The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1039 ' BTA'TIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Old and New Army Air Fighters Improvements Rapid In Pilols, Planes, Speed And Range HV HAKKV II. U. S. Sci'iTdiry of War (U'rillen fur NKA Service, Inc.) WASHINGTON. The problems of the air force orrani/ation io- day are vastly more complex than those of the day, 30 years ago, ^hcn the liist plane was bought for the arm}'. Tlie mission of (lie army air corps in (he fulfillment of the present augmentation, program is threefold. It must, with the cooperation of the aeronautical Industry nnd the interested services of (lie nrmy. insure production of tlie planes and auxiliary ctpilp- inenl according to the desired schedule; it must provide the increased base facilities; and it must prrame and (lain pilots and mechanics to operate and maintain tho planes. Congress has recognized our re- [UiiroincnU of a total of 40U5 officers and approximately 43.000 enlisted men and has made available $3,528,300 for inUifii (raining of pilots In certain civilian schools during tlie period July 1, 1933- Jan. 1, 1941. The War Department decided to use civilian schools for primary training of pilots in order lo increase the number of graduate pilots, heretofore educated exclusively at. air corps training centers at Randolph nnd Kelly Fields. AIM AT 21CO PILOTS Under Ihc present plan, graduates of the- civilian schools will .be sent to tlie two army centers lo complete their basic training and to receive their advanced combat training. H is estimated that approximately 2100 pilots Mill lie trained and become available for commission either In officers' reserve cor|)s or in the regular army. The following civilian sciK.ols arc being utilized for the training of pilots: Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa, Okla. Siinta Maria .Schnnl of Flyinj, Santa Maria, Calif. Dallas Aviation Sclr'icl ami Air Collrge, Dallas, Tex. Ryan Scliunl of Aeronautics, San Alabama Institute (if Aeronautics, Inc., Tuscaloosa, Ala. Grand Central Hying School, Gtemljilc, Calif. - ... Talks Air' College, East . vSt. '• Louis, III. '• '' ] - ' •' -, Liuccln Airplane and -.Flying School, Lincoln,' Neb. North Suburban I'lyinir Corp., Ulcnvicw, 111. Prior to enrollment in the basic and advanced courses at KandolpV or Kelly Fields, student pilots wil have averaged U5 : hours flyint time each and have had about 22; horns of ground instruction. For training mechanics and spe clnlizcd workers, we arc augment Ing the established schools at Cha mite Kield, Rantoul, III,, and Lo'-v i-y Field at Denver, Colo., by providing training at the follow-in- civilian schools for 1000 army ni corps enlisted men: Ciirllss-Wriglii Technical Institute cf Aeronautics, Glcli- ilale, Calif. The Aeronautical University, Inc., CliicaB", HI- Kooscvell Field. '»<'., Roosevelt Tirlil. No. 1, Slincola,. L. L, N. Y. Spartan School of Aeronautics, Tulsa, Okla. Carey Jcncs School of Aeronautics, Inc.,, N. J. New England Aircraft School, Hoston, Mass. 1'arks Air College, Inc., Kasl SI. Louis. III. GKOUN'l) MEN IMPORTANT Almost 2C.OCD specialists will be Iniinrd at the civilian and araiy schools. The need tor these is made evident when it is rcaliwd that, for each airplane to be flown, more than 1(1 men are required in ground rsl-aulishinoiits for repair and maintenance. Development, of the modern airplane has not, teen directed solely Army air riBhlers—in 1D12 nnd 1039. Left, Ural Diane to carry machine gun, pictured nl College Point, ,Id. In craft arc Capt. C. U. Chandler, left, and Roy T, Kirtland, wlio recently retired ns colonel hi nlr as'iss. IciBht, straight line of sleek, modern j'-ai imreuil plane;;, passing In review lielore ai'iny lumber. Presidential Possibilities Shirt Factory