COLBERT Joel MfCrra ii KYES IN THE "PALM BEACH STORY" NIGHT with Erlw. Arnold rlfflffl D T Y ' East 12tn s'rpM 1,n Ave r-1-O-TIIE NAVY COMES THROUGH" PAT O'BRIEN .- GKOHGE Ml RPHY HIGHWAYS BY NIGHT "-Richard Carlson FOOTHILL Phone KE llos 2-1 SOT 'GEORGE WASHINGTON" SI. KPT HERE GrarjH Kreni- You t'an't r cape Forever' 'jli.i.lWrVL'rV fredric march Veronica Laker' I MARIUI II A Will II" "AMERICAN EMPIRE" with Rtf-haid Du. EASTMONT-lnpAT O'Srik'n! Major Georce Fielding Eliot Write. Geo. Miliphy-TIIE NAVY COMES THRU lor The Tribune, also "CHINA GIRL" with Gene Tiernevll Wta jinpu , -j , yftf frK ill if"""' " " ' TV GATEWAY San Pablo St Stantord ROltI RT TAYLOR Rrian Donlevv-ST AND BY I OR ACTION SEVEN SWEETHEARTS with Van Heliir. Q-pvr TW tnoaks OLiiNriiVjn Doors open 5:45. p.m. Bob Hmie-BiliK Crnvhy-Doi othy I. amour "STAR SPANtiLED RHYTHM" alo "SILVER lll'tlN" with CiKORCE BRENT & PRISCILLA LANF i DIMOND tr":,.VKlie n 1 t n wv"-!1 i Constance BENNETT & Brod I RAWEORD IOI RNEY FOR MARC, AKET-Laraine Oay I rmorSV e'ooU-lill Blvd. & Fairlax " n DTTOT foo'hlll BlvH Seminary r.Alnr iA.MMORTAI. SEIK1EANT' V iTllJL- "PALM BEAC H STORY-HENRY TON-OA & MAUREEN Q'H AR Claudette COLBERT and Joel MnC'BKA. will be shown at 7:00 and 10:10 o'clock "I.IH-: BEGINS AT H::iil"-Monty Wonllev also "MARGIN FOR ERROR" with ( , . " . , loan Bennett once onlv at :55 p.m. Special Accident Insurance Po1iT.,, Walt I)iney' "DER FliEHRER'S FACE" 1 00 Write Tribune for Details with Donald Dark, once only at fl:1) p m . . Light Opera ! Season to v j OpenToriight Tonight at the Curran Theater the San Francisco Civic Light Opera will open its fourth annual session - witn the,ueorge Gershwin Amen-. can folk opera, "Porgy and Bess" for a limited engagement of two weeks to be followed on May 10 with "The Gjypsy Baron." This presentation brings the origi. nal New. York company here, through Edwin Lester's arrangements with Cheryl Crawford, Eastern producer. In the version of "Porgy and Bess" which San Francisco will see tonight dialogue replaces the long recitatives of the original and a general tightening . is apparent throughout. This revamping, praised by. the New York press, was done in... collaboration"' with Ira' "Gershwin, Conductor Alexander Smallens and DuBose Hey ward. Todd Duncan, who was the original "Porgy" when the opera was first staged by the New York The atrical Guild, heads the cast. Etta Moten, Vvaon Long, the Eva Jessave choice -and all the other New York players will be on the Curran stage tonight. Alexander Smallens, who was George Gershwin's conductor, will wield the baton over. the large orchestra. '-' 'Girls' Town' on Moulin Rouge Stage"" "Girls' Town" is now at the Moulin -Rouge theater, with a burlesque -show featuring Jean Starr, Heska ' Murrell, Baflaie