The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1936 BLYTIIEVIM.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'AGE'THREE 1 KEEP TE1IIES To Guard Against Termite Damage Top picture shows methods of construction to control termite damage. Picture at rI B ht shows non-corri:.slve metnl len'tile shield. A Home for $2,100 They Can Do No Damage If 1 Builder Takes Suitable Precautions Officials of (he Bureau of Bn- lomolojy, u. S. Department of A«- nciiltiire, assert, ciuphatleally thai potential danger of lermit" damage Is grossly exasgeral^J. Termites arc uat an Inevitable plague Hot- arc they of recent origin They wore here long before man and hi substantially their present numbers. T.iese officials .state that the method of construction is the most Ulectivo safeguard against ter- II mites. In order to live, termite- V must, have moisture. Their home is i" the ground where they find an unfailing sourco of raolsli-re and sheUer, and if t'he ground contact is destroyed the termite Ls d»- slroyed. " Exhaustive experiments an d sin . dies conducted by federal scientists have convinced them that control of termite damage is pot a matter of materials used in LniilU- !»!;, mil a matter of correct in-tli- «ls of construction. As a result of "loir stiicli3s and experiments the. Bureau of Entomology, of true u ! S. Department of Agriculture has I recommended simple method's of I foundation constriictlon for build-! ing.s for localities where termite^ may be a problem. The construction methods recommended by the federal scientists to control termite damage arc shown 1,1 the accompanying illustrations, indicated by lettered arrows, as follows: (A) Set posts on concrete base extending above ground Metal termite shields at base of post •<B> Sills treated according ( c federal specifications. Onc-'inc'h cap or cement placed on lop of foundation. Non-corrosive metal ^.™ite shield under cement cap. ^ 14-inch overhang on inside ami;., ' — " J *" ui " i""viui.-o tnupit.- biwtc [ur uoui me healer tint! • outside of wall. Outer 2-inchcs tllc hui " dr >' <™>' E : »"<" "™ »"<™<! wall space could be equipped with shelves to hold .the preserves and Uvilt JjOVi l\ tit 45 (iC°rCC in^li"* mmiriH urmric Tim ^1 ;„!.,., _ i r_. .1 , ,. . . . - * bale* S - Ct 1 ™ U ' Ce WCrk °" ccmml of lattice work" C e ' lr ' mcc at lop j 'Dl Cement cap on top of bricV ' • , n^,? ?, k ["""doj'ori. Termite shield ! ) imbedded in concrete cap. '<E> ;,steps aru*another source of contact for lerU«. Nola , tt ;l ineso steps rest \m a concrete bas- ! which Is-stoiwrl ( 0 carry 0 ;r wafr" •' q.i»c*ly. AL'O note the non-corrosive metal plate which presents di- j^eontact between the steps and. llns ts Hctisc c, shown in lhe Federal Housing Admimstratlon's Technical Bullslln No 4 "Principles of Planning Small Houses." It is simplicity itself, will, a certain charm derived from Its very laek of pretension. The rooms arc of good size and well proportioned and lend themselves admirably to fur- nihii-ri ii|.ifi>ri*n>*i ur.4t.,...» n... _-n-,. ., .,.- >.»>.. «i mi i. the utility room provides ample space for both the heater nnd •all space cuuld be equipped with shelves to hold .the preserves and T! .f"° ' T " C rt , in " !ff a ' C ° Ve "' the kU " 1C " co " !(1 lmc lllc bllitt - in 'I'mlU're shown or a table ami an( , ll)ercfore ( ,. 