Wage Records Demanded MALDISN, Mo.. AuiJ. 1. — The Hcade Manufacturing Company. Inc.. of Maiden is under federal court order lo show cause In Cnpc Olnxrdeau federal court Thursday why it should n:l produce records demanded by the federal wngcv- hoiir administrator. The order was Issued last Fttrlay. Alex Klson, federal attorney of St. Louis, said a complaint lint) been filed against the company alleging vl:laUon cf tlie wayc-hour act and an investigation Is In progress. It Is (lie first case under- the wage-hour law In Missouri in which assistance of the district court lias been asked to obtain records. The company employs about 230 persons, aioslly women, In the manufacture 'of men's sliirls. - Scltlcrs. Will Take Over C c n I v a 1 Washington Project In Year VAK1MA, Wiish. (UP)— A year from this summer hundreds of soil- lummy Ji'Klcrs will lie osUibllshinB tliiMnselvrii on small tracl.s of Cen- liiil WHshliiKton's liozn Irrlgnllon proji-ct, preparing to make iv liv- Ini; from niound Hint, lor decades In'isllod with saerbrush. Tlify'll be moving In and crecl 1»(! ciililus even before water Is uvnllnbio to turn their land hilo a produellve ulnlt, but liio chief consliucttnn c-nulncer ot tho pro iei't, c. K. Crowjiovcr, said Hint Is inst- whnt lln> u. H. rcclunmtton bui'FAu prefers. ttiiier urobglily will not be available lor the arid lands until tho spiliiu of 13.11. CroMTOViT snld nuwi'ver, Hie .settlers ran lakn up llielr tracts several months cnrllci' and bcBln cleuilm; them and bulld IIIB iminerous ditch networks needed on each farm. Uilrly Arrival I'avnrcd "It's t« see (lint this work nuiM be done before the land will be filled for Irrigation waters," Crownovcr said. "The Job will take Urns and there's no reason why tho KC|tiers can't do It before water from the main canal is avallnblc lo Iliem." " Viitimlly all the dtfUcidl parts of the $15.000,000 project—.started In llCtr>—have been completed or am umlcr construction. When the mill is finished, 11 will complement llm Vaklma Valley project, one of tlio InixM'.-t iccliimiitlon sections In the - as an instrument cf war- Many developments Certain its fare. 10 safety ot operations, 'and oc-| rrtiiso o' these, develoi commercial aviation has paral- BV BHIKJK CATTON Courier News 1 Washington Correspondent Two tilings went wrong witli the Harry Hopkins-for-presidcnl boom. It got started too soon—and it stopped too soon; It may yet survive both handicaps, but (hey don't make the going any easier. As soon as the former boss of WPA was. made secretary of commerce, the word went round that tills was a build-up for the presidential nomination. This made him a natural target for his foes, willi which lie is amply equipped, and tlie heat, on. Then, just as he was getting set- lied in his new office, lie fell ill, and was away from his desk for about 10 weeks. Both the build-up and the secretaryship bogged down as a result. Fully recovered, Secretary Hopkins is driving ahead now. He is the New Deal's chief advocate of "business appeasement' 1 (lie hates the cxpre.%sion). Also, his predecessor, ex-Kccre(ary Dan Coper, •city ineffective Hopkins has o opsiauo, „.•„.,., "-i naviug bccn « prcl those, development of eabine = t niem , jcri Mr . tint TimiuV l» <*aiKc to contrast. An that.01 immary. energetic and able administrator. Jtli; til. V[(JC, *V lid lj [!!