Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 4, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1896
Page 2
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HEAD OF't'HEOSOPHY. Krneat Tempi* H:ir«rriivo K!oi:tiul to Sno- cccil llio I.:iti! W. y. JixlRi'. JSriiL'St. Toinple ll'srtfrii.vi;, pj-osir1o:it- r.k-ct of rho Tlioosopliic;i.l society i" America, is :J~' ywirs old. Hi- 1 was boru iu YorUshhT. Inland. is t lie "son of a distinguished Louden barrister n.nd ro- cuivc-d part of his education in "lie la- mous school oil .Harrow, llu ho.s traveled through many hinds and ia a cos- TO CUBJB_PILES. A KoiiK'dy -Hint Will 00 H and Gladness Comes W ith a better nnuCT.st;indm<r of the transient, nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper of- Jtorts-'rontlc c (Torts-pleasant ctloi-ts- SSTtly directed. There is corn-tort in, fte knowledge, that so """.U^Ulis' sSJSSBS^ SK'uc wo.lta.ltl.. la '«!«"—' ^s;3g;^«i Pel'- We do not. .inland to Indorse any ox- cppt articles of re::l nievit. We thoro- foi-e fake pleasure in ./alllns attention lo a new pile cure whk-h Has boe-.i rc- uru-U-il>ly successful in eitriup; every roi-.m ..I! itcltin?. blei'dlng or proti-udins piR.s. The ivmedy is Unown ns tin! pyramid T'ile Cure and is nwmmoudfd by the best medicinal anfhorltics cu ac- ccnmr of its absoluiv safely, case of. ap- no plication and instaail rclic.f from pain. The Pyramid Tile Cure contains ,»piiip.i or'othci- palson and docs not iiif- 1-ore with daily occupation while usin^. 1'eoiile w:«i believed notlrin? but a suv- "k-al opcvaMon would cure them hav;' n'-asto'iiishL'd ar Iho results from a oi : flre-Tyramid: ERNEST TEMPLE fldal effects to note when you pr-r- —-- that you have tho fcnmnenri- uch is manufactured by the Gah"if? Symp Co. only and sold by chase, de the 'rf He h:is taken ,c commended to •ifljiis* but ii iri ^^' •phys: ll-informed ta most largely R stands highst nn.lta most argey Sivosmostgcncralsatlrfactioa .ivosm Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHI- WITH CAGO. CONNECTING THE VANDALIA EAIL- i ' WAY AT ST. JO,'- , SEPH. Beginning May 25th" and continuing nntll about Sept. 30th the steamers of this line will make two trips each way dally between St. Joseph and Chicago, an the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph nt 4:30 p. m. and 10:30 p. in., dally, including Sunday. Chicago at 0:30 a. m. and 11:30 mopolitan in character. out- his naturalisation pnpors as^an \meric:ui and is now a resident of New York city. Those who know him boss s-w he is'verv clever, rnjcl it is quite evident that he is well educated. He is a pale youns: man. tn.ll and angular, with cU-cp-set eyes and a very serious eoun- tcnnnce. Mr llarTiive first heard of theosopny ir the time of the wall advertising a lecture. He did not TO but bought books on the subject, and he was" admitted ns a member at of the society without, having the acquaintance of another member Since then most of his days and a pood many of his nights have been spent at the London headquarters, helping m the general office with correspondence and wriUng for various theosophical publications and going on lecture-tours. He was treasurer of the Blavatsky Theosophical society in London for " _^ ]X jj.-ir.v C. TyliT, o°f Hoppnor. Ore., writes:'"One package o£ Pyramid r'lf Cure entirely cured me.of piles from which I have sufforod for years, and I have never h:ul the 'slightest return of them since. 3Ir E. O'Brien. Eock Bluffs, Nob., s-iy<- The package oC Pyramid P»e Cure entirely removed every trace of it-chin? Piles. I cannot thauk yon lough for it. The Pyramid Pile Core i,< sold by a.l druggists at 30 cents and $1 per pack- npt<?* Treatise on cause and cure of piles Albion, Mich. The Woman's Belief Corps of Blue ye, Kan., Iws concluded that Decor- CGNCERNING THE TRANCE. How It Jluy no nistIns;ol''li<-Ml from Cur- t.ulii 15011th. Accord in.- to Qi::i.!n,;; respectable authority, UK- onset of the state of trance | is usually sinWor.. ft may succeed tin livsteroiii convulsion and i:i sow other cnses I he cnw.thas been attended w.th M, r.i:ra. i-esembli:.!r the K'lnbus hys- tcrk-iis. or the scnsa'.ion which prc- eedeVJi.ysloroid and epileptic "<*. "- !i of n ball rising- from tho abdomen to Ihc thror.t. nui-iii.L;-this.':TC.I:C the countenance is iisiuillv extremely pale. The limbs ;ire relnxecd. The eyelids are usually closed, and may resist onil quiver on attempts to opvn '.hnu. T.io eyeballs are directly upward in most cases; they oftoi deviate from the middle line and sometimes diverge slightly. The mental functions seem in most cases to be in complete abeyance, ,NO manifestations of consciousness ean lw observed or elicited by t.hc most