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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 5

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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JQ1 OAKLAND TRIBUNE WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 18. 1942 'BOOKS FOR VICTORY' ROLL IN HERE Junior C. of C. AWARD OF $15,000 GIVEN TO WOMAN Now's Time to Get Out of Debt, Farm 'Culture War' to Be Theme of Talk Prof.

Raymond G. Gettell of tha University of California Friday morning will discussfor the Oak land Forum the Japanese "cultur war" on occidentals in Asia. His talk will be given at 10:30 a.m. in the City Club Theater and is a regular event of the Forum. Auto Hurt May Kill Soldier Boy Held on Drunk Driving Charge in Son Francisco Accident Private Orley Wymer, 34, of the United States Army Signal" Corps, was struck by an automobile In San Francisco early today and In HARD OF Families Are Told BERKELEY, Feb.

18. California farm families, now reaping their highest income in several years, today were advised to "getout of debt now and stay there." The suggestion was made by Miss Jean Warren, specialist in the Uni versity of California Agricultural Extension Service, along with recommendations to take care of family health needs, home furnishings and equipment and improvements with money, left after income taxes are paid. One of the first things to do, Baid Miss Warren, is to get needed eye glasses, dental and medical attention. Then, if possible to pay cash, buy new clothing and. furniture or other household equipment, such as washing machines ar.d refrigerators, to replace obsolete If there Is still some money left after that, she suggested that homes -be put in good repair.

While these improvements are being made, the specialist advised, all outstanding bills or installment contracts and advance payments on mortgages should be paid. 'Days to Come' to Be Address Theme ALAMEDA. Feb. 18. John L.

McNab will speak on "Days to Come" at today's dinner meeting of the Alameda Forum at 6:30 p.m. in Hotel Alameda. McNab, San Francisco attorney, will tell Alamedans about what, in his opinion, they may expect in National and International affairs during and after the war. Nominations of officers for the ensuing year will be announced tonight Ruth Myall, soprano, accompanied by Doris Howard, will sing several selections, Sherwood Jones will preside. HEARING WRITI fOI THIS NIW IOOKLIT 12 fullr Uluatralad -of vital lctarMi and lie- portanoa will ba aani with our oomplimanta, 0n Till a.m.

This Waak Onlr mm I AUEEX OAKLAND CO. 5 Suit (Main Floor) Ray Bids. 1M Broadway Hlcala 834 i Pleas send mayour newest booklet. i aiwaawwriillinimiimsiiniajSBMjBBaiw mi iwacwwtww Books for American soldiers tfnd sailors are deposited in a box at the California Container Corporation by Ardyce Forsell and Frank Taboada (right). Looking on is Barry Evans, who ia chairman of the Junior Chamber of Commerce drive among business houses.

3 NEW MEMBERS ADDED TO BOARD Aids Red Cross 4jj)akland Organization Collecting Books For U.S. Armed Forces Members of the Red Cross and the Oakland Junior Chamber of Commerce are leading the local Victory Book Campaign" for mem bers of the armed forces. The chamber is handling the col lection of books from industrial plants and. business concerns in tne Oakland area. Special posters have been placed on factory bulletin boards and in offices.

Boxes in which books may be dropped are placed nearby. The boxes then are taken to a sorting station where the books are packed under the supervision of the Oakland Public Library and shiDoed to various points. Barry Evans Is chairman or, tne chamber's campaign. Meanwhile, members of the uaK- land Red Cross Motor Corps are collecting books daily as they "make their rounds" in, picking up merchandise and materials donated for Red Cross use. Mrs.

Lulu R. Webster, executive secretary of the Oakland Red Cross chapter, pointed out that providing books for service men is not a new service of the Red Cross. "For years," she saiu, "Red Cross headquarters has been a receiving center for book -donations, and we have regularly distributed them to the various camps and hospitals in the vicinity." The book campaign Is sponsored by the Red Cross, the United Serv ice Organizations and the American Library Association. Youngsters Aid Red Cross Drive BERKELEY, Feb. 18.

Pennies, nickels and dimes of Berkeley school children have poured into the treasury of the Red Cross to total $232 thus far for the National war fund. More children's small change Is on the way to mount their contribution even higher, reports Miss Fannie McLean, chairman of Junior Red Cross, which is rponsor-ing the drive In the city's schools. Reports of contributions were included in a list of wartime achievements revealed last night at a meeting of the Berkeley Junior Red Cross at 'chapter headquarters, 2118 Allston Way. Dick Bachmart, Berke ley High School student, president of the juniors, and Nancy Haven, vice-president and secretary, de clared pupils In the city schools responsible for collection of hundreds of books for the Victory Campaign, sponsoring collection of volumes for rTvice men. In addition, boxes and bags of tin foil, sent to Red Cross headquarters, have been collected in schools, the young officers re ported, New additions to the local war fund were reported, by Treasurer George H.