•>. O " "" I"" '" , , •, , can be landed in any kind of wea- j «hy and ""vous Mr. (her, even in absolute a;ro visibil- presided over the birth and adol- tt.y. without the pilot's feet or csccnce of WPA In general, (hose hands toiicliin" the controls and 1 who admire WPA, admire him. and without nny mannally-oncratcd those who don't, don't. He admits gionnrt radio" aids. j now thai political considerations Tlie army conduct.? applied mill- ~ tnry research at the Material Dl- annua i ly on research and dcveioa- visicn. Wright Field, Dayton. O. nt ,, , ar ^ , ow to ma i,u,iin Tnis Is one of several tyyres of le- Amer ican leadership. search. FUN»A.1!EN"TAI,S FIRST The first is basic. In general ac- Thieves Use Mannequin In Raiding Fur Shop LONDON (UP)—A new lype ot London tur ral<ler has appcnreiL Raiders who broke Into the Mayfntr salon of Norman Hartnell, dressmaker to the miccn, to:k a .woman lo act as a mannequin ivlillc Iliey made (heir pick of tfi'c stock. Tliey escaped with furs valued at J25.0IW. Ihc gowns. but tcuclicd none of llcad courier News »wnt ads. Wlicn nil gravity-Dow and pump lands arc connected lo the Uo/a system, a total of 12,000 acres will be hTlciUcd, .providing (arms for 1,800 [innillc.s II tho tracts were set aside -III ncres lo the settler. The HOVJI Is in addition lo the Tblon, Bunnysldu and Klttitn.'i divisions ol tliu Yuklma Valley project. The Howt's muln cnnal will be completed lo mile 45 with money now In the hands of the reclamation bureau. These funds also will fmfch (he main division dam, now under construction at a cost of $525,000, and four spillways. Ditch to Itini tun Sllli-s The largest arlcry of Ihc system PAGE FIV1 r\vo Different Exposures Two M-liools of hoi wenlhcr bc»cli-thnuglil are pictured at (he Lido Dwell Country Olub, Long , Islnml. Miss Kleiinor Holm, right, advocates ultra biciily foi Ihc »cll-<liewcil at ..... innld Mi's Jessica Ogllylc or 1'ark Avenue, New. York, B ocs lo nnotlier extreme. Tlml's a tui-lrhmncd Labrador costume she Is wearing ulnllon. i«r lliG reclamation bureau -through J. s. Moore, superintendent, of the Ynklmn vnlley project —has begun to crack down on-nny landowner;; sliowlnjj such an in- Moovc has sent nolle™ to fiO largo holders dlrcclhiK them to tell all lull ItiO acres before water becomes available, The superintendent also lins warned owners that It liny liind Is sold above Its np|iml«<xl vnltici, half of the.excess will go lo the project's cosl. the inurils of Kltcheirs linnincnt! whh'h promised lo cure iimny nll- menls. Published laic in MIC War llc- twecn the Slatca the pupcr contained two coliimna of UK activities. It quoted Jcflc-rson Davis nsl Miyltil! "Tlic fall o( Hlclnnund Was ii blessing In illsgiilsc. \\'f. promise lo hold Virginia nt nil hay.ards." Clcnorn! llobci'l K. Lee's nrmy wiir, reported us supposed to be In a Kiifc position ami an announcement by Governor Vnnco of North Cnrollna, advised Ocncml lo submit to President ' Lincoln's terms. A column U'IIH devoted lo Ihc beginning ot auneral Sherman's march. There was a. small news Item ot the surrender of Montevideo lo General Flotcs with Urivzll In possession of Ural city for. the only lovclcn hews. , Tim .wlllnj; of ships from' Snn U'o Corps on p.'.rt of thn Job. nut in-1 "Headline—'Important'" and also Anne's nnd the Holy Trinity <licallons tire that local contractors told of the nlleinplcd' killing of churches, the letting of the con- will yet the work. I Secretary of Gtalo Clnrenec Sewan! tract for cobblestone pHvemcnl In Those who want to settle on the and his brother, Frederick, who Hammond street and the price ot reclaimed Innds need not fcnr spec- were stubbed tvlillo In bed, The New Orleans middling cotton „ill Manila Couple HJIS New York Paper Of 1865 Newspapers have siibslniillally chungcd In the pnsi 7-1 years as can be seen by rending a- copy of will stretch 100 miles when It is Ihc New Vork Ilcinld of April 16, completed. | inns, which \ R owned liy Mr. and The lalcinl flllchwork will lie Mrs. Orvlllc Mnsscy of Manila', built next summer. This nmy be published the day followlni; tho done on smnll conltncls or.4o snyc nssnssliiiillon of President, ADrn- money, the government may decide 11mm Lincoln, the foiir-piige sheet. 