The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO COURIICK NKWS SATURDAY, JANUARY J,-19'31 FIUST METHODIST Cllt'ltCII !'. Q. Itorlc, Pastor' Worship and Sermon: 11 A. M. aiid 1:30 P. M. =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Birth of John the Baptist Socieiy Calendar Mcni]:iy The executive j)<)ard ol ihe Wo- . man's Auxillarj' of the F!i-st i'l'i 1 .;- ; byterlan . church will have a hin- chtcu meeting at. the hcn-.e of Mrs. ROES Stevens. • Thi -.Woman's Mlaior.ary Society ol Uie Flisi Metiiodlsf church v.-ll! hn\e an important busincr.s nuet- ' Ing a* thc church a*. 0:33 o'o!=:-k. Mi 1 ?. C. T. ShEmbiln will entertain tha Missionary Society of the Lake Glrcn Methodist clvjrrh. . Mr=. Robert. Grhr' 1 i wll! t-u:cr-; tciii the Yomif; ^!alrons circle of the MiErior.r.r. '.ijiiicn in lir Flrot Baptist church. Tl!csc';iy The Tu?st3ay club is meeting with ilrs. C.'-'K • Tllc I«l«riialloiul Uniform Su:i- day School l.t-vion for Jan. 4. The . . | Jililh of John the Ilapllsl. I.ukc service broadcast, over I:8-n, 80. Mrs. E. C. P.tttcn is having t'.i? Wednesday Bridge club. ^^rs^ Trfincis Cnr^ciner i--. nrrr- talntng the ne-.v weekly oon;r.u; club. Mis. J.ur.C5 Ii. Clark is Itadcr of the Delphian program at the Hotel Noble for the second program in December. Thursday , Janeiro, Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Ward | KLCN. 31 tho' B* WM. f. GILUOV. 1). O. Editor of Thc Congrcgalionalibl I ... . Tlie lasl six months' studies c'.\ Board of Stewards Monday, this year are from Incidents and- t P. M. . . wplcs from iho Gospel of Saint, ; Prayer meeting Wednesday, 1:30 Luke. That brief document Is pros- ' of Jonesboro. and Mr*. Herbert My- < Billy Coolcy will preach ai er and daughter, Ann, of Newport, i evening hour. • Mrs. Chester';Npbors lias.'• as her | Sunday School, 0:45 A. M. (guests, Mrs. R.,,s. oa.Ul a,nd to.i Board of Stewards Mo . Mrs. B. v s. Ofttu and to i of Memphis. • riermnn Kskridge will .Mis. John 11. 1.3:15 !t :i:j .<- M . J. '1. un:l MLS. J. II. Flihrr ivmt l> llc Kork yi-flci'day where '.hey ;.c- „. , ~ rclurn ti; ; mpelo, Miss.. Sunday after vM;- '• , lux rcliilivos iiere. '' ' M. A. Portia, of Delroll' Mich ''• M. last night here with P. M. ably the world's most wonderful Choir rehcaisal Wednesday, 3:15 bo:k. If all oJ li'.craiurc were tu' •liwrish, tlx; preservation of Lubes' ' simple biography of Jesus of U-r ^i.'iicliiir. tlie holidays uith llicir fannll'.-«. Jimii.i Ti;mi)',:lns v:lll KO t k&dc!pii:.i Muiul.iy wher; hL' stuu'cn: at Ouachlta colhy.o 5]K'ncl:iii; iwo weeks vnc;Ub:i at Burde-.U' with his parents, M;. aiul Mrs. J. F. Tonijiklns. Mr-. \'.',;'\\ \V r allon i\:is :\. :!:T BIK.~: lo'.- :'. kv.- d-.iys her uaiiyhlir, >.:.:.. litiry II. llrtok;-, Jr., of Memi:hi-. SI:-.