The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1939
Page 6
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« f AGE BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1939 'TKEBBiM Today's Sport Parade By Henry Biggest Bass Grove Bests Feller In Hurling Duel; Greenberg Hits Pinch Homer BY GEORGE KIRKSfiV United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, Aug. 2 (TJP)—Tlie Yankees 'and Die Reds, perlmps dreaming of October and more important things' than an ordinary ball game, «ere smacked light between the eyes yesterday by a pair of second division clubs. The Yanks, with nn eight-game lead, snd the Reds, with an 11-game ad- vcutJcrOj are In no Immediate danger bnt disastious slumps are bo:n cf j't5i such exhibitions as they p^t up yesteiday. Krrt Rtiffing, «iih a record of 14 v"; .. '' *v !.. A Oieenberg a lun ball In the first inning ->:u. :NW lUJis «n base. Hnnkus :hpped it 440 feet Into the left field stands and that proved to - the tai: ; Tnerc was some more desultory firing with the Tigers achieving a 5-3 conquest bellied Paul (Don't Call Me Dizzy) Trout, pitching without his spectacles to gain his second win this season in Yankee stadium. Paul Derringer, with a record of H and 4, got hf'iself in a peck of trouble in the sixth frame with .two out and a 3-0 lead. Before lie could put the fire out, the Giants had a 4-3 lead. Wally Berger's homer tied the score and sent the game Into the 10th when again with two out, Hank Danning's single scored the winning run, downing the Reds, S-4. Danning! had pre^ iously had a triple to score two runs in the sixth inning uprising. A'fte'r 10 straight wins, the Reds were due for a loss. Thc Giants have now won three in a row, but are 15 games off the pace, and there isn't any pennant talk buz- 2ing around the Terrymen. However, the Giants are anxious to cool oil the Reds, blaming them for all theh trouble growing out of Harry Craft's disputed homer at the Polo Grounds In mid-June. Bob Feller, .who -has been trailed by a jinv ever since the all-slar game, had another defeat plastered on him when the Red Sox batted him,out of the box in six innings "and beat the Indians, 7-5. Bobby Doerr personally took charge of ruining Feller's effort. He hit two homers off him, one with the hases loaded. Bob Grove went the route to score his nth victory Umpire Cal Hnbbard chased Manager Oscar Vltt, Bruce Campbell, Harry Eisentata, and Odell Hale out of the game. 'Jack Knott pitched the White Sox 'to a. 4-1 victory over the Athletics,- Eddie Collins, Jr., scoring the'.nnv which robbed him of a shut out in the ninth. Slamming out 14 hits, Washington beat the Browns, 7-5. Two triples by 'Johnny Mize and one by Pepper Martin featured the Cardinals' 4-3 victory over the Bees.. The winning rim, however, came in on Tony Ciicclneilo's error. Curt Davis won his Hth game. Bill Nicholson, Cubs' rookie outfielder, made an auspicious debut by hitting a homer and driving in •• two. runs as the Cubs, beat the Phillies, 6-2. Dizzy Dean had to quit after three frames, complaining of a sore arm. Larry French, who had been complaining his arm was getting rusty because Manager Gabby Hartnett has boycotted him, finished the game, and allowed only six hits in six heats. Brooklyn took a 5-3 decision from Pittsburgh, . knocking the Pirates to fourth as the Cubs moved up. Dixie Walker hit two triples and a single, driving in two runs. Fred Filjsimmons. vrith some relief from Tnmul's, won his fourth game. Yesterday's hero—Hank Green- bergs, Detroit's slugger who hit hpmtr Ko. 20 w:th two mates on has; to give the Tigers a 5-2 decision over the Yanks. NEW YORK, Aug. 2.—(OP)—I This Is tlie time of year when n man, if he has even cue touch 01 the humanitarian in him, should concoct at least one hot wcalhu hint for bis fellow sufferers undci lhe «un, I read all the lict weather hints avidly, and practice most of them. My hals are filled with, leaves and dry ice; I eat all the prescribed hit weather menus, and relax com- J£ pletcly every 10 minutes no matter where I am. But I continue to be hotter than a fox in a forest flic Yesterday, fcr the first time, I felt cool, comparatively, that is Kr more than an hour 1 stayed In thc New York Yankees' dressing room and watched such assorted gentlemen ns DiMaggic-, Dickey, Huffing, Gomez and CroseUt lire- pare to play a game of baseball under a broiling sun. Thc dressing >'^om was boilin; hot. No snne thormcmelor would have stayed In there for live mjn- utcs for fear it would run an alarming temperature. J.ty once natty seersucker suit felt as hcnvy as a suit of armcur until I watch-' it the poor players put on what they had lo wear. First a layer of :,-eavy underwear. Then two pairs of socks. Then a layer of sliding pads. Then n heavy swirt shirt and, Dually, their Yankee uniforms, made of the hottest, thickest, most luxuriously smothering flannel that can be bought. As 1 went gasping around thc room, Red Rutting sat en a Uible and massaged his pitching nrm with which he hcped to beat the Detroit Tigers for the Hth time In n row. Asked If it was sore, fluffing volunteered the surprising infonrmtlcn that Ills pitching arm had been sore since he was 11 .years , old. Dizzy's Sore; Future Is Still Un-i certain on Die House organization, the Norton bill would have co'me out promptly and the 'Burden I'' 11 would not liavc come out at all. But It hasn't worked that way. The Norton bill got stymied. Hfi's. Notion made two attempts to bring her bill out, under n suspension of the rules— n cumbersome procedure requiring n two- third!; vole— and failed. The rules committee meanwhile 'prepared to bring out the Harden House Bottle Neck" Still l)lil - Tnc row ovcr Greeks Ignore Istanbul, Prefer Constantinople Same Attorney Serves Two Opposing Clients BOSTON (UP)—The Greeks had WEST HAVEN, Conn. (UP)—Ana wd for It mid they will not tliony til Nello and Clifford Warner change their minds. ' Officers ami .sailors of the Amer- were in town court on a rules of the road violation growing out of a col- lean export llrici- Exhibitor tell this one: If a Greek postman of their automobiles. When dl Hello's case was called, comes' Attorney George, W. Chlsaski step- CH1CAGO, Aug. ?.. (UP)—Slrlck- en again with a deadly soreness In Ills right shoulder, Dizzy Dean expects to learn today just how near he Is to the end of his glorious pitching days. .r n I | i .-. Kulll \j*Jt, i\ Ull^illj mill/ II Not Controlled By Harden 1)111 didn't come out, Roosevelt ether legislation would be brought before Congress timing th(s rest of the session. lie said this In the lieat of argument, and later with- across a letter addressed to some- I*' 1 forward to represent him. His cne In Istanbul, he just refuses to P le <i won a discharge for his client, .lellver it. The Greeks prefer to Thc » Judge Thomas C. Sullivan called Constantl- 1SY BnUCE CATTON WASHINGTON.—To understand drew It; but tlie fact that the Dean was confident of another l!lc rcason f <"' much of the ijrief threat could bs made . testifies to reprieve after he has been exnrn- 1|1L ' New Deal ht>s lun mto '" Co "' llle C°"™"t ee> s power. Incd and X-rayed by Dr John P *>""* s " l ' s s ummer it Is necessary. A similar story was told a little Davis, sneclnllst fm- tho nhinnon to know something about (lie stra-iearlier when the rules committee s, specialist for the Chicago (o kllow something about (lie i, who lias nursed an unbe- u '8 ! " H ' !o1 whl « h * lle 1Jouse Cubs wlio lias nursed an unbe- U>B! " sym m \K\\ tne House Rules; put Smith's bill for iv probe of the llevab'le amount <jf pitching strength Committee occupies. [Labor Board before the House, from that $185,000 arm since Dl* ] " CTI "? Wili/s ' t!lls c °!» m , lt( , M ,! s ™«} was ' im l» c lexUmony thnl- nrst was considered washed up with °™ 0( ""? lrwsl . '.'"l 10 . 1 '^" 1 .l ns .'' a . s '?}' "I ^ b ? r W?^™ e° es an Incurable injury last spring. His clianccs, however, appeared " ltions Ca >» l01 Hl »- Under lhe Ncw P cM has utlcl ''y lost con ordinary circumstances, and he walked olf the mound yesterday im after pitching only three" innings « the et lifer n f«ts. of tlie key policy-making body of the House. Air Castles in Soap Phillies he was pale from pain, |J» e ^ ™^"™^"u*'^X .sMh'S'TWst "It was the same pain I had last House may acl I '"Eton scliool have turned from year cii those other bad days when Trn S is so because tho House is blowing soap bubbles to building I had lo quit,' lie said. "It hurt nl , unwieldy body which ;i before the game and Just seemed to get worse as r went along. * "I felt something snap-like that kink I got before—and I sure was glad when Leo (Manager Gabby acos more legislative, material tliiiu it can possibly handle. When a bill Is introduced it is referred to a committee, which