The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 29, 1944
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEABT MISSOURI VOL. XLI—NO. 217 BlythevUle Dally Newt BlythevUle Courier Blythevlll* Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1044 SINGLE COPIES FIVfe CENTS U. S. PLANES AGAIN REPORTED OVER TOKYO * • • Captured Nazis Head for U. S. (USCG photo from NEA) f Nazi prisoners jam the deck of transport bound for.the U. S, with Coast Guaidsmen on platform \ keeping wary eyes on the captives. First 17 days ol Allied-winter- drive netted 40,000 prisoners. Religious Services To Feature Thanksgiving Observance Here Adkins Defends Prison System Improved Conditions In Past Four Years Cited By Governor LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 29 (UP)jg Governor Adkins has answered charges made by Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Byron Bogard of Little Rock that Arkansas' penal system is little improved over medieval' systems. Bogard, in a talk before tho Greater Little Rock Ministerial Al Hance Monday, charged that til present penal system in Arkansas made no attempt to rehabilitati men sent there for.violations. •Here's what i( G.oycnior Adkins sail 'in reply': ' ' ' '. ( "I am greatly disappointed and • surprised at Mr. Byron Bogard's statement. • because H shows conclusively that he does not know anything about the penal system and its present operation. "He is really talking about conditions as they existed four years I ago when the present board took over-the operation of the penal system because iliis description jits it reasonably! well,- as -it!was operated ,at that, lime."; '. .; -'•..; •:.-.. ''Anil ' the governor says he has invited the Ministerial Alliance to j make an unannounced trip to the Arkansas Boys Industrial School, Cummins Prison Farm and Tucket- Prison farm. Ho says he wants the ministers to see for themselves how Ihe prisons operate. And lie adds: "It might-pay Mr. Bogard to accompany them In order that he mi»ht be enlightened.'' Prosecuting Attorney Sam Robinson of Little Rock, Bogard's chief, also 'branded as untrue Bogard's statements. > Robinson says an investigation of the facts by anyone interested will disclose that the penitentiary ar,i parole systems are both conducted in a most efficient and satisfactory manner. An;l adds: "I do not believe that the percentage of those ^ rehabilitated in this state is'sur- ^ passed by any stale in the union or by tlio Federal Government." _ . . ', — ;. I More German Towns Captured TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS Germany Can't; Stand To Losci Soar and Ruhr' Blythevillc residenls will pause omorrow to give thanks while war ilanes fly overhead. Business here vill but -come to a- standstill • as icople givo thanks in homecoming easts- and special religious sefv- ces. Practically all business houses, i!)nks, schools, postoffice, municipal, county and state offices, and uewspapcr office will be closed for the Arkansas holiday but Blytheville Army Air Field celebrated last week, the day proclaimed by President Roosevelt,. so there will be no special observance there -with the training'-. program continuing without interruption.' .- ;• . It is expected that theaters and highways,.will be very popular to- rroa'/ii.lter, f^'niliea have gathered around the festive boards! and special religious services- have been planned: ' •' • , ; A mnion reliEious service will" Ue held tomorrow morning,' 10 o'clock, at First Mctliodist Church sponsored by tlie Blytlicvlllc Minlsterinl Alliance. "The' Spirit of . Thanksgiving" will be topic.of the sermon by the Rev. Harvey T. kidcl, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, for this siiccial service in which all churches of the city are invited Special music Appropriate the season of Thanksgiving to participate. The service will be broadcast, It was announced. foi wil be offered by a choir composed o' singers from -various churches- of the-city; directed by Ivlrs. J. Wtlsoi Henry: Miss" Ann' Dceri' will be