The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1934
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Served by the United 1'renn 70L. XXXI—NO. ID MCTHEVElEiCOtJRIER NEWS iiv>mmjn a I rtllKANbAS AND RflllTllK-AST 1/rflB/vim U.yllii-vlIU: Dally News lilvlhevlllc Crurlcr MLiUslppi Valley U-adi-r blyihevllle Hi-niM Si. cu-i ha> si. Paul il Police Hope for Solution of Brcmer Ab- rJiiclion. ST. PAU1,. Apr. -i (UP) -Tllf unsolved Kdu-ard (.;. Hroincr kill- napin;,' was revived unlay wtici, a aanu.ter. shot down dnriir.' a federal roiiinl up i,f undcruoili cliiii actors; broke Raiv;lands red; of .silence as li-.- lay near d-.-n'.h. Capture ol tlio canijslei-. Kniicne Circen. mi ex-canvicl. ami tiL mibunt-liaiicd iivcKliciirt. va, innud as Ihe prelude to a Utah in (lie iimitih lun<j .sili-'Jice sincv Brcimr, a wealthy turned loose alUT S.iCO,tca ian;ojn. TM: tani;;.! i's f been only liirl. Ol-fCll, trailed by Ull automobile load o! federal agents. leaped frun a moving machine diivcn by l.n's'A-iTtlic-ari into the bnl- li-ls uf iinotlK-r ri-ikral annul last r-iklit. SO hour.; alit-r I.,- and h;. ir-d-linir.d woman hdped ;.n 1111- klenlilicd machine ginm r .shoo Ilii Wily out in ;,:, :,|jiirliiii-h Wh:L-h. fillEC-V plinl.'i 1m.- ie. ceil- ed. was ccciij;ied by John »il- WASHINGTON 1 . Apr. 4 iUP) — John DiHiiir; r was idimiiiii d b; department (,! justice aijuits tu- day ns or.c of (do two men who -ho', ilu-ii- ivay out 01 a at 1'all! apart;i.L-l!t Ctillirdly, J. I'd- tar Hcovi-r. h'ad ut th:- division of investigation. announc'.tl. The oilier man wa.s identified a? Eugene Green. who was rer- •iously woundid by dc-pnrtmcm ol JusticL- iijjc-iius in another prise mid last ni-_;hi. Finger prims of' both Dillinger find Orccn. logc-thcr with duoi: ol John Hamilton, d( scribed as .1 liaitciiant of l)i!li!i-rr. were fo-.iuii at Hie apartment raided last, au- llnlay. 1'lic department, a-poricd Green was slowly yainiii); sirength and K lain" miustiuned. A lotal or Sl.SOO .tt'.as fuiind on the wom.iu cau^J't -.vitli Green lasl ni-lit. • sur- Promised Land Bandit Fiees With Register WaHrr fitp'.v.iu p.-oniis'd FJ-L :lci'.):cor.i-r, was |i t .|d up at his J.ltre, £OLit!:cnst o! IILTU. Muiid^ The taiidit lacked out of tli Etcre, covering Stewart vuh In-j run. and struck out across v:i:i the :tore ciiili r:jii c.rr his nrut. Toledo Lililr.^ •c-*"" TOI.EI'.jj- v April 4. lUPl Mury 'v'o^' /ttii-uld i;r:iiL .- h M! mi.-', v v>- .otiiieled by two mi-ii ti'^yV.^ .'In- leliiriu-d iu tl.iv..., V V ,,L " ' Ul " ULl ^' ''""'S .is. Henry Elfiin, the (jii-l's nw- i.icr, who withered tlie abduction, i told police lliat the men sp:-d I away in n small nd automobile while Miuy .'.creamed hysterically The tlrl's brotllor, Kobeil, IU. a):.o was si-i/cd by the mi'ii t-ia !ie luoidil back ami yelled i- d Was ri-le:i*-d alter l.i'hiv; in i ' ^ i Jjtu UK; ear. AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI WKUNKSDAV, Al'KII, -I, SINOLK COPIES FIV15 CENTS Reported lo Have! Confessed Killing t of; AgcJ Icniicssoe Couple. ! Public Utility Rate j Inquiry Is Authorized WASHINGTON. April 4 tUPl — 'I In- liinivf (iiday 1 adiijilL-d Un- Nor- 'It'clLJCS CoillllHlilllCC Cr>.refill Management Connly I 7 : ;>u lnvi-:-ii|:atioii ol ( i ill i'S by (in> li'iliTi 1)1 ini.-.slim. public ntlllly |x>wei- coin- rtilnpclon uf i lu- lefuliillon eom- eonvrit.slunal action. ANT. Tenn., Apr. •; (UP) ~Cu my otlici-rs rushed joliimv Hcv.iiicl. i!>. cuili'ewvd negro slay- r ul ti!t aeid n-:>n and u afi i.miainta jail inday afl-.-r 'tfM-in;- iv|joi!