The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1938
Page 3
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MONDAY, A PR IT, n BJ-YTHRVIT.LR (ARK.) COURIER NRWS ump Administration Busy Preparing Its Huge Priming Program liy KOUNt.T miTOHKii WASHINGTON. April n.—TI« : tit! news Is thai ihe jfoosevelf administration has decided lo try to "spend" the country out of ihe depression. The decision finally ivas rcnciictl by the President, and WI'A Ad- JCj'tlitsiriUor Harry Hopkins :u Rwum Springs. Pariher deivlop- rVntx are rapidly unfolding. Half a down for |mmp- i»K money into the economic .sy.s- ii:m, backed and press-agenicd by '•i:; many croups, are helm; piLshed [croiind in (he air. Tiieie are. plans lor pun: .spending and plans /or pure lending, .schemes for lewl- .; in such a way that only pan. of Hie money will come back anil M.-Jiciiw-.s for lending so Mini none of it will come buck, 'mull $:t,,oiM Although meclianle.s of Ihe pump-priming -scheme lo be recommended lo Congress- are not worked out. It i.s certain that Mr Roosevelt will call for ai $3.000,000,000 of funds for WI'A and public works. II is not unlikely lliat the old PWA, whose machinery has -been kept oiled for a program such as is now imminent, will be merged with WPA and that Hie whole works-recovery program will be co-ordinated under Hopkins In order to get a fast slart, ihe merged organization would begin at ce on projects of both agencies BB/cli have been proposed and ipudicd bul have not been acted in because of lack of funds. Prominence of Harry Hopkins n the Roosevelt councils and in administration of the spendiii" •program makes it certain that comprehensive if not favorable consideration will be given lo a large..scale housing program, under government direction and financed by government- funds Hopkins always has wanted to build houses wilh WPA labor Jlousinr Planned 1111 rragram Various ideas as to housing as n part of the new spending program arc as far up in the air nnythfns else, but a significant amount of attention is hein" devoted lo possibilities of Jarw- Kcalc erection or pre-r.ibricalcd liomes. Some government experts insist that muss production of cheap prefabricated homes represents the only way to build cheap individual houses. They say'-'sevcral production units arc ' ready (o slart off In a big way and that WPA; labor could be used lo lay out s^jra. strccLs. cellars and ' wnler fiiiirs as well as to put (he hous- K together. According to the prc-fabrication experts, it's largely a question of getting the public used lo this tyi» of house and if someone will jiisl get a lot of them up there will be stimulus for a hiioc new industry. But this is only one idea among ninny and opposition from build- Ing trades unions, building male- rials interests ami oilier groups is likely to kill it. Early indications are (hat pump-priming proposals of whatever type will he (,'lo.wly scriitiimod in Conprcss and perhaps .subjected (<> considerable alteration. The proposal to lurn the public works program over lo Hopkins assuming- that Roosevelt decides he ivniils lo do (lint, i.s one which conceivably may cause an uproar on Capitol Hill. Juvenile Comedy Filmed Here To Be Shown At Roxy Theater The Juvenlli' comedy, recently ninii'd here by nil Independent | as children from lllytlievillR Wlmberlcy, Sylvester. Tommy Sylvester, ICay Tliomu.s. Unlit Him, Joe Karl Wim Ix-i'ley, Williams, Luthor .. joe Eiirl WlnibiM'ley, and siiiToundliiK section look |)inl.