power.Cul. cutaneous, stimulation, .and on recovery no recollection of the state is preserved. But in some cases volition only is lost and the patient is aware of nil that passes, although un- •ible to give tho slightest cadence oi consciousness. The usual condition is that of an entire absence of nil evidence of mental activity. The duration of trance has varied from ;i few hours or du'ys to several weeks, months or even u year. The diagnosis of trance rests on' the impossibility of rousing the sleeper. In ca.su of death trance, in which no signs of vitality Can be recofi- uicd, the presence of life may be ascertained by the absence of any signs of decomposition, by the normal appcar- ncce of the fundus ocnli as seen with the optlialmoscope, by the persistence of the excitability of the muscles by electricity. This excitability disappears in three hours after certain death.— Brooklyn Eagle. — WOMAN HOUSE BUiLDnS. Sl,« Planned .»ml Re"™" '"" ««>••"«"> FOUR "C" ariio fniiAwinc tf»sMn>;>nlal w:ifi enllroly unsc • \Vhlcli fi ^'<> NV l |<!r I' 0 "' 1 \ wifi- of 40 who has proved herself a ] 1( .]pni:uo indeed is Mrs. Klixabeth A. Fosler. of Portsmouth. 0. Mr. !• os'.cr bus jut one band. They r.re.hard-work- ing people, lliivics nochiliiren. by saving ,hdr earniT-vrs (Vy acen^dafcd enou-h to Irav :i lot on \Ya!i:nl ilills--, :i suburb of I'oi-wmonlh. They f » found their accumulations would buy Hie lumber, but were not. sniHcient u> build « house. Mr. 1-oMor's fruher was a ca.rpenle-T. and he had learned tho art of drawing' plans for buildings. b.:t ne- i,iff minus uue hand and ei-ippled in i.ie other, ho could no; do any work. -Mr:;. Foster's father wns also a earprai-er, iiml in hor younger days she had s;;7U5 many iionrs watching him in the erec- tion'of buildijigs. . Shf was above the average in intelligence., and she gained such .1 thorough clwd. t?m? 1 have. r«".lv«l hundreds ol teetlin LAGRIPPE. H. B. HullnR, Manager Office Commercial priming Co., IOC South Clark Street. Chicago, Nov. 22, 1S94. H R. Phelps. Esq., City. boar Sir:— I wish to bear testimony t» the great efficacy of your FOUR "C" rem- cdv in throat and lunt? allmenta. As » rule I have been skeptical of the merits of proprietary medicines, but have to confess that a test of your FOUR "C" Is convincing that at least one ready made remedy la worthy of RCneral use. My children all take It without the least objection, irom oldest to younprest and It Is particularly noticeable that benefit la almost immediate. A single dose will check most coucrhs !m their beKlnnlnu; it gives an unbroken rest at nlprht. In my family FOUR "C" Is simply Indispensable and I recommend It unqualifiedly. Your* J. Iv. XI U ijl^N V- CURED MY BOY OF CROUP. I never Intend to be without your Cough and Cold medicine In my houe. I believe that at divers times It haa saved the life oJ my boy when attacked with croup. It has no equal for coughs and cold. Ed. Ferguson. 708 8. 7th St. I guarantee 4 C to give satisfaction La Grippe, Asthma, Bronchitis, , •ition Day is so entirely given up to horse races, base ball games, cock ftphU= ;md otlhor sportin events, that it is a Borne years. Flub. The digging fish is a native <yl the lukcs and rivers, of Central Africa. When the dry season, approaches it burrows in the mud at the bottom, of its residence to the dcpUi of two or t,hre« feet, goes to sleep curd awaits tho return of the wet genson. __ Leave Extra p. m , daily, including Sunday. trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at 8 a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Banning time across lake 4 hours. Trl-wcekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St. Joseph Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, The equipment of this line includes the side wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and finest west of Detroit), and the newly WbuUt propeller City of Louisville Service flrst-class. Connections with a Tandalla trains. Tickets on sale at all Vandalia Line stations. Chicago dock foot of Wabash avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Pres., Benton Harbor, Mich. DON'T STojOBACCO How to Cure Yourself While Using It. A SHORT JOURNEY craves. cure TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. •'SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Lou Angeles and San Francisco. , Was discontinued April 16th. The OTperlor accommodations given tho great number of patrons of the above train during the past tourist season, warrants the announcement of plans tor nest season of finer service with equipment superior to anything yet known in transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-lnaugnratlon of -SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co, "Sunset Bonte" In connection with the "Queen and Crescent Route" are running the only line or through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and Ban Frnncleco. These excursions are specially conducted, and tbe object Is to enable those Who do not care to buy the flrst-class nmnd trip or one way tickets, to enjoy a comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change of cars at. the •»«ry low second-class rate. -..