>. lliiit a lyncll n-o'j '. i-i !.j-|i,:n _• in ni-ailjy Me- L't-; iity .'.henff 1 ; announced thit .h • u »iu would IK.- held lor su-.- 1 kci;.inj in the lliin;in-jdon jail. | '.'til i!ri::iii)>duii audiorhii-s d-.-n/'i lit had la en placed in tluir cii::- II yon >ia:;i i-, kj,,. iv v . hi \,. w Yin.-t-r; i:i:[ i;..'i|- | 4 iUii- hinu "Illl: Mlll'-M". Jin,l| M| ||,,, sjiii||. I''- " i; l '* ul H. nirji.l II Ji-|i|. =un tiiliiii-v i I!,- i t <,i,, V j, an,.,- a • •t \s :i .irllsis •>J '"IN an i hi' iKiii.'s'niii i Announcement ol his cnnd\<incy ! lor rii-lci-Uiili, Mibji-el 10 the Dom- | . otTalic ii.imary. was made today' by Uimniy Jinl'i,- /. ; ,1 11. Harrison.' Mr. JliiiTl.-.uii aiiimiuici'd no plat- • form but ;.aU id-it if n-elecled lie would ciwllniii- du- jwllcy ol iron-I ir-my and can-fill management, that j hinder Ills adminlslladon has p:oiii;hl im|irovi-iiu-in in Hie (liiiin- jcliil i-ondldon of iho counly .despite lln- dlllieiiltii-.s D| the n.- -••sjoii period. Has Ke|ll! Kx|irn.srii Down! I Fllminalion of a $35.000 over! diall in the county road fund. |* llli which In- was faced when jlii- fin.l look ollua-, o]R-ralion nl 'the connly £o\i'rnmuit wumr. th • ureally Explorer at 90 tood Waters Spread Over F'ul Oklahoma 'Plains Country. Kl.K CITY. Oklll.. Apnl 4. (UP) reduced revenues of the' - FVd by heavy rains, low banked period, and tviiiibllsli- I'lii-ams In Oils Jbl plains coim- U y ludiiy. linnuliUIni; fnrm land and some villages. . Six pi'isons were reported l:a:l -ji I; i into '1 ri;!:'. v I'll oil leers sped liniliii-.iiin with Hail pris-jiu-;, I Rs aiir.i.iiuced. but apparcnih j IM'ciicciul to another jail. i l.'llici-;s said In re ihc tl ; i j ' :mpli.a;cd anoth:-r ne;;ro ar.d u i! -'•hi;,- t.mi In tlie murder of Mr.' ind Mrs. J. M. Uarkiuule during nicnl of a counly owned penal farm, thus endini; Hie convict Icashy system, nru achievement »l his administration in wliltlili'<K- U wns feaied they had Judge llarrisiin lakes especial sal-! drowned. Several liause.s In Ihe i'>faclion. iHniminin sex-lliui wen: under wnler. The $35.000 road fund overdraft' Ttle ln!ss »>'< Persons were mein- \viis wiped onl nvo years ago and ! 5 of °' le fillllll >'. Rescue work- since dial time county road ex-i l ' ls despaired of finding them liendiliires have been kepi within'-"'"''• Tlu ' y wt>re trapped when Income. Last year, despile a sluupi'!"' o "> lcllll « river suddenly ovcr- • decline in jevenuc as a result of '' mml lts bnnks ; reduced a.s.H-.ssineiiis lor lax pur- At lKISl 40 tm «^» '" Ihu Oua- thila valley In this vicinity were demolished by the rush of flood waters. A rnlli'ond bridge was wiicked. A rescue crew ol more llinn 100 men went to llnmmuii to nid In ICMJUC woik. Hosier Rcelccteci Chief of Police; One Aldernianic Race a Tie. CAHUTllMllSVIU.K, Mo. - Tile oltl clly council will m.-t-i tonlKln lo seteel a ward one uklmiian us •.i reaull of u IU V vole |j) yi^ii (iay's clly election \vlnrh provided a niunbei' of contests mid bniU out tin tilmnst unprecedented bal- nt. A total t'f 1.IM8 voles were lUjl. 