| Mnrlhu Woodward, Nimcy C'iirroll will be shown at the Roxy llieu-1 Wood, Donua Wunderlicli, jimmy lei Tuesday and Wednesday. The i MtieallB, Hilly Van Wriglil. Irwlu liljn, which i.s ;l two-reclor, will be Smith. Josephine Shibley, iWotliy in .'uldjiK/ti uj the regular pro^nun Thompson, Ann 1'ortor Travl.s, lor d;,y.s and iilgliUi, | Ann VA-i'drnun. nnd E'divln Werd- 'Ihe leaditis; roles in Hie lilm are i man. by Nancy liurr, who is kld-i C'opelauu-ltfld Marsarel Copeland ol fitcelu became the bvlde of ,iumes lield of Cooler In n ceremony performed In Ihe home of Ihe olilclailim m»K- Lslrale. T. b. Cnssldy of islylhe- vllle Saturday morning. Their only jaUendant was Ciray Hopper of Tyler. M,', iiripeil in Hi,, first scene, Conslance (W CB ,-., O...... J.,.,.,4 U^^I.L Ml '*'- IU ' I(I ls " Ic S'"" 11 ^^ dunuli- Uintwi, licr .sister, and i,loyd )|o- : le » r0es D'OdaCaSt Health ti-r of Mrs, Allle Copchind. Rhr. Is W«ek Program For Race •<<U, who has Die Jcadln,, :»inc,ni! ll«' yciunger children. hi the eintiedy, which was lilm- cil l.v .Milliui ijui-kcr of Hollywood A l"'°»''«»> coinrnenioratinj; the N.-mcy I.s kidji;i|i«i ;.nd carried oil'! ' " Mniml «!»eri'ance of Niillonnl U: a shack. Constance reports the;" 0 " 1 '" neallh week was broadcast kidnapping and llii; umig l-els ""''' Kl « tl »n K1.CN Friday by mcin- l/usy al (jncc. i.loyil i.s Kild that"IK: i '"''' s Ol ll)u Bli'ls chili of the lliirrl- is iwj small to iiel|) in Ihe huiii,-''"" negro .sfliool. Oteria Pertiuson ™ hi- (jruaniws- a I;;UIK of bis own,! 1 '' i )JO ' s ' <l(1 nl of Ihe club, which llml;; Die kidnaped i;iil ; "Nuilonul ncsro health week wa,s A lev,' spw:ii,li v dunce nan MJII,. : '«-i;;inalcd la 11115 by uooker T. „. Washihiiion, who believed dial the numbers lilm. (.Ihi-j.s taking part in tin ; ii( m j "|) f wi the conservation of its AniislroJif; lutnre of Iho ne^ro race depended Ami Harki-r. Shiiley Ilurk.sdaie.i lu-r talk on Ihe origin and punx Winnibctli lineklcy, Nancy Hiirr, of Ihe week. Viri-lniii Ilrooks of Memphis, Mary Km- Criifloii. limnoiiii Ciarion, inemlwr of the .senior class «f Slcclc !i!|;U school this year. She was captain of tlm girls' basketball team. (King an nil star guard of Pemlscot county. She represented Slecle at tlin be.iuly CCTIIB In the Chi'lstnius parade at Oiirulhei-svllle. Mr. Held Is the .son of Mr. and Mrs. 1/iLs field, prominent runners of near Cooler. lie graduated from Cooler high school In 1S:H and since llml time has Ijcmi assiclaled wllh Ills hither In tho grocery and meal market business in Cooler. They will make their home In . ...,,j n... .111. f... Vlll:ll InJIIIIrllll hf-allh. Maiy Helen Sledge siild in Cooto- but Ihe bride will coiuplelu ! one her school lenn at Sleele. die Pauline Carney. Child, llcssic Cliisiu, curl Davis, Jan. Dickinson, Gordon Hammock. Jack Johnson. Joyce .hme Kr-ilh, Chail- c.s Henderson. Jimmy Lowe. Man- rcpii Norrls, Ifusscll' I'hlllips Jim- mle Powell. Marv Jo ijoss, Jolin lid Kcigenold, Marion Smilh, Bill Potter. Marth Taylor. Joan Tricschinaim. .halilli Ann Thompson. Peggy van Winkle. Dorothy Wifiiins, Jack Wiggins. Dick Williams. Billv Floyd Travis, Sally Travis, Wilbur Dillnluinly. Betty Adams, Sunshine Anderson. Fiances Anderson, J. D. Anderson. Willie. Anderson. Bonnie Eaitcr. Eloise Barnes, Louella Pii'nes, SUIrley Barham, Gerald iilomeyer. I'Vnncer. Bright, Tom Brown. I-nVern Btis,ell, Billy Cau- Roseniary Ge-jigeni,! Clark. Ari.hur Lee Conner. 'Skip- in" C'rook. Mary Allen Crawford. Dorothy Crawford, John Cowan jr.. Frank Denlon. Jo Evelyn Disinter. Helen Delk. Juanit.a nun- can. Imogcne Duncan, Harrv Caiti" (''arr. Dttly Ferguson, Ktorion Wilson Doiras. Frances Field, lio- br-rln Ptonnan. Jerry Goodii'in. Dickie Oreenwell. Eva Mae Glo- s-er, Marcelle Humphrey. Marv LX)U Jo<-ner. Willa Mae Johnson, James M.irliti, Jack Marsh, Juanitu M C Mullen. .Jackie McGheo. Maiulii; Modinger. Barbara Monaglran, Imogcne Moore, Edward Morrison. Irene Makers, Gwendolyn Nave, Martha .!e,in Nave, Vera Nowell. Frances Nunn. Mary Ann Parks, Richard Pilchard. Ben Prichard. Marcella J'crry Colleen Reese, Mnry nei- clifl. Jere Reid, Adah Clyde Rob- .iii'ion, .Ploy Ann Sample. Joe i Santa. Geneva Shibley. Prances S'lionse, Pally Skelton, "Botly RutV Cleo Mildred Surry urned netsroes of lln's cominmiily lo cnoperale with the movement by iMcunlntt ami beniilifylnu 'heir premises nnrt lirai'tldng ihe sized liy llieir l-jiKUffinriil Annnimeril Mrs. 10, w. McCann and Mrs. 'ihelma 'I'homason were hostesses lo n bridge party at the home of Negro spirituals were sung the Harrison Ilish Choral club rules eiiipha- Mrs. McCann Thursday night an- 'mnily docior. nouncinu ll11 - engagement- of Miss liy Hazel Mulllns of Cooler lo Mr, Wallls Clippard of sikeslon. The wedding is lo lake place on June llitJi. The announcement was \ult- ten on .small folders Imllallng a win i ra ''"bbil. Miss Mulllns is a member . N. J. IJOUglas, OO'Of Ihe faculty of Ihc-Cooler grade school. There were four tables of bridge players, Ihe high score award RO- Toe Injury Fatal To Mrs. N. J, Douglas, who had lived in the extreme southeast corner of Missouri for 03 years, died at her home at Oakrirt<je, near the Arkansas-Missouri line, early ing to Mrs. W. C. Held, second high lo Mrs. J, w. Reno and low score to Miss Dorris llarnett. Each uuesl Is spending ,iiU week with her parents, Mr. mid Mrs. Ci. W, Howler. Site nnd Mr.v. j.luwler silent lust night ul Tyler will). Iheli' dmlBlltPi nnd sister. Mi's. R. u. iii-nell. Ml', nnd Mrs, Amos Huffman, ancompanieil by die InliWs parenls of Wlllliiiiisvllh', Mo., left (inlay for Ciillt'orni.'i nhcrc they will imihc Ihelr luime. Mrs. AMn .Slephi'ns was 10 u hospital In Meiupllls liisl un-h for (ivaimrai. Klwood HKIWII tninsucteil business in <.'ii|ii) Olnirdiviii .Sulimliiy, Mr. iinil Mrs, 1)111 I'ouell mid daughli'i'. of Memphis, spent last weekend here us yuesls of Mr, .11.1 Mrs. Jack Vuncey. Hiil'iH-y llliicnii of Ihe (I. H. urniy, .slatloned in Nnrlli Caixillna. Is vl.s- illnsi his sister, Mrs. Iliniicr Wuli'rs, and iilhi'i- ii'lalves. Mrs. 1). A. Tiii-kcr. sr. ill Onsii. Ark.. Is s]n«iidin;! i his week IK-H- wllh n-hiiiirs iiiul also tianfuii-iiii'4 business for ihi> .Soiilhern ClnlsllHii Orphan's liuiue of Monlllon, Avk. Final Rites Held For Thomas Vicory Al Steelc .WKK'I.K, Mo., Apr. II. HJl'j.