-•• .For further -Information, address W. H. CONNOR, Commercial Agt S. P. Co., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMTEB, G. W. Agt. Bo., Chicago, 111. a F. MORSE, G. P. & T. Agt S. F 00L, New Orleans, La. The tobacco habit grows on a man until his neiTOus system Is seriously affected, Impairing health, comfort and happiness. To quit suddenly Is too severe a shock to the system, as tobacco to an Inveterate user becomes n stimulant that his system continually "Baco-Cure" is a scientific __._ for the tobacco habit, In all Its forms, carefully compounded after the formula of an eminent Berlin physl-, clan who has used It In his private practice since 1S72, without a failure. It Is purely vegetable and guaranteed perfectly harmless. You can use all the tobacco you want while taking "Baco- Cure " It will notify you when to stop. We give a written guarantee to cure permanently any case with three boxes or refund the money with 10 per cent. Interest "Baeo-Cure" Is not a substitute, but a scientific cure, that cures without the aid of will power and with no inconvenience. It leaves the system pure and free from nicotine as the desecration to observe it liny longer, and they will therefore decorate the graves of the soldiers on May 29, when they «.,y they will be able to perform this sacred function "without the yells of base ball rioters ringing In. their enrs or the yaws of tflie tin horn sports who attend the Memorial horse races." YOUR BOY WON"? LITE A MONTH. So Mr. Gitaan Brown, of 34 Mill St., South Gardner, Mass., was told by the doctors. His son had lung trouble, foh lowing typhoid malaria, and he spent, three Injndred and seventy-five dollars with doctors, who finally gave Mm up, saying: "Your boy won't live a month." He tried Dr. King's New Discovery and a few bottles restored him to health and- enabled him, to go to work a perfectly well mam. He says he owes his present good health to use of Dr. King's New Discovery, and knows it to be the best In the world for lung troiible. Trial bottles free at E. P. Rowling's drug n La Grippe, Croup and Colds. Keesling. For sale by B. F. WHEN THE SWALLOWS HOMEWARD FLY. people begin to ask themselves. "Where shall I spend the summer?" 4.n ocean voyage, an inland jaunt, or a coastwise trip which shall It be? In either case, one of the most useful traveling companions, one that never falls in nn emergency to which it is adapted, is Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, whdch remedies sea sickness, nausea, headache •biliousness and malarial -complaints. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, nervousness and kidney trouble are also remedied by the great alterative and preventive. Tourists by sea and hind, mariners, emigrants and western pioneers all testify to its defensive and remedial efficacy. Bodily and mental fatigue are counteracted" by it, and it prevents maladies which would otherwise be brought oil by exposure. No one should start on a Bummer outing without it. It is the nio*t genial and reliable of summer tonics, and suits the most fastidious store. The season for the sale of coiumcrchil fertilizers has ended and the agrlcullur- palate. of LIO I/M*^- *•"•*— ---- , » day you took your first cbew or smoke. CURED BY BACO-CURE AND GAINED THIRTY POUNDS. From hundreds of testimonials the originals of which are on file and open to inspection, the following Is pre- cent, greater than last year's If it required an annual outlay ?100,00o' to insure a family against any serious consequences from an attack of bowel complaint during the year there are many who would' feel It their duty to pay it; that they could not afford to risk their lives, and those of their family for such nn amount. Any one can cot this insurance for 2.T cents, that be- In" the price of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. In almost every neighborhood some one has died from an attack of. bowel complaint before medicine could be procured or a physician summoned. One or two doses of this reme- "The most beautiful woman In Boston" says the Boston Journal, "Is a mn- intto with a dash of Jewish blood. Irreproachably dressed, graceful in bear- Ing with a suggestion oC oriental lan- "uo'r, she is a rare delight to the eye