- '.YlH bo here ntull Mon- (Uiy uit:inn n. WEST S—K-I-3 II—U-7 , .Manic Kuth CralR l.s ro-1 u ~0-7- ; 10 lit r liomc In Memphis | NORTH—OEALER DUMMY S—6-54-2 H—MO D-A-J-10-9-3 C—9-8 Jesus as farther back Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Ser-iin Ihe preparation of the times of! moii"subject: "More Religion and] the law anil the prophsts. Luks, i -. LESS Legislation." Special'music. as a malter of fact, dc;s link the Christian Endeavor societies, 6:W new;dispensallon with the old'aiid P. ; m. his setting of the backgrounds of Church, 7:30 p. m. . j the. birth and ministry of Jesus is "I was glad when they r.aid lei In contrast 'with the simple direct- us gu" Into, the house of the Lord." Mrs. Berry 13. Brooks Jr cf Mem- '•• tol " crr ^ v Mn spendns? Mrs. O. P. Moss'Ts"hostess to the Plus, Is UiJ guest of her mother.. ;'"" •'I"' H" IllL ' """^and dsui;!i- Mid-\V£ek Bridge club. Mrs. Allan Wnllcn, for n few J)ys.;',' '5', , The 'Young Matrons club k men-' M: ' I '' : ' . 1 »"; Rkl1 >' y 1 ""' 1 "" -° inj willi Mr, Victor- Bray. ; Bt lhc , omc . 0| M ,, aMn „„„„, |™£ J^^ter! Mr"^! B u> ,mat!e plans fur further assisting \ c. aims, und family. She \vi!l in tlic care of tho pocr in this i be uccumpanloi by Albert Loivcry, c!tv ' j of Chicago. who orrlvcd this ai- Mrs. L. M limnetic conrtucic^., tsi-ncon n brief citvotioual bcfc.ix ih? hi:si-. f) ,,. ,i. c . Kcllcv, Jr.. cf Detroit. -y t - . .. v. .'^,, f , 1:^,11 ,. A". M., lor children from ten years of apes.-. Lunslord- Ccinwiv. "• 10 : C—5-4-• >, tApi S-Q-10 H—9.8-65-3 ness, with which Mark, for instance, SOUTH— DECLARER S-A-9-8-7 H—A-M-2 D-K C-A-X-CJ-T BV EDWARD C'. WOI.FK begins his narrative lut.-jdiiclng us within a few sentence;; lo thc actual ministry of Jesus. Luke's account, also, is a little } Christian Endeavor societies, (5:30 j fuller and more comprehensive I :!'• '"• i the.story of Jesus as given by Mat-! ; Evening Praise and sermon. 7:30jthew, though the early chapters of! i o'clock. Matthew's Gospel are likewise verj beautiful, and Matthew's presentation of the Sermon on the Mount for concreteness and fullness Is not FIHST CIllllSTfAN CIIUP.C'II Church school, 8:45 a. in. Communion and sermon, 11 a. m. The public is cordially invited. : FIliST BAPTIST i Alfred S. Harwell, Paslor | Su;-.:'.ay school begins at 3:45. ,U. I W. Mullins, superintendent. "A Member of (he Nadui'iiif Cham- 8™ded school with classes for all Auction Team nges. fc-!ir.vo-j rtoy wilh Ware,' Jr., i •.,:• r-uci \1. II. Bennett tart j ?"" e , ** moni . !n; their piisl... the !h-.;; ,if the ft 1 .' 1 'J^J 1 cnr ,' week :.iis. ' r. W. Truss n:id chil-: h - cl , of (vo ,'" -Announcement l-.p.s b:wi ma;!:: c! ; »;i c k n! ,d M tf enllic llub'.cr trrv- the marriage of Miss Jewel Conv.-uy, i cd d.iimy refreshments of. Lawton, Okla., nnri Ihe ll:v.: '• "•• <• J«mcs Lumford, pastor of the Bap- -club i:nter|:ii;is list churches at Kci=er and Bur- i:,. f Bcpaidii;; dclte,.'which -tojk place Wjliijs- day, December 24, at the ho:nc of the R.'T. Phillips .lii Jonesboro. "The bride, a former student o: Joiicsboro college, has been taking special expression at Blue j day evening- nl Hi? Golf Hotel. Mountain college, Bli:e Mountain.] The 18 present enjoyed anmcs Miss. ' srrnng which was "diving Advice" Mr. Lunsford, a ministerial slu-;to Mrs. lltinlcr in her new role dent at .Jonesbpro college, has b3jn l us houiekcejier. paslor ol'thi two caun- ! "i:x cl»b presented her iy churches for several m::ithr. las a pMting reinen-branci They will reside in Joncojon for 1 . Dc-.inty r:lrcshineius. v : hlch car- the remainder of the scJitol tc-rmiikd out (he spirit of the liolidti; and both will attend Jonesba.