ac companist. Mass will be held at 8 o'clock lo morrow morning aL.ithe". Churcl of. the'Immaculate CohcepttQn"-fo -members f of that: faithi'-.'whil Christian Science Services will b held at il, o'clock in ,the mornln at the ^flniah's Cliib. l!v »AVID WKKKS Unlti-d 1' Staff Wrltrr Germany's West Wall is wcarlnB Iliin in .some fain! spots.. Two weeks of eonslaiil driving drilling, grinding nud liammcriB by the Allied winter offensive iinvc worn down the Nazi barricades which protect the heart and bloodstream of the Nazi war inqchlnc. For the pnst two days, Germni rntllo propaganda has been conditioning the minds of the Germai people for the shock of losing nev chunks of territory lo the Allies Those chunks are in th'c [nbulousl; rich Saar nnd Ruhr basins. • For days, three Allied armies the Ninth, the First, ruid UieThlrd have teen slugging away o,t som of the most formidable defciise in Europe. Their ^ah\x have'.no I been spectacular, measured •. 1 I terms of modern inobtlo warfnri They couldn't umtch the 30-mile r day strides of Ihe Russians who they were herding the Nazis bnc [o Prussia. They don't conipar Ih the rnpld sweeps- acroi •Vance after the Normandy brcak- irough. I'enclratidu The Idea ' But this is a different kind of nrfare. This Is a battle to bore iroitgh fixed au<i well-prepared )on r t Hope For iarly Victory, Churchill Warns Aged Negro Man Burns To Death 'Uncle Ad' Lavender Unable To Escape From Flaming House An aged Negro man. who rcla lives declare was 106 years old, wa burned to death this morning whe fire destroyed a house on Soul Fifteenth street. "Uncle Ad" Lavcndar lost his life when (lames swept through the house rented from Charlie Harris by Lavendar's stepson. Median Garrison. Garrison, who was not injured, told firemen he was in bed when lavendar was making a flrc at 1:30 o'clock. He said the aged man was using kindling to start Ihe fire nnd that M i he was awakened by his screams. ' The younger Negro said he managed to put on his clothes and lo escape from the burning house but was unable to rescue his stepfather. Lavcndar's wife was visiting at the home of a daughter and the two men were the only occupants. The house and all contents were destroyed. Morrilton Hero. Is Grandson Of L Leqchville Man; •''{' Nathan Green Gordon of : ,Morrilton, Ark., 24-year-old hero merition- ed in an articc in this week's "S»t- rday Evening Post" is tho grand- 3ti of the Rev. and Mrs. Robert E. cc Brarcicn of Lcacliville,: former of Blylhcvllle. Numerous other relatives reside t Leachvile and many Blythevillc riends remember him as son of he eldest daughter of the former 'irst Methodist Church pastor and is wife, who resided here a mim- cr of years ago. Gordon, who recently received he Congressional Medal of Honor, s pilot officer of the PBY "Arknn- as Traveler" which has been cali- d "amazing" by many war corres,- jondents. Member of tlic "Black Cats" Qf- icer Gordon anj his men have lad many narrow escapes as they escued ninny Navy men who otherwise would have died. His experiences are included in he article written by Charles A. Fiawlings. war correspondent 1 of 'Saturday Evening Post." ' cfenscs that are clcc.o. It's some- dug 'like trying to chisel through foot-thick cement wall. You keep hipping away nnd deepening' Ihe lolc until finally the chisel breaks hrough the other side. Roughly, that's been the job ol he First and Ninth Annies before he plains of Cologne and of the lilrd Army in its -drlvs; into the Sat;r. f ' Eifemy- -propaganda 'lias preparing Ihe people for-.'ncn osscs. What it does not say, but wha.t tho Germany people must know, is that Germany' 'cannol slnud the amputation of the Snai the Ruhr basins west of the Rhine. The Sanr and the Ruhr what keeps Germany going. Nature played n, dirty trick a\ Germany- millions of years-ago when she decided to bury so mud of her wealth in those areas. Th Germans have made great nropa gniula out. of their dispersal c heavy Industries to the interior c ermany. Great Co:il Mines But they could not move tl lines. For example, the mines < ic Saar basin produce 13 and alf million tons of coal a yea 'ogcther, the Ruhr and tlic Sat urn out over four-fifth of C3^:-» lany's coking coal. The Srtar, In Us 738 square miles, urns out huge quantities .of iron, tcel, machinery, glass and chcml- als. A huge amount of Germany's First Snowfall Here Blyliieville- had its first snowfall of the winter when it begnn snowing at 2 a. m., according to night workers. The light snow soon mellcd, however, and only a trace remained lo be seen when most people arore later this morning. Livestock ST. LOWS, Nov. 20 (U.P.)