- Medom Thuiiiiis Vicory tlli'd nt Ills home In (bis elly prklay idler H , lenalhy illness of hinh blrind |ire;,- } .sure/. I iini'i'al services were hehl j ' JSnllirday hy (he pastor, liev. M. A. Miissey. .-nid liilfnneiil ivii.s 1 imnlc In Ihe Ml. x.iim eenielcry. ivllh Ihr CKIcl I'Vllmvs lodge and I he <lor- niiiu Uiiderlnkliii> company in chaiue. Mi: Vicory had livi'd lien- for Iho past lira-en ycm's and duiliiK Unit lime he lias been In Ihe |;in- nlivg biisliiess. About sis years ago he was uniied In marrlaiie ie> Mrs, Jetty I'enney. lie lias been a mein- lK!i- of (be Odd Fellows lodge for several years nnd wn.s also n mcm- b'jr ol Hie Church of Chvlsl. He Is survived by his wife, a stepson, C. O. Penney, 'and two brothers. PAGE THREE morning, she would have liccn GO wus presented an Easter bonnet and years of age. next Monday. Death was caused by a bruised toe, which was injured lust /nil, and which was hurt again Jour weeks ago. Gangrene set In a short lime later and she became seriously ill several days ago. Funeral sen-ices will be held Wednesday afternoon, Iwo o'clock, at the home, of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Fisher, of Oakridge. nnd burial will be made at Mount Zioii cemetery at Cooler. A native of Hnmboldt, Tenn.. Mrs. Douglas went to her present home when that community was entirely in woods. She lived there the remainder of her life. Mr. Douglas died 27 years ago this week. She is survived by three sons, Roy. Douglas, of Burdcttc, Ross Douglas of Flint. Mich., and spen- cer Douglas of St. LouK and c>«>e daughters, Mr.s. Willis Owens, Mrs. Clarence Byrn and Mrs.. Oliver Fisher, all of Oakridgc. Cobb Funeral home is in charge .1 prize was awarded to the one making the bust appearance. Mrs. A. w. Jordan won this prize. The Easier motif was curried out in all the decorations. The hostess served served appropriate refreshments. * • * Dr. T. S. Cooper has returned home from "Clanlon, Ala., where he has been In a hospilal following a car accident en roule to his home here from Ft. Myers, Fla. He made, the (rip flnc ( nml is recovering as fast as can be e.xpecterl. Mr. and Mrs. Artie Maddicks were called to Fisk. Mo., the latter part of the week to be with Ihe latter's father, J. M. Gullcdge. v;ho Is seriously III. Mrs. Lala Winlock of Flint. Mien., S " ! !i'l'_ ' 1oI) - V Ami stcwnrl . David of funeral arrangements.. WASH & GREASK Sl.dO Wash, Grrase, I'oli^h anil waxi'il ss.DIi H. R. SCHMtJOK "Ksso" Stutiofi M:un anil Division Uikc Eric is the Illh Invijesi. lake In the world, wllh an areu of uocn miles. Bed-Ridden Youth Becomes Boy Scout KAST I.YMI'.'