The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLITHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSl'Al'KK Of NOUTHEA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI mm EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO- 2'I8 niytheville Courier, Hlvlhevllle Herald. ftyiuevlllo Dally Ne'vs. Mississippi Valley t.'nitn r.LYTHKVII.LK, ARKANSAS, SA'I'UllDAY. JANUARY a, 19:11 SINGLti COPIES.FIVE CENTS'^ arts Three Glimpses Of llie Famous Hero Of Manic ?lan Stops En Route ati Bermuda Islands and Azores; Weather Good. UOETH BSACII AIRPORT, L. I., j Jan. 3. (UP>—Mrs. Beryl Hart and ! Captain William S. MacLaren. left l'?re today in a Bellauca seaplane; .jn a live-stop ni3lit for P.irii. ; .' The first goal of the flyers was j Bermiid:. bam? 700 miles to th? i fouth'.vcst. From there they plan- : ncd to hoi) lo the Azores. : The purpose 01 the [lijht. they slid, was to teiiDnstrate tlie feis- ibliity cf round trip air trav.spir- i taticn Ixui'.-een America and Europe ' over the southern rouf. Dr. James , H. Kimbiill. meteorologist of t!i: BOVcniiRenl weather ijiircav. Ira'?, forecasted favorable weather Is: : the first part of the flight. nrilish Girl Reaches Berlin BERLIN. JAN. 3 (UP) — MISS Amy Johnson. Eritisl: flyer enronte (6 China, arrived today at Temple- hcf f>.lrdro:r.r She landed from Cologne at 5:3r> p. M.. long over-j due. Van Buren County Bank i Reopens for Business; !—TT ! CLINTON, ARK., Jan. 3 (UP)--' The Van Buren County bank here resumed business tcday after suspending for five days for readjustment of its affairs. The bank ..had deposits of 5157,090. WASHINGTON, ARK., Jan. 3j (UP)—The Washington. State bank! at V/ashingtor. closed its doors to-: day under the five day suspension; prevision of the state banking law. • The Institution was capitalized at i S25.0CO and had deposits of $46,•137. v^N$L«s • fy^-jr/tfj; . ^'^_ ^ -^ J%L22&^ ..> iM^ A war-lime photo showing Marshal Joffre kissing a poilu whom he had jusl decorated for gallantry in aclion. i PIPE LI League Will Call World Arm^Meet • GENEVA. Jan. 3. tUl')— The • League of Nations council will convene a world disarttiunu'iil canfC'r- 1'iicc at Geneva Mnix-h 1, 1931. well lufoLiiietl rjuarters IUTC umU'rMood n I r> 11 i UCath LomCS 10 Hero Oi Memphis Company Has Pkn to Serve Blythevillc and Northeast Arkansas. A definite I ndication nut the Judge Harrison to Lay Plan For Comity Farm Before Body Wednesday. Mnnphls Natural Gas company and the Arkansas rower nnd Light company will conic before the January meeting of Ihc Blythevillc. city council. Janumy 13. with an: The Mississippi county quorum application tor a natural yas 'nn- „. -- , ,- , |on ri ! Lsc for ! 1 ^j!. l . y 'J, s .^! U ". l "l,!"tnt the Osceoln cmirlhomc Wctlncs- ir.onilng at 10 o'clock to con- of Xnl lo liar' an announcement of the Memphis i | company's development plans '°''j s i ( |,, 1931. reported in a United Press. ' r| ^ | dispatch this afternoon. i Will Cross Klvcr ! According to the announcement A by D. a. ahaPer, gcni'rnt miinascr . of the Memphis concern, the com-i'!">'» I" lnvfsll«aling a number of has determined upon a na-1 uTcre. will act with him Wed pis line ucroM the Missis-! ncsdny In placing a. number of rc- rlver lo serve northeast Ar-! comnicndallonr, before the spccln a county farm. coinumu.'!! ol jusiicos, has b«nl working with Judge liar- whlcl I pany tural slppl kansas towns, Including Ulytlie- vllli. Action on various applications for franchise. 