Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska on December 16, 1906 · Page 39
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Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska · Page 39

Omaha, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 16, 1906
Page 39
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THE 0MA1IA SUNDAY BEE! DECEHDEIl 16, 1P06. SPORTING COSSIP OF WEEK tarry rul'.iam AaVm Chosen to E the Kationsls' Freiident WESTERN LEAGUE MEETS IN CHICAGO KipiadMliU 8U11 at Work with Cld Banrh of Hard Faets Opposed te Their Lit-tie Dream. Such a fentlenesa, Harry Pulllam was r-lctd president nf th National league Just a easy. Th lnsurr-to didn't ucced In even making a demonstration. Garry Herrmann ahowed himself to b a "rent" by refusing to vote, savin- he wouldn't obstruct the (alentlon of Mr. Pulllam, and Johnteebrush voted th biggest "no" he la capable of producing at one mouthful. It would hav been mor than New Tork If the magnate of th Giant had endorsed the action of the man who tamed Muggiiy the Umpire Kater. A banquet to Conant and Roden, the retiring Roatoneae, and th reception of Dovey of Pt. Louis, the new Impressarlo of Bean-town, made up the rest of the proceeding of the National league's annual session at New York. Wonder If the Boston pair thought of how they had let some player pass Charlie Nichols, for example. The "Kid" pitched for Boston thirteen seasons, and won aeverul pennant for the team. He was paid a big salary for hi work, and drrlvered the goods. When Conant and H"rten decided to let him go he was paid off and dismissed at the close of the ea- Mm. and tlicy didn't even nay goodbye to hlnu He went Into the office, hi check wa handed to him, and without a word from th men Into whole coffer b had drawn hundreds of thousands of dollar lie went out Into the world. Dovey can aee hi finish here any time he doesn't make K"oJ on that flOO.OUO inurtgago that is drawing Interest on the Boston National league ground. He'll have to huatle If he expect to be equal to Charley Murphy' record. The circuit expander of th Western league have been busy again adding St. Joe and Tupeka to the town already In. Thl bunch of extra wise guy has overlooked th fact that the date for drafting town expired December 1, and that the only way to connect up with Doc Shlveley's prize villages now ia buying them outright. To get control of the two franchisee the -consent of the other six must be obtained. Thl means that the Western league will have to buy out the Western association tf It wants the two towns. In the meantime Joe Canllllon has order Tlperlno to ceil a meeting of the league, which will be convened In Chicago sometime between Christmas and New Year. The Omaha Country club ha extended an invitation to the Western Golf association to hold 1U annual tournament on the Coun try club course during th next summer. The meet last year waa held at St. Loula, but no. decision ha been made as to where the meet will be held next lummer. Th Country club 1 proud of It golf course, and Justly bo, for It has been pronounced asset of which the Country club Is also of the experts who have played on them all. The course Is varied with every kind of an approach, with long and short holes . and plenty of variety. A club house of -sufficient slxe to accommodate the players at one of these large tournaments I an one of the best In the country by many proud and every effort will be made to land the big meet. Should this be done the Country club will outdo Itself In the way of entertainment and show the visitors a little western hospitality. The athletic board at the University of Nebraska will have to find a new coach, .. V .ii T : rinr ina,i t nation and will return to Cincinnati to :,rrr a , b ;;;; th. resignation. Foster ha. not mad. good Bt Nebraska, but ho had a hard row to hoe because of the retirement, of the confer- '. en.e and because of the almost entirely i.i. til. . i, . i ini new team with which he had to go Into i tvnicn ne nu in iu mwi The new rule, are uch d" to burning oil a great advantage over!" hBt Thf daner' " 11 " I because the new rule. th" "in acetylene lamps the big Karnes that old men have ' '. ... ... ....... rqu re so much nanaung or me pigsain, which 1. a most difficult task for a be- Klnner. The oval ball is an awkward con- trlvame to handle for a man who 1. sklll.d i ,h. o ,,.,. nrt fr a n.w man It is ... ,.ecudlv so. The new rules kept th ball in the air mot of tlie time and required a large amount of handling nd catching. 