The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1930
Page 3
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]::, 1030 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE THREK BLYTHEVILLE'S INDUSTRIAL AND BUSINESS ACTIVITIES Trade, Build and Invest In Blytlicville j "A City of Optimists' Your Cooperation will help make Blytlicville mightier. Cleaning System Is Feature of New Planl at Fast End of Main Street. Tr.c new ginning phint recently dieted by the Li;e-Cii|jnod|'c Oin company. Inc., nl a cost of approx- imatoly $35.000. has been completed this week and is now operathv.;. Tlic plant is located just olf R:iV -Main street on the Blytlicville-Ar- morel road and is .under the man ngsmciu of Oliver Coppedge. ' One of (he principal features o: the new gin is that it employs fivj distinct cleaning system's in Uu- ginnina process. The plant. Is powered by three electric motors, de- ^-elnping a total of 13.5 horsepower, and i.s capable of ginning approx- imiitely 45 bal?s of cotton every ten hours, according to Mr. Copnsdg? There are fdnr 80 saw high specs! gin stands of modern design. aii.1 lliKe together with all other ; menl, is new. 11. M. Adkinpon of this city i; in charge of. the ginning ami G. R. I.edbetter i.s the weigher, Mr. Coppcdgc announced. Scotland Yard Men Gel I Out. Ahead of Crooks. Missouri's 0/iark Caves Draw Visitors HALI.ATEI). Scotland. (Ul'l—Till- polished society cicok tollo«s th- court to Ualmoial" and so do Sen'.- '• land Yard iK'ieiMjvi-s. Some of these highly-iralne:! maiilinntcrs arn'/ecl tn Decide Ix 1 - fere arrival of i:>e king and queen. Iiifoniiiig trains are met and passengers are closely scrutinized. Many of the white-gloved thieves pnlic-: say. rccslvo inviuiliun; to lim-ltons from tons of peers ar'.-j- a chance acciir.imanec while UK> latter are Imbibing freely. "It is .wonderful liow much tron- !>!? an invitation f:iven by a peer's .vjn when he is in his cups, can ! do." a retired directive obseived. Because of the noioricty aliarli- c-.l to a jewel th?ft. police say. the los:rs often take the loss without informing authorities. j 6T. LOWS. Oldest Bridge in France | Doomed After Flood' ALBI (Tarn). (UP)—The oldcs' ', bridge in France and one of th..oldest- In Europe, ihrov.n across the : j Tain river here in 1035. is to bo j J lorn down. Still capable of c.irry- normal loads in nrwmal limss. | ..the bridge proved hopelessly iurul- 1 cciunte. as well as dangerous, dur- ; iny last spring's disastrous flo-jili. irtain 1-0:1111 In every illicc.Uun. Ir It l.s a lost river. 11 watoif:ill \V led lilijli, and other UIIUMIII] Mfclils In Ihc- corner of tlir stale. j»-;i north of Nni-J. Is the l:isl of Die O/nik CIIVM. These c.U'O-:. nli.ii--! ii)i> Hlk river, used to hiin-c Ihe Umk lllnlfd Dwellers. Nc.w York Cotton NEW YORK. CoUuii i-loiicd lju O]n'n Oct. old Oct. ntriv Dec. old Sept. 11. (UJ'i- rely steady. ICUti 10'Jl 1113 Dec. new 1100 Jun. old 1122 Jan. new 1111 Mm ..... 1130 lOUS lOM lOlW 1085 1111 llOa 1107 1102 112-2 1118 1115 1110 li:« im 1100 11« 109-1 108:1 1111 II02 ii in 1110 Adventurers in Space Well ke|H roads allVml shinvs. Hy NI:A Scivici- ST. LOUIS.