The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1934
Page 2
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trajrwo (ARK.)' NEW8 al Calendar THUKSBAY'S EVENTS Bingo parly at social null ol Churcn 01 me Immaculate conception, (f P. M. fcirs. .W. L,. Homer hostess to J*iQ-w«Jt Bridge duo. irtlDAi tj tvtNTS iHmwooa uenietcry n.-.ioriatlon pii'diiif «'ith A)rs. \\. A. oiicKniiKj. Laau-s iiioie cmss, mst .MCUIUU- ist cnurcn, meeting with Mrs, V.vatt Henley, 7:30 p. in. | Club Has Guests. • Mines.- c. w. AiiUck, Otto Kochtitzky, Max 1J. Miller jr., anu tan ; Kooruz 01 Fuiion, MO., were guests of Airs.-Hunter u. aims wneu sue : .was hostjss to the Tuesday Contract clib [or an auernooii of bridge, i Hosiery went to Mrs. \v. Leon Smith and Mi's. AflncK for hign i scores . and Mi's. Koonlz. who is • the housegucst ot her mother, alts. ! E. M ' Bryan, was presented a Gelatin Salad a Good Spring Tonic i; A saiad plate was serves with . iced lea. 5 Enteitiuis Club. ; Mrs." Lloyd Stlckmon had the j. .Youns. Matrons bridge cluu's i .weekly' party '^uesday afternoon > Mrs. Max i>. iv eid received nos- ;. Jcry for,the hlgn score prize. i- The hostess served a irmt salad ; with cheese saiulwlcncs, candies ; and coilcc. KilCHEN! HI SISTKIC MAR1 Nt.A Service SlafT Wrllrr l-eiueii quiet !s about ln elu , with a bane. Everybody ivo 1 :I , OV ; Is planning lo (jive ci uui'ty or to 10 o»o. n vill , IC (|!C esl poM-Kistcr In ycare anil the 'cn- icrniislng hostess is scil! |, lt , ,, llon the excellent cxcuw for fcslivltv. The Inlc supper, easy for tlie housekeeper without n maid fa- one favorite brand of Informal hc*p;tallty. Sandwiches thnt ran •be made ahead of time or hot rolls, kept in thu Icebox ready-to «»«; 11 salad, dcfistrt' and collee will satisfy me hungriest of your hungry friends. Bui if you want In score a really rollicking success, revive the old Welsh rarebit of chafing dish days .tone with ale or beer. Let) the men folks help you nmke it ami (hey will have twice ns much WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1934 A VanderbiltSues For a Divorce • Lanje I'. T. A. Mm : ; Cake And Caudy Sale. : The Lange P. T. rt . mil hare a i case ana uanay sale Saturday in -i. the Suamiry builaing, across irom V- Penney's. I Proceeds from this sale will be •i UKO to assist, needy cmldren in , tne scnool. .» • * • Have Uumtr Party. Mr. ana Mrs. jnes liambo Jr., . enteitameo wun a dinner party last evening i,,. honor 01 :n,sses penrude and jimmy Fonriren w ; Parish, Ala., wno bnareci nonois •l Wltn .Mrs. Opal ivicCormic aim •> daughter, Betty tfutn, 01 aeece • Catiulhm-Wcrthinrton. Announcement nas been mrda of tne marriat-e 01 Aliss Lorn Lee iwmmngton ana rtooen Uarrmn- er\ botn of uosneii, wno wre rnarrka nere March •«. ' lne Kcv. fa. M. Waison renn me tervlce. Bib oj Mostly Personal ;; Mrs. B. J. Allen and Mrs. Grady |-;\Vonny motored to Jonesooro 10- jdav. | j Mmes. Leslie. Hooiier, Roy \Val;] iton, C. Iri. urny and w. .1. 'L)OO- jyns went to tiacesviue, Aik., iouay jwncre tney Kill oucim the mtei"- lng of Aiiansas tttsayitnai. Mi - . and Mrs. c. u. Wins have u to i»mts ot Virginia lor a jihree WCCKS vacation. Mrs. ueorge U. Matthews and daugntcrs, Mrs. Oliver w. Cu,i- pedge and Mi^. jo-j Watson, mu- Utorcd to Memphis yesterday atter- ijnoon. |i5 Mrs. Whit Goodman and dKtigli- pter, Juamta Lee. ' have gone to j€Meniiihis to epeno. the resc ot the la week. {-^ Don Smith has relumed to si ijLouis, wneie he attcnos the \Vasn- *: ington University scnool of aen- 5'tlstry, alter sinning Easter nt /•..'home. .r Alvm and Frank Hucman left r.Jast night lor Clinton, Mas., uheie .• they are students at Mississippi _ collegp, after visiting relatives ovi-r : thc taster holidays. Mr. and Mrs ; I Jake Hucman aim Miss Virginia ; jJluHman accompanied them to ; 'Memphis. /'Reach for the Moon" ; to Be Given at Wilson , WILSON, Ark.