—Hogs 13,100, salable 12,500; top 14.05; 180-270 Lbs. 14; 140-160 Lbs. 12.7513.50; bulk sows 13.65. Cattle 7,200; salable 6,000; calves 2.5CO, all salable; mixed yearlings & heifers 10-12.50; cows 7.50-11; :aimers and cutters 5.25-7; slaugh- er steers 9.50-17.25; slaughter leifers 8-1G.50; stocker and feeder bteers 8-13.50. New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec, open high . 2183 2186 . 2180 2182 , 21GO 21G3 . 208G 2086 . 4182 3184 low close 2175 2178 2182 2174 2176 2178 215G 2158 2150 2081 2085 2082 2173 2175 21R2 Promised Land Exceeds Quota . Community Is first In District To Top. Goal In Bond Drive To Promised Land community goes the honor of being the first community in North Mississippi County to exceed'its quota of bond sales in the Sixth'War Bond drive. C. F..Tucker, chairman of the Promised Land committee, with :i quota of $15,000, turned in more than $16,000 last night, all of which were "E" Bonds. In making his report, Mr. Tucker said, "We are going to sell every single individual in Promised Land who has a few dollars to spare one or more 'E' Bands, and we will have sonic more to report with hi a couple of days. We thought our miota was a little bit high, but our folks all know that we must buy .bonds if the boys who nre fighting the war are going to have the thine? they need to win so we are jus going to V.eD'ii plugging away \rnti Promised Land community doc more than Us share of tills job." Loy Eich, chairman for Nortl Mississippi County, in announcin the Promised Land report slate that several oilier communities wci nearing their quotas and that it wa expected that several more "ovc he top" returns would be made be fore the end of the week. Mr. Eich said "the committee ' gratified with the progress of ti drive up to this time but (here ai some committees which are fallin down somewhat on their jobs. What we want is more and more 'E' bond sales so that more and more people will be represented in this job of Victim Recover/no financing the war. We have not, im- til this time, reached our quota Of 'E' bonds and we certainly hope that all workers win stick lo-Uie" No One Knows When Germany Will Fall, Commons Is Told LONDON, Nov. 29 (UP>— Prim illntstcr Churchill agnlu has warn cd against ovcr-optlnilsm Hint Ih war will ctirt soon. Churchill says he would te wlllln o slrikc out the word "early' 1 fron his own recent forecast that Gcr mauj would ue defeated by "carl summer." The Prime Minister (old Com motis today, the day before Ills 101 birthday, 'that the European War night end soon, But he added, "Do not Indulge in that feeling.'' The Irnlh is, he said, no one knows when the war with Germany will end. However, lie declarer) that tho battle on the American and.Brit- ish fronts Is going forward with what he termed "the greatest vl- nor." Anil lie said any large-sonic, break-lbrough In the Cologne area woud have the highest stialcglo nsormcnccs, Suppy, Porl in Use lie also announced that the big orl of Antwerp, Which was cnp- ired iiitncl, now Is receiving huge envoys of supplies for lliu Allies i the western front.