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The Courier News from , · Page 10

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Tuesday, April 8, 1947
Page 10
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1HB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER MEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher JAMES U VERHOEFF, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: V.'illace Wltmer C!o., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post- office at Blythevilie, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city of Blythevllle or any suburum town where carrier service Is maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per month. By mail, within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per year, 52.00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; by mail outside 50 mile zone, $10,00 per year payable In advance. JtLYTBEVTLLK (ARK.)' COURUSE NBVfl Meditation Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.—Luke 11:35. ; * * •• "That is the universal obligation of even- human beinjr, to leave a light behind him in the darkness,"—Kolicrl I* Stevenson. A Prophetic Artist Seventy-five years ago, v/hcn the French anil Prussians were slioolmjf it out on the ground with riflo and cannon, Gustave Dore, the brilliant French illustrator, drew a picture of "the war .ot the future." In it he showed soldiers flying through the air, with motors and wing-like propellers strapped to their backs, and bin/ing away at one another. Until a few clays ago snnh an idea seemed about as. fanciful to us ns it did to Bore's contemporaries. Then suddenly a man named Horace Pentecost presents the world with a buckle- on helicopter which a man cun wear like a parachute. It lias a motor and rotor blades, will fly up, down, backward, forward, and sideways. We don't know exactly what this proves, unless it is that maybe artists Daren't such a daffy tribe, after all. Bad Company There are some obvious difficulties Labor Secretary Scliwellenbach's proposal to outlaw the Communist Tarty. They are primarily difficulties of definition .and admVis^iatkm. 4- . '•' , •, . . .-••-. . , we. tii? rJerstand' Communist Party's legal sanction. This •would remove the technical possibility 'of the voters' placing in Congress or a governor's chair a member of a p'irty pledged to overthrow the very goye.i'n- ment of which that member was an important officer. There would be nothing in tli-u for anyone except a Communist to» fear. the only danger is that a broader bill might be drawn. If such a bill were to make even a prior, innocent membership in a "front" organiation illegal, and if the bill's administration were put in the hands of those who could use their power for political punishment, then there would be something to worry about.- It seems unlikely that such a bi'.l would be passed by Congress and signed by the President. But no bill of any sort to outlaw communism has yet been presented. If and when it is, there should be plenty of time for loyal Americans to ask their congressmen for reasonable safeguards' against any excess. However, loud protests have already been heard in some quartern. On March 27 the Communist Parly look a full-page ad in the New York Times to attack the proposal. This was to be expected. So was the Communist line of attack. It was stated— without scmblrir.c of proof, of curse— that the proposal came from Big Business It. was clearly implied lhat Mr. Truman's secretary of Inhnr wa's a tool of Big Business. The prediction wsi-s that the proposed outlawing of CP was really aimed at organized labor, at social reform, the lions. ing program, and sundry other ,-icliv. ities and beliefs. This could be dismissed without comment. But on March 26 the CIO Political Action Committee circulated a warning among various CIO union members based on the identical lino of reasoning. On March 29 Hie left-wing CIO United Electrical, Badio, and Machine Workers Union loosed a. bias; so like the Communists' that it might have come straight from the Trojan ___ Horse's mouth. Perhaps the almost .identical approach of the Communists, the CIO- PAC, and the union was merely coincidental. Perhaps the one-two-three timing of the releases was