'I lie council will decide whether i. Johnson or J. VV. I)nvts will II cut die unexphed frin o! I). D. Pinion, who resigned us ideiinan lo run, without opposl- lon. for mayor. Johnson aial Javis each received I!i5 voles. Other eonleiits ic.siiHed In Join loslvr. police clilrf for iilwut i: curs, Ix'lnij re-elieted, K. L ['Insley belnu voted nnotlier lira s city lollsctor. C. K. Uragi: l.clnv cturncd us iiollce judjtc and li 'olinson us lax- nsses-soi. Hliitroi vi, the county's Income e.xceed- |tcl approval claims by $11,000 slid :tlie county's lioatiny debt was rc- G . ,,ll r n . -i n t- Pm-. f llllc( 'd 'W thai amount. The coun- •Clllt tOUlt HoostS ICIl-jiy pc^al farm, esiabllshed soon illy ill Liquor PoSSCS-1 "'"i'" , J l! '-, IInrrl '™'> ^ame conn- ' i" juiiye. snowed a profit lo-st year sion Case. a iiitbery of ihfir home last Jime. : MiMlemeanor aujx?al cases from "ilvihevillc munielpal conn con! Untied to occupv circuit crlmlnol court in the third day of its two- weeks spring .^essioii this morning, but felony trials were expected to op-'-n Oils afternoon. ...Although the entire mornin» Services for Well Known Business Man Will Be I fold 1 hursday. aiul will involve no future burden iiimn the taxpayers, In Mr. JInr- i rison's belief, bin rather will contribute to further reduction In die cost, of feeding and caring lur coimtv paii|)crs. I Will ISuilil J'nor Hume : Wilhln the nest 10 days or two ! weeks Judge Harrison hopes to rtarl conslriiclion of a new poor VOTE' REDUEIIDN RATE lession was taken n« with trial of i home, to be located at the north i miMlcmr.-anor care, witnesses j cmi o[ the fiela nil New York Cotton NKW Cotlnn May July Ocl lite J:.n March YORK. April -I lUPi -closed steady, open hiyli lilts 1210 1224 123;! lo'.v 1195 1240 120S 1219 1207 1234 1220 12-14 1230 1248 12:10 1259 12!G clo.;e 1205 121o 1232 1241 1247 Bi:oti closed steady at rft.i. u;> 5. New Orleans Cotton M:W ORLEANS. Apr. 4 |UP)Colton clos.d iteariy. open high low close May HOD 1-J03 11Q5 1207 July 1203 1217 1204 121) Ocl 1225 1233 1220 1231 UiC 1-J3J 1242 12M IL'41 •!»•'• 12S7a 12-151; Spots closed steady al 1227. !\> y. Chicago Wheat open h:t): io ;v C i 0 s-.May R5 1-8 HI 35 (ji; 3-1 EPJJ! 8j 3-4 87 1-2 S5 1-2 K 5-3 May Jiilv Chiccif/o Corn oi>'ii Intr. lew 47 3-4 48 1-2 47 1-4 -10 50 3-4 49 1-2 l.EACHVILLE, Ark. — Ephram .\!<nro» Howard, 43. o'ne of I.euch- villcS Irarim" busiiiiss men. dic-U a*:t ni^tH al Ihe Jonesboro lios- i p 'i"l Rngevs. iiital. 1ii~ funeral will be h:-ld ; Crews. Joe Thursday afternoon, with liuiial at Elytheville. Mr. Howard, a native ol Kip] y, Ttnn., was 'a raiirond cngincti until 1015, when he eslatlished I Brndford A.ncuHural Finance coroorallon of l.i ; . citv slated for today , T1 "' KralKi >" rv - ei«l'»8 n U'O- day Kcwaou vcr;:erd-.iv afiernotin. r..,,r,:«l « Indlclmcnls. No 1™ W!!s wore ren.,,,,,., ,., „,„ of county penal Inrni n wooded Iracl al Fomt distance Irom the prison the defunct | rann 1)ro]Xlr _,,,,„.„ lm[1 ', ^ er matcnab arc already being a"«>rn- bled at the site, nnd Mr. Hnrri- i.on hopes to obtain aourovni i-ir were ttill under subpoena for the property \ n trial of Rnm Thomas, former sec- relarv-tre^siircr ol cons , - ten-lie Insram Joc: ror W| , U|! nll( j ne ,, vo immlcs a ' TliDrnion. Hiram nd i for those suffcrina from lutierni- | '"-'ii nnd other coininunlcable dis- . scc -, eases. Tlie buildings will be creei- C:i">i-b!'ll and Roy Bidwell. Tlio rro^'on scored its mid drrtiivf- victorv over HHIOT ' cd " hrgclf of l, lm l«r cut and -n-n .!-r f ndams vesterdav when sawed on Ihe county fn>i, and -he K. M. Howard Und^kin, i Irom a ^^^""in ^«Z ^,,,^°^,^ J?*™ company here. Al the l,me oi : c«m for lll-aal po-es^ion. was | !-°| e tllc f -' 1 -"ners will nrn- "Coiidscalion." Says Bel! Company Officer of E Dorado Action. 