The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1931
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 3, 1031 yOLl J U.E. (ARK.) COUUIKU NKWR INDUSTRIAL AND n/\r;t.' Tim i ACTIVITIES m/A ( Trade, Build and Invest in Blytheville City of Optimists' You i' Cooperation will he!]> make Blytheville mightier. !'S LIST P BEST Nil "Riht lo Love" <->ncl "Holi- Alsa Ranked: 1930's Finest. ! Closoups From "Tin; Ten Best Movies of J.930" _ii_o j ij~oo o o o o o D q "oul . :' BY DAN' THOMAS -NBA Smite Writer HOLLYWOOD -Once mar? r year has passed into review an:l | the; time has come for us to the almost impossible (ask of ing "the Ten Best Movljs of !030." Along abuut this time every ye ir. nibvlc v.Titers throughout the ccun- try sit down at their typ?v,riter.s t«ll the public what they think :i.\the ten best picture? of (lie year. Yet we never hnve he-aril ot one w!io wasn't critioiiDd for his idealh of Koch. N' Miilhouso. Inj Hit 1 orsrly ilny.s uf the wnr, .Joffrc I was watching cm- day, wltli nil his i 1 bigness und wlili*; mustache but wllhout liny suiwslion ol sold braid, a KL-OIV if weary troops slouching alone. One iniiu was wllhout. a cup mul .lotfre asked: him what had bt'i'unie of It. "l.o^t' It buck llii-re." tho soldier replied ', '•Tnk,-! (his ono. my filond. Mid | Joffio. ami he handed tho man his 1 own ke|il, which was sovi'inl sl/es loo laryc. Joffrc liked to do Illtle things' like tills, bill lie did nol rilwnys play lo the galhry. His ujjree he was \i'ry much hnnl-bolled Ihnn he 1'okcd. or thai must iicopto iluniKlU him. In nmk-; Il( >i,| incommuiUcur!-.) mdiiy as an ing omelets he nev-r spared his' ncccssury lo Ihe kic.narilng of Aiiol- CKS. as Ihe 1-Vncli siiyhiB goes. | p mis j,^^, oilluvcin. 13, uieal- His "imisslvo illonce" wns mostly | mandsiin of Ihe lale Adolphus Icier Abernclhy W;is lo Have, Received $10,000! For Returning Boy. ST. LOUIS, Jan. 3. <U1 ! >_A com- critics . parnUvply poor ne;;io who (railed move , the freedom of his son Tor that of the MHI ot a inulu-niilllonalre wr.s e "" c ' Army friends and men wlll'i pull would tntrlRiie for weeks at; !•> get ':m Inlervtew ami THK YEAR'S HLST :. Here are the 10 best pictur-; of 1930. as chos_'!i by D.i Thomas, Hcllyv.Tjod convenor, (lent for NKA Service and (Joi'.r ier News. "Alt Quiet on the West?! Front." "The Right to Lave." "Holiday." "Divorcee." •'•The Dawn Patrol." "Tcl'aMe David." -. .."Let's Go Native." "Old English." The Mickey -Mouse series. lions. We have bsen giving cur version' of- the year's choice films for the last several winters iintl n?ver yet,-haye managed to please svcry- Consequently, we aren't very of being aljle to do io this year. ' "AH.Quiet"..Heads List Nevertheless, it's part of our j.ib to make this selection, so we're going 'through with it. And we hep:: that'.In your opinion we arc alien', partially right. "All Quiet on the Western Front." the sensational war film made by Universal from Remarque's novul u' the.same name, was. in our opinion, the outstanding picture of 1930 Lewis Milestone, who directed the Sim, deserves a.large share of the credit. The story is'one that, ver> easily could have been just a mediocre war picture. But Milestone injected into it a humnnncss an'- made it great. While the hard- faced Louis -Wolheim. as" "Kal.' and Lewis Ayres as Paul Baum?: the 'young German soldier, contributed some powerful and highly effective acting. Kulh Scores Again Another picture which deserve in this list is Ruth Chat- te.rtbn's latest, "The Wight to Love.' Miss Chalterlon's remarkable p:r formnnce In her dual role of iiislh er and daughter is the ou'stnnciin feature of this powerful love ara:'.!. Since: her first appearance on !li screen, Ruth has held the rapj tation of being one of our best act reuses .and she certainly proves h? rightiVto fame in "Th? Ri^.'t t Love." Richard Wallace's deft cii rectorial touches also deserve nuv.