Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska on November 25, 1906 · Page 8
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Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska · Page 8

Omaha, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 25, 1906
Page 8
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TfTK OMAHA SUNDAY BKF.: XOVKMni.lI 2.-. C0RNI1USRERS SHOW WELL leave on Chicago by Straight Toot fall Through the Varooa Line. ECKERSALL'S GOOD rOOT A BIG FACTOR Maroon r Drops pit Field t.nals. bwr I,lne Was ot Fnnal to Tl of Krriilnx rbrnka from (From o Staff Correspondent.! CHICAGO. Nov. "1 --(Fpcrfnl Telegram.! Fighting brnvely to the lust, with evrry Mt am much ginger a when the game began, Nebraska wm defeated by Chicago todny because the latter team, Including the peerless Eckersall, had developed s much faster and more accurate style of op- n play than tho Cornhuskcrs. Ton thousand people saw th (tame, which van favored by Ideal weather conditions a sunny sky, keen, bracing nlr. and firm. clnn footing. The score of 3f to 5 docs not tell the story o,' the fierce struggle put tip by N'ehrnska. ''lie Lincoln toom whs game nitd determined all through and made an excellent Impression ou even the most parllsan spectators, the festilt twins o encourage Nebraska supporter In the belief that the eleven will be admitted to the Big Nine at the conference next week. ' Several hundred Nebraska rooters, accompanied by the band, occupied a section of the west grandstand and did all that lungs and enthusl-sm could to help their favorites. The east bleachers were parked with a vast Chicago crowd, half of whom were women, and It. too, hnd a band much In evidence. Ilrtwcen halves, Erkersall, whose lust gunie It was. was presented with a SKO watch bought with money contributed by the university students nnd fnculty. K-k?rstill. out of eight trys for gotil from th field, kicked five,, ond wound up his gridiron coreer with glory, although some f his lust efforts both'at kicking and In j!iry!;u the liall wero paralyxed by the Nebmskuns. His leg. however, was responsible for twenty points and the size of the score. The Maroon boys proved they had developed much further along the lines of the new rules than their opponents and demonstrated what can he done with this style, continually working forward passes, tinublc passes and criss-crosses, playing a ir.oro shifty game and being better skilled tr handling the ball In the open field, be traying better coaching in the modern game of foot ball. Sefcraaka Brilliant at 'rimes. Nebraska executed several brilliant plays atifl often gained from eight to twenty , ynrds. but the gains were not consistent. ' The team wa slower In getting off on plays, so that Chicago's defense had opportunities to line up and meet the attack, which they could see was coming. On the other hand, Eckersall often had his men tip and away before Nebraska knew what was going on. Nebraska had no Individual stars except Cooke. All played .'or every ounce of strength and bit of skill In them. Eckersall's fake kicks seldom succeeded, because the Nebraska ends were down tha field too fast and many times u'.wned him In his tracks. Nebraska won the toss and chose tha south goal. At 2:06 Parry kicked , off to ..utg. who returned the ball ten yards. n:i a faka buck Craig pained ten yards. Conke failed on a quarterback run and i-'ebrajilia was forced to punt to Ecker-s-itl o:i Chicago's fonv-yarr! .1'ne, whera lie waa downed In bis trackn Iddtnga i.v-d ten yutnn on tno iiir.l.! ploys and Van throa m ire off tho and. Chaloupka vas Injured, tut t.ed in the game, fly onslstcnt bucking on tackle hidings ept over tor the first touchdown Walker kicked goal. Beore, 8 to 0. Purry kicked the ball over tho line. braska punted out to Chicago's forty-ynrd Una, Chicago could not gain and JCckersail dropped back for a kick, but instead passed the ball over to. Walker, who mado first down. Chicago barely made len yards the next three downs. Nebraska was penalised five yards, which put the ball on Nebraska's five-yard line. Nebraska lield gallantly twice, but on the third try leffen went through tackle and over the Uaa. Walker kicked goal. Score.. 