may hold hearings on it and .111 b- a recommendation for its castles. In their study of medicva architecture, they carved from son]: a reproduction of a castle. have the,city nople. Little Brown Jug Used To Prove Age at 76 SALEM, 111. (UP)—Most persons ?e either the Bible or official records to prove their age, but Henry Griffin, 1C, uses a little brown jug. Griffon's family records, Including the Bible, were destroyed In a flic. The Jug, however, was given to Griffcn by an uncle on his 7th birthday. On It is stamped Griffen's name and date of birth. Griffon disclosed his odd method of proving his age in an application fcr an old age pension. The Ecliooncr, "Fannie E. Wol- slcn," abandoned in !S91, still was afloat in 1894, and had drifted 7COO miles of tlie Atlantic ocean. ook up (lie charge against Warner. 'htsuskt informed the court he also vas representing tho "other side" of the case. "This is rather an unusual circumstance," Judge Sullivan observed as he Imposed a $15 penalty on Warner'and cliisaskl announced he would appeal the fine. Complete Line of WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP (10 S. Second Phone 314 "I hurt It when" I was a kid, and I never liara thrown n bull that By v i r i ue of 23Vi-po\md white SKl ^ asSi Douglas Bombard holds two world records, both made nt Santa Catalinu Island, Calif. Last year the 12-year-old - nx^r 1 \>illll. AJU 31 J>-.'.">»-•— J ~ — •—• — didn't hurt me," he said. "Sere? Of j nng i cl . landed 65-pound white course it's sore. I nurse it along sea bass on regulation Tuna the best I can but In a clutch, g,^ tac ki c , NOW he captures when there are men on base and the j unlor jjght tackle record by ufllrJS 1111 Shove V-8's Down Last Night: Ark-Mo Takes Goodyear The Coca Cola soitball team is in undisputed possession of first place following games played lust ni»ht in the City Softball league which resulted in Coca Cola defeating Phillips Motor Company 15 to 6, and Arkansos-Missonr Power corporation winning ore Goody-ear, 7 to G, In an eight Inning game. The Ar)c-3vfp team made 7 runs 8 hits and 2 errors to defeat Good year which made 6 runs, 13 hits and 2 errors. In the second game, coca Col made 15 runs, 13 hits and 3 er rors In overcoming Phillips, whlc made 6 runs, 5 hits and 3 errors Standings now are as follows: Wins Losses 1 have to uear down, I Just grit my teeth and go .through with It." Joe DlMagg'to sauntered by. Icok- ing very smart In his flannel suit, and behind him was Lefty domez, Quizzing him as lo how It osuld happen that he, Joe, the fisherman's uoy, could have gotten so violently seasick on a fishing trip. "You should have seen him yesterday," Gomez said. "We were still in sight of the flock when Joe got so seasick \vc had to turn back. Where did you do your fishing in Sim Francisco?" "Right oil the pier," DiMaggio snid. "A nice steady pier, too." DIMaggio, baseball's greatest hitter, and Gomez, one of, If not the worst, hitters In the game, then got to arguing about hitting. Gomez sighed:for the old days, back In. the''eighties, when a batter had the right to call for the kind of pitch he wanted. "That would have helped you," Jo agreed. "If you could have ever decldcd'~whal sort of n pitch you could hit, you might have been a two hundred hitter in those dnys." Gomez laughed gcod naluredly and asked Joe what kind of n pitch he would liave always called far if he had been playing in these days. "Just one kind. A pretty fast one, stomach high. Boy, that 'would have been fun," "Yea," chimed in Bill Dickey, who stood nearby holding n chest pro- tcctcr and -leg warmers in case he got cold cut on the playin; field where it was only 102. "Yeah, it would have been fun until pay day came around and you walked up with your .450 batting average to collect twenty dollars for your week's work." "You got something there," said Joe. "I'll lake what the pitcher decides lo throw me." Out the Yanks went to suffer under the Ccnno sun. If yen want to keep cool here's a tip: get out to a ball pork and watch that Ditcher work 10 pounds off himself; get a l:ok at the catcher fight sun- slrckc for nine Innings, and the outfielders and infielciors run and work under a sun that would keep even mad dogs and Englishmen indoors. landing this uig baby on 3/ti tackle. Mnrtnctt) told me (o quit." If the club physician deckles passage or defeat. But with cer- tliat Dlz must rest for several lain exceptions—principally ap- iiceks, the big rlght-liatider's future proi.Tlation and money-raising with the Cubs Is doubtful. For bills—this docs no'.