1'nder these conditions fc'o.ttr had a hard Job and his team has been up and down all season. Many man are being considered for the Job, but the board has decided to act slowly and get a good coach which will put Nebraska baric In the position to which It rightly belongs. Th directors of ths new Elmwnod club ar working assiduously to get everything In readiness for thl summer, as the club member want to have the club house built and th track repaired a early In the prlng as possible. Property was given cousiderablv of a stimulus In the west end by the announcement of the building of the club ! louse and formation of the driving club. With the prospects of the street cars btlng run west. M,et. Ifrolhers bought Kusers' park, paying a handsome prloe for the same. Many have declared their Intention; of building on some of the additions which have been recently laid cut In the west end. The preepects of Omaha having some high-class racing this summer has aroused th dormant racing uiooi in ome tf the lovers of the horse and the club Is assured the whole-souled backing of Omaha when it Is organised, to promote the trotting game. -4- Another wolf hunt is planned for today at Last onmha and this time a better urfani-tatlun will be made that the vamlts may tiot hav a chance to escape. Woe unto Hre'r Rabbit if he gets in the way. Th rabbit who I shown on th front page of The Bee each Sunday ulways get the better of th wolf, but rut h as not the oas last Bunday In m.llty at Cut-Off. for the wolf got away and the rahblta were slaughtered. The farmers have reported the loss cf a 100-pound pig since lust Sunday and th farmers and gHix'.ener In East Omali re up In anus and have again called upjn th city of Omaha for help In th way of mttii and dug to holp exterminate the wolves. The boxing game iu Omaha received quite a erthack last week when Kid Jensea. the plucky Utile Dane, broke his arm In a elx-S ri-jnd bout with McUahioii at Oathoff'a hall. Tn suits of a brt'ken arm. Jnnen atav.d the ' fit rounds out and was giver a draw by ti e referee. The promoters of the game are locking for substitute for Jn-n li th Hutch hl. J ss arranged to take plac li (t Friday between Jensen and Campbell. Jensen was rapidly going to the front as thi favorite artund Omaha, because of hi plucky fights and thft skill he allowed In the xji-of- He te a iul.t fellow and had pli'iity of who thought lis could . take care of himself with any one of his J veiaht. J will soon be along and with It the youth of the city will have a new pair of skates. lie will have more places than ver to skat lu Omaha this winter, fur tl. Fark Uoard Is preparing the park lakes for skaters and several new rinks will be VhV i'tul Hd aud hi t&riusia bav leveled oft the Tour Man' Christian association tennis court at Twentieth and Farnam streets, hauled In a lot of clay to bank them up and ar onlr waiting f" the comln; of continued cold to flood the rink and make a hand? skatlnr place. With all the thousand who ar usln; th rink at the Audi tori uin for tkatlmt tbre ar atlU mors who Ilk the lc akatln; better. Th firm frees of the yar lust Sunday found Cut-Off lake covered with akaters shortly after th sun was up. The entering wedge to a more reformed foot bell, but a game more In accord with the eld style wae made at the recent eon ference at Chicago when tk big nine mt to consider the new rules. Among th principal feature th conference decided upon were: Foot ball playing- schedule extended from five to seven frames. Retroactive features of three-year rule eliminated; all student entering college before September 1, law,, eligible to play four years. I: n I form limit set on beginning foot ball practice at September 20. Proposition to permit two freshmen intercollegiate contemn In foot ball voted down. Committee to select foot ball official reappointed for another season. Two-umpire sj stem In foot ball declared successful and voted to continue another year. That all of these are for the benefit of the game none will deny and the probabilities are they will be ratified by the schools. The training table was not adopted, but many hope thl will come in time. When Alonco Stagg goes east to represent the west In the rule committee he will hav these six definite propositions to present. In cose