12 to 0. ErkeraaJl Forced to Pant. Johnson a kickoff was brought back by Parry to Chicago's thirty-yard line and two forward paapes brought It to the center of the field. ThiiNebraskans held and Kckeraall waa forced td punt to Cooke, who was downed on the five-yard line. After the ball had been kicked into safe ground Eckersall failed on a drop kick. The ball was punted out and a quarterback kick netted Chicago twenty yards. StefTeii p.ado seven, Finger aeven and a criss-cross by Walker six yards, but a forward pass to Stefton was fumbled and Nebraska had the ball on Ita own fifteen-yard line. Ne-braska failed to gain and Welter pui.ted to tMeffen, who returned the ball to N,.. braska'a fifteen-yard line. Iddliige and Walker failed to gain, so Kekeraull dropped it between the post. Hcore It. to 0. Johnson's kick was returns! by Eckersall to the thirty-yard line. A double pass to Finger put It on Nebraska's fifty-yard line and a forward pass to 8leffn advanced It to Nebraska's twenty-yard Hue. Tddlngs and Steffen faile.1 to gain, m Kckersall kicked unolhcr goal. Score, 'M to 0. Nebraaka made tlie next arid Us only tot'chdown, much to the chagrin of the Maroon rooters, who hoped for a blank cure. Parry kicked off to Johnson, who veturncd the ball to the twenty-three-yard llnu. Nsbruska could not gain. iu Weller punted out of bounds. Ohlcugo was off side and forfeited the ball to Nebraska on its own forty-yard Hue. A plunge off tackle by Weller gave (em yards, but Little fumbled and IV whs the Maroons' bull on Nebraska's forty-five-yard line Eckersell attempted a forward pass, which went wromt, and Nebraska' again bad the lull ou its own ftfly-thre-yard line. torakaskera Irsrr, Waller punted to Chicago's thlrty-y.trrt Uue and after Stiffen and Iddlnga had I. Chicago kicked off and Nehrnk i I"-tjrncd the hall to the middle of the full', from where it waa work'-d by dmiWe jxiser and cri-rrossea to the twenty-Mve-yard line and Krkeraall booted It ovr agi'n. 8' ore. .12 to 5. The kick-off wa fumbled bv 1-kersll. and Welicr fell on the ball, t hlcairo hild nnd to"k tlTe leather oil Its own ten-vard line. Hy hard foit ball It advancd lo th forty-five-yard line, w here Va kli 's trv for a drop was ceverl blocked, but Ki kle recovered the bsll on his own twenty-flve-yard line. Nebraska got the ball on a fumble, l.lttle gained five-yard nnd i ilouhle pass added six more, and Nebraska i rooters aw another tom hdown. but a , fumble gave the ball to the Maroons on the ten-yard line. Kckersalt tossed the ball on a forward pns to fteffen, wlio ran for eighty-five yards for the Inst . touchdown, goal being kicked. Pcore, SS to 5; final score. Nebraska was playing hard st the finish and twice Cooke made magnificent twenty-flve-yard gains nnd IJttle cn.nied the '.mil for twenty, hut It was unavailing. Chicago held nt critical times nnd fo'ced tV. t:oniluiskers to kick. The lineup: CHTCAOO. I NEBKAPKA YALE WINS FROM HARVARD Crimson Goes Town to Tefeat After a Desperate Etrnirele. TOUCHDOWN AND GJAL ONLY SCORES loth Tennis Play Ilrllllant Foot null nml Kxeltemeat In CrowdeH (.ranilstands la at I'ner rltrli. Walker ., Hussell Noll Anderson Kelly .... Wut.son . Parry Eckersall lddlngs .. Hteffen .. Finer ... Referee. plres, Head Mason ...... Mice Harvey .... Wtlkle Chaloupka , .. Maters .. Johnson .... Cooke .... Weller I-lttlo Craig Dartmouth. I'ni- Bnnw. Michigan; Starbuck Cornell. linesman and timekeeper. Hard, .E E.; II E. E.T.: H.T .' l H.U C.f. !'. I.ti K.T.! E.T R E IE. E y 11. Q 11 I..II.7lt IE... R.M.I EM.... F.H.i F.H MrCormack, Princeton AMES WI BV Time of halves, thirty minutes. K S ARROW M ARfilX Made In the Safety Is the Only Point (iinir. IOWA CITY. Nov. 4. (Special Tele-grant.) Iowa university lost to Ames to-iay in one of the hardest fought battles In the; history of Iowa foot ball, hy the score of ; to 0. The only score registered by the Aggies cam- early In the first half, when a quurter back kicked an end run by Jennsen end IJIIIer. and a KHln on an exchanne of pilots ?ave Ames the ball on IV?::i8 Jr.?':r'.l"1..JrHV:''.'1 .:..), ,Z Ithe nashesof brilliancy In individual plays, Hawkeyes held, taking the ball on their own tive-yanl line. Kent at'empterl to NKW HAVliN. Conn.. Nov. 31. Vale's bright blue bann rs wave triumphantly over tlie city tonight, the Hgnal of another victory over Harvard, the final score being to t. The Crimson went down to defeat In a desperate battle which In foot ball strategy and spectacular plays has had few equals since the two universities have met. To Yale passed the almost undisputed title of the college championship of the country, clouded only by the drawn