The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUK1BR NEWS Soviets Otter Drastic Plan For Austrians TUKBDAY, APRIL 3, 1947 Democrats Win In Chicago MOSCOW, April 8. lUPJ-Russla iOiitttd today that Austria be r'e- qutnd to pay the allies for nt> senite s and supplies delivered dur- tac'the occupation, even including such Items as thq Austriaus' own foodstuffs taken "oy the occupation lanes and used to feed other Austrians. The subject of Austrian supplies came up at the meeting of the Big'Foiir deputies fo>' Austria. This wag'-thc first formal business transacted at the start of the tilth week of the Moscow conference. Oen. Mark W. Ciartc, U. S. de $uty tor Austria, vigorously opposed the Soviet proposal to demand payment for all supplies. He said the United States never would consent to making Austria pay for her own indigenous supplies. The Americans , British and French maintained that Austria should ba matte to pay only for 'imported" supplies for civilians. Tlie Western allies maintain thai the Soviets have stripped their zone in Austria of all IcodsturZs and in some cages' Have used' some of it to prevent starvation among the. Austrians. Many U. S. delet'ntes expected the conference to drag through the formal agenda lor two more Martin 1C. Kcniieily, left, newly elected mayor of hicago receives con"weeks or so. and then break up 1 . gratulaAions nt Demo?vatic eamiwign headquarters aiter his Republican Rivers Board To Make Tour, Hold Hearings VICJfSBURG, Miss., Apr, 8 —The Mississippi nivei- Commission will in»ke its annual lilgh-water inspection trip ol the Mississippi River from Cairo, III., to Baton Rouge. L;i.. May 12-15, a'ooard the Steamer Mississippi, the commission office here announ'ccd today. The Commission will lioltl public hravinRs nt Ctmithcr&villc, Mo., 8-30 p.m., May 12; and West Memphis. Ark., fl-,30 «.»!., May 13, Ledger-wood's Successor Appointed at Hot Springs LITTLE ROOK. Avk.. April 8 (UP) Gov. Ben Laney yesterday umioimcecl the appointment of J. n. Lima as municipal judge ol MiA Springs. Long succeeds Vcrn LcHlf-ici'wood, who resigned recently after more than 35 years on the lint SjirhiBS bench. Laney said he had not selected a successor for Circuit Judge Edl:ar M. Pipkin, C3. of Helena, who died at his home last Friday. Itefuriicd From Hie Deep in a deadlock, probably to be resumed next fall in Sew York. 'Only an unusual move by the opponent, Russell Hoot, right, conceded the election. In tile center jutgoinu mayor Edward J. Kelly. NBA Telcphoto.) 'Hie schooner A. Ernest Mills, currying n cargo of salt, sank off the coast of North Carolina after being rammed. Four days later, siie bobbed up to tho surface. The salt is had dissolve^ during that time. 1 **i wish you wouldn't play so roughly with the children itist before their bedtime!" Soviets would prevent tlie Moscow conference on Germany and Aus-j first Paris conference insl trla, from ending in much the on the satellite treaties, same kind of deadlock as did. the' the Americans believed. Spring| Nebraska has an annual poultry most of business | 000. valued at about $70,000.- The United States Is tho world's largest producer of poultry, with China ranking second in this I spcct. XXIX 'Jf'HE plane was leaving al four. ' Marcia was coming at ,three. Sherry \vas ready at two. t The day was warm und bright and the apartment looked queer .wjth all her personal things out of iti 1 Sherry \vishod Mnrcia \vould come earlier. She put on her hat. She pu£ on a glove. No, lhat was •illy. She took it oft again. >' The telephone rang. Marcia perhaps. *•. It was Eisie Hilary. O* '*' ." "How ore you dear?" she wanted to' know, without l)einfi really interested. "I