The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SKPTEMBRR 13, 1930 COUUlttll NKWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'no MIIB a word ror flist iu- wrtlon and cue cent a word (or eacfc *ub«equtnt Insertion, tin fcdvertiynunt taken lor leis than 60c. Count the words juid tend the cacti. Phone 306 FOR SALE ERNEST LYNN curly noon when her turn then went PAGE SEVES OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahenj I'OH SALE—1'raciically now Sin: cr snvlntj machine, cheap iorj cash. 215 West Davis Ave. XX | LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1020 I.ATE J'ON'tlAC COACH A-l condition, IOCJT-S and runs line. This is un uxcellent bargain. Only 1U28 MOUKL AA FORD TKUCK. Has 4 new Tires', closed cab and platform body. Just Hit I (rui-k for your heavy I / hauling I* SS'JJ . $255 30 FOKI) FOKDOK SUDAN'. Driven only 'J.tKIO miles. Fully tinaranleed. Only 54! Used Car Dept. 1'iilLUl'S iMOTUK CO. AulhorUcd b'urd Dealers 1'liONE 811 'JL'OiMY FOU SALE—Hotel about thirtj miles Ironi lilytlievillc '20 bcd- rcoms, kitchen, dining nn<l waiting rcoins, completely furnished, Gocd location. 56500, $1000 cash : balance $100 monthly, P. Stein 1157 Auburl Avc., St. Louis, Mo IIEGI.V JIP.III-; TODAY A.V.VJJ WIN'l'Uli, %vUo Iwann nn Jin i* \lrti, U nmv nutlet cunirncl to Urn ml Uultcil, one ut llu> lur^- e*i (if tiie Ltullxuouil utuillox. DAN ItOKlMUH, furniL-r .Vow York iifUhpniicr utniit imw a *i'e- iinrln writer, 1* In Jove ullh Atnu, IjUt lie la not mt-ctlnj; «Ilh rniirh Mil-en** » lid lie rr^rmls DH fcrt- ln^ fur IUT UN it rnllirr Luin-lc-hi mi,-, Anne !J:IM IJCPII IMiitf »I|li iwo vaini fclrK, KX'A HAIU.KY Mul MOXA MUUUISOX The for- iiut-, tiLililtlrrnl l»- Iicr fallim-, JIN* IrM HolljuxHH], Inn Muiin. lu- 1i:>j mnilp u( mure rhr<:rf ul it In IT, fcfhl Lulu'* lc> *'nvi n Ijrcak." l*Ai:i. COI.MKil, uFiu urtic* u tlnlly movie vohiiim for n siring i't m'UsL>ii|i<.*r*i aim re* J)n:i'« nprtrl- iiiml. Jl<' lin» tfroal ftitth In H»irl- im.-ir'fj ahUMy. A i»lny chnl lie Imtl it rlttru for Itii' hltiKc while Id Ni-vv Ynrk, Is ri-Iu rni'il In Dnti, nn- nc.'^iued, n nil A i MIL* nnil Collier rrml Ir [iml jnc i-uMiU'ilrihllr. 'l'lt<-y it FKV h I LU I u re vli L- It f o r III a "You've a great talent, Anne, Lut yon don't use It nil. You hnvon'l learned 'yet lo let yourself go- there's something Hint—I don'l know—(here's nornediing Insldo of yon thai you're keeping locked up. I said tlntl when you fall In love you'ro going to bo a teller nctress, anil I mean It. I linow It dacsu'l sound original, because there's an awful lot of Ruft nrlntcd nboui nclrcsses having lo llvo Uieir parts n Older to act Iliom, and all lhat "un of llilnn. And ol course any sensible persyn Unowd II isn't true." A XN'D said linmhly, "I'm sorry." - 1 She said. "I dnn't inideriiaiid, :liough. what yuu mean about luck- Ing something up lusiilo of me." fliially* ciiino and Iho sho stciipctl Uorlmcr walclicd her, nnil he watcliod Garry Sltian, and ho almost at once [lint Sloan nas not satlslled wllli her. lint (he- director said nothing lor perhaps two minutes: merely sat and frowned. Then ho commanded: 'Ilil he tlur*. I'vcniunlly ft H nrck'L»tCi1 ]>> Cra^id I'nltvd, ami ]);iii, know I ILK lh:it Anne \»miUI 1IUL- a dranuillc rule, Aiit:^t>.tN In Mutlfo c .\rctilli CM iliut >-h(' liu t;I\i-u n u-*t ^ur (lie K-tidiiii; Ccml- /iliic- vnrr. (.AJtLlV Si. HAN t, (l , Olrcct Ihe 11 IrH i re. Me ^Ivi 1 * lu-r n 1kkt nnil Khr tvhiK tin- role. Slomi Is llic litK^PM dlrcclor In U<Jll>- \\ixnl anil ILL- lirRhis In Klto\v MIIII'I; Inicr<'s( hi Iicr mill Hikes IUT uuf. lEorI;utr [iro;t(j^r.