--The countless cave' making up Missouri's "underworld' in t!:e. O/arks have teen attract ina thousands of motorists tin-, year. No! only do ihc caves a:. tiact. but numerous state park' I winch hold them abauml with ' streams which are treats to an->- ,lers. ' Leaving Ibis city and strikin^ stMilhwcsl on U. S. highway C6. the road leads directly thraujli th' ! heart oj tlie Ozarl: cave country ' t'Ofsibly the first caves to he encountered are at Sullivan, about G r miles from here. Nearby is Mera mec Stale Park. In this park an 12 immense caves filled with ilc posits of copper, onyx, leul a-r oth;r minerals, fn same of t h i cnves are aluminum and potter : clay. One cave is growing a fin. quality of mushrooms. The history of these caves, ar v:cll ns those all over the stale. i r s;iid lo date back to the days o! early man. Hundreds of years agr Intiians used them for (heir camping grounds, as relics found in them have revealed. Natural Ballronm : Fisher's Cave. In Me-amec Parkis large enough to accommodal- • 4000 persons. In 1BGS, Governoi Fletcher of Missouri held his inaugural ball there, in a ballroom : built for the purpose. (mnisls c;v:y ac.'rss In niilni On down highway CG. and off to Ihe right nbout IWD miles Is th' huge Onciul.tgii Cave, near Leas- burs;. It is three miles long an:l bears traces of occupancy liy Uii' lamcus Iroquois Indians. F.irtlier <lown near Stcclville ir. a cave along Ihe Meiamcc River In wr.ich there Ir, a deep waited spring The waler bolls, up from a basin 15 feet across, creating a small geyser. At Rolla. en highway CO. U. S. highway o:t turns south. oIlerhiT •mother route through the lanj of caves. Twelve miles south of this ,:i!y. in Gourd Cave, arclseologisli: hsve founc! human reinalus of aborigines. The Fishings Fine Farther .loiilh oulside ol Llckine is Monlnuk Pn.rk. in the heart of the cave country and possessing seme of tho h?st trout streams In the country. Alley Springs is nn- clher famous trout fishing spot. ! .11 Caljoul it is possible to tun. : •-•Uii on U. S. highu-ny CO and driv:- • through more cave country into the modern city of Springfiekl i near which is Sequiola Park and' its caves. ' Takiiii; another route southwest j from Rolla the next cave town on I they way to Springfield is al Wayn- esvillc. MiUcf's Cave, scientists believe, was the fortress of an an cient race. About half a mile south i oaves anil pinks in Missouri O/arks-, us map of the city I.s the site of an old In- July .... 11U3 11C-I 11UO I1UO Spots cloied ciulel at 1100. oil' Orleans Cotton 1'isli KaUhcry ll'.-nnetl HpiiiiRs Stale Park, far- ! (her west, is the most popular (Is!:in;: resort in tho O^irki. Tho spriiiR (lows 55.000.000 gallons or cold wal'jr dally, ami the state has fl hau-herv from which hundreds ol uinusniuls of trout have beru NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 13, IUP> —Cotlon closed steady. Open High Low Close oei icaa iow ions losa Dec iio-t 1109 110:1 Jan 1114 1115 1112 Mar ira 1133 1127 May .... 1HS 1149 IIHi July 1104 1105 1103 S|»ts closed steady a"d uni-hnng- ed at 10C3. Chani-eiy Court. (jhlcXasawba DIs- (rlcl, MLulSKlppI County, Aikansas. Wild Oli, r, Plalntilt v No. '180-1 Roxie (;!< el-, Defendant. The dr ndaul, Itoxle Cllovcr. Is warned i ap|>ear witliin thlity lays In (he conn named" In the caption hi-ri'if and answer tlw roinplalnl of (he plalullir, Wild Clover. Dalccl AHC. 'a, 1930. W. W. HOI,I,ll'iri'f:il. Clerk, llw lliiiv.jy Morris. I). C. Sam MiiiKUt. Ally ad I.tlcm. Ann. H3-30, Sept. 0-13. , Chancery Court, Chlckasav/ba I).lv-.. 1 trlct, Mississippi County, •'..,-,', I Arkansab. - > iCirace U. James, Pbintlir ' ... | vs. No. 4805 ...-.;• I Janie.s R. Jnm.?s. Dofcnilonl. • i The defendant, James II. James,I Is wnined to appear wltliln thirty 1 days In the court named, in th6 capticn hereof and answer His • comiilalnt of the plalntilti Grace II' James. • •• fluted Aug. 211, 1030. W. W. HOLL1PETEU, Clerk. 1 '" llw Harvey Morris, IX C. Sam Manatl, Ally ad Lltem. -..--.. Aug. 23-30, Sept. (i-13.' 