The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)', COURIER JNKWf PAGE,fIVE SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per .me TOT consecutive insertions: (Five average words to a line) One lime per lUu; JOc fvo times per line pe^ duy .. j Three times jicr lln • per day .. 06c Blx times per line per day .. 06c Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered fo: tnrco or su times and stopped before e.xplra' t : oh will be charscc for the number .of times the ad appeared ana adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city nusl be acconv ponied by cash. Rates may ,bc easily computed from above lable No responsibility will be taken 101 more lhan one Incorrect in ol any classified ad. Admiising oi'ckud lor irrcgu lar insertions uk<- the one uini i ate. FURNISHED bedroom. 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed llardln after 6 , M. Ic kit WANTED WANTED— Clean Kajs, fire uf l>nt- iuns. No. pant* or heavy underwear accepted. Courier News. (1 h II WANTKl) TO BUY We Pay S2 per ton for Scrnp Iron. Also buy hides. Smtis, copper, cad, etc. Wolf Arlan, Phone 110, 128 E. Main. 2Cek4-2(i Want to buy all kinds Used House hold Goods, Stoves. Highest Cash prices. Lelghton's Second Hand Store. 320 E. Main. 10pk4-10 MAT.K lIEI,r WANTED Type of Sugar Tongs Shown at Fair|i!"" ollen lets ilipin slip unexpectedly jit is performed neatly by the fid- Inlo our coffee cups. The new sii- idle and Index flr.nei's. __ £ Kj'" 1 '; 1 ' i'nliale ihir action of; wiwn jou pirss the imlton, Ihc iv;;u- toun', have bmi replaced by::i pivssiiiv bar and 'a ;:i)rin"iutcd I"" 1 "'"' is closi ' d wno " lllc l )irs '•us Miiiiii- iM-.ilxs. which are .sleeve which holil the claws like ••'•»»• Is released The inlnliitiirt.' on ;i wrll-kiuiwii principle.(he scoop of a dri-dtilng imichlnc. <dird|;l!i|: machine Is mudc of sll- >'. l.-anspait eusiiH-erliis. The old.Tlii' iiu-chuiiisiii is i-nmrtiltrd by \v.- and nUrncllvriy rle.slgnrd for'it' louble kpoon f«:in of lunas nu'reiy ^ push bntlon. :ind Ihc uellon .of (able use. it was exhibited al Hie ' umbles with ihe sinjur ciib.'S. unit [ eiusphit: Ihc sui:;ir and releasing l.i.||>/| s Buckeye Escaped Death In Second Crossing Crash .PLAIN CITY. O. .WI-VOL the 1^. 'nmtf pass at n near heie. view titid hi? , 1 i, , Pennsylvania crossing Smoke obscmcil his iiutomoblle WHS slruek tram on miotlior his iiulomobllc wns i i< i r . ...' i ... ' Ullll:C demolished. he escaped tlcuth, ni- ,„„... i, „ ... , , l m v, K I II "" " m llu " [0 u " 111 1 Several years uijo, he llgurrd In . |n simlliir urclileiil al a cros-sinB In Ixialhig In ijii . Hal Awiritd pld LAWRENCE, Mass. UJP)— When IX'imlti F. Donahue, city purchasing agent, received Jour identical bids for concrete pipe at (he mu- nliiiprt, he piit '(licm in a , hat and drew one imnie. OUUBOAKDINGIIO'JSE Klin: Clmries If enjoyed pleasure lallng In (he Channel Isles in HeIfi, when he was but n boy. BUSINESS DIRECTORY L. G. MOGS, Undertaker Ambulance Service i' M WEAR-EVER aluminum is better and costs no more. Solu exclusively al Hubbard Hardware Co. 5-ck-4-5 We specialize in Fluor Sweep Special kinds for special floors Ilubbard ILirdware Co. Mrs. 421 J. J. Davis, Phone Spencer Corseliere 26c k4-26 NO UNEMPLOYMENT, wnj:c cuts, lay off or hard limes for linl- Sh Men, liawlcigh City Dealers sold more Products dining I9M than ever beforii. The Rmvlricli Industries gave lliominuls steady work at good prolits. A few more industrious men wanted to conduct Rewlcigh Home Sen ice Routes in the city of lllytheville and other available Districts jiearliy. A company Representative will jte in Blytheville nexl Tuesday. April 10th. If interested, write Ihc W. T. Saleigh Co., Memphis, Tenn., Dcpt. B-V-A, for Ap|»!ntment and in- Icrviow. 