-D col- |v,ere served. ' : Mr . v E . F mo , nc yer niul rtaugh- lege. . t.::*. Hunter, who is to join Mr. tcr Mlss vii-glnla. went lo V,im' * * , Htiiucr in St. Louis, liar been a | , ; ],c, !ct j ? .,. Legion Auxili.iir IMs . ( mc : ml-er of the local club for tine: "' M rs ' j E' % Q \\ ] ns r P i l]n .-(j f, om a Ltgislatiou rrojram. . years. I Cariiliwr.-.viilu v.lcre she spent'the In cari-ying oul the plan o! tilt | '.* - i.cJ-.ristivis liolldayr- with Mr. and American Legion Auxii:n:y program I t'f.cbrjlca i;:il'r,i',ny. : jj,.-, Q,,,.] B!oV"r end ii'-niiy of taking v,p L=s;!sbtlen in Janu- i ?>:r.ry Jo Hnll cclchrated her! -j'/ F . smooi" of Lilliourii Mo ary, the local unit had an Interest-.; bivthdtvjt Thursday "xeisim; with North and East passing at tine- Preaching by the pastor at 11 a. tioti. South opens the bidding '»• "ml 7:30 p. in. Morning subject: third hand with one heart.-North "My'Chief fJJSirc for the New lucking normal support for his par-' Year." Evening subject:. "The tner's hearts,- together with a bit;. Vonng Man With His Meimirin-j • dnble diamond suit and one iind :i - Line." :1 tricks denies with a: A splei:dirt B. Y. P. U. for every diamonds. Soulh's two age meets at 0:15 Sunday evening. The question arises as to west's church followed by a study of the — —-' --- •" ' '"' ' ' ' ' ' Those desiring to biske'tb-ill'samV'a't 9 Slv.wn^ h« > ° r - elll " B lca<1 ' The fllamoncUrW i took of Acts. basketball tame at Slwwn.c last, , ng be(m m eiitibncd>.durlnB-,;ihe: study the book before coming were Mis:.'.'. Mary Elicu Sleveiu, Frances Parker. Frnncas iMillcjr, Glenn Durham an:l Henry vnsc • Hudson. Mlss A. Collins, of Ftorcnc:, Ala.. has 1 arrived here to be employe! • nt Browns and Billing. 1 !. .ictlon by Npr.^i, there' would man-'read chapter one. Make unolc of 'estly be sonic- hesitancy in open-; any question you would like to have ing the • fourth highest diamnnt.1. answered and bring It to the ser- but the club suit seems worthless. i The opening lead Is a gamble/ and j CJ one person's guess, Is as good.,-as ; 7:30 another. Choir meets Thursday'evening at 30. You arc- invited to attend all serif the diamond is opened, the vices of this church. real piny of thc hand arises imir.c-. ulately. The declarer can count a diffident number of tricks' to" go -. f,:!inc, three club tricks, three heart j tricks, two diamond tricks nnd a •, |-Tlic Birth of Johu tlic Baptist." C. CUUIICH Or THE NAZATIENE 110 Cl:rrry Street A. T. MrAnallj-, I'astor Sunday schoo!, 0:-!a a. in. Lesson, However, it is always nro'flthulc E. Cobb. sup:. ary, tne local unit an mte.'cst-.; Divtnaan inurEany "\i:;i:i>; wmi a i u -ln ha r b'-on the cues' -of his i "«»>•»<••'i '<• "> umuys proiuauie E. cobb. sup:. ins meeting at t!;e home c; Mrs.! tarty atloud-d by 20 friunil-,. In ! o-ui!'Hcr M-^'eV !l!onV'vi-i- and • lo out " iu ever - v possible trick.out j Mcrriing worship and sermon 11 l{. H. Welch' Friday nliemaon wiien ; tlie-:ntr-n-:t:iia <:;imr.5 played Betty , f[Tmilv 'Jo-'a'wcek ' left to'div for i uf tllc hnntl whlcl1 the cnrds al " "• ">Mrs. Rob?rf B!ay!ock- was s:sj ! I.i'r McCiili-hni war. sHrnrrt a«: \vj £ !