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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey • Page 2
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey • Page 2

Asbury Park Pressi
Asbury Park, New Jersey
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A2 ASBURY PARK PRESS, April 11, 1975 Cambodians Hold Airport 7iv' A vi Yesterduy the U.S. rlcellft from Saigon was suspended for five hours because of shellfire, but a total of seven DC8 shipments were delivered. The ammunition lift from Bangkok was not affected and made 23 CI 30 flights. local company burst Into flames and crashed ust outside the airport, possibly after being hit by shellfire. It was a DC3 piloted by a Taiwanese and was hauling diesel fuel to one of the few besieged provincial cities still held by the government. police Hourcei tea id only rockets were used In the daily bombardment of the field today. Twenty hit the field shortly after dawn, killing two persons, but the American supply airlift was not affected. A plane belonging to a HINOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) Government ground forces and planes using advanced American fire bombs halted a 2(H) -man Khmer Rouge force that battled to within two miles of Phnom Penh's airport, reports from the area said. The Cambodian command was trying to organize a counterattack today, the reports said. Military sources said "the government's defense line strengthened somewhat" after the Cambodian air force rained CBU55 fire bombs on the insurgent forces that penetrated to within mortar range of the airport, the capital's last supply line. The Phnom Penh command claimed that 700 South Vietnamese Hold Provincial Capital Again (AP) Adm Jackson Tate touches arm of Russian daughter Victoria Fyordorova at press conference. Admiral, Daughter Appear the Saigon command reported. The command said the North Vietnamese who began attacking Xuan Loc, the capital of Long Khanh province, on Wednesday hit the eastern and southeastern edges of the city today. The Viet Cong claimed the Communist-led forces had gained complete control of the market place, the provincial headquarters, an engineering base and the eastern part of the airfield. But the Saigon command claimed the invaders had been driven out. To the southwest, 20 to 30 miles from Saigon near the main road to the rice fields of the Mekong Delta, hard fighting was reported in and around Thu Thua and Ben Tranh, both district capitals. More than 50 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops were killed in the fighting near Ben Tranh, the Saigon command said. It said there were no government casual through interpreters, Miss Fyodorova said she was told while growing up that her father had been killed in the war. When eventually told the truth, she vowed to one day find him. She arrived in the United States on March 23 on a 90-day visa, granted by Soviet officials after world A Or Against Connally Against Lobbyist Thousands Offer To Fight in Asia ties. Associated Press newsman Huynh Cong Ut reported close-quarter fighting inside Thu Thua. He said policemen with loudspeakers called on Viet Cong sappers to surrender as street fighting broke out. Instead, the sappers inside houses fired back and both sides hurled hand grenades. Saigon troops later put bodies of young Viet Cong sappers on display in the center of town. The battles in Long Khanh and Long An provinces are the first major fighting in the Saigon region in the Communists' five-week-old offensive that has cost the South Vietnamese government three-fourths of the country. The Saigon command claims that more than 900 Communist troops were killed in the first two days of the battle for Xuan Loc and reported 18 South Vietnamese killed and 110 wounded. years, said Col. Nguyen Ilein Diem, military attache for the embassy of the Republic of Vietnam. John Danhaucr, a student at the Somerset Area Vocational School in Somerset, Ky. and a Vietnam veteran, said he was surprised when the Vietnamese embassy saying South Vietnam doesn't hire mercenaries refused his application to be hired as a mercenary "making $500 a month" in their army. Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. James F. Akin now a pilot for Alpine Air in Aurora, said he didn't care for the South Vietnamese, "I wouldn't be fighting for them," he said, adding that he was opposed to communism and hated to see America lose a war. "It's pride in America, you betcha," Akin explained. The Cambodian embassy has received between three and five calls a day over the past three months. Insurgents were killed in aerial and artillery bombardments 7 and 12 miles northwest and west of the city. Although such claims are always suspect, a Western reporter in the field said the government T28's "caught 'em in the open." When the CBU55's hit, they release a flammable aerosol cloud that detonates a few seconds later. The fire storm created absorbs the oxygen within a 100-yard radius and explodes the lungs of those breathing the fumes, U.S. government literature on the bomb says. The Cambodian air force has used the bomb for the past three months, and the U.S. Navy used it in Vietnam. Despite the nearness of the Khmer Rouge to the airport, ence in the Assembly chamber where Dickey was a familiar figure until he lost his seat in the 1973 election. Nero said he planned to hold a full scale news conference within a few days at the Woodbine Inn, a restaurant he owns in Pennsauck-en. Nero's appearance at the State House followed the latest disclosures in a widening series of allegations involving the Byrne administration. Nero said Sagner eventually accepted $10,000 for the campaign and the Democratic State Committee. He said Sagner told him to give the money in four separate checks to cover up the fact that it was coming from one contributor. On Wednesday, Nero said that Sagner solicited a large contribution from him for the Byrne campaign in 1973. Sagner was the campaign finance chairman. Sagner said Wednesday he rejected a "quid pro quo" offer from Nero of $25,000 in return for a job in the administration heading the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. Sagner said while he made no job offer or promise he eventually accepted $5,000 for the campaign from Nero. Byrne told a Wednesday news conference he intended to talk to Sagner before making any judgments on the contributions. He said he John Nero (right) accompanied by his lawyer, former Assembly Speaker William Dickey, were at the State House yesterday for a meeting with Mathew P. Boylan, director of the Division of Criminal Justice concerning Nero's allegations that Byrne received campaign funds from him in return for a promise of a job in the administration. (Press Photo) Accuser Asks Byrne To Take Lie Test wide reports of the Tate-Fyodorova love affair their daughter's desire to; see her father. Before the news conference began, Tate said, "Please don't ask this girl any political questions, she is not a member of the Communist party. She only came to see me." But Jacobsen has admitted that in the past he committed perjury, and that in pleading guilty to bribing Connally he got the government to reduce charges against him. During a day and a half of cross-examination, Jacobsen also conceded his memory was hazy about some details of the story, including whether there hart been two or three $5,000 payoffs. To bolster Jacobsen 's story, the prosecutors, led by Asst. Special Prosecutor Frank M. Tuerkheimcr. produced a pile of bank records, appointment boiJks, an airplane log, a hdtel room-service check, bundles of cash and other documentary evidence. Husband Own Life Dominican resort of -La Romana. Howe said recently that the hotel bill was paid by Tandy Means Dickinson, Park's current Washington hostess, and that he later repaid her. It is a violation of the federal code of ethics and the conflict of interest laws for government employees and officials to "solicit or accept, directly or indirectly any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or any other thing of monetary value" from certain categories persons or corporations. There are also special conflict of interest standards that have been drawn up for White House employees. LANTANA, Fla. (AP) is my admiral, I am his little soldier," Victoria Fyo-dorova says of the father she is visiting for the first time. The Russian-born actress and her father, retired Adm. Jackson R. Tate of Orange Park, emerged for a news conference yesterday after more than two weeks of hiding. Clutching her ailing father's hand, she gave a movie-star smile and said, "I came here only to see my father. That is why I am so tremendously happy I have my father. He is mine." Miss Fyodorova, 29, is the "love child" of a World War II romance between Tate, now 77 and a heart patient, and Russian actress Zoya Fyodorova, who is 62 and living in Moscow. Tale was banished from Missing Students Sought WOODLAND TOWNSHIP An air and land search is under way for two retarded students of the New Lisbon State School who disappeared Monday afternoon. Helicopters from Ft. Dix and the state police have joined Ocean allunty Sheriff's Department blood-hourds, first aid and fire department volunteers, school personnel and police in the search for David Williams, 13, of Orange, and Steven Anderson, 18, of Westville. The dogs traced the pair's steps from a barn