<i In Amu-, lint hlii- Irll* lifui Nlit- I.* not nl all HLITC ilinl M!U- In vi >, Jiiin. HL- tbtuks IE \\ll\ l»r hrtrrr fur Anur If lie ihux nut ntk«j\v her Inn lum-h ntU-iiltun] ' nut \i : nt ID Slimu bralio pctliil. cij his foot on and wheu (lie ^rc'iy They «o ho snld; cover Tho door vian open and elm wrm lying down. Hlie said, "Hello. Dun." In a wraiy voice 1 lit saw tlmt she licid ijcui i And liiMaiUI} 1 wllli rch.ntmiiu. iild bu looked at him miestton nnd Sloan shook 111* head .lid listen fur a playh:icl< pcrhnpa \vlml was It. Ho rose from Ills chair and went over lo her, and Dan saw him say Ililnus lo Iicr In n low lone lhat did nol carry lo him. Hut e was hot-eyed ".\uhody. hut n ubenl you Ilko lhat," he ^ild. 13ut Anne pro'.Cilcd. "You mustn't ::iy It'j iny faiill en- llrely. lh< hn«n'i hi-uwlifaic-n me, Uan; yoii'iv unlit v\i\)jii;. Jle'u IK-VU very putiun." ho tumcd and "Look at me." he said. And Anno wonderingly did as he told her. because sho had become accustomed lo ohcylng that au- tliorllatlvo ring In his volrc. So : ; lie looked at him. and Slnaii s;ued Into her eyes without a'word, and tlien lie deliberalcly ki^seil her. Anno would ills 1~V\N u >'-t h:cl: lo hlu oftlce; I'lifl- wrong when she IJ lljis willed hiui, when he re- linned. Into :n i;,e nftenioon. llio red ll^lit wa:< lunuint; over Ihu slat;e and he Innl Iu Minln ontblde f,>r :i lon i; [Inn... Jint hu saw l.Cfi.i- Muori! ik'iiiirllnt; and Mocre l"lii him. v.-itli a cv ni|iall;elle fcinlle, tl:;.i Anuo and Sltinn wcro "BI It iiiMisi." But lie ri-ni;iiiK-il, hrrauso Iio lifted his limida. I'rescnlly he cnme [v.-anled in know lliu oulfoinr, anil tai-ic to his scat, hut lie slooil In- vvhllu he t ;u ' from Ills Kcslurcs llir.t llio facul her. idlrcclor was crlllcl/ing her ancc ad well as her voice. Anne's; voice came from llio loud npenker n:id Sloan ehniXKcd nnd nf sitting, reeled one foot on the ehair nnd lc;nn.d forward. silence SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Coach LEE MOTOR CO. ilic t-vc nf Jicr M tcc\( .mx-iu- hi I lip vk'lurv, SliK niLi^rsIs lh Lit >.|IL> li;i\e ilhiniT \v!:h lilm. Ai (lli:ncr Ue ;ikkx If fclu- ILIIN cvi-T lnH'H 111 llivc. NOW GO o\ WITH TUT; s'touv CHAPTER XL1 CHE sEiiilctl at hitu. "Do you "" think 1 havor And Sloati raised lits eyca ami looked at Iicr thougiiUiiUy. ' lie Baitl, "No f I don't." Anne laughed, and she let her eyes drop to evade tlie look In his bomconc cotninanded Anne drew buck from him, and jaiialn; Anne, alone on the Eel. Sloan, with u litllc Einile playing Imovcd over lo a leloplionc which on his lips, continued lo sit there and ioul; at her. "Well?" what Sloan no:l:j:i» hysleilx lie i her rcaily for doesn't M u;i vii Iicr." In; luld him nliuut JMr inlo a fil ol Sin: "He'll Invo slraii-jackcl If lie- Anne said iiuielly, coljly: "Thai was a cheap Iritk." "Arc you aiiBry?" Sho made no answer, and Sloan laughed he sahl. liut Instead of l;eiug nice and iniiiii- live aboul it and Elappin:; my face, you Kivo me the high-hat treatment. Anne," ho declared, "you're loo ladylike—you'ro too cold. God Eoflly. "Tliere yon "You're angry, of course, Tlicre was a ncss in tlieni that bolJ ij made her gave you emotion. Use it. Anil then lie apologized for kissing her. "Not that I didn't want Have two ten acre tracts on highway 01 fo r (iuick sale lit reduced prices. Good soil and well drained. Ideol for truek, dairy, chicken ranch or country home, G. G. Caudill, Phone "97. 