The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1936
Page 6
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TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1936 HLYTHKVILLK, (AUK.)' COUKIKK Business Directory Investigate our budget ])lan for Home Improvements. Sec E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 K. MAIN For Sale I'uylng coal and wood yard, Cheap My home for sale Cheap — aiB Chickusawba, 1 rooms and bath, garu3<.', servant house, garden. 1 block frail school' \V. B. Cnde, 8!8 Chieknsnvvta. 22j> k29 Good Coleman InslnnL Gnsolinc Unnsjc. Used your.. Cheap. Mrs. O. C. Cinnskc, Call 835 utter I! K M. 22e K5 Or trade for portable mill, sawmill and planing mill at, Huffman. Sduilon Pepper, Huffman. 20-]>-li-27 iVIrs. J. J. IMVU — titieiiccr Cursetlcro -,^, , ,. can ,2,-W for ap, M ,ntmen« S ^^«^™^ fill location.. Cheap for cash. 809 Chlckasa\vb;t, dh t We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg. Co. PI ION B 10 •W TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. ^Moving 50c room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 004 All our 103(5 Patterns WALLPAPER now on sale at ureatly reduced prices. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. [•'OR SALE-Used Ico Boxes and Electric Refrigerators. Broadway Sales Co., Ill s. Broadway. ao-Crk-0-30 EIiECTllIC REFRIGERATORS — 3 Kclvinatons, 1 COM cjxit, 1 Servel. CHEAP. TERMS. Wijjiiins Electric Shop. 11Q S. Broadway. 15-ck22 Good Used Trucks 1931—1« Ton I-'urd 1035—',4 Ton Ton! rick-Up 1331—IK Ton Chevrolet 193J—155 Tun Iiilcriiallona) All have Good Kl.ike liwllcs IVANTEU — PAH, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4',ic Ib. COB per ",Virt, 1c to 5c Ib. Radial.ors, <!'/_c Ib. HIDES & FUHS WOI.F AIIIAN PHONE HO 128 E. MAIN BUY Cl.OTlliiS NOW! Pay out of .your bonus. CiliO. aiUIK, Bailor 201 N. 2nd Delta Implement C Shoe Repairing QUALITY SHOE SIKH 1 Men's Half Soles OOc. 75e, SI Men's Rubber Heels 2Sc. :i5e, 50 Men's Mill Soles and Heels Ladies' and Children's Half Bole 50c and G5c Quality Materials Laces any color. Free delivery scr vice. :t FREE Shines with half sol' Personal Men Win Spoils I'rmUmi RICHMOND, V». (DPI — The Richmond bm - e;ui uf i>jrkb RKK! STOMACH ULCERS. C..\S llon „„,, ,.,„,,,,,,!," liin V ap- PAINS INUrOKSTION relieved : llrom , „„ wm &£ M lo ,.^ ' of nick, fiel free rawnln doctor s, lnriU . b .,,, u ,, 5 ,„ riu . , k su , mir Uclea, at Ivlrby lirob. ming ,.„„,,. M , lK .- f ,,,,,,, Umi; „ CD, ( Tlie ayo-nye is one of tln> csl nicnboys in tl»> world. A :;u- H\v tif MadiiiitiM'ar, II n'ou In <tiiyl!i;ln. inslnieUou Vc- will .select jiicchr-i'.icalty inclined men with rlmrncler refor- nccs. inn:./ jr cjit]'.