to Route 72, which borders the southern side of the vast campus were found in Secaucus meadowiands last Friday and Sunday, were buried at Weehawken Cemetery. About 150 persons filled the inside of the church while about 200 stood outside. At Roosevelt Stadium, police estimated a crowd of 7,000 to 8,000 gathered. SAIGON (AP) South Vietnamese troops withstood a third day of assaults against a provincial capital 40 miles cast of Saigon today and battled attacks on two district capitals to the south, did not become aware of the exact size of the contribution from Nero to his campaign until last week when he reviewed campaign finance records. Nero is chairman of the Camden County Utilities Authority. He has told state investigators that on the day he was to vote a possible authority contract for a client of the Byrne law firm he was summoned to the firm's East Orange office by Teltser. The Dec. 6, 1973 meeting included the suggestion that if Nero voted for the contract for Meridian Engineering Inc. it would help him obtain the ABC job, according to his 'statement to state investigators. Byrne said last week that he did not know Meridian was a client of his former law firm. He was still a member of the firm on Dec. 6, 1973. The governor has also said that Teltser was never authorized to offer anyone a job in his administration or to interview job seekers. The vote on the proposed Meridian contract was tied and Nero abstained. The contract was subsequently awarded to Porter and Ripa Associates, of Morristown, a client of the law firm of former state Sen. Ralph DcRose. PRII1G file a routine motion asking the judge to direct a verdict of innocent. Arguments on the motion were scheduled for next Monday when he trial resumes in federal court. Before resting their case yesterday, the prosecutors had presented 30 witnesses and a mass of documentary evidence. But only one witness swears Connally took the money. Former dairy industry lawyer Jake Jacobsen testified he gave Connally two illegal $5,000 payoffs in 1971 for Connally's efforts in persuading the Nixon administration to raise milk prices. He swears he and Connally later tried to cover up the crime in 1973. Ford Aide Takes His Combined Wire Services WASHINGTON James W. Howe, the husband of First Lady Betty Ford's personal secretary, died last night of a gunshot wound. Police said it was a suicide. Howe's wife, Nancy, Mrs. Ford's personal secretary since 1973, is under investigation by the White House in connections with reports that she and her husband visited the Dominican Republic last week as the guests of international businessman Tong-sun Park. Howe, head of the language department at Trenton State University in Trenton, N.J., his wife and their daughter stayed at a villa in the the Soviet Union by Joseph Slalin when the romance was discovered, and his sweetheart was imprisoned for eight years. Tate, who later married an American woman, did not learn of his daughter's existence until 19K3, then lost track of her again until last year. Speaking primarily U.S. Case His Word WASHINGTON (AP) -The government's bribery case against former Treasury Secretary John B. Connally boils down to one man's word against another's. Connally 's chief defense lawyer Edward Bennett Williams today is expected to STEVEN ANDERSON before losing the scent, School Superintendent Francis W. Russell said yesterday he believes the boys were offered a ride by a passing motorist. Williams is described as moderately retarded and talkative. Anderson is said to be severely retarded with speech difficulties. They were last seen by a counselor walking from their cottage to the barn at 4:30 p.m. The helicopters have been searching a 10-mile square area, a small lake on campus was dragged, and volunteers have combed woods on fo7n and horseback since Monday night." 1 8.13 Kle. 37 (wont) 311-8880 Friday, "til Sunday 1 lo 5 revolving rliurpr revolving clmrae 5 Since (890 LJ 4 8,000 Attend Hall Rites TRENTON (AP)-John Nero, the Camden County official who has traded allegations with the Byrne administration, yesterday challenged Gov. Brendan T. Byrne to follow his example and take a lie detector test. Nero and his attorney, former Assembly Speaker William K. Dickey, met for about an hour and a half with Matthew P. Boylan, director of the Division of Criminal Justice. Dickey said afterward he told Boylan that Nero would willingly appear before a state grand jury at any time he was asked to do so. He said Boylan indicated he might want to interview Nero again. The attorney said the meeting with Boylan covered the entire scope of charges and developments that have been publicized in the past two weeks suggesting irregularities