1 ! here has been session of the court. Mr. Harrison statetl that will the commlllei', he will ask for nu thority'lo purchase n comity farm Tho new county Judge will be postponed several times by the city council to. permit the natural Has! cnrrylni; out the promise made tlur- pcoplc to perfect (heir plans. To-1 Ing Ills successful campaign las', dav.'s-announcement al.Memphis Ujsummer. In the establishment of taken to Indicate/that they will j the county owncil and operated be ready'witli u'definite proposal farm. The new county Judge dc- lous Struggle For Life. PARIS. Jan. 3 (UP)—Marshal Joseph .Jotfre. a (-real soldier \vho had never lost a batlle during ', t) years of his life, surrendered : o death todny after a fight which' ' ils doctors siittl would y.u down in 1 ': nrdlcal history as miraculous, • i Th.- end came at S-.23 A. M.,' 1 . list us the fading twinkle of tho I- chupcl bell at [he hospital of.j 3t. .Van 'de Dlcn illcd out. '.-.i The bell hud summoned the ,\ monks of tlie hospital to muss and ': in somber blacl; smocks with their'-., hoods tin ncd. down around their •"•. necks they gathered lo pmy for the soul of tlie hsro of the Marnc.' Candle light fell on the.'narrow 'iiuluws of the chap?l mingling '• with the sun's rays 'Ihat filtered, through i'ic. stained glass to give '" n mystical, mediaeval selling to the scene. In the marshal's simply furnished room Mil/lain? Joffre, 111? • daughter, Madame Lniralllc. l|ls slaif olTicers, and doctors- and a : few monks were Rathercd at tlie bodstdc. as death cnme, Heath Cumcis ImiiiTccplllily Heart exhaustion which followed : severe attack of nrtcrlosclerosis • ind gangrene was announced by ' Jolfre's physicians as the cause of ; . Icatli. For eight days the illus-' j .rloiis soldier had remained alive, j 'at the next meeting. j to announce the sites uiit!er The mn\l rtccnt photograph of Maislul Jeffrey showing him as lie looked in the final year of his llle. The United Press dispatch telling jeoiMldcrntlon by the court, and of Ihc company's program fol- Justice committee, lows: However U is reported by a member of the coinmllUo that a i Henry Elmore Gets Four Year Sentence; Chis-| Holm Case On. PONTOTOC, MISS.. Jan. 3 (UP) i — This city was left without, a I bank today following the closing: of the First National bnnk ycstcr- j . _ day after a heavy run. Previously j Henry Elmore, ex-convict, will re- the Bank of Pontotcc v.-as closed. ! turn to the state prison for a| - i Jour year trr:n following the ver- : ' rtict of a jl "'>' in " iminal cour( ' i lpro yesterday finding him guilty: y- and recommend- 1 Dpnncitnrc Depositors Ol American Exchange! 0 ' &rand larceny- 0 ! ing the sentence. Elmore and Forrest Cliisholm I convicted of the Aldridge I LITTLE HOCK, Jan. 3. (UP)— Charles T. Coleman. Little Reck: Jtwrlry store rcbhcr y ncrc attorney actively engaged in ofToru ycnrs n! , o to reorganize the closed American;- rjhisholm faced trial on a charge; Exchange Irusl company here, ha? , of gr - m , | ar( . my t |, is afternoon issued an appeal to all depositors; •„ a companion case lo the Elof the institution to register wit 1 ; ,,. l01 . c casr Ttle tm) mrr , am]sc; i the depositors protective associa-, O f btiri;l?.ry of McFall's grocery ||. tion immediately. I store. ' Such registration indicates ap- Th? Chi'hoim case will orobablv proval of the committee's plan o go to the jury about 3 o'clock and! reorpanize the bank by establish will be the last case tried at the ment of a new institution to Ink-. over the assets and liabilities of th: American Exchange company ann guarantees depositors at lea?; fif;>' per cent of their funds. Nearly 3,000 depositors already have registered. Faulty Mail Delivery Embarrassing to Santa THONtASVILLE, Ga. (UP) — Probably back al his North Pole home noiv, Santa Glaus is taking a post-Christmas rest and wondering how to make his mail deliveries a bit more airtight. Delay in his mail service caused him some embarrassment while lie was in Thcmasville. Santa