of a forward paae touchdown the ground before being touched by a player, allow the attacking team to retain the ball with a fifteen-yard penalty Instead of handing It over at the point where it was passed. Allow tacKiing tielow the Knees. Increase the Lima of halves from 90 to 36 minutes. Allow the bark to pass th ball forward without first taJilns- a oositlon five yard out from the center. Instiuct the head linesman to keen the yard stick three yards out from the side lines. These all seem to he good sensible rules and to have been recommended by a season's work under the present rules. It Is said that Mr. Stagg will not favor the to four downs which some have suggested. Th Lou Dillon case is settled, and although several most estimable men had their reputations at stake over the event they have been cleared by the recent decision. The testimony adduced at the recent hearing by the board of review of the National Trotting association In the famous doping case of Lou Dillon wa most sensational and there was considerable talk, of perjury. The board cleared E. E. Smathers, the noted horseman who has done so much with his money for th racing game, of having hired a man to dope th mare, but the testimony brought out many questlenabl sides to th esse, which wa not very creditable to all concerned. Fays th Princeton Alumni Weekly; "That play the forward pass originally proposed as a means of offsetting th ten yards for mat uown legislation ana or opening up the game, was so hedged about with exception that, as the Yale-Princeton game has shown, any team 1 taking long chances In Incorporating it as an Important part of Its attack. One lesson the rules committee should take to heart. In view of this game. Is that the forward pass should be freed of restrictions that leave Its legal execution too much In the discretion of officials. The onside kick, which waa not ao much restricted by the committee, was used to good advantage by Yale, whose cotichus appreciated It advantages and developed ia aa a fundamental part of the Yale attack. Having been more uccessful with th forward pass In early game. Princeton paid less attention, to the onside kirk, and It was not a factor- In the home team play for advancing the ball." Determined steps are to be taken by the Automobile Club of America toward stop-pins; several of the evils chiefly due to care- ,e" automoblllsts. At th. first meettn of . . . . ... -. , J".!!"? ... VT.rt ZJHnZ? .WV"' f1" '1hP,.t1'1,m'", th P """"""i tiuum oi smoKe rrom ears l .,.,. . , A " . on car In eitr streets Is mnihw frn - .. I ,ev'' which the club will , f "L'nfluenf(e- 0tth?r ,vlU- ,llch excesslv tooting of horn and .careless ' ' artvln corners wilt also be oonslde-ed ! ; 7 the 'OTOT ,n ih" plan to bring f90 """ n automobile .erv- After directing thefortunes of th Boston Baee Ball club of the National lesgue for twenty-nine long year, Messrs. Boden snd Consnt have stepped down and out nd Oeorge B. Dovey of St l,oui now own the club. Mr. Dovty paid I70.P00 cah, which, with th deposit of $5,000 made a few months ago, makes a total of 175.000. He bought the club and grounds for $;75000 and Messrs. Boden and Consnt will hold a $100,000 mortgage on the' prop, erty. r The trouble of Eddl Oraney. president of the fight trust and star wttne before the Sin Francisco grand Jury, are coming so fast that he Is unable to sidestep them. Ha had his hands full with the Jury, but a complaint of Marry Corbet t has cropped up since, and unless matter talc a sudden turn Eddl will bar to equar himself with the former master of th E1H street situation. Oraney and Corbett were supposed to have formed a partnership to run the Tuxedo saloon between them, with a ( prominent liquor firm to back them up. But, so the tory goe, Oraney "put one over" on Corbett at the proverbial eleventh hour and succeeded In Installing him. self as master of oeremonlea of th Tuxedo and leaving Corbett out In the cold. San Franelco had scare forgot th earthquake and fire mhen Graney announced that he waa about to open up th Tuxedo saloon a a headquarter for the sporting fraternity and the "good fello all along the line. Oraney and Harry Corbett were very close friend at this particular lme. Orany aaJd h needed Corbett In hi business, and Corbett was only too delighted tn take a chance at one of th most prom. i.iim Hitvn conirn oi in city, bo, ac- cording to reports. G rarer consented