no score contest at Princeton a week ago. A victory for the Crimson would have uv ant tirst honors beyond question, for It had beaten the Carlisle Indians, who last week won from Minnesota, nnd who also had defeated the I'nlvcrslly of Pennsylvania, the conquerors of the 1'iiiverslty of Michigan. For this reason, if for no other, the game on Yak- field was of unprecedented Importance, and to Yale ones more has coine a victory which will live forever In Its athletic history. It was a victory won through greater foot ball knowledge, superior team play, almost unerring accuracy in developing the possi-blllt!K of tho new rules and the magnificent work of Individual players. Touchdown anil Goal The score of a single touchdown and goal roneata that of lost year on (Soldiers' Held, and It adds to Yale's strin only twice bwken since 1!7. Harvard proved a worthy foetnan. men repeatedly shone conspicuously of victories Its and as time and again its backs broke tnrousu tlie line, or the stalwart guard, Hurr, sent the ball twisting through the air on Ions punts, seemed to be entitled to a reward. Harvard was a trifle slow in exeeutlne; I's punl out of danger, standing behind tlie goal line. Mills broke through, slopping the punt and the ball rolled back of the Iowa goal and baek of a fence, where iin.Kger reii. on it. Kcreree noa8i.Hi , t seemed to gave Ames a safety on tlie play, scoram I i"a ' the only two points. j hinge on Its great strength on defense. Iowa won the toss and chose to defend . Yale's success lav In plavlng offensively at it:r..r"U,,l,0i!?:,.- I?r."..ilib'"tlw"!r- icvory opportunity, driving Its plays hard Yale five yards. Then Wendle made three more, ih'i ball being nearly In front of the goal posts. Newall dropped bsck for a try Bt goal, hut It was blocked, the ball bounding along the ground to Yale's forty-five-yard line, Forbes being downed on It at tlut point. Vale tried the Crimson line, but failed to gain, the bull went back to Tad Jones for an end run. but ho was nailed for a loss. Vole lot fifteen yards for offside play. Veeder punted to Harvard s forty-eight-yard line, but Newall made no gain on the run b.ick. Un a trlpl" pass Lincoln put the ball on his own fifty-yard line, l'our yards more came by playing through right tackle, but Yale smothered the r.ext play. Uncoln was offside and five yards' penalty I was given to Harvard. Lincoln made four yards inside of left end. Hurr punted to Yale's thirty-five-yard lino and the Harvard ends were under It and got the ball, but the referee called tlie teams back and Inflicted fifteen yards on Harvard for holding. Hurr on his own twenty-yard line punted to Yale's fort;'-tlve-yard. but Tail Jones. In spite of throwing off half a dozen men, could not gain more than two yards. Knox twice was called upon to cany the ball, hut the Harvard men nailed him witn only a yard gain each time. Deever. from his own forty-five-yard line, punted to behind Harvard's goal line. Hurr brought the ball Into the twenty-yat d-line. Howard Jones went out' and Alcott took his place. Purr kicked Into Tale's forty-rive-yard line, whera Knox made a spectacular tun to Harvard's twenty-yard line. Tale then drove tho ball plumb through Harvard's : right guard for four yarda and then two more, getting tlie ball almost In front of J goal post on the eleven-yard line. One yard was necessary nnd Yale made it for first down. Second down gave them one yard, but Harvard smothered the next lino play. The ball was Riven n forward pass to' Alcott, who was ; n Harvard's four-yard line. He fumbled aid McDonald got It. Uurr punted tu his. own thirty-yard line, where Knox fumbled. Then Harvard man missed. Knox recovered It. Yredor kick, but Instead ran over the end to Mar- j Wendall rot In In til ,, . ... a..., .wh.k. ea-w.' m,,"1: 1 " k I FREE CONCERTS DAILY j November Records on Sale to gain nnd Kent kicked to Ames lorty-five-vard line. Jones crabbed off twenty yards around left end. I'.lllrr took four unit a quarterback kick placed the ball within striking distance of tlie Iowa goal. It was at this point t hut Ames scored in the safety. From that time on until the end of the first hnlf Ames and Iowa fought It out. the play being first In Ames" territory and then in Iowa's. The Aggies were penalized twice for off-side play. The half that followed was largely a repetition of the first half. Throughout the entire game the Ames line played u terrlfie game of