also a coincidence. If so, the PAC and the U13KMW are victims of an unfortunate accidental alliance. But if it isn't we think these two organizations have been unwise and shortsighted in letting the Communists sell them a bill of goods. For any reasonable objections they might make later already have been weakened, i£ not discredited, by the party-line extravagances of their first statements. The Communists apparently are going to try to make their opposition to any legal curbs look like a democratic crusade for the rights of free men—led by the Communists, of course. I'ut we believe that by now the country knows enough nbout Communist practice's and purposes not to be taken in. Any non-Kcil organization ^ wTPch supports this Communist fiction, willingly or otherwise, will run the ritfc of looking foolish at Ijosl, and perimiw of losing both friends ;md prestig'i. TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1947 VIEWS OF OTHERS Sorry Memorials The? tragedy of Central In is sad cnout;h without so many pervert Ins Its lessons by trying to. make various kinds of hay, imllllcal and otherwise. John L. Lewis $ind a wonderful opportunity for constructive dramatisation—and ho has muffed 11. Everybody knows that the coal miners uke to go fishing after April 1—when llielv contract usually expires; (hat many of them, this year, would be observing animal holidays any- wny. Hvcrybody knows Mr. Lewis based much of "his recent defense in court on fi conlention that/ Government, operation of the mines lias been mere fiction. Everybody knows lhat as con- tiacl negotiations resume he would like t.o prove his K0l!d backing. And yot nt n time when the Nntio.i's heart nuil thought arc open to a solemn remiade:- of the price of Indifference nnd negligence— something like a day of memorial services and prayer or. like the Progressive Miners, giving a fund to the victims' families—all Mr. Lewis can think of is to imply that the Secretary oC the Interior •'murdered" (hn miner.;, anil, with dreary rcpctltlousness. to call n walkout. By sudi transparent find clumsy Indies .Mr. Lewis also risks candfellKI out' with irritation some of the pub:;,.'lie's;(Sympathetic indignation. '""John t,. Lewis is not Ihc lone offender. Onv. Dwinhl, Green of Illinois is blaming the disaster on Federal operation. We, ton, should ilke to know whnt the Coal Administration failed to do with the Bureau of Mines report, ana why. But whnt about (he bi-monthly Slate inspection? State inspection has stiff legal compulsions behind it. An^l It was not suspauieil by Federal seizure. There nrc others. Senator Homer Cajieliart, of coal-in in lug Indiana, rushes In to observe lhat Ccntrah'a proves (in: undcsirabllity of TcA- cral safety regulation. If there is any one. thing so far apparent about the disaster, it is tliat there wasn't enough regulation, either Federal or Slate. And Senator Styles Bridges of New Hampshire hastens lo conned the explosion with Secretary Krug "campaigning for iho Vlcc- Prf.sidcncy.'' Sorry memorials to the HI men of Mine No. 5! —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE -MONITOR. BARBS BY I1AI, COCHRAN "Movie Actress Marries Her Ideal"—headline. She's at least different from Ihcse wlu man-j 1 a good deal. * * . « Now is (ho lime to plan on that trip to Honolulu—which will be cut down lo n lake in the next state by August. » * • A professor at. Teachers' College, Coluivbla University, .says, "Children learn best when [Hey go and RCP. rather than sit and study." well. the //it> is a nice place. • » • It must be tonsil on some women to be loo poor lo need an operation to talk about. A New York judge remarked that lai-(?o cities wore having too many robberies. Just now many SO THEY SAY Although they 'unlon.o strongly advocate nnd prepare pro«r:ims for general social legislation, they take a completely lalsscz-laire position in respect to their own activities,—William Leiserson, former National Mediation Hoard clwlrmnn. « • n A trained manpower Is ou,- best Insurance against war. and our only insurance ol victory if war should be forced on us.—Ueut.