The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1934
Page 4
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PAQi FOUR BLYTHEVIhLE, (ARK.)'. COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, Al< THE BLYTHBV1LLE COURIER NEWS ' tOt eOWUtti KfcWS CO., P'JBLtSUttS O. it. lABCOCK, Kltor H. W. KAins, Adrertfcli* Uuu«er ' •*)* lUUoiUI AdVfrtUlni ReprtfcnUtlYes: AikiniU DtUta, Inc., New York, Chicago, Stirvit, Bt. Louli, DtOlat, Kansas City, Memphis. PUMJdwd Every Afternoon Exctpt Sunday. Entered as .second class mailer at the irosl oflicc at B:\tlievlllc, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served oy tile Oniicrt Press RATES Br carrier In the Wiy 01 Hlvtliovlllo, 15c per w<*k or W.M per year In adraiicc. By mall within a radhis o! BO miles. $3.00 l»r yc»r $1 50 lor six months, 85c for three months; bv mati In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, |£.50 p«r year, In sones BCVCII ai»t clglil, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. A Stfious Situation II is doubtful if ninny dti/.uns of Mississippi county, even those in positions of offlcml rcspunsiljilily, have ft full realization of the extent of the problem which this county and the communities- within it must face us a result of curtailment of the federal relief program. The federal relief administration IUI3 decided that henceforth the iiKi'd, the crippled, the sick, .widows, and all those who would be unable lo work even if cmiJpymejil were available are to bn considered a local re.-ponsi- hility, not eligible to parlidpute in federal relief. There are in the neighborhood of 700 Htich families in Mississippi county. There are no local funds with which to provide for them. Probably this list of 700 can be reduced, but even if it proves |iussible to cut it in half the problem remains a large one. To provide even the barest necessities of life for ;i&0 families would require several thousand dollars .a month. The eounly does not have the money. The viirious cities do not have it. To raise enough for one month by public subscription niiijht conceivably be possible. To do it mouth after month is impossible. But the problem won't solve itself. We are not yoing lo let 350 families starve, or drive them from door to door as common beggars. It has been suggested -that n relatively painless way of obtaining the necessary funds might be through tin; issuance ol" scrip, to be retired through the sale of stamps required to validate each transaction in which Ihe scrip changed hands. Such a plan amounts lo nothing more or less than a sales tax, though a limited and voluntary one. It may be the only way of niccling ;\ situation that constitutes a ueiminc emergency. ^ plans niHih,'' bill now it may have I" abandon them ullo^ether, liecausu Uie owners of the land involved are holding oul for hiBh prices. "Owners have lei this properly ik 1 - teriorale for years," says one nuvcrn- menl olfirial, "and in many instances have neither received any innimi: fruin it nur kept up (axes. "The fact that owners have done iiolhiiiK would make it appear tlnil they considered Ihe laud i-.xaclly iHjIliiiiK. but now so many of them waul S]H.Tiii:ilivc prices Mini Ike city will IOM[he expenditure of S!),()III).I|!IO unless right prices are found in olhcr plac< s." It would be hard lo find a clearer instance of the ruinous price iminily can he forced lo pay dividual selfishness. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Private Armies in U. S. Kiiymoiu! .Molcy's inii^ixinc, "Today," iWfjils in lliu I'tiiTi'iil i.ssiiL' Ilial Ilillor- isiu liiis iiivnil(!il Hie 1 United SlitU's on a systematic anil naUnii-wulc sriili 1 . AcconliiiK to this maKii/iiu-, Nir/.i oIV- sliduls havi.' IJCUM ••.