1EJCJ . (0 cjcaji coi(Jf) bc i|sc(| fn J|s ^^^ ^^ bedrooiiiS are well easy access to the bathroom. The Housing Admtnlstralion estimates ventilata, and hove gcod closets nnd that this house could be crr-ctet! at n cost rringinj from 51,750 to S2.1CO. Housing Qncsiion Box is the proper depth for. each side of file door ilchen shelves? | die, or sill, is used lo" A. For dishes, the shelves should i junction between the ! not be less thaii 10 For The small picture below gives a good view of the termite silie];! I """ "^ ""^ n*"" iu mi-ji-j. r~ui A recent btilljlin by the Depart-' canncti B 00;ls ancl dry groceries ment of A»ricii)|iire, Leaflet No 101 f"' ey sllolll(1 be narrower if there is "Injury to Buildings by Termites" 1>lc "' y of sllDlf reouli six " or scv " outlines methods by which terinil=s I «"-' n cli shelves for packaged gro- enter buildings, and su»oests m«niK i cerics iu;d ^-i»cll shelves for cans i sad- r the floor! tig f o". »" u oLij^eiLS for excluding th om froni new ugoests m«aiis biiilct- nrc l:leal - Otl Shelves, small m rom new biiilct- - , ma >"SS ami for eliminating t!;em from ' cnns llnd co "tnliici-3 get hidden be- unildiiigs i n which t'hey have b-«nn.i l!ind !ar S c1 ' ones ; bill on llicse nnr- worklng. Copies of this bulletin rowcr sllelve s every object is in ma v tin nlilnlni.,1 f..~... », _____ ^"'«-un ., : ... IT,., LI,, — may be obtained from nen- cut or nociuuents. Wiishi.iglon, D u -i 'or live cents each. Stucco Makes Shabby House Look Like New Some houses h lave been neglects;! ..uii, u...;ji lluttlUH-lu long that their owners often despair over restoring an:] modsrnlz- lr: B tnem without an exorbitant e.v- ponditnre. The Modernization Oiedit. Plan of t'ne Federal Hoiisln» Adiniinstratlon provides for th- financing of such work. When olher methods of restoring n house are not satisfactory cement stucco, with metal lath to reinforce it, may be us-d I his may b: applied over I'nc old walls and will bive lhe house a modern appearance nnd incrcasj its l>=nod of service, \-Ihera are various surface lex- , ji>rcs Dossiblc with stucco and the final coat m!> y be any of several ossirable and pjrmansnt colors plain siglil. Q. Is there anything I can do to correct sagging shutters? A. About, the only Ijiing Jo do short of hiving them rebuilt is to put right-angle iron braces at the corners. If you want to go to a little exl made Ilk boards. If the floor are carefully laid, however, saddles may be omil- lc;l at,such door. Work Compares I'avoniblv Willi Thai of Old Craftsmen Ortinmontai iron work Is very HMH'li m vogu« ugnln mill Justly sa, for Its decorative value Is high. 'I'ln wrought Iron of the Oooi'ijlnn IlL-riixt anil earlier nii;l (lie nisi iron of 11 lulcr day I'.i'.l wtis brought 10 n high state of iKH-Iuctkm HI the llinc of ihe Dlrcctotre tolli drscrw 11 l>'nce. Ill our iirchlU'ulimil 'hi'mi;. Criiflsmnnshlp In wrought Iron Is once iigntn receiving careful eon- ElilitrnUoii, nml joule of I'm- work now jinxlnccd compares favorably Willi the best English or Hnllun Maniples of tilt nrl. Methods have changed lltllc, ami craflsincn today turn the beautiful curves nnd hammer out the delicate mcmlicvs >m:ch us lliclr fore-runners did (rciU'tiitfoiis "80. It remains one of Ihe arLs tlmt lins not bci'ii "Improved" by machinery. Cust iron Is used mostly for dec- orntivc poi'tHies nnd grilles outside of windows, and innny jovoly itc- slgns have been resurrected from t'ne past, nnd originated for both these purposes. A porch wILIi n convex standing senm indnl roof n white niivctolre house makes n delightful pleluvc. Tlis dfirk lacellke mctnl etched against the smool'h white background elves n splendid ellcct, und the richness of the iron work contrasting with tin- severe simplicity of the body of Hie liousa cn'nmices the best qualities of both. The cost of good Iron work Ls still high, so elaborate examples can be Included only in the more expensive houses. But simple front-porch roll- ings miido of llg'nt members of slock sines and designs nre within (lie rcncli of many small-Income home owners. Balusters of one-half Inch square bars with n railing made tip of 11 one-Inch by oue-quartcr-lnch bur with n half round or turtle bnck on top gives a very pleasing cirecl nt