-' put Churchill stressed the cost of inning Antwerp. He-' said Cana- lan and British Armies suffered 0,000 casualties between the battle or France and Ihe iicw offensive, argcly hi plcarlng ( the- Channel orts, nnd the Antwerp (ippronch- s. , ; , . . He said the enemy hns suffered mnicnse losses iind Is being. thrust back everywhere, but that biic weather has made the task o: American arid British armies'-ovtf tremcly dlflicull. Churchill spoke with, his usua vigor, in the debate which traditionally follows the king's speed at Hie opening of n new session ol parliament. .To Press I-'ifiht on Japs King George declared that Brit ish Empire forces now arrayed against Japan will be- reinforce 1 "as rapidly uiul powerfully as pos siblc." But, he sold, once the wn in Europe Is over, Ihe transltloi from war to peace will begin, bu without affecting active prosccu lion of the war against Japan. 'Looking ahead to Uic post-wa period, the king forecast a ncc for legislation to creale a ria tlonal health service nnd rchabll tallon of Britain's export trade. fanksl Smash Toward Cologne Jespite Furious Res/stance; Cotton Drives On Saarbrucken SUPHEMK A.LLIKD HKAOQUAHTERS, Purls, Nov. 2n (U.P.)—The Americans lire pullm); more German ground iiul towns behind thorn in one of .the iiioat furioviH battles of the w»r on llio western front. . ; . Thui Arnericiui First and Ninth Armies,• hnrniiicririg- for- wiml shoulder-l.o .shoulder on a 16-mile front, have captured six more Na/.i stronmioinls guarding their Uocr river lino before Cologne. The First and Ninth Armies ..sei/ed UineonyGhc, biggest burner OH Iho vontl U> Durcn, JupKcrmlbrT, Kleinhnu, From ilurtgcn rind Koslur, on (he road to Julieh. Late Bulletins WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 (UP)- 1 ' —The Seriate Horrlj-'n Relations Committee' today unanimously endorsed -Iho immlnnllon of KJ- wurd.K. Hlcltlntus, Jr,, to he Secretary of .slate. Chairman Cminally snhl lie would ask tile full .Semite to confirm the-nomination, a» well as tlie. designation of MaJ. Gen. I'.ilHck A. Hurley to IK ambassador In China, litter this afternoon. G'onimUy said both nomlnu- llnns werr approved by, the com- nlllec i without ilttftlt. MOSCOW, Nov.' 29 (UP)— 1're- mlcr Slulln announces that the Red Army has forced the Danube rlv«. iKirlH'ot-the. Itiuva, whloh flow's Into it 130: miles south of Ilnilnpcst. Stalin «ay.i the Russians have broken • through 'he German -defenses on the west bank of the Danube. First Army troops also drove Inti .mbcrsdorf, six miles northwest 6 iron, but a violent cotmUir-attac! oved.Uvcvii back to Us southon itsklrls. The Yanks reformed an tiickiid again, re-entering I,nni sdort and engaging the Nazis I nnd-to-hand slrugKlos through It reels. Two miles .southeast of Langci ehc, the 'doughboys battled Int ic streets of Ncrodo, and cnlorc ic .rood Junction, of Hardt ntter 11 advance of more than a mile. llerltti Acknowledges Crisis Berlin broadcasts 'openly. admit lapanase Claim Hot Reception' 5y Interceptors, No Bombing Reported. In Enemy Broadcast,'", 0 Not Yet Confirmed By United Press , , 'iho Japanese ^reported today tint American planes have been' over Tokyo hgnln. An enemy broadcast said Amerl-can planes,' presumably B-29 Super- fortresses striking fiom'the Marl- nuns for the third time, appeared over the Japanese capital at mtd-, night. Tokyo time That would be, about 10 am. today Central Wai Time ' * " ' 'Ihcie has Immediate confh iimtlon by official American quarter's , All that's known Is that shortly after 10 this morning, radio Tokyo, said Amqrfcftn, plane;! appeared over the Tokjo area, and added-'"Japanese Interceptors are now giving a hot icceptlon to the enemy raiders" :ie critical, situation on the First Iff, possible that the American ml 'Ninth! Army fronts, wlicve they planes wcr6 on a reconnaissance or lalm the .most ferocious bailie in photographic flight either to check islory Is rftglng. Other onelny re- on tho icsulU oJ the first two Su- xirts'indicate thai the Nazis may porbomtwr raids 1 or else to -measure ron must he processed Into steel in the Ruhr nnd Saar blnst-Iiiru- ccs before it's .scut lo Ihe factories ti the interior. Only part of the Ruhr Is on the Governor-Elect Steering Clear Of Controversy LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 29. (UP) — Governor-elect Ben Lanoy lias declined lo enter the controversy con- west hank