1103 1112 1127 1110 lie;] Cotton Scad Market MEMPHIS, Sept. 13. (UP)-Col- lou seed closed steady. .Ian. 30b- ! Sept. aa.VBb: Oct. W.'fi; Nov. 20.501) Dec. Mb; 'Jan. Mb; I-'cb 30.SOu: Mar. 30.15b; April 31b; No hates. --••••-•- Cotton seed meal closed easy fionlh ol Springfield, on U. S. Srpl, 31.50 lo 32.50; Oct. 31 mt- msmvay UD, Is Reeds Sjirinvs. near | Nov. 31 Hut; Dec 31 SO flnf Jan y.-mcli i.s Marvul Cave, the largest i 31.15 flat; Fen 33 tint; Mar.'32.» M the Oarks. In It is an aniplr.- flat; April 32.50 lo 33 Sales 1(103 theater large enough to accommo- j ions. CCAL S1PSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co. Office PJione 107 Residence 177 (tee the Capllol Building al Wash-1 Tunnels lead out from "the I Or-art Courier News Wnm Ails At. the Coconut Derby PAT Watch and Jewelry Repairing (All Work Guaranteed) Aldridrje Jewelry Co. Telephone ,'i7 • Blyllicville, Ark Housed inside n hermetically-scaled gondola of a ball:on, as pictured I !:ere. Professor Angnste Piccard, physicist of Briisselh University, is 10 ullcmpt to to a height- of 52,500 iKl ubjv.^ Augsburg, Germany, as soon as weather conditions permit. At this altitude, two miles greater than any ever readied by man, !ie and an assistant hope to cb:ain measurements of radio activity and til? lonization of the air. A supply of oxygen will allow the scientists to bre.ithe when their craft enters the rarified air. How Gandhi's Men Dare Death The Exquisite Frederic Vilalonie Permanent Means Months of Hnir Beauty. Only S10. Gail 92 for nppninttucnt Mac-Nell Beauty Shoppe Wafion Covers FIril Covers Heavy WeiRhl Ourk Seat Covers Col Ion Sacks, Specially ririccd in do/.en lol.s. Top aiitl side curtains for Fords and Chcvrolefs CARNEY AWNING COMPANY 113-115 S. First 'hone G-13 D. CANALE & CO. Wliolcnulc Produce - - Groceries - Fruils Oldest nml Inr^cat fruit ami produce house in tiic Soi'.tl' BLYTllEVILLE Memphis Helena Cluiksdnlc DRINK--- •uuini lun'-'mi r«m w« .- A FLAVOR 'YOU 'CAN! 'FORGE? NnGrape Bottling Co. rhonc 910 311-313 E. Main WE DKY CLEAN OK DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 Kectl and C«:il Hey Mister I can save you <|>L per ton if you'll buy your eoal now" Don't Wait 'Till Winter C.L Bennett & Co. Phone C1 Margaret Merritt Teacher of Piano Beginners and Advanced Pupils STUDIO 703 Chickasawba If (he cxcn move ahead with their cartload of British-made goods, Ihcrc will be just me more martyr to Mahatma Gandhi's program of pa=Mve resistance to English rule. For the man shown prone upon the street in this unusual picture is one of the vohmtrors in Bombay, There wa$ a great deal of monkey business in the air when the Inter- India, who have pledged themselves cither to halt the transporlalion national Coconut Bnlloon Derby got under Venice, Calif., the of boycotted foreign merchandise or to die without resis:ance. Partly other day—for the balloonists were alt mbnkeys. Above Is Joe Doakcs. ss a result, foreign trade in Hcmbay declined SS.OOO.OOT It) o single who represented Ihe United Stntes and won the race; below Is a view nirn\h ns compared with Ihe same period last year. i showing the lineup ready for the start. A.S. Barboro&Co.,Inc. Blytheville, Ark. . Wholesale FRUITS — NUTS — VEGETABLES RKANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty years. Phone 920. Second nnd Roae. A New Kind of Service Little thing* count. We try to maintain a special attention to such details as not .spilling oil on fenders or giving youi- car a gasoline "bath." In other words, we're not careless. Tom W. Jackson Ash at Second St. I'lionc 8 Chicago Mill A^ Lumber Corporation

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