- as tliey are second only t: l!iss Chalterton's acting. * "Holiday" easily ranks h i g 1: among the 10 best. Ann Harding' marvelous performance is Die ma*:, factor In making this film en: o: file finest talkies ever produced Miss Harding never yet has fail:: to give a.good account o! r;er:e; before the cameras, but her wo:-:-: in "Holiday" cxcells anyihinc el:i- site has done. - Another film which tak?s it; place on this list, largely bccaus; of the acting of its is "Divorcee." The beautiful Norm: Shearer, who never excited the filii colony with her work In the carlv talkies, gives a performance in "Di- Yoru^e" that will be rcmemb^rev !or a long time. And s!:c is r.bV. supported by every other r.icmb.- of the cast. Ernst Lubitsch, the director, generally manages to crash throng'.with at least one picture a yea- that is good enough to be liste: among the 10 best. And 1930 \v,v rio exception. With "Mon'c Cn-1-,' in which Jeanettc MacD;iuld u-.v starred, he proved tbal .-. comedy can te put on the screen in such a manner as to afford real entertainment. A Fine Aerial Picture • Although there have b=?r. a number of air pictures made during the past year. "The D.wn P.i trol" Is the oniy one which can i; considered really great. Howarc Hughes spent .1 tremendous amour W money in producing "Hell's Ar Tels," but in our opinion "T'- Patrol" is, superior from the sl.ini acco 9_'JJL a _°_ Cl _9 o u_o D COQCGOOU aoaooauoQ c o n n D^D c a a so ueog(iajj'jc r, r,ji riGoocooooooognonnnDBn q_u o n p u o a o o o no o Ruth Chatlerton and David Manners in "The Right lo Love"; 2. JeancUe MacDonald In Ernst Lubitsch's "Monte Carlo"; 3, Barihclmes.<; in "The Dawn Patrol"; -i. Norma Shearer in "Divorcee"; Richard Cromwell in "Tol'able Pavid"; 6. Louis Wolheim Quiet on the Western Front"; 7, George Arli?s in "Old English"; 8, Ann Hauling in "Holiday"', 0, Jack Oflkie In "Let's Go 10, Mickey Mouse, v.'ho gets the kiddio vote 'and many others. litchard In "All Nalivc"; point of genuine entertainment, while Richard EaKhehnesa' acting as the war bird left little to be de-1 sired. I Several years before the talkies came into existence. "Tol'able David" created quite a sensation in film circles. A few months ago the talking version of the same story was completed and it is creating just as great a senation as its predecessor. There is little.' doubt that this film will make a star of young Richard Cromwell, v.'ho makes his first appearance on tnc j screen in it,, just as the silent ver- | sion boosted Richard Bartheimess i to stardom. 1 In the way of comeciies. Ja^k j Oakie's "Let's Go Native" stands I considerably above all others in our opinion. While there is absolutely j no sense to the picture, it affords i many more laughs than any other j comedy we have seen during the ! year. It is the absurdity ol the : pic .ure that makes it so funny. i George Arliss' Great Work | "Old English" takes its rlr.rc o:v this list largely because of George ' Ariiss' remarkable characterization • of his role. Although Arlis.i can ! ilways be depended upon to give j polished pori&rmar.i 1 ? in any; ^fj or s:reen app^arnuco. h.e is • even better than his usual self as the 'leading character in "Old English." The final on this list. v.v> .arc net giving to any specific pic- ttire, but to a charactc-r—Mickey in. The side-splitting antics of this pcu-ann-ink character havj won him s'.ich tremendous popularity during the year thr-.t we think he deserves some kind o'. recognition. So you can pick any Mickey Mouse comedy to complete the list of the "Ten Ees.t Movies ct 1930" and it will be all ri^ht \vit!i ::s. Joffre's Life at a Glance Born Jan? 12. 