-"!ivlon' !"(! ' | ford. There should be live odd at: N. Y. P. S., 6:30 p. m. We want 4 hostess to the . U members present. Mrs. Edgar Boruiu. slate Icgisln!- Ive chairman, read a paper, "Advancing OUr Leglslalivc Program.' writlen by Miss Anna M. Manljn. naticnol Icgblnfivc clitiirnun an:: another paper on -,N. .- Relief Legislation" by Fcimsr N'r.- tlonal Commander O. L. Boien- was given by Mrs. Harry \V Haiiii;, unit bgislativi; ciiairinnn. iwr nnd crowned <;u t ;,,, ^ rteV.' Ani'.'ur Klehulien:-!. cf (Z /"""P-,.^':"' ""f ..^ ."'* M ..»'»; >™»Vl*'°plc present. Ken: . cf the year In an linprctsivo cere- ; B rn<lfcr ( l City P.I.. will nrrivc lo- I r -W- ' i morrow for a visit with hi.-, bro- ! Dainty rtrrcsiinu-nts wire reiv- • thn . ,,, c rd. 1 •:.- s:icr; of honor received , nlKl f ami ]j. ' , , v m ,, " r£t 1 '* 1 " 01111 (11ck wllh thp « re - ns neth MeAnaliy. president. l-cvy of aciractivo. „ j KU , jndLt j mcr<; l ' , the diamond to'come up | Evening «-orshlp ami sermon. 7:33 the King means n loss ol one or; ,,. ln . ivicks; but by playing I!t:-c::s t'hw (-.. SIcct Siindiy. Tlio Dcrcas Sunday s.?h»! of the First Baptist church will | dicnst ha-,; a s Ihelr qucstr \Vll- have an Imiiortant bUFiiu'ss C!:ij-cnc: Vollmer is n'.'.?iKii:ig to buiincss in Cape Gliar:leai: loci ay. The Hcv. nnd Mrs. JI. J. Klcin- ace and return MB he jack.- of dia- , ollr „.„,.,,. ,,,„.; BJWe monck. the suit will be established , lesson h: the 4th chapter of si • - nc ] have an Imiiortanl btiFiiu'ss iiuvlins !j nm Hatz aiivi. son. Glcnnon. of St. Sunday liwinmc before the usual! Louis, who v.ill Vs here for r.-vfral An outline of tee Mother's Aia lefsan. to n-iiicti ;ill m-.-mbcrs tire i days. Upon tiieir reltnii they will bill was given by Mi.$. T. K. Tr.'.e. .urged to be present. bo nccrjiiip:i;iit-d by Mrs. Ha!/, who A copy cf this bill wcs mailed :o- j . : — has lx?en visiting here for a month, i day to all justices of the- peace In I l^ CIS-'"''!' A'cil'S ' ivlr ' nnt ' XI: ' El Jialz the county in an ellori to have an | ' ' j of Mrs. Klciudlcn:;'.. Rppropiiation made at the n-.-s: \ .. „ „ . f "~""" , , . ,, ,,.„. Mis. E. B. Tlio:v.;is ancl d.iusti-! meting of qawum court. !t h, n ™t,*- «' ^~™ ™,^ B , 1 ™1^ '«' *™ *° t" Pan.eo.iia tomorrov.-: planned to have R committee the group attend the meeting. This j bill, which is in efle:; in cv:ry! county of the Etat3 except n:n2,; provides financial aid for : who cther*i$e v.-ould hav; to t;! separated from their young chil-' in oni? and Uiereaftcr the teu v or- jack of hcarls \yili be an entry: T , j Temptation of North's -remaining ««H j cs ,, s ." T.w pastor will ; of .s t 'rvic a s Of course you will observe that; if West leads-.a^sp.ide after taking! the second tricic jvith the. nuecn'of | card for mends. arc rare-its i'° thrce " <UL Thc absolute necessity of watching your; Mrs. B. R. Mrarc f-nterliiir.i'd the' .J! .ni'inkcis of the Methodist rhurch ; dny night with a party at '• nme. - durin !cr a visit with Mrs. Thomas' par-- cllts Mr..and Mrs. M. A. Isaacs are gcing to Memphis lo:iny lor ll-.c j piny "The Stiange Interlude". i Mr. am! Mrs. Ja:-k Appicbaimi • will go lo Va/co City., earrii. Contract IliclclinR Joulii shouM open (lie bidding at .contract v.ilh a forcing bid of "two heruls. This forcing two bid has ,;.,-,..