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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey • Page 6

Asbury Park Pressi
Asbury Park, New Jersey
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ASBUXY ARK IVININO PRESS, Tu.i.. M. tk, Records Marketed On Yom at Home ii Park, does the narration on' the albums. Rather than working from a script Mr. Ailster narrated extemporaneously.

Mrs. Lillian Stltely, co-pro-, ducer of the album, is the director of the New Jersey School of Professional Dance and Drama, here. 1 i I A A I nX' I S.V Yes, a British fock group, is seen performing at the Sunshine In in a multi-exposure YES STYLE DIFFERS Rock Group Hailed British ASBURY PARK As the house lights dimmed, an excerpt from the Firebird Suite came over the public address system. If you closed your eyes for a minute you could have imagined yourself in Philharmonic Hall. But not for long.

As the crashing fanfare end writer; Chris Squire, bass qui-tarist and writer; Steve Howe, lead guitarist; and Bill Bruford, drummer; are just that serious musicians who not only know what they are doing, but seem to love it as well. Their concert contained bits and pieces of different styles Charlotte Kissinger BlinclDate By JACK 0 'BRIAN NEW YORK Henry Kissinger's blind date (night of the Washington press dinner) was arranged by Phyllis Cerf: Charlotte Ford Gregory Pavlides, Sherman Billing-sley's right-hand in the Stork Club's palmy days, told us in P. J. Clarke's about how not even Howard Hughes' money made up for his shabby clothes and sneakers: Hughes came In the Stork dressed like that and Sherman told Gregory: "Stick him In the back and push him around a little. I don't want him back in here." Henry Kissinger's eyes-open date Sat.

night at the Broad-hurst Theater was Nancy McGinnis. They went to see "Vivat, Vivat where some chutzpatic pest yelled at him to "Stop the Killing!" How come these goofs didn't scrvam at JFK, Ike, Truman, only belatedly now that Nixon's truly hauling our men out of there? N.Y. State Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz having a giggle over the item in this col'n which said he would retire after his cvrrent term. Told us the reporters cornered him and he sl'pperied out of it somehow. But it was Louis himself who told us in the first place, very personally, that he would retire; now good friend Louis, get out of it again.

Russian poet Yevtushenko got nasty end whiney at Barbara Walters for asking how he had so much travel freedom wfcPa other poets and writers clocked prison time. Tore into her after the "Today" show, but Barbara made her point. The Soviet poet-apologist, really a trained Soviet seal juggling his own best interests, also was quoted by a girl in his company as making an anti-Semitic crack as they were arriving for a party at Sen. Jake Javits' apartment What in the name of Golda Meir was Marian Javits interested in having a proven anti-Semitic intellectual clown in the first place! Wealthy Martha Cuneo (Mrs. Stass) Reed, who got heisted for $150,000 in diamonds, left us at 57th 5th Ave.

the day before on her way to Van Cleef Arpels to pick up her just-repaired gems. Should've waited a few more days The in-gals call it "Van Cleef Our Pals" Pulitzer Prize (for "Men in playwright Sidney Kingsley, who's been writing his latest play for five years. He's impetuous Sidney's an old friend over at these two-fingers and he's one of showbiz' legendary thrift-kids: once in Miami Eeach we stayed at the same hotel (San Souci), went out for the all-evening, and at near-dawn as we were going to bed, we realized Sidney hadn't hoisted one tab. So we called him through the hotel switchboard and had the operator ask if he'd take a "collect call from the next stayed right in charactertold the operator he couldn't afford it. Tin Use Declines GARY, Ind.

The percen Ellen Martin, Wet Deal, Ocean Townihlp, demonstrates shoulder stand, a Yoga position. Miss Martin Is the cover girl for a new two-volumo Yoga home Instruction album produced by area residents. Soviet-Favored U.S. Singer Sticks With Kremlin 's Line Arts Center Schedules Irish Festival in June The other heritage events scheduled this year to aid the Arts Center Fund are a Polish Festival on June a Scandinavian Festival on June 11; and an Italian Festival on June 18. LONG BRAN'CII There's nothing like peace of mind and good health wrapiwd up In a neat package.

And when you can have both rleht in your own living room, it' even better. Mrs. Charles Valentino, here, has found a way to make this all possible by producing a set of Yoga records, taught and narrated by local people for home use. Yoga, according to the Jacket cover of the album, is "a physical and mental discipline aimed at good health and Eeace of mind." This set of alums teaches the Hatha method, which stresses physical exercise geared to good health and longevity. Included in the albums are pictorial instruction booklets.