1 ITTLE ROCK.' April .4, (UP) —More than it score of Arkansas citl~-, held municipal elections yes- terdny. i ivihnps the most Importan election wns at El Dorado, where voters adopted nn Initiated ordinance reducing telephone rates 1 the citv approximately 50 per cent Ids death he wns j resident ol die fined S:«5. Tlir- dav bf-Iore.' Jim- I Uiiftalo Island Burial association, mv Jnns-s. niHther li-cal man, liad | -I:e was a Mason and ' " • ~ strnclion. common labor for con- court saw their chance of having DiKlley. prosecutor. Den- urycd rc- clude CoDp?r is rnunsol lor the pair. Hnh'jles Clayton, nc^ro. was fin- ril Sin on a charge of petit. lar- rrnv in die theft of tire cisln^s lirst time such ni been held in tb Will Announce Emergency Gasoline Plan Tomorrow WASHINGTON. April 4. (UP>An emei-gcncv n!an. designed to i lnt:ery Clnvtnn had "w- l'" Cet a <Ic I )rr5s ' 1 'l situitiou tn the 1 from a S''n line and a 30 ' f-' Asollne Ptoducllon branch of the .eil tor home UJKIII toina noli- Ihenw HIII-S us '•.soiuelhini; to Tied ol his father's death. A third | member vou in- " ihild was die late Mrs tula V ' Witcli:r. Tlie funeral will be held lit 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon al the LeiiclivilL- Medi,.dir.t church. Tht|nml Ifi-v. J. W. Moore, pastor of die j np n ! jhurch, will otlicute. assLsleJ by .he Rev. W. M. Ednard of New- foil and the Hev. S. K. Wiggins i_r Jiii:-.-,bcro. pre.sidin; ilder ol .liifi district of tlie Mcthcdiil L lnl.rmenl will be made al Elm-j,,-,---,;— ;;;;-• r ;;;'—i lapse of Ihe wholesale ya.ohne Tavlm- Free-man Dell f-inner n c !" mrrlcl1n s structure, occasioned by heavy over-production, ar.d will rentencf in miinlelpnl was i--ii-es"r.iPd by Sam " ctrolrum industry, will be noitncrd an- lomorrow. the petroleum K'linlnisirntive board revealed lo- .'nnall and Nelll Reed. O. A. Allen, farmer, fined Sin in i'"?." ., . ii.miritnl court for petit Inrcenv. I u wns salcl t!le l' Ia " l ™ m 'l "'- j was Ix-iiin tried today. ITe is al- I i™. 1 ^ 1 l _°, l' ro «nt a threatened col- wood cemetery al Blythcvtlie. The Cotb URdrrlaking company is i charge ot iuncral ari-aliijvmenls. Samuel Insull Seeks rrnrnsomrd bv C'nvi'iic. . O.=car Feudler wns assislir.g in die prosecution. rrinain in elfcct nnlil a permanent policy can be developed. 48 1-4 SO 0-8 Stuck 153-4 NKW YORK. April 4 (Ul't — Beliclivc buying and sellhij In a lew Issues jirovirted sonii: i'nl.rc;! lodav In an oMicr'vi?. 1 drab aiv.i imir-;.i- ' :ncvfn-t stock e.xchm^ list. Th- niaiket clawd trresi:' <r A. T. and T ........... Anaconda Copper ...... lictlilchrm ateel ..... f'tirysler ................ Cities t-ervicc .......... Coca Co!a .............. fUn.ral Tank c.rirral Kl'clric ........ Oenirnl Motors ....... . International l!aive,--ter Midd!c\vesl Utllitlrs .... Monl^otnery Ward ...... New York Central ...... Packard ................ Phillips Petroleum . .- ____ Radio Corp .......... Simmons Beds ........ St. Uciits-San Francisco ftandnrd of N. J ....... 'IV^as Co ............. U. li. Steel ............ jj I-L 3 100 1-2 ;o 7-S 2^3-1' w 1-1 42 1-f 5-10 .12 i-f, 3:. 1-2 7 7-S 27 3-4 Funds to Carry on-FightJDodors Vote Thanks j Lmdy's ISTANBUL. Turkey. Apr. 4 CUP) ; to Mrs. Harmon Seford Tjl in -Samuel Insull. despairing nut : .till tight Ing extradition, moved to j In a bnsin,-s>; m-elinq of Ihe •eplenish his omnty war to- j Mif^i^i->pi ro':nty M.xlfcal ns'o- "ay, unknowing dial Madtmo:=el!e . rintio:i here l.isi'iii:ht a resolu- Zelna Couyoumdjoglon. myflery ] lir.n of Ihnnks and cood wi^he? oeanty. had iried lo land liere to ivn^ vn|--d f nr Mrs I'a"a->n Sermd. nid him and had bii-n turned ! •<•!•« h^s bi en trati.sfi-i red froi i iway. , j i-rr-d of tl"> relief \vnr>: '-ere lo CallliiR on the remains of his Kuln.iki county. Dr.