2-ck-4 TEA AND COFFEE ROUTE TlEN Bi? reliable nalioiiiik company needs 3 move men immediately. Previous experience mmeccssaiy ] but 1111151, lie physically able :iml willing to service 200 steady consumers on protected roule mid work 8 hours a tiny. VJoutes p:ty up to £37.50 a week. Write Albert Mills, Route Mgr., 0449 Moiunoutli, Cincinnati, O. V KNOW, BAS\L—I WASS TiA\NWNG OVER WHOT Y SNDTUt OTHtU ABOUT NOT WANTING TO TAKE IN WITH WE ON (AY GOLD SEE-AIA--I rAtA,MT TWM \N-NW-—/N SENSE-YOU UNDtRSlAND- c STRMS&ER WHO WOULD W/VMT 1O IMVESf A HUNtiREC) TWOUS/\ND H/XVE CONTROL. OT= THt ^A\NE ^"BUT, WITH A FRIEND, ESPECIAU^ ^ CLO3^ TP,\tN^, T3IFFERENT -^NOW, IF YOU WANT TO 'PUT lN$SOO,I % ry> SURE I CAN - IN FACT, I W\LL- "rAAKE AN ALLOWANCE POLICY EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machino Repairing. U. S. Blank- tnship, 116 E. Koie. Call 1G5-J. ' LEGAL NOTICES ROOM & BOARD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal, clean rooms, rates low. Close In. Mrs. Lollin 421 S. Second. 8-ck-4-8 FOR SALE SUN ROOM, ixirtable frame, canvas covered. '•- -price. Mrs. Me- Call 9b9 J. M-pk-G One second hand BurrouKte ADDING MACHINE in good condition. CHEAP. J. H. Elkins. 2Dp-k5 FOR SALE—At Bargain. Good upright piano, also the only ice cream wagon in town. E. H. Dcalte, 707 Chickasawba. 29p k2 ONE BARBER CHAIR CHEAP. Mrs. M. W. Lee, Joiner, Ark. Hp k4-12 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one 4 row. planter, one 4 row cultivator one 16 by 20 disc harrow, one row buster with marker. All in firsl class condition. Gay antl Billinys, Inc. 60 k4-li TWO good mules, priced reafon able. II. A Smith. 510 W. Main. 2c ktl POULTKY & EGGS Fresh tgjs. daily. K. I. Bed setting eggs. Fickaid Store. 1041 Clikka- sawba. Sp kl-ltl BARY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Ccr. No. B6 COMMISSIONKKVS SALE Notire is hereby given thai the undersigned commissioner, .in compliance with the terms of -11 decree rendered by the Clinncery Court for the Chickfisapba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, in the 2Q(li day of February. 19[M, vherein Taylor Roberts, Receiver of Travelers 13. & L. Assn. i Perpetual) .was Plaintiff, No. 553B, and Mrs. Minnie McMahiin et al., were Defendants, will sell at pubic auction to t'<: highesl and best jirlder, on a credit of threu uonths, at the front door of the Courl House, between the lioius prescribed by law, in the City Blythcville. .Arkansas, on the '. clay of April, 193!, the following real estate, to-wil: All- of Lots Five 15) and Sis (C), in Block "C," of the J. V. Pride Subdivision lo the City of Biylheville, Arkansas.; also Ccrtificnto No. 6485, Ctnss •69AA, 40 shares of the Travelers Building and Loan Association (Perpetual). Said sale will be hail to ralisfy raid decree in the sum of S1.03R.93. with 10 per cent intei'esl fi'Otn February 26. 1934. The purchaser at said sale will te required (o execute bond with Tpprovcd wcurity, to secure the >ayincnt of the purchase money, ml a lien will lw retained upon said property ns additional sccur- ty for.the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 20th day of March, 1934. R. L. GA1NES Commissioner in Chancery. 27-2-10 AUTOMOTIVE Splberlinj Tires t Tubes, Replacement parts and accessories ol ni:ikc uf car. llublrard Ildw. Ic H3-1 • II kinds foT -an) Aulgmolivc Dcpt, Co, Auto Glass All Kinds Inslallcil The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k4-IO BA1TKHIKS New Ford Uattcries HcnUI - Rccharginc - ItciKiiri '."I TIHE & BA1TERY STATION ... 26c 1:4-26 We specialize in seed com. Farmers Cash Feed and Seed Co. Phone For Sale: CORN delivered to you W. T. Riley, New Madrid. Mo. 21-pk-4-19 UVE STOCK For Sale: 1 Jersey IIEIFlill with calf .8 days old. Apply Ilaynes 1 Men's Shop, 20G \V. Main. Call 211 27ckU Ro:ms with or uilhout board, steam lirat. hoi water, rensonabio rates. 