-v>yix:, re::ii'->;e - ll!i fair wUicalion. who wish W ctter theinsclvcs by Ir.ilnlnt! In heir spare time for Electric Re- rigeiation and Air Conditioning ncliistrlcs. Write fully. Utilities . lust. "A" % Courier News. ke lialkiil, In Siberia, liaf ict'n soi'iutc<l to a depth uf 'j,30tj eel. \vn.s aiinoiiiuvil tiiat the tnlioo iH'.i'inst .s'liorts for. nu'ii on municipal tcnn'.ii courts li;id boon llfioil. I'OK QUICK SKUVICI ' Washed ON I.:}s An^oti's cnci 1 luid a law ftir* hlddinii si rent, cai' conductors to .••hoot raiiiiits autl oilier i;amr from Mu- fin 1 pl:Hlni:)i.s, Drs. Wort £ Wcrt Ol'TOMKTHISTS Over Joe l^iaes' Bloro "WB MAIU-. 'J!M SEE" Phone 540 Now Ix>c:ili-d al 10) Norlli Ki-roml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAUHS, IVop-lelnr All makci ui rebuilt Tjticwrilcrs, Adding Waunlnc* *.tid Calculators— ll«ii:ilrlni;—1'arLs—Ribbons iiAVEL e 700 Owl And d liaiulle all U';uliii£ Hrands "f Iliitli (irailr Coal— Sin.iill, (irrul llnul, llrllllan!, MunlU'l'llo, elf. KADIO REPAIRING A Complete line u[ TllllC* Hllll 1'arll TlltK & HATTEUY (!0. PHONE O« 10 & 20c (iucliidinrr fax) $4 private parties 0|:rn 'J 'Til I) MONDAY- "1'AI. DAY" l-'ri'(-li Water Cimlim'imsly Oru'i'iilcd liy Mr. mill Mrs. Odls Hwlor HEAR! HEAI Jf you hnvu « burial ii.isaciiilion corliflcnlu of miy kiwi on your tuvcd <>n«i when {.hoy ima* iiviiy, wo will jiM«|)l it nt full V ;iUie ()n (lie funeral, Kovutcil you luiy i\ s iiiueli as ?SO dv inu-c in mcrawniliso. COBB FUNERAL I'HONK 2li SKKV1CK STATION •I'OK VOUH CONVKNIENCK- SiNCLAia GAS AND MJBUICATION \VYSH PKHilY I,, cliarnc nl' Si'i'vici! l)«|)!ii'( incut. 1.. II, JOHNSON in eliargc ol Doily Dujiai-lmiinL SKKVICI: —KAIIIATOIl 1I1UMIK — IIODV WOKK — l-j;Nl>l;it \VOHIC — ti!,ASS IN.STAU,i;i> — All'1'0 1'AIITS W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES Bailee ,t Plymouth Dealer CIIONK 8R8 ALLKY 001' ( PLEASE EXCUSE ME POW A ' JIFF, WILL you , OOOLA - J } * WAKJT T ° HAVE -"• ..... -< I ' A TALI< ^'rn/- 7 WHY, -^ iVi^Y BROTME R . . /C ERTA I Ml V . ^ V, •..._. ___ _ f V ' " LOO - ?r>T3T; r: Lost FREE GASOLINE •1,001) (Jallons to lie Given Away FJtlJK'To Our Customers! livery member uf our Gasoline Dividend Cluli ran win from 1 to 23 Gallons, when you buy cas at Huilcy's :isk for n inrjnbcrshiii card. It t^sls riolliiug. HARRY,.BAILEY'S .At Missouri State Line 1'CCKETBOOIC containing $'1 & driver's license. Reward for re- L I! rn to Cou i'icr Ncwe for Rent 5 and 3 room Furnished Ainni- ments. Cheap. E. M. Eaton. 713 Chickasawba. 