< F L Hus- 51«X).000.000 utilities fortune lo i :,.-pd ,\. M.' W.^hburn nnd T. :»vc him. Instill, through his at- j '•' Il"c;on of Lvvo-j. are mem- 111, in Want orneys. cabled to London for S10.0CO. H was revealed that when he landed here he had bul ten Turkish pounds—$8.20. He kept up his spirits by con- rcrrin? wilh his attorneys on plans brr- o! ;!•- r^'oluti'.n con-.mi'.te-- PhlHiiiin-'. attending the meet- 'iv; a' i'•.(• revthevllle hosaitnl were- J I,. Tidw'l of Dell: T. F. Hvdson of L'jxcm. C. M. Harwell :f Csceoia. N. H Ellis cf Wilson. lo defeat plans of Ihc Turkish ', r .d j. ,\. Salib;\. A M. Wasliburn ind American governments to send 11-'. I,. I!u.-l:nnd I R Johii'on him to the United States for trial |Hi'r(/>r C. Simi.' Trod Hovd C. R and I-'. D. Sinilh of Uly- or fraud. i thevil.'e. Three Negro Attackers Die in Tennessee Chair NASHVILLE. Tenn., Apr 4 (UP! -Thre- negroes died in the e^cc- 'ric rhalr at state penitentiary 'ust after clawn today for allacte day upheld en white women. Onr- neiro. Percy: [owa Iowa Moratorium Law i Upheld by State Court! TI, C ma,, wi, 0 t ails ,,, C h ; .ri M | A. LltnlberKli 10 fly, Ira Ihftle, DES MOINES. Icwa. Apr. -I <U . nl-ove. has been found, seriously P)—The Towa supreme court to-j 111, In want, and alruosi Mind, It was the election had •:tnte. "The vole ycsterdny in favor o th" proposed Initiated ordlnanc fixing rntes to be charged for tele pi-one service In the clly of El Do radi." W. E. Gosdtn. division ninn i>"cr of Ihe Southwestern Bel T»!rn''oiiP company, told the United Tress today, "amounts (o confiscation of our telephone proy- —lv in that citv If (he. rales speeded in the ordinance are permlt- cd lo become effective. "We are studying die situation 0 determine whnl will be done to prevent Hie confiscation ol our property there." An nppeal will be taken. Al Tevnrkana an eflorl lo have 1 clly mnnfio-r Han of govcni- wns defeated. Fourteen votes defeated a pro- nosal for Sunday picture shows at Clnrksvllle. Slate Senator Sam Bensley wns reelected mnvor of nentonvllle. At Pine Dlun nrenien and po- 'ice must take civil service esam- ln»llons. II was decided nl Ihe oolls yesterdnv. Voters rntincd nn orilinance substituting buses for slrecl cars. One time nll-Ainerlcnn football "Isvcr al the University of Ar- kan'as. Wear Schoonover. wns °Iecicd clly attorney at Poca- honlns. Sixty votes were cast in Parn<rould election, where the candidates for clly offices were unopposed. Mcnn voters approved Issuance of £42.000 In bonds for a PWA municipal hospital. 'ate. seeking re-election ns ell) Homey, was defeated by Sltvi .ledllng. L'oniCbts were also iiovtdcd In till but one ol the IderininiLc laces. Tlie vote wns as lolluws: Mayor—D. D. 1'lnlon, unopiwacd .U'JS: chicl ol pollce-Cl. Kllloll 1IS3, John Hosier, 1,250; clly Ircns ircr—Jack Searlcs, unopixisi'd, I, 038; cily cullecloi—George Doyle J09, R. L. Tlnsley, 1,124; pullc —C. E. Drngg, 003; llolll llulril, TM; city attorney—Slev Midllng, 025; Sharon Pate, 817 tnx assessor—D. Durham, 470, Johnson. 1.M5. Aldrrman: llrsl wnrd, rcyula term, C. Goodln, 114, Dr. M. I Iludgings, 189; first wnrd, short u uncxphccl lerm. D. Johtison, 155 J. W. Davis, 1S5; second wnrd. John Hay. 2£H, Cnpt. J. M Cini- iion. 254; tlilrd wnrd, T. J. Mcdlln, unopixiscd. G42; fourth wnrd. Phil-' -ip Haiura. 121. Dltk Lewis. 