to .1 I low Corbett to get In on the Tuxedo and j iRd his nam to the place In order to further it patronas-e. But when Corbett came around to settle up th final detail he discovered, much to hi amassment, that Oraney had already installed himself s manager and master of ceremonies of th plac. Corbett looked around for a chare to force himself In, but. seeing that the Jlttle horseshoer had already secured the monopoly, he retired very gracefully. "Scotty" McManter. who trained the Naval academy football team thl fall, has had his work recognised by being appointed to a permanent place at the Naval academy In th department of physical Instruction. II was a trainer at Harvard for msny years. With the foot ball gam In Philadelphia, the eligibility agreement between the army and navy athletlo roi'.laticn expired. It la the general opinion here that the a-.-rny athletlo official will rals no aeriou objection to renewing it for another term of year. The agreement ha been satisfactory to th midshipmen and fair to both academies. The election of a captain for th navy foot ball team of 1WT will not be held, in all probability, for some time, pouslass. Lgu aU flersoj fti couaidered th moat U . , , likely candidate. The navy team will ( lose only four men by graduation. They j are Captain Spencer, at halfback; Norton, at Quarterback; Ingrain, at fullback, and Barnard, at end. c Now that tb foot ball has retired to hibernate for another twelve months, the pigskin reformer has again sttppeC Into the llnellght and Is in his glory once more. Despite the' success, which ha greeted the code under which the game wa played during the season Just closed the air Is full of suggestion by which the originators believe the play can be Improved. The proposed change run the gamut from minor to radical, and if all were adopted the game In 1M7 would certainly be a weird affair. Among the suggestions already made the more Important follow: The uggestion which found general favor and which will be submitted to the rule committee, when It officially meets read, as follows: "The substitution of a fifteen yard penalty for the loss of the ball when a forward pass hit the ground. The abolition of the five-yard rule from center In the forward pass. The allowing of two forward passes In one scrimmage, K the first does not cross the line of scrimmage. No increase In the number of downs in which to make ten yards. The exchanging of positions between the ' linemen and backs, providing that such a shift does not produce mass plays. The abolition of the rule prohibiting tackling below the knees. The keeping of flv men on the ide line back three yards from the grid- Newsy Gossip California now ha nearly 8,00 'mile of oiled roads, Seattle Is to hava an automobile factory capitalized at M.OJO. Kven Death Vallej-, Cal., has now been Invaded by the auto. A movement Is on foot In Switxerland to forbid motoring on Sunday. Tendencies for J907 ar toward Increased borse-power and longer wheel base. A dictionary of automobile terms has been Issued by a Chicago publisher. A four-mile circular track Is undtr course of construction near JUondon. Tho Automobile club of Detroit has cloifcd Its country home at fine Lake for the winter. Philadelphia dealer have agreed to hold but one show this winter, from January 21 to M. The cornerstone of the clubhouse of the Chicago Autumoblle club was laid December (. An automobile 'bus line Is In operation between Daytotia, Beabreese and Dayioua Beach, Fla. The Iyo Angeles show, from' January 21 to 'it, promises to be the greatest ever held west Of Cliioago, Tbe Milwaukee Automobile club Is making a strenuous campulan to Increase Its msiubership from 2im to Sou. Fred Pickle, a Greenville (Mich.) boy, has built a small' automobile, In w hich he has traveled ail over western Michigan. In considering plans for his next tour Charles J. Ullduen bsllevss pleasure should predominate over the content proper. Weekly shipments of carloads of automobiles by express are being madu by a Syracuse (N. I ) tlrru to San Fratictsco. The substitution of a fuel allowance for a weight limit in the Grand l'nx has arouseU a aiorm of uiseut-olou In Paris. James Gordon ltunnett has given a J1.UC0 cup for a. motor-boat race front New York to Bermuda, the boats to start June e. Boston city authorities threaten to close to automobile tr.ttio two of the principal treat. In th heart of the shopping uis-trict. Canadian motorists say th new automobile law which went into erteut In the Dominion on July 1 baa been au unqualnied success. Mr. Marshall S. P Pollard of Boston has given up her large stable of horse and will hereafter drive automobiles exclusively. The lord chief Justice of England ha decided that 11 Is not illtg&l for au'otsis to warn their fellcw of lh existence uf police traps. An eleven-ton alcohoi-driven locomotive has been built In tie runny. It has thirty-two horse-power and a speed of seven lulls an hour. A company Is being orsaniRed at Moore-Is til. I lid., by Jann-a sjt-.lle, who has in-vunted an ai.ioi..oLlle wu!