The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 22, 1925 · Page 55
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 55

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, November 22, 1925
Page 55
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THE PITTSBURGH PRESS THEATRICAL & PHOTOPLAY SECTIONTHREE SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 22, 1925 "PEEK-A-BOO TOMES MANDOLIN PLAYER ON PROGRAM AT ALPINE. On of the outstanding stage features of the program at the Aldine theater this week PRODUCERS' BODY OF EAST AND WEST' PLAY ANNOUNCES CAST ACTRESS SAYS SMILE IS HER BEAUTY SECRET. "Laugh and the world will laugh with you, answer beauty's call with a smile." That is the beauty secret of Gertrude Astor, Mill no6 W TiYi ''Yi i 7M ' i "i "i "i 1 "73" 1 "VJ 1 it, n "T fi-" TWT j 6T HO 11 1 H j by p n a,rm H TO-"-j wr w 1 "'ni C3 Quieted. 60-Set upright. 72 Plant. 74 Move quickly. "(V Anger. 7W female deer. K3 A kind of rat. 00 Come out Into vie? 37 Annoy or bore. Sft-yPreflx denoting separation. 41 Supplied with nourishment. 44 A metal. 4(V Forcible; active. 47-Pllghted. 49-A number. .3-The self. Watch If fi '..-.' -4r. Your Habits mnmmmmsmmsmsmmmmmmsmmfmmmmtmmmmmsmmmjmsmmmmmsMwmm ' l t. : . 'Rf e Sr. mmm..M will be' the personal appearance of Bernardo De-Pace. He will share honors on the stage bill with Myers and . juaniora, tne comedians, and David RublnofT, famous violin virtu- I oho. Dei'ace holds a unique place In j the affections of 1 American vaude ville audiences, He . Is known as .1 "wizard of the mandolin," and Is recognized to have few peers In the art of playing Hernando DePaee this delicate In-appears In the cos- itruminL He tume of a clown JUSTINE JOHNSTONE ON DAVIS UNDERLINE BILL A famous beauty and International tar is to top the program of Keith vaudeville at the Davis theater next .weel:. Miss Jus-fv J ' tine Johnstone, the Idol of the "Follies," a n (1 perhaps the only Ziegfeld beauty of the "merry-"merry" who has won distinction V f'h in the legitimate .j ,2, - VV drama, is coming comedy by Edwin liurke, entitled. "Judy O'Orady." A selected cast will support Mis Johnstone In un- 4 i "f what happens at a Fifth ave. modiste's shop. AnoDier notable juniiiir Jolinsioue. unman star in the bill will be Vlusla Maslova, the Russian premiere danseuse. Attractive Chorus. The chorus of "Whirl of Girls," Mutual burlesque coming to the Academy next week, has been recruited from New York 'dancing academies and wear colorful costumes in attractive designs. DA'CE THANKSGIVING NIGHT There Is a gala time promised for ThanUsKiving night at our dancing academy. Mako your engagements now for that evening and plan for a merry time on our unexcelled floor to the music of our celebrated orchestra. There will be accommodations for all who come. No more delightful way to spend Thanksgiving night. Dancing every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Beginnert' Clantet every Tuesday and Friday. Ballet and Business Girls' classes daily. BARTH'S School of the Dance. 81S LIBKKTV AVE. Phone, Atlantic 103'.'. THE SANDERS TOWN CLUB Will Opon THANKSGIVING EVE DINING DANCING jplff ' prominent roles in Gloria Swan- J;S K" A son's latest plc- vi ture, "Stage Struck," at the Olympic theater jc, : Sf f- "3 this week "No woman car be beautiful without a cheerful disposition," says Miss Astor. "Be a Pollyanna and laugh all your wrinkles away. He a ray of sun-uhlne and all the dark clouds will disappear. Artists, sculptors. gown (.rrtrude Actor. designers, photographers, movie di- rectors and other judges of beauty all agree that an attractive smile is a woman's greatest asset." . JACK MULHALL FINALLY WINS MOVIE SUCCESS. Determination and perseverance have at last carried Jack Munhall to success. This handsome young motion picture actor, at the Grand theater this week as leading man with ('ol)een Sloore In " W e Moderns," has at last at- traded real public attention after i a p p r o x I mately I fil-ht o-iru ,.f va ried elTort on the screen. He Is an-other e xnmple that It requires a long period of experience before the public