-Gea. Raymond S. Mcl^aln. « » « The Soviets believe Ihcy have the only true democracy, and we believe in ours. The dltler- eiice between the American and Soviet Inttr- prctatlon of the world democmcy is merely 'Say Uncle Joe" \Nickels Still Carried in Men's Pockets; Othman Wonders Why Townseridites Revamp Pension Program "or Flat Three Per Cent Payroll Levy BY I'ETKtt KDSON NEA \ViisliliiKlnn Cai-respontlnnt WASHINGTON, April 8. (NBA) — 'r/A'nscnd planners, who liuvcn't ad a national convention since fllO. will meet in Washington Ihe ist week of June. Eiglity-ycar-okl Dr. F .B. Townscnd. founder ol he movement, hopes to bo there. One day of the convention will '2 devoted to lobbying Congress. 'ifty congressmen have already ome out in sui.iwrt of the new 'ownsend Plan Bill, introduced by tcipu'Jlicnn Homer Angel ot Oreon and Democrat J. Hardin peter- on of Florida. To-.vnsenrtites have now dropped he fiat S20D-a-month pension idea. nslead they want n 3 ijer cent tax n all but t':ie lowest incomes, tlu among retire jroccwJs to be divided icoplo who voluntarily 50. They say u now "rcfjuirrm^jii hat beneficiaries spend all of their lension money every 30 days, with saving or boarding, would "uro- note mass pnrclnising power and nake u depression impossible," Republican majority in Congress filming plenty of Democratic support for tuc idea of getting government oul of Ihc air of b«>- ness. So far the House has cut icarly a billion dollars from nextj ear's Labor, Treasury, Post office, ind Federal Security Administra- ion appropriations. Heaviest suf- ers liave been National Labor Re- alioiis Board. Bureau of Labor Statistics, u. s. Conciliation Serv- ce. and the Customs Service. These actions arc not final and cuts may be restored by Senate But •' cuts is to whittle down the business regulatory and reporting services. If this inclination is followed in other ;ij;propri;uion bills, watch for the axe lo bL' applied on outfits like- Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Communications Commission, 1'Vdera! Power Commission. REASON iJJEHISl) IMI'OKT COVfKOLS In view of American shortages on imported nuv mntcriuls, tunny peciple have not been able to un- de:stand why President Triimiin asked for a year's extension beyond March 31 on import controls. 'Reason is best explained in case of fats and oils. If there were no U. S. import controls, American soap, paint, and oilier usrr.s «-oiild bid up (lie world price. That would make it difficult fur tanneries with far agc-s of edible l:it s and oils to buy. Keeping import allocation control; on u. S. market permits worla supplies to be more evenly divided and gives everyone enough to get by on. thai was used by nearly every U. S, ncvv.'.paper. It caused a protest from Mosfcn- and a diplomatic exchange from Washington. And it put the •Navy in the State Department The DOCTOR SAYS BY FREDERICK C. OTilMAN (United press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, April 8.—Thirty•four years ago Thomas R. Marshall, the 28th vice-president ot the United States, announced that ' what ihis eountiy needs is a good BY WILLIAM A. O'BUIEN, M. 1». five . cell t cigar. Written tor NEA Service i . L;L<1 . t . j, eiu . j} m Moran, the rjei'- Many skin disorders improve m ennM candidate for Congress from. the summer from the effects ol Hollywood, said that what the na- sunHght as well as from reli- 'ation tlon nml is gOQ(l Iivc cents of nervous tension. Acne is onc ot (period) (hesc skin diseases which will ait- ' T)lc nllnt continues to produc: tomatieally improve in Hie season nickc!s at a record-breaking rate* iiiiead. ''Why? To wear holes in peoples' It is estimated lhat more than pockets? 50 per cent of young persons be- The ' campa i gns O f the Messrs, twcen the ages of 17 and 25 are Mavsha u and Moran have fizzled, bothered by acne. The disease Be- Almost ll)c ol)ly Mng yol] can m , y gins in a dilation of the pores ol ,„ Amer j ca tO day for a nickel or Oil glands and the formation !ess (adv , is n ,, ew sr>apei'. Chewing gum is six cents. The five cent magazines are a dime. The nickel shoe shine is no more. Five cent cigars cost from eight to 11 cents and my guess is that if Vice-President Marshall wore half de- iade him famous, he'd give up smoking. No beanery sells coffee and n sinker for five cents. Ice cream costs you ten. So d l oe s a short, beer—and I knew that