-•laldislinl in I'.) AiiKTiriin uilk-s, rci-mils arc IHMIIK swoi'ii in at the ratu of -11)11 a \vtrl; in Now York City iilont 1 , and iiuit'uniinl "Kliinu troopers" ;iro condiictini; regular drills in nearly a store of placo.s. It i.s only fliis last [mint Uial suonis (.'spi'ciiilly dishirbiiiK. 'I'nis i.s a I'ITI: country, and it' a man wishes to lifetime ;v Na/.i, liiat suri'ly is his right— precisely as it is his riglil lo lit 1 a ('oni- iiiiiiiist, a DemoiTat, or a Single '1'axcr. Hul It i:; luml to\see why there is any plaee in the United Stales for Ihese private arniius on the Kuropean model. Overseas, lliost 1 or);:inix.atio]i.s invariably lead lo I roil! ik-; on this sidi: of the Alliinlii', we can ^et along without them very nici'lv. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from the fllei it Itu; D»ily fMrier .'liurMlay, April 3, 1021. E. u. lloacrs, fachiK Indictment- n charges ol cmbcz/lemenl of ^I.GM in county funds, was SCIL- onectl to nine years imprisonment n flmiil court toclny on his p\i' The Chamber of Commerce Is n receipt of a telegram from the United SUHe.s Chamber ol (Jom- iitrcc saying lilyllicvillc won Ural iri/.c in Uu? fourth class cities al .lie iiiilion in Ihc lire waste con- tcsi which hns ton on lor u year. R. I 1 '. Kii.shiier. prcsldent-clccl of tlic Dlyllicville Roliiry club, made his inaugural tu '.V.' club today, urging the mcml] to live up to tile Rotary code of ethic;;, living their ideals and -LID'. r.'i'cly i)rcacli;i!B .llicni. Of course, I am .sorry 1 was ilc- fealcd. for I had tried to merit reelection. I hope .in time to convince everything that 1 was indeed worthy of lhc honor t souslil However, I nm nol. worried .nor discouraged, and neither have criticism lor anyone, ft I cnn't lake n beating wilh u smile I am not uurlli the vole I gol. Sincerely. MAX B. REID. THIS CURIOUS WORLD v. COW6IRI LAV THEIR Kc. IN THE N6t'fS OTHER. BISO: BUT SOME YELLOW WARBLE REFUSE TO Sir ON IHE INTRUDE! EGGS/ INSTEAC, THEY BUILD A NEW NEST ON TOP ^NX OF THE OLD, AND / AN01HER.\ OH TOP ) OF THAT, IF J Price of Selfishness The desire lo make a finuncinl killing is one of the most iiiiturul atul undei'otantlable of all human emotions —especially in times like these. Nevertheless, there are cases in which it can -be a disastrous thing. The federal government recently prepared to spend S0,()00,000 on a slum clearance program in a large manufacturing city. It had all its Wine must be billon inttl not swallowed. Von Anierh'iins must Irurn to iippri'ciale the dlEferenre bulwcen tin 1 longiu: und tin 1 palnle. ' - Dr. Ailolpll L<mw, fiiiiiinis Viennese :;'.lri;iim. '• » •> , Km;ll.~li i-'rjiiiunnr Is most .simple. I tmvr SIKIII my Hie in an eilori. to \\A people to l:'J coherent. 1 nm a broilier of Hhakfsiioaic. Moreover, 1 am ^nol interested in punctuation. —Geiliude Stein. * * 9 Tl:i" test of llu: wmhl would ik-rive .sum- bunrdl, iH'rlui.'.s while our two counlvk's de- .slroycd each oilier. ami Aur-Mieu. Ihcir- fovr, should :,ee lo it Hint ihi:; wur lulk v,cts nowhere. —V'on'i;;u Minister Kuki Ilirolu ul Why do iill Uip-i dii[>V Whv dui-Mi'l .somcutro prwhice n lap? — KLni; lieoi^c, irritated b> a Uri[)]]lng iviUcr faucrt. Wu pcoplL-. you and 1, can't ;il:iy. \\V ilon'l know how. SoiUcly jpjoplt. 1 a:e I hi! only uii 1 ,^ Ih tit do. —Miiry I'ickforU. » * * II is ncct'.Viary lo di^tingnl r -.ii b?t'-veen p/r.-ilivo and neyalivc Fc\.'.ci.';:n. I'osHlvc V'a^cisin V.ILOVO how to destroy tlir old atul rebuild tlrj nuv.