before really substantial success In the films Is achieved. Corinne Griffith was a star of moderate type Jack .llnlhull. , , for several years before climbing into the front ranks. COLLEEN MOORE CALLED MOST WISTFUL STAR. Colleen Moore, Mar of "We Moderns, " which will be at the Grand theater this week, was accorded the unusual honor of being the only film personality cited In a recent national contest conducted to determine which is th" most charming of all womanly charms, as viewed by the male eye. Of the hundreds who responded with their selections, many agreed that the winning feminine charm was a flashing orb; others averred a shapely ligure; others maintained graceful locomotion; tomboyish man-i nerisms; overawing statuesqueness; helplessness, coyness, and baby blue eyes. Uut still another claimed wist-fulness made the most alluring of all womanly charms, anj cited Colleen Moore as bis example. His letter, In part, read: "The quality that most quickly touches my heart is wistf ulness. I believe this to be quite generally true of tin- male sex. It Is my partiality for this charm in girlhood and womanhood that has made me a 'oI-leen Moore fan of the most persistant strpe. 1 have never seen wistfulness to equal that of Miss Moore anywhere else, on or off the screen." Tribute to Strauss. As a special tribute to the famous . . i ,, tne uranu ympnony orcnesira ana Klias P.reeskin, this week at the Grand theater, will play a special arrangement of Strauss' most famous work, "The Blue Danube Waltz." Warner at Pitt. John Warner, with "White Collars" at the Pitt this week, was for several years with George M. Cohan, Alice Brady In "Forever After," and for three years with Oliver Morosco in "Tho Bird of Paradise." Holiday Matinee. There will be a special matinee of "Rose-Marie" nt the Shubcrt Alvin theater on Thursday (Thanksgiving) with the usual matinees Wednesday and Saturday. ib L-.i.. ...i.'.i . TO GAYETY NEXT WEEK. Columbia burlesque In all Its exacting refinements will have Its appeal to the women devotees of that kind of amusement when "Peek - a - Boo" comes to the Uayety next week. In creating a novelty In the way of burlesque the producer has a gale of mirth without going beyonds the bound of decency. The fun-producers are Harry and Willie Lunder, favorite comedians. The young women In the cast are Irene I.eary, Jean La- ft' roSta and liousey Jean I.nconta. Barker. WILLIE HOWARD STAR OF ALVIN'S-UNDERLINE. Wllllo Howard In "Sky High" Is the attraction booked for the Alvtn theater next week, It comes here from Its record-breaking engagement at the New York Winter Garden. "Sky High" is a comedy of music, smart lines and much dance, In which the Messrs. tOuibert and Willie's brother, Ku-gene, have surrounded the star with capable as- f Wllllr Howard. slstants. Howard, of course, dominates the performance THREE EDITORS WORK ON ASSEMBLING OF PICTURE. Three Rim editors, working with llupert Julian, director of the feature, assembled 'The Phantom of the Opera." now playing at the Cameo theater. Gilmore Walker, chief editor for the Julian unit, had with him F.d-ward C'urtiss, cutter of a number of recent Universal features, and an assistant. Julian worked directly with the two editors In rounding the spectacle Into shape. Davis Special Feature. Pittsburgh is to have an example of the "after-piece" In the Keith vaudeville shows at the Davis theater this week. Moran & Wiser, the original boomerang hat throwers, are to pai on a little burletta at the end of the Davis Show each afternoon and evening. In It they will employ Ann Codec, the French chanleuse, who la making her Pittsburgh debut, as well as a number of other performers in the week's program. Romantic Photoplay. A rollicking romance that winds Its way through a maze of thrilling adventure Is "Bobbed Hair," with Marie Prevost, which opens a week's engagement at the State theater tomorrow. , Cow in Photoplay. Buster Kenton uses a plain, old-fashioned American tow as part of his supporting cast In l is latest comedy, "Go West," which is to be seen at the Aldine this week. Pittsburgh Violinist. David