eventually I'd get around to the point of this dispatch: The onc thing that still can bo bought hi a saloon for five cents is three miiiutcs of hill-billy music. But not for long, music lovers. Enjoy the nickel symphonies while you can. bccause'ihe juke box boys Ihc oil glands and of a plug from thickening of the lining of the ducts. Obstruction of pores causes the oily secretion to dam back, break through Its boundaries, and cause inflammation ol the surrounding skin. Earl D. psborne, M. D., Buffalo around "now,"'three aiVil"a"li'alf"i (icrmatologist, reports there is a. cades aftcr hls W i se -cra:k ma tendency for acne- to improve with limp. It a hundred patients with' acne arc observed over a thrce- ycnr period, one out of every four or five will clear up without any treatment. Nearly half will be free of the disease half the time and will have trouble the rest of the (imp, and the remainder will have continuous difficulty with many ups and downs. USUALl.V HEREDITARY ) : When children inherit .an oily type of s kin, they will show a[are working on the problem, tendency to acne just as their par- - - .. .. cuts did. When acne has not been present in the parents, children as a rule do not have it. Ac-nc victims receive conflicting advice as to diet. It was hoped 1 at onc time through special diets to liquify the oil in th c skin so that it would How freely, but all efforts along this line have failed. Advising young people to cat less sugar and sweets apparently does not make n great deal of difference in their skin difficulty. Since acne occurs most frequently in adolescence, it is believed to result from disturbances associated with it. Skin peeling from sunlight or special preparation of snl- iphur are of value in acne, while X-ray treatments arc used in certain cases. Some are 'building machines that'll charge 10 cents a listen. Others are rushing against time to perfect a box-that eats quarters only, but plays three records for eacii 25 cent piece. The entire coin machine industry, one of the really big businesses, is in ferment. The gadgets Iliac disgorge peanuts. 'chocolate soda pop oars, and doghouse. POSTMAN DOESN'T KINO IN TIIUOK Post Office Department will now accept parcel post shipments to any country in the world except Portn- aU bnkcd ls - , ld be ' handled «ues c _l,mor That's the eastern t hi 5 way. Ask your health depart- halfoi a little island between MK- 11K . nt it lnc pr a c t ics , is covcr ed by traha and Java, in the Dutch East 1 „„ ordinance Indies. The Dutch hold Timor's western half. Most or ' the natives applies, . . _;um arc^ ' geared for nickels. Their patent™ insides whirr and cough up all other coins . There arc millions of dollars invested in these machines and thc trick is to remodel 'em so they'll charge s ix cents. Or maybe fix 'cm so they'll gulp dimes and return four cents change with eaclichunfc ot fudge. The question then is how to open QUESTION- MV net peeve is cach camiy wra 'l 3 P Btl ' ''- nc > Wsert having baked goods "handled and' coul ' pcnnics ' M ul »Ply a thousand wrapped and change made ancC machmes "y the hundred choeo- inoro baked goods handled, etc. A llate , bari > cllch onc 1>oltls aml few concerns'use parafin paper to'- vou . ve *?' « . sl «*.V industrial ill- pick up goods. Do you agree? j ' AN3WER: i agree with you that slacKS involving rows of girls, of pennies, piles of chocolate-covered' nougats — and the Health Department. Or so says the unhappiest industrialist I know, the proprietor of a chain ot vending machines. points on the board. i 'Long ago he junked his penny .. i 'At one table. Lsbhar sat West machines. He has better than S20,- giows wild. They could use out and Levcntritt East. The first two COO invested in nickel automatons prooaory don t need anything that ounds of b j ddi ,, g went tfic same am , if something doesn't happen lives in grass huts ami eat vvlniti could be got out of a mail-order catalog and delivered by international parcel post. worse short-j End of Selective Service April 1 put Army recruiting officers on the spot to get O.OCO now rookies :i month—1000 a day. Unless thoy succccd. thc United States can't maintain a million-man Army- largest peacetime military establishment, this country