little cost. The newels should be about three-quarter-inch squares anil should b2 let Into the masonry nnd fastened with lead. It Ls less expensive to have the bottoms ol the balusters set in an Iron bnr • i . . I one-half Inch by one-Quarter Inch, On Main Street Lot w ' lh occasional three-quarter posts set In Hie masonry, than to omit I Ills lower bur mul hiuv nil Hie balui.trrs fastened Individually In the masonry. IMIS.S HiiliiN of sto,-k ilesljn can bt' iisal on |lu' newels with good eirect. Iron niillUKs may In' udil«| under tile Modi'i'iiliuilloii Vrnlii. I'lnii of thi! I'Vdenl Housing Administration. It liu.s bam estimated tlmt ap- liroxlmiik'ly '2 ]>«r cent of Uu> pop- liiiwvn us StonohcnEo, was crect- '•(! by nun 0 I uit- nroma AW ' ulnllon of Ihe United stnlcs Is 111 Th,. fireat .slabs <,1 .stone rich ?•! li!w- B f'''! L '"'• Tl1 " 1 ' l >'"-'-'>8''3; wlBlU'isr Urns, were lugged 1m J4 > "' '"•''' |H '™" |)!>r ' 1>l " cl! ll >' "™ W11 «""'«• 1 V.)iin!r"s,n>'ls^ahi~7^i,i at J i''",'; 1 "' r" c MM ' al)t <l»'>'vd' In- mu- of ,wc or throe xnn t ,Slty" & "LoTiuf h" Wl ,' °? •«.""!"'* •'•' •-•' ••• t..],;.! .; n ' ImiiBlnu In l&i- Conways Will Build Mr. and Mrs. A. conwny have I purchased fne lot nt 801 W. Main street from the J. w. Adams estate, which 'they will use for a modern home. They plnii lo build this tall. ,;'•.; The lot, which Is-coYisIdcrcd one Jtrn expense, these can bel , p> , and wllm the co - r « an L hinge and supplant i, Ji T sufflcfently, r Jlinsr nortiou nf tfio !iln<m fr ° ln the barrel. If a snv the existing portion of the hinge that is fastened lo the shutter. Q. Are there any reasons why a clothes closet should not. be put. in objection is the a bathroom? A. The only amount of humidity present. In a bathroom. This will wilt certain fabrics like muslin and organdie. Q. Is il necessary lo have tiros: wooden door sills under all Inside doors? A. No. The only place they are needed is where th! floor materials on each side of the door are dirfcr- ent; for instance, at a bathroom door where there is wood on one side nnd tile on another. They are n__.. „ a '-° "S°<1 where the direction of irean CQ U:I C^ News classified Ads. I the flooring boards is different on 100 Farms For Sale Mr. litmus Receiver: Take the advantage! of this grcnt opportunity by investing your bonus money in a home, some- tiling you can enjoy the balance of your life ant) finally pass on to your children, that they lou may have a place they can call home. I represent several of (lie Iiigr loan companies, offering for sale farms they have taken over at very reasonable price?, with .small rash payment down anil bnlanco of purchase price payable over 20 ytars at 5 per cent htercst. The yearly payment of interest and principal will he less than normal rent. I als-o have city property for sale. Q. How can I buiitl an slve bird liath? A. The cheapest nmi probably Hie, easiest way to build n bin! talii is lo Elrelch a piece of burlap over lh" open end of n barrel. Nail it securely and then pour n fairly Etitr, rich concrete mixture on it. The weight of fne concrete will make the burlap sag enough to make a shallow dish. Smooth this with a W ad of burlap or a block of wood or an-/ ot'ner convenient, object, following the curve of the burlap, and when the concrcle haj remove it .oother exterior is desired, piaster it with more concrete auii smoolli as de- scrib:ti. This will be cr.itln, but for a bath tlial is to resl on the ground il i s quite satisfactory. A .it. i«i, «ijini i.-» tiJi wiucimi oiiL' of the most, attractive: ill the city, D11 .! has a frontage of IDS. fck on Mam at Eighth street, facing north. WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SEHVICK Barksdale Mfg. Co. When Its. 100° in the Shade you'll apprcciiilc Iho protcc- lion of Top Won! J. W. BADER I'hnnc ,'tfl lilythcvillc, Ark. which will kcoj) your housii many degrees cooler. 