Many of the positions shown are modeled by area residents. Ellen Martin, a sophomore at Brookdale College from Ocean Township, Is the cover girl for "Yoga Instruction for Relaxation and Good Health." Posing with her Is Scott Bo-gar, a student at Ocean Township High School. Mrs. Pamela Fuchilla, here, and Mrs. Michelle de Angelia, Ocean Township, models for the instruction book, are both dance teachers locally.

Harry Ailster, a music teacher who lives in Asbury WAI1AMASSA Special Wed. WHOLE $100 SUB 1 Plus I.I Clubhouse Sub Shop '2 1 113 Wickapecko Drivt Wmn 774-18ia MUSIC MAKERS THEATRES MONDAY IS DATE NIGHT CINEMA 31 Mitiwan. T. 34. 581-3400 THE FRENCH CONNECTION MALL 1 Freehold' SHOPPING CENTER, Sit.


70. 477 3400 tXClUSIVlOQlAH COUHJY IHGAGIMIHJ DIRTY HARRY MALLCINEMAl Brick Town RICK BLVD. 477-6661 EXCLUSIVE OCEAN COlNJT ENGAGEMENT SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY MALL CINEMA 2 Brick Town MICK 477-6661 THE GANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT A 1 1 A wv picture. (Press Photo) of rock: "symphonic, orchestral, and classical." The only things that tied them all together was the Yes flail' for the original, the innovative, and the truly melodic quality that sets what they do in the category of music, and not just noise. Their opening number, "Roundabout," from their latest LP "Fragile," evidenced these qualities.

The superim-position of Rick Wakeman's classical adaptions on the keyboards over pulsating rhythm and lyrics created a devastating effect, indeed. Steve Howe did his "Mood for a Day," also from "Fragile." piece is classical guitar in the Spanish tradition of Andres Segovia. Howe caressed his instrument much like a father does his child, the music born of his guitar brought the house to its feet in shouts of bravos. Perhaps the most spellbinding of all the numbers was "Heart of the Sunrise." It combined the talents of all the musicians into an impressionistic musical portrait of the city. "Love comes to you, you follow dream on dream all to the heart of the sunrise The lyrics expressed the longing for something outside the city the sun, the love, the peace and the musical transitions from chaotic clamor to melodic beauty expressed these feelings as well.

Rick Wakeman gave a solo Eerformance of his many key-oard talents. He plays five keyboards: mellatron, organ, electric piano, and moog. His versatility made them all sound equally different, yet equally beautiful. After a five-minute standing ovation, the group returned to do one encore. It was easy to see why the group is hitting the top of the record charts around the country It is setting a new trend for a new kind of rock.

The group's style is completely it own, and it looks like Yes will be influencing much of the musical world of the future. PAMELA METZLER ed, a sell-out crowd at the Sunshine In of long-haired kids in blue-jeans and flannel shirts sprang to its feet to welcome Yes, a British rock group making its second U.S. tour. The five musicians: Rick Wakeman, on keyboards; Jon Anderson, lead vocalist and DEAN REED open letter from Reed condemning the Nobel Prize winner for urging free speech. TAKING AN APPEAL from the novelist as an attack on the Soviet Union, Reed told him: "The principles on which your society is built is sane, pure and just, while the principles on which the society of my country is built are cruel, selfish and unjust." At another point Reed mocked Solzhenitsyn as a "long-suffering writer," a reputation gained from years in a Stalin labor camp or exile, a bout with cancer and a ban on his works since Nikita Khrushchev's overthrow.

"Obviously they mean that you are long-suffering from lack of moral and social principles, and that your conscience bothers you in the silent hours of the night when you must live wiih yourself," the letter said. Asked if he has read Solz-henitsyn's books, Reed says: "Yeah, all of them. 'Cancer-Ward, 'One Day in the Life of What's His you know." REED SAID HE hadn't found them particularly anti-SovL-t. He insists he has nothing against Solzhenitsyn personally. "It's just that the anti-Communists wars using Solzhenitsyn as an argument to restrain progress, especial 111 y' Li i -iM CINEMA I UClVIIMbttMbfi Rilling rr Ml SNEAK PREVIEW SAT.