has ever had. The answer won't really bs known aftcr a six months' Wlicn U. S. Aircraft Carrier le goes on its ML'diterrancan train-) tin October, ing cruise, present plans arc to al-jtest. low no U. s. newsmen to go along. Onc reason given is that Navy I doesn't \\ant another Daircn incident. Reference is to Ihc s lory by Scraps-Howard reporter William H. No;vton. who was permitted to a;- A business recession with some reduction of employment might stimulate enlistments, but no one wants to pay that price just lo maintain an army. War Department figures it will really save ee-yeti! company a Navy courier vessel into money if it gets enough thr Dairen, Manchuria, n.s represents- enlistments. The 18-month service live of combined American press. .of drafted men really gave only 10 When Russian port authorities ' inonlhs of active duty after train- made tile U. s. ship leave port af- ing and before terminal leave. That tcl ' Cx 3 u ' atlon ° r its permit. New- made the peacetime draftee the 1, . ,-.,.,>„,• i , i ~ , ,, ' . - me e ee raee ho_j,cnei.U trend of Honse, Ion reported the incident in a slory most expensive soldier in the world IN HOLLYWOOD • • E • I01!NSON " "There's drama in a bustle." That's what George Hoynigen- Huenc said. Then the internationally known Hungarian photographer proved :c lo a photography class of 2(W wide-eyed CJI'.s with Ihc aid of ;i couple of soft lights, a coupic of pins, and .Hazel Urooks. \ Brueks w«s wearing ihc .bnstte. •••••••••••••«•««••«•••• ovrr nine rooms of hts 40-romn Air. Kent, a nice little man with i-'rcy hair, was wearing a dark blue suit, :i red polka dot tic, and bored expression on his face. The party was a reception honoring Donald Douglas, his new DC-6, and American nnd United J. j Airline executives. Movie stars and eastern no.wfp.ipcr reporters were The suidvim; photoL-rj'phv '' °" " lc list. But Ihe! under Uncle's Sam's postwar pi.mj i; ?'''f w< : ''•'""""I '-•"«•• was a "B"j seemed much more interested in •> rr: >"'-.' 1>e ' A I >=";(>' at the Kent, Miss Brooks than in George Hoy-l • lomo ls fw nlorc ""Porlant occa- M:vy':e Mr. Kent wasn't as bored, or as I bed. a s he iooke*. Maybe he was just \vearin;; his -IV party ItLVAMP HOl'AI.OXr. Bill Boyd. the cowboy lirro wno plunks villains instead of guitars, is doing rinht well. I bank you. in taking coin oul of his western series. Tli.pnlonj: fjassiday. When Bill and Lewis Raclnncl took the production reins on Hoppy, they decided to riul all those western perennials. Thc villains dashing madly in and out of srencs. the poison \va;cr McKENNEY ON BRIDGE This Hand Decided Teain-of-Foiir Title BY WILLIAM F.. McKENNEY America's Card Authority Wriltm ifiir ]NEA Service Today's hand will go down a. one of the most famous in bridg< tournament, history. It is the ham that brought thc Vandcibilt Cu;: which is emblematic of Ihc n-.v tional knockout team-of-four title The boy.s had voted Hazi-l -Tin; Girl We Would Most Like to Havs in a Darkroom." and in honor ol Ihe event she ai!ioi\l ti> mndrl ai one of their classes. H WAS i-.ood piiblL'ity. KnU'i-priso .studio said, lor her role of "The Body" in John Onrficld's new movie, "Hoi'tv and Soul." "I feel eooil .1111) stiipiil," Hazel said brlwcrn shols'. "H xvimld !>»• nmrh more fun in a daiknumi. I'm so lirril (hey'll pnibatily volo me- Miss llalrhrl Face of 1917." George Hoynii-.en-Huene \vont back to lighting Hazel's bustle. Hs said, "i\'o\v iv.-ttfh closely, buys. You'll find oul how to ii--:ht Hazel's lace." On'O cx-GI wh^rciod to unotlir;-. "I wonder if Hazel'.s (ace woind lipht up if 1 asked her for a ( |:ui'? ' NO. 1 I'AKTY HOST Explalnini; what he bad been doing for three years since he last in.c.VI an Academy Award ceie- mony. J:-:k Kenny said at this year's aff;iii: "I've .-.,>: :, iiill-!ini« jcb now print itu: water Kent ip hole, the comic \\lio falls in the- water trt>uf,'h, Ihe t:uy who says "He went lhat-a-way." Ihe yirl in thc gingham dress, anti all the icsl. "Westerns lo satisfy a child's Intelligence, westerns for lindi the child and the Krowuups, T^ill and I.eNis agreed. They've stuck to it. too. And nou' their pictures nix 1 iil.tying bit;•;-,s for At-! time thcateis wlierc they never layed be-fore. V 104 r . « A 3 7 ' * Q •« ' • _ . i Touvnamcnl—Ncillicr vul.'