.Conn. (Ul>) -SIrap- ped in une pusllloii U|xin a lied of boards, unison .Siniudeis, 10, <Tlp- liled liy iii'llii'lli.s. has rrall/ril Ills Hi'i'nli'M ambition - in brromo u Hoy •Seom. A eliiuiee iicn,uiiinliiu<v wllli Miss H. II, Keith, Washington .Sunday school leaeln-r, ijnve Klllson the op- porliinlly lie long desired. Miss Ki'llb. vacitllonliijj I" 1 ''", drove her itutonuihtte tnln ihe Maunders' driveway UIHI waved lo Ihe liny, l«'d was besidi- (he window, UKcr she veiled wllh him, Jeimiixl of Ills nmblilun and ciimmunkiUrd wllh iiulloiial M'Hiu aiilliiji'ille.s, .Supplied with insirui'lion Ixiolis, yonn<( .SiuindiTs .successfully pussed Ills Tl'lUll'l-l'DOt I'XIIilllllllllollS. He Is' iui\v sludyiiiK for mh'iinremnnt us an Ai'hlevcini'nl Krmil. u speelnl rimk lur Ijiiys wlio ure physically h Hi appcd and unable lo pcrloiin ri'Siilar M-ont le.sls. Last Kncampment Seen Tor Empire State G.A.R. SYltAOUflK, N, Y. (Ill') .Ornme inimy ol (Iii< "Hoys In Uluo" liave birinno disabled or liuve died riTi'iit years, lln: 72nd annual Nciv York Klalc IXtparlnient Kn- campmi'iit of Ibn o. A. If. at Kwhesicr, N. v., in Jutic i, mv . )„. (he lusl. Twu hinuli'cd Civil War veloiani Mow reside In New York Mule, nnd of llml number nal mom iliiin ;>3 me expected lo rcsiwnd n> encampment call. The nvi'rauo age. ol Ihe New York Slide (j. A. 11.'vet (•run Is 03. ,' Sovenly Attend 'I'lii're were 7:1 mimlcm- nirilo en- UuisiustH from I-I (owns of Illinois, Kentucky .Aflssourl, TcnnessM aiui Ai'kuiinji who ullrndi'd the third (iniirlcrly mrptlng of the Motiiky AniiiU:iir linilln iisocliiflon IUTH yrate relay. In addition (o ihc four lorul ineinbcrs. llurold Siulbury. llrst vice preslilrnl, John liuhind Hun- (lern, Dave Curlls and Henry Wll- .son. nifinbi'i's were ulKo present (i (iriind Cluiin. 111.. Illtkmiin. Ky., Rlkeslon, Maiden, 1'oplnr Hliilf, CiniiiilH'll. I)nxt«v, Cupe Cihiirdciiii mid C'liriillR'r.svllle, In riujouhl, llale.wllle.O rtaoln slirdln Missouri. McniplilK, Tonn,, nnil |'IIII\KOU|I|, llalesvhle, \Vlhxni i\nd .lonesbori) In Arkansas. Memphis, with 12 prwnl, luul the lurncst Diirliiu I)ii.> iiflfrnoou there ivu.s informal tnlK of radio work wllh Interest added hy a visiting tour- Lsl from Chlcuo'i, who was niiouU! (o Hot, fipilni's and who "clro|i|w1! m dmtng the. meeting for tv chnt with voices lit hpnrrt while travel- Ing. Supper was served at. the. American Legion hut before Ihe. business session during which attendance prlffl'.i wqre awarded and radio ninntciir equipment displayed. Wives and Indy friends who nc- eompanlcd iho members wrn guests of Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Ur.- C'ulclii'ii for a ihealci 1 parly during ihe men's business session, The next meelhi(< will Im |n .Inly «l lleclfuol Lake, Tenn. Educational Film To Be Shown On Tuesday A free showing of Ihe cducn-' llonal talking motion picture.. "Hidden Harvest" IK to lie. given fit lh(,' lllylhevlllft )ilsh school tomorrow allOTiioon at :i;30 o'clock. The show, which Is lor Ihe pul)- ll<:, will ilfiil with poultry. ~FARMTOANS I5M ftn4 Df ArUniu *nd MlMWt taw MI /»tr»—luwm Also ell; propcrlln DON H. KASSEKMAN Tlionm Land Co. OdIce P. O. Box 470, Phone H7. Hmu wutc GLENCOE BARBER SHOP Iviirl !•:. IMrkrr, I'rop. <:i<mn<- Hold Illdc. 