The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1936
Page 4
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CLIP THIS Gooc? For $10 on the Purchase on Any Used Car Or Truck From June 25th to July 4th, 1936 ONLY ONE COUPON MAY BE APPLIED ON EACH CAR teMyiMMXMMMaiyM Starting •^»-^•••^^•••••li^^^B^BS^SBBB^^^^^^SBS^^S^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HPEEi^BBBBBBBI IONAL SALE CLIP THIS g $20 COUPON Good For $20 on the Purchase on Any Used Car Or Truck Priced Above $200 From June 25th to July 4th, 1936 ONLY ONE COUPON MAY BE APPLIED ON EACH PURCHASE k For the Car Numbers: SA¥E THIS AD! Evcl-y car advertised on tins page carries a number . . . you will find a corresponding number on the windshield of that identical car on our sales lol . . . read this advertisement carefully, mark the car number you are interested in and bring this sale bill with you. WARNING: Be sure lo clip the coupons above and bring them, too! DON'T BUY ANY USED INSPECTED OUR ES| i; Here you'll find nearly one hundred line used cars and trucks condition to yivc you many miles of cheap transportation. Com arrangements and be ready to get the car of your choice whe if line 25th Ends Sat., OR TRUCK UNTIL YOU'VE IEPTIONAL BARGAINS! \iry one of these have been carefully checked by our mechanics and is in j on inspection days, examine them, try them out, make your financing me officially opens, Thursday, June 25th at nine A.M. 75 CARS-TRUCKS TO SlfeCT FROM .«ipCT^yi»»jiwm»Kt»3^ ('3!. STOCK NO. 70A Chevrolet Coupe 31 inmlfl. i-'or the iirrson wlio Is looking; fnr 11 small cur, cxlr.i fiootl a I ;i moderate price. I*i)ok every wlicre and yct'jjou src Tib value lifcp Mils tin I*, drive it, buy il. STOCK NO. 118 STOCK NO. 125 Chevrolet Ford Tonring Town Sedan STOCK NO. !>2 CHEVROLET COACH 1!)2!) model. A big six-cylinder car with economy of » -l-cylin- tlcr motor. '1'Iiis one ready for service. AI a very low price .. 1035 Master Drl.UNn modi;!, door ' e, o a c h, built-in Innik. The liiost popular 1110- in Inilay's ears. Black Duro finish;' Car only ilriveu in city. Perfect in every way. You can Ituy II at this low- price— 1IW5 [nr.ilcl. A Tudcr tar with hui?l-ii>. trunk. Lo;v mile;i^e, cnly 8 months oh). Clr-.ui in- ritln and out. New car looks and service at used v^r price. Slock No. ltis:i CH'EVHOI.ET COACH I'.KS model. Wn .ire shoufini; lourl on this s|)Cfinl harg^in. Really nothing- lull Ihc price is wrnnj;. II won't last two Iiours after tlie sale starts. liny, hceii until fall, anil sell at a print. Slock t^o. HI81 CHEVROLET COUl'K ill I'M IK expect (o pay &(((jji l!!;iO model. A car you would expect (o pay ?!50 or more for. For Ibis sale only, a special bargain for only Stock No. IU3!) i PONT!AC SEDAN \ \'J'M model. "K" means repossessed. Thai jn- sures you <i saving on whal has been pai<! by Ihc former owner, and accounts for (his one at this low price. STOCK NO. S'KiA Whippett Sedan 102!) model, new jraiul jnli. «oo[| lirrs. Tlicso two items ulone worth the money, 1ml (he rest of the car is there loor Kcady (o give you service. Clu-.ip, isn't II? STOC;K NO. CHEVROLET COUPE Chevrolet Coupe, 1!I3() motici, iv i r e . •. ,,j wheels. Itody and lires in good condition. Motor only fair, but' will vo;i look :it IhLs iirice Jusl a part of these arc listed below. You niusf conic (o our Used Car l,ot and sec all of (hem. Hut be sure lo briny this ad with you. Inspection Days, June 23-24 NO CARS SOLD ON These DAYS NO 1ICiC—Then- arc many buyers counlliitf nn sclui-tlnjr a Guml Used Car cheap ill (his sale. We invili! you lo inspect these tars cart-fully— select (he car yim want from the many values offered in this sale— il may he advisable for you (o make a second choice to he sure of your on opening hour of Ibis wile. Our courleoiiH salesmen' will belj) you make your .selection din-inn Inspection (toys, before sale stiirts. \\e invite you to make arranKcincnls for nuv terms you want in advance of opening hour. When signal for oncning is (riven, j,a'l behind drivers wheel