and her voice is like unto the voice of the viola." FREE PILLS. It P. Clayton, Nevada Co., Ark., Jan. 28, '95. Eureka Chemical & Mfg Co., La Crosse, Wls.:-Gentlemen: For forty years I used tobacco In all Its forms. For twenty-five years of that time I was a great sufferer from general debility and heart disease. For fifteen years I tried to quit, but couldn't. I took various remedies, among others "No-To-Be" "The Indian Tobacco Antidote" "Double Chloride of Gold", etc., etc but none of them did me the least bit of good. Finally, however, I. purchased a box of your "Baco-Cure" and It has entirely cured me of the habir in all its forms, and I have Increased thirty pounds in weight and am relieved from all the numerous aches and pains of body and mind. I could write a quire of paper upon my changed feelings and condition. ' Yours respectfully. P. H. MARBURY, Pastor C: P. Church, Clayton, Ark. Sold by all druggists at $1.00 per box;. three boxes (thirty days' treatment) $2 50 with Iron-clad written guarantee or sent direct upon receipt of price. Write for booklet and proofs. Eureka Chemical & Mfg Co, La Crosse, Wls., and Boston, Mass. dy will cure nny ordinary case. never fails. Can you afford to take the risk for so small an amount? For sale by B. F. Kccsllng, druggist. "Hard bread," or biscuit is to be , article of diet in the French ry but fresh bread Is to be regularly more nn navy J1UV.1 , u"« ••>••-•*-- ~- ... supplied, and ships not lying In port will rnnkc It for themselves. Send your address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago and get a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pills are easy I-n. action and are particularly effective In the cure of constipation ami sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely ve-ctabde. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving lone to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the isystem. Regular"- size 20c per box.. Sold by B. F. Keesling, druggist. The largest artesian well in New Mexico was completed the other day on the ranch of. Capt. F. H. Leu. The stream shoots up a column twelve inches high, through a Pipe three feet high and five inches in diameter. Accurate measurements have shown a (low of 220 gallons per minute. TUB HOUSE BUIMT I»V MBS. FOSTER. knowledge of the general mechanism of the trade that she concluded, she could build a house that would afford them a comfortable home in which to spend the declining years of life. They together formulated the plans and ordered the material, itrs. Foster then striked off the ground and went to work laying-the brick foundation. While this wns new work for her, her general knowledge of how things ought to be served her well and she hew«l to the lines closely. When the chips had all fallen she found that she had a foundation that would have been n credit to nr.y mechanic. Then with the little assistance her husband could give her, such-as holding timbers and lines, she erected the frame work, nailed on the weather boarding, and was soon interesting the passers-by in her work of nailing on the shingle roof. Mrs. Foster is wry modest, and felt somewhat embarrassed to have people v>io happened to pass that way stop and sJufld for several minutes watching her drive the nails, saw,nnd plane, yet she says it is consoling to her to know that when done she had a house and owed no mechanic for building it- " !IJ1<1 tlien you know," she says, "that when persons are working for themselves they will do much better work, and I think I have a bettor house than any man would have built for me." Mrs Foster was born in Terr/ county in'lS-47 She mou'd to Portsmouth m 1886, nnd wns married to Frank Foster shortly afterward. A New Philosopher. "Confound it," remarked Mr. Braz zle, of Brooklyn, the other morning, as he stood on his front-door step and held his hand up to catch the sprinkle of the rain, "will I have to go back up three flights of stairs and get my um- brcllat Confound it, why are people so careless? I looked out of ray window before J came down, having an id»u that it wns umbrella weather, but everybody on the street was without an umbrella, so. of course, I thought there wasn't nny need for me. to bring mine along. Now I've got to go back alter it. Confound it, why don't people who come out first in the morning bring their umbrellas when it looks like rain? I'm glad to sec then.bust- ling along now for shelter and I hope A. V. HUDSON, DALLAS, TEXAS. EEV. S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR U. B. CHURCH. Waterloo, Ind., Sept. 8,1806. Pepsin Syrup Co.: . • . . Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour stomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pepsin and found that It benefitted me. t am convinced that it will do what it Is recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesling. ng they'll get soaked before they inid it. If they'd taken a little thought before out the'd be all right now Manhood Restored. |TiqilllVV»v« ,Vy ERTITA g. on Wonderful K°™«n Remedy, 1« told wittt" > rn , and I wouldn't have to go oack up those stairs after my umbrella," and All. Brazzle, with objurgations on lus fellow citizens, wont back upstairs.-*- V low citizens, Sun. ne BBOWCCI BDCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE, The best salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, Balt.rheum, fever gores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures. plies or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 box. FOF sale by B. F. cents per Keesling. A little 111, then n little pill. The 111 has gone, the pill has won. DeWltt's Little jfcrly Risers the littte pills that cure great Ills. John M. Johnston. Children Subscribe for The Journal. Wbea Baby w«i rick, v» g»ve Wlwn she «u * Child, «he crlsd 'or Ca*ori». ; Then Che became MlM,>h* clung to Castortft. Vhim i!»« b»d Children, nt*» c^'etbira QutorU . The- Jewish publication society of \mericn, whose headquarters are Philadelphia, offer a.prlze of $1,00(1.for the best story relating to a Jewish subject, and suited to young readers. T^e limits are between 20,000. and 30,000| words. Miss Henrietta Szold ia lecretdry and may be addressed for Inforradtlon at 702 W. Lombard street, Baltimore. Dld you ever think how readily the blood Is poisoned by constipation? Bad blood means bad health, and premature old age. DeWltt's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills, overcome obstinate constipation.—J. M. Johnston. 'Statistics show that, in America,-nt any rate, women who have frequented universities marry much later than others. —West was on'y 18 wncl bis marked artistic talent, SPLENDID OPPORTUNITIES For home-seekers and others desirous of. changing their locations are offered in the great States of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska. Fertile and productive land is for sale on the-most reasonable terms, and there are many openings for all classes of business men, particularly farmers and interested will be free of Eczema Is a frightful affliction, but like all other skin diseases it can be.per- manently cured by applications of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It ..never falls to cure Pltes^-J. M. Johnston, In France the doctor's claim on the estate of a deceased patient .lias preference over all others, diarymen. Those furnished full information charge, upon application to W. C. Kms- kern, 22 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, 111. In the Spring a yonng man's fancy Mghtly turns to thoughts of-DeWItfs Little Early Risers, for they always cleanse the liver, purify the blood, and Invigorate the system.-J. M. Johnston. A famous regiment's colors, those of the Seatortli Highlanders*, are to be sold at auction In) Txmdon soon. They formed part of the heirlooms belonging to the grandson of a former colonel ot the regiment, * written Kunrnu> tee to euro all t.crr- OUB Dlna*". ««<* M AVOID CURE-ALLS. Zoa-Phora is compounded solely for diseases of women. In Its sphere It has no equal. Sold by B. F. Kecsling and BenFJsber. HUfflWtantt; by the Xoung mothers 'dread the summer months on account of the great mortality among children caused by bowel, troubles. Perfect safety may be as- Bured those who keep on hand DeWitt's Colic'and Cholera cure, and administer-it promptly- For cramps, Wl- tons colic, dysentery and dlcirrhoes, It affords .Instant rellef.-J. M. Johngton. e, and One Minute Is the standard time, One Minute Congh Cur- Is the standard preparation for every form of cough or cold. It Is the only harmless remedy that produce* Immediate results.-!. M. Paris has 2,jj-i,™" .census Just taken, an increase of S.,20-1 in five vears; the growth is all in the Sg Quarters of the city. TbU pnto ittymgqtK attest, behind Great- Johnston.' Children Cry tor her hai er New York. Mrs. R, DeToung, MJdleburg, la., writes-1 have used One Minute Cough Oure for six years, bott for myself and children, and I consider It the quickest acting and most; satisfactory Cough Wtlfkt 11*1. All Brew, Kickel Pl««d «n<I X.roiene Oil. The Pathlight THEPU=E* TERRY I 24 1 * Cwitr« St., New! . CO.. irk. iooooiw QQQnririnnnnnnnnnni ' Why wffer irith Broome, 860 South phia,s«y*: "It took only two for BriaiHm Balm to cure me of; ; dy pepsia with which I .offered or e.ra. Now I have nc .pamor tough and can e»t Balm beats the worl

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