The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAYS-AUGUST' 2/1939 BLYTHKVILLK, (AKK.) COUHJMH ^OPPORTUNITY 1KB THE WANT AD5-^/ (AN TAfFORD TO MISS THEM —*— — l^»-J i ........ .... — . — ~ ; — i ' i . I. ....... . .. — , — ..... , - ...... ... ...'.. ..- ..... ' ' !i ' TAGJ5 RUSSIFIED VDVKRTISING INFORMATION Dally <••*><: per line for consccu- ilve Insertions: One (line per line lOu Two times per Kne per <lay....08v Vlnce times per line per day...Ode Cix Ikies per line per day.,..05o Monti, rate, per line ,..COo Crude of Thanks 50c & '150 Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six (lines and stopped before expiration will be charged for Ihe number of limes HID add appeared and Bdjiisliucnt of bill made. All classified 'Advertising copy nilimittcd by persons residing oul- ilile ol the city must be accompanied by cash. Rales limy be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one lime inte. No responsibility will be taken (or more than one Incorrect insertion yi any elnssificcl ad. For Real 'J room furuljhcd apaitin«i(, 2 beil- rcoms and private bath. Will mil to 4 (jentlcmen or 4 Indies. I'honc ICa during day. 2-ck-5 3 room newly furnished aparliuent. Privale bath. 535 No. Gib. Phone 5^7. 2-ck 3 or •! nicely furnished lai'ijc rooms. 1'riratc bath. Downstairs. 1129 W. Ash. 1-ck-l . ,lce ..... ICE-ICE Phone 10? JOHN BUCHANAN ICi: COM) WAITKMKI.ONS Welding AND ACKTYl.KNK WELDING JUun line und heavy welding .spediilfy. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Plume ID or 11 Daily 10 or lies. 1013 8<>llvt!\clory quality and service In Dairy products. Catlie free ol Buna's Ulscnse, in best of physical condition. Call Mrs. evince Lnwrv SO'i-J, for Hnlicll's Grade A Haw Milk, Cream. Country Butler. Hut- termllk, extra or holiday orders Inspection cncouraKcd anytime llalscll's Hairy I'roinlsed land. Rouio 2 For Sale Minnows -For Sale Wauled MINNOWS '»rl iminon u,r Knllnmtl * Ky Notice WAN'I'UI)—yr;uiij; couple tor r?s- :. tiuiranl work. Man .for diet and woman fin 1 wailrc.'.s. WrjU' Simp- sun Oil .Co., Clinrlrstoij, i\i,i. l am the rcpresenlullvc-, In iliis county, for Hie Mlsrk Brothers Nursery. Phono 7'IU-J lor .srrvici'.! W. B. Lansdon. Ul-uk-S- Fishing License Britain' Shows Only 1,349,579 Without Work Model Plane Designed For Precision Balance HI'S MOINIW, lu. <UI>>-.An.Iowi» youlli bus iltvrlo[>c<l a mrdcl ulr- pl.'Uie of original dcslun \vlth winch lu> hopes | U | m ,|,i. n, c world's no:id for moUr powered plant's. '1'lie liulll !>.- <in|i' M, LONDON ait'i— A givnt• Impclas'i,VMo"i-ii 1 ""i" v ' "TV" """' "'' Bivcn to lliillsh Industrial life bvi r,., ',,,.,'!, !''i • " , N ) ll } 1¥Vlo( \ 'l'" the mimlve rcarmuiiH'nl p^ram [ ' . ', "'"''' ' «' '">'»'>w 1» «s cinutuidlin, it's alt hiiml nuidi', I'dli VOllll OONVKNIKN'Cj;, \\'K bllK rHKI'MlV.ft 't'O j'ssl'l 1 ! VOUH I-ISIIINO I,K;KNSK AT OUt! STOKE SHOUSE-HF.NRY UAKDWAJilC CO. Is hiU'Inj; UN full (.licet u'p.ii" the I umnloynic-nl and unrmpl.yinriil i llBUrcs. inent llunrcs last month or 70:i, lirltiihrs Idle now ninuuer 1,'J 19,57. Tlif •I room furnished house. Reasonable. 