-!i he say can U. sold (or K'.'-. Alawys keep tlree well Inflated. A tire run partly fat will become weak in thu sides near ih.i tread, making blow-outs lrcqur.l occurrences. A notable acquisition to the racks nf fair motorists Is Mts. J. Maulon Tuylar, a l.udvT ia Fhllidt ijihia society, and a great Uuclfle of fie.u air. , Spar tires ne, d care. Keep them cov-4d aud mm. a tay turu Uieua arwuud a V' " 1 aeNA H 11 I Brewed and bottled in Omaha by the J (: 1 Fred Krug Brewing Company, I ;l I ft-"Exponents of the Fine Art of Brewing." V ' ' L Iron. The Increase to the time of play to thirty-five minute hnlves and the taking out of time for distance penalties. Th discard of the second umpire. The framing of a rule protecting the player catching a punt. The giving of the control of the progress end condition of the ball to the referee and the directing of the umpire to look for after the player alone." Other proposed ohange by former players and coachos. who are not oonnecteA with the rules committee embrace a wider scope and Include th reducing of tho necessary gain of ten yards In three down to five yard Inside th ten-yard line; increasing the number of downs In case the ten-yard rule 1 retained from three to four or making the gain fifteen yards in fou downs; permitting the side which fumbles the ball to retain possession of the spheroid at the epot, where they put the ball Into play; Increasing the time of halves from thirty minutes to forty minutes; compelling the player to wear numbers so that spectator can know what men are carrying the ball; preventing all but four players In the back field from advancing the ball; requiring both teams to play seven men on the line at all times limiting the maximum weight of any one player to 1S5 pounds and score of others, both with or without merit. The announcement that Earn Merits, the Giant's famous outfielder, has declde4 tr. quit base ball for good Is not hard to be for Owners of Automobiles foot or so, that the parts that rest on th hanger will not become worn. Competent Judge declare the dlplay of airships ami balloon at the show oi th'i Automobile Club of America, It New York, has never before been equaled. A car built by Charles of Goldfield, Nev., fiom parts of several other machines, has travtled over 18,000 mile In the desert during tbe last year. Many American firms were represented at the ninth annual Imposition 'Automobile, given by liie Automobile Club of i-'runiv, lu Pails, the past week. An aXitomoblle highway haa I eeu tu-gerted from Atlanta to Washington by a lioHion motorist, who recently struggled over poor roads between those cities. The Suburban Rldlr.g and Driving club of New York is about to dissolve because so many of its members have dropped th hot je and taken up the motor car. A French sum tor whose daughter was injured in an auto accident last May, line drxtttd a till to lnipn.ou chauffeurs cou-vlcted a Second Um of responsibility fur accidents. Count Bonl as an auto demonstrator I the latest report, the former husband of Anna Gould having been offered the Job, It Is said, by a Chicago dealer at $6,0u0 a year. King ICd ward 'a present to Qusen Alexandra ou Iter KM birthday, which occurred December 1, was an American automobile which won high honor at th Dondou show. The new $4),0U0 club house of the Automobile Club of America, on Flf ty-foui'th street, Just off Broadway, New York, 1 expected to b ready for occupancy by New Year. A large cumber of French maker ar opposing a continuance ui racing, noldlug lluit it no longer brings results com-mensural with th outlay of lime and money. Bdward J- Schroeder, recently elected commodore of the Motor Boat club of America, will enter hla boat Dixl In th International rules at Cowes, KngUnd. nsxt