9ckl5 I HAVE an equity ol ?8oO in 40 acre tann near Manila will trade fo Blytheville city property clear of incunibranee. One house and barn £ on it. About 355 acres in crop this year. Also have 20 acres all in cultivation on concrete highway lor sale at $75 per acre, S300 cash and balance tcnns to suit. This is your o"p- portuni'.y to get a place right. J J. W. Bader, Blytheville, Ark. 12ckl5 thr.t her secrets would not he safe!to. though, lie added with a 'It was a clinical experiment, but t was something more, too. If you showed me any encouragement at all, I'd full for you \rine." Ho drove her home then and ad- from tlictn. She Eaid, "How do you tell —or arc you just cncssini;?' 1 Sloa:u chuckled aurt gave the waiter a bill. "It's something more than a giicps. One of Iho require- incuts of a director Is clairvoyance, you know. . . . Shall we go?" He KcEtured lo the waiter that he did not expect any change. When she was bcsiile him In the car once more he continued where ho had Anne 1 :" "I'm smiled. left of!. "Wns I right, afraid were," she "What's to be done aboul "Something sltouiil be done about Jt—immediately." lie added, Ec onsly;._;',J"oft're going to fall !n love eonio day. Anne, and when you do you're Bolus to be u belter actress." FOR KENT "Haven't 1 heard something like that before?" "f wouldn't doubt it," lie ad- •aiii; faintly and lifted Ihe receiver. I He Icr.kul tit l;| : i svateh. It w;ia \ sharp cry from her and the re- after !:LU-H, ui:d lie walked iMifily •fiver fell from her grasp and dan- |b::ek mil i.iw -\nti5 eoine dejecii^lly ;led on its cord from Iho table, [off Hie HI a^ain and yioan kok nl liut Sloan snook his head again ind called her over lo him. "Anne," 10 Raid, "yon—you're jtisl crying, that's all. H's more than lhat; H's sol to ho something that'll simply wring their hearts with pity." He struck his leg fiharnly wllh Ilia open hand. "You know what I want, Anne. Now give it to me." vised her lo get a good night's rest, •md Aniie ebcdienlly went straight :o bed. She lay awake for a Ions .line, though, thinking that Garry Sloan was a very strange person, wondering it what he had said about lier eould be (rue. "Too lady- like—tqo cold—God gave you emotion—use it." She was troubled. But on (he set the next morning ho greeted her as though nothing at all had happened. He said "Good nioruiflu, Anuc. Keeling fil?" "1 had nine hours' s!ee;>," sbo answered, smiling. "I should he." "Good." There was something elso to I» doiie, ho said, before ho He asked her It Elio remembered Lillian Glsh in "lirokcn Blossoms." lie nienlioned olhcr rilclures. And Anne nodded mutely. "I'll try," she said. Sho went through It again, nnrt (his lima Slonn, with a gbnco at his watch nnd a sigh thai told c( prclty hard, [vatic-lice rarely tried, lold her to forget it until after luncli. Me look her to lunch himself, had it brought to them in liie collage lhat he had on the lot. Anr.e told him faltering])', "I'm FOR KENT—Two nicely furnished I rooms. 315 N. 5th St.. H. S. i Prcvobt- Hpkl5 i milled. "Old_ truths arc Ihe truest jwuuld nc ready for her. So Anue waited, talked for a while with Dan Horimer, who did r.nt linger Furnished apanncnt Jinimic L/:dbctter Store. lor rent. See at Saundcr's 2Bc-tf FOR RENT—One of Slinne Apartments on West -Main street. Telephone 107 and 571. 