The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1930
Page 6
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<;]? six [Named as Bcsl in National League Wilson, Terry Head Star ;Team Named by Scribes for NEA, Courier Nc\vs. EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is the Irst of three articles en Hie all;ar teams of the hig leagues. as •lioseii by a jury of baseball wriU'rs. .icnday an American League trim .'ill be selected. and 0:1 the fo:!ow- •\s day an ali-slnr iram lot i;oth •agues will be named. All-Slnr Team of Nalinn.1t League risch. St. I/mis .............. isitlslrom, New York — ..... my. New York .............. iack Wilson. Chicago ......... .lein, Philadelphia ............ icksot). New York ........... "a fey, SI. Louis ............... •arlneU. Chicago ............. :>p?7,. Brooklyn remer, Pittsburgh 'alone, Chicago - ollins, Philadelphia F.Y WILl.IAM NEA Service Sports Kdilor j Ten baseball writers in big league • tics were asked to choose an All-; ar National League learn. Th?. \snlt is shown above. j The selections were not miani-1 •ous by any means. Only two •embers of thc all-star ti?am v/ero ', ominated unanimously )>y the 10 riters. These were Hack Wilson, 'ugglng. center fielder of ill" Cubs.! :id Bill Terry, first baseman of i ie New York Gianls. Frlsch re-' ;ived nine votes for the r?cond •ise }ou, but there was a differ- .ice of opinion on nearly all ol other positions on th.5 team. Lindstrom. for instance, was 'irren by six of the jury, while .ic other four votes for the third ase job went to Pic Trnynor of :ic Plrat?s. . Jackson Just Makes 11 Jackson got four voles for the * hcrlstop's job, Glenn Wright of; lie Dodgers running u close second | vith three: Others 'named in Ihe | ac.? were Gelbert, of thc Cardinals; •/ho get two votes, and Rab'olt'Mar- . nville of the Braves, with one. The.left field and right field jobs I "ilso were chosen by the slenderest f margins. Hafey won the nod )n but three votes, the other halo's being divided up between O'Dpul, P.. Waner, Herman and Comorosky. In right field, Klein Hi six votes. Cuyler-four. The vote on catchers and pitchers was interesting. . Each ot 111? 10 writers was asked to name two caichers and, three, pushers. Four catchers wer; nonnnaled. Hartnett cc:>.:ing out on top withscvin votes. Al Lopez, the young Brooklyn catcher, got six choices. Hogan of Ihe Giants was third and Jimmy WilLOn of thc Cards fourth. Krcmer Leads Hurlrrs Ten pitchers were nam?d but six of those named received but me vole each. Ray Krcmcr, thc Kratos' star right handcr, led the field . with nine choices. Malone was second with eight. • Phil Collins, pitching winning ball for the tail-end Phillies, was third with lour nominations. Then came Dazzy Vance with two votes. Hubbell. Phelps. Root, Hallahan, Lucas and Kolp received one vote each. Batting averages for the men named, according to a recent coin- pilaticn of figures, arc as follows: Frisch, .338; Lindstrom, .367; Terry. .407; Wilson, .3-19; Klein, .389; Jackson. ,.357; Hafey, 35£; Harincll. .351; Lopez, .328. Exclusive of th? piichers, the team'sbatting average would be .301. Recent averages .