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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Sunday, Feb. 6, 1944 CCCA-13 I it wwg'-i-'Ti ua'r ii'inuiiiiiijn i i iiimwy I Oakland Twbune, Historic Art Treasures Go On Auction Block at Famed Boyer Home Tomorrow -mini 4 'J IT" fill oT prv iPvi Wr-- tin kim imM niture, statuary, cut glass, paintings all will be Sold to settle the estate of the prominent tobacco merchant, A housefull of priceless antiques, collected and cherished tor generations by one of the Bay area's pioneer families, will en nn the auc- Boyer's grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Pierce, of early San Francisco history; a set of Limoges china dishes; a music box from a i heird- whn died there last Sentpmhpr at jon block tomorrow tit the R. J. the age of 79.

carved, beautifully made beds wartmioeE, dressers and chests of valuable, woods; a bronze statue of August a marble-topped Soyer home, 5403 San Pablo Avenue. Ojects d'art of pioneer days of Francisco and Oakland, valuable pieces of early American fur- Boyer, who had. lived almost his entire life in this area, had made his home at the San Pablo Avenue address for several decades. Husband of the late Mary Dietz, whose father, A. C.

Dietz, built the home more than 75 years ago, he was prominent in civic affairs dur wasnsianas; -platform rockers; rare window cornices and huge mirrors are but a few of many costly pieces. A grand piano, used bv Mrs! A KWT VS RM 9i Boyer, a talented musician, will be John L. Sullivan Fight sold, along with the furniture from the bedroom occupied by Governor With Stomach Acid Pains? Earl Warren during his frequent The famous heavyweight champion was noted as a voracious eater Could he have eaten and fought at he did if he suffered after-eating palrib? on't rt'glect stomacn or acta pains, indigestion, gas ing1 the '80s and the house often was the scene of important social events. Long known as a landmark, it- is believed to be one of the oldest houses in Jhe Bay area. ARTICLES FROM GARDEN The furnishings include many antiques collected by Dietz, who operated the old Opera House at 12th and Webster.

First objects to go under the pains, heartburn, burning sensation, bloat ana other conditions caused by excess visits at the nome. CARVED BED A carved bed, with matching desk and dresser from the master bedroom, one of the most charming in the 14-roomed, gray-painted house, are considered among the finest pieces of their period. A number of residents, many of them friends of the family, and acid. Bet a 25c box of Udga Tablets from your druggist, First dose must convince or return box to us. and get DOUBLE YUUK JV'ONEY BACK.

hammer at 10:30 a.m. will be articles from the garden, among them the three famous iron statues from Woodward's Gardens. The fig' ures, that of a dog, a gowned women and a half-reclining nude, were purchased by Dietz during an auc- some curious for a last look at one of the almost forgotten periods of pleasant living, visited the house yesterday for a preview. The home also will be open to the public from 1 to 5 p.m. today, for a pre-auction By the terms of Boyer's will, furnishings of the home were left to a niece, Mrs.

Grace Grindley, and family friends, Mrs. Lucy Cross, Mrs. Charlotte Eberhardt and Mrs GeVtrude Dixon. tion at the famous San Francisco amusement park in 1892 and are believed to be the only visible ArriftST remains of the old garden. -SUM Of A 101 During the day-long-auction, which will close at 7 p.m., many valuable things will be sold, among them rare bird collection world known among ornithologists.

666 An American buffet with unusual M6 TABLETJ. SALVE. NOSE DROPS swing drawers, once owned by Mrs, Masons to Conduct H. M. Nathan Rites ALAMEDA, Feb.

5. Masonic rites will be conducted to'fhorrow for Henry M. Nathan, 77, of 1563 Lincoln Avenue, member of the lodge for more than half a century-Nathan, for 38 years an auditor in the San office of the Southern Pacific railroad, retired in 1937. He died Thursday as the result of a heart ailment. A native of Sacramento, he had lived in Alameda since 1961.