3ckl5 ones, after all." Jfo paused, and Anno wondered then if he was-going to add something trite—something after the manner of fiction writers, aboul bringing out the woman in her in order to bring out the actress. near her long, however, but found •But Le didn't. He things to keep him busy. Aiiuc. Ihought ho was a. liltle abrupt, b she quickly excused it. She thought, [on the way lo her dressing room: sorry I'm EO ulupid, but 1 can't seem to get it." Sl:e began lo <l:il> at her eyes with her handkerchief. 'I'm afiaid I've let yon down tcrrl- Uy." "Don't yon feel well?" ho asked sharply. Sloan's eyes searched her face. "I haven't that excuse," ehe replied, and Sluan look her liaml. '.'I'm rit going to give up. Anne. You've got it and I'm going to have it." He told her ho was going ahead with the afternoon schedule that had been planned. "We'll return lo her "You're goini; u uo It rUibt If I havo lo Jirtji yon here all iiiulil." he entd with sullen (avagery. "I'm going tn ^ui KUUIU dinner, nnil so are yen. And Ibeu we're coming back." lie looked around him, glaring, and lie saw Rorlmer and nndOcd coldly, lie left the:i to Issue nu order to'tis assistants. llan sat hesiilc hor nnil Irled (o give her comfort, lint Ilicro wan ij! to IK snhl except "Don't feel badly. Anne." She managed lo smile a;iJ that was nil. And Itorl- mer cldk'licd hta Hals. Sloan rraiipi-iired llien nnd Anno !;oi up. 'Cume on."_bc- said iiljortly, "we're suing U) eat', Cloing lo cat, Horimtr?" Han Jieilded and lliey went out, Sloan nunibiing on the way Hint they had wnsU'il a couplo of lliou- sand dnii.irs thai day. And for Iho first lime Anne replied with EOIIIO spiril, She tnld, "1'vo douo lay :iesl. Mr. Sloan." "You haven't anything ot tho ' VoMP A SPARE SE-T CASp OF MWE A OF UPPER AUD I/O KV MOLJTtl » CLICK „ ME HEAR "THAT MR. HIS EXPERIENCES AFRICA ^ - HAW GET "Too FAST, VOU'UL BEARIMC.5 STRIP GEARS'? BOOTS AND PIER BUDDIES S. O. S.—NO FOOMN'I By Martin sort. You're cxiisperat'lng. You know you've got tlic'slnff, Why In. the d'.-iil don't you let ^o ot 117" Sloan's .voice rose iinlH.;u was nl- luoff.n shout. "Why don't you let yoiirself so. In the name of flod!" H nas dark, liut Ilorlincr saw her hilc II-.T lip and turn her face ifcay, ami ho knew he no longer could keep silent. So he said uuletlr. your ieeiie allc-rward. You're nllj'AVliy ruh It in? She lold you Bbo tightened up; I want you to relax." "And he mentioned not wauling to waste jy about any vrns doing her besl." Ami Sloan tinr.-;il on him hotly. moro j"llvX'iitisc," he said iu sudden anger, uc money; They would work until late "I fc'-l that way. She's acting llks 'in in luo eveuiui; if necessary. a. little ham! What's It—" instead, |"l'ui Eolhiug but nerves." Korinier, returning after luneh, "You're- just a big saw Sloan come back aloae, and he 'said, and swung his fist. Dam conferred with the script clerk and | (To Iio Concluded) FOR fiEN'T—Furnished 2 rooai aparlnient. steam heated. 201 Sj. iLake . Call 4W. lyklii FOR RENT—Bedroom convenient I to bath. Phone 552-J. Mrs. U. \V. j FOR RENT—Two story house, nine Mullins, 1205 Chickasawba. 