1852, at RlvesalUs, in the Pyrenees. Went to Paris to study In ho Ecole Polytechnlmie, and saw active service with the army In 1870 during the Franco-Prussian war. After the war entered the army engineer corps, worked on the fortifications of Paris, and in 1876 became a captain. Took part in the occupation of Formosa In 1685 ond spent three years in French Indo-Chlna «us chief of engineers. Returned to Paris in 18S8 and enttrei a railway regiment. Rent to the Senegal In 1892 to build a military railroad. Headed an expedition U> Timbuctoo in 1893, and later was sent to Madagascar to organize' an army bast. Became a general of brigade in 1300, and a general of division in 1905. In 1910. while cornmanding the second army corps, was appointed to the Conseil Superieur de la Oucrre. In 1011 was made chief of the general staff. On Aug. 5, 1914, was made commander in chief of the French army. Began the olT«nslve of the Battle of the Marne on Sept. G, 1914, and threw back the great German drive on Paris. On Dec. 13. 1916. was made technical advisor of the government. Ostensibly a promotion, this actually took the direction ol the wa out of his hands. A fortnight later, as compensation, he was made a marshal of France. In the spring of 1917 he made a trip to America and helped stir American enthusiasm for the cause of tlw allies. Became a member of the French Academy on Dec. 19, 1918. (Continued from pase nne) nbove th?se attacks and was cou- ienl to let history judge him for what li? had done- Fceh's Opinion SouRlit Often the question was asked: "What does Foch think of Joffre?" They want?d his true opinion,' | i'i' a military courtesy to n man! I older than he and tlie French ioad- ] er cf the \V?rid War. | 1 ~'^~ n-^rp whisf?rinffs of jcal-; ! busies between the two. At the | : .11 ihf. r>f the Victory Parade i on July 14 of 1910. when picked 1 Ircp^s of Ih 1 : Allied Armies march. .-d ihr-iich the Arc dc Tiiomphc in Ihc j-'n.ilest mililary speciacle ever ; .^la?e\i. an embarrassing discii^Eion ; nrose between admirers of the t'.vo '• ir.en. The Fcch 'fnclion thnuehl ' ' -n: '.':•:,: cer.?rali.«imo of the Allied : •n-i-'-c rhnulil lead the parade, and ! I he other faction wanted Jcffre because of his seniority in years and ' service to his country during those 'terrible early months of the \var. " ' ' ~ !The delicate situation war; solved riatLle of the Marne?" Bugnet now' in 1916. but he had been a lower of j sleeping compartments Title:! i ; by allowing tlw two marshals to rcvC !ils he ore day asked Foch. I strength when the men of France v ,. itn proper bedsteads rimiiin? net ride side by side at the head of "Certainly." was the reply. "To! were fighting with their backs W. and co!(] watt . r 6tiMm rLl(li;i , ' 1 be- sure he did. Ho had prepared it j the wall. j folding trouser-liangers. nr.d a t ;>••.:! il*. rcnlization was carried j Interesting personal anecdotes of peraturc regulator, are now rim I'r.rouBh. And it really was a very Joflre have come to light since the.ning on English rallioads. sreol victory- Joffre was the need-' He could stand the brunt. ,,v,v» ,...,, ,. x - 1 «WOO.IMO. plain snino pet way ol wlmitnj! tho ' b °J' lo Ins war. or promotion.