just got in this morning, had to moke that'iolteii trip to New York to' settle up Jack's affairs. Don't ever; £ike the plane! .You look like a fright when you get oil." * . ^: She told Sherry spoilt the trip ^nd the weather in New Vork, and jhe snifTled a bit about Jack now and then. , *. '• • \ She sald.J' the way, I saw your friend, Tony Dietrich, at the studio. He hadn't heard thing about the accident and was shocked. He's writing you right sj away;j Of course everybody had : t been talking about it, but he'd j Keen away oh his honeymoon.' ^Sherry said, "His what?" very f !"Oh, he's married," Elsie loltl j her. "About a month ago. She's | a-.writer at the studio, and the j funny part of it is, she's so amnz: irigly like you! You'll be surprised i when you see her, really—same j height and build and coloring— I just your type. Honestly you ctrSif ,be Eie'crsl" !• ' » * . •! "THAT letter had been the hanV ;'• est thing she had ever written i It had had to sound happy ;ib iTTpny's marriage, while K!\O \va ! sad about Peter. Well, it had. U :Tony had written back a lo [about Joyce and Iio'.v anxious 1- vns for them to meet, mid how veil they would like each oilier. ic was coining back lo Hollywood 1 about Iwo months, but summer .ad come and gone mid Sherry ind read in a trade paper that he ad been given another picture in he East. Those awful days had been gol iirough somehow. Funnily enough her emotion had been Irans- crred to Pelcr then. When she lacl cried it had been nbout him, nd atler a while lhat bat! worn Jft too. Then she and Marcia had busted liemsclvos nbout Die new in he English gardens «that 'hey had okc:i iotfclher. There were pale, snolly-pinc paneled walls and ihintz-covcred furniture. They bund pcwier fank.-irds and old Hints wilh wide mats lhat fitted nto the atmosphere o[ the place. After Ihc house and their home online had been systematically imuiged, Sherry had felt a need activity. She had found herself an ngcnt and lie had gotten tcr assigned as script-writer on lor own story. Her salary wns $400 a week. Now as she adjusted her small 'elt hat, she smiled at herself in .ho mirror. She said, "Yes, you look the smart successful woman—everything thai you wnnlcd to be. Well, how lo you like it?" She put on her gloves nnd carried her fur coat and handbag downstairs. On her way out, she stopped lo tell Jormy nbout dinner. Jenny said, "Yes, Miss Barton. Yon better stay in tonight and go to bed early." Sherry Jau'ghctl. "f remember when yon used to tell me I slnycrf home too much." She slipped oti her coat iuid wcnl oul. The morning was coltiei than it looked. Sherry walked down the nca brick path and lurned at the hedi;< lo RO to Ihc Kuragcs. Yes, she went out often. Si vluil? i'!::ro were always people it Ihc studio mid people she bail uiown before, and these people nd those people. Hut it took so iiany of them to muke uu for one on really wanted. fc, . * * • ''' >£V ' CHERRY reached the studio fjatcs ^ nod said yood mornina to Die ;alcmen nnd drove in. She went llrcctly lo her private office and spent Ihe moniinjj re-tioin^ tho rain sequence in her ncivcjt scrijit. She wanted tt> biin.