was walking the a'.slc-s of a local department store, where he had been paid to advertise the place. A six-year- o!d urchin strolled up. "An:l what do you want for Christmas, little man?" Santa asksc paternally ES he placed a hand on the boy's shouldev. The smaH lad looked up into the whiskered face. A look of surprise spread over iiis own tiny countenance. "Hell." he amwored anuzedly, "didn't you gel m; letter?" adjourned term of court which enrls ' ' loday. , : Uespitr the usual delays attend- j 1 nnt, i:pcn £'.ljo!:ri;ed term of court n.ore prisoners will be carried to Ittie state prison at Little Rock to- I morrow thon at the end of the two ! weeks October term of criminal court. More cases were disposed Mayor of PaTiS, Tenn,- iof at tho adjourned term than, f 11 nrr n u r - Li < within the entire period of the j tails Us! Bull I'lght :irGl n 3r C oart last. fall. i Virgil Greene, local altorney, has. Paris. Tenn., Jan. 3. (UP)—Bull' served as acting Judge throughout REBELS COBTROL Mrs. Margaret Eclringtorrj Lovewell Game to Mississippi County As Child. OSCEOLA. Jan. 3— Funeral snr- vces were to be .held here this afternoon for Airs. Margaret Edrhrj- Lovewell, 84, Qsceali's oldest resident, who died at the family home last night, following a 10:13 illness. Interment was to be niads i r. Violet cemetery after the fnnc: il. services at 2:30 p. in., which v,-.?r-> to bj conducted by the Rev. Eli Myers, pastor of the Methodist cluircM here. L :'.e deceased was born in ?,1 ir- ray. Ky.. in 1816, and came to Os- ccoia as an infant with her fetter, William B. Edringlon, who bought th-? land on- which Osncola m« sUnds from the Indians, airl win had a prominent part in the founding of the tovoi. Mrs. Lovewell was mirriad twice. her first husband being a Mr. ray. In 1805 she married the :?.'.John A. Lovewell, who for many years was prominent in Missisir.- pi county politics, serving several | terms as sheriff and as county : assessor. Finds Missing Boy k Awaiting Gallows y CHICAGO. Jan. 3. (UP)—A letter from Mice Chief C. U Lunney of Sultern, N. Y., asked assistance in Hndiiig the runnivay son of a Mr. Ho:co, w«as received by the missing persons bureau. . A picture of the'boy was enclosed. A short while later a message was prepared for Chief Lunney. 1C read; "This Is to liv •crai ycu Hi; young man you seek. Charles Rocco. is to be electrocuted next inanth with John i'opescue for ths murder nf Courtney Merrill, a banker, during a robbery." 'Will S[icml 34,000,000 .MEMPHIS, Jan. 3 ,(UP>—Proposed construction of natural gas lines- and facilities from Memphis inlo West'Tennessee, northeast Arkansas ami Mississippi In 1031 wfll rcsull In expenditures totaling upward of S-t.onO.OOO, D. C. Shaffer, tract near Luxora and another west of Osccola have received favorable comivcml within tlK committee A faim or about 300 qr.,«0 jicrcs purl jirobably toe In cultiviitlon mid n considerable section of tho land In cut- over land and timber land, it, is stated. Reductions of expenses In county', offices in keeping with the an- -inoii'nccd policy of economy by Judge general suirerlntendont of the Memphis Natural Gas company, and W. D. Kyser, attorney, announced here today. J , , , , • I* ^-'IIUUIKtu IIUIJ4.J Ul twunumj «J w..-.j- While officials would not, release, .,..„„ , vcre generally nnder- deflnile ngures it was estimated t'V , n ortlcr w , lh tllc nm that upward of S2.CM.UOO would I* ndm!nl5trQ t lori . Judge Harrlsnn did spent here, with $000,000 , going | no[ rofcr , 0 ,, ls p , an of ^mmti for labor costs. A total of npproxl- j C0rller3 nnanclally as "reductions' matcly $1,000.000 will be spent for ] g an|(| thnl ( lic woult , kc;c , construction, the remainder for ma- nply salaries within the statutory limits In the offices imazlng hU coimtrymen and physicians alike through the remark- : able slrcnglh of his heart.' His i body was sreatly cmaglatud. To,, J ward Iho last hB wns hardly rcc-'.'