-"Reach for the ;Moon," a three-act play, will DC ;presented by the Seniors of the jWilson high scnool Jriday night, 'April 6, under direction of Miss iVireie Rogers. {The cast follows: "Sally siier- >ood," Margie Williams; "Lam' JKerrigan," Jimmy Eascley -Bei- ff Breckenrldge," Edith Mlllicau- /Hal snerwood," L. L. strceter', Patricia Pennington," Nettie Lit- jon; "Anthony Hovt," GilOTt ^ynch; -John Cameron," Milton Vhnton; 'Jennifer I/ic," ,M| a Ki- Ruth speck; -MIS. Lanmorc/ Ti- Je«n Rowell; "Pamela Parnell " ^hc Robinson; . Tcd __ a ^ t.-o ] PI m tl J ' **" ^"o'l^H :tarl, Richard Wcslbrook; "Indian ,r*rvant," Harold Strretcr I _' Juneral Services Held >n<Uy fa Tomato Baby "llpi/rat cat-trt uncrat services wore held Monr.', L° r ^ a J<:an Car 50", in- f«nt daughter of Mr. ami Mrs j ». Caiwm, »ho died Sunday at uw family home In the,Tomato community. • iumdl ° i^unwal-services were held at pe home aad Interment was maoe M, Sandy-Aldge cemeter}-. The U O. Utxss Undertaking company W in -cliargc of funeral arrangements. Coujtei- News Want Ads. Alons about Ihb time ol year, the jiuue-inakvr is ivndy lo i»rj« up her hands In despair. No one will eat. The ronsl tnat was iucii a lavontc dlMi with the enure lainlly in December (joes beji'ini: in AJJIII. And tne stew—well, juj 11 y ana fft unyoiii', even nnd wiili hb litany n]i|vtne. to toiich u mi ol H, Bo iumtuhini; hns to bc uone to pit'Eerve uotn i>cnce nnd nc-aiih m the fiunlly, Green legetablefi nnd frcsli, I crisp salads arc tlic jicrfcei sub- stilittcs for Hie liearllor reclik'S of mid-winter. Try serving vegetcuble plates for dinner at least twice a week. And for luncheon, varying ihu old combination salad mid us- l')f It IK the main course will do wonders to imnrovc Ingiip.. „„. iwtites. * * * A carrot and cabbaeu wilad in Gelalin Is a regular sprint' «mic Here's the way 10 make It: Dissolve one package of lemon flavored tjelutin in one pint ot warm wnter. Add two tablespoons ot vinegar and one teaspoon of salt and scl It. In tlic ice box When the mixture is slightly tnicxi'iicn, fold in one cup ot raw Grated cairois and one cup ot finely thrtddwl cabbage. When it Is iirni, unmold on a planer covered with crisp lettuce and varnish with innyonnaise. Tins recipe serves six persons. "The F roper hing*' "On cmoina a docj the oiu.tii piectuL- me nun?" n tutu; is ; ( wiiiu-1' to a.ssign ihe t.iuie, ine woman louows me wait"'• u noi, tr.c uiun goes nrst ana - me tnb!e. "When eiiternii; :t cafe doer> ii H'Oniun tahi: mu ,irsi ciunr puui-u I'M. uy me waiter?" . WhciTui'tt-om.!,, 1S dining ak>:ie wntj a insui-sne .snouin uiKe .\m - - . 11 the.-t.' is 'u n,c hoit or Local Aggies ty tor state Competition I'n: jiulgiu^ team ol the vo- .v-uii iiiun ^m,u., DJ vnuie i,. "•'I 111 U ut,U Jt l'n.>Lli.-v|| ie ,„ till' .'JCJI t.llU:, ,11 CJIlli;;lu,U.l ul AUIlM ,.'':ilU 111 UK UdLlJ Jl,u.-,Hl,' LOnlJ.r- "«tll. luuilll J,,.,^ ,„ ^^^.^ '•' II .V..I1IL>, U UltlJIU.T m I,,,. I..JIIH. \-i.arlii i. K.i:, a .vr, MX.-.UUIU..I j..- ».^.lt.ll 01 int l-iu... ll. cu-.j!!^ ."c Miiuui in u-a^ui jL'.ii.,'',!.rviu.) i-ti'ii HA.. iiiroi,i;ii giuuiLiuoti. .Hl'H.U.'IJi Ul u,^ ^lllll v.lii BU Radio Gospel Singers Coming to Local Church The Rev. and Mrs. Meyer Tan Oilier, widely known ns the "Radio Gospel SijifcTis," will 1 K at the First Assembly of God church 118 West Main, Friday nieht. The licv. lun uiuer gave up tlic Jewish religion for Chrlstlnn- Hy 15 ycnr.f ago, and after studying for the ministry filtered thc evangelistic field. He and his wife have sunt' over u score or more of radio stations. The evangelist has traveled over 350.0CO nillet-. He .served under two lings, UK. Uritlbh nnd the American, in the World wnr nnd was wonnticd In action. He hns cnxscil (he Aduiitlc ocenn 23 times and the racific ocean nine times, and has visited '20 loreJijii countries. n c tells tne story t.i Christianity from the standpoint of oi:u uroiiElu up In the Jewish fallh, ami relates some of his travel ami World war experiences. Cuts Foot With Axe MANILA, Ark,, April 4.