EVE. AT tlS "Diary of My Sacral lira" Vou Mutt la I I.D.Will BaRaquirad CINEMA II DOUBLE HORROR SHOW "Night of lha living Daad" (Rally Grusm) YOU SHOULD HAVE SOMI ONE ALONG TO HOLD. Mls rjTTJ "2000 MANIACS" Matinaat ForTha Childran "BLACK BEAUTY" 1 IS cooooooooco 0 WALTER READE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 THEATRES 0 0 SI SO EARLY IIRD PRICE I Community lotonhmi. 947-4361 TRIPLE AUrARB WINNER "THl LAST PICTUtf SHOW" 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 Mayfair Ani'-T9SSl CLINT EASTWOOD 'DIRTY HARRY" Lyric ftitwytot-m-KIU "THE GANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT" PUS "PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW" Circle o. 0 0 AND Town MIcUlMm-UMOM LAST TIMES TOD A "SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY" STARTS TOMORROW "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS" Town East AND Dover 0 "THE a FRENCH CONNECTION" 0 RARE MOVIE FACT, THIReA HAVI BEEN 14 MOVII 0'NS OF "IES MISER OSOSAYSW.C.SIROBY, IONGa BRANCH (Wl HAVEN'T SEInW sf 'EM AH.) 0 Carlton folSonb-yst-tAOO Si S1 Si 8) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 CL LAST 3 DAYS "CANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT" STARTS FRIDAY "SUMMER OF '42" Community LAST DAY "GINGER" 'GAMES MEN PLAY" STARTS TOMORROW "CRY UNCLE" "I lOVEMYWIFF' Eatontown CONNERYfeBOND "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER" PLVS "DUEL AT DIABLO" nam-tttiiuTai ornNiurnr 0 oooooo.aQcfi i i i i LAST DAY "OIMEDAY'V" WOODY ALLELN "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN" STAH1S TOMORROW A T' Everybody needs to love and be loved.

This is a story about two young people and their love LONG AGO, TOMORROW! "A film of moit delicately controlled mood ind emotions Bryan Forbes his really brought it off." LIFE MAGAZINE "A view of real people and a real love. N.Y. TIMES "Glowing performances in a tender love story. CUE magazine Tt la iTsT i i A dilltttiU lovt slory Hgfrofm AtcDowWf Nawtf Nfwman plus lTt show Evcuy wit "Perpetual delight -SWiri Kfsr, Jim 'Picture of the month 1" Qnematlcally irmshing!" A WORK OF GENIUS! mm am. rt ufi I FEUINIS'THE CLOWNS IS NOT TO BE IV3XSSD! MllliiiIAsl ski TO LATE SHOW CU(A ADMMON met IHCiUDfS.

UTl SHOW) 9 SHEIK ffl 1." 747-03331 MOSCOW UP) Oleg Shemo-novsky's big band banged out a rock beat A spotllgnt washed the tense figure of a young man whose forelock danced in time with the music. One hand pointed skyward, and a foot, visible beneath the bellbottom of his yellow velvet trousers, tapped the stage as he sang. It sounded like this: "We are rev-ah-loo-sha-nare-eez; we will fight for lus-tiss." His hips jerked ever so little, and the teen-age girls with their heavy eye makeup loved it. They couldn't understand the words, but they clapped In rhythm. On stage was the self-confessed "most famous foreip singer In the Soviet Union," 33-year-old Dean Reed.

HE REGRETS his name is not a household word In his native United States. He describes himself as a progressive artist whose mission is to advance the "cause of socialism through my art." Though Reed disclaims affiliation with any political party, he always seems to turn up on the Soviet side of an argument and in a disagreement within the Soviet Union on the side of the Kremlin. Last year, when it appeared the regime might move against Alexander Solzhenit-syn, the newspaper Literatur-naya Gazetta published an WANTED Studtfttl tor (ducotionat (iptritnct. Trawl (imp, twin th Grk Uls, lour IsrtaL Von't Inttrnationol Sigdtnt Touri. EsiobliiW yoort.

1 end 2 month turn mr programs. 1st Clou heMli, rral by luivrioui motor coach. Chaptrontd by professional trjucators. For questions, information, or homo visit. Contort! Shtldon Monsky, ftrsghtor) Arms III, Apt.