of the Rhine. But the rest of it hugs close to Ihe Rhine •>n Ihe east bank. And Allied armies on the ramparts of the western Rhine could virtually paralyze all activity in the area beyond. Two of the Ruhr's principal cities, Dusscldorf and Cologne, lie astride the Rhine it-self and Allied armies at this very moment arc barely 20 miles away. All the other important cities of Ihe area arc crammed into a close-packed network lliat extends not more than 35 miles. ; The Nazis, as Hitler lias promised, may keep on fighting lo the last Inch of German soil. But without the Saar and Ruhr to feed war materials, Germany, as a fighting force can not go on for long. ccrning the operation of the Arkansas penal-farms and the question whether horse racing will be per- mltled at Hot Springs In 1845. Lancy, at a press conference today, said lie was familiar with tlic Arkansas penal system, having served on the prison board. But added that anything he could sny nt tho present would have .no weight or bearing in the controversy. As far as the question ot horse racing goes, Lancy remained silent Tills was his only comment: "I wll make my position on racing knowi only when I Irecome governor." Lancy is going to visit the Boy Industrial School at Pine BlufT Frl day and then go to his home ii Cnmdcn lo spend the week-end. Tlic governor-elect says he hope to visit each state institution bcfor taking office early In January s that he personally will know the! needs for the ensuing two years )peralors Will Vote On Strike Memphis Long Line Operators Say Wage Increase Inadequate MEMPHIS, Nov. 29 (UP)' — A union otficltil siiys that the':long line telephone operators In Mcm- phU .will take a strike vote Saturday. . . - l '\ : . . Chnirinan Miss pra Lee .Taylor of'the Memphis branch, No.. 305^ Federation, of|Long.Line Tcleplionc Workers salj that the members, of Ihe local, Independent uriioii would take Ihe Vote in protest of |'ln- adctiiialc wage increases." She says that notice of the pending strike- vole was filed November 2nd with the War Labor Bo.nrd. The WLB recently granted the pcrators a $2 wage ralso while, so Us Taylor says, they felt they ere entitled to n -$5 weeky raise. Some 483 Memphis long distance ;>crators wll] participate in thi .rlkc vote. It will be conducted nturday by National Labor Rela ons Board representatives (U 111 ompany offices In Memphis. preparing for'a general .wllh- Irawul along 300 miles from Ihe Cologne area southward to' Mul- lovisc on tlic Scychtli Army sector 11 fact,, one Berlin radio dispatch ;ells • of considerable German dis- chgagcmcnt manouvrs already un- Icrway. And another admits that the Germans are withdrawing hi cotno' hcotbrs. v BHl tb'KCl. back, to the Rocr river front bpfore Cologne,ithc First and Ninth Armies have only'a few more miles, to go, although thev'rs! I thick NaV.l,,defenses,-ibcloro they reach the Rocr-irlvcr. Along- n-.wide front from Barmen, aboyc \ Jullch, to the middle reaches of the Roci, south of Duron.' The Rod 1 Itsulf, is not a formidable obstacle, it's only 30 feut wide In fiome places. But ,thc anchots of Jiillch and Driven must bo toppled by the Yanks bcforo 1'okyo for a future attack. Tokyo, In its first 'report, does not bay (hat bc-mbs were dropped and dcscribcsj the raiders • as a-'-"minor formation," If tho (light over Tokyq Is the thlul Superbombcr raid in a week, It's tho first one at nigh.t The attack last Friday, and the one last Monday «ere In daylight' The Japanese have tried two moans of .combatting the laida, and planes The propa- ' Dog Poisoner s Sought By rate Owners job and make a special effort (q sell 'E' bonds, even though it's only an $18.75 cash value bond." N. Y. Stocks AT&T 165 Amcr Tobacco 66 1-8 Anaconda Copper 2V 7-8 Beth Steel 62 Chrysler »0 \-\ Coca Cola 136 7-8 Gen Electric 33 1-4 Gen Motors G2 1-2 Montgomery Ward 52 7-8 N Y Central II 7-8 Int Harvester 77 Standard of N J 54 3-4 Texas Corp : 48 U S Steel 57 1-2 Socony Vacuum 13 1-8 SUidcbnktT . 18 1-' Republic Steel 18 1--1 Ashcrcrft and Ware Convicted In Slaying MEMPHIS, Nov. 23 (U.P.)