-Loiiis Kooncc, a. local youth, was Injured while clearing right-of-way tor a Dig Laic dragline yesterday. Hcpoils were that Koonce's axe caught in a branch of a tree throwing i,j m O n balance and fusing Mis axe stroke lo be dc- Hectcd 'towards his foot. Thc wound .which resulted will cause several days' confinement. Tills recijie will serve six jjcr- WeKh Rarebit One pound mild cheese, 2 tablespoons butter, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon mustard, few mains cayenne, i cup beer or ale ' e»cs buttered toast. Swiss chHBc makes n most deli- | oils rarebit. Grate the cheese 1 and place it in a boivl ready to u se " ' t ".. ll ' c< ' t ' t '- WcJt butter in chai- dish or toi) of double boiler. i hot water. Add cheese, salt,' slard and cayenne and stir con- '' nlly. As cheese mells add ale • gradually. slirring vigorously i :» sllelitly beaten and tmn'outj heat under hot water. Serve as soon as CCL'S mo nmr^.i^i.'!.. wliom she inherited 550,000,000 Mrs. Cornelia Vandcrbilt Cecil (above) has asked court r'Crinis- slon in Paris | O sue John l-'raucla Ainlierst Cecil, a former ciember «f Hie liiUish illiiloinatlo corns for divorce. Tho couple, married in 1324, have two sons, aged 8 and -L »'"'!' !inlil "'I' 'en""' tut, not s =' t OT broken. Remove from .syr- " :> " lld chi11 ' Atltt pvescrvra to rc-maininB S yr up and cook until >UliL - k - K«P «•»»« """I wanted l! " ffn ' ing - Cmci ' S|XJI18C cilkc i"' 11 " icc ca ' am ' l' llt P cach h»!«s j °" CrCam nnd |Wur cvcr thc sm '»- A "° tllcr SUCCulcnt ' mclm '°'' » you do not want to use ale or beer the same quantity of m'. ! K may :.c substituted for it. With Welsh rarebit- serve stuffed olives, chutney sauce, a salad of French endive ami Bril|(e fnlll with French dressing nnd a dessert of tipsey pudding or ysach Melba, aim of course, lots of coffee. IVacb Mulki Si.v rounds of sponge cake, C fine large halves canned peaches, i cup n-atp;-, 1-2 cup sugar, i split vnnilla bean or t tablcpscon vanilla extract, 1 quart vanilla Ice cream, i cup red raspberry prc- Make a syrup of sugar and wa- lifc-and add vimilla bean or extract of vanllln. Try to B et the vimilla oci-.n bbecause the flavor is mitcli finer. Simmer the peaches in (Ins with creamed sweetbreads nnd mushrooms, hot buttered rolls, olives and hearts of .celery, tomnto Jelly salad, rhubarb tarts, coffee. Tlic sweetbread and mushroom mixture is cooker! In n chafing dish at the table or over hot water In the kitchen as most convenient lor the hostess. Tomorrow's Meru BRKAK PAST — Orange juice. cereal cooked with dates, cream, crisp toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON—Beet soup, toasted cheese sandwiches, pineapple and rice pudding, milk. tea. DINNER— Casserole of mutton, scalloped tomatoes, banana and peanut salad, .spice cake, milk, coffee. Head Courier News Want. Arts. Two-Act Musical Comedy To Feature Senior Follies A musical .coir.edy in two acts '"Ihe count 01 jnawajt win fc-mure ini- ,' bcnior Fl>iu<u> i'1'iuay uvi'iiiiig, 8 O'CIO^-K, at tnu luga f'oiiooi iiuuuonmu. ns 15 tne ciLsiom, i.iucvcns irom i!u.- aiiMir win uc usea lor tnu mun- unui fund. bcvui L-aorincs and ^K'ciallie.; win DO inciiiuea in uiu .siiu.i »nii:n is said to 02 11 <mmng, iirancma, uliunng sort ol UOM-UJ- nuucui, pvoi.'icu wmi iiiiiuLitr chJiiiL-.ei i)]x:» mam- iiopuiur on in- 1110- i^'.>sionai siaye. MISS Lima. i). WilU'lui LS diu'c- tor 01 nit proimction. Senior High P.