Lee.'Mona Vaughn, Helene Colbert , and Rosalie. Male members of the cast include Buddy O Day, Boob Brooks, Bert Pe)ry and Minor Reed. PALACE 23rd Ave. and East 15th NOW. VOYAGE R1 -BETTE nAVlS and Paul HENREID "At th'e Front In North Africa"-In Color JLjI See the Garden Pane in The Sunday Tribune. NEPTUNE . Central at Webster EVEN DAYS' LEAVE VICTOR MATURE &r LUCILLE BALL "AMERICAN EMPIRE" with Richard Dix OTT3 H flT Park St. opo Alameda A v. "Al"1''L' DOROTHY I.AMOl'R Jon Hall-'AI.OMA OF THE SOUTH SEAS' rttfjHX N:KI,S" ,.-,th Wan Mcrril RIO SAN LEANDRO FORMERLY PALACE-TR-98SJ "TOP SERGEANT" with Leo Carrillo Win. Boyd-"TWILIGHT ON THE TRAIL" OA FTC! Solano at The Alameda , ,SrTOSt:V- ' P0N A HONEYMOON GINGER ROGERS and CARY GRANT A NIGHT TO REM EM RER-Loretta Young DOORS OPEN TONIGHT AT S:45 RTVOT t San Pablo, near Unlverslr " "' MARRIED A WITCH'' FREPRIC MARCH k VERONICA LAKE -"AMERICAN EMPIRE" with Richard Dix BER rvFT FY Shattuck-Haste AS-4300 LJ-iiH.IL.J I "ARABIAN-NIGHTS' Color! with M.iria Montri-.'nn Hall-Sahu SHERLOCK -HDLMES IN WASHINGTON LORIN Adelm at Alcatraj 'SEVEN DAYS I.FAVr" VICTOR MATI'RE & LUCILLE BALI, "War Arainst Mrs. Hadley"-Fay Bainter FOX Telephone Richmond 584 Continuous from iivnn Nrrn bum HOPE and DOROTHY L. AMOUR "TISH"-Marjorie Main & Lee Bowman TIMFS Macdonald near 23rd. RI-5800 " J-fhJ Richmond's Newest Theater' Rav Milland in "I WANTED WINGS' LOVE THY NEIGHBOR with Jack Benny HAYWARD 577 Clltm "HTKV jnnn v" ALAN LADD and HELEN WALKER "TISH".-Marjorie Main i Zasu Pitta RTAT TO Telephone HI (at SHOO , "PARDON MY SARONG" BUD ABBOTT and LOU COSTF.LLO FLIGHT LIEUTENANT with Pat O'Brien FJ- REY San Pablo Ave. nr. S5th PIERRE OF THE PI A INS JOHN CARROLL & RUTH HUSSEY Berlin Correspondent with Dana Andrews FRP'O San Pablo at Fairmount l-L,tlUiXJ "NOW. VOYAGER" F.ETTE DAVIS and PAUL HENREID "SEVEN DAYS' LEAVE"-Victor Matura PHTMPS Colleee at Shatter "IMMORTAL SERGEANT" HENRY FONDA & MAUREEN O'HARA MARGIN FOR ERROR with Joan Bennett Donald DuckCartoon-Donald's.TireTroubIa P-I-ED-M-O-N-T EVERT SEAT A I.OGE 4ifi Piedmont Av. Phone PI edmont J7!7 Take JrlO or if 11 Car DIRECT TO DOOR ("ONCE I I'ON A HONEYMOON" Gineer Hnjtcrs and Cary Grant "THE NAVY COMES THRIf'-Pat O'Brien Mux Othce Obi-iu (i:lu-Show Starts 6-.X0 ALBANY "JINGLE Enit Side Kids Solano at San Pablo Siow Start.t 6:.10 p.m. BOOK" with SABU in "KID DYNAMITE1 rTirtD IVyVV'TXY, TeleKiaph at 51st COME EARLY! DOORS OPEN 5':4S P.m. "PALM BEACH STORY" Claudette l OI.BEKT Ic Joel McCREA also "C-ll-l-N-A G-l H-L " with Cone TIERNEat.V Geo. MONTGOMERY "Wall Street Activities" by?Georg T. Hughes in The Tribune. LAUREL HooKins and 3ath Ave. I MARRIED A WITCH FREDRIC MARCH 1 VEHONICA LAKE -r Atainra aira. naaier -raj saintrv c

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