1-113 W.' Main St. l-ck-5 3 room furnished apartment, electric refrigerator, private bath. Garage. Phone 201, 1117 W. Ash. 27-ck-U Office rooms for rent In Fliv>l National Bank Building. Call Mrs. Miller nl GO. 2Q-ck-5 3 room furnished apartment. AW Hearn.-Mrs. C. H. Wheeler. 2D-ck-5 Four, 4-room apartments, cad) with liath. Garage. New building. Call Mr. Abraham at 81C. 28-ph-l 5 horsepower General Elcclric motor. Been run 8 hours. $75. Thomas Land Co. 2-ck-7 Cobble and Veneering slonc. Delivered $750 per ton. W. n. Glenn Sr., Black Rock, 1U. 1. Box 7. Milk Ted fryers, Halter.v raised. Mrs. Russell, N. W. Corner Holly and Division. ai-pk-8-21 lixlra good established business. Best season starting. ' large profits. No competition. Lady or nvin cun operate. S350 Walk out. VVrlte Box K, Courier Neves. 2B-pk-'l Found 2 or 3 room upt. 605 Chickasavvba. Phone 176 during day. 2'1-pk--! 3 room furnished house. Close in. Utilities furnished. 120 Dugan St., Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-tf Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. ,22-ck-tf 3 room modern, furnished, apartment, Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Main.] 'V 13-ck-lf Com fort able, b«(l rcqtj?.' 40 n.i.yYsln ul. PhONC 102. : ' .'.' 15-c'k-tf One black horse nnile, about 1100 pounds and one bay marc mule nfcohl noo pounds. Bplh'are smooth mouth. Abosil 10 hands [high. Noel McDnnlcl, 5 miles No. ' of atcelc, n. W. 01. 27-pk-a Washing, Ironing Kxpert washing and ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and finish. 0 quills $1.00. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind City Ice Plant. '? ' '•''-. ~"' 7-pk-8-7 FIRST in used cars price and terms '38 Chcv. Coupe Only $485 '37 Ford Tudor OT $395 '38 Clicv. Coach Only $495 '37 Chcv. Couch «»iy $395 '36 Ford Tudor Only $325 '35 Ford Fordor <»»y : $235 '34 Chcv. Coach Only ., ; $135 '33 Ford Fordor Only .;.,. $125 GUD.CIOU -one-lhlrd of ihu loliil In six monlhs. The iiiiinbcr ft' Insure wrkcra is 12,810.000, an Increnso ol urj'J.OOJ in a year, und the hiulicst •llg'uro since l«le IM7 — "imtiiierlty nu- lumn," lluil was c.illcd. There ant 80.000 mure col Ion opcrulivcs nt woik thiui a yeur i,jo, mainly b-jcaiwc of the t':v- •rninenl rciiuiiemonls, Mere (linn IK.OOU linplale svurk'- crs Idle I'J nuinlhs HSU nre busy low. ,'1'lie call for air raid shelter:! ins helped In reduce llif indus- ry's uuemiiloymenl by lli;m' 0 per cent. Modern 3 roc:" unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Simon, phone. 7G'l. 3-ck-lt ailicc rooms, sudbury Buil'jlnB. Sec Graham-SmWury. 'J'itl Noijcc U|)holslerlng and Rcflnlsliliif. M. Tomlln, 21i s. First G-ck-3-8 .Salesmen Wanted MAN WANTED for Ranleigh Route of 800 families. Sales \vny up Hiis Wrile today. Rnwlelaii's, Depl. AKH-'27-SA, Sleniphis, Teniirssce. Personal Amuse Sluggish I.Hcr, ivnrk nn IhE hilc, lo rid yourself of const!