- s ognlnable and hlo loose-frame con- V trailed strcngely with the bulky ngure that turned the German V armies bach when .Paris was^ threatened.'-. .-.'••• ••.-.''' ('•' of the . . . , Jorffe slbocl -at : ltie-heua-.-.>: marshal's bed but sh5 r . | tion and reduction^ In the salary ' kansas. Including Blylhcville. The MiEsissippi extension will go of the county auditor and county engineer arc in order, making u to^o^h^^ur^ing a tot .reduction ---in the 1 connection ' Greenwood. from Greenville to | two offices of approximately ] ix:r moiilh at least. could Jiot tell whether ho was dead .' or olive. Tor l slx hours his doe- \ •' tors could delect life only through " the use of a stethoscope. Tho ; hero of the Mnrne and the savior. ' of Paris appeared to be dead long • before life actually passed from his' . body. ; Brother Ferdinand, a monk, who : nursed Joffre, said: . ! "Death came liko the sand ia an liotir glass. None caw the actual passing of life." The Marshal rec:lvrd absolution : from Monsicnor Bellcsoucr a few minutes before he died. The marshal's last words, so far as could be ascertained, wrrc "I am going. This fight Is all lost." He knew ; Bury Henderson Boy At Herple, Ark., Today! Funeral services will be he!d at! „ • Herple, Ark., loday lor Hrrmnnl henalOl" Henderson, 15 year old son of Mr.. M and Mrs. Earl Henderson, who sue- I ''"- climbed al the family home in the; • Lone Oak community farSy yes- J tcrday. Death followed a two | i day's Illness. I LITTLE ROCK. Jon, 3. (UP)—I The H.eceased is survUed by his An effort to curb hasty marriages'parents, four brothers nnd one sl.s^ [through legislation will be made by | tor. Pulaski Conn Has Bill for "5-Day tice of Marriages. j ^j- fighting will not become the chief drawing card for this li'.t'.e was the adjourned term and his prom-y- tncss In handling the business of . • Tennessee town, at least for I h e the court has been highly compli- present. .mented by court attaches. A • 1 A •.• VflilCK Action This was discovered today when : Mayor Frank B. McXelll. ite man j D who asplr«ci to bring Sidney Frank- ! » TOniiS lin. Brooklyn. N. y.. toreador, her:' for a series of exhibition tights, sairl he had written the American bar ' T flzhter at Mexico Citv telling him I Arsurance that prcr^t action ^'unips ™ "*-'*- ^^ n «^r*s.r^ Joncd "'"l^" 1 *- . 11:t a p 3ro priatio:i. already author••Legal h.nlrar.ces and protest-; | zert . ib - contained in a tclcsram to from all over Vr.e world prompted : George \V. Barham from Senator the act-on." the mayor slid. ' Jcc ? Robinson. " : "Appropriation authorizec: for Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Want c0 rt nup ^,/ a ™CT,y^aftV 0 coii g "L^ PhoHS Inquiries Stopped convenes Monday", says the tclc- - gram, sent in response to an in- KNOXVII.L-E. Tenn. l rjP>-:fsi <luil T madc b >' Mr - B arliam a few quite customary now for Mr. anJ : f a f ns °' in llis ca 3 Mlt >- as county Mrs. C. L. Gibson to answer their ,-l u "= c telephone and receive requests for j "a quart," or "a jar" or "a gallr.n.': SNOW FOOi.S CHICKENS In fact, they toid Knoxviile noli:-. < UNION, S. C. (UP)--C -,1,-kens lr. it is setting to be Just n little too;j- ards here aw akcne<l the popnlac; customary. :a t night, Instead of in.the inorn- So the police have tugun to look ing, recently. Ths chickens. thlnV:- for a bootlegger, balieved to llv? Ing it was early day when they saw- on the sime street wllh the Gib- the ground covered wi'.