• South West " N'orlh East 1 A Pass 2 » ' 2 ¥ Pass s'V < 5 * -^fiV 1'ass ., 1'ass .. Doublc^Pass' Opening—*Ar~ J : both tables, but at table No. 1, soon, they also become scrap iron, hen Lcventritt (East) bid five Mostly they're empty now, or pcd- ubs. South bid five spades and dling automatically a grade of tbhar . -- . - .. IWest) doubled. He got f lo a heart opening and South' Clarren) made five spades dou- ied for a plus score or 850 points. The bidding shown in the box the way it went at table No. 2. einljcrg (EasU went to six hearts, a heart had been opened, won h the ace and a heart contin- ed. Pcinbcrg might have lost the ontract because he might have nken the club finesse. With a iamond opening he had an in- eiesliug play to make. He ruffed he diamond and cashed the ace of clubs. South's establishing the queen whole nd kin ropped, lui suit, If Feinberg had made the mis- ike of leading a trump, let us say small heart to dummy's king, forth would have won. returnee? his hird club, and South could have vertumped dummy with the ten- pot, defeating the- contract. Hut Feinberg cUd not make that ui.itake. After cashing his two ugh clubs, he led the ten of chibs, ind no matter what South did hen, the hand was safe. If South runipcd with the four of heart lummy could overtrump with t.''e ight. If South discarded, dummy •ould discard. KGW the trump lead was mad .vilhout danger as North had club to return. candy that, takes the fillings from the customers' teeth. He never eats thc stuff, himself. 'U He has heard of a St. Uouis inventor who has perfected 1 an automatic change maker, but iie doubts if it will be much help lo him. His only hope—and now we're getting back to the fundamentals of Vice-Prcsident Marshall—is for something good to cat that his machinery can sell for a nickel. 15 Years Ago In lili/theviUe— Dr. Frank G. Smith, Omali. Neb., will review the book "Magnilicient Obsession" by Lloyd Douglas at the Presbyterian church tonight. Jake'Ungar left for Kansas City, Mo. today where he was called by the death oj his mother, Mrs. J. Ungar. Mrs. Edgar Herrick was called (f) Jouesboro yesterday by the death of her mother, Mr.s. Blaylock. Contrary to popular opinion, roses cut in the afternoon keep no longer than those cut early i\ thfi I morning, French Writer HORIZONTAL 1,8Pictured "., \ French ,- ' * i novelist ^ 14 Goddess ot agriculture 15 Repeal appearance; 16 Darling ^ 17 Opera by $ Verdi k ' ."; 10 False god 20 "Coyote to the (earn of Harry J. Fishbe: Joseph K. Low and Larry .Ttirsc ot Mew York. Harry Feinberg of Cleveland and David Clarren ol Minneapolis. For three-quarters^of the final . VERTICAL 1 Augments 2 Require 3 Wine vessel 4 Rounded '5On lime (ab.) 16 Conduct ; 7 Great Lake 5 Dread' 5& j 9 Registered y f nurse <ab.) R 10 Sourly S ,11 Slight how ^ 112 Craw Stale" (ab.) P? Lampreys , 21 He — him-< " •; self lo his j , countrymen 24 Postscript (ab.) ( 25 Indian /;**»«"• ' 2GV/inglikc part 23 Doctrine 30 Novices ' 33 Boundavy ' (comb, form) 34 Girl's name 35 Tops of heads 3S Boxed •19 Be tore. •! I Employ •12 Musical note 41 Recollections 40 Myself 28 Apex 29 Age I 31 Poem 32 Sorrowful 36 Type ol fur 37 Observe ,, 38 Hint tfr 39 Arrogate 46 Alleged lorca 4J Unv.sual •18 Angers 4!) Grape refuse 50 Essential i being I 52 Powerful '1 explosive' . A 27 Get up " 42 Tibetan nlonk 55 Writing tool 43 Genus ot. 57 Symbol for • / ducks ; , cvbium 45 War god ^. _, 59 While •. SI Against 53 Jewish month 54 Javanese tree Kent, who. made millions in ra-' "When I first, heard the name dio. has become Hollywood's No. ! j uopalong Cassiday." he chuckles. .. , ( _ pany host. j ..j thought it was some kind of a match the tea'm ot Bertram Lebliar i Rfi Mode I just like people," Kent j disease;." Bill won't even wear Jr., Lep Hazcn. Peter Levcntritt 58 Finishing yaiviicn as 310 proiilc, a six-jiiece I .\vestcrn clothes except when he's and Samuel Kal? had maintained toois « nrrhcslra. a coiniie IniniVrrd bal- on thc set. "They're just not com- the lead—then along came this GOFlowors loons, ami .,0 uaitrrs MI armed fortnWe," he sajs frankly. hand. There was a r'wing of 2510 Gl Perfume

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