^ it lo more definite lop before the. dissolve. It was ]2:-15 before riic- wns mtvgry and wcnl to the conimis- snry for lunch. She had her own iible now \vitii a rL'icrvcd sign on it. When she got back to the office she felt moody and depressed. The aflernoun dragged nnd sho :lidn't seem (o accomplish much. By four she decided she'd belter invc some tea. Tho commissary would bo drab md. bleak now, besides she did lot feel lilto working any more today. She decided lo go home tnd slop somewhere when she crossed the boulevard. Her nose felt red from the wine! when she got lo Conli's, but the restaurant was warm and quiet. J'hcre were not many people and Lhft indirect li^liliiig was relaxing. The waiter said, "Black lea, Miss Barton?" and Sherry smiled yes, and slipped off her coal nnd studied the clever caricatures ot famous people lhat decorated Hie walls. There were (u-o girls near hey ho were exchanging conlidcnce.v in quielly exciled voices ancl liierc was a man three booths away sit- liilj! alone. Sherry could see his back and parl of one side and lhat he was reading a. trade paper. She glanced away and watched n pretty -ti'omnn niui her escort going inlo tlie cocktail room, but she was thinking llicre was .something familiar about the man silling alone. Her foronth siuck and she turned quickly back, Tony! Those were Tony's shoulders and his foot, and the buck of Tony's hend! (To ISc Continued)' v~S For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On mrilhmi siv.c and large trai:ts. \'» extras, i'ull repayment privl- ICKC. si;i; us FOR QUICK SERVICE ON FHA LOANS Fur KmMins or Kciiairiii^. Also Auto Truck And Xniclor Loans. 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Bring your car to HOTS BODY SHOP for all body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD-LININGS for all cars made like the factory makes them, same material and workmanship. GtiiU'aiitced to fit and look like original upholstery. 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 WASH Exit Caretaker IURNIA& ' STKANiSEE PACE ' WS FLOOR.GRQAU- i INS AS IF IN Pi\W.. ! AWtXCtJOCKSOW WS DOOR.. RED RYDER Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams THOUGHT STRUCK: M.E tf\5T KitGW AS 1 WOOSD MBER-^ VAO\.-JDlD VOU DH3UC kJEliT To tHAT ClRCOS AS UNlERRtMGLY AS A V4ERRV BRIXY WORS& ~fo ITS BARM.' %\~\V$S WP>S A.BOOT AS HAKO As F1MDU-5& 1H6 6OTTOWOF /^ WAD: MS POOL, vivm ^ s\v^^ • " -*-*- THiKf PICTURE OM HIS DRESSER OP FEU* TvA& CLOW.M -~ IT WAS AS PLfMt-l fv.% /X l^EG, AT AM OWLS' .PICNMC/ \. '^ •-•- <i~ f-f". IMS *- GLASS TIC FLINT MAY BE A.M Ol_O IMWAM SILVER .—IF THERE'S A MOUNT/VM I.IOM ER tSOBCW IM HERE. J'l.LVELl. AM 1 VOt) VAMK ME OUT WITH THAT MUt-E,' a Good Smoke /THERE'S YOUR CISARET, (RIENO.\ THAT Will SOBER YOU OP IN ft \ HURRY.' HOW GIVE ME YOUR KEYS I ASD I'll DRIVE YOU TO VOUR / ^ ^^ DESTIHftTION. / !«4NKSH, PAL.X- . ,_ -- ftNWH--H!C--) \\ A MULION .' ' V l!Y MICI1AHI, O'MAU.KY and KAL1'H*LANK t. i^7BYr;rA srBvjcr tve ^7AKf «E70\ /It's IMPORT-^ THE HEARESr If tO.' MTCRTOU'V DRUG SHTORE. 1 SMOKED ITAWHItf, THIS 5HIGAP.ET V YOU'lL GET / \TMTE5AWFUL.'/ 1 USEOTOir. / " 5^- V^.?i fijfeA ~ ' /; rr., u. ft, r*r. of r / THAT PARROT 15 MMdNS A MO>IKEY OUT Or THE POtlCC.' , THOUGHT SURE WS'O > HAVE HIM III A / PORT ( COUPIE OF HOURS. / Alt KAIlROftO ^r^^—O / STATIONS ARE V L \ /GUAROEO. EVERY 'W'X'/li- I HIGmVAV LE6DIKS 1 C<\ -, ' K^\ ™ OF TOWH IS iS - /-<'IW')\Btl!IGPATROlLEC) ,VV. INSPECTOR MSS^. <iROWt. BUT JM ARMPIT'S GHJING ME FITS. WU DON'T HAVE &N tc£ PACK ? Seeing Things BY V. T. HAMLHM IHtARDtOU'^cV THAI'S". BEt^i H\W ALLEY OOP Going Sotilli OKB.V.SOWE \ LOOK...THIS IS I8O3... HEAD SOUTH... THE UNITED STATES IS AT HUT wu.j Ai ( I V/A ^ WITH TRITOLI...1F WE CAN MAKE IT TO GIBRM.TAR, WE CAN JOIN UP WITH THC AM(5«fCAN NAVAL SQUADRON! I BUT WHV ALL THE JOW By V. T. HAM LIN /ELI..IT'S DAVUIGHT D'VA RECKON oi; GEN'tNAPOUEC: -j MISSED US VET? I COULDN'T SAV...OUT WITH r \NCE AS ou A. ..WE'RE GOU'G TO KEEP RIGHT ON MAKir\M TRRCKBl Ai ^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Quio(, C^- TVit C-MXSOtl 'J .. OM VOU SO <=jOOM i Wt'LL MOXt OLVOVJAMCfi 1'Ora BY EDGAU MARTIN voii'Rt [KS5 &tTTIMS E®

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