He was a member of Washington Lodge No. 20, Free i A living room bd divan, oe- I caslonal chair, eotfea table, and jC 9 'J Wr mU table' lmP- Bedroo milull six f1" I 4 I -STtSSS'tmm-' bed nd Kitchen t- 1 i (j IS 1 Piece dinette set (4 chaira and If I XMf It table), aad includes set of and Accepted Masons, and the Alameda Mutual Benefit Association of Surviving are his widow. Ade laide; a Arnold, and a sister, Ester N. Simon, all of Alameda; a daughter, Mrs. George Teixeira of San Francisco; arid a brother, Edward of "Sacramento.

Services will be conducted at 1:30 p.m. at the Fowler-Anderson Lhapel, e-v-. the auspices of LM- IZ 3630 5,1 14th StreTt NEW i lssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaassssstssMsss i-i. i Apollo Lodge Clock Gifts Aid If Peter Pain twists you with Rheumatic A black walnut "what not" of early American design fills $150,000 Bond Sales Rub in Ben Quick! BURBANK, Feb. 8.

(JPy- a crowd 'that traffic here to day bought $150,000 worth of war one corner of the drawing room, upper photo, at the R. J. Boyer home, at 5403 San Pablo Avenue. Lower photo shows a hand-carved bed and desk. These -and other antiques, among thVmost valuable in the Bay area, will go on the auction block tomorrow to settle the Boyer estate.

Amazingly FAST relief and here' whyi bonds. i ftyiiiiA. i it ii vj ii iiv) i 1 i "larry Finley and Robert Thome, Selene, for many years, hat depended agents methyl proprietors of a Jewelry store, of Mm two tcyl knows i i two data I and menthol. Every doctor fered 100 alarm clocks and 100 clg- thaaa two precious ingredients. OOOO I aret lighters to the highest bidders And Ben-Cay contains up to 2Va an bond purchases.

NEW WITNESSES ACCUSE BIRD ttmM ai much of both than fiv. other I widely offered rub-ins. Actual labora- When the clocks and lighters were alt sold, they put up electric shav WJi ivsi yiww mis. ou insist on xn. enuin.

Ben-Gay next time Peter Pain atriknt Get Ben-Gay' fait relief! took a fancy to a set of bedsprings A shipfitter on the' transport Hen ers, waffle irons and autographed photographs of movie stars. Time's also ten-Gay MILD for Children derson testified yesterday in the on which Thomas had- been sleep court-martial of Lieut. Comdf'. Wil ing on the ship with the result that jliam Alexander Bird, Oakland offi the chief shipfitter told Thomas, "Charlie, happy sleeping days are over. The boss (meani-ng Bird) Ira SUM wants the springs for his new 1 Upon YOUR health hang the results of this war.

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i cer charged with the theft of Navy property, that he spent much time, including liberty time, to making furniture for Bird's home, "only to have the officer complain of its workmanship. The witness, Charlie T. Thomas, shipfitter lc, said he used material to make bedroom and din- AnVKKTIMIOMKKT Eczema Itch FREE COMPLETE X-RAY FLUOROSCOPE III I 1 ing room furniture and a tool chest Fought 1st Day Have Your Dentist Show You the New for Birds home at 2028 Hoover Avenue. Thomas spoKe with some bitterness as he said he had to cut into liberty, time to which he was en DR. 0 E.

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sun. wlv7vl! II nviARRIAGEfc' ML iey I nVGIENt I rrrt Thomas identified. 1:0 r-. 1 a cruiser, type frames, and battle ctvrs which the officer' had in tho rurnpug room of hii hoffio" at being those he had packed for the officer on the Henderson. He also told the court that Bird IT WILL PAY-BIG DIVIDEflDS in COMFORT and APPEARANCE rv i If treatments are necessary, "COME IN THIS WEEK" our doctors and nurses are at your service.

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