The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1938
Page 5
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]»tt)NbAi', APiUL 11, 1938 BLVl'llliVlLLK (AUK.) COUUHjR PAGE WHERE BUYER AND SELLER (ATISFACTORILYME CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate \xr line for consecutive insertions: One time per line 10c Two limes per lino.per clay ..Ma Three times per line per day ..06c Six times per lino tier das' ....05c Monlli rate per line ODc Cards of Thanks SCte & V5f- Minimum charge 50c Ails ordered for lliree or six limes and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Ailvcrlisin;; copy submitted by persons residing oiil- ' side of (U ccity must be accompanied by cash. Hales may lie easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the 0110 lime rale, No responsibility will be (alien for more than one Incorrect insertion of nny classified ml. Business Directory Ham- Hailov's CURVE IN CAFE d'ood Food al Good 1'rices FKESH REELt'OOT Crappie KXI'KKT AUTO HEI'AIKS Garage operated by Floyd Ihirgcll Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. 1'lioiirs 5-F-i & SIS Piano Tuning | Beans . . . Seed Pianos timed mid repaired. Call 500 l>u.slirls of l.:iredo BBIIIV. Mi-Ma Qcorgo Ford al Wudc Furniture Co. Phone 155. Implements, Ine. ('all SO'!, Hatchery ! Ranchers Start War to Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythcvlllc, Ark., If.W. 61 North, I'honc 742. For Sale Living trailer, electric range. portable ^jtcel gin-age. Box il-i, Osceola. C room white stucco house. Mi No. 1st. Cnll Quality Shoe Shop, 120, H. 13. Campbell, BASV TERMS on used Frigirt- niu-s, MjiylaK Washers, Dolco llBht plants & radios, Ii. U. Gee Kales Co. Finish On Loco Weed KOHT DAVIS, Tex. IUP) — All orgimizcd drive to nil ranges ot loco weed-ii plant ureally dread- oU by Western .-ilockmen bcrnusc of its harmful ofl'ect en horses, nilllc iiiul sheep—has been slurled by catllemen through (lie territory. l.oco Is the Spanish word lor crazy, itnd was anllcrt to the plant, because of (lie peculiar .'iclion ol the anlnuils poisoned by it. lx>coed D-clt-U C!ltll ° lu ' c lll > Bl >lc '» control or died, tile action House uptown, 6 roonii and ball). 4 room servants house on rear of lot. Easy terms. Write Bos "A" Courier Neivs. l!l-ck"l-'.)l •lu or 80 iicrcii of laud. U. !!. Gnr- ncr, Armorel, n-plc-4-12 Tin Work i.: rr lER'STIN SHOP Mclnl Work Tor 20 Years Valves. B!o«'|)!i>es, Seed Uins ALL WORK GUARANTEED Money Back Guaranteed STOP-A-LEAK Hoof Coating Also Pliislic. Cement 6th Phono 48G-J Coal My Cda! Is Diack But I Treat You While. " LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Ulytlityllle, Ark. I'honc 107 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Hny—Soybcniui—Oats Sc«d Corn—Milch Cows Anil Tractor Work. Hoc W. L. Tale, Armorel, Ark. Complete 10 v>'mnc set of Standard Reference Books \vlth loose leaf Under. Call 239 or 792. 15-fn-Ia For Rent room iinfurnisllL'ct Park. Cail 280. house. Oil llck-tl '2 unfurnished rooms. Adjoininu ball) :iml onliide iiilrunce. 