'I litre's no charge for an estimate . . . Cali Us. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. I'hoite 10 We Lend Money FOR PROPERTY REPAIRS AND MODERNIZING— Necessary funds are readily available to property owners who want to fix up their properties in line with their neighbors who are cooperating in the Better Housing movement. CIVIC PRIDE IS IN THE AIR After Years of neglect the American Home is getting a New Deal. We welcome inquiries. Come in and talk it over with us. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Shrlvr-s Savr S]nitc In small houses «',ii're «i| the Wall space ts ni'udcd for funilture book slH'lvw, mny b> built „„ ii,J walls, slarlhij; abaui 4 left a0!m . Ihe door. Thh allows Hu> lower Unit of the wall lo u; uv.'d [cij- inr- ullu're and at the s.nm' Hu,,. K ] vv , n relwge for your bo:)ks. {.'ornlri's Attnic>ll\v Wootl (.Hirnlci'.s ovn- windows lc net as valance.s arc iiitnicllve mul need not be expensive, l( y 0l , n r> good wilh u •iiaimncr and .saw. per- '"ip-s you can make thi'jn yourself If not, tiny good cnrrifiiU'r can do U. You had bettor have .some architect or decorator desist] thi'in. Rend Courier Nows Clii.sslllixl Ads PHONE IOO W a Do The Rest LUMBER j The Aluminum Insulation is the most of fee-' tive and lowest in cost of any type of ( insulation we know. I'liiinu mi) fur Hslimnlc F, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CG< 1,111111 Mimers SliAUIMON'L'I) On the lili'ni siiiir|iem:r 'Ihls uiaeldim nutudiMlcniiy irrin the- blades of youi' muwm to jt tin.' proper bevel, ussinln B » pevfr tl'ltlnj job. Vour mower will run like new iij M:iy hhiirj) longer lliiin wliei) .«linr I'neil by any ot|, ( .|. uiellio:]. ', ' (.ih'K i« n trial. • ! .' • 1'rlee SLOP ' :,.' i!l.v(ln!ville Machine Shop I'lmiii! 80K or HIS j- Now Is the Time to Build Your Home - - Easy Monthly Payments This r<mi|i:iiiy will K i m | )y hel|) V(] ,, wj(h y()m . | ((a]l nrriiiiijciiK'nls iiovfeeleil by llio Ainorieaii Asiilinll. Koof (:t)]-|)oniU()ii, wo. linv/- connections with I he I'lanloi-s Hnnlt mul Trust Compiiny, Fov- rost City, ArUnnsnn, \vherel>.v il, «-il| | m nd'| c »'n new conHtniction Kodwul IIon«in t r Adniinistnition Litlo two !i|)|>i-(ivod hmn.s in UlylliL-villu nnd vicinity, East Arkansas Builders Supply Company Phono 2U in a $tattdai»d" neo-angle bath LET the soothing water trickle clown your back... caress your shoulders... tickle your spine...splash all you please... there's plenty of room in the '^atufni'tf Neo- Angle Bath to enjoy a new thrilj in bathing. The bathing compartment is as long as the usual built-in tub and six inches wider. And the scats in two opposite corners are so con- vcirtcnt for carefree, safe bathing, foot baths and even a sitting shower bath. Every bathing feature that appeals to the whole family is yours in the 'Standard" Nee-Angle Bath, yet it is within the budget of even the small home. Your Master Plumber can tell you the cost, help you select "Your Pamirs Hialib is loo important to ntgltct. It ;, . thatjsu buy Plumbing Fixtnns fnm Mastir Pltimttti, //* tutu but yiMfud by Training and Exptritnce lo insure I [faith fraltctioa." , . P8ESIOENT STANDARD SANITARY MFG. co. -3tniufar.r Hco-Anglc Djtk With Shower ami Telescopic Shower Curtain Rod Plumbing Fixtures to match", arrange financing on FHA terms and furnish the skilled workmanship so necessary to satisfactory service and health Jirotection. Call him. today. Ask your Master Plumber for an esti-.' mate on complete new '£tut!cfai'<i" Plumb-'' ing Fixtures. There's no obligation, \ :: PITTSBURGH, PA. DM.Ior, of Amerjcan Rod_M_or & L Sl«ndord Sanitary Corporation

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