•Jviwed tta Giants leading the National League in hitting with a mark of .323;- the A's leading Ihe American League with an average of .307. Three Giants Named The choices substantiate the claim that the Giants' infield is the best in the league, of thc ! ''remised Giants being named for jobs, i Uurdei:.: while the second base assignment, was given to Frisch by a top- iBRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer jGilis,'Robins and Cards ; Mold Same Pace; Giants adiii« Horn Picture. Ark-Mo and • Chickasaw Leagues line! Season 1:1 x- ccpl for Unchanged Games The races in the Ark-Mo and Chtckataw amateur Sunday b.ill will close Sunday, with the excep- icu cf postponed ciuues and games nut played as scheduled uixm which Ihe league officials will reach a c'ccislon at their next meeting. With but one game lell to be flayed Evada!-: in Ihe Ark-Mo and Ho\Ve in the Chlcknsaw loop appear to be hcine sale—unless rulings by Ihe le.-ieue otfidtil.s allow tamc.s to be played whicli may al l*w som.? other team a chance at first place. The tietl game between CoXcr Linti Wil.'.:>n Ins' Sunday was pin; t .'f during the. week wiili Ouoler winning 8 to •! and moving up closer to Evadab in first place in '.he Ark-Mo lo'p. Howe holds a commanding lead in the Chicknsaw leap and (here cnly exists a possibility that if Hov:e should lo^e tcmorrow and Promised Land in second place should win Sunday's Bam-: anil another that might be allowed by the league officials, that Promised Land might lie Howe for Ihe championship honors. Tomorrow in the Ark-Mo loop Keiser will play at Wilson, Holland at Evndale, Yarbro at C.u'i: •)! n:i;l usciola at Cooler. Standings Ark-Mo I.iMguc W. llvadalc R Cooler 10 Gcsnell ij New Orleans Bii mlnyhaui Atlanta tit' • Kuck . Chattanooga Nashville ... Mcbib Phibck-lphut .. Was'hiiui'.nii .. New York ... Ck-vclnnd — Detroit SI. L:,iiis — Chic:iyo Boston Chicago ai. l.ouis '. Bio:iklyn New York Boston Cincinnati .. rr.iladelphia 0 — L. I : t. .«30 .55:! .43 MK New Orleans and Litll; Rock Fight lo Even Splil as Crux Lose. ATLANTA. Crackers and W. HI Kl 70 '10 OH 57 fi'l :V1 W liT 715 .Ml .•180 .S3! Cia.—The Atlniil Lilile Hock Travel- Holland Wilion Yarbro Keiscr Ofccola H°«'o .ea Ml .500 .30:1 .722 .000 Garnet Today 'Kcuthr-rn Lrasiii 1 Little Kock nl Memphis. Noshvi'le at Atlant.i. Chattanooga "t Hiriniii ;;:nn Mobile :il New Orh'.ms. Atnrrip.iii Li-tfjuc Washington [it Cliic.'.so. llosioii a' 3t. Louis. New York at Detroi;. Philadelphia at Cleveland. National Lraj;ur St. Lcills 111 l!::ston. Cincir.nati at liiooklyn. Pillsbiirtl] at N'cw York. at heavy vote. Thj batting order as given above M-as arranged by this .writer. It !s subject to criticism, of course. Perhaps Terry, rather Ihan Wikon. should be in the clean-up roic. Wilson, however, bads the league in runs driven in, as he has for several seasons, even though his batting average is much lower than Terry's. So much for th..-; National Lcaguj tesm. Monday the same writers will select an American League all- slar nine. Flat Dell still Imc a fight on for fourth jf in t'.:e Southern league circuit. Tlie Pebs gained slightly yes- UTtlay dividing a double, bill wit: ll:i> Pelicans while tile Vols tea', the Crax. The Pelicans won tlie first game £u:n iliL 1 Travelers ft lo -I. The Travelers two run rally in the niiu: fell one short of lying the Pels Bryant although replaced by to. was the winning Iiurlcr. In the .second game Moon held Ihe Birds lo two hits while his males gol away to nn eiijlit i*ur luid in ihe dial inninn ami ;ukb;i two more for a 10 to 1 triumph. lied CeCiill was in lorm mid the- Ni:siivil].' Viils wen a tight pitches' ilui'l 2 to 1 over the Crackers. The 1 Vnls euthit. the Cra:: " v> ! with (he Vols succeeding in bundling their hits o(I Red Oldh:u:i. Doeg Ddeats Tilacn In Startling Upset j FOREST MILLS, N. V.—Big Bill | Tikl'ii was Ihe los^r yc3icrd.iy uf- | teiiic.DM in cue ol the mcs; dra- j innlli: iii.ilcl'.cs ever witnessed here. | Playhii; in the semi-final-rcur.d of '. thc national lennis .sinjlps i.ouin.i- l-men:. Tihiin losl to young Jo::n- I ny lie.'