The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1949
Page 9
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SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 1949 (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams PAGE MINI Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie YES, -5UST GOT IN OJ THESES, MA3OR.'*— 8DT vou Off Trie SIA.8 ? ACE YOU A HWJD-CACs'ED LOCOMOTIVE A,(0 IDEft. TO THE IMG TOWER-. OR. A, PLftti TO TCAR DOSKW ASJD ReB'JILD / WHEN YOU AREN T HERE-, SOMEBODV ELSE ' TO TAKE CARE OF TH' PETS VOL) FIND/ HOW DO YOU KKJOW THEY LOST THEIR MAMMY? ALL EI6MT, XX M TX3*THe MILKIM6 FOR THEM EGAD.T WISGS/ YOU'Re |M MELLON MOOD-.~ SOU COWe STRAIGHT HOMt FROM TKE DEPOT i' ! I'M JUST AhJ IDLE A TOOTHPASTE: HCW6 THIS HE'S CURED/ THAT'S HOW BAP A COW- HATES TO MILK A COW--THAT WORD 'MILK' HAS TURNED HIS SOFT HEART TO STONE.' s~\ /f J "?Ktrfj c-""a i— I THE MILK PUNCH Elizabeth R. Roberts Jusl the sheets and pillow DRE1FUS Jewelers :il(i West Main St. Blylheville "•Meet Droil'us— Wear DiiimiMids" ounf. u~ nn4 hi* hrldr Sally room. With xin rUKSCKH'TION SERVICE Fhunc 4GOI Nichols Drug WHAT SalJy loved was surprises, and since she hud bull clog wiood, her failures didn't vanquish tier enthusiasm: ihoy onlj spurred her on to new eflorts. The matter of the gclnim must hove rnnkied. foi a few clays laler she heard there WHF some in stock at the Commissary and she hart Sonny bring Jionie a package. J heard Her num- mmg in lite kitchen and soon she came to lell me there wa? a lovely A STYLE FOH EVERY HOME , . . A DESIGN FOR IviRY OPENING DEAL'S PAINT STORE 10!) East .Main Phone JIM No. lips." "Are you sure?" At tius, Sally grew less sure ol lersell. "There were only two lit- le pairs it soc-'ks." she confessed. "Yellow socks?" 1 suggested. She nodded her head. • • * r FHE next week's washing took on a cosy hue. even though this ime Sally had played it smart, so ihe told me. and knowing much. much belter than lo wash the socks with linens, she had sel .hem aside to do lust. "What did you do first?" 1 asked, knowing from the lint that something was wrong. She explained that one ot her friends had old her how she washed hei silk things oy placing crown mold for frigeralor. and It me in the re- would be ready But for our dinne: that night. il wasn't. It was hist as loose as the last batch. Sally looked so puzzled and dis- i'omaf;ed Uiat 1 asked her how she had made it. "Like you told me. 1 boiled the water. Hard. Then I mixed it 1 even rinsed out the mold with cold water." "Did you empty it before you poured in the mixture?" "Oh, yes. But il didn't fill JIB mold so I had to^add more water.' She' smiled happily at her ingenuity. Sally thought washing was fun :ind she begged me to show her liw to run Uie machine. It seemec \y«er to give her instruction than !o let her break loose alone. 1 ,-llowed her the rudiments washing. But 1 must have overlooked explaining some things. How come," she asked me "when 1 put bluing in the water the clothes come out yellow? "You must have had something yellow in, too." | sewing machine always lefl me. No one wus home when I enlcierl Hie House. Yd I could hern a poimdit.£ uml lhnmum£2 uoinj; on n ihe lalchen. 