1'hone 234. Kite Trice Gro. 29ck4-23 Five Room I'urnishco APARTMENT, bath, downstairs. 700 W. Walnut. 28c kit COMMISSIONER'S SALi: NoLicc is hereby given Lhat the dersi^nrcl cnnuni.i-sionrr. in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the W'.anc 'oiirt for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi Comity. Arkansas, on the 2-Tlh day of September, 1D33. wherein The Commonwealth Buildins; fc Loan Assn.. of Little Hock, Arkansas, a cor^wra- tion. was PliiintilT. No. 5521. and Ruth Smith ct al were Defendants, will sell at public aurtiui to the highest and bc-l bidder, for .cash, on a cicclil of Tnrec Montlis, al tlie front door of the Court. House," between the hour;- pre.scribcd by law. in the City of Blylhevillf. .Arkansas, on the Hth day of April. 1934, the following real estate, to-wil: lal No. 10 in Block One of the .Chicago Hill & Lumber company's 'lliird Addition to Ihc City of Biylheville, Aikan- sas. Said sale will be had to sa'isfy sairi decree in the sum of S823.52. with 10 per cent interest from June .1st. 1933. and the sum of $10.00 with 10 per cent interns: from August 1st. 1933. together with all costs. The purchaser at. said sale will be required lo execute bond with approved security, lo srctire Hi?' payment ol the purcha. r < money, ,inrl a lien will 1» retained upon ?aid properly as addition;!! . c .Ccur- ily tor tho payment of such purchase money.' Witness my hand and the real of said Court, on this, the 2Gth day of March. 1934. H. I,. GAlNF.'j Commissioner in Chancery • 27-3-10 UNFURNISHED 4 room opart mcnt, bath. Phone 327; night 55. 23cklf BEDKOOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, SOI W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6-ck-lf Chnndlei- wailed for lialn lolPlnln City, durhiK heavy fog. I All. RIGHT. ^AtN - WE'VE GOT THESC :••. f'l nues RIGHT vji«:RE WE TO MOO, I'll. SHOW SHORT-XUT THATll OP YOU,O\it) BUT YOUR ME TO A SrAALLFARrA "BACK IN H\DEA "DON'T YOU WHAT RHE SUORT TURNED OUT TO oe ' AN EXCEPTlONa - o • — JiOOTS AND HER HUDDIES /• '. • . " ' I '' ONE TUVfJO-HtS I 1 t^W SWrf'. HE J 5IMPW WON'T! VET WOTS OOl TALK. AISOUT NERVK!! ;,",? WASH TUliliS APACHE 30E IS SUSIMC10US! HERE YOU ARE, HOVS. fHEM EASTERN FOLKS'LL GIT THE TKRIt-t OF THEIR LIVES.' WAL,. I CUUMO. THEM GUESTS \\K * LOT O' MONEY AND VALUABLES. D 6E A MIGHTY BlQ TEMPTftTlOU FER HIM TO DOUBLE-CROSS NOO. THIS WEAK MEXKIM Y TO PLAV. Bftr4t?1T, 5UH-ABE VbU SURE YOU KIN Tl^llST l\ -— ' POO HONEST. *S THE DW ,LON6. HEEK AS A. LAMB. OWNS A .LITTLE SHEEP KKttM. KNOWM FORNEAgS.APACHE VEARS, BIAMK ORTRIDOliS BO'IS APE ELATKD .OVER THE COM1M6 FAKE BANDIT SAMCRJIAN SAM .NOTHING IN THE BEAN! f '-'-'et-v, IF i cuu2_ YOU .«'t ' AMD owe. ftMD WfVf T«e. CVS.ISL- Fere. T'Wt&HT HUH? W£LL / TH". Man nil Cow WEST TIBUlftlY. A cow moved forward ped on foot of FRKCKl.KS AND IHS nilKNDS IN THE DARKNESS! iR.MY BOY, Tll-S FOOL IDEA V/A^ Y'V.IS OVrt-l IP /.MYopijc HAPPEN:, TO You. T V/O>JT BE Herbert Mayhcw's dairy here. The milker had to bite the cow's lor to free himself. 1 ."1^».iS <& : j OKAY. AL... / LOVER Av/AY. ] IM V, INSIDE DOUT STAY IM ' TOO LO!!G,XrC>..TU IS 8AD' I DOtJT V/HAT YOORE COUMA -X F1I1D OUT DOV/H By Blossei ~ I'M GOfJMA TAKE PfCTURE3...AMO TIJEY'LL B9 EViDei.'CE GMOIJGH TO SHOW THAT MY . PAD WASNT PE- SPOMSISLS POR TWAT OIL 5HORTA5E I PI«VREfe,EH? PICTURES.OP "WE, 'WSIDG .OF AW OIL TANk ! WELt. V^CLLl .tHEY.OUClTTA BS IKTER'E5TINQ: 'IF THEY COME OUT GOOO, I'LL, TRADE You AM X-RAY PICTURE 1 HAD TAKEW. ONE OP 'EM!! CO AMEAO...HAVE YQUR ' BUT I'M COMING OUT &r THIS TANt; V/rTH SOME Kelt PICTLHf£5,>NO A UASltJFU 1 - OP I.A3T AND ybu CAW OM YotlR FLIWER/ '•>

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