The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1951
Page 13
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TOURSDAY, AUGUST 18, Wffl ILJTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS IP AGE rniniEjrjH Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopl* OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams F E6AD,TWiS!3>S? X MOST ITOLPIOO.' CAN see FROM UPTHERS TH 1 CREEK. AIMT DEEP ENOLK3H TO I>ROWN A GKJAT-- BUT HERE THEY COME PEiLLMELL.' k 6AV VOO'RB BeifOS MOST f ARBrTRARV, POSHIM& US SO HURRIEDLY SACK WAS READY 6ISMAL BACK Trieee, MAJOR.'IT WA& A FI<JE- FOOT CHIPMUNK, fO~ A MAM NOT TO Hit OJ A BEAUTIFUL M6AP06 OJ6THIM& —W6 HAD TOO 616 A LEAD OFF FIRST.' THE SUMMER. WASTERS Count your calories every day. Eat good bread that's the way To look your best and keep In trim, Meyer's Bread Is full of vlmt THE GILA MURDER • BY JULIUS LONG • THE KTOHYi L.m a wm Cvllom. ratal ihieii VMJHBM t» IXi Henri lie, lr* after bH«« bllicn by • Gil* What Don't You Need? I OM rickety furniture, worn clothM, fish Inn equipment. Anything on earth that you don't want l> worth money in tradM and swaps at H & M. | Sal*» Co. Bring It down— Ton'll Una something; you DO H &M Soles Co. I 117 F. Main Phone 6859 , JNo More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home DISPOSALL . Install It Right Under Your Sink Out of Sight! Shreds f«pd waste to small bits . . Washes It safely down the drain Simple as A-B-C ^» Flta almost any sink. See U to Way at HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO . Ih* widower. I- bring qar»- rd b* I*r. JH<:Crmrke». tht e«r- r. •»* Baker. • • • rv m McCRACKEN went on doggedly. "1 talked to severai ther people in Arizona about Gila lonsters. They all said.the same hang about there being no noisofa cs." Again Sam Colton chuckled. "I uppose they laid you that Yucca nd Ocotillo are members ol the ant us family and that the San 'edro River is the only river ID he wortd that flows north. You've raveled in Arizona. Doc. I lived ^ere. The natives know less about esert life than the average Es- .imo." , Dr. McCracken stood silent and lefeated. if anybody had told him 'A hours ago that Sam Colton .vould ever talk him down, he vould have laughed uproariously Next day, however, the coroner vas back in form. The inquest wai eid in the county courthouse tri oom, and the crowd overflowed nto the corridor. Bob Crawlort »nd his wife gave the most dra natic testimony, and there wasn' a sou) there who didn't think Bo deserved a medal for the brav manner in which he had attacke< the deadly monster, by now reputed invariably fatal after on poisonous bite. Such people as .wh did not already have lights in their glove" boxe« r were now stalling them,- - " - ;' • • • . "r»HE remnants of the lethal Hz *• ard were exhibited in a alcohi lar. which Sam Colton continuec to regard with a look many peop thought grateful. His two children Patricia and Lawrence, did IK attend the inquest, since they ha no testimony to contribute. Pai Baker had interviewed both, an they had left their home befor their mother bad =driven awa either had seen any prowlers iout the premises. Sam Colton again held abso- attentiop and commanded therlo unknown respect by de- iling the information concerning ila Monsters that he had related e night belore, He /bdded one ore detail that spellbound bis udience "The one that bit Laura was a ungry creature." he said. "It adn't been ted foi a while. That ould make it more apt to bite nything that came near it." "How do you know it was dim- Ty?" Paul Baker asked. He was ovlously skeptical about Sam's tard lore "Look at the thin tail," said am, nodding to the- glass jar. "A iila Monster stores food for the rinter in its tail. It ties dormant 11 winter, absorbing the (at from ts tail. Always it feeds up at the nd of summer far the winter .ibernation. This specimen hadn't iad a chance to feed up. You can ee for bin. yourself that the tail's Paul Baker, as well as the co- oner and police chief, did see for limselt. The lizard's tail was indeed thin. Paul Baker turned back o Sara Colton, "You say you used to keep these things penned up?" "That's right. 1 rather enjoyed studying them close-up. There are so many absurd legends about ;hem in the Southwest, where st of the people even believe :hat the vinegaroons are poisonous. They've got a dilly of a yarn about & jar of vinegaroons preserved In alcohol killing some soldiers at Fort Huachuaca. The boys were supposed" to have drunk the stuff for the alcohol and died a painful death. The only flaw is that vine- garoons aren't poisonous. In fact, most scorpions aren't either." "But Gila Monsters are poisonous?" "Quite." "And Mrs. Colton knew ft?" "Oh, yes- She'abhored the sight and smell of them, and i Mill a hardly blame he: when she made me mm My collection over to « filling station man who was stork- ing a roadside zoo." 'Oh. so she caused you to abandon your studies ot them?" "Yes," Sam Colton answered H« eyed the prosecuting attorney a little oddly Baker leaned forward "Now, Mr. Colton, couldn't you have decided to maintain a Gila Monster unknown to your wife and right nere in this country?" Sam Colton looked puzzled, ther anger colored his face. "I think your inference is r»the] pointed." he replied with dignity "I have already told you 1 haven'i collected Gila Monsters for more lhan 20 years and then only In the region of their habitat Your question, in view of this information and coming on cross-examination, as it were, can only mean that you suspect me of my wife's murder," • « * * pAUL BAKER realized that he had gone out on a limb- that he was dealing with a very astutt and much underestimated man He had the presence of mind to say quickly: "I - humbly apologize, Mr. Colton. 1 was thinking that if you did maintain a Gila Monster here in this country, someone else <* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB No Stopping Lard YOU MIGHT T AW, YOURE JUST LIKE THIS / / SAYJNG THAT TO y et= NICE] I FOUMD SOMETHING- FOR. juM OUT AMD CCFfl. 1M1 8V KtA etBTCl. fW 1- M MEO. <J. 8. TAT. OFT. "He's a mixed breed and I wish he had some boxer In him like yours, so he'd be more friendly!" PRISCILLA'S POP Open Season BY AL VERMEER f LESTER!! WHAT FRIGHTFUL GRAMMAR! SURELY TMEY TAUGHT YOU BETTER THAN THAT IN SCHC ITS A HOT DAY, LESTER! LET'S GO SWIM Ml MO /. MAW... I JUST AIN'T IN NO MOOD PER IT! NOW : ON VACATION might have stolen it and placed I 1 in the glove box of Mrs. Cotton's car." "Your apology is accepted." Sarr colton said sardonically. Paul Baker asked no furthei questions. He resisted the temptation to wipe perspiration tram hi* brow as he turned away, Tht truth was that he had been thinking that Sam Colton might have used a Gila Monster to effect the death of his wife. He certainly had motive enough. Dr. McCracken concluded the inquest and declared the death of Laura Colton to be ,due to accidental causes Nobody was satisfied. Nobody believed that a Gila Monster could get into a glove box oi a car parked in a Middlewestern parking lot by accident. Somebody had put the lizard there and for the purpose of murdering Laura Colton. 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