Kubinoff, who will appear as one of the big stage features in the Aldine's Thanksgiving week's show, i is a l iiisourgn Doy w no nas won wiao renown as a violinist. Ray Dooley in "Follies." Ray Dooley -who worries W. C. Fields In the comic skits of everyday American life In the Ziegfeld "Follies," at the Nixon this week, has a sturdy eight-year-old boy of her nwn. Nixon Books Vadja Plav. "The Harem," coming to the N'ixon next week, is by Ernest Vadja, th noted Hungarian playwright, and the American adaptation of the play Is by Avery Hop wood. Ages Average 20. The 10 Tiller girls, unity dancers In the Ziegfeld Follies, at the Nixon this week, dress by themselves and live by themselves. Their average ages are now 0. MUPitL t- MAt IN I02o iX-tPrNG t-U0LC0M5j P.DOQ wyunQi. CONTINUOUS' LrsUFM. TO ALL AriO ADD Br jeanCAOQELLI BADDETT BD0? NOAVcM fcTE A1S L" Shots) Bobby Varnon In "Wstcfc Oor (tows Topics Concert Orchestra IIY 1A1VRKNTE CRAY. GERTRtDE YOU can make this picture useful by sending it to somebody that needs it. The meaning is plain, at a glance. A bull weighing 2,000 pounds can be led in any direction by a small child, if the bull has a ring in his nose, and the child controls the ring. Habit is the ring in a man's nose, although he doesn't see it or feel it pulling at the cartilage. And habit, the wrong kind, leads you to destruction, while the right kind of habits," carefully cultivated and developed, are second nature, lead to success. WATCH YOUR HABITS and those of your children. Mrs. Leo Half, chairman of the production committee, yesterday announced the names of persons In the cast for "East and West," to be produced the evening of Dec. IS, in Syria Mosque. Dr. Luba Robin Goldsmith wrote the play and Nathanlfl Robin Is the composer of the music. The cast Includes Blanche Levy, a law student, who piayed in the Broadway productions, "Aphrodite" and "Red Poppy." Miss Levy is attending school in Pittsburgh. Rabbi V. A. Llchter, of the B'nai Israel Synagogue, North Negley ave., and Mrs. A. II. Vlxman, prominent community leader, also have roles In the play. The complete cast follows: "Tolerance," Dorothy Cohen; "Fritz," William Baiter; "Jaques," Alex Kann; "Daniel," Milton Brouman; "Victoria," Bessie Ann Kann; "Virginia," Mrs. S. D. Blederman; "Mother of Israel," Blanche Levy; "Judah," Saul H. SwnrU; "Inspiration," Mrs. A. JI. Vlxman; "Ben Zlon," Herbert W. Osgood; Faith," Gertrude Frledlander; "Wisdom," Anne Anderson; "Courage," Leah Rothmann; "leader of .Ion," David Olhum; "Senior Hadas-sah," Mrs. C. J. Fecbhelmer; "Junior Hadassah," Flora Snyder; "Ruth," Bayla Ruth Vlxman; "Ra-chel," Betty Gordon; "Jacob," David S. Buerger; "Isaac," Joslah Cohen; "David," I, A. Swiss; "Myra," Kathleen Brauman; "Bas Ami," Bertha Glnssner; 'Arab," Henry Rothenberg; "Physician," Leonard Amdur; "Nurse," Stephanie Diamond; "Peace," Rabbi H, A. Llchter. SAYS ORCHESTRA MUST CATER TO PUBLIC TASTE. "Catering to public taste in the field of entertainment means constant vigilance and ceaseless effort," says Fred Damon, director of hl famous Greenwich Village orchestra, which Is to be presented at the Grand theater starling tomorrow as a special attraction for T h a n k s g Ivlng week. "Something new and something novel Is alwayi demanded by the public." Damon continues. "Furthermore, one never knows Just what track public desire will take. You cannot ex- Ot.tSw & ..w-y tor. Fred Dnnion. plain facts or fancies and you cannot forsee them." Mr. Damon Is celebrated as a violinist as well as an orchestra director and organizer and a stage producer. FILM HAS AMAZING CLIMAX IN COLORS. A climax In colors, depleting a scene never before shown on the screen, Is to make a doubly Interesting event for photofans in the release of Colleen Moof'i newly completed offering, "We Moderns," which will head the program this week In the Grand theater. Mr. Handschlegl, inventor of the color nroeess. was personally Intrusted with the work, At the conclusion of the filming; he I said: ,g "I have been converting film into ! colors since 1010. Never In all that j time have I handled a