237. Juhnsnn Sttfle Mayor STEELE. MO. — W. H. llowell wns re-elected marshal over a field of four candidates nnd Ncuberry Johnson was elected mnyor over Hurry Burton liere yesterday. G. n. Bowen wns re-elecled po- lico .Judi!» over Max L. Kelley. A. A. IJoone wns elected cily col- leclor, defcalliig Charlie Jenkins. H. Bnllenline and Henry Carter. J. P. Patterson was elected o.'d- eiman of die first wnrd over H. E. Frakes. c. v. Howard, opposed by Shirley Stiillh, was elected second wnrd alderman. llowell polled more voles than nil three of Ids opponents In the race lor marshal. Been Is Horncrsvlilp Mayor F10I1NERSVIIA.B, Mo. — John Dcen, formerly of Ulythevllle. jmergcd vlclorlous in a five-man incc lor mayor here yesterday, over his nearest opiwu- ;nl by 37 vo-. r. Walt Lomax finished ahead In Reid i'! foil- candidates loi Riiilin was Ihe norlh Ilia liiiinu may nut ,,- ranillhir laiw. inn [nun- Hum Inill u H.H- Inry UKII Ct' Ailnliiluia \Viinn- tim lin.-i'ly liillilu lili; ui-WH liy l»ailliiK diu Ari'tlc i'\|M'illlluii Unit tilillslieil 1:1 Blntlona in liu-atu :lie, Miirili Puli-. Uiineiitliii- only tbn facl Uiai Ids oldest friends nro SOUL-. Cruuly In »lmwu In Ida .ililiiKton. '). C., luiine. ai IM elebraum ul» JOd, im-iiuhiy. Y'o'ers Return H i m lo Mayor's Office; Davo Younfj Reelected. OSCTOI.A, Ark.. Aurl! -1.— A. S. fo»C's wns re-elected mnyor of ^eoln a>ul Have Young was re- cllv mflrshnl In .die two of yesterday's inu- p'p"ipil inn lor iilr-inril election. J. B. Eiiinn dcfentctl E. S. Driv- rr for nldernmn of tlie secone "••ml. 170 to HO. and Sam D. Co- btc. clccled without omjositlon, re nlners II. H. Tirooks from tlie. first jward mnrklne die only clinnT. 1 n 1h« personnel of the orflcla 1 ^lly for the : t\exl term. W. W. Piowltt Is the oilier nl- 'r-riniin In Wn'-d Two and B. A :<irlwrl-]it In Wnrd One., n. F. 'iiflf-r nnd E, A. Tcaford were re- without opposition In Ward Named Second Alclnrmau Over "Wnto-in" Candida I c. fjnsilri! the lliiht".st vote in eais. Illjthevllle electors y.t.tcr-. ilny i:lio^j no 1 ';; neavei:s ns clly el'.-rk, 11 in-old Slcrnlx-ri; as second »nid aldermnn, 10. H. JntkhOn as llilril wnrd nlil.'rtimn unrt Sam. Mniiiitl us clly iiltoriiey. Out- i act- reiiKiljis' very much In donl:l. On the face of unot,- llelnl returns from die. fiiiil v.-ard Mai inn Willinms wns eleeled tild- iriiian ov r I.. Ci. "I'eli.-" Thouip-' Min by duel' votes, 'i'he. oli'lcome' sUll not l.i' i!:>tinnined until ili-3 viainty i-ltctioji coiami sloti can-- vn«; s die vole I'rldny and checks 15 uliKi-ntcr ballot;;.Civil Sen-Ire Han Ke.l-rlr<l Ail an. which would have |:ltic- cd control of die [wllce anil lire d'pamiic.nLs undi-r a civil stwlcc toaul of .seir-i»-i]x?lualhn! uiun- bi-i-ihlp, was liverv.'helmin^ly rejected. The vole was ;U35 a^ninsl tlie mcnsure and 15:i for Jl.' - Detivtts, former clly troiisurcr, won in decisive fnshlon over Sld- ley Ciaiu. vunnlns! for rc-elecllon. ind It. I.. McKnight. li.avers eceived 201! votes, Cralj 172, and Yonll.Iul Harold Siernbcrg :in'.ird back Ihe. thtcat uf a •wi lie-In" candidate, l-'loyil White, Main Klrcut uierchiiul, und was Icctfil second wnrd nldertnnn. He takes llic seal ot Juim Hcney, who declined to b? n candidate tor ic-electlon. Mary Itallols Spnllcd StcrnL-crg received 149 votes to m lor While. A chtck of the total vote cast for clerk In tlie the comiitulliwlil'.- of Hie; -In a Ch Smith, 20, confessed Jasfcr Graham. 29. his and liospltnl «arrt Frank Mn?p. Si), accused in another c.isj, M 1-4 I died inatnlaininj; innocence. e foreclosure mora-, nif;lo, onco worth $100.000, 111-31 ci-oriny nyor nnd pioneer mall (erf.:m law 0:1 -Male hns lh.