- pHllon. ga-i pains and thnt .sour onnk feeling. Take one box o, KIKBY'S rtCTfVE UVEK f'II,l,S •2Sc. nl all Kirby stores MEN! FKI5L YOUNGER, PEP DP TODAY. Put vigor in that "Old a( -lir 1 rundown body with Oalvex Tonic Tablcls. $1.00 size, spcrixl today SOc. If not delighted, maker refunds this piico. Call, write Klr- by Bros. Drug Store. '38 Podge Pick-up Only $465 '37 Ford Stk. Pick-up Only $36( '37 Ford 1| Ton O'dy $395 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, 5lh & Walnut J'Jmtie 81 CAii YOU You wculii not slrtrl ;in occnn voy- :igc wlllioul life. JJUWITITS. Good brakes nrc your ''life preservers" when yon drive. Safely Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection K costs nothing (o KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for :i FRKI3 Inspection. . Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford ABO- Dinfcc Adjustment. Inclndiii" adjustment of n ra |; C Rods $1 35 or cables & Hand Ura!:e. I (Rcplacemcnl. park-, not included) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB WELL-KNOWN DiVA HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous 1 A former great opera slar. • 33 Reach of sight H Phantasms. 15 to trouble. 1C Genus of herbs. 17 Fortified work IS A pitch. 20riiii-nl protiotin. 21 Loiters. 23 Birds' shelter. 25 Hawaiian bird 2G A" sland.ird. 23 Stair. 30 To give . credit to. • 31 Eccentric wheel. S3 Coat ol mail 34iUounlain. 35 She was once a famed —picture slar. ."(7 Railroad. 3S Bang. •II Sorrowful. •12 Appropriate.. •H Short .iria. •!6 Extols. 48 Fit of weeping 49 Smaller rorlion. 51 Paid publicity 52 Falsehood. 53 Not fil. 5fi Rabbit's foot. 59 She had a glorious. . voice. 00 She nt tlie height 'of her fame. VERTICAL 2 Pieces out. 3 To rot flax. •ITIiose who. analyze. 5 Funeral music 6 Part of Homau month. 7 To bow. 8 Enlhtisiasm, 0 Flags. 10 Scab. 11 Stream. 12 Too. IB Her most popular role Madame 10 Acid. 22 Ready. 2'! Criterion. 26 To card woo). •n Obese. 23 Afternoon. 31 Ludicrous. 32 I lazy. 35 Disfigurement 3G Groin, 38 Inlet'. •iOGirl. •53 Bulb flower. 45 Irish. 47 Elk.'. . 50 Wickedness. 51 Dined. 52 Behold. 51 Nay. 55 Pair. 5C Jumbled lypa 57 Measure. 58 You ,-IIK! me. PRESGRIPtiOKS Freshest SSlMk (iiiiiriinleeil [lent Trie** Kirby Drug Stores I J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Urariiiiilr Onlninc- (risl In Dljdinvllle. Classps l-'lltcd C'orrcclly :xce|)l the innlor. Tin' f.iir-pouim plane is so de- ijBUCll Ih;i| ,,|, a , ||, u (lliu ,,. ,, n , s „„ the iiindii in midair, (he jircclsi:n Customs Officials Err I'""* w-"' 11 " 1 "^ bj i»e uw\>m n <<U~ f «/ • II lll| sloiw» officials. Un Kapc of Africa" i KBCcnUy ; u ,„,.„, llrm of too); . ..,,..„.., ..'