.'}, the California gianl 1D-3 | 0-H. 3-8. 12-10. , ; Not rinee LIUl; Bill Jo!i! . ilowreJ Ihe final round in ' 10;<i had U!g Bill lost to an Amrri- i ran in the United Slates clw:n- ! pionshiji. Only the great Fran-1! mui. llcni-i Cu.-het and Kcnc l.i- Cir.r. hud Liccomplished thc feat, ni-i'i; plays Frank Shields in Ihe final round. :w YOIiK.- -Arr:i!.--!l with their i.jck-i lo the wall* bu'. playing the In 1 . ijla-jc Phillies after u disastrous •r:i-s will! Ihe lti;bins. Ihe Clilea'io ; i.'! l/s smashed lh"ir * p ay t:i :i 11 l'i i vu:'(ii'V ye 1 '.u"d[ty and inainl'.HiVd j ' '' half -'an): mu]'ni:i over liie i I n-.!,i:i', mid C;i[<!.s, v.'hi) at™ won.' ::i (in* 1 rjf ihe mint clo?:e!y ivintesi- •ii N:tlii;nal league linlshe. 1 -: in re-i •m years. j 'ho Hitilns came to life by; :n.i'hin'4 tl"? Phils offerings for Ui lid [jN/v.'s while Teaciiont bree/ed 'iiniijii easily wi'.h tile I;! 1 ; lead .lintd l>y his mates. Hack' Wilson v-lh five lilf; includiiiij Ids -iOth ?r led Ihe Cub attaik. it- Si. Limis Cardinals ll-jla- i;i I!.; New York Giants io hold neir place t:''hmd Ihe Culjs. brat ;:i' Mew Yijiki'i - s Tj to '2 with a siir- rin;.: rally. It was, wa- the third uctury in .'Ucces^ion rally destroyed the G Tlie llrctiklyn Do<ic^r:; won from ho Cineiniinti Uetis 1 tu "i. The victory was Brooklyn's eighth -::r.ii31it vi;. .> ami inaiked the lc:ii;e.'t v.'iiinin? streak <:f Ihe KC-Jon for the Robins. Kay Mos.. l:e!d i •,e Iteds down whi!.? his mates liii | the offering of Kelp imd A:h. | 'I In- B:;.stnn Braves' rame tr. ill I.elinid 10 defeat Pittsbuib'h 5 to 10 innings. With two O'.il in liii; tc'iitii Calhain und S]io!nT-r liit j dcubles to bring hi ll'.> winnliv tu:i. CiUhnin found Larry Piia'.i 1 . 1 - lefthander, for two double.- nud a iriple. Tlie lines wnn 12 of the 22 games played between l:r clubs lln.j season. Nats Gain Slightly The Chicago White S-<x lost lo Ihe Wnshin:>lon yenutLr^ yesterday! U lo 7 and I tic Nats gained a half runnc on the idle Mnckir:n in Ihe Amerlran raee. The Nals usexl n ircc pilcherr, with Mai-berry Ije- mg credited with Ihe triumph. 'II-.! Yankees were downed by Ihe Drtroil Tigers 5 to 4 with a one rim rally in Ihe ninth puiliirj tlie fig erf across. Hoyl. fformer Yankee. '.VLI.S er'j'.iilttl Wi;:j ;:ie victory. Bai>2 iiiith hit his -lOth Inmer ot the .\i-jn in Hip. second inning wtili lh:! bases empty. The St. Louis flrov.'iis won /rom thi 1 Htxton Red SDX in the lenlh InniiiR at fit. Lcuis 5 to •;. A home inn by Phil T-dl. Boston firs'. UasLiuan. tied the score in Hie ninth but ihe Browns knocked out Ihe exlr.i ix>inl in [lie tenjli iui.1 i wi.i n to -I. Kinisey was. I lie win ! ni:i:; pitcher. '. Y>S GONTRARV A CU&S A " ••" POOREST toco AMD fJE WHEM OHERS TfelR Bc DANS ...TftEAre OYSTERS SOMWEE AMD RCFUEO "fflEM ijDAS AM'R" iNfatMO n CHRISTMAS AMD AT SAYS ., HE UPlM ^ UJENTWlfHOOTAU CWEfiCOJXf ifi ""- "-14ARRiEDTpREe TIMES, BOTNEv/ER U\JEO . .BALKED Id HIMSELF UMEN ALONE EOT NBJER Sfbvfe is) COMPANY. '•."T)Jr\£Ni HE PIG) rAE OU)ED AIL Ithis Gerald Balding to a tree and rangers fighting fires in the Rob- cast lighted 'iaijgols aboul . him. erts Lake (iislricl killed a freak I After he Is well wa.'lcd let him . t - e( , r wllll sllovcls a { tci . a short °" thiough the woods with Ihe n Sii''V o£ a nomal der. I \K han^fxl tn t!-.? tallest tree. Thru Co:j. (UPi-Thii founded • ! FHEAK DKEIi FLORENCE. ' «** "" *»« ^ » ^" -, ho , t RC( of , l()ms _ n ft , us tot!llly I wavc ls KMVly |vo mMhs ,,.,.,., •.blind and had large hairless wrirts. wjihont. a sinole arrest Not (.