The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1944
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT i? V Cornnitleemen Will Be Chosen Y ^-u t l ( -*• ' .Election Meetings Be Announced Leaders l , wmmllteemeii wlio will , have Important rotes la war imd, jx?st-war problems «ill b« named at the annual Triple-A committee- g ep elections *Jn Mississippi comi- ,^the week of Dec 4-9, according to ,A. c. Spellings, chairman o( the county Triple-A committee. 1 '^Places for commit l«emen election 'meetings will be announced as soon as they are selected Farmers will choose commltteemen for each' community, and delegates If cm, these meetings will later name "three county coinmitteemen and luo alternates Conservation practices foi 1945 and production goals as well a c the general agilcultural outlook will also be discussed at he election meetings [Commltteemen icpieseiit botli their neighbors and the executUc branch of the government In the work and responsibilities of the Triple-A. ' Their rccommendatlom based on personal knowledge anc' experience, help shape agricultural .programs to fit the needs of their o«n ' localities and to meet the groblems of fanners and consumers throughout the nation, it was pointed out DOPE BUCKET J. P. FBIEND TIN C\N MEMBER £As news and details of the great Philippine invasion become known Just so does the parts w iiich Dlythe- imie'boys plnjed . . Carl L Mul- BLYTHEV1LLE.GOURIEH NEWS Pierce, Fin, powerhouse football team, continue to:'rail nloiv? Ilic vie- toiy tiall . They trounced Jnck- soiivUle Naval Air Station, 21-0, Saturday. . . .As usual, "Shoeless Bill" was at his regular center post. ... It was the seventh win of the sensoii for the Amphibious Training Base which has scored 344 points to the opposition's nine. . . ROOTEn FiETURNS—Mrs. Anna Rice, mother of Delinur nice, one of the first Chicks to be accorded nil- stale recognition buck In the middle 20's, lias returned to her beloved Mississippi County, nnd is she .happy once more! . . . She is i^nploycd it Osceola and looks younger llian jver. . . She lias been in Pittsburgh vith Delmar but admitted she left tier heart buck here. . . She continued to keep up with Ihn Ohtcks »nd grieved with every loss. . . But ilie hasn't lost faith. . . "We halo to sec them lose so much, and we inow they're young. . . . We feel they will get a break next yenr / . . I'll never give up on them, . . They will always be my boys!" . . . CANAL ZONE—P. T. Hnncy, a former sterling Chick guard uiuler Joe Dlldy, has been sent to the Catml Zone, Panama, to be exact. ... He .vanls some addresses of Blytheville boys. ... I Imve sent him those of Malcolm Flnkc, T. It. Chapman, Malcolm Hyde, and Raymond Cook. . . . He.'will appreciate others, . . His address Is Peter Thomiis lln- ney, P 2-c, U, Mavy 1955, Hox Office, NY City. S. Naval Station, 80, % Fleet rost . TOUGH OUT- PIT—Staff Sergt, Hugh (Tex) Harbert, (63rd Field Hospital, 2nd Pint, APO 17110 % PM NY City), who served ;nlinosl two years in Africa and Egypt, puts In a word for his outfit nt Fart George Mende, Mel. '•.. -We have a tough outfit. They are ex-cadels ami all arc In nt condition. . . . They all have high IQ's nnd lire skilled in such fields as radio, arms of klmi, etc. i . . A number missed their wings by just one week, , i'rc'cicli, llnr Hurl, Hoy i>. Juinr» uniclifr, . Jolin Hlllii, W. 0. Jtf.Worrls, John Jr, Tliainiiion, Vctic \J'Htt;(,i», Cllnl Wlckor, A, J. •Wood, J. \\ r . J)«l(li>ji r Knyjnonc! Drown, Wlllio ttjfnau. ^y, i« Cnldv«,|l, W. H Coullor, It. M, Cuullqr, Allon It. Coullcr, W. A. .IDS 375 75 345 . 