- rr . ni)1 thc following characteristics: : '* m 1. You guarantee the holding ol not Jess [linn live lionor tricks. 2. These live tricks arc dis- SKCO\p BAPTIST CHUUO!! Siriulay school, D:45 a. m. W. M. Jbylork, superiniciulent. Church. 11 a. in. Subject: "What surpassed by any other record. Linked Old and New It Is fllting (hat our lessons should begin with John the Baptist. Not only was he the fort-run- Mr of Jesus, preparing the way, but he was a great and remarkable figure, linking the oM with the nsw —a man of such tremendous fore; of character that Jesus himself bore witness to John as the greatest of those born ol women. It is doubtful whether ths v.-arld fit all correctly apprehends the figure of Joiin the B.iptlst. He stands in tile pages of tlic New Testament lucre like an Old Testament prophet Ihan like a New Testament saint. There is something aboul his simplicily of living, his rough garments, and his nscellclsm that savors moi-s of maturity than of youth. Artists seldom have portrayed him as a young man; yet John the Baptist was a young man, put to a cruel death at a very early age—an earlier age even than thai of the Master at the tims of his crucifix icn. The movement that John Ihe many respects a youth move-men'., i He was a youthful enthusiast In- j troduetng another youthful en- i thusiast who was to die for the sins of the- world. Tesl: Luke 1:8-17, 80 .:;•_•.-..; And U. came to pass, that, wh'.ie he executed the priest's .offi'ce befoio God In the order o! his course, According to tlie custom of the priest's office, his lot. was; In. burn incense when he went into the temple of the Ixird " ",-.And the whole multilude of ihe people were praying without iff the lime of incense. : And there appeared unto him an angel of the Lord stantiiifg : "bn ; the right side of thc altar of incense. ': • ',\ And when Zacharias saw him,'he wao troubled and fear-rJelL' upon him. •• ' ' :j But, tlie angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias, for thy .lirsyerj is -heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear ihee a son, and.-them" Shalt call his name John. , /. :; And thou shall have joy and gladness; and many shall -feJoKe;' at his birth. . ; :; For -ha shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shaii itirinkj' neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be Silled, with t'.w -Holyi! Ghost, even from his molher's womb. • •'•:•; And many of the children of Israel shall be lurned to-lhe ; --Lord' ; ' their God. ' ' ; ^ '' '; And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of- Elias,' to turn the hear-s ol the fathers to the children, and Ihe dis: obedienl lo Ihe wisdom of Ihe just; to make ready a- people', pre-. pared for the Lord. .'