51(i S. Franklin., Kirslmer. 8-ck-ll> room Finn. Aparlnsent. Private bath. Cull 101B-W. Mrs. Raymond Sclnnuck. 7-ck-tf Two room unfurnished house. 804 So. Lnke. (i-l)k-H 3 room fiirnislicd apariinent. Mrs C. H. Wheeler. 809 Hcarn. 5pkl2 Apartment liiemin Biiildmt'. In- ciuire Co. 1-ck-LI S or 'J fia-niiliccl rooms. 2 upstairs fltti Ileani, ^-))k Radio Service Expert K:tdio fiervirc PARTS, TUBES, BA'JTERIES Uardaway Applianic Co. Henry Werner ilain &. 5th Phone ^31 Batteries BATTER iT SERVICE J. Ben Chine Hionc 8 nt Tom Jackson's Sporting Goods Complete Slock Goldsmith's Baseball Goods Just Arrived! SHOUSE-HENRY IIARDWAKK CO. Cotton Seed D. P. L.NO. u COTTON SEED iienniii.ition Test 88 prr ccn< S60 Per Ton at I'ccan Poinl, Ark. JOHN E. UZ2K.U, 21-cfc-i-ai Several lluiidred Bushels LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 Hushcls DELSTA BEANS illSO .1 lot (if D.P. L.NO. U COTTON SEED 1 'linn cotton seed Trcrr giniicil on OIM- ui>n private gin. Not ;i bale of any other cotton pinned on this gin but tliis one variclv. C. P. TUCKER Used FimuUire USED KUIiMTDKE 1JUY NOW - - PAY NEXT KAJJ, HUBBARD XIM) Hiinil Furniture Ncxl fn GofT llolrl Tailors I-cl. «s Hioth-r>rODf your cli>!!irs f.loscts fc living i-ooni .'.nitcs. Gnaranlcctl protection 1 year. Monito process. Band Box' Cleaners. Phone 171. 30-ck-4-30 If yon need a Tailor. *ce Georgn Muir, "Blytheville's Only Tailor." Main & S. R. U. Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMVLE bllUUS Ijverylhlng I'or Your Shutti Phone 120 Unfurnished apartment. 5 room and bath. Possession April JOUi 222 li. Davis. Call •l(i8-J, Mrs Malt Monaghan. 4-clc-t Modern 3 room apartment. Ncwlj decorated. Unfurnished. Corue Main &; 2nd. F. Simon, phone 764 2-ck-S-: Store and residence combincc combined. Modern conveniences Near fat-lory. L. Fowler, Blythe ville Motor Co. Call 888. 311-ck-U of their muscles. \u iiniiual dial cats llic wild plant ' loll > which con dies of exhaustion and slarv.i- lon. "A loco plant, live.s only two ears. It. may or may not bear ;il the University of Minnesota discovered nl'ler a study thnt "bo- cate of the high frequency of n wolnan's voice, In a Imlhroom H resounds with (i sensation of puln." In oilier words, the lilgli roflecl- iR walls in the baUiroom make Hie vocal havinony In a mini's buss voier. pleasing whcvens the ornl I'liiiiiony In a woman's voice would be beyond the audible range. \Vhnl you do hear is unpleasant. in ft nmflnrtt place like a bathroom notes 1>elow middle C will relied several feel, uo ccholni'. round and resound in ;i]l liielr I'icbu.'ss. This Is not true of higher tones whicli have lo;> short a wave leiielli. ttramliiiK (o 1'rof, I'eplnsky. "1'lie enormous speed of the ill- iKilrob.-! is due to (lie donation of Us nun tones. The bird's "iiuncl," ] the iifinuiij- fciilheis 1 RIOH-, Is only of aviT.