- ri^hl to lesislat:] pilot, w-is an InsirnclDr i for the welfare of its people dur- coin, Neii.. nnd gnve I.In I .n.; times o('economic emergency. bis first ilr li^sons l.ln- CCC Workers to Build Cross on Mt. Whitney INDEPENDENCE, Calif. (UP) — Finns to erect a giant 100 foot "rnss mi the highest pinnacle of Ml. Whltnev. tallest mountain in Ihe United Slates, were announce!! todny. l.rx-iil businessmen snld members "f Ihe CCC csmi here headed bv Cnpl. Roscoe Saunders volunteered to did them (n selling up the '7'OSS. The cross will -j; done some time this summer, as Ml. Whitney 1 Is virlually unscalable hi winter a'.id soring because of its extreme rlones. Tlie CQC woir.ers now nr-2 con- strucdm a lateral road up Lono Pine Canyon to Hunters Flat at Ihe base of Mt. Whitney. Usin? Oils rond. it will be iwsslble to carry materials closer to the sides of il>p nioiinUln than now. town marshal. D e!..Ufd aldermati of ward from a field of four candidates and Nenl Edmonston wns rejected nldcrinan ol die south «ird out o[ a field of [luce candidates. The electors voted overwhelming, 304 to 51, for a bond issue tor n local waterworks system with a loan lo be secured from the PWA to eilccl Ihe program. The usual lax levies were also voted. The results of the election follow : .\fayor. John Deen. 153; Peck Picker. 110; S. A. Shields, running for re-election, 54; li. L Lewis, 29; W. M. Cooper. 15. Marshal. Wall Lomax. 201; Ted N'oblrs, 101: Clark Goodwin. 51: Roscoe Gofl. 10. Alderman, north ward. D. RurTln. 72; C. II Anderson. Jr.. 58; E. Allen. 3fi; Enrlo W. Kennctt. 24; soulli ward Meal Ednionston. 8«; S. C. Parks 18; R. W Kltlian. 41. "ootcr Boys Hurt When Car Hits Motorcycle CGOTEn, Mo.—Jack Mtilllns nnd lack Travis were severely cut -nd bruijcd Saturday nfcht wlien heir motorcycle was hit by i-ar on Ihe hlehway Jusl easi ol Cooler. Blinded by the lights of •l:e oar. Mtilllm lost control of the ••notorcycle, which skidded In front -I the car, which failed to slop after lh? accident. Tl^ n ko vr P"^ •he sons of Mr. and Mrs. W. M Mullins. of near Cooler, and Judiie and Mrs. C. D. Travis ol Caruthersvllle. Kelley and Dyess Will Speak at Dedication t.EPANTO. Ark.-Chnrles Q.Kel- 'ev. slate commander of the American Legion, nnd W. R. Dyess 5tate relief administrator, wili be the principal speakers at the (or- mal dedication of Ihe newly erecl- cd I.epanto American Legion hut Tuesday evening, April 1C. There will be a banquel to which Legion dignitaries from all over the state have been invited A dance will follow the banquet Meeker's orclwstra of the note ' Clarldse wil furnish the music. .'.econd v.'nid as conij.-i;red lo Ihe nlilcrinnnlc vole reveals that a number of voles lor alderman were thrown out. Forty-four less voles were counted In the ji'd^r- nmnic vole limn in the clerk's vote. A iiiimuti' of .U.H.. A wns said, wrole In die name of Whltt! bul failed to scrnlcli that of etcrnbcrj, Ihus voiding their ballots ns' lo Die oldermanlc racs The vcle by wards-follow: Wnril Ward Wnrd To,.1.2.3 tal nvnr Rocers defented Q. T,. Wnrli'ell hi the mayor's race. 28 r j Dnvo Ynung defcntrd <.l!"Z) Johnson lor city o 160 VI. unrflm). 3(V1 lo 144. He.rlx.-rl Hrv- nnt wns elrclcd recorder. J. E. Mofl.i«uc. trensnrer, nnd R. 1,. clly nttnrney. nil without L'lty Clrrk li. I,. McKnighl lioss Beavers • R. C. Cral3 Cily Altorroy Sam Mnr.att Aldrrr,,an, W.nril Out 52 80 19 151 95 140 27 282 71 83 15 172 2ID 303 61 588 M. W. WDlinms ! L. O. Thompson 111 ion opposition. -A total ol 455 votes Alderman, \Vard Two was polled In the election. TI tlnn Manila Maynr MANILA, Ark.