Sengel to Include $513 from, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, Ber'teley Local No. 1158, and Carpenters Union No. 38. Oakland, $28. For the convenience of residents of West Berkeley, chapter officials announced two new first aid classes, one starting at 7:30 p.m.

today at Burbank Junior High School and the other at a similar Friday at Columbus School, with Harold Schoenfeld and Fenton Bellamy as instructors, respectively. New Officers Slated Names of new officers of the California Academy of Sciences will be announced at a meeting this evening at 8 o'clock in Simson African Hall, located in the east wing of the museum buildings in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. so that even more Calif ornians may enjoy this glorious Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey! IF (IQllQti" Mrs. Wilma Taylor, 2 today was awarded $15,000 by a Jury for in juries suffered when her automobile crashed into a pole carrying 12,000 volts. The verdict of a jury in the court of Superior Judge Leon E.

Gray culminated an eight-day trial of the suit broueht bv Mrs. Taylor, her husband. Robert and their son Robert ltt years, for a total of $40,000. Mrs. Taylor sued the Pacific Gas Electric Company, charging that the utility negligently permitted a pole to fall on Hopkins Street near Beulah Street on January 28, mi.

She declared that she suffered a cerebral concussion and that her son received a fracture of the thigh when she ran into the pole while attempting to avoid "violent explo sions and sheets oi electrical named caused by the collapse of the pole. The lurv also voted $1000 for Tay lor to reimburse him for medical expenses and $500 for their son. The iurors balloted 9 to 3 for the $16,500 verdict. The Taylors live at 7965 Earl Street. Birthday Gifts Aid Oakland Red Cross Wine gucuisuwu ed Oakland woman and a small girl this week brought eight dozen cans' of tomato soup and a variety of children's toys to the "emergency cupboard" at Oakland Red Cross headquarters.

Mrs. Mary E. Travis, observing her 94th birthday, asked that her friends and relatives give the soup to the Red Cross instead of present ine her ith gifts. And when Mrs. Conrad Shafft issued invitations for a party, cele brating ttie fifth birthday of her daughter, Sally'Ann, she suggested that the guests bring toys ror child refugees instead oi mrtnaay pres ents.

500 Lodge Members To Honor Leader. ALAMEDA, Feb. 18. Five hundred members of Alameda Aerie No. 1076 will honor George C.

Tank, National president of the Fraternity of Eagles, at Hotel Oakland to morrow. Tank will speak on "Practical Fra-ternalism" during the meeting at which nine Alameda County aeries will be represented, according' to Fred Wescher, secretary of the local lodge. nam VIKTUT SKIIHGM itnnXs SLOPES Never a dull moment! Thrills galore! New Low Fare! New lifts new rum! Make plans Now! Fine corn and powder snow! BRIGHT LIGHTS TOO DEPOT: 2047 San Pablo PHONE: GLencourt 7700 mri Kama 1 -ar" wa. mrJ CA MS for a limited time only jured so severely that doctors said probably will die. is at Central Emergency Hos pW 'S'fth a possible skull fracture, interna tnjuries and a compound Urfracture ot the left leg.

Frank E. Hendricks. 19. of 329 Dl visadero Street, Sen Francisco, shipyar'worker and driver of the -whs- arrested on charges of drunk driving. He will be charged with ntligent homicide if Wymer 'dies.

The sol was crossing the Inter section of Howard and Fourth Streets when tie was hit with such force that his shoes were torn from his feet The impact hurled him 85 feet Doctors said that his condition fwas too serious to permit him being moved to an Army hospital. 1H0ME OWNERS TO "'OPPOSE REZONING BERKELEY, Feb. 15- Echoing a "legal battle of two years ago, when wirk was stopped on a business 'Mock at the crest of the Berkeley iHills, a delegation of home owners will voice protest tonight at a meet-Hns of the Contra Costa Planning Commission in Martinez against re- "loning of property at the head of Street for a service station. I', The Berkeley City Council lent official strength to the protest yesterday by going on record against the frezoning and will send officials to 'Martinez to state their stand. City Chester C.