subject that j has the 'kick' of this one. I believe I the translation of this scene into ! colors multiplies Its sensationalism a hundred per cent. NEW NIGHTCLUB OPENS IN EASTEND. An addition to Pittsburgh's entertainment centers will be made the venlng of Nov. 25 with the opening of tho new Sanders' Town Club, Sheridan and Penn ave., Eastend. The new club will be under the management of the parent organization, the Sanders' Little Club, Kree-pora rd., Asplnwall. Aldine Stage Features. A trio of big stage features have been secured by the Aldine for their Thanksgiving week show starting next Monday. They are Bernardo De-Pace, Tee-Wee Myers and Ford Han-ford and David Rubinoff, the noted violinist. "Arkansas Valentinos." Pee-Wee Myers and Ford Hanford, "the Arkansas Valentinos," well-known vaudeville figures, are to give their rube comedy art and saw playing at the Aldine this week. New Movie Manager. J. Knox Straechan, formerly of the Olympic theater, Buffalo. N. T., has assumed the managerlalshlp of the Cameo here following the resignation of Ray Ilrown. Cunningham at Alvin. It will be pleasant news to local theatergoers that Arthur Cunningham Is seen In the role of the leader of the mounted police In "Rose-Marie" at the Alvin. "Rose-Marie" Held Over. "Rose-Marie," with its beautifully haunting "Indian Love Call" and the more familiar- "Rose-Marie," will remain at tHe Alvin theater this week. "The Student Prince." Announcement of the coming to the Alvin on Monday, Dec 21, of "The Student Prince," has created an unusual interest in musical and play-going circles. Lander Boys Head Cast. "I'eek-A-Boo" in an entirely new dress In regard to scenes and music is coming to the Gayety next week. The Lander boys-Harry and Will-head the cast. GREENWICH J i ; j I , j j 82 Society of girls or women. 94 An Inebriate. OC Lines touching; a csrcl. 08 Vacillates. 90 World' hlehest tnkofitaift. I(i2 Energy or spirit 107 A college yell. Ill A kind of chaise. 113 Part of an umbrella. llfj To undermine. 117 Follower of (suffix). 121 A dialect of Greek. 124 A mountain range (European). 131 rronoun. t 138 Portion of a curved line. 140 A tribe of Indians. 142 Yet apaln; afterwards. 144-Drink. lta-The three-tped slotli of Booth America, 149-South Latitude (abbr.) ia That Is (abbr.) 153 Means of travel (abbr.) KET TO LAST Sl'KTDAT'S FEXZLE, N!T AjME3M,0!D r'.is4:-Err.'.mr:rr..,t K A HUV U W SHT AlPQDON ri fT R O nF3N OOQSIV0'!DjF " !Jt, I ;nit'KlaH 5U Jifl'KU tl e fi rr-rrr ur??- ft ?ir-,i iU!L. BHriL.'ix m r, f-ri I I r ;HI FJA S,N:I FoAr, t n l .J,. er. Mgr. usnnrss ur anj eltner nere or in neaven. A man tnat win no give ior sake or giving, ior tne saice or. neip- Ing those that need help, is not ad mired by the angels above any mor than he Is by his fellow men below, . But It is a fact that kindness is it own reward, here on earth, in a most practical way. It makes men mor pleasing to their fellows, it show In their faces, it makes them welcome. ... Tor every good habit there is a ba , . p . i-t tii. . t v. l naoii, wnicn, iik umrr cn is THE ABSENTE OF THAT WHICH IS GOOD. There are, of course, unfortunately the habits of deadly danger that fasten themselves on the human race, perhaps for Its sins, perhaps as nature planned to wipe out the unfit. The habit of drag, the habit of alcohol, these lead a man, as yon see a man fn tni3 picture, to death and destruction. There Is alro the HABIT OP SPErTIV. IN'G, one of the worst habits, tn most destructive to human happiness, Men form this habit in youth, and they rarely get rid of it. What ther have, they spend. Therefore, ther rarely have either comfort or peace) of mind, Peware of the spending habit. Fight that. This is a picture that fathers and mothers can use with children, for it Is one that children will instantly understand. Little hoys wtll be In- t -rested In the picture of the small farm boy, leading the big bull with a jlng ,n its r.os-. The hnll doesn t think. It never occur to him that h could gallop over the little boy and be free. He onlr knows that when nny,,ortr r'J": that r'nff 11 hurtS so he goes The big