2^|) klf Three Room Unfurnished Ap:ut- ment. Rcasounble. Call 5. Always in the Market for SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Mcial, Hides & Bones Blylhcville Iron & Metal Co. 221 \V. Cherry Call 4-18 Fur., Apattnient in Shane . Duplex 'at 1114 West Asli. Call 197. or 571. 23-ck-tf 2 bedrooms or a l\vo room furnished apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Six room unfurnished house. 903 E. Cherry, phone 283. 10-ck-lf Cool frniu BEDROOM. Reasonable. Bess Hall. Call 280. ficktf 3 room furnished apartment will) bath. Newly decorated. Telephone & water free. Mrs. Bslle Wood, 120 Dougan. Call 785-J. 17-ck-tf 7 all Paper SALE l!)3fl 1'ATTKRNS THEARKMO LUMBER CO. I'honc -10 3 FURNISHED Rooms, modem. Sink iu kitchen. 814 Hcam. INGRAM apartment, Inquire at Parithurst Co. 28-ck-U L Itoom Aparlinent, 4 rooms furnished. J. H. Smart. Call 805-J 3c ktf Z-ai WELL, SIS.- <SHES DOING ALL RIGHT- HOWS OUR \ PUT HOW ABOUT THAT LITTLE LADV ALLEY OOP FELLA? GETTIM' /I HAVEKl'T SEEM HIM ALONG? A AROUMD THIS _-^ • ^< MORNING — ^ " V ^, ^-^ T Oil, YEAH! r A DAW&ED IP ! KNOW WHAT YOU SEE 7 IU THAT BIG LUMK - BUT DOW T \ WORRY-HE'S A&OUUD SOMEWHERE I WITH THREE OF My , -^v~J | BEST MEW RIGHT /PINE:'-MOW fTB ! AT HIS HEELS... (ABOUT "HME VOU GOT BUSY - f WITH THAT IF YOU WAMT TO GET-ANYWHERE 7 UIITM THAT Vm (M/r I Ar\v/ _-J-_ LADY, YOU DOM'T WAWT TO DEPEMD TOO MUCH OM JUST YOUR .GOOD LOOk.5- J OKAY, KID-\ WATCH ME- I'LL HAVE HER ' RIGHT MY HAND.', 'tiritvjcc, inc. T.M. p ( r. n a t '*T. on HOOTS AND HKR HUDDIKS THE' OF T11H Sl'lCCllCS! OUtR. OK)' WttV\ Ati SAG OX. "UV L_ 60 V\E 6tT ^ . lWaORU 1 .*. NQ .A.'bV. Mtl e'OvA tLV \\A TO \il-iOW XOO WV\Y, ^^E.:*0 F- A'tV v\.\- QM 't\ CUT ' r-'-O.-, *3> l f f 'f/(/ l j'iit>* a ' ^ •. i^y. BY NT* r,cnvicr. INC. T. w. race u. s. F-AT. of f. WASH TUHHS M? VOU REFUSE TO NAME THE MAN WHOTHREATENEPTO] BLOW UP YOUR NITRO TRUCK,, • -i PICKET? Keal Estate 'or Hole or Trade—My home at. 810 W. Main:- Bargain. Mrs. S. . Sternbcrg. Call 981. FOR SALE C;;h,n/'—HOUSES nt. 700 W. Ash; 337 & 330 S. Di- 'ision, with paying tenants. BARGAIN for quid: sale, rttrt cash srill handle. Mildred E. Cox, B. R. 1. Box 24-A. UTOVES STOKSD FOll SUM- MRR Local Hauling My Coal is Black But I treat You White JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE /07 GUARANTEED ELECTRICAL WORK, reasonable. Frank Gable. Phone 218. Osccola. FOIl SALE—Tlirrc Itcal Barpihis One 3-room Jiousc within bloci: of Smibury school, lights and wal- cr. $425. One 3-roo:ii house and garage, liijiits and water. $225. One 5-room house, complete with bath, by Sudbury sc'iiool, §300 cash, lial., 310 monthly. Taxes liaid on all, rv,ile Box 95. Blyllievillc, Ark. 19-i)k-2G Eggs, Poultry Baby Chicks DAY OLD fc STARTED nny day MARILYN HATCHERY lj alter ics BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Clune ftl Tom Jackson's Service Station Bar/her Shops HOLTS KAKBKR SIIOl' 101 South 2nd SL HAIRCUT Me. SHAVE 150 I5atli—Close B pin.