80 00 .no 375 100 2-1! 6. la 1.77 3.W 8.115 I.IT 2.30 H.-.KI 13.24 3.13 a. (is 12.18 Il!l3 . 0.63 5.05 soaooi DisTKroi NO. to —BnoWNSI'DIi U. Hallnn), . liclc 1 ^-, Jylm Hi'hnv. 1'aul If. Mtlbli, .1. K. llroclcn. Ilailo^ IJroiuU'U, H)-ron Urusvn, Geo K liiincli. \V. W lliincli. tl, W Ilium, Mn 0, I, Hums. K. lluttrmji. Ju,lt;o C;irlBr, Kr«n)l (.'nriilKl,. nick Crnln, V. 11. Uriiiwcll, II. C. (,'rooitis, \V. J|. ('rump, MocKlf I'rinii],. I'uul 115 130 so r,o aoo 115 50 195 295 125 155 110 170 50 60 100 3 eg C'nrl»-rl«lii, fliirnico 5J SCHOOL NEWS Pupils ol Mrs. Hermon • Cnl'Hpn's 7 B-3 i-ootn In Junior hish scliool, entertained with a ThmAsglvIng bai-ly Frldny 'nlghl at tlio scliool.' Thirty-nine of Ilic clliJdrcn nt- tcndcd the affair, whicii was liclcl In the music room of the scliool. ,'. Games, contests nncl dancing cu- 'tcrtnlneii the children for several hours, .and refreshments of cnndy, 1ms, Seaman second class, who nas (popcorn, cookies nncl iced drinks a member of Pete Craig's Junior team_ in 1942 and considered a po- f! tentfa) Chick line star, writes from the high seas that his ship, a destroyer, was In on that big move. .' . "I have a great little sinp now and she really/is a beauty," he reports with pardonable pride . . "It's a tin can (destroj er) . Wo call her the "Mighty Mac" . I may as well tell you that Blytheville, was well represented in a recent engagement in which our little Tin Can took a big part There ifere two other gujs trom Blythe- yille,' besides myself, and, believe it or not, I can tell jou v,hrd engagement that was . . We weie at Lejtc in the Philippines Yep, J P., our little Tin Can was right in the middle of it ... And I don't believe there Is a nation in the \\ofld Which can stop us from going on to Tokyo now 1 You should see the scenery out h#re . There is no place in the States which can coin- Rare with this Island. I would Uke to tell you where It ii, but no cice I was^renlly' surprised the (tHer^dSy^to'read that Willis Ford 'ind Mae Lovelace had gotten nmr- ii' '. J H 5 ?- 11 w ~^ork tint nt the ' pooL wth ,him and , Dent Brown, Bud<3yJ3oyd,-.ptib 'BolianhlhgV L!6yd Flohnan and a few others . How Is Jackie Byrd getting along with his j righting now? .^The last I heard of Jackie v,as that he had written home for his fighting equipment, Carl . Now that he is about to become papa within a few months, he is to resume fighting to get the baby some new shoes, to coin a phrase He is out' on the Pacific Coast, cm- plojed in a defense plant) KEEP WINNING WAYS "Ens Bill Godwin and his Fort were served >Irs. Carlton wns assisted by Mrs. V. A. - Hntchclt, Miss Gladys Vhcelcr, Hai-iimn Tiiylor, Janilu "tox nnd E. R. Mttsoti. PROTECTS CHAFED SKIN MOROtlNE IrlmiK PETBOlEUMIJElS 5C FRIPIE SIZE FOB SAM CONCRETE BTORM SEWEB ALL BIZE8 BcUte Lmnktr Oweola Tilt & Culvert Co. «« OMMh. Ark. Visit Us In Onr NEW BUILDING Located at ,, 121 E. Main St. f. L SEAY MOTOR CO. Cbmlti Dealer - F»rts & Serrice 13 jfc Main Phone 2122 EECTRICITY S' * IN THE fARM HOME ^M BS explain how easily jon m»y eoj»y electricity in ronr farm home. Estimates on,wiring ,«ithont~e«tt! '" ' ie Stolcup K«»4l Courier w«.ni DBLWQUKNr PBIJSONAX TAX 1.ISV (Ootilhiticd from I'.iso C) Wilson, Lnlln:r 11)0 (1, Williams. Arthur 'JO a'.ln Willinms. lirulu f,r, 1,01 York. Holj 100 U.f,a SOKOO/, DISTRIOV KO. 10 —FLA? LAKH •Arnol,!. H. .1. - .11111 M.I' Duvit. Mrs J. A. Frankiiii;' F/nj-.l' rj'.'ll! 3 l).ivt«." Orvll ' l>nvl«, Willie DnvU, C. W, l>nvii]ion, Alhcrl Kill., <HIWrl KilKlilil, SV, W. Ki'ln», Hoy 1'vriniiri,' Will tlnhn^-ly, Clifford Unljoon. K. K, Onrrelf.. It. I). OIIp«,' K. N OrlHIn, J. Jl. llnililock, C. 11, Hnllor, l'ly,]u llurinort, Krcil Unrnion. T. I, llcnilrlison. K. C. lloilne, Homer Hoiljt*, W. M. llotl^es, Avon lloti, Hny J'tmt's, Sam Johnvin, K. W. • fohnhon, Cah'in .Tolinwn, II. I,. Kcllcy, J>. 0. Koniicilr, S. 0. l.ovo. .1. , 0. !.»¥», 0. McDolu. 0. K. Mtlloli,, .0. II. MrDolc, 0. !>:.• Mnrlin. I). Aln^tin, DotplilA McillacV, Hillnh Mm rail, C. It. -MllliKni], K. 0. IMiillllis,' Tom I'ryor. J. 11. Jl/l(lilcs. J. II. Illci,. I-;. H. li,,l,,TCs,,tl II. Ituljlimon. M. J. Kouor.K. Ilnrvcy .ShiiiUiy, I'clc mirier, .•>. H. --. Hmllli, Hoy •" Klnnlivrry, Alfrotl .Slants, W. S. Slumps. Kdyinunil Thrclkrlcl, K. It. Wnlls. V.'A. Wnre, ltu>j(,fi WcM. Florence Wlllll', liny ! Wliltc, .1. U. Wllltl', 1'illil 10! 00 200 SO UO 1X1 135 H<1 00 3S5 70 680 5(>5 05 121} 125 100 6<5 100 '.'90 IJ5 65 85 201) 100 110 ,00 90 C.J7 4.69 1.77 1.77 7.00 5.12 1,77 0.69 •2.82 (1,71 10.12 4.41 5.47 :i.81 o.oo 1.17 1.17 17.30 lil.42 1.94 «.80 2.12 11,811 0.00 .1.88 .•1.41 7.0IJ 1.77 •i.'J4 4.77 4.77 ••f.3.) 1.17 11.88 • 2.-I7 20.48 17.8il 2:iO 4.34 1.4 1 3,53 19.24 3.5:1 10.24 2.30 1.34 ,7.06 : 4.CO lllO T5J 3.8B JlH 1.00 1,17 2.«5 •I. 77 1.00 1.77 3:ifi ' •1.41 Jl. ... 75 1.1.1 ' 423 , 50 •00 via 60 160 -160 1 b'O. .0"! no : u'a - 100 131) air, 'lii'd "'00' 10.1 ' ;i:ii • 21H ' ,,1.42 us.-, -t-.nn' no •' a.88' ' 0.89 j . , .1:00 •• V . ,' 7.50' 11.71 "3.18" SCHOOL DISTHIOT HO.; SO •NEURALGIA- Cnpudlns tellnw NeutCjlk i llccitlacho fast because Lt'».liquid. — ,. I aiinys thoresuHliiK nerve t*n«lon. : U»» loiily us cSliectrt. 1M, MdandOOo' ' " Uqurd CAPUDBNE in the 4-oi. Family Jar MOD1H6ER-POETZ TIRE CO. -N.- 1st.,,phone 2993 Emjthlni LAST NOTICE ON TAXES iqyent Date BER1 AND SAVE PENALTIES AND COSTS Mrs. Lyn P. Gooch Collector Blytheville \ti>ii«m«; j. A, Wlllltnli. K. W, Wllliaiiu. Kllii'rt. Wrl»h'(, J. 0. . ... 801100L DI8TBIOT NO. (••'' ' LOSI CANE'. Hleilioe, Toy Dtaiaa, W. 1>. I'laKlf, IHvo UrffJi, J. A. HoJjio, K, II. JpniihQn, liurry liilirltllF, J. A, l.'ott. ' John ' Uft'alhi, W. I,. ilcCarm, A. J. McGinn.'Mm. fj. I,. Murray, Jim, K. W. .Arcli Kot.chwn'.'AlfrtO ' Herat.'. Kcl .. Smllli, K. ' Mutts, ' 7.. • Jj, > -, .Toyrolit, 'M. yradv i Vouch, Hoy Wall., Mm.'ll'.A," WMIrlu. John ' Williams. J. K. , 'AnrltTfirm. U. II. •ArcliMvl). V. D/ujiliiirl, Cnrl Hecl-cll, K. 1). Wrd. Carl lloillli, W. !•'. 'llrcwcj-, W. W. s, .Irjlin Brllf, U'llllo : Hrown, .lolui . 'Jlrowj), Curler 1MONDAY, NOVEMBER. 