.'., ... And Ihe child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was. irr'the day of his showing unto Israel. the whole environment into 'w'hVeh' cry, itual life and judgment. For strong man to recognize the su-' arc a ' )l to te ou ' r tnc recognition he came. -;• ."-.-- perior duality of another ninn l< Ol wllat lhey nnvp tloncl u is the la '"' character tilieTc.1- in itself notable Yet !hc of Jol-.n The .recr of John, however, that call fbr One of the noblest sivino- ., Bil l >list .' at 1ea sl »s we sec him h-J j ihis presentation of thc'"bacji-' John ?,c BipU°;^one-mil jf '« stori ' is the BreatllMi of a "-' 6roumls ° r his !ife and «»f.?givb =us w-ns °Hat in wWch he r" ; lcd 6lol> ' U ls hls Association • these things significance, thbugli P^forei,n^ h ^u" ^ ! Si ^ "^^^^ tf^^S V$$ that JesiLs mus'l increas™ w'-'ilc^he' ! !llan an ? f. 11 ' 1 .' lvoul< ' luve b?en hi? | training played in filling hinr'Iqr himself should decrease. ' Happened When the Baptist Wa- Born." B. v. p. u.'s C.'lo p. in. Cl-.uvch. 7:15. Subject: "Where the 'on the Road to Hell." • i The public is cordially invite:! loj all o[ our services. "Come to the' warm welcome! Is there not in that a grea; lesson for lesser men ill ordlnaiy life? With how many myn their o^vn importance looms more largely than the cause that- to recognize his tru: : his life task. The lesson has E-; i character as one preparing the way. : its theme, therefore, notr on-y tfrj' 1\'cl! Fittril for T:isk career and character of 'f. sfea:- II- may be said that thus fnr we man. hut the inipartance if giod have bnsod cur comment upon training and a good environrnt. in' looms more largely than something thai is really not in th; developing sound charac}er" ; aiij lat- they serve. Ho,v riif- | lesson because all we have in ihc useful living. Hospital Notes li-ibutcd In at least three different ties included- the announces™ that $-W was contributed ID t!: -. Gocdfaliow,^ org-anif.ilion. Thc hostesses served delicious re- , clrcn freshn-.ents. . | i_i !s ; ; 3,,^ j; 1 Xell D-,'.n.iv:<nt o: Mc-iupliiOi Mr< Ina j]. m!cr .;:ui- Chr:-:n.a« M:IH hrr p:iiviH-.: s , Lul]i .. „.,,,, e sll !:nr.c. Joinln:: Mr. Hunter whii is i.Ir. n:ici M:.:. I!. I 1 . Dunnvnnt. nnd M:s. CalleeK-e a::ci c!-.ii ,,,,, . , ;• has therefore been namert a forcing ; wm m .,,.-, llcl . b:d. thus forcing partner under any anrt all circumstances to respond. educated lo diversification j Club's will function this yenv at: 1 Brown Spur. Armcre!. Half Mocn. i Dell. Per;-y, Manila, New Hope, I f] f| 1 Shady Grove, Ekron. Uo^wocd. New r 11 I ! Lib?rlv ' Shady B=iul, R.'d Li:;e. Et- UU 1 owah. Keijer. Blackvvaiei-, Burdett" Mrs. C. A. Tillman, Tonnt6J'' dismissed from the Blythcvllle pital today. •' hr ... , , MATERNITY . . orp. (!:gluowcr, Boyn- fortunate girls; secluded, 'private, rales reasonable. For information . write Fnirmotint Hospital, 4911:East I 27Ui, Kansas City. Missouri. ;.. I ton. Carmi, Hatcher, Lsachvillc, Guests Ccmp!ini»ntrcl. Jifrs Inez Rich of Mnnphis and Mrs. J. u. Kcliey. Jr., cl Delivil. Mich, wtre gne^t? of lionor n: .1 bridse party given by Mrs. Ilunti>r C. Sims, sister o: Miss Rich. ITi- ci5y aftornoon. i In Ihe bricsc play.'d bv thc three- tebles cf guests. Mrs. C. W.; ~- Afliick wen !':D rriir. r; black we.; The two out cf tov.