1 KM'KKT MANIOUHINf," PRESERVES THE UPHOLSTERY 1938 COVERS • Retain the Ironh. new appoarance ol your upholitny with thoa« altractive ««at cov*r*. Thoy are lailond lo iil inugly. Available in pUaiing colon— made ol iliong, vrtai Kilning labtic. II your leali at. >polt«d ond worn, thoas cov«n maV« lh« cat interior look like n»w. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. fitli and Walnut I'hoiic ft 1(1 FREE ghr Alarm False? Maybe It's Cockroach ST. LOUfS (UP)-If yon have a irglar nlann in your home and ti rings, don't get scared, ft may be just a cockroach. Major A ,l,m Lambert, chairman of (.he St Louis board of police commissioners. fotnid (Hat on 1,500 alarms Inst. JMr. 500 were false Scekin<- an explanation for the higii , W i° conlage. he discovered that f-ih c alarms are sel off by cats rats dogs, canaries, and even cockroaches. "In fact," he said, "the only pets found not to have committed the offense at one time or another are Goldfish." 100 FAMOUS 1938 MODELS MAGIC CHEF GAS RANGES GIVEN AWAY MO TREATMENT * SAFER FOR PILES Free Hook for Anyone | -Afflicfetl with Rccliil His ( Remarkable results have berni ichievco. in the treatment of Piles without general anesthetics and! lospital confinement. Before de- i ciding your case needs the more Irastic kind of trealroent, sen-l for I book published by the Thornton! ; Minor Clinic, Suite 191!). 920 j \fcGce St.. Kansas City Mo.-one.! of the oldest and largest rectal' clinics of America . . . The book I rill give you valuable Information) —will tell yon of dangers in neg- cct. the possibility of malignant jrowlh—will acquaint 5-011 with laznrds in certain types of treol- nent. H will tell you how the; clinic has found Ihe milder, safer ilnd of treatment sufficient for lie vast majority of all its thou- nnds of patlenls ... A copy of vils enlightening book will be natjed you for the asking, In plain wrapper and without obligation, ONE HUNDRED Ranges will be given away absolutely free when you purchase one of our 200-gallon or larger BUTANE CAS SYSTEMS. We will in exchange for your old cook srove install complete in your HOME including the plumbing one of these beautiful 1938 Ranges. COUPON NAME . .' ADDRISS FRE 69 RANGE FREE AND MAIL NOW FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION COOKING-REFRIGERATION-HEATING SMALL DOWN PAYMENT—BALANCE 3 YEARS FUA ,T TRRMS WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY Phone 737 418 W, Main St. Blytheville,Ark, SAVE AS MUCH AS 90c ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE iflll'i 1'eiinsvlvnnln Oil, Sealed ('(milliners, Me SAVEON GAS CO. •I Miles N«. of Ktitie Uno H. W. (i! 1101,1,AI), AIO. THE PICTURE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR "KIDNAPPED" BLYTHEVILLE'S OWN "OUR GANG" MOVIE WITH A CAST 01'' 90-LOCAL KIDOIES-90 A Full 2-Recl Comedy Filmed in Ulyllioyillc —PLUS— 'LITTLE MISS ROUGHNECK' WITH EDITH FELLOWS AND LEO CARRILLO A PICTURE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY APRIL 12 & 13 MATINEE-TUESDAY ONLY 2:15 P. M. AT THE ROXY Admission 10c & 26c NIGHT SHOWS 7:IS P.M. OWING TO THIS COMEDY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, PAL NIGHT WILL BE THURSDAY AT THE ROXY THIS WEEK.

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