<ir« teii|;llt, l)ttt.' the other wins bjiirs nrr- out nf nil proportion, Rivlnp. tin: ;i\l)lros.s -10 'I'hc Hritiuli Aeronanttwi Ken-arch I'oimnliU'c projiosos to creel experimental hciitinir |)li>nls iiround the various; ahiwits In I!ti|Uand In an etlon lu ilisjifl «>K. ced Hie first year, bill, filven some nin, il bears prolincally llic set- Mid year." J. \V. Merrill, a spokes- nan for llic Bi'onp, wld. Loco weed can be destroyed if nl olf hvo or three Indies below he lops, lint. Hie work nni.M, !>(• arricd on pcrsislcnlly over wide reiis to be cllective. Ranchers have devetoiied a tool or culling Ihe j>lnn|.s. 11 in iniule rom an atilomobllc spring and •escmblcs a hoc. A Idncksmilli akes aljoiit a 10-inch length ol spring and sharpens and spreads one end lo n width of nkmil three nches. The steel is ncul at a rijjht anyle ami bollcil lo u heavy inndlc. secondary fcnlher:; in i-aoh Iur6- nrm. FOWLER DRUG CO YOUR 1'HESCKH'TION DRUGGIST Main & 1st Thoiic ELECTRIC & ACETYLENfc Ionian Singing in Bath Called 'Painful' Music MINNEAPOLIS IUP) — 11 you six- a woinaii and sine in the balh- , yon arc making soniconc un- lappy. And if you don't, sing in the balh- l) you yom-Rlt nnist Ue unhappy* Alre 1'cplnsky, [irofcssor of mil- WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. S K K 1) S T-'idil Seeds, All Varieties. Ont.s. Moyueam, U.'spcclc;'.:i, 1 Allaifa, Any Quantity. Wholesale A Jlctall W. 0. HKHVKS So, R.R. si, Dlyllicvllle, Ark. Phono GH&5UO If Vuti Don't ;,ikc (ho f< ft » f VOU AHi; I./ f W /» I> ' ULY'liNU Why Not Call Tlic L'hoiic 700 BRILLIANT Guts us Kur as 2 Tons of Cheap Coal SEED We have on Imiwt for tide ov (nule, for ottii'r products, Bcuns -Laredo, neijjtn, A!iuimiot!> Brown. Wilson mid VH'glnlii Brown. l'eas-Whl|is 'antl Now Erii. lASiicdei'.a - Korean. Col- Ion Kocil-IJ. I'. [,. II-A tuul Slonei'llle >I-A. will sell for cn«li or triule with yon foe oilier kinds ol bcuns or collon :>cc<l. L, R. Matthews Gin Co. Tel. ll-l'-J, Viirbru, i'cdlon, Cotton Hci'J As Coal Sweet Singer HORIZONTAL 1 WoU-htiown bird. 611 belongs (o Ihir —— family. 11 To ehuic, 12 Virginia willow, ISl'iClTS Ollt, M.Scolili Answer to Frotwis 15 Native nicliil 1GKII. 17 To sinh. ELECTRICAL Hxl lives & Appliances Wiring WALPOLE'S "Tim Coiiiplctc ICIectrk-al Store" 111! Sn. 2nd Vliiinr :Ul Now LOfatcil at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I>ON EDWAIiUS, Calcnlalots— Ucp Hiring— Va ris — It I dbonj Ali makes ot Kcbuilt Tyrcwrllcrs, Afiilliis Maclilati «ni Calculators— lieiralrliic— 1'ar Crescent Cafe IIINL: ,v DANCH HVEKV Nltilll llol T'lt DarlKOuo ft Mcctrle Cooked aleiik.s All U'adlnB IM.ilKls of licer, Whiskey;;, Wines ei till! CliittrcUcs, a I'ack.iisw ii& Plillllpa Qiis & Oil !M I10UU SKHVICU lllghn'iiy lil I'lioiic 17 ilollnnd, Mo. 20 Miirihdiii dye SITlie Up. Ml lour. 2-1 I.DIIK Ofilill. ITiJolirr, U8 Ki-fcire. Mtil) miiuilw. :tl I'Vrii seed. 3:*«iitflle. ;H To Miuliiro. 3ii Grinding luolh. :!fi [t:uliu,ul. •13 .Simpleton. •I.VI'o ;;o,'ik (lax. •17 KIIIIW of clubs, •l»Cr.v for help ill SilM. •lltltocli.- 51 Wine VL'.s!ict. 15 It -—- or shode (rcesf. . 