iind wall for salesman. NOW IS T1IK TliMl? TO DIJV AS YOU CAN SAVH FUOM ?2r, TO §1110. MAKES THIS SALE NECESSARY! Stock No. 1S1 OAKLAND SEDAN 1920 mode). Tills car owned by Dr. Levy, in Illyllievilli'. Has only had cily use. Keen driven carefully, anil is in the licsl of coiiill- ticn. Ask Hie iloclor whether 11 Is worth Ihc low iirihc of $49 STOCK NO. S7A FORD COUPE I'tird Coupe, I!).:!.! model, impair, tip- hol.slery, inside like new. New paint job, tires OK. Replacement motor only driven short lime. Yes, if is really 'a hiij job l!)29 mode chant. I'm assures lu of care. 1 will fell v STOCK NO. 73fi StudebakerCoupe Five passenger sport jolj. Dictator Six scries. In f:iir condition. Think of buying ;l 1929 model car for less th;m one ol your 550.00 bonus bonds! Here it is— STOCK NO. R188 CHEVROLET 1% TON TRUCK ' u K . Overload springs. l!hic paint. Motor perfect. Truck only 12 months old. Neiv one SSI 7. Save §'10(1. Huy (his one for only ................. . STOCK XO. 7SA FORD COACH IWi mnitrl r;ir, new paint. j»i>, but has bi'vn usrt! roughly which iiccoimls for this low price. Yes, we say it is really a bargain.— STOCK NO. S20A I'ORD COACH \[\'.}2 model, black painl, inside like new. Car in good condition and one anybody can be proud to own. Have al Icaal 575 on Ibis :-:ale price now. STOCK-NO. 727H Whippett Coach 1!)2D niotiei, pood mntnr. v\ six- cylinilcr car, in pood condition. Kcnl chean! Ves. you ran use Ihc 510.00 "coupon on this also. Isn't il a vnluc? STOCK NO. 84R CHEVROLET STAKE BODY J2 feet. Ions, bi)dy only llR ed shorl fff lime. Good as a new one. Cost SI25 ^Ifc new. Save SIO! IJiiv now *&f •PO 1U30 mod motor OK. for scrvicf it is :i ri $5! STOCK NO. CIA Ford Coach 1DS3 mtxlcl. A veal good. c!c3i\ '.^0 model Fcni Tud'jr al z big reduction in pric?. Keep U until fall, sell for more Ihjn \\c arc asking now. STOCK NO. 7'.0 FORD COACH model, not a bad car for one ncciliii!; transportation at low investment. New seal cover.-. New painl .job. Tires gon;l. Wiial more could you ask for onlv STOCK ISO 77A FORD SEDAN '1112!) model. If you don't like, for folks In bother YOU irol- linjr in ami out then buy this four-door sedan, till ready In KO, iind looking for a new home. Kuy it for onlv STOCK XO. 23A STOCK NO. 72SA Chevrolet l l /2 Ton Truck ">M model,' 131 inch n-liccl- I'asc. you imagine Iimv we can sell a. '32 mode! in licrfccl sliapn for (his price? Also your coupon is good on Ibis liny. Try lo heal il! STOCK No. Rlfitj CHEVROLET 1% TON TRUCK I!W2 model, i:(l inch whcelbasc. This I ruck sold a shorl lime ago for §300. Had lo be repossessed on accounl of illness. You save what (he former owner lost, liny now STOCK NO. 12!) . FORD 1933 TRUCK \Vi ton, shiirl whcclbasc, dual tires. Motor was reduced lately. Tires fair, the cab lit lie rough, but all median- ical parts OK. Look at this! Very low T price! " '*t 1!WO niO( 1i>i!0 moo' ahovc /ii' imikivif -TV so il \villl [ r .jl 0.791 A \wcoAcm |il in from local mcr- new by him and he J; had only the besl [in will show it. We JiOriginal owner. li STOCK NO. 850 • > EXPRESS TYPE BODY New body for sliort wheel base .truck'. Uodv new, never used. All slcel, i) I feet'long. Sold for ,?<i5.0(). Special close- j| out price •STOCK NO. It Chevrolet Wi Ton Truck IS'K model, i:il inch wliecl- Ijuse. Jlnlor jusl reworked. Ni:\v painl joli on enli. Tirrs liclter llnin SO per ecllt gooil. Should Ii:iiij; more, linl yon save. STOCK NO. 23 CHEVROLET 1% TON TRUCK HIM moilcl, 181 in. whcelhase. Original blue paint, like new. 32xG heavy duly dilal tires on rear. 