•-.• i n traffic law violation was riyx-Lc-J. imnny several inches in circumfer- ' _ CRANUON. Wis. iUP)— Forest ;The unimal was able to make its . Head Courier News Want A<1> THE HOUSEWIFE SAID: ,t^«inrms ^A, i J«i.-».W'.fl.m.'J League from the "tornado" par; of it? name and literally lake to the air The toys whose predecessors ,ii;j things in a bis naiio:nl \vav ii< 1923 only to fall nuhvr dismnllv last year have been at ii ; 0 r iwb v;efks cut on "the f-'la'.s" here, and a lot of pre-season. confidence !•• in evidence. Tech lias a ptelty cood line, especially when you consider sucli All-Southern probnlri!iii; 5 and All- Amcrican |»s^ibliilics a.,. Vanr- Matce and Frank Srieer. both of whom tip the scales at 220 They hold down these lack':;' and By ISRAEL Kl.l'.IX Many service blaiio: ln\ - e been treating aut a disense that, in a h'.r^v of ra?t;s, doesn't exisi. T.. b'cn ircating i! tecmiv ;:-. ixipula:' notion as to iu ;r. 'i'he disease is oil y ;L1 '-;': fonie iiiotor.-; ::o ;: after lh;y have been r: :^ thousands of miles. ?-p driven recklessly, ll'.si 1:1 tor.s. ruspccuvl o' p;i:.i])ii cpiite innocent o( thn ri . : The fault lies sciucuh-. I Tint's a job half done. The new :i iMirmli'S i rin.^s merely postpone for a sh.'vt , I . while liio trouljlr. Thai iiliinv.iic cure Icr rcborini; of the cyliiul»rs Of > ir.o- •:!. are !•!-, replacement of oversi/ a< well as riirjs. IKS- All-Slar Jury All-Star National Baseball writers who sebcted'are playing thek last year team are: i But Tech was comp.irative'lv weak Stuart Be!l,_Cleveiand Press. I in the backfield last year and an- Banle;.- m. uaniei, X.-jw Yorfcii'-a^ dctciniinsd '.o <v!ii-> •> E ii-c'rtv Telegram. passing attack imj i-a'pi" :o~ fl'v 193D campaign. This week Coach \V. A. Alexander devoted considerable ti:;;p [ 0 •aerial work, with Cap:am Eari 1 Dimbp. Don? Grayir, :i „..,,$ p rl Rslph Davis, PitUiburgh Press . Bill Dooly, Philadelphia Record Kenneth E. Fry, Chicago Post Nick Hatley, Boston American Sam Green.3, Detroit News. Sid Keener, St. Louis Star. Tom Swope, Cincinnati Post. John News. O'Rourke, Washington I Barren nipping thrm' for every member of the - Georgia Tech May. Depend On Aerial Game This Year ATLANTA, Ga. (UP)-It may b« just a notion but the idea persists . .' n^.l^ en rn f, d ? ° f Gcor - l ltod ««" gla Tech this year will take a cue [lire squad. li«fp]!l ' snaflle. One whole al:e:iv>:m. pretty niiieh. was devoted to j-iu that type of practice. Coach Alex has split th? fciiad. for early practice purples, into t<vo distinct "teams." or.e i.-(. v;11 -. sily. Ihe other Ihe "Oray DMils." the latler charged with whip itself into shape so it nn varsity into shape. The rivalry on dri has the en When valves do nn: ^ erly and leak, the spajk r:at<v! quickly. t!io nr:i 10 miss and knock and • ftnrs his engine has cent: 011 pumping disease. A "chanlc will only crir.J valves, clc-ar. C'' replace "i-.i 1 plus. | 'frspc cut \vhatcver i-:-. 's-.-.r. n.-.. ' acc'-.mulalecl in the ryl:r. U: l:i\t :. a::d raurn the car i::i:our'\-a ; ^ ; pylons and rinps. On t'lc other li.i:id. tin- viiju. might be running with i!:i> w. u, • grade of oil to keep il KOILI r pu erly. an oil line cannertj'n :n.-.:'-• be loose, cnsine hrnrt <-r -;i!.; plug Baskets might be dol'ciivo. ;,; [lie waicr pump mlv;iit t- Ip.ik:-,; Any of these troub'.rr, nn-slit p:n. liurc fymptoms that wou::l ', -.1,1 .. dull mechanic to diagnose u a- :i.' pumping. the motor doe? pamp r,:i the solution lies not alone in i;.,. ir,«lal!a!ion of oversiw pisinr. -.m\~ Tin's operation may be e>:|)ciuv; alier aii^ut 25.COO cr 30.000 'niliv of u'riviiic. Tc:e constant pu-h nnd imll (.'