Fisk, who pre sented the matter to the council, Stated that Berkeley was vitally in terested in the rituation br ause the property for which reclassifi cation was asked is only 50 feet over the city line in Contra Costa County. i Fight of property owners against the reclassification is being led by "the Cragmont Improvement Association, Irwin Berry, president College of Pacific IQo Be Caravan Center NASHVILLE, eb. lB.r) 5 The Methodist Church announced today that College of the Pacific at Stockton, has been chosen as one of six training centers for its Sout'i Caravan Movement this year. I Dr. Harvey C.

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Must help or money back I ri.jj. 1 Diuretic mm at BERKELEY, Feb. 18. As the first meeting of a transportation commit tee, named by Mayor Frank S. Gaines, was called for 3 p.m.

tomorrow at the City Hall to launch a city-wide survey, three new members were added to the body. New appointments include Joseph Cutler, manufacturer and airman of the committee on resources and production of the Berkeley Defense Council; Enery Stone, president of the Berkeley Traffic Safety Commission, and Max Thelen, chairman of the Defense Council's transportation committee. The local survey is planned to co-ordinate similar studies of all Metropolitan Oakland cities as first, step toward formulating a comprehensive transportation plan. Brother Loses in Fight Over Estate Efforts of a bsether to be appointed administrator of the estate of Mrs. Marie F.

Rafeal, 60, were blocked today by her husband. Superior Judge J. D. Murphy denied the petition of the brother, W. B.

Cowan, 549 Alleen Street, and appointed a bank to handle the estate at request of the woman's husband. Lester W. RalaeL ZtttH Helen Street. Rafael and Mrs. Eugenia Hance, 68, of 1009 10th Avenue, were found suffocated in the former's apartment at 1421 52nd Avenue last January 15.

Mrs. Rafael's 'dog also had been asphyxiated. Coroners demities said the women died after the Improperly ventea gas neater had exhausted all oxygen in the small room. The brother charged that Rafael was "incompetent to administer the estate for the reason that he has been habitually intoxicated." Through his attorney, Edwara Kilmartin, Rafael defended himself against the attack, and then nominated the bank to administer the estate, valued at approximately $8000. U.C.

Plans Survey Of Civil Defense BERKELEY. Feb. 18. A compre hensive Nation-wide survey of civil lan defense problems in all cities of more than 10,000 population has been undertaken by the University of California Bureau of Public Ad ministration for the International City Managers' Association. Tl, a wMnk will Ka vMihllehorl in the.

1942 City Managers' Municipal Yearbook, will include a section on the peeds or. surpluses of ties in scientific, professional and technical fields. Questionnaires vering air-raid precautions, disaster plans, training and other civilian defense problems and activities have been sent to ap proximately 1100 cities. Birthday Program At Breakfast Club A "Washington's Birthday" program will feature a meeting of the Oakland. Breakfast Club tomorrow at 7:45 a.m.

at the Hotel Oak- Dr. W. E. Eller, vice-president of the ciud, is program cnairman. iiis committee includes Roy Burgk, Er-wln Stromeir.

Lionel Benas and Howard Sanders. Rails Being Moved SAN LEANDRO, Feb. 18. Removal of unused streetcar rails on East Fourteenth Street from Durant Avenue to Lorraine Boulevard is now more than 50 per cent complete, City Manager Ray L. Billings reported this week to the City work 4s being done with WPA labor, assisted by city street crews.

British Speed-up Will Be Explained A first hand story of how Britain speeded up war production will be narrated by the Rt. Hon. Margaret Bondfield, first woman member of the British Cabinet, at a dinner at the Union League Club, San Fran cisco, on March 8, under tne auspices of Citizens For Victory. Miss Bondfield, who held the labor portfolio in the Macdonald government, is at present labor adviser to the Ministry of Labor. Chester H.

Rowell, vice-chairman for the Pacific Coast, Citizens For Victory, will preside at the dinner meeting, and Alexander Watchman, president of the San Francisco Building Trades Council, will introduce the speaker. Examiner to Aid Making Returns RICHMOND, Feb. 19. A State income tax examiner will be here Friday and Saturday to assist local residents with their returns, ue- cording to Thomas F. Feeney, area supervisor.

The examiner will open head quarters in the Hotel Carquinez. Office hours, Feeney said, will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All single persons with net incomes of $1000 or more, and married couples, living together, with net incomes of $2500 or more are required to file returns. In either case, Feeney said, re turns are required when the gross income amounts to $5000 even the net income may be less than the minimum figur-s.

Oaklander Gets 45 Days on Gun Charge LIVERMORE, Feb. 18. Alfred Strain, 22, of 817 Grove Street, Oakland, who chose a deputy sheriffs car in which, to hide his revolver, went to the County Jail today to serve a 45-day sentence, imposed by Judge M. J. Clark following Strain's plea of guilty to concealed weapon charges.