—The "outs" nnd 'he "Ins" broke even tn contests !or mayor nnd recoidcr here >TS- :erdav. Onlv 71 votes were cast. Ihc ballot In venrs. there being onlv nboul 85 minllfled clec- :ors In Ihe' lown. C. W. Tiirton was elected mnyor. ivlnning over W. F. Wells, who was rinmhi? for re-election. Tinton received 51 votes nnd Wells, 20. Ciin- McHenry. present recorder, received 43 votc.s. nnd Ills op- llarold Sternliers Flojd While HO 113 111 108 149 113 \Vanl Three li. It. Jackson IU 61 Hospital Physicians Treat Unusual Cases Two children, one while and one negro, received treatment for unusual Injuiies nt thj Biythcvllle hospllnl this week. Jane Co:ilttr. 3, dnii 1 liter of Mr nonenl. John U. N'ecdliam. 28. R. and Mrs. W. A. Co.ilter o! nc; R. Hudson WPS elected city nllor- ••--'-•- •-• - • •- •- ••-- • f". unnpposefl. Five aldermen were elected. Thev IT: C. B. Chtldrcss, Cfi' votes; W. T. Conies. OS votes; RileY Dunkin. CI voles: G. Mike" jr.. 55 voles, and A. II. White. SI voles, W. T,. Thompson, the onlv other cnndldale. received 45 voles. Faithful Dog Joins Mistress in Death CLARKSDALE, Miss.. April 4.— "Brendn," latlhful dog of Miss Isnbcl Ingrnhnm. natlonnl Girl ^roiit worker, who was fatally In- inred in nn nccidenl near here, has Joined her mistress In death. The Brief-stricken animal, which howled niijlilly at 1 die scene of the iccldrnt and had eluded capture, tvas drownc<l in Swan Lake yesterday. It became entangled in a Iroi line while striving to avoid capture. The rtog apparently had not Yarbio. wns troughi to the hospital suHering with severe burn; about Ih? face and month. She 1'nrl mi.staken a LoUEe of .st disinfectant tor shampoo ciiitl wa iitttmihin:,' lo ivasli her hair, It was said. The Hind dripped dowi on IILT fac_- and mouth, causlni tericus bi;ras. Her condiiion now regarded ns much better bu ;he Is still recelvins treatment the hospital. A small ntgro girl wns rushei (o (lie liospita! Jfonday with ai ciicn safety pin lodged well dowi her throat. After considerabl eflort Dr. W. A. Orimmett of tlv I hospital staff succeeded in extract Ing Ihe pin with a pair of for C.C|>S. Famed Mexican Forger and Counterfeiter Die GUADALAJARA, Mexico, Apr! 4. IUPI—Jesus Nino, a forger am rnfen since thTneVirtenl wcurml I counterfeiter with s;:ch skill tha •Brenda" H'.IS Miss Iiigrnham's tmthcritics had both of Ills arm; lone companion in hjr cnr. Other,amputated ns the only means o motorists had to fight oil the dog., S,"" g ,.,*,„ ""J 1 ' 1 ""' ^U" which qunrded Miss ln?rnhnm, be-"""" fore they could reach her. tiled In a hospital. Woodin Dangerouslv 111 in New York Hospital NEW YORK. Apr. 4 (UP)—Wil- Itnm H. Woodin, former s?cretary of the treasury, who Is sureri j° Irom n ihroat allinent, is c:i the danger llsl nt the Manhattan Eye. Ear and throat hosdtal, It wns said authoritatively today. Woodin entered the hospital for examination nl 1 p. M., Moisliy. He had recently r.turned (roai Ihc far west v.-iiere he went to lest after being forced to give up his diiltes In Wellington. victim of an nccldcnta Sllc shooting. Alter his arms were amputalej In; learned to write by wielding pen with his Ifeth. He became well known author and one of hi becks was a best seller. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, local Ihun derrhon'ers tonight or Thursda! Cooler Thursday. Memphis nnd vicinity—Probabl; showers tonight or Thursdaj Cooler Thursday. Tin maximum temperature her yesterday was 33. minimum clear, according to Samuel P. Nor ris, official Mather observer.

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