foot ball and none of the Hawkeyes' plays were effective iu gaining over or around it. Ames also failed to gain materially over the Iowa line, though late in the "second half they started a march for the Hawkeye goal on bucks, off-tackle and through center that only stopped when lowu held on lis own twenly-yard line. The only thing that saved the Hawkeyes from being defeated by a decisive score was the fact that ' none af the Ames men in the field were I able to handle Kent's punts. The work I of Jeanaon at quarter back was miserable , Iu the extreme, and late in the second I half he was replaced by Huboat!. I Ames made a desperate attempt to score In the Hecond half on free kicks from ' j fair catches which were made in the center of the field. The Aggies tried tlie piny six, times, but only once did the ball sail dangerously near the Iowa goal posts. Kent failed In his one attempt ! to mako a goal from a free kick. After a fair eaten he attempted to drop the ball between the posts from Ames for waa and Ne- and taking advantage ot every opening when Its opponents had tlie ball. Interference nnd on-side kicks were well developed. Not once did a Yale niim have to run down the. field without assistance. As the game was neurlng Its close Yale played faster ond rolled the Crimson line Into a heap time and time again. It wuj? only Harvard's stubborn contest of every Inch that kept the score at the single figures. Npnrr Follows- Sensational Play. The touchdown followed a sensational play. Yale had the ball on Harvard's twen-ty-flve-yard line. Jones called for a kicking formation. Veeder dropped back to the thlrty-foui-yard line with his hands outspread. A perfect pass from Hockenburger sent the ball Into his hands and Veeder like a flash started at light angles ond hurled the ball over the heads of the Harvard men for a thirty-yard, pass to where several Yale men. as though drawn by a magnet, had Jumped Into one little knot. lp from their midst leaned Forbes, who caught the ball and In an Instant placed It down on the four-yard line. I'p rose tho Vale hosts with erhs for a. touchdown, while tlie Crimson aide was hushed. Itoome, l,,"1who had replaced Knox, was sent to smash dropped hack for a with It and tossed It vard'h ten-yard line, general nilxun. Wendell f.ets Wrndi I", was tdlyt five yard line, but the oval fell short ten i yarns. Plays permitted under the new were not very much In evidence. Ames worked a forward pass once, but lost two other times. Coach Chalmers' "skiddoo" was ruled out bv the officials on the ground that It had n tendency, to draw the opposinn team off-side. Ames had a clever quarter-bark kick that worked three times out of five. StrefT. Kent, Allen and Kirk played the star game for Iowa, while Reppert. Hrugger and .MeKmenney performer for the Aggies. IOWA. I .L.K.I R E. . L.T. K.T.. ....L.O.I R.G.. c t : ....R.O.ILO.. . .. . R.TJ L.T. . ....R.E L.K.. ....Q.H.; (j.F. .. ....L.H. fi ll. ...It. H.I L.H.. ....F.Li.t F.R.. Aler audeu StrefT ltnckwood Euteman Hastings Eliott Washburn Carberry .,. y Kent ... Knowllon Allen Kirk Miristltutes ColllnB tor Knowiton, Fritzcll lins. MuDhord tor Jeanson Hoaglaml. I mplre: Hamill. Head lines-man: Coggeahall. Time of halves: 30 minutes. were the star Th" line-up: AMES . .. McElhenny Rrugger Iirenne Player Nelson Mills ..... Hemilnger Jeanson Hlller Jonis Reppert I the Crimson line. Ills first try gave two i vards, and the next time he was shot over, rules Wt), tho whole team drugging and pusliins him. , That four yard showed what Vale could do when It wa.i hungry for the score which was so close at hand. The kicking of a goal waa an easy thins for Veeder. Anxious Komfiitu for Vale. There were several anxious moments for the Yule men, for while Harvard never had possession of the ball Inside tlie twen-ty-five-yard line, twice Yale was lined up with the ball in th shallow of lis goal posts and In each case Veeder dropped behind the goal line to punt. In both instances Harvard, by means of the onside kick sent the ball to Yale at alsjut Yale's twenty-yard line. The fiist time Yale was penalized for holding was on the three-yard line. A few minutes later another penalty for Raieiimn, i Kavo it the ball on Its four-yard line. tor Col- Kef eree: iOPIIEIt WI BV VIRROW M4RUI failed to gain. H kersall made a '.'