- Jolfre would; listen with .monumental pallrnc-? | and then vvonlil suddenly liiU-rupt I the ftralcglst with a Jovial slap on ; (he buck and Ihir rcmiirk, "Still the ' same nkl fellow, I .se,:*." And thiil wus that, hut he did It amiably. H Iui5 heci) fait! that Joffre did not win the Untile of Ihc Manic. in fart WHS hardly aware there wns Mirh it river. (.Killhnl alone did II • — with a few Paris laxlcnbs. according lo the^c critics It was and remains a u r oo:l st r r,v, that heroic charge uf the Paris tnsk'nbs thnt macln Von Kluck turn lull, but Joffre was Iheie. his innsslve fliiure and stubborn faith bulwarks of Fi'?nch c';fense. There is u good slory of Oalltcnl in Paris riuninx up GHQ and saying. '"i'lmt ynu. Joffre? Listen here. I want you to attack at once. now. thin Inslrint." Joffre remained calm mid wasted 10 minutes on Ihc tele- • phone fitting Gullicnl's Information I into his campaign plan while Gal- licnl fumed. I An Unusual GHQ , There never wns 'anvtliln^ on •loffrn'R desk at GHQ. not u paper or ;i map. He never wrote anything. Jean de Pierrcfnii, who twice dally draflrd thr> crmununl- ques fur which the wnrltl walled, | te\]i how once when "Papa" Juflrc! was to be ollicially photographed at work, the stuff noted that there was nol a map In the room. A commander In chief without any mapi — scandalous! So they fetched n few mid hung them on the walls. When the photographer had gone they were taken away ngaln. At intss he presided In majestic silence. He loved a good table but grumbled at the bills. "I am a • Republican general," he was fond : of repeating. He cut down the quality or the ctaL major's slalion- I nry to such a point that the army archi\ r cs soon will crumble. He j iifed to shut himself up fcr hmirs I to read the Idlers of ''Is thou-j Muds of admirers, and employed! staff officers lo reply lo Ihc chll- 1 drcn who sent affectionate me.v sa^cs to "grandpere." How He Tlccclvcil Hiikc Also he was genially offhanded with the great. To the horror of his staff he said lo n royal duke who dined at his mc. c s. "Sit down where you like, moused neiit." The duke didn't mind, bill the staff did. I Which was the greater. Joffre or Foch. never can be answered, be- 1 cause their tasks wrr? different.! Tile greatness of Foch w:i? a,s5'.irrcl ' with victory. The greatness cf : Jolfre also will live in hlsicry. He I was the man who stood the brunt. : I Foch said .so. i llusc'li. the bie\vcr. Peiirl Abornclhy. Ciin:lcs, 2$, kldimiwd who whose son, the heir to returned tho reul estate dealer ami moderately wealthy. A i'C|K>rl llml Aherncihy Informed ixjllce under questioning todiy that he had. demanded 510,000 :e- ward in addition to his son's frej- dom and had been promised trial amount nt his meeting with Persy J. Ortluycln, father of Adolphm. brouijht no confirmation from St. Louis county authorities. Oilhweln also refui.eil to dlscuv. Hie rejwrt. The Si. Louis SMr eald. hov.-ev; 1 .'. It had learned Abcrnctby lold au- IhcrHles the amount had b:eu promised not as a ransom fee biu. to help his son "Have a chance hi lift'." The kidnaper's wife Eugenia aho is under arrest and charged will! bclnu an accessory to the crime, although neither she nor her father- known about It until after It was In-law was accused of havinj committed. Search'Is conllnulnz for Charles Acernethy, the actual kidnaper. SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 DO NOT BE MISLED it Is generally cuiisltlered that a financial • statement Is most valuable when prepared by a Public Accountant. But notwithstanding, the statement is no better than his certificate^ His certificate Is no better nan his ability to prepare, arid, his honesty to tell the truth. A truthful statement stands, others full In time. Know your Accountant. ". A. G. HALL, Public Accountant. 