— E E. Ashcraft and John 1 Ware, the latter a Negro, have been convicted by a Memphis criminal court jury in connection with the 1S41 slaying ot Ashcrntt's wife, Mrs. Zclma Ashcraft. Ashcraft, former Memphis drag- line operator and the Negro were sentenced lo life Imprisonment after the jury had deliberated foi over three hours, Ashcraft charged with being an accessory before the tact of rmii-dei- ^n tlie first' and .Wave. with, murder. . C. M. Martin, 71-year-old janitor if Langslon-Wrolcn Motor Compa- ly severely burned yesterday when ic threw gasoline on a fire. was. .niprovcd today. Although he lias second degree burns over his body, it was believed today he will recover. He is at Blylhcville Hospital. Operation Ot Greenwood Field To Be Continued GREENWOOD, Miss., Nov. 29. (UP>-r-A telegram from Rep. W. M. Whittlngton of Mississippi has spiked sill rumors that the Greenwood Army Air Buse is to be closed. The telegram to the city's Chamber of Commerce says: "Army Air Forces advise tlic Greenwood base will not bo inactivated. There will he changes of command, but tlic tase will 1>R o-.veratcd after Dec. 28 by tlio ,Aiv • Transport Command." Kiwanians Discuss Annual Toy Project An open lorum discussion of 11: annual Christmas toy project ( the Kiwnnts Club, ana o! tl 1 "Youth Club" movement which being sponsored by the club torn cd tlic program at tlic regular weekly meeting of club members ganda came in a radlo'\wn!ng'lo- day that any Americans who parachute fiom Supcrbombeis over Japanese^ soil woulrf'be "killed oh.the spot" ' And Tokyo says Japahese pjanes have raided the American B-29 base at Salpah today fo'r the fourth time in four aiys , ' The re' Is • rio• 'Am crlcafi. conflrma- tloh And there still U no confirmation, of tiicj Japanese' claim that Japanese troops landed or. Anicri- can-neldiMorotal Island In a counter-Invasion of the Halmahera Islands 300 miles below the Philippines f From, Chungking a report icy cap spread out on Uic plains Cologne for 'a-drive to Cologne, ic queen city' of the Rhine. . Third Army. Smashes Ahead Farther south, the American'Third riny,- now/ inside the Saar basin long a 26-mllc front, has hammered to within 8 miles of Saarr ru'ckcii, nnd .has broken Into the .-,.„., •,, ... , . utsklrts of Sarrc Union, 25 miles «» l tho Chinese could wish for A. 6 Ihe south, southeast. ; Chinese news agency, quotes Brig General Patton's troops, along I p«" Frilnk Dorn > ' lc » d of lllc c ' )lnn heir entire CO-mllc front arc cither training and combat command, ns nsldo Germany, or within gun nngc of Its bonier. Meanwhile, Uic American Seventh Army which swept out of the Vosgcs mountains of Lorraine, has cut a •Jap.! supply rond in the south, and las pushed 14 miles north of Strasbourg, on the Rhine. General Patch's forces now are within three miles of the Gorman .own of Haugennu. And it may not be long before this force links up with the right, (lank of General Patton's Third Army. Ill fact, the British radio broadcast reports that the Seventh Army already has joined the battle for the Snnr region. The French First Army, driving vip the west bank ot the Rhine from the far south, has advanced 10 . of possibly the best .Christmas pres- saying the China-India land supply route would be opened by Christmas. Soviet Tanks At Hungarian City Of Pecs miles beyond Colmar, and has encircled two pockets of Gorman troops which have been striving to get hack Into Germany. today noon at Hotel Noble. Freeman Robinson, chairman ol Ihe Christmas toy committee, announced that pains were being made lo have the club again carry out the project in conjunction with the Goodtcltows Club, and asked that all used toys be turned over to his committee for repair. Plans for furthering the Youth Club movement were discussed between club members, with no definite action yet taken, Poisoning of four dogs on Soul ,nke street has so stirred the ir of residents In that seclion tha hey plan drastic efforts to fin he person who is responsible. Already four