The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1946
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY. MAY 3. 1946 Corn Project 30 4-H Club Members To Study Hybrid and Pollinated Yields. FARM PACE LEAD- BOYS LAUNCH— 34 .. Thirty 4-H. boys in North Mississippi County have corn demonstra- tlons' to. show the difference between hybrid 'Jand open pollinated varieties. Thest, demonstrations will demonstrate thip.eomparaUve-yleldi of 'hybrid corn"and open pollinated varieties, ^^~ Each boy; has at -least one variety of hybrid tejm recommended by tlie Univcrsit3'"" 'of" 'Arkansas and one. open pollinated variety ijormally grown In his community. A number of the boys have more than ono variety and at least two boys have demonstrations which include seven varieties ,'pt t hjfcirtd ; ' ' The b»p* plan to i. exhibit. samples of their -erinr. at .the County ami District FairOhi^.Fall. Plans are also 'being made to'have some tours for 4-H Club members to the best demonstration duiiiiE the season. Some of the members who have already started the tlemonstralioi include: Gerald- Cassidy, Perry Leo Adkissou. Kenneth' Merritt, and Ar Annual Battle With Moths Starts Anew Warm spring days bring out that saboteur, the clothes moth, bent on playing havoc with all kinds of woolen or fur clothing. Miss Cora Lee Coleinnn, North Mississippi County Home Demonstration Agent, has described some preventive measures to protect garments, One of (he first steps Is cleaning garments by washing or dry cleaning, which will destroy eggs or worms. The garments should ;hen be slorcci at once before fresh eggs can 1* de|x>sitcd on them. Garments or bedding not soiled should be sunned and brushed thoroughly to remove any eggs or worms. Pressing under a damp clolh will also kill any Insects in the garment. "If a trunk or chest 1ms had moths in it, (umlenlc it lor :I6 hours With carbon disulflrtc, commonly called high life," (he agent said. "Be sure to keep it iiwny from fire. Three tablespoons of carton cllsul- fltie Is enough to fumigate an average trunk." ^ Garments can safely bo stored in paper tags, If every hole is completely sealed. Garments wrinkle less wlien left hanging. If garments arc stored hi tight trunks with nariuUclilorobi'iiKonc. North Mississippi County Rural Club Women Elect Election of officers in Norlh Mls-iretary; Mrs. Albert Milllgan, trras- slsstppi County Home Dcmonstrn-[urcr and reporter. tlon Clubs have been completed with much interest shown in the new year's activities. Club officers not previously announced are: Armorel—Mrs. W. O. Anderson, president; Mrs. T. R. Wnlson, vice president; Mrs. Robert Hodge, secretary; Mrs. W. L. Smith, reporter. BJsckwatcr — Mrs. A. R. Scott, president; Mrs. 'Norris Parks, vicj prcsMcnl; Mrs. W. C. .Whitney, secretary; Mrs. W. T. Shockley, re- jxn-lcr. Box Elder—Mrs. T. A. Necl, president; Mrs. Walter Miller, vice president; Mrs. Dennis lloby, sccre- tnry; Mrs. Homer Hicks, reporter. Boynton—Mrs. B. N. Eubanks, president; Mrs. Clyde Hawkins, vice president; Mrs. Floyd Korsylhe. secretary; Mrs. Howard Brooks, reporter. Brown—Mrs. Grovei Love, presi- Flat Lake—Mrs. C. M. AbboU. iresltleiit; Mrs. Onrrett Abbott, vice president; Mrs. c. F. Brown, eecrelnry; Mrs. John Buchumui, reporter. Forty and Eight—Mrs. Jack Al- iuj), [iresldent; Mrs. Ernest Morris, vice president; Mrs. O. W. Beard, secreliiry; Mrs. Robert Hucy, reporter. Oosnell—Mrs. Charles Hyde, president; Mrs. J. C. Eubanks, vice president; Mrs. A. C. Mood, tecre- lary; Mrs. E. S. Crawford, reporter. Hulf Moon—Mrs. J. W. Portlock, president; Mrs. J. B. Karnes, vice president; Mrs. Tom Alexander, secretary; Mrs. Jack Buck, reporter. Lenchvllle—Mrs. James Lncey president; Mrs. Tom Kennett, vice president; Mrs. W. U Bryant, sec retnry; Mrs. Enrl Hubbard, reporter. Lone Otik—Mrs. Tom