-n visitors ro- v celvcei gift;. Mi-; Rich b::n ' v prescnlcd a sporl hcr.!lk-.-:-c!ilcf I Mis. Kelley a g,:t=t tov.jl. !l Mrs. Sims se-rvtd a d^!cio;i5 siiatt j cour."?. , •. Nnrscs Have Tarty. ilirs Mnrcarrt Kcbinson h:-d ns i c:vv.-lovcd (licre. Sl'.c was nccom-. fsther. L. G. Cr.if- rctuni in .-. few is ° u ' fcoullls lrlrts - rt"5trlb-| P1I.CISDI cmmcu :!rd in three different suits. North ! resiMnds with a bid of tlirrc elia-L. moi-.;K. guarniuerlii!; at leas: :, b'' Mi;-. Uo:i"crs. th-: ho'.ise of of tin- Sue Bull. Martha Robinson and j H( , v n ,. fi ,,,.,- K z Ne .,. (:;11 . Mnr.^r- .Jarliu of U.yl:!c\i'.le. ; ji^ ,.;,,.,„ m , t!l t 'ritc!iril. KK Liu-il: Mcsvc "'. thr lu^h ;c!-ico'. faculty sp,-nt the hoHciix:-? j y-llh her )::irciiis n; Ci.bct. AiW. • Mi:-:-. CrtlUTir.r. Cox sp.-::r. c;;:; l claWi 1 diamond suit -and A quick trirk (oincnhcrc In ttie hand. (Clwiife the ace of diamonds lo (1 , Ihe tit uce of diamonds and Xorth c-f Mr -u:,i mils! v «P»:id with R bid of !-.>o no : H. J. Klcindicnst, Pastor Sui:rtay school and Bible cl.iss. IS A. M. A-i' n • D ' ,7, "-."", rj :U( .iK;,. usacnviuc, rales reasonable. For information ACtlVe 1 I'OgramS 111 ri'OS- ; West- Ridge, Lone Oak and Still- write Fairmount Hospital, 49H:£ast pcct tor County 4-H Qi'-!-'^-7—; ganizations This Year. SAM MEISEL AND SON PAPER HANGERS AND DECORATORS Phone :MS Strides made in Boys and Girls 4-H club work in Mississippi county in 1030. as shewn by the numerous st.ite houoi's awarded recently. will be incentives for fur- ! - Ui-n-iett' liv- vr '•• 1- iv- : lvlll!1 l'" ' in com lor K - ^^l^n Soiilh's bid of thr n!)Viou$1 5' D K . f,.-r M! M,r.-«r: lt-oin--.v c.f Kc:: •;-. ii i: 1 .. 1 cucst uf Misi Martha • "l!r.' s':^. Mr?.' IMinsuortii ' 1930. Tnc.) [ gani^ed in comusunlties thrcnighr.u' -' ! the county, have already started'. n-v-,,/, w i- i* , ,, ^ their activities. The 800 'bov.- niul! n.une Worship. 10 A. M. Ser- yirls reorganize yearly for circlion ' of officers and sponsors. I With the girls fc.itiirinj clo!!iin B j and cooking in their work the l»ys i are centering their wcrk 0:1 c;o;> ' nnri animai activities. All the pir]: i must tnke cook'.ng and sewin;; wi;h mon Io;iic: "Two Ccmmon Fallacies Concfrnin; Heaven". The p-.ibiic Is cortllsliy invit?rl to tlic rervicre hrld at the St. Stephen Episcopal church. ST. STKI'IIEX Ki'ISCOI'AI, home Improvement, Bardenlti; lioulliy raising, pig growing, reg- . i Student nurses ol the Blytheville .Uci! spent •'. l-?si-he:- ol o i;:.::i::,y, . Mi:.-;. OC.-j Kc:.:. - ,-i. ;crs paiinU i-cie. iiiss To:n:n:e ffhcri!.-'>: EicspUal enlerlained with n delightful party Thursday evening at the ho«:o of Miss;. Mac Poster, lo Illir.oU for ,1 visit with Holly and Ninth streets, whin each : cn!.~. Invited a guest. : vr. and Mr:. II. Lv v.';.. Thc nine couples danced anri:£i:d chil:i:::i c. Biyii: -,.!' played games for several hours Christir.m with Mr... \\V: : ! and a delicious menu v,as c:.