summer. Diane de Pougy, the noted French actress, is to marry the hospital aurgeou who attended her In her recent motor accident, fciie dally sends hlin boxes of perfumed cigarettes. It seems appropriate that th gasoline engine should be lin pruned Into the taak of ai.Biilng In road Improvement, the latest form it haa taken In tiiia Meld being that of road ditcher. A motor car scarcely larger than an ordinary chair haa been produced by a French Inventor to accommodate one person, one lever ooiitrola It and It is with the feet, Highway Commissioner Joseph M. Snow of Washington state, has crepured a slate aud highway bill patterned closely on the New York law, which be will urge upon the next legislature. Among the patrons of the recent amusing pushomoblle race on Long Island were Willluni K Vanderbilt. Jr.; Ja met J, Corbett and Willie Collins, th Oakland Golf club professional. Althuugh air-cooled care, owing to th general satisfaction they have given, continue to be sold in large numbers, not a few of their makers aie including a water-cooled motor for lisi. .n a series of tets by the German gov-aruiueul le deUnuin tb eouipaxwuv iltav Dear Santa: Please send Papa and Mamma something awfully nice something they really like. Oh I'll tell you it's just the thing. Send them some bottles of They like it so much they say it is the finest beer brewed They say it is such a nice light beer and so different They say they can drink all they like of Luxus and it never makes them feel bad it refreshes them so much lieve, In view of the fact that Mertes was practically declared a dead one by Manager McOraw when be traded Mm to feu Louis for Shannon In an attempt to strengthen the Oiants. Mertos was very much dis couraged by the lack of confidence shown by hi old manager, and was on th verge of quitting at that time, but after a few day thought decided to be game and stick the season out with the Cardinals. Now that "Slamdon" Is at home In 'Frisco with his dog "Happy," he think that traveling with a tallender, after his experience as t world's champion, would be too painful, ana he has decided to Invest the big wad or coin that he has been accumulating for the last thirteen years In a planing mill In the big coast town. Sam Is to run the business In partnership with Ills brother and expects to make big money helping to rebuild 'Frisco. Business Judgment. "Are you the proprietor of this store?" asked the young man with the sample case. "I am,"- said the druggist. "Is there anything " "Have you any clerks beside that young man behind the counter?" "No, sir." "Then I can't do business with you. I tm introducing a preparation guaranteed o mnko thin people plump, but you are mo skinny here to handle It, Sorry. Good lay." Chicago Tribune. tancea In which automobiles and horse-drawn vehicles could be slopped the former won at every point. The seventh national automobile show, to be held January 12-19 at Madison Square Garden, New Y'ork, promises to far sur-pans any exhibit inn of automobiles ev er gathered together before. Henry J. Casey, "copy boy" of the Seattle Times, has Just completed a home-mnde automobile of about two and one-quarter horse-power ut a cost cf t'JM. It will run twenty-live to thirty miles on a gallon of KHxiltne. It Is probable that a meeting of the American Motor luague will be held during the Chicago show in February to dUcuss building from Chicago to New York the first link of a transcontinental national highway. Mr. end Mrs. C. M. Parkford of New York have Just completed a croms-contlneiit tour, begun In October, from Iih Angi les to Boston In their car. Mrs. Parkford did most of the driving, and a compact camping outfit was carried. Nw models seen at th show axhlblt but little change in design or price from thoee formerly. But manufacturers seem to hava striven to build of the liest ma terial and give the purchaser more for his mouey than neretoiore.. A iltam roller will he presented as a Christmas preseut by the Automobile Club Of Greet Britain ana Ireland to tho Isle of Man Highway board for the lattcr's preparation of the road for the recent International Tourist trophy race. It Is essential that the nuts holding the prlug clip to thu axle of the cur be kupt taut at an times, it allowed to siacK orr the axles are apt to shtlt, throwing the I'Prlngs out of position, thereby bringing an unequal load on the two end. In the Interest of good roads