1 opened llic door nd immediately was sei upon >j mad wrniili II wiis while. iiUonl lie size ol a small chi' I II Hailed lie un with it? Hun arms: jumped unously from floor lo t/'blc lop 0 Hour lo sink lo lloor l< .,uu 10 looi lo slove lo llooi lo Uible lop. 11 llnully perched a inomenU leiivens ;ihove! II w;is n lurkcyl V plucked turkey! Now I've seen nudec. plain and ancy, bewi'rhmg and umljar- ussed. bill I nevet saw one ns naked as fins one. or ns hysterical. 'I begin) again Us er;uy pimping Irani llooi lo slovp to Hour. emitting 1 horrible gobbling noise in Us hroal. I but-lied out of Hie kitchen. snau:heti the phone oil Ihe hook and u-ied lo think of Ihe number ol the butcher at ihe (Ire dcparl- ncnl, of the police dcpai Inicnl. 1 lad a one-turkey riol on my .hem m ihe machine water—jus! with luke- illlc—and mild soap flukes. But Sally, not being wasteful like her friend, had added hoi water lo the lukewarm waiei when the silks were done gone on with (he from and lind Ihe/i washing. "Wasn't ihe water pink yom silk Ihnigs?" 1 asked. "1 don'l think so." she said. "I couldn't see any pink. There was pile ol soapsuds on top, Nice creamy soapsuds.' So now w,. had faintly pm;. linen. Hclore our range included green and some of the lesser-to- be-desired shades (Siilly had gray swealer), 1 forbade her lo help any further. "Use Ihe machine lor your own things any time you want to." i said, "but under no circumstances are you to help me." She received ihis ultimatum with resignation, with a look that said. "Grntilude lies not in the human heart; Columbus died in chains." TJIER next good deed was aimed at me-alone. It was my day a the Red Cross sewing room. I lef the house early and returnee late, tired as a day bent over K^& HIS I'-HIKNnS By MKHKILL BLOSSER l.i't (li« Man Pass Wi rri'nf,. i /M!(MT VOU SWOOWV r>. I Ir WILL Be t ._.. ,-<.' f^TIUO--- IP L , Ul I W-'DC TO IX) If/ TtUN fALEMTV )"^^^H in:rrny ^JWli= . ],...'>.*( - l iv 1 : (i - w ^'-«'nlE -~ J (-.../-S :-T.V%V» M? r;rv --:vd L^Vv M^ DOKTrUW KNOWf ? JBllT THEY'RE SO FRtOIITFUU-Y INSISTEMr/ "I'm getting old onougli to slionldor n fuw grown-up responsibilities—how about driving tlio car Ionium to .my ckib i >IMSC1I.I,A 1 S I'OI' Thiil's Difl'iM-onl Hy Al. VKIIMKEK !)ands. While I siood at llic ohoi.iv Sally bounced in "Cuess whall" she cried, bcarnmi!. "1 have a surprise for yon! A woman from Die country bronghl in n Inrkey. a grcal big one " Sally stretched her armi lo show me liov.' bis. "She said yon bought il al Christinas lime but asked her to keep it on the liool unlil yon sent foi it. Bui IT'S ALL OVER BETVJEEN ME AND\ RICHARD.' I'M NOT/ HIS GIRL ANY MORE/ BOV. I'D LIKE TO MAVC ) V SLEW HIS FACF..' / VIC F 1,1 NT Tlu- Missing Uosl? liy MICUAIO). (VM'Al.l.lCY tuul UALI'H l.ANB she's away. So s,.e delivered all the remaining birds alive lo her customers who had ordered Ihcm held so Ihoy could kin them when they wanted them to eat." Bursting wilh pride, she eluded. "J n ed it for you. H's ready to cook. 1 inle'ndcd lo be home before yon went out for ,-i little air. lurkeys smell awful." kled up aer nose prellily yon beat me to it." "Sally," 1 pinned her with my eye, my evii eye, "how did you make thai turkey hold sir while —~—-.T7:.-.77r7.