^i s:uw. sons and thts p'.it a stop to all re- '. cackled and crowed at If) p. in., quests for the quarts, jars and gal- Carousing sleepers throughout tho Inns. jcity. Offer Presidency to Richarc!o Alfara, /Minister at Washington. PANAMA CITY. Jan. 3. i !!:-"-• A provisional government controlled Panama today as it awaited th? decision of Dr. Richardo J. Altar;-. Panamanian minister in Washington, who was invited to accept the presidency cf the nation. The supreme court accepted the rington, George Edrington, J.imis ^ ___^ resignation of President Don Flo- R- Young. Ncd Aycrs. C. D. AvErs. • fOf ^ amf .,.,.,, and MJ^;^!-.;,! renclo Harmodlo Atosemcna nr.d R- E. Fletcher. Vance Car'.wnsht, denU md (hc proposcd nct wi] , ,, 0 his cabinet and named Dr. Har- and J. L. Ward, tncdio Arias,-44, attorney unl he was dying but continued the i struggle that, jiad thrilled all Franco end brought him back to ' consciousness aft;r he had been given up for lost. i Ends 15-Day Vigil j Madtime Joffre remained wcep- I Ing In the rocir. where her lius- I band died. Fatigued by a fifteen ! day vigil she was given a soporific later and v ent to sleep. During [the marshal's Illness she was ab-. i«nt from the hospital only on ! two orcaslcns for tv,o or three • ! hours. Occasionally she was seen } • • \V"tl D i passin-r tlirciifc'! th? hospital cor- I'OJCCl Will I l'0-ii-ldois by the thousands of symp.v vide Concrete Road For|^ d ^ 1{ ^ 0lrat fte » clirac " * ho Length of Dunklm Co. I Mmtamc JoHrc Eai'J repeatedly: i "He Is fighting and we must fight Jan. 3.-Pavin:r vith ll! '"'" oia. aim uiree grand-t!au?h!:::s. }„ YhV^oming's'es^ion^rt'he'Be'n- ' WJH, ' ftuonr HraU Mrs. Mi dred Murray Ermen of Cs- wal nsscmbly " rcquirlng nve a ^ s n With UveCr-lJratt ceo a, Mrs. Hugh Hughey af Mer.i- a ^.^ ^ a ftTi , Un ^_ ph:s, and Mrs. Frit on. o. t|ce ^ ., m ond a Uccn , e „ Is5 , |c;! I A warrant has been l-?ued Hcuslon, Texas. i . rjecla' I Tiios;- serving as pall bearers at the funeral this afternoon aie as follows: J. w. Edrington, B. C E-J- by; Oscar Alexan- 9 miles north of here, h.\3 been ; highway dcpartmenl. according icks .said: "Cerlain points In .ea?'ern ^\r- . knnsas have become Gretna Grccni p H. Daniels of Stkeslon. division , engineer. The work will be starts, j „ . , „, .. , within a few diys in order lo fuv- , ICoatts. Manila rr^rchant with M; ' lsh ' Bs mu( , h ,J bsr ns p3 «, tb ^| obtin? he statute aga^inst el m Q( ^ „ , ovm!!m nn , , °' cr : d ' a "..l 15 ^""?'"'.'/^ drouth situation In this section J .ring marrying in haste is toi-•"••'"« <" P-^e. Oscar Alexan- followcd by divorce. Hen-id" Alexander c ; iaririiig W r. ,„..,. ICoatcs. Manila merchant, with vi- ident of the Panama bar r.siocia- < „ . . . , ticn os secretary of the governmrn: HOOVCr AjQC 3 OUlClde and justice in charge of government, Dr. Arias as acting president announced thr formation of a provisional cabinet. away with this Is a sacred be trealed all concerned. NaVV Officer Announces! "More drastic bills than my o:vn * ; have been submitted to me for introduction but insofar as I am con- statute against .ccount. offense cf v.hK-h Mr. Coatcs is ac- . Survcy[ng has alrea:1> . bcgull ,- : the purpose of eliminating t h - cuscd is a misdemeanor. The warrant was l^uert after in this nuisance. Mnrrlare ' fcrm !, ion I,,) hV»n fled hv Neill crooks nnd don s« ous c » rv05 frcl " i institution and MiouW . £7/ 1 '™ e ' c ^ 25 b*t«en the Stoddvl- '• as such in f.lrnea to S^™ 5 ^ " S Srboro and: C.nklin couuly line and KcnnJlt., WASHINGTON. Jan. 3. 'U?- !cernC(i j bBllcve tha flvo dav mii _ anno.i.i t« • (en notic( , wl) , cfrcctuallj , slop (he practice of Impulsive marriages. 1 ' i Re-port Five Entombed by Ohio Mine Blast NEW PHILADELPHIA, O., Jan. j3. "(UP)—Five men were 'report?:! -entombed in mine number 'fc'.ir cf the Midvaic Coal company n?ar : here today when a pcv.vdjr fci'..