Presldont George B. Polhemus of thu Santa Clara Ceunty iCaL) Automobile club has been appointed a road supervisor, and dally, without pay, oversees the men who are working on six miles of highway. Tires ar th weakest part of automobiles yet get the least attention. Often tires are Claimed to be defective by owners wuo have forgotten that they ran several thousand pounds of automobile into Immovable curb with only the rubber between. To secure data concerning the propose! national highway between Chicago and New York tor submission to couart-ss. Dr. Gardner B. Chapin and H. Hoig..tnt Mich-gels ut Chicago have been mahltig a crosscountry trip covering over J.'uu miles of road. Automobiles sre promised a new speed recording instrument which not only gives th rate of ped per hour and the number of minutes to the mile, but can be set at any given speed, so that when that speed Is exreeded a busser announces that fact to the driver. Take up the slightest backslash in the tseilng Jjrsar the moment It becomes apparent. The inch or more of play that sooner or later develops may be Just mir-ficlent to bring on a bud smash that might hav been avoided by a quick turn of ine wrist had th wheel responded Instantly. To minimis the dangers of road driving ths Automobile Association of America baa adopted a code of signals to be nlveii when motorists meet The rlKht hand touching th cap signifies that everything is af.i. An extended right arm means caution, li nt there are bad .pots In the hit,-!. way. The right hand raited lo the level of the cap Ls a signal tvi atop fur definite Inforoiatiou. un eat ' "The Beer You like" when they're tired. They've only got two bottles left, and I just know they want another case right away, to help make Christmas happy. Don't you want a glass of Luxus right now, Santa? You've been so busy and must be tired. It'll do you good. 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LOUIS -- n Sr ' PleSbS srd en Tsias Gulf 1 J 1 VI' j 0 Cosot books sad lull iuloruiatio I f mf about low rsus, tc. Xf. 0. Aioras. Send Me No Money Mm ply Write Me About Your Case and I Send You lly I U-turn Mali Absolutely Frew a Full Dewrlptlon of a Heaven-Kent LMncovery That Cures Deafness. My cured patient are tuj best references. After rears of research along- lines ut deep scientific- study, both in America and Kurope, I have found th csus and core of drsfnras and head imjIh.-m. and I hav ii-n enabled by this exclusive knowledye and power to slve many unfortunate and aurIrin&T ptTfons p.rfcct hrarlns asaln; and I hio thie who have thrown away tiivlr moiicy on cheat, apparatus, salves, air pumps, waalies. douchea. and t he list nf lnniirm i nlle trash that is offered the public through flanilns; advertisements I can unl will cure you to stay cured. Wha I have done for others, I can do for you. My met tin. 1 Is one that Is so simple It can be used In your own boms. 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You will recelv aa iuimedial answer and lull inforuialiwa Ljf rttum tuail i the Texaa Gulf Coast Country doinar even better than 400 oer are certain, becausa von hava den truck In the Texas Gulf Coast Country in midwinter and shin from a depot within 80 rods to four miles of your property straight to the best markets, which pay the fanciest prices for such produce. This land is safe, because it is from 10 to 15 miles inland and from 60 to 100 feet above tidewater. Yon can buy this land so cheap now because it has just been opened tip to agriculture by tbe discovery of pur artesian water la abundance and tn building of a railroad. But yoa mast act promptly to get tbe benefit of present prices. For yoa can easily see tbat land which froduces such profits must rapidly ncrease in price. I make you tbe game offer that I mad to Mr. Rhue. Send me coupon or drop me a postal and I will give you every opportunity tbat I gave him, for tbe most careful investigation. Choice of routes over Rook Island Lines, via Kansas City, or C. & E. J, via Bt. Louis. Write m NOW. ) JOHN SEBASTIAN, Pass. Traffi Ma Rock Island-Frisco lines U IumI SIMMs. Cakate. et f mos Sumus, )i Uu, Tb Rock Island Frisco Lines bs ve no lands to sell. We re Interested in building; up this country. Discovery for the Positive Cure Head Noises. very I Have, in a Few Minute., MaiM Years Hear tbe Tick of a Wutrh. T w Ktiiliins tin thia

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