dogs have been iwl- soncil without the culprit being caught. A valuable.'dog owned by Mrs. J. R. Deal, 505 South Lake, died this morning of strychnine poisoning, the dog oined by Mary Patricia Robson, 11,'tiled yesterday and two other dogs in the same neighborhood were poisoned about a week ago. Veterinarian reports showed the dogs died of iwtsoning. Tlic Rob- sons found their dog dying and took him to the veterinarian before he died, so a thorough examination was possible. The chow-police dog owned , by Mrs. Deal was a valuable animal, tentatively accepted by the Army ' but it failed to pass the test only because It had distemper. Well trained, the dog, of one- fourth police dog extraction, had been trained to work with his mistress, when she was crew dispatcher for a railroad and went with his master often when he was conductor on a railroad. The pet of Mary Patricia Rob Kendall Berry Again To Head Cross Here Chicago Wheat open high ow close ' Ifi5'i 164-31 165', Dec, .May . lOl'/i 102 IGl'.i lOl-^i 101!« mnls, it was said. son was a Spitz purchased by he: father, G. H. Robson, so hi daughter would have a good jjet. It was understood dog owners o that neighborhood planned to ns police to conduct a thor'ovigh In vcsligation in <in effort to appro lienj the polsono' who Is violating a law by wilfully poisoning ani Kendall Berry was rcelcclcd hairman of the Chickasawba Dis rlct Chapter of tlic American Rcc Cross at Uic annual meeting hell his morning, 3 o'clock, In th Chamber of Commerce Room a he City Hall. Other officers who will serve dur ng the coming year arc Murray Smart, vice chairman; R. L. Banster, rcclcctcd treasurer; Mrs., E. B. Thomas, reclocted recording secretary. This meeting replaced the originally scheduled for Ust night, which was cancelled for lack of n quorum. LONDON, Nov. 29. (UP)—Russian orces are reported to be battling nto the Hungarian stronghold of 'ecs, about 100 miles below Buda)est. .'..- . . . '. v . .-••'. Berlin r'eports fierce-Russian at- empts to storm the city, but claims ill have been held oft; so far. The jermans^say that Soviet tanks are converging on Pecs from three sides. The noji's from Moscow today is' aimed .mainly .,at the ; diplomatic front. Thi official Communist-news-' :iaper Pravda- charges that' "reactionary" Polish leaders liv London . arc trying .to-sow, discord:among the Allied powers. • Pravda'mentions the president of the exiled Poles in particular as being directly responsible for-.the. downfall of Premier Mikolnjczyk's cabinet. • : -..,..-. In Italy, American Eighth -Army troops are pushtng,uptheFaenza valley toward Bologna against savage German.opposition.-No Important advances have been reported. And ; the-'Italian' •cabinfct crisis, which was'precipitated by Bpriomi's rcsosnallori; continues ' unabatedi The Socialist and Action-partfes r say hey will not participate In any Bonomi government. However, it seems Ikely that Bonoml will be.asked to form a rightist government, leaving out the lefts; - New Commander Talks To Members Of Club Lieut. Col. Howard C. Sidling, new commanding officer of Blylh'c- vllle Army Air Field, was guest speaker at the regular weekly lunciicon meeting of members of the Blytheville Lions Club yesterday nt Hotel Noble. Introduced to club members by W. J. Wuudcrllcli, Colonel Stelltng addressed the group on some of the post-war problems of the soldiers. Chicago Rye ' open high ow close, Dec. . 109 109lit 108!i 108H 103is May . 10014 HOW 10fl',i lOO'.i 100H Memphis Police Seek To Identify Skeleton MEMPHIS, Nov. > 29 '(UP)—Police are attempting to Identify the skeleton of a wbman'JouhdMn' a thicket jeslerday. It'^as\lthe third nlswvery in Memphis v irf Iwo weeks.. The first skeleton, that -of a map, WF.S identified and listed as dead fiom natural calisei,, The, also a man, icnlains unidentified. There were no indications of foul play In ( any of Vhe cases. Weather, ARKANSAS-Piirtly cloudy this afternoon and tonight^ Thursday fair and cooler tonight.

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