man with the "ring In hl.1 nose, which Is some bad Habit con- ,n' llnp f wi?:e living, that Is better n''irl endless punishing that puzr.lo tne child, and develop the dangerona habit of stubborn rebelliousness. For millions of grown men and! women, ns well as for children, thl picture can be made nseful. It taif be made useful to evry o" of ts for not one Is free from bad habltit of some kind, and there Is not one) that lacks some of the CONSTRCO- TIVE (TOOD HABITS, A picture Is better than words, It goes to the eye directly Into the brain, tells i's story as It goes. Men got Information through the eyes, 10O,0r'J years ,'igo, and l,fmr),f00 years beforn that, long before they developed lan puage or thought based on language, WATCH YiU'f; HABITS, control them, regulate them, develop them, And In educating your children, re- member that a full equipment of GOOD HABITS Is of grenter vahio 'han money in the bank, Money can be stolen, lost in way. A gwd habit, one firmly established, stays while life lasts. EACH row of small squares, horizontal or vertical, requires a word, one letter on each square. Definitions below suggest the words, the numbers showing the location tn the figure. A correct word found gives letters of the words crossing it, and these give clues to still other words. Continue until you have filled out the entire puzzle. It is an Interesting and instructive pastime. The key will appear in next Sunday's PRESS. CLl'FN AND nEFTWmOMS. IfOUlKOKTAL W OBIM, 1 Serious thought. 8 Without conclusion. 16 A betrothed person. JO "A lasso. 23 An exclamation of surprise or joy 25 Except; only. 57 Pack tightly. SO A common insect. S3 The element chlorine (chem.) (abbr.) "4 Seaport of Finland. ,'J(V Three (pref.) !!& To excavate. 41 Title of a monk or friar. 4.T Curtain. 47 A number. il An Inner court open to the sky. M Joints of the body. CJ.A double notching or jagging. CO More (word ending). (U A hard thelled dry fruit. 04 A poultry product. 00 Evil. . (IS The element tellurium (chem.) 70 Doctor of dental surgery (abbr.) 7.V-Disintegrated rock. "H One cf the United States 'abbr.) 81 Any bovine quadruped. ST Drinking cup. K.V-An epoch. 8T Depart. KCry of a cat (rJ-Aging. rT Female of the rheep. M0 Form of verb "be." 1'fJ A group of animals. 104 Small child. 100-National organization of women (abbr.) MS A thoroughfare (abbr ) 110-IVTmanent. M.'r- Ceremonies. IK, Ingenuous; artless 11! Three-footed. I2.V-A close relative, 127-frge or Incite. 12TStcal. 1.T2 -Before (prefix). 134 Sooner than. noA point of the compass, ie The atmostihere. 14.", A common Insect. H. 'j Sunday school (abbr.) 14H A very skilled man. I. 'il To strain. lfi.V-A two-wheeled vehicle lC2Quadilaterals, VF.HTICAL WOflD. ! A preposition. 3- Point of a pen. 4- Careful. & A dish serTed at beginning of a dinner. 6 Roman Catholic fabbr.) 7 Fresh. 8 Old times. & A eontisent. 10 To draw off utterly. 11 Linen underwear J2 Devour. 13 A thoroughfare (abbr.t IV-Roughened or cracked. 2".'- Kind of cloth. 24-Within a ship or boat. v- Exclamation of surprise 32 To cause to exist. fragment: refuse, CREDIT MEN NAME COMMITTEE HEADS Appointment of committees to serve the Retail Credit Men's Association for the year, were announced yesterday by President FI. R. Wilson of the association. The chairmen of committees follow: "Adjusters, V. B. Fowhl; allied association, C. K. Willis; attendance. T. U Ford; auditing, D. II. Goldman; banking, M. Hlggins; convention, J. P. Hunter; constitution and by-laws, W. E. Morgan; credit education, Mrs. J. J. Joyce; credit methods, G. W. Wakefield; credit statistics, A. W. Hepler; East End committee, J. A. Davidson; entertainment, N. C. Tar-themore; grievance, H. E. Engcl; group conference, R. J. Leahy; holding, M. M. Hack; legislative, L. Michaels; membership, II. E. Wilson; mercantile agency, Hyman Levin; publicity", C. K. Young; reception, A. C. Dunn; speakers, C. E. Toung, and welfare, C. Alexander. At tomorrow night's meeting of the members to be held In the Hotel Henry, Joseph S. Stirl will speak. PANCAKE SLIPPER AT THE COUNCIL HOUSE. The ways and means committee