27,, 194-1 l,aivLurji. W. O. T. ,1. - .N'i'lHiii, W. W. ^WKurti. C'jirrull IVarcu, J, T. •1'hoiimi, I,. K. TJ|OlJltJ^nll, I.. TilU'y, C. K. T'in'nsiMul, J. I,. Tyiiw, W. K. ', Olilau Walla. Vcrnoti Wiser, Ireland DUlird, 0«» )>on«!d, A, I,. Duniier , Henry A. nJ. C, , Carl , J. K. n, W. K BRONCHIAL IRRITATIONS —of colds Quickly relieved — Grandma's old-limor inutlou Buct- iilra developed by modern Bcicnco into u counterirritant, vajwrizmgealvo. Duly 25c, doublo Bujiply 35c. Get Kcoll, I.; 0. Hcult, llaj-iiiuinl .Scoll, W., M. , : JOtlil A. , N. JI. Kfjurlock, A. A. 'KtoVcns, Holinau Sto;s - nrt, Jot-] K Klill. Will •<•• Turni'r, Wi.jjncr, G. W. ' Wnrrei], Jlick ' ' Wells, Tillranil Whllnkor, W. M Williams,, C.. K • Williams, .Kcl Williams. .1, C. Vi'ynll, Uarhml soirooi • ; BOCKY Holier, li. A. Kane, J. Jl. OKC, t'tirliii Kynili'r, Uurlln t.t. M. Y. (inlluway. A. M. OiJci K, N. ' PE METRO BA5E KICH IU MUTTOn 5UE1 . II. Oroi'Ulii, K. I,. (lull IfcfimnK Co Ilnrjier, T. H. llxnttl . .lelliro ll«rri». C. H. orrur, I*. K. (1J 'S. ,''K(] Aloiilforc lni;r«iii. W.i I,.. .filtVson. W, K. Jurfcwon. -,S. K., Orient , 0. [^ •McUlnpi!.: C«tll Mctilouil; W. .1. Arclicr, . ,- Clontl Ilinljy, A.. A. Jiiillcr, Kzri, ' Ciirnurhcl. Klliu Carroll. O", W. (,'nrriill. Carroll, Virgil' Cilascy. A. .M. , Jl. W. s, J. W. Comlis. Olyilo C'rouso, Knrl SCHOOL DIUTSIST KO. B1AOKWATEE Kvil . 9ldK«nhf6, Willie Manchester. TOJU .MUItr, f 'Or«iil M'ornu'n, 11. II. .i A. , i Burrow K, II. .Ciirler, W. II, -. iGaKtlfiniAri, Ciirl I CWllcjunn, Ca*t]i}jiiAri, .1. K, Arllmr Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Islaml City, ff, Y, hranchised.Hottlerl I>epsi-Cola KottlinK Co. of Blythevilli how much WHITE LIGHT in a pound of BLACK COAL? T . '-IE lamp has a lOfli-wait bulb in it and , the lump of coal wciglip one pound. Pulverized and blown iiUo, ihc big boiler of a power-planl, a: pound of coal* provides enough 'steam to generate one kilowatt-hour of electricity. That uiucli electricity, in turn, will light ihe lamp for fen. hours—long '_ enough lo read this newspaper and a couple of novels. Qi 1 it will run a small radio for 23 hours, A food mixer for 13 hours, a washer for almost 7. "So what?" you say. The point Ss this. 25 years ago, it took about ffcrce times as much coal to produce a kilowatt-hour of electricity as it docs today! The all-around efficiency uhicti gels several limes as much jc/iife Jig/it from black coal has benefited YOU in ma/iy ; icnys/ " . It has made your electric service bet- 1 ter and cheaper year by year. It has met' Ircmcudous wartime demands for elec-' trie power, without delay, shortages or • rationing of the civilian supply. It has held the price of electricity at an all-time low, while the costs of other items ou the household budget weut up, '^ "'" " _ , These residls come from the sonud business .'management of the nation's light and power companies— and from the hard work of men and women who know ihcir business. The same com- panics are preparing for even gi-cutcr Accomplishments tomorrow. 'Some plain ute Its) l cn«i in. tojl „„,/ c fawJi fcr itforjit.A / fount; lame mo , f< (,,„ fata,. The nait,n-»iJc o M'MOPOWERCO. , . /(ioirA,»', 0 ,fc.v^y,»_ isv \.—our at ra ammeicrml *a< , 1 3 HE/»R NELSON IDDY MIRY .WfDNESWr IN "THE ILHCTRIC HOUR," WITH sotttr 'uuumin's ORCHESTRA io ; jo PM, EWT, CBS NUTWORK

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