• tl!" p:sti::l nxls. liif.iin tl:,' |>|.;l':n-; the walls of il:o <-.•!- InJiiN i-i:a:iy w:ar down i!;,M»iv.ii|r :h.\r perfectly i>hn,!r.ral o tl'.il of an oval, ro.'iiit i'. that ml is pun-.).-,;! u*:.'. the ^ap.- formed cil n:d cf tho cval-shapc:! i-. I:id i!;e piston may l:p b .rd . -l.ip against the side?. 11-.. •.::;i-.:ii:ip onerajion. as r. v .''Lely piTHluce 1 :. over.-.:.- 1 i'.~ in.t r.^ain of irilr :<.. ii' •••. over.<i;:ed pisloin i;. : .'1!=-:1. \\jih new piston i;:> ' :l:r riusne. a:; a rcs'ili ^ V:O:.M! as -.vhcn nev.. •'n. ui i .::ini :'|irii >vii", ! ''•' ••-:. li-.e -.I'nin bKuins- i-. i :.i't:..n up or (he |iislc:i .. Why, Mr. Balding! Aft.;r all the trouble we tofik !o make Ihe international polo matcher, with Great Brtain fine ami clean and honorable, everylhing is spoiled. The fair name of polo has been shattered beyond repair. Tlie ugly truth has leaked <-it a' . thc last. Gerald Holding of the | British team was for several years ! a professional at the Rinuson Club. , Here Gerald Balding has ben j e,oing around trying to give every-I body the iinpresion that he is a ' gentleman and n sportsman. He has insinuated himself into our graces. A wolf in shC'" 1 "'-^ clothing' And we hadn't susi>ected il. I A sp;rt replete with vim nnd i lire, with the best rider."; ami most i accurate shots of two nations piled j against one another—and then this j I' lo happen! - Invc.4i!;ati:»ns found that It inded was t'.;e truth, Gernld Raiding had given po!o lessens at ihe Itumson Club. II was pretly well understocd. too. that he received money, or at lea*:' "'lifts." in return for his instruction. ! Think of Ourselves T!?ere isn't much left ind^". "' ' course, except to lynch Gerald' Balding. He has come among us like a snake in the pras?. We. > lovers of amateurism to a jioint where Ihe amateur is!not even sup- i posed to !?( anyone pay the check ; for a luncheon, must not be con- (aniinalcd by the menace of Gcr- ! aid Balding'? sin. Think of your . growing sons and daughters. They ' will probably hear that Gerald Balding once gave lesions a: the Rinnson Club Suppose your own son, for instance, had his heart set upon rung a great golf or tennis ama. tour. Then one day he roads that Gerald Tialding, the ISritish |iolo player, pot auay with insinuation to club members. The idea sinks I RENTED my extra room" is i likc into his youthful miiul. opi-ralicn is .. . , 0 •'iul if.iuivcr. skilled wcrkni. i• 'n \-f ,io,-,e nrjpcrly. For i!, e 1"-JO miles or so thereaC-r ci-'rino again lias t.-> h.- w:irk» 1 slowly and carefully. :»•„'I 1 thc motor may run • IT tl an when new. { As Yr Sow— lie grows up. Theie come; a time wlien 1:? needs a litle money. IhR idea planted in his young mind becomes nn obsession. Finally after a terrific s!rugt:'.c with himself, he agres to wrilc a series of niticlCf FOH MONKY. explaining a few points about tl:-' game. Do you grasp the significance of this ,- transgression? He ts TEACHING n GOLF FOR MONEY! • Lei us net at once Let us lie The more you tell the more you sell h;ul (hal spare room itlnnij of course, but il jusf occurred lo me that I mijvht 'be able io vent it, ami use the "rent money" io ]i;iy part of the grocery hill—so I put a small Want-Art in thc Courier News rtntl presto, the room was rented." Perhaps this is a suptgeslinn for YOU. I'hnne HOfi WANT-ADS Courier News

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