2li U'. Walnut St. Bonded • Blythevitle, Arlt, "What A Life-— " says one brake Hnlnf (o another, 261 itopi in a day's work. No nomltr we wear out." KAYRESTOS Lined Brake* Stand the Gaff. Dixie Service Station Phone 315 Ash t Broadway the parade. But all throtiTh (he years no an- c wer c?mr to Ihe question of what Fcch Ihousht or Jo!fr?. his t'e-'h. trnrue. 1 : hav: btim Iro^cned Tid diaries opened anrl there no loser is ?.nv doubt that Foch looked urxm Joffre ns n great leader and (he cavior ol Frnncc in 1914. rf Chats With I-'cch WE DRY CI.KAN OK DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 M ] Ko could take punishment and! fight on without losing his head." • "And Galllenl?" a;ked Bugnct. | • F'ch replied: . j ! "Gallicni nolnlcd out that the ' Tell Farmers How to Cut Fire Loses 1 j In lat f er nays Cort'.mruidnnl Bu? i net made it a practice to walk home with Marshal F.'ch from the Invalldes at lunch lime, and hr iiFOd to chat with him shout various ajinct.s of Ihe war. "Joflrc was extraordinary." Foch remarked rn one occasion. Bu<niet now rcvrah. "He wns a man <if thn scunr!ost judgment but he rrrver did anvthing by himself. You had : WASHINGTON. (L'P>•-A r^cjll tion of $50.000,000 would be made In the $100.000,000 loss suffered annually as a result c' (inn fm: _ if farmers provided themselves i with simple fire-fighting apparatus I and^ organized commimity fire com-1 i n propo-e ^ prepare a ml5tftk( , Sj accordlng to ^ crltlcS| ?.nd probably the biggest was to mobilize the army in the wrong place. His original plan of cam__ . ., , palen was wrong, but he corrected According to Pocn. the men! Jt . He did not believe In what he j 1 time had arrved. Jolfre had yielded to Gailicnl's reasons. If he had been beaten no man would have trted to claim the defeat. He. v.-cn. and to him goes the glory of victors'. If we had not had him in j 1814 I don't know what would have: become of us." ' The case is now Judged. Foch j has spoken posthumously. It is certain that Joffre made CCAL S1PSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal €©. Office Phone 107 panics, predicts the Department, of Agriculture. Care in construction cf bvrildings. the department says, is another factor which would aid in reducing the great loss. To be of real value, home fire- fighlhig equipment mtift be kept in a convenient plucc find ready [or Instant use. Leaders may be attached to (he building. Thj f?-m?r should also provide himself wit'v n hand force pump and a piece of hose. Read Ocrarier News Want Ad- plan, and then lie weighed it and j'.-'oirJetl. Ho knew how to gel work mil "f his mon snd he was a real chief." Chicago Mill A^ Lumber Corporation . around Joffre called him the "lire- ' ca i lert " tin hate " for tnc troops but buoy." Or. those very black days of . in 1914 Foch did nol ^. VevK ln 8 [ r . said they were Rood only p i anc s; j m Al thB beginning, Joffre thought! he could belt tho bermans in two J August. 1914. which nvon Foch ad- milled were ".ingiilslnng. general hfadfiunrtci's under the personality n Joffre was calm and orderly, "fZrrt^t n tTi foamed at the tele-i, vith thc tact , C5 b ^ dcs( . ribc<i RS [ phone - ' "nibbling at them" at a time when Joffre's Part Revealed the enemy was talcing mouthsful. "But did Jolfre really win the This caused him to be suiwrscded Kentucky and Alabama Red Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. Hay, Ear Com, OuK .Mixed Feed. Special Prices on Car Lots. C. L, Bennett & Co. Phone Gl A.S, Barboro&Co.,Inc. Blytheville, Ark. Wholesale FHUITS — NUTS — VEGETABLES RKANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants oveV fifty yetrs. Phone 920. Second and Ro*.

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