-- i sicn ripped through the Interior. The navy department today Lt. Brucc-Sct'.Ic, a naial .-.'.: to President- Hoover who was f''i:'.'-' dead In his office at the navy yard i "by ;e to s?i! administration." romplalnt _. ... -. _ the, Arkansas Groc:ry company of The concrete strip !o be c-n- this city. " istructcd will bs cf rcgulatl:nv;Hl v i .Mr. Coates is schedule to appear. and will provide a concrete sir- before Justice Alexander for trh:' face road through the entire ];ngth Monday. '.of Dunklin county from Stodrlir.-l . 'county. Mo., to Mi«ls?ippl county : Arkansas. Submit Rail Proposal to Commerce STUDENT KDITS MAGAZINE BOSTON. (UP)—A 15-year-oli high school sludent. Pan! Rutledge of Brookline, has been selected to edit "Our Hobby." mon'.hly publication of the Children's Museum ol Boston. The mazazln?, one of i , " , , . 'UP'- the first of Us kind "to be publish- if" 1 ™ 1 ' "rvlces arc b-lng hc,d ed in this country, is prepared fcr' th ' s «f'err.cor v fcr Finite JM Lvlle. For Infant Lytle Girl AI.I, IHS BOXES BROKEN" ' WASHINGTON. Jan. 3 LONDON. (UP)-Herb:rt L: .1:'. j The Interstate Commerce commls- „, „. „,„ „,„„..,. „ „,, H n,,,hi.r f Mr ,,,H Mr, Oliver, 23, of Romford. F.r>r:. :> -. sion tcday received from executives distribution bv r.igh schcol pup.l, intant daughter of Mr. a™ Mrs. had nearly every bone In his body of eastern railroads w'.-o Im-c been _ £Cv en editor's and re- : J :,";,._ Lyl!c ' who dlc<1 at 3: -^ tm . . in conference in New York the for- porters'comprising"its'stifl According to reports r;,-!?':!!!^ was revealed at the Inqu'.s;. f;l- mal communlcatlcn con'.aln'.in l 1 " 1 . __ , broken at one time or anotii-r :here, nve miles from the ntin: 1 . c".- lowing his death from a frac'.ur.-'d - details of ihelr plan for consort ' ly five men were trapped but a skull. He wss unable to walk 1:11- tion of roads Into four trunk sys- check was Immediately started to til over ten years of age te? f. t«ms. . determine If additional workers twisted hips. It was stated thai h? [ Tlie commission will expedite i were below the siirlace, was very brittle-boned. consideration of the plan. ' n-.ornlng. Tl-f dccmvd is survived by her SHE NEVER MOVED i parents and one sister. CAMPFIELD. Scotland, (UP) — Interment will bo made at Maple Mrs. Joseph Cameron, 100. died In iGrove cemetery. Funeral plans are '• the litlc collage Iwre lo which she in charge of the Cobb Undertak- 1 came as a bride 79 years ago. | ing company. Cr.ble Ccndctenr^s WASHINGTON. Jan 3 (UP) — Pr:sidcnt Hoover and four other high ofilclnls of the American government cabled condolences to representatives of the French gov- e'liment tcday aft-r t':cy learned BY MINOTT SAUXDERS NEA Serrice Writer PARIS—"Joffrc?—If we had not had lilni in IftH, I do n-t know would hive become of us." These sn >:ords of Marshal Foch. ' sookcn shortly before ho died, to ; Commandant Bugneel, his orderly : : officer at the Invalides. and who ' among oth.'ra .close to tho G?ner- ' , ali^sinio has since hts death been , able to disclose Intimate sidelights ; of the great man's character and ,hi$ private thoughts. 1 Fx-ch's judgment, cf Marshal Jof- fro is accepted as clinching the military reputfttion of the "Savior of '. France" and the "Hero of the Battle of the Marne." For 10 years ; a certain school of historians has been working feverishly to belittle the Marshal. But the huge, genial ! "Papa" Joffre remained serenely ' iContlnurd 0:1 P^ic 3) WEATHER ' ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probiblv : showers In east portion tonight and ! Sunday: -.urmer tonight. • : :

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