-. whcrciir, ncjiativc Tascissn knows only how Co destroy. — Tic-inier Mu^olinL written." with you; it's prohably I ho funnicsl slory IP M C-0 V DAN THOMAS - GEORGE SCARBO 65,000 Tourists Travel Six Times Around World LEOPARDS AND MOUNTAIN LIONS HAVE BEEN CROSSED SUCCESSFULLY SNAKES ARE ABLE TO DIGEST/ OF THE ANIMALS THEX SWALLOW. fi isjj «Y Mt* Mav*cc. the, MIAMI, Tin. i.UP)— Tlic temiX) of Florida's winter season :ip- emly has left no time for tliumb-lwlililling. In fact. Uiis year j the placy has Ijeen dicier, if po.s- j sible, th;Ln ever before. Here's how ' —and why! ' More Ihan 65.COO tourists cov-- urud a distance ermivalenl lo more : pa^ci lluin MX times around lhc carlh ! miles. visiLiiij; Uie phu're of iiiU'iest The ilicestivc system of Ihu snake wurks rapidly, and cviieM/art of a sn-:illon p ccl animal t,uon is dissolved, with the oxceplfons of ^ hair. The iwiverfiil juices seem !o have no etrcct NEXT: Can .-in AuUraliaii native run down a kangaroo? iRcrs who traveled The system opcrulcs a $100,000 here this- winter. They imuia'-MMl illecL of Aeroi'iirs between the Mi- Ihis on Ihe private Iransporlation laini-liillmoie Country Club, the iystem oiK'ialcd by Col. Hcniy L. !Uoncy Plaza Cabana Club, and the nolierly's Tloriila Year-Hound I Kty Lurgn Anglris Club 18 hours Clubs from Nov. 1 to Feb. ',». 'lhc 105,514. mcmljcr.s and BiieiU to and hor. L e tracks, nlyli beaches, duwntown shojip ers and elsewhere wilhon ;>fs and I •\ tlicsel li« dog. elnb.sfl IB cen-1 charge .'I idaily on half houriy fchednlc. In •• ; nt-t»fi tiit flolli on tlic tray was rn.n, «,, Wc.l II, llaian.i nl IIMAIJ i,,,J I.O'I 111:. !«„ Iklcv I*:,!,!!),! 1,,-m l,L'i->» iicfii\cil uf ,,,,,,drr lie illil not c.nnmll. I i. in i.or >vii). I:SJI:I,M; i-ii'i J:iirf:li«-r cit rlrh .IMI rllil.n. I r.-i-U l,r li:,x i-\lU-il litnisL-ir Tr, hrr ' Lie ; milk. Then R!IC smiled at Carlito ml llfird the tray cover. "Thank you so much, Carlito," she said. I "I In is a Kood yoiinj; man, i Scuorita. All Havana knows that I be is a good yom II ii fie bi • —I,". I bo Hushed as he saw me] It Then the world rockt He telt her hand on h stealing into liis. HQ. saw* that sho had beer "It's all right," fibe ,\h. how' with a liulo quiver of : iil lie CHURCH EXCUSES Gco. W. 'all Ibe others did almost nothing I had not been in cliaiec very Ions 1 yot OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams ^ _ _ THINK- THINK! IS THERE ANVTHING VOU WAMT IN THE KITCHEM,BEFORE L START TAKIN 1 A BATH? THINK-PILLS- GTAY 1M THE MIDDLE OP THE KITCHEN, DRIVER. . j ',7,0 vou WOM'T A DRINK—COMB - HATS 'L WONT GET OUT OF THAT WASH TUB FOR THE. MAVOR. SO,THINK! I'LL GIVE YOU TWO MINUTES 6ORM TH1RTV YEA-? TOC bOOM. My hired man and son-in-law -ay iha: liom what tln-v heard :u,c chs:rrh ni'.' r sny tin ;-c wru-i or.e nun nml lii.i \vife in 111; cii th::i :.-. :is Mu-y slic.iild l-.r nnd after tulkim: Inv a while they found out il was lie -and his wife in.d Hull :it time* hi; wife talked alAKit cillu-r MMr.i; iithn- inciiilx-r tlie iii-i-nrlicr more- niilil I found out Hull if aloiiH wilh them most of them would luive to drop out—which jlhcy did and 1 kept on miming ; things Ihe way it should be donn until they pnl me off Uie board nnd as I Ml thai I could no', run il iis il should be- done I .simply (lull as n man of my knowlcd and r.'oility cither nnis a iliing or it ciuirciy alone. Suicide Invited Town To Attend Funeral OGOEN. Utah iUP) -- invitli" people iiiu're.stcd lo uitcud his .should. 1 mid ihnn th.r. a man, ?" I 50 "" 10 »i^i-e.ste<l lo attend his of my knowledge ami ability had Iu »"al, "even if fora jofc,-." Jacob known tluii condition h.ul -xi.