-,T yon plurked il?" "I killed it," she said competently. "I didn't want lo make a mess all over everything, chopping its head oft. And t d think I could wring its neck, not strong enough, nice, quiet way. I chloroformed H. (Tu lie Conlinuei) J Mexico Was First The first North American wheat crop was harvested In Mexico in 1530, from grain planted by a servant of Cortcz, according lo the Encyclopedia Dritannica. Constant gi nwlli of our business has made it necessary lo increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our numhcr. Our telephone number is 812 I ate one too! Think of An Apple Kl'FKCTIVK AI'RU, 12, 1!)1!) l.'MTEl) INSUKANt K AGENCY '"The Friendly Insurance SiTvice" First & Main — Ingram Hinlding We Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY COTTON FA Cliemically delililed collnn scpri Kerriiiniitc tiulcker, phint and plow the same wepk. Kednrc ehoppinx rxprnsc and produce more cotlon per acre. STATE CEKTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE 1). & I 1 . I,. No. 14, per iO Lti. U. fi t. L. No. 15, Per 50 l.b. 821 10.UK .SlunrvilJe 2 11, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.011 Stonevllk t C, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 +LOANS Our New Telephone Number GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION IDS South Fifih Street L5 \ MHtY'RD NOT HIE ONLV ONE FOR 1 MR.TOND. THERE'S .SOA\E ••• /x"~\THINS riSltY ABOUT CHANflt WHAT ARE W£ LOOklN' POR, FOG? MAYBE I SEEN II WHILE WE BEEN PAMSACKIN' •—\ THE PLACE. INVI1ING USOLtTIIFEE \V,1 (\NO NOT SliaVINO UP. TltfRES A V- : CAR COMING " LPTIIE DRIVE, I MAYBE THAT'S fOG. HflVfN T SEEN BUGS.' AND YOO VVOMY; OPEN THAT DRAWER. THEN LIGHT YOUR- S61V A CIGARETTE.' WASH TIFBHS Hy l.KSUK TURNER vt'UUE BEEW f lOCcitT II, (V1H. VOLJ SIIOLILfvli'E H[A?D &VJELI, Ef,s:v...( HOW tUCITfP CMHV W(\6 WHEM 1 WALKING 1HE \CMIEP 10 5M SOU'D fit PIGHIOUI I Vt fVVOlPHD JftM V KI:Wjf GONE 1 WJ[> I.VI f ICItUDP FOR \ THE SMAt HIIMG ftSllft«tr> \ f-H[> HP'S BPE.W 1 LET Y IHE CftB H^S StOPPED. MISS GISSINfj!.. MOW UNCIE EftSW IS ..."•in S1EEEIS WITH ME VIMF THE NIG 111 WHEN i WRS SO PEGTtD&S, AW 1 crvul no. nur. inmo. Bin OIIKCS IIIIUKIUO I'M &l Wt^K•VJ!LLEP THERE'S i / DADPV!'. IHKJS I5UNNY STICK THIS FUNNEL \ H\V!NG f>^ TEWWIBLE \ Bljthcvillt Ark. T I^achvlKe, Ark., Ilnrnrr^vlllc. Mo, and Sen.ilh. l!v V T UAMI.IN O». ALLEY. VHA.T A KIN'S YOU'LL BE.' ALL LEM VILL JUST LOVE you! WELL. THAT TAXES KING?? ME?5W. OOO\- \. WH KTg JH& ABCUT? WHO J V.WYSHE'5 THIS DAMEf YOU TWO \ OF COJI2SS. LOVES- HAN'S KAC7 I BOV.'ANC? NOW ^C OUITE A I AND I VILL f L'KE HECK •EON / KLJLE LEM AS A YOU E<KCH \ Xlrs'fi ANP r \ \v liy KPGAR MARTIN Itowdrn 41-B. Per M t.b. Bag Hall & Half Illlbrcrl). Per 50 I,h Bac Coker's 100 Wilt Resistant, Per 50 Lh. Piula, Per SO I,b. Bac P!i Empire. Per 50 r,b. Baj Come in and place vour order or grt yoar supply BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. .STUDEBAKER CARS and TRUCKS You'll Be Proud to Own 1917 Studcliaker Land Cruiser . . . licaulifii! blue, Rn ideal family car. 1SI12 liuioh .1-dniir . . . drive this ca'r for a bargain ( prict 19-10 J'lymoulh ^I-rlonr . . . jji.od tires, new nainl . . . and offered nl a real price. 1939 Chevrolet 2-door . . equipped wilh ratlin & htaler. 1947 Studebaker I'/i-Ton Truck wilh new painl and • good body. 1947 Studebaker I'/i-Ton Cab and Chassis . . . good tires and heater . . . low mileage. 1!)I2 Dodge I'/j-Ton . . . new painl, now motor, and a good Army body. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 •STUDEBAKE R*"""™"

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