-, of itself, bring tlie second consecutive year he is the bill to the floor. That is up to drawing a reported $20,000 for which the rules committee, It can con- he so far has returned only five fer privileged status on a bill, set victories against one defeat. Five the time for debute on it, and oth- cnvise arrange the mechanics the bill before thc House. GKASV OF straight times before his last victory he was knocked out of the bsx. Always a workhorse with the St. Louis Cardinals, Diz finally was forced to admit a few weeks ago that, he was unable to work a regular turn or~~~p!tch with less -- - - . . , t llian a. week's rest. mlllce says so Which means, of Harlnett, handling the club from course that it is al important the bench, was tho first to notice <"'-V mlmmistrallon lo have a lirm •that Dean was In distress. When Br ;, p ..?. n . U l? : .. l '",\ c ! Dean told him his arm was getting "sore as hell," Hartnett promptly COX AND SMITH So, as a general thing, n bill before the House for discussion and voting only if the rules com- Six and Half Games Separate Them And Second Place Vols - By United Press The Memphis Chicks loday basked in the .comfort of the longest Southern Association lead any club has held Ibis yenr nnd llmnked the baseball fates for sending Pitcher Ed Heiisscr their way. Tlie Chicks removed themselves six and n halt games from the defeating the In n double field last night- by Knoxvlllc Smokies retired him and sent in Lefty Lorry French, siiice French hud appealed directly to Owner P. K. Wrlgley for more chance to work. Larry went in with the score tied 1-1 and proceeded to roll up n 0-2 victory, his seventh of the season. Both Dean and Harlnett were downcast after the game, despite French's polished relief job. "What else is there left to happen ID me7" lie maane'd. "First the right arm, then the left arm, now the right arm again. Everything happens to Dizzy." Dlz just had pitched tils' way back' ln(o Harriett's good graces after his" midnight joust in a Ne\v York hotel which brought about a minor injury to his left arm. BASEBALL STANDINGS Norllicnst Arkansas League W. L. Pet. Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas league Jcncsboro 7, Newport 4. Caruthersvtlle at Paragonld, night ame. Sputhcrn I.capue Memphis 10-9. Knoxvillo 3-7. Little Rock 7, Nashville 3. Birmingham 0, Atlanta 4. New Orleans at Cliattancoga. American T-faeiie Washington 7, St. Louis 5. Boston 7, Cleveland 6. Chicago 4. Philadelphia 1. Detroit 5, New York 2. National TxiaRue New York 5, Cincinnati 4, 10 innings. St. Louis 4, Boston 3. Brooklyn 5, Pittsburgh 3. Chicago G, Philadelphia 2. header — with Hcusser receiving credit for both, victories—while. Atlanta and Nashville were losing to second division clubs. Hevisser rang up his 12th win of (he year in limiting the Smokies to six hits wlille Memphis won the opener 10 to 3. And in the nightcap, after Frank Veverka and Jim Henry had been belled from the box, big Ed Stepped in, throttled the Smokies and got credit for his !3th win as Memphis won 9 to 7. He has lost only five games so this put him right «p among the leaders. / Thc second-place Vols were stopped after six straight wins by— you guessed it, the pesky Little Rock Travelers, who make it habit of striking the big boys from the concealment of their seventh-place position. Thc score was 7 to 3. The venerable Rufe Meadows turned In another of his paradoxical mound jobs for Little Rock. He gave up 14 hits and was in hot water from start to finish but the Vols couldn't connect off him when they needed hits the most. Babe Benning hit a homer with a man ahead for the winners. A man's night crowd of nearly 20,000—largest in Atlanta this season, couldn't pull the Crackers to victory over the sixth-place Birmingham Barons. Thc Barons scored six times in Die fust inning, largely on five Atlanta Errors, and coasted to a 9 to 4 victory. Ogorek for Birmingham and^ Rucker fo: Atlanta socked homers. Tlie Ncw Orleans Pelicans, will whom overtime battles are a, liabi rather than an exception, took J 12-inning decision from tlie Chat tanooga- Lookouts 8 to 7, but los a second game 6 to 0. The Pel went ahead 7 to 2 with a five-rm rally In the fourth, but the Chat tanoogans tied the count with flv in the eighth. Then they rocke along until the Pels squeezed ove the winning tally in the 12th. Stu Bolen blanked the Pels o 2 hits as Chattanooga won th nightcap. The same series continue today. xCaruthersville ........ ID 11 Newport ............. 17 15 xParagculd ............ 15 10 Jonesboro ....... ...... 1121 x— Night game. .033 Such a grip lhe New Deal does not have. The committee chairman, Adolph J. Sabath of Illinois, is a devout New Dealer—but real control of the committee iinsj pretty largely passed to Congress-1 man Eugene Cox of Georgia imili Howard Smith of Virginia. And] certain key Ncw Deal policies, .par-] ticiilarly (hose relating to labor, are anathema to these two congressmen. All of which comes to a head in the current fight over amendmenis lo the wage-hour law. The House Labor Committee, beaded by Congress-woman Mary Norton of New^~Jersey, drew up a set of amendments which move or less embodied administration, wish-. es. As-a matter of fact-they went! somewhat .farther than Wage-Hour Administrator Andrews liked, but in.thc main tliey were the administration program. . / They did not go far enough Cor the conservative group, however, and Congressman Harden of North Carolina brought in a set of amendments which were in u c h American League W. / York 66 Boston 51 Ihicngo .. ..' 53 Cleveland 48 Detroit ...49 Washington 40 Philadelphia 34 St. Louis Small Pig Contented With Cat as Mother Southern league W. Memphis ............ 81 Nashville ............ 51 Vlinnta .............. 55 Chattanooga ........ 53 Cncxville ............ 52 Little Rock .......... 48 Birmingham ........ 49 :Ne\v Orleans ........ 40 •531 (broader." In due time, both the .500 Barden and Norton bills got before .344 the rules committee. i NORTON BIfJ, DELAYED If lhe Ncw Deal, had a nrm grip National League W. L. Pet, Cincinnati CO 31 .059 i it. Louis 49 42 .538 Jhicngo 50 45 .526 'ittsburgh 4G 43 .517 Brooklyn 45 45 NCIV York 45 40 Boston 42 49 Philadelphia 26 62 Coca Cola 6 Phillips 5 Arkmo 4 ' Goodycar 3 Caterpillars breathe through - "portholes' 1 along their sides. SUSSEX, N. B. (UP) — You've heard of cats mothering fox pups, squirrels, etc. Mrs. James Robertson has n cat that is rearing a litUe pig. • The cat washes her adopted baby In her OWTI accustomed way and the little pig follows Its feline foster mother about. Night Watchman in Zeal 1 Sets OH Fire Alarm CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—A zealous night watchman set oft a fire alarm, to which three pumpers, two hook-and-ladders, and n high pressure truck responded. Chief John W. Krai investigated, but Jound no fart. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas I/cajue Jonesboro at Newport. Cnrntliersville nt Paragould. Southern League Memphis nt Knoxville. Birmingham At Atlanta. New Orleans at Chattanooga. Little Rock at Nashville. National League Philadelphia, at Chicago. New York nt Cincinnati. Brcoklyn at Pittsburgh. Boston at St. Louis. American IxsTEue Detroit nt New York. Cleveland at Boston, two games. St. Louis at Washington, Chicago at Philadelphia, two games. PHONE 205 FOR YOUR POULTRY Nice, fat hens and fryers & other poultry at all times. <VE DRESS AND DELIVER FREE! STICKLER-GOODWIN CO. «6 E, Main Read Courier News want Tires, baucrlcs, radios, hcatcri lad other products for your car can be bought on the Firestone Dudgct Plan for surprising!) little cash outlay and terms so •mall you'll haruly notice them. ti-nhivectrNalfoKirit/tN. R. C Red Xttw* TunelnlheFiceHoni Voice of the F»rmftadK Protncn in-ke each week during noon iioui PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. in R. D. Hughes'August CLEARANCE Men's Summer SUITS $1450 1 Lot Tropical AYeig-ht SUITS Values tfl'535 Choice Now- 12 Men's Straws LINEN SUITS $1150 Snowy While, Fine .Quality Linens $15 VALUES 11 $2 STRAWS $1 $2.50 STRAWS $1.25 $3.50 DOBBS I STRAWS $1.75 1LOT $3.75 Wash Pants $1.50 Men's SPORT SHOES NUNN-BUSH $7.75 SPORT SHOES EDGERTON $5 SPORT SHOES CHAMPION $4 SPORT SHOES 85 95 95 6th A Walnnt Phone 810 1 Lot NiUionully Advertised SHIRTS tterns $135 Assortment Patterns Values $2 and $2.50 1 Swim Suits cs « $150 New Styles for Ladies Values to $5.95 2 Men's 2-*2 50 Trunks Men's Keds Sport Shoes $1.45 Sport Shirts 50c|$l Sport Belts 65c R.D.HUGHES&CO. Official Boy Scout Headquarters

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