--Shine Salesmen Wanted LBTAHLISH MONUMENT AG- ENCV-.Sell dlrcel. from factory: low prices: liberal conimisslo]! conlract: no investment; experience not essential: references required. Winona Monument Company, Winona, Minnesota. Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices' For Eggi & Poultry 311 K. Main I'lCKKT SI A K US (\FR/\lp?7"l"AIN l V APRAIP OR WQPOOV IF "\ •" THA T Bt-AIJKETy-BLANKEP POLE CAT POESN'T LAV OFF ME AMD AW <-\ FAMILY, I'LL KILLHM- ANP 1 TOLD HIM SO, "TOO. SKI,!*' CUJAK! A'VELL.WCLL.' SO SEE HERE,VOU! THIS ISA/LTsTEt^VoM.^ I DON'T NEED AMV PROlIcfioM' ; PERSONAL MATTEL'., /f WE'RE TEMNG j VOU KEEP VOUK NOSE OUT I ' NOMF. OF VOUR/\TO PROTECT/OF THE PICKET AFFAIRS'IF ' vou. / A^i > /PODV BUMPS ME OFF/ i •"Hi-rs ^^v Touen LUCK-NOT. FRECKLES AN",) HIS I-'RIIiNDS V. IN THIC I-IAVEHT ear TIME:: A BUI-JCM OF 7&WWSPEOPI.E ARE GOiWS aJT TO TRACK DOV/M TJ-IIS STRAWGE AWIMAL, THAT'S BEEIJ GIViMG' - &/EPYOHE THE -—i CREEPS.'.' . ~ "^ I'M AFRAID ^bu ARE TOO SI/IALL! WE HAVE WO W/ OF kKIO'W- IMG WHETHER OR wor THE AWIMAL is I=ERO- cious! ,_^ ^ ^t)U COME WER To M'/ tousE.ossie! POP AMD FRECK WEf OUT TO HUl-CT. FOR THAT AHIMAL.' , .JS ^V:-^'Ji.-_ ^ SO DID t/IY ' ^POP! I \At>WOEF V/HERE IT...., V/HERE IT. / TAG, DID YOU HEAR ^ "JHii .-:vTL- / V^M.'.K w '•^^ RHW' I LOOK? s, OM ^) r^ Hv USU2A£ HE'S SMIFFIWG \ |p HE OUR FOOTPRIl-rrS, ) t-LtKES TAG....HE...HE... j-THEM SO HE'S SNiFFIUS /MUCH.L-LET'S THEM'-' ^/ MAKE A LOT (/ORE ""- • < FOR RIM!! ^'f- ^Big-Cooling-Delicious Wanted EXPERIENCED nnd Bookkeeper .\vank posill'in. Good references. Kicar.M Sml.h. 1315 W. Main. Ctiil 335-W. 13p k2J GOOIJ LIVE OAK SALESMAN— Liberal coinmis.siot!.s. rxclusuo Icnik.ry. Excellent- proposition, Sr^ llnborl. Siirinon.s ;U Glencoo Hotel bpforc S A. M. Wednesday. rising rubber n^'ips to iioi-s?-i slices prevents the horse !rom slipping on concrete pavements In wet weather. R 1'ix'oont Ihi;; Coupon at The Main \$ Cut Kale Fountain and Drink a iSj Pomelo l (1 rec. Coupon Good Until ! || Friday, Inclusive. !t| if£^(SSMJ^SMMffii^^ Ice Cream 3c All This Week Httndae—Sonicl.hiHf/ lo Talk Ahoul 9c Sptil 10c~-Milk. Shake 8c— Malted Milk lie- Sc—liircley's Or'anf/cadc 5c — Cherry Phosphate I'incapplc Sundae Oc — Strawberry Sundae Sc Chocolate Sundae 8c— Fresh Fruit Sundae 10c THRKK Oil' ICE CREAM CONES 5c—TKEK TOP TALL KOLD KKl'NCU—"The Mod Delicious Ice Cream Confection Made" "DOLLAR BHIS ARE WRAPPED WITH KOLD KRUNCH"

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