-.--.'; for refreshments. Included in lhc Ruosts '. ere Jo3 Bcasley and Roy Pencier, of S'.ccle, • Mo. '' F-.::-ii.i. ;:-.. and ,:x-.. c. I'cnn. Mis:, «;:.];:.>ii-.-,o A.'. ;:•.-, t.^i-.ioirc-. 1 110111 O:.m. \; ;!io l::is iiL-cn \!-i.:.i; 1.-. Mrs. Tvai.k !i::Mr .v':\ gt:Cits tou-.o::.>\v ic. Mr. ;iiiei Mrs. S M o s c Pup Begs ior Crowd \ co:idnct morning I worship Sunday. II o'clock. LOM1CX. ,ui'i Kill.: C; v. v. r.';-,--i I 1 '" ( "'"- : icrrter. Sir.:), p-.-cv. "od a l:.r thr- u ' -.j ;e.- ll-.o iiiixhain rrcenlly. '>,il party had ;iiic\, W. F. M. Baljer. of Ciipc Gir- lon crop com fro[> nn(1 fa;ln . |1? as j optional. j The boys each take one activity j for s;iccinl!zing but often acid others for side lines. In the earn ,-\nd ! i cotton crops lie uses one acre tor | gro'.rai s his product or if Ii3 pre- j (fers he may grow something else on ! j the same amount of land. ! Corn Lee Colcman. home' itz |: parents. Mr. and M;-.-. C. L. ,v Tluy V.T:: r.rc:^i:ip;a-!i"f'. : ML-s Jan,ic IJir-i.o'.; s:\d o , NitlJOls. I«b!e Class Meets. The nl:i» mctr'jcr; of th Bible class of "the Firit enure!],' in a mcaCij h Mr. and Mrc.'Jicr. M:.-. T. West tprni thr hn'.i;;.c Spraks a; Eiow:i:i. 'il-..' \Vo:::niV.: Mme; at Mr?. V-\ Mcr.d.iy cifioriio.'ii. Kev. C. i : . Wi! ,11 .-;;..]-.: the : driy.s \ r'l IP!."!.\ . in jr- -.; vi'.'.tor in .Menij-.h 1 .!! 'l!-.-i:'e!.... co l. c rv.-.-.-.t.. : : .'.ii-',lK:- .!;n l-.> ..: iurill ;.;!<!. to ^ ni-,,-1 I.AKK STKEKT METHODIST CHI'KCll \V. ,t. I.clti.y. r.islor Sunday <cl:ool. 9:-l5 A. M. Clu.rch. lO:,^ A. M. Subject: no-., i as-j "The Microphone o: I,if?-. -.:- :partj Epwortli 0:15 P. M. C'liirch. ":ir, p. M. Subject: j dcmciiitration agent. J. E. Crit: 1 cu-|"Happv Welcome To Vuti And Ihc^iul S. U. Carptnler. agricultiirn j agents, plan inlensivo canipiigns i,--iniiv suv-frr! i Hi's vc.u with special emphasis on i>,vN,iii\ inv,cici' ' is eit'th- new lllc " Iivc at home" |ilan to t.- 1 :*ticsA!-:i among the bays and Birls rtiii-j. j New Ycnr". '.irtlyi tho F.vt-rytc to the iiiM clubs so that, the members imy Dog Eats Shelled Corn SHARON S. C. -old tra:r.. two-yfr.i-oM I-.OTII.I- iiii-d doit cwn-I is ,1 doctor's Prescription tor vHopoo'an V^Uo ^r '"ho^ Isolds and Headaches j corn. T!-.,- dos's M ; : - proved cv-! 1T •pc.-.Mvf. r.-.ui. w"i;> (.penito store, moved t'.ic coin out of reach. 1 IS Till-: MOST Sl'KEDV I;I:.MKDT KNOWN. filili ALSO IN TAHLETS. Ill Hcnitli Si-cond S(. 1IY FR1ENJ)S AND TITE PUBLIC IN GENERAL pleasure lo iinnntinuc v store at— tlio npuiinjj of iii.v', 111 S. Snconil St., at Gicncoe Hoiel liuildiiii; - " Mnnday. January su,, vitli a lino line of wall papers I'm 1931. of about 200 (lill'crcnt patterns, at lite lowest price they conld'tic' sold. \Vu also do the hanging if desired. All work may hi.- cash or carry accounts from'one to 10 months. . ;: Call and see for your-i-lf. ] thank you in advaiTtt : i'r-r votir kind favor. ' . .' l!u>peclfu!l.v yours, SAM mm PAINTING AND DECORATING COMPANY Of Memphis. .Main Office 10Sr, Poplar Av?. f

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