in Byrne campaign financing and administration job policies. Nero, who took a lie detector test Tuesday at the Berlin State Police Barracks, said he "invited Brendan Byrne to do the same thing." He also called on state Transportation Commissioner Alan Sagner and Harold Teltzer, a former law partner of the governor, to take polygraph tests. Dickey and Nero answ ered newsmen's questions during an Impromptu press confer The Washington Post WASHINGTON Over the past few months, the embassies of South Vietnam and Cambodia have received thousands of offers from American men volunteering to fight in Southeast Asia. These requests, in fact, far exceed requests from families to adopt orphaned children, according to embassy officials. From colleges, small towns, all parts of the United Slates, these men have written or phoned in requests to fight in the armies of Cambodia and South Vietnamese. All have been politely refused so far but some say they will organize private armies. These prospective volunteers and they are a curious collection of military veterans of all ranks, unemployed teenagers who have never been out of the country, and men worried about the safety of their Vietnamese friends are motivated by strong and varied passions. In telephone interviews some said they wanted to earn money as a mercenary, many wanted to fight communism, and one wanted to rescue a sweetheart. Undaunted by the Paris Peace accords, which forbid American combat involvement in Indochina, some of these men have asked to change their citizenship. "We passed these requests (for citizenship) to Phnom Penh but they said 'no, we have enough said Peang Mcth Gaffar, press attache for the embassy of the Khmer Republic. The South Vietnamese embassy, however, has given out about 20 citizenship forms but no American has been able to fulfill the requirements of fluency in Vietnamese and residency in Vietnam for at least three FARE Lake HghU UNION CITY (AP)-Thousands attended services for Esli and Robert Hall, the Union City murder victims who were abducted three weeks ago from a parking lot near their school here. A funeral was held at the Soldiers of the Cross of Christ Evangelical Church in Jersey City and then an estimated 8,000 people came for a memorial service at Roosevelt Stadium here. The children, whose bodies In Sunday's Press Saturday Is SALE BAY WATER RATES: Ever wonder how much water utilities charge in other Monmouth and Ocean county towns? You may be surprised at the difference in rates as shown in a Consumer Page report and also better informed. at XTd BATHING SUITS: A Panorama cover page picture layout offers a preview of Summer of '75. ONE DAY HOME EDITION: Plan to remodel your kitchen? Build a swimming pool? You'll find timely, informative stories on these and many more home improvement projects in this 1 6-Page supplement. vtlnmpwad DOGGED PLAYER: a photo strip captures the antics of a German shepherd in Ocean Township, playing with a new toy. FLOOR El CLOCKS 11 a-, aft PlllMJ? 25 WHi! off IS Vfv Begin with our Bottomlest BOWL OF SHRIMP Proceed to dinner choosing from: EntrMi Suctl Ai SLICED STEAK Including Stlad. Potto. Vtqttablt A CoffM Topped off with Unlimited VIENNESE PASTRIES All For $5.95 Jersey Jackpot April 10, 1975 WEEKIY-493-217 Millionaire Finalist 30862 The prize structure now in effect: Those ticket holders matching either set of the three-digit numbers win $25. Those holding tickets matching both wis of numbers, in either order, are entered in the Jersey Jackpot, and wki from $10,000 to $250,000. Those correctly matching the five-digit millionaire finalist nunuVr win a minimum of $500 and a chance to win $1 million. DAILY 18469 The dailv grand drawing qualifying number lor the period April 3-9, 79665. Pennsylvania Lottery April 10, 1975 LUCKY 7-677837 The three digit numbers are: 305, 862, 411. BAKER'S DOZEN Three digit: 727 Five digit: 53365 Six digit: 964528 RURAL DELIVERY: Author John Geiser recalls an interesting college dormitory pet that made a great companion until it sounded off one morning. LOTS OF PROBLEMS: A Wall Township driver describes her experiences In shopping center parking lots as "traumatic." A feature story focuses on problems of the lots, where there are few or no rules for safety. Sale price includes setup In your home by factory representatives. 775-3800 4 222-1200 4 ff NEW i 4 If JERSEY 11 II NATIONAL II BANK JJ 5 DANCING WEEKENDS! POINT PLEASANT BEACH TOMS RIVER DINNER THEATRE NIGHTLY! Allaire Road, Spring (201) 449- Bay and Trenton Ave. 892-2222 daily 'til 6) i'hurixlay. to cc53 hc3 tey nuwier enable bankumi-rlrard manrr 1'iiarpt- oanKumi-rU'anl i

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