=ted \.' j!1 «obson slraiiRlfd himself to ml 5 dramatic. Bill even the slrons are as liltlc children at tlie touch of love!" Carlito bowed himself away Ihon. I'ausin;* a moment ,-u the was can't explain, only wb I iloor lie-tore closing il. be snw ihei l'"t il did not mailer. KIU .M;IIIII:V. n mini i:,n;iuh- tiiitti nntj I'ahlllo'N IntluT. In IMI.I.I.MIS. iVcw Yurk ilrrrclivc. Tlircc jcars |ins» nml ll>rn l':il,- litu niMl I-Nipllc meet ncatr,. Slif irlH tilni qlip him nlivn)* kni]\in IM- \tni l,,nnc,-.,l. .11 A It CIA THr.Aim'A V. vIsTlhic lhc rlrlilx. ftiulil i>ri,rc Him falillti, «r,x UNI Ilic niunlrrrr hm rcninln.n hllrTil, Noxv G« tK\ WITH Trtn STOIIY CIlAl'TKIt XXIX pSTHI.T.E had disliked Trixy Gulden (rom llio day sho first met her. Now she know »•">—; wllat , 1B wolll<1 scly wheB tll( , y mct . bavins; just seen llio tableau of Ti lon> O n co more, she saw Hie lah- bcr falher's roush capluro of thin; lean in the living room. social lory ! kisses. you can't believe som must believe—and t Iliat you can, you're so almosl an ache." He understood her girl, suddenly intili of checks, rc.lditig her Idler. Palililo bail written: "Will I he tiiero al tine-}? Uon'l you ktiow al all bo\v I fccK' Your wanting to Fee tne. it only a little, tian ittn<Ic tne more liajipy lliati I've ever been before." The letter bore no balntalion. Khfi wished lie would call her Ks- telle. Prcsctitly she slooil with tlic Icller in her hands, iuia^inin^ hoyden; Trixy'e perfunc-j At half-past two Kstellc told .Irngslo and Jim Field's fviiy that she-would use the Lancia to tako her to Havana. She had shopping to do and a friemi at lislelle thought, through n diz-1 lhc Ins | alcrra to sco . u,, y stifled ziness that camo from aclnal physical muses, "lie sliould nicmlter lo bo more careful. 1 * Marcia Troailway had felt thai 'You're the finest J know, t'ablito." I She folt bis sharph In'calh and felt her hand pressed 1] against his lipa. \ Her heart trembled »m! seemed lo turn within her. S»e saw the vl lisurcs on the screen ouay as misty /.'jf blotches ami moved closer to Pan- ' lito. With her free/ hand sho fjl patted Ills arm. Iln tlroppcd her |,| hand then and turncilfoyes toward 'j| lior that downed the last o£ her reserves. , "I do — love you," sho wliis- ; pcrcd. She had not known she was j to say it. | • * • ' TjH)ll a short second bo put an -*• arm around her slender shonl- ! a smile at lier cxplnnations. All i dcra. pressing her close. She felt ! lor man yf.irs, tlw. «h«-n T was (Iwiiman ol the church In,-.d ami had Ihins.s well In hand Ui:n practically ali ]npn\l>crs h:id so::-.othin5 wrung o:- :i; Icrat they \vciv con- lininliy inlkinit atom lur.v much ich one rt:i| tor the chiiiTh. while ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Ne,\s has h--pn au- horl/cd to anno-.inct Iho • r.lowlnj 1= candidates for p:,b!:c o";ce, sub- fct lo the Democratic primary Angus'.: For Jicmbor o' Conrrrss CLINTON L CAI.mvrcLL I'or Shrriff ami Collrrlor CI.AtlllSCB H. Wll r:ON For He-clcclion for Krr ; \\-\ Term I'etr Connly T. iraMirf r JOK S. Un.I.AlillMY UOLANI> c;in:i •. For ("ircitil f:onrl ( |<rk HUGH CUAIn ADDJfON bMIiil Vor ConntT (.'oiirl ( ), t |( F11EI) l-'LKKM.AN- For Uc-Klccllon for E:.-i Term •alh. The no'.e, found innncik lo is hcd, snicl: '1 would like liie iwaplc who r.r.v me to come lo my funeral ven it for a joke." Tumbler iiificons loo;) i!;p loop In ic- air: many have tx-cn killed by nmb'.ing lo far ar.d t;nkinq Ihe rounct. "•:stclle would never grow \ip but ila-rc wi?re ways in wbicli Ivilellc rind grown up long ngo. Pho had L"jenn to realize thai Ihe appearance of rcopcclnhilily was all she could Impe for from her father. A liilie Imcr she wrote a nolc lo I'ahlilo which r,hp senl by Car- ]iio. a servant whom she Inisled. "Dear .luaailo." IColclle vvrolc. "I wonder if yon can meet tne in ro-! the servants knew of her meet-1 his lips against her hair nnd lings with tlic yoiins man. They i started at that. Wo—we mustn't." i I ' discussed Hie affair frequently i she slammercd. "I'cople might—" j | and hoped Uie lovers would elope.! "Ii's dark and they do anyway T;icy narrated talcs of Juanito's j —s om D 11 m cs—down hen rtrenslh and bravery, of his ox-! whispered in lurn. ' he ; eellenco of character. Obviously Jim Field was unfit lo he housed wilh a creature so yonns, so sweet and so alloscllicr lovely as his danghlcr. "Itny." Fstelle said, "you need not wait lint yon inny rei'irn for mo at five. Al the r.sual place— near tlic Cosmopolila." "Si. Ecnnrita. Graciaf." he an-1 Ihe p;;rl: al three? I lliiuk surely | tcclh. 