16 Half an cm. 18 Us eggs- arc • •—-blue. 20 Pertaining (o Kold. • ; VtVootl. • .) 24 Mongrel. 25 Was vIctoriotK '28 Measure of inrco. 'it Toolh lissuc. 23 To sin. ' '•II Withered. M Kail (bird). 35 To pec!. 37 Leg, 30 Proportion. VI Specks. •H DcU-rioialeO by vise. • r >5 CJud of \\'ur. SliTo shed us lilood. •Ill Unbher lice. •ill It iii n iiood reddish . VERTICAL 1 Nolo in scale, 2 Manifest. ST.- I'Oiisl. O',r.h. cuddle up. 18 \Vovcn sIriliE. «Chum. W Imliiin tilont, .00 To scold. (ITuvard. 7 Inlcl. 4 I 'I'D f I w. •1'iMusk'al Dull. village. ' H't To rcgrcl. SB S It-cut. 07 Pound. For Rent: Main. Bedroom Wl \V. 10-ck-tf 3 room furnisiied apurlnwnl, newly decorated. Phone 785-,1 after B P.M. Mrs. Belle Wood. 23-ck-tf 120 acres latHl. (our nouses and barn, in Half Moon community. H acres of alfalfa. Sec Kirl Magers, Ucll, Arkansas. 2'l-pk-<l-2-l Comfortable bedroom. Phone 277-J. Call Kl 025 W. Main. 17 ck -1-11 Comforlablc tied room, 1017 Wai- nut. Call 102. I0-ck-tf| Unftiniisiicd a room apartment. Musi have pusse-ssion immediately. C:\ll 135 any limp Wore fi:3o I'.M. ' fl-pk-iaj Sales pcitoii. man or woman, age 25-50. Advancement for hustler. Write Wiltonc Hales Agency, Jonrsuoru, Ark., J15 linker St 7-pk-12 Wanted To Buy S2SOW Wortli ot USKI) J'UIiNI'rrjRK .111 Sfakrs Kariios Kcpairril \VADK KUKtMTUKK CO. IK VI. Main r^nc 153 Personal Kirhy'a Taslclcsa CHILL TONIC Contains More Qalninr --More Iron Yfcn Rprv\mni A*A T I " r r MALARIAL CEIM/S and FEVER SWAMP FEVETl —AGUE FEVEB M All Klcby Drag S total Room and Board Steam heated room wuh board SOS VV. Ash, phone 151. 12ck4-12 Nicely furnished rooms. Board it desired. 1'hon.T 602. 112 E. Cherry ?3-( Notice Krecinan Drollicrs. Painters i'apcrliaiigers. f^ionc J2I. 'Jim *<5ellner Slipncr Shop sells) Paris Fashion sisoes, by Walilj Khoe Co. H ii (.'btiniattil Hut tin; li „ „ .. Ah' I^ree has 4700 planes, but (lie 1'rcc Delivery numtcr of pilots is unknown. RATS; WOTTA PLACE .' I'M 6I77IM' JUMPVJ MEBBE IF-1 CAM GIT A GOOD WIGHT'S SLEEP, 1 CAM GIT A-HOLT or- SIMCE ALLEY OOPAMD FOOZ^ ACC1DEMTALLV LEAEWED OF DICTATOA EEMV'S FEAC. OF IRDM-HAMDED AfAAlON'S. GRIP OM MOO HA5 BEEW 5UPPIW6. WHAT ' GOOD HOMK,I'D SWEAR. SUMPIW WU1 CEAWUW M0(?b OF THAT KIWDA STUFF I'M 60NMA LEAVE.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES RY KDGAU MARTIN BUT >-.. S\\.\_ ». I HftROW WASH TUBES IJY ROY CRANE , AMSTA-tU6&S«.)VOUVEO>OVVA\ VJttV? WHAT'S ] 'WftTA. MvEAVJ, |[S VOU' VTELL EASY, 1 H^PPEI^1ED? / OPPOSE OF WO WOMOEt- I'M frROKE OH, IWTTA LUCIFER. I-1 HAVEN'T THE HEART, IT AWAY FO' DE STEAKA -\TO 61T US OUT TO v x ~-_ l CALlFORHlA. AM) UK FRIENDS dmiration Society BY MERRILL 'ULOSSER SON , I'M GLAD d.) LICKED THAT KID! HE HAD DUOLCY GAVE: Me A BEAUTIFUL .1 OET 1O SCHOOL TOMORROW, I'LL BET I'LL. BE.KlDDliD ABOUT IT ; men SCHOOL. GUYS SURE KNOW HOW To MD/ iDRE DID. — AND UNDERSTAND 'IMAT YOU AND MIS DAD SWUNO A COUPLE A"i EACH OTMER TOO ' i OU.'-' '-.'.j!'l'\, AMD LI;P !O AHOH-lf R, I BU! "(MAT'

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