'Francisco lo New York lr> put Ihc Civilian Conservation! carried the story under thn words church announcements of "Assusslnallon Vina been •!;! cenU per pound,nnd flour at slntement, IniuiRUinlcd In Washington' In Hie lead of Ihc story. There wnii bill one ndvi'iilsi; iiinil, ic two-piige inyotil (L-lllns of wns_ nine dollars per barrel were an' nounccd In oilier stories : -Which completed the news in that Issue. The New York Herald, line, \vns owned by Jnmcs Gordon ISunnclt us "crlllpr and proprietor." This copy Is |irlzcd by the Mas>cy fiimlly, who live on the P. 11. Craflon fiirm n.ctir Manila, .It was Blvon to Mrs. Miissey,- by her nollier alter her uncles, Henry and liny Kochenaucr found .It on 'a Iniln shorlly nftcr. Its publication. Vatican City holds the world co:rd lor the srcatcst number of motor vehicles . ner cuplU. Tlie tiny elate has tlfl vehicles In a population of CM. Ciulnir to the Movies nn a, FREE TICKET! T'rnda here and «el tree tickets to cither - Rita' or Roxy Thciilrcs at our expense. ?10 In Trade— — Adult Ticket $5 in Trade — Junior Ticket RITE PRICE STORES 11) E. Main 3«t W.iMaln MIKE vcre given too.much weight in Hie •mining of \VI J A. In fairness, it ought lo be mentioned that lel- .ing politics in wasn't his idea. Mr. Hopkins recently acquired an Town farm. If he is presented for- :nally for the Democratic nomination, he will have to oppose fellovv- lowan Wallace. IITS ASSETS: Devotion to the Nc\v Deal; ability as a speceli- naker; a-natural appeal as former tVf'A boss lo the "forgotten man." HIS LiABILlTIES: A reputation is a radical; the ardent opposition of practically everyone dis- ipproves of WPA; bitter antagonism of conservatives in ttic Democratic party. HIS CHANCPiS: None too bright: may improve if he makes a good record in hh present job during the next 12 months. ••COURTS W. K. Gorham Ijas filed Mill in chancery courl here' against Grace Gorham, seeking a divorce on the ;;«nnic) of Indignities. Mis attorney is E. E. Alexander. Due to (he action of Congress, however, we are enabled to Increase our facilities considerably „ - .... nt Wright Field by providing a ccmpllshr.d by the National Advi- ncw wind himiel ror testing piano &ory CommiUcc for Aeronautics at modcls al thc hlgl , S|1CC( | 5 now found nectssary. nnd by enlarging laboratory and test facilities. On actual aeronautical research nnd development alone more than lircvious available langley P*ield, Vn. That part is ccncerntrt with Inndamentals. such as principle-' involved in (he shape cf -ahm and fuselage. Tlie second is applied military research. This research endeavor; twice '.amounts will be expended, to incroporate advantages found i Ljke our Imvy> our a | r [ orce from fundamental research into si lou id be ready'for action at the military aircraft The naval air ver oll tbreak 'of hostilities. Mod- station at Philadelphia n!so ac- . . . conin'ishes applied military research, and procured in times of peace, so n IMS become very evident to the. thal lhe fu ,i sirring p 0wer o[ O u r War Department that the average ....... Of three million dollars expended | rov i sc d. Tliey must be developed ~ CHILLS AND FEVER fare's Relief From Malaria! Don't let Malaris torture you! Don't shiver with chills and burn with fever. At first sign of Malaria, take Grove's Tasteless Cln'II Tonic. A rcol Pilnlarifi medicine. Made especially (or the purpose. Contains tasteless quinirliue and iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic actually combats Ma(,iria infection in I the Wood, It rolieves the freezing' chills, hie burning lever. Helps you reel honor fast. Thousands take Grove's Tasteless FRANK Chill Tonic for and s\vcar ; too. children l.iko it without'a wliimpcr. Don't shiver and burn. 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