333B. Nptiw City, J. 07753 Calls 774-4900 BSD IC.CS 'l KHMU! DRIVE-IN CUNT EASTWOOD 1 ill mm: mm Everyone Reads MINI ADS What Are They? NNUUUI! CALL 774-7000 DISPLAY ADVERTISING ly in South America. I had to speak out for my friends who believe in socialism." THE SON OF a professor Goldwater man," he says Reed dropped out of the University of Colorado. He drifted to Hollywood and cut three records for Capitol.

Except for one called "Our Summer Romance," which he says reached the top 10 in Denver, his plunge as a rock 'n roll singer caused barely a ripple in the United States. But Capitol, watching his sales climb in Chile and Argentina, sent him on tour. Reed says, "It was a smash." He was so overwhelmed that he settled in South America to exploit his success. Literaturnaya Gazetta treated that episode of Reed's life this way: "Much persecuted by the authorities, Dean Reed was forced to leave the United States and lives in Italy now." REED WAS IN South America in 1962-66. He produces a copy of a Santiago newspaper poll which showed him to be Chile's most popular singer, more renowned than Conway Twitty.

"I was only a pacifist then," Reed says, but gradual identification with Soviet viewj got him into trouble with Argentine authorities. He went to Italy where "I almost gave up singing." Since then he has played cowboys in 11 Italian Westerns. On his third singing tour of the Soviet Union, Reed gives his audiences a standard rock program with a smattering of protest songs such as "We Are Revolutionaries," his composition. Reed would like to continue advancing the cause of "socialism through art" in the United States, but only if he can return famous. "It is so hard to get started, and nobody knows me there." Ovvr 2 million capiat told.

I ADULTS ONLY I nn lOMEowiasoian Shim ptHHg Mf wjvai wMttwmcjjMun iefmkc sicnnn 5 399-3800 iua. 2 WOODBRIDGE A second annual Irish Festival of entertainment has been scheduled at the Garden State Arts Center on Sunday afternoon, July 9, in the 1972 series of heritage events to benefit New Jersey's young people and senior citizens. Chairman John P. Gallagher of the New Jersey Highway Authority, which operates the Arts Center, today announced that representatives of the New Jersey Irish-American community will sponsor the July 9 program and have named Woodbridge Mayor John J. Cassidy as general chairman.

The Irish Festival, like three other heritage events scheduled on Sunday afternoons this June, will be sponsored as a benefit for the Garden State Arts Center Fund in its financ- of free programs there for iool children and senior citi zens. The Irish-American community committee headed by Mayor Cassidy has begun work on arrangements to follow the format of the first festival program in 1971. The main stage show will run from 1 to 4 p.m. Preceding it will be an invitational Irish pipe band competition drawing units from various parts of the East Coast. COLTS NECK INN MtKDAY SPECIALS WD.

PRIME RIBS Special 4 THURS SMORGASBORD FBI. 300 STUFFED LOBSTER 5 50 Special COLTS NECK INN roSsmrSSsooflTLMIJi 461-03(1 DINNER SERVED FROM 4i 30 to 10 P.M. Hav yu hard about 1 1 lh cocktoll club at lh 1 Colli Nock Inn? 4:00 to 1 6:00 every Tuesday thru 1 Friday All Cocktail i 1 Mrvod plus) an unlimited tupply of hoi A cold hort I i d'oouvrot. I I i el Rout 35, South Mantoloking ON THE OCEANl 31 1 tage of tin in cans is declining steadily from 1.68 in 1940 to 0.53 in the latest report. Tin is what makes cans hard to recycle.

It is estimated that in a couple of years almost all beverage cans will be tin-free. 3900 CHILDREN sot AT ALL TIMES 793 I MM It NEW MANAGEMENT Sat. Sun. Eves. Dine Dance in The MARK 111 ROOM haturmg GeHC Dd VlSS TnO For Reservations Call 793-3900 hadotobrook (T The Zu.ebtn,Funily The Bountiful Board "An English Hunt Buffet" Weekdays at 12 Noon CLOSED MONDAYS RT.

35. SHREWSBURY. N.J. PKY. EXIT 109-PHONE 747-0200 SIARTS TOMORROW See it as it really happened! I 1 If OCi atiMAH 661-77 73 "GIMME SHELTER" 1'IAJS "MIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" iMHt Time Toilay "THE GO BETWEEN" plus "CLAIRE'S KNEE" i 1006 11th AVENUE, CORNER MAIN STREET NEPTUNE, N.J.


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