of the Pittsburgh Conncll of Catholic Women are arranging for a pancake supper and card party to be held at the council house, 5318 Penn ave., Wednesday night. Doc 2. Miss Anna Frantxel is chairman for bake sale and card party to be held at the council house, Dec. 5. The swimming class of the council will start their second session Dec. 11 In the Schenley High school, and will cover a ten-week period. DUQUESNE DE MOLAYS TO HOLD CHRISTMAS DANCE. Duquesne Chapter, Order of Pe-Molay, will hold Its Christmas dance Friday, Dec. 11, In the ballroom of the Rittenhouse, Eastend. The committee in charge Includes "Dad" Lytle, advisor; Harry Gauss, master councilor; Emerson J. Steen-rod, general chairman; James Mur-dock, Ellner Gauss, Marry Wilson, John Williams, Joseph Berry, Harold Mench and Harry Weaver. To Make Them Funnier. About the only way in which to make bcllbottom pants funnier than they aro would be to tie strings around the wearer's ankles and inflate the legs with a bicycle pump. New Orleans States. Played With Athletes. He "Ton bet I played with the football team." f She "Oh! What?" "Poker." Wash-Imgton Dirge. r.-,pyriu)it. 1 bv The Star Co. . . . . . . , habit Is formed. A cnua pruirsu against tho nuisance of brushing tne teeth every night and every morning. But the habit comes, and the same child, full grown, could not eat In the morning or go to bed at night with the teeth unbrushed. Punctuality may fairly be called 15 per cent of success. Punctuality can an absolute habit. You see the greatest men in the affairs of the world punctual, right TO THE MI.VTTK In every engage- menu . ... .. And you see tncir unoerrtrappers, those that are struggling far from success, always "not QUITE" on time, Everybody knows that the body Ih made up of hundreds of millions of separate cells. F.ach of them has Its share of the t"tal life. Each one breathes and drinks and eats, and re- quires oxygen, and frees itself tnrough the blood of its Impurities, th(, boJy Js made up of these armies of cells, so life, existence it- Mfi ,s made up of endless habits. j ev?ry ine nf effort, in every part of life, HAFIT PlAYS ITS PART, If you rnn form tne HABIT of chewing carefully, eating slowly, you eat 1(,SSi you -ni be stronger, you win live longer. If you can form the habit of reg- ular sleep, regular hours, going to bed and rising, you have aguln aided to the years of your life, to the ef- flclency of mind and body, to your chances of success.. The greatest of all habits Is the of self-control. The man who controls himself CONTROLS OTHERS, "d in proportion to his mental power, CONTP.OLS HIS DESTINY. Tne habit f ""-control, the habit m"anin "No" when 'ou "Vn'" of mpaninK' "Yes," and living up to ft when yon say "Yes," that is perhaps .1. . , . M 1 1 . V . 1. V . 1 the most imDortant of all the habits, iV'Miifc-iitih.iiariii iTUEAPTIST'sMO0tLSwifT-Gl6SONRVU UACDi 0'JlUfr: BtVYOP Pwt.Tf r MGOt I ' TAYL0D mfDANK onrrvii1 1 waiiwsan 'ADELAIDE. UEDPMANN FALLEN IXN K? TWANKSGI VINiTDAY SHOW ... HABl ABIT IS A SECOND NA- TL'RE," said Montaigne, a rise Frenchman and keen student of human beings. Hablt is a second nature, and man VFFDS a second nature to do for him the thousands of little things that must be dor.e every day and that OfGHT to be done automatically without thought Habit like every other force In nature 'can be a Messing or a curse, It Is like the electric power that can r flnnr, wh rone clothe,, ' ' - heat or cool your room, OR COME DOWN FROM THE SKY A N u STRIKE YOU DEAD. For you who look at this, no words probably are needed with this picture. It tells Its story so plainly. Uut the picture Itself deals with tht wrong kind of habit. The object of this editorial today is to discuss witn Its readers both the good habits and the bad. Fortunately for human beings there are Infinitely more good habits than bad habits. The formation of the right habits by hundreds of millions of beings far more than out- weigh the evil effects of bad habits. ... To begin with, life Itself Is based largely on automatic action within the body. That may be called habtt. The heart beats, our eyes see, ears hear, our feet walk np and down the steps, FHOM OL.D HABIT. No one needs to count the steps In his own house. No one, when he meets a woman on the, finds it necessary to sav to hlms.