-T. A. Will Present r-arce Comedy A three act farce comedy, "Adventures 01 Grandpa." 13 lo l;u wiueci by tilt senior Inun snioui ent-Tencjiei' association on rn- «ay. Aijrn 13, ai thu nj^n taiool auuitoniiin. UL-ne Ntwooin. 01 iagouui, is director. ho snow centers around the ics 01 Grimtipa, me leading cmii'iicter, with tcie scene laid in a Birls' uai'.uiiiK scnoo!. Tne nine i-ac'iws iuu to DC chosen from among hisjh s^nooi stunems and olaer peopic, wno may nave a u.v-oiit lor pails. A nuinuer of dance specialties wilt be included ine play. 'Miss Florida's' Romance Ends School Libraries Acquire New Books As a :'esiire c/i tin; IJOOK exhibit recently held in cieim-nliiry schools 01 tnu city, bo books have bccu aclnen lu tnu iiur.iri:s. Tne L'entrai \\-a\-ti SCHOOI oot;uncd ii iubks; bimoury, •&; Utugv. It. line junior hign .wnool, mv. 'UKoi- i)ouk!> were piirciiiiseti «Hli iH-ocu'ci-s ol eno live ^u;-, •cnargiM ior ihc exhiuil 01 v.-onii- v.nne buokti. ABs William* tnce, f^.- cf M15> Florida." finds her romance wrecked at 19. She IS suing .William T. Ince, son ol-jne'^io- neer fllm producer, tof 'divorce. Mrs. Ince Is shown here at ilia counsel table In «nper,lor.Jco;m. i-oa Angeles.'-- v' r " School Heads to Have Supper at Burdette ol Mississippi cuiiiuy jumor iuiu "enior hign st-uools win nave u ii.ppcr meeling at the BurucUe scnooj Tiinrsnay evening. Tiurty are expjctcil to atteira. M. it. Ov.ens 01 uttle Rock, state high scnool su[«rvisor win oe the |:nnci[ial speaKer." 'UUNEDALE. Cal. tl'P)— Bc- cau-c of pnysical .ucctiliariiies. Little Clnrice, ;t tlirce-wccts-olu hen owned by F. E. ilodcliuoti,. will be able to lay two CKPS.simultane- ously if she leaches maturity. L11-- tie Clniice aL-'o has four legs and S3 .(lie piide of the barnyard. Evans Child Dies Billy Cicne Evans, 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Evans, died at the family • home here yesterday following a month's illness. ' Funeral services will be held this afternoon at thc home '4124 Henley street, with burial at North Sawba cemetery. Tile L G Moss Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his parents anri two brothers Read Courier Mews Want Ads. ^HOUSANDS OF WOMEN SAY HAS HELPED THEM ~Wt wat it means Tom Jones Riles Held c'ic !,..'.•( to- uu;on:, wjiu "i-v. J. i,. .vcwsom o.'fic- ai. tuc cm t sti vitto. i iK - Ulloei tailing tumiuiiy k.i., Sheddan's-Salve for Croun Good IJCKS ior motifs! With Slicauan's rapid actni; and c\- ir-meiy deep |K'!-.i-iia>in E tS^He. >ou can brejk up um ip cowlii and congestion. Kevcr you Kcn-or usea-a salve (-lac tat, me phlegm, relieves UIOKIV S or ends lougcsiive coiiBhs quicker or wore ihoroughly. Sncddan's S.ilvc contains a medicine you n<. V ir get in ordinary nalvts-a Wdirine lights cold concoction. rmrr.KX-. ocncs and pain. Two kind.-,; MILD lor children. STRONG for adults. — Adv. 1 KING Farmer's For M Jn Feed and Sc.cds 127 . 9 to keep on hand 350,000 bales of Turkish tobacco to a JJ something to the taste ~//te cigarette 1/mt's MILDER 7 * 7/iedaaretfe //^TASTES BETTER . UKETT & Mrus TO.MCCO Co, So ii>i[)0}-ifillt is Turkish lo- haccoin tlicChcsicrficld blend (Iiat we inaintnin a modern up-to-date tobacco factory in tlic far-oil tily of Smyrna, Turkish tobacco adds something to tlic tustc and aroma of a cigarette that no other tobacco can give. // means something thnt Chesterfield always has in storage upwards of 350,000 bales of this aromatic Turkish leaf. This Turkish tnhacco is blended and cross-blended with ripe mild home-grown tobaccos to give Chesterfields a taste and aroma that is not like other cigarettes. Everything thai money can buy is n se d i o make Chesterfield thc cigarette //r«/\ milder, i) IK c iga- rclte (hut tastes better.

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