10pkl5 rooms, two bailis. Main st. Pl'.one . - --- '650 and MS. L. L. Ward. FOR RENT—5 room home 512 N. 10th SI., within three blocks of FOR KENT—Front bedroom ad- Ccntral Ward school. Photic 230 joining bath. Private home. • lOckls. or call at DIG Holly St. 10ckl5 [phone 47D-W. FOR RENT—Front bedroom in private home, adjoining bath, 208 W. Kentucky Ave. Apply af- TAKEN UP TAKEN UP--Blue mare mule own- call at Erra Hampton's OP Route 2. UpklS ^yrs. L. M. Burnette announces the cpening of her classes in Gregg's shorthand, bookkeeping and type- WANTED Reasonable cF.LL YOUR PROPERTY. ;.inn. hnjiiio^s, or residence quickly for cn»!i. No matter where located Particulars free. J. D. Baker. Na- uo;ial Bank Bidg., Daliaf, Te.xas CANTON, O. (UP)—The efficient modern grade schools nnd junior high schools will not replace tils* little red school house ol Pike Township, near here. When put tcr 5 p. m. llpkia FOR RENT—Four room furnished or unfurnished apartment, bath. Garnge. McBrlde Apis. 13p>:18. —Auto Parts— We sell used parts at one-half price and less. JACKSON AUTO PARTS Vlain at 2lit Call tiC rates. Call Mo a vote cer.lralizatiun icccivcd a 10ck-tfl criisiiing defeat. i:m;c'nvi: ilARRISBDRG. Pa. I UP) — It Icikcd like a gain day for the po- lk? department. Mulurists began to stream into jiolice headquarters produce SS and a liulc rec lickct. The p;:lia- looked bewildered and wondered what it was ab;nit Ti:ey found that a road-house owner had used a red tag. exaclly Ihc slice over the city's overlime parking ticket, to iidiuMisv his eslab- ILslnnciit. WANTED — Housekeeper, apply Frisco Rcoins, opposite Fritco station. llpkn CoUon JckcR . ft . an i e(! . Will furnish reasonable distanct 1 . Company, Armorel. Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Ta*. Bookkeeping Systems 1'hone 53 Ingram Bids. Blytheville, Aik Can Unn- 'ouon above average. U-.UKS to inov.-' a anci'. Lee Wilson lock 17 WANTED BOARDERS—Owill^ lo an uvjrsupply of mill: and butler, fryers, veal and pork from the farm can yivc special rates _ to coupies. 11L' East Cherry street, j Phone BfK. Gukll WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman, Mrs. lirown, 7tW S Lake St. 17ck-tl V. U. WASUAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and ( anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone Bol Mcmnlns Phone 3-W offer Ihc ucsl service in aulo repair A. H. JENKINS Phone 279—818 In 1'icknlck l!us Iluildiiiff WANTED IMMEDIATELY—Enc-r- yetic, reliable young man or woman. $3 per day Guaranteed for 120 days. Address "AB" Courier Xcns cilice. 12pkl5 WAXTf:D—Second hand wardrobe or chlffovobc. Phone 5GO. 12ckl9. WANi'KD—Two lurnishecl rocm^ suitable for light housekeeping. Acidie;^ X Coun'.. Ne\\6 13pkl7. \^* OlgJQ BY HEJ> £ERVICE,IKC. PEG. \ND HIS FRIENI1S V OU BOYlTWAT ( SOUMOS 600D \ TO WS... (40 ^ FOOL1M'.... .. AtJ' TW so ALMOST GE£ SWOES DCW!^ THR006H MOV; • 1 bu HOP CMEB TO "TOS OLD J£(JMV AK1D GET THAT Bcr>c OF 6RO3 VS'LL HAMS A BlT£ TO EAT 86R3RS Hop OFF:! 1 CAMT FIWD A>^/ BOX OF STUFF.... WOTUlM' IM WE FIRG EXTIMSUISH6P. AH DOMT TUlhlK IT COW.O WANTED: Ten boys 9 to 12 years to do light pleasant work eve- ninss jchool nnd en Satar- cays. Good pay. Apply by letter to J. T. care Courier News. iSpkl.i WERT i l 1 ;IIe Makes 'Eiu See; BIG OHIO Corixnalion .seeks manager for open territory. Oppor ti.nity lo earn S3.MO. S5,000 and move yearly. We ftnni-sh ^cverythir.i; txpeticnce unnccesjarv. Fyr-FyEe: Cc.. 1930 Fyr-Fytcr Bhig., "Day'lou. Ohio. CARTKR WINDOW WAKIIEI- cleans, cirie.s ])alishcs. Approved by Good llo'.isekccpini: Institu'.e. 1C sales daily net you fUO monthly Wnto tctiay. Carter Prodncis Corp 846 Kronl St., Cleveland. Olib. AGENTS wanted c\::yv:herc. Sc.l sli5h'.;.v used liicj,. CorAni!:.~:jii: paid dally. \Vriie SALESMANAG- ER, 2608 So. Kcavaic, Chicago. MOAl'N I'OI f TOO I'UKKN TO TICK By COWM - • --•

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