'Overbad springs. Truck has been through our service dcparlment and is OK. in every way. Jiuy now for £32' STOCK NO. I'lS Pontiac Sedan IS35 model. Ilhrk Dueo ilnisli. lj|.!iol.slcry like Hie ilajj pur- r-IiL-ien. New tires, 'nuifor furs like now. For (III oilc that l-icfers a large ear will new :zr yuarautcL'. A r ci-y sjic'ial nl STOCK NO. 813A Coach l!i:il) moilel in perfect condition. Manufactured by Iliilek Motor company anil sold for (ivrr Sl.Ono a sliorl time njn. K is :v sliainu (o sctl it for f:o Jilllc, hut here K OCS — STO(!K' NO. PLYMOUTH COACH Mia!) model. A car 11mI Chrysler thinks so much of. Yes, hydraulic brakes, good (ires, new paint, motor all righl. Worth more, hut (he savin;; is yours. STOCK NO. no Ford Coupe IIW model, oriElual Mack (mini looks like new, liv- rlmtisr. motor driven short lime. Car In uc.rfccl condl- lioii. I.ols of miles o[ service, hcfure. you ncctl another I'Mclinngc motor. Buy envly lo (fi:l 'It for— $329 O. 7S2H .C COACH jk paint. Tires good, ready lo K" and one J the price is low, but lie! U NO. 832A |) COACH just the ordinary I Uut one (hid is way ialions. Condilions f- (o reduce the price, Itickly. Chevrolet Truck $159 'CIAL 19J7 Chevrolet Hi Ion liuck, 32xG single tirc5, eah and hoity a lilllc old hut still in prod serviceable condition. U'crlli mere. Buy for otily STOCK NO. 101 CHEVROLET % TON TRUCK 1931 model, panel body. New green paint job. Tires good, molor OK. A bargain in closed body job. You won't match this buy elsewhere. STQCK NO. 113 CHEVROLET 1% TON TRUCK STOCK NO. Ill Chevrolet T? 1030 model. Dual \vhcc arc Kwod, niotor OK. llio worst feature, li thai hnvc anytliiiiR In cl Ihc service of the liuck? A Biff Value! ! , nek s. Tires Cnh is it docs do willi Slock No. 828A I)K SOW SEDAN \Vhaf you would expect in a I!)!((! model for (his price? Well, you can gel more (Vein you expected. Nothing wrong wifh il. Crazy lo sell il for onlv Stock No. 7791! 1SI20 model. Yes, it is in good serviceable 'FORD SEDAN ' condilion, ami you can use (he 510.00 coupon. WhiU is wronjf? Nolhinjf lint (ho price! niiist be .sold at (his s;iie. S59 l!),i;i model, lf>7 inch whcclbasc. 32x0 tires. Overload springs. i\lolor in fail- condition. This chassis for 12 foot body. A late model truck al ;i small price .'.... STOCK NO. 7(il G. M. C. 1% TON TRUCK 131 inch whcclbasc. Dual tires, 1!)33 model. Cab in perfect condition. Motor Q runs like a new one. Yes, we will guar- ^ anlec yon a bargain ill this price .... ^ STOCK NO. Slit CHEVROLET STAKE BODY Removed from late model truck to use ffr new type body. Bxtni good condition T% 12 feel long. Worlh more *fc? STOCK NO. Slf,|{ Chevrolet Coupe IJKJO model, neu' paint, (ires Cecil, (,'ar has been checked carefully in our Uf.cil c;ir (lc.- rartinent. Ready fur a new ou-ncr. You will lie (;lad lo own il. STOCK NO. 780 STOCK NO. Kl(i7 CHEVROLET COACH l!)'!n model. Yes, "ft" means repossessed. That is the reason for (his low price on a I!)'!() model clean Chevrolet. You will like il. Cut the coupon mil. U is good on (his one, loo! STOCK NO. 121 FORD SEDAN 1 !>,'!() model. We linughl Ibis one for SIO. less than our rampelilor offered, .so it must be a real bargain. We sell il (or jnsl whal we paid for il. A good clean four-door sedan for only . To Out Of Town CUSTOMERS ^ We Will'llcfund Ferry Charge, Train and lius Fare (o All Who Purchase A Car Al This Sale! lESVJ 13^1 model. Another one of those V-8 motors that, is supposed tt> he so good. Four-donr .sedan, painl extra Rood. Insiilr. like new. 31olor OK. A cir lhal really plcai.cs llic eye and Ihc purse at tile same lime. STOCIC NO. 123 Chevrolet Coach ID31 model, Tircc: 1 runk on rc,ir. Motor OK, new tires, l)r;«.kcs rrtinecl. Car Jia.s \\tt\\ tlieckrri by our sen'ice rpar(nirnl mid has nu r trnrnntcc bark of il. ,Scc H, 'rive il, ;uul you will buy t. ' STOCK NO. 10! l> DK SOTO SEDAN \'.)'.'.'.) mndc!. Ivxpcnsivc new car lli;it h;is liccn reduced in price until you could nol Ijclicvc you could Kel such a good car for M) lit(le money. Sec it. Yes, you rnn drive il before you buy. l-'nir cnnuijli, isn't il? STOCK NO. 511115 CHKVROWT COACH in:ill model Chevrolet for less than Sino.OO. No, il isn't ,iusl jiintv cither, nor is il wrecked. Just our desire lo give you \.-lines during this sale, c;iiises (his low (ificc of STOCK KO.' 3IA Chevrolet Coupe 1830 model. A good clean car. Good rubber all. around. . Motor is OK. This is a car above the average,,

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