Brittaln, president; Mrs. J. W. Fields, vice dent; Mrs. Maude Thrclkeld, vice I president; Mrs. J. O. Huey, sccre- anrt Quincy Hodge of Ihe I/me Oak ------ , nold Steward of tlie Aj-morel Club; Club; Billy Strgnll and Slnmlfimi Ljoyd Goodlow and Piberman Man- | Walker of tlie Oosnell Club; Junior grum of tlie Huffman Club; Zachary Duclos anri Jack Plunkett of the Promised >"Land Club; Ellis Ray Swalnt k Monroe Holland. Virgil Garner and Wnyne Blake of the Blackwnter Club. Bilty Lewis rmd Murhl Gobrtman of the Ixjst Cane president; Mrs, Collln Fleeman, secretary and reporter. Dryant—Mrs. Edward rioren. vice president; Mrs. W. T. Hamsey, secretary and reporter. Calumet—Mrs. M. H. Jarrctl, president; Mrs. W. O. Handlcy. vice president; Mrs, Rlchnrd Rici 1 , secretary; Mrs. Elmer Rice, reixjrl- cr. Clear Lake—Mrs. R. L. Ashby, president; Mrs. K. A. Rogers, secretary; Mrs. Albert Burks, reporter. Cole Ridge—Mrs. Frank Rutlcdgc. Handlcy. Joe Bynmn, and J. W. j Gene Flccman of the Shady Grove Baker of the Yarbro Club; Benny Club; Larry Ca.ssidy of the Forty Methcny Kiid Allen Hoskins of the and Eight Club, and Fred Abbott PSwheen -Club; Billy Joe Walters of the Flat Lake Club. ... ^resident; Mrs. Otto Miller, vice Club; Billy Joe Bollinyer and Bobby j president; Mrs. Travis Davis, scc- '•clary;' Mrs. Elmer Dawson, re- 'pn'tcr. P. S. Parker, tary; Mrs. Erby Hodsjc, reporter. Lost Cane—Mrs. Raydo Veach., presUIcnt; Mrs. W. C. Powers, vlco | president; Mrs. John B. Ferguson, secretary; Mrs. Zolan Stutts, reporter. Manila Crescent—Mrs. Clevc Hut- Ion, president; Mrs. C. L. Hughes, vlc e president; Mrs. Arnold Hut- Ion, secretary; Mrs. U. S. Griffith, reporter. New Hope—Mis. Earl Nimmo. president; Mrs. Guy Daniel, vice president; Mrs. R. B. Gates, secretary; Mrs. Charles Ncwcomb, reporter. Pawhcen—Mrs. Bruce Byrd, president; Mrs. Robert childress, vice president; Mrs. Wess Carnal!, sec- 47 4-H Club Members Attend Monthly Meeting i A meeting of the Promised Land 4-H Club was held Wcdnesilay with Nellie Don Ashby presiding.. Thirty nine club members and two leaders were present. Annie Ruth Allrcd led the group In siunini;. , Reports were given by the following (;ioup captains: Herbert Nave, colto:i captain, reported three; Fay Johnson, ptR captain, nine; J/ick PlunrcU. corn captain, one; Shirley Mullen, Hardening and canning captain, six; Kitty Bell Plunkett, cloth- Ing captain, one; Edward Beasley, poultry captain, six; Ann Needham, room improvement captain, 11. 'Die program began by Charlcne Cameron giving the devotional. A trio of Annie Allrcd, June Little, and Nellie Don Ashby entertained the gron|> with singing, Paula Jean Asliby gave a poem, and Martha Loc Tart told u story. Miss Cora Lee Coleinnn, county home demonstration "Bent, judged the pot lifters the girls brought to the meeting. Kitty Bell Plunkett won first place, and Shirley Mullen, second. She also judged the bls- Inductions Lag During April at Fort Smith Center FOHT SMITH. Ark., May 3. (UP) —The Camp Chaffee separation center exceeded the reception <ien- ter by 2.000 In the total number of men processed in April, according day to a report release here to- by the public relations office. The reception center inducted 7,OU men during tlie month, and the separation center discharged 9,132 from service. The report also showed that the separation center discharged more than 11,000 men last month, and during peak operations, it discharged as many as 30,000 in a single month. Out of 881 officers separated, 02 per cent of them enrolled in the reserve officers corps. Enlisted r«- serves held a 53 per cent among enlisted men. cults brought by the group. Annie Ruth AHred won first place. Char- letie Cameron, second, and Ann McDermott, third. W. G. Hazclbaker .assistant county agent, discussed 4-H Club demonstration requirements and awards. AFTER YOUR 40th BIRTHDAY .. . Lite is often one aclie after another. Drink Mountain Valley Water as a natural aid In the treatment of ARTHRITIS and NEURITIS. Don't neglect recurring pains. Ask your Doctor about Mountain Valley Water, and how it helps to eliminate pnln-causlng toxins. Order a case today. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blythevilk, Ark. GetltAt... « YOU CALL US FOR SERVICE, Dogwood—Mrs. president- Mrs. Clarence Davis, retnry; Mrs. II. L. Ray, reporter, vice president; Mrs. G. F. Scrsipc. Popular Corner—Mrs. E. R. Lloyd, .secretary Mrs. R. E. Stringer, re-1 president; Mrs. Lyinnn Wilson, porter. vicc president; Mrs. Andrew Howe, Ekron—Mrs. Clnude Duncan, pros- secretary; Mrs. John Wilkcrson, re- idcnt; Mrs. O. R. Red ford, vice'porter, president; Mrs. Paul Trammell, secretary; Mrs. Will Payne, reporter. Fair view—Mrs. Norman Bailey, president; Mrs. J. D. Hodges, vicc , president; Mrs. Fred McClain, sec- Progressive—Mrs. C. R. Layne, president; Mrs. Albert White, vice president; Mrs. R. T. White, sccrc- ry; Mrs. J. W. Worlham, report UT us POWER"YOUR FARM WITH \ TEXACO PRODUCTS-BACKED WJTH THE '• Kl N D OF1SERVICE THAT SATISFIES ! R. M. LOGAN, Distributor fSoitort Belt Tracks and Elm U'; ; V BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. commonly called PDB, one pound to each trunk will be sufficient for a killing dose. The flukes should be placed on lop of the garments. Miss Colcmnn explained, as the fumes arc heavier than air. Scnrlty of clothing makes care more Important, the agent declared. Ont-of-season rayon garments should be cleaned and then stored in a box or trunk. FARM LOANS / Long T«na J Vmlx AppnUal / Prompt Swioa RAY WORTHINGTON Serving This S«tlon for « Yemti 115 So. 3rd, Fljthevilk, Ark. Promised Laud—Mrs. Odise Jar- >tt. president; Mrs. E. L. Davis. ice president; Mrs. W. P. Pitz- erald. secretary; Mrs. Louise lltcliell. reporter. Heccc—Mrs H. D. Jackson, pros- lent; Mrs. Velmcr Wilson, vice resident; Mrs. L. C. Dorris, sec- ctnry; Mrs. J. P. Nichols, reporter. Rocky—Mrs. A. W. Hurst, eiit; Mrs. drover Davis, vice pres- ilent; Mrs. Prank I. Noe. secretary; Irs. Liln Croom, reporter. Shady Grove—Mrs. 1C. S. Loveless, resident; Mrs. Nolan Hollinger, •ice president; Mrs. Clyde Good- ion, secretary; Mrs. James Davis, reporter. Shady Lane—Mrs. T. T. Campbell, president; Mrs. Murray McHaffey, vice president; Mrs. Tres- on Goff. secretary; Mrs. J. T. Hipp, reporter. Skldway—Mrs. Allen Holt, pres^ ident; Mrs. Dcwey nice, vice president; Mrs. Ned Rice, secretary. Mrs. Parker Osborne, rcporler. Tomato—Mrs. E. T. Myrick, president; Mrs. J. T. Carson, vice president; Mrs. E. A. Rcbstock, secretary; Mrs. Andy Harahmnu, reporter. Yarbro—Mrs. D. B. Abbott, president; Mrs. Elza Wheeler, vice president; Mrs. Cornelius Schcrci secretary; Mrs. W. A. Holllngsworth reporter; Mrs. Paul Abbott, treasurer. An English soldier could be liiinr; ed, as late ns 1812, for bcggiiK without the permission of his su perior. Tune in Prudential Program Sundiy at 1 p.m. over WREC .. let us pot back the TRACTOR TIRE recaps Thousands of farmers have found that the self-cleaning O-P-E-N C-E-N-T-E-R tread gives more PULL . . .' bites deep ior more traction. Does more work quicker wilh less fuel! Try them. You'll ' see the dil- ?- 35 faience. Let Us Fill Your Tractor Tires With .Goodyear 'Solution 100' Save Yourself Time, Trouble, Money -"-• Come in— or telephone Ior a date to have yc,ur • tires Inflated and weighted with Goodyear Solution 100. We will arrange a time when it will -j -- be -convenient for you. No need to take the ', "• !'„ tll 3 cs off y^ tractor or implement. For the answer \c any tire problem— sec us We are "Farm Tire Service Headquarters " ami - can help you make your tires last longer Tires smooth but still good? 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