-lf, "Now. I must he polite and take off mr hat." He takes off his hat FROM HABIT. From habit he smiles politely, and says a few eonr- teous words .... ' ' on the problem of killing those that we met, AND BY THE POWER OF HABIT, developed decency, politeness. COURTESY ITST7LF IS A HABTT, stronger with some races than with others, but powerful among all. "How nse doth breed a habit In a man," says Shakespeare. Tse," a custom or habit of doing a thing, bfcnmes part of man's nature, and of woman's, also. You may see an old grandmother, past 80. asleep In a rocking chair, ner hand hanclng down moves slowly to and fro. Fifty or W) years before she had formed the habit of rocking a child's cradle and now, half a cen- tnry later, when she Is asleep and unconscious, the habit settled In the nerves and In the mind comes back, and the withered old hand moves slowly back and forth, although the chlld of those past years Is far away or gone. If habit can thns settle itself In the muscles of the body and control them even In sleep, how much more completely can it control (be mind and the character? The most Important duty In education Is the formation of OOOD HABITS. The most Important and difficult task of the grown man or woman Is the destruction and the ron-qnest of BAD HABITS. That which Is difficult, painful and unpleasant becomes easy once the A JOY RIDE Of- bONif-PLIN MUV-r-VJHUMlSSIffiMiK LIU THEM MSU1P1N6 LtWI9-SMITW AS YOU WANT MM' MOPS There is the habit of wise economy, trolling his mind and will, also obeys that means independence and free- 'he little demon that leads. He random from worry In old age. not resist the pull of that "haMt There is the haMt of THOUGHT, of ring" deliberation, thinking a thing over, Chfldren are Interested WnJ4rf planning it carefully before yon do THEY UNDERSTAND. A picture Ilk Ik thlR, nsed with an Intelligent child, Habit is back of a majority of the young as r years of age, world's greatest successes. Is better than 1(1.000 angry "DON-TS.' The successful man who mav seem If 'u can make a child think alonff YNGmPYWUACEHyCU OPR"NCON -33 Tl-t A nKS GT7j Gala Thanksgiving Week e BusterKeaton'vix 'GoWest' JlHirnoQti? 1 30 to 445 pm tfytwuj? 7' oo to 11-00 pm L 3 ... i . . ' ..Ai. ' dJAi 1 h Awduagj k ' 4 M ' ea,..a. jwWujlTi. GLORIA In FIFTH AVE. DOWNTOWN MILLION dollar oil I 11 1 liWE I0AM.TOD3OEM. V SYMPHONY tFSi.V. MM OYMPC lNVr PL Onr Gane r And on C Stage MYERS & HAN'FORD BERNARDO DePACE DAVID RUBINOFF .MMKS A. FIT7PATKirKS 0 EKTT KK THANK.SOIVIXO" SWANSON .Hiri'OKTKP ASTOR AM I'OKI) STEKLIN(i to nPt upon Impulse, very often Is simply one able to THINK FASTER, deliberate more within the space of a few seconds, than the man of slower , , mind. There Is the habit of kindness, so Important In our civilization, that causes men to meet and rub' elbows, That habit also has been cultivated, and is one of the habits that con- trlhutc powerfully to success. Habitual kindness means a cheerful frame of mind, means gentleness, means the development of a nature, that Impresses favorably those with whom It comes in contact. Von will give your children a bet- ter start in life If you teach them kindness in the beginning, kindness to younger brothers and sisters, kind- ness to animals and especially KIND- NESS TO THE POOR. He who gives to the poor lends to the Lord, everybody knows that. He does something else, be actually gives to himself, while glrlng to the poor. Charity should not be based on sel- "STAGE STRUCK" PAKAMOI'NT flt'TI KK Comedy, "Ask (irnmlma." .rnntlnntl Hirr Spmillsht, "A Wallnplnr Wonder." Interniitlnrml Nc us I'lrlurcs. Olynifiif Orch,MtriiM Aftprnnon and Kvenlng. NEXT WEEK - RUDOi-PH VALENTINO in "COBRA" ADDED ATTRACTION WITH FESTIVE HOLIDAY PROGRAM :u: t rtflHU EEm IMMMli MODERNS ORCHESTRA NEWS ATOPICS' VILLAGE ORCHESTRA 4 fOUIiWPTOYOTt ijSm VICTOR KOTCSCHESm

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