~7~ . . Iscllus inched « o nsl'iitiuiit of I.VIIIBAN, S 3 oiil)i Alilci (UI'l-Jn iicn- books frnn ovMBi-as, but de- tncir ciiijernesx lu curry out otfl- ( llvviv was held up for icvmil ' - : . - clenlly Uie cen,wrs)il|> rcjiilnUons ccnl IniiKiliitlon of llcrulurc, every- Indc- on every C:IIS|BIIIIIOIU iwlc Is euro- , | 0 m,,. r wlllnnil los- liindlug rjwiv insteail of Us I'ne Unilfd Slalcs U: ls n trade ci)niniis'.Uaii'r In India, sliitlyncd In Wcrt Optometrist "HK iMAKIffl 'KM KKK" Over Jnc Isa.U'S' Nlurn I'htlMC 51(1 SMMfaHMHHMMnMMMM ~ PRESCRIPTION^— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Fowler Drug Co. Al.tln HECTAI, DISORDERS Cllnli-iil ob.srrvtillon<i disclose tlint fee tn i dlsordei a iv vc;;pi>ii!.il<te [in 1 11101- wrecked 1101 vims sysli-tus tlinii iiny ollu-r putholojlcal tun- dliiim. Muny raws nl urn- <rnl niTvonsnrw, hciiilnrln'.'i, Inw-liael; ui'lirs, lou-aclier,, consllpiillon mid liisnmnln me dm- lo rrclul p Our incdmi oflliv mtlhods \m\'v nuiny iidvantuijcs und uppllnihli- to abinil (15% of nil i-aw-K. Tlin rm'iUIniiii !ic- Ini! iMinccr uiirl tiihi'iciilar llsluln. Very hide discomfort and liiir'nDvi'Dlriii'c Is e.v- lirrlcniM'd while bclnii Ircat- cd. i(ij;»!;u work may bo (•ontinucd. Nn liospllally.atlon. mi (,'eni'iul niir.sllietlu. A very wife and Mire (iciitnu'iit. Di-s. Nies & Nics llljtlii'vlllc, ,Mk. Tel. !)X !ill itliiln HI. for one pinltciilui 1 book lo be lu- book was mciclv a trcatltc'on the cJTcch of soil cioiion In Africa rlltlifnik Uallod IlistorlD CAN ION, P,i (UP)-Mrs Wil- llun like l» tlie owner of A steel -v pllclifoil' i,,ili| to ha\e bene ' „ .... l b V « Hc\oliUion.iiy M)ldler tlurina Us Illlo was: "lia( K cf Afrlcu.' the Bositon in faitj in 1175 it OljV.'liih rcleawd Hie consign- was owned by John KneiOauri who meul^w^ien they (cund Unit (he look part in Iho lax protest acilon. HOM) ICVKKYTNINC - By Clyde Now I.niMlcil ul 1U( North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU [ION UinVAimS, I'loprldur All Makes nf Hebulll r l'.vpcwrilrrs, ,\AA\n K Miwlilncs and "If iny luislmiKl is kill,.,! by „ r,,|li,, e mclccn, nuleiiiiiily." double IIAUMAN" osiWAiRf.E WILL 0E A GoonoA^ Jo . CuO-MEO MV QttlJOE to A MMi, A-NBOttlJOE toA(AEXl(ANl Where Is liroiusnn? ADPED 7O WHAT WATai TMC DIAL—WHEN THIS POINTER. REACHES TESTIMONY VIMS FOF MACHINE HOOTS AND HKR •\V\Vb VbV MVt COK-bToT- 7-ORD SSEWER CARS DisassemUln entire brake system - I-rce up all orate cams -INSTALL 6 NE\V BRAKE SIIOES-Adinsi clearance -Adjust hand brake— Adjust brake rods-Lubricate cross shaJt — Adjust pedal clearance Hoad test— One additional adjial- menl alter delivery COMPLITF INCLUDJMG LABOR AND «nM 8 NEW BRAKE SHOE3 9" PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ith i Walnut Phone 810 JOLW TO TCAIL VAv GOTH , Y vlt- V'VviOCAMP AUP '..QUEEOU J -[BOTH, TO IIIPPA-HULA -r-^ ^»^^ I S. ['•RKCKUvS AND "JUS FRIKNDS I SAV, OLO QV\F ; ,.VJE r LAUD IJUTIL HtARW we Kl |<j n r l\ HY UOY CKANK 4 HEY, LARD. WHAT ARE YOU DOIN6 Victim of His Own I'lol 1'W W.ING UP A UTTIE lJ&T FOR" N-J86IM —TAKE H(W OJT OP , CIKCOLATKON .FOR AWHILE / V ; M V 3 ., 'f~*-. • j- ' ,'>,»* ' ••',?*-, ^^",, '"'^.,; THAT'S WHY I MbH TO LAUD AT MIGHT, UHOBSERUED. VCMOW. WE'UECMT TO COkl<,lDER •5AFDTV. J Pur THE ._„„ tN HIS W.OJTH, FRECK AND 6IVH H'M THIS ORANGtr JUICE / I CANT EVEN FIND HS MOUTH UMLt-SS HE SMILES AND' GIVES ME A OLUE,'

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