Deputy Sheriff Mark Garbinl had picked up Strain two weeks ago, in company with two youths who had run away from their Oakland homes. While the officer was taking the trio tb' Oakland, Strain hid his gun in a pocket in the car. Strain has a record of seven previous arrests, three for theft, three for vagrancy, and one for trespassing. Priests Safe in Honolulu Two San Francisco priests, Rev Edwin J. Kennedy and Rev.

Charles S. Gienger, assigned to assist the Most-Beveend James-J, -Sweeney, bishop of Honolulu, vicar delegate of the armed forces of the Army and Navy in the Pacific, have ar rived safely in Hawaii, according to announcement by Archbishop Mitty. Bishop Sweeney is in charge of all Catholic chaplains of the Army and Navy in this area. Deputy President To Visit Rebekahs SAN LEANDRO, Feb. 18.

Alma Kleagle, district deputy president, will make an official visit to Rose Rebekah Lodge, No. 224, on Febn ary 19. Entertainment for the occa sion is being planned by the Juanita Cooper and Isobel Stone. Members of other lodges in the district have been invited to attend. Philippines' Status Will Be Discussed The Philippines in the Present War" will be discussed before the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club tompr? row by William H.

Cox, former resi dent of the Philippines and now assistant secretary to- the Alameda City School Board. The club meets Lake Merritt HoteL Clyde Yerge will be chairman of the day. Church to Observe World Day of Prayer BERKELEY. Feb. 18.

The World Day of Prayer will be observed at the First Baptist Church, Dana and Haste Streets, Friday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Mrs. Faith Warburton will be organist and Mrs. Helen Mosher Fearn, soloist. Raw, smarting surface relieved mai-Injty by the soothing medication of 70 Tires Rationed Here During Week Certificates for the purchase of 42 tires and 16 tubes for passenger cars and 28 tires and 15 tubes for trucks were issued last week by the Oakland Tire Rationing Board according to R.

A. McDonald, chairman. Those receiving certificates from the board, at its offices at 409 Fourteenth Street, were: Oakland Meat Company; Howard B. Folsom, truck operator: Louis trucking; Jackson Furniture Company; Drake Cleaners; Virgil Lee Teague, roofer; Oakland Fire Department! Southern Pacific Company; Shell Oil Com pany. George Brown, plumber; Lamonte J.

Davis, plumber; Raymond W. Goode, special mail delivery; Joseph Benjamin Pence, trucking; Calilor nia Golden State Salami Steinbeck Theiss Meat Company; Anna A. Frisell, nurse; David Joseph Tepper, M.D.; Inter-Urban Express Master School of Welding; Grove Street Fuel Icej Company; American District Telegraph Beri Conde truck operator; and Certified Linm Towel Supply Company. Certificates were issued also for 78 obsolete tires and 40 obsolete tubes, the Board announced. Conserving Trees Subject of Address BERKELEY, Feb.

18. Selective -utting harvesting only 'hose trees which will no longer increase in value at a satisfactory rate is the key to successful financial manage ment of 1,500,000 acres of second growth forests in the western Sierra Nevada foothills. This is the conclusion reao'-ed by Dr. H. R.

Josephson, assistant pro fessor of forestry in -the University of California College of Agriculture, after an investigation on factors af fecting income from such forests. The study was made by the Call fornia Forest and Range Experi ment Station and the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Eco nomics at the university and is discussed by Dr. Josephson in a new bulletin published by the College of Agriculture covering yields and values. Founders' Day Is Observed by Group m. rmwiTTO.

Feb. 18. The Fair mnnt ScVinnl Parent-Teachers' As sociation observed Founders Day, yesterday afternoon during tne reg' nlai mnnrrilv mpetinr in the school Mrs. Harriett Watkins, of Richmond, was the principal speaker. TTnllnuinff the business session h.

memhpra heir! social hour with ttfie following comrnittee-in ehafge: Mrs. H. A. Sammett, Mrs. u.

JS Thornton, Mrs. Howard Thulin, Mrs Donald Nichols and Mrs. W. Weathers. Name of Street To Be Changed SAN LEANDRO, Feb.

18. A peti tion requesting a change of name for Manthey Avenue was approved at the San Leandro City Council City Attorney K. Gllmore was instructed to draw up a resolution changing tne name to croaamoor Boulevard." of which Manthey Is i broken continuation. Dnti'tinnor. rmlntAri nut frtA nrS ent name is phonetically difficult to understand.

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