1 can t;et away ilieu. f am a little] swercd with a bow and a (lash of me up. nd you always cheer j'^ You cm, send an answer I ,' Cnrlito who i. hn : , K :u a tills. AM a liltlo early," she said, seeing Tahlitn and ihcn cotn- closo to him. her hand in both lie kept her hand in his. klsu- inp it when he rt^rcd trust hi-n- sclf. lie was secretly alraid lhat i | ho michl RO wholly mad; to stai^rt ^ up. flins wide his arms and pimsh JJ lliin^s: to laugh and cry and Icjyjf her—kiss her! { ",'/ou haven't Bald yon 1-r me." sho whispered aliyly. Ho could not. lie pressed he<J hand agatnat his lips until winced a little. Then, breathless and without having seen her wince, ho said, "Did I burl you, my dcarcsl!" Tablito wondered what would i I if all this proved to he a ' I I Halo, clergyman- ancl QU&KX; torn. Louis H. Tor A'.'-^MU L. l«ll,l,V. <;.\T-.:«. t;. (IKK) iuin..i ix I'nr Coiu" .•!•!!• n< Chirkj;..nrl>a lr»ni hip JACK ROBERTSON AAferkan composer, (Zc&fx /fcff^/. from. , _ , il wollkl I dream. He didn't see how he "Your friend, Hslclle. b c like this, she reminded herself. • coulrt go on now w [ t hotit Estelle eiiscrnc£j to sec- Palililo'All her nnliappiness was washed, ], csi(1c him a j v vay3. "Always?" live told her more than II trou ' [ll:i " "' :rt torgoiten. | fca ns)ic[1 hpr in a roug |, c ned PabSilo could nol keep hi? undcrlone. adoration from his eye?, lie had ' "Oh. Palililo. you must kmi" cnccd. As it was. she Knew tuat. nil3llc(1 ,] ark ! y ;, s s i, c ( | rcw near.! that with me It's for always!" she even tlioiisb she tried she could. «i- m E0 gi^,| t o see yon," she assured him. He felt her cheek nol any longer pretend about her whispered unsteadily. j pressed against bis shoulder. He father She knew, too, that Mnr-i "Look here." he snid suddenly. | sM. blind and trembling. T no " , , , . ., i "Let's go to r. picliirc siiow. \Vejlio heard her voire aKnia. "Pab- f.a' S rnlcnlailns creed was "i* „„ Ril u lcrc .,„,, ulk _.- | llio. you'ro so-wonderful!" creed of most of the men and, -.\,,i\ not in la prefcrencia," Korno day, he thouKht. sh« women of the shoddy social world ! <=lin p.iid. ir.canins the balcony-- world ral?e h!m from bis knnea inlo whi.-!i her father had Inlro- : the preference of those who pay I artf let bl:n touch her lips with an extra sum for lhc privilesc- All tin- hungers lie h*d ovc r .stumlilin^ up a twiftin;. narrow,I ki.nwn pnlcd before this hunger. ^ d.irk siairway to look-down upon Siic ihou^ht. "We can meet In dm-ed IKT Fstelle felt Incrcdihlv ' diiL^d n.r. i.siene icn iiicrcuM.i. . hurt and incrcdihly alono PaMito she could forget all this j those in cheaper and. wdli him, sho would not have to believe thai all men were like her father's set. "t suppo?o downstairs would bc t'.e Ero-indi. perhaps, wilh Carlito '•atchlns lo sco that no one comes c ATU.ITO came back swiftly, rat- l(:n- like 1.111:11 ia Ibe small car tba ser- .au uictl. Ht nud« bis, wiy uf- safer lor you — " : .tear. ''Yes. under the b.ilrony," | "P.iMi(o, I want to see you He signaled a roving t'otin;o alor.e." slie vrhifpereci. and helped her In. Their parting that day was the Alter they were s«ttb-d In llu suc^tcst heartbreak either brown-roasted theater and Iho ftory. with Span- ilirni had ever known. Estelltl j ish and i:iisl!s!i c.iplions. w,i ; rente homevrarrl with closed eyes. . qftvia! OJJ |16 tcr££a Pab ,, to te -, ;,,.,, 6K1Eg hi . huffl bl6. tdorj ! . t i) S f^sturs c! htr sboald;:, ?i ; carr/lst a tall ofi a:aia=t Ini. He =ei his lettb, sta:-; (To lie Continotcl) \

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