.k. at j ijht punting, but made a forwuid pass. TMe ball went wrong snd again Nebraski get it on Chleago'e fifteen-yard line. Johnson printed around the end for eu yard, and a fake buck put the ball on Chicago's two-yard line. Uttle carried It over amidst au uproar In the Cornhuskers' stand. Wcl-!r missed goal. Beore: Chicago, SO; Ne. braska. 6. The ball waa booted back and forth until Kckoinull gut it where he wanted It, when b kicked another goal. Score: Chicago, J4; Nebraska, 5. The half ended with the ball In the middle of the field. Nabraaka braced In the second huif and played a desperate gam. Several men ware taken out because of Injuries, Including Captain Maaon. replaced by Smith: M Ooriald waa substituted for Johnson, who had hren playing a plucky rln'. Chaloupka w.i hurt In successfully tackling Eckereall. mid Iooin took his place: Wllkte waa taken out in tho first half, and Taylor, the I.: colored; guard, put in. Thmurh tho gjina went against them, the Uncoln lada nover f altered and pl4 just aa thouab everything- depended on it. After several exchangea of pouts. Ecker. 'ui waa forced to kick for goal from the forty -.Ivwyard lino, but failed, the itall uiiig fr to una side. After It bad been itturr.od to Ilia center of the field Chicago workxl !l back PJ tiio Uiirtv-tn e-yunl I'.c.c, Imuu wl.lca iioiui Lcfcvrtitli n,.ei'.- u ys iv Minnesota aarprlel by Weight and Ntle ot flay of Hooalrra. MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 'Jl. Indiana proved a surprise to Mlnnesol'i tooay, losing u game. 6 to When the Hoosiep team first appeared on the field their weight was a shock to the laiekers of the Minnesota lean, and their style of play was another shock. Minnesota kicked nit anil an exebango of punts brought the bull to the centi r of the field. wn. r Minnesota Inst it on downs. Indiana was held and th game became a kicking duel. With the ball on Minnesota's ihltLy-ycrd 1 1 1 1 , Hill of Indians, secured It ou u tumble nnif ran for a touchuown. iinnesoia workeil. the ball to witliln field goal distance, here Mh re huP failed to make a iluce kik. tic ba'l striking the crossbars. A long punt then iiermltted Mlnrx'sota to ton-e I 'apt;-.t-.i Hun: of Indiana over, scoring a nitvt. More line plvys by Minnesota hrougnt the ball within eight yards of Indiana a goal line, where a title n-yarn rsnaltv was enforced. Mars'iaill kicked u goar" from the twenty-five-yurd line and tlie half ended Indiana 6. Minnesota 6. Emly in the second half Indiana tried n drop kick, which failed, and Minnesota had a free kl"! from its own twenty. yard line. Minnesota here resorted to strutKht foot ball Hguiu, but was finallv forced to punl. and the ball ,i. booteil back and forth between Indiana's II: teen-yuni line and t lie center o the field. Alter being penalized twenty yards Indiana got the ball in its own thiriy-x.rd line. Indiana punted to Mlinc stilu s thii ly-se cn-yartl line and Miu. nesota ni'ide a seven-yard return. In turn punting, and following It up so KpeedUv lliMl Hare, who got it. was forced ovr fer another safety. Her. re: Minnenot.i, v; Indiana, 6. Ttus ended the counting. Dandee Defeats Boylea. Pundue added another victory to Its clean In the early part of the game Ncwhail tried a drop kick, but It was blocked and Forbes got tho ball. Eniy iu the game ulso Yale lost an op portunity to score a field goal Weder tried for one on' Harvard's forty rhrouKli Line. through the line on the next play and curried several men on his back to his own thirty-tlvo-ynrd lino. Foster went over for five yards. Then Wendell went through for four more. New-hall's on-slde kick gave Yale the bull on its own forty-yard line. Veeder got five yards outside of left tackle. A double piss gave Knox a chance for a on-Hldo klik and the hall went to Harvard's twenty-yarc line and in a general nilxup Yale got up with the ball. Tad made a sensational run the breadth of the field, twlstir.a; In and out among tlie Harvard nun In grand style, but it did not net much tround. Harvard was penalized for Lincoln's holding, but Yale retailed the ball Instead of Harvard losing distance. Then Yale lout live yards for holding. Jones attempted an end run, but I'nrker got through and downed him for a loss of five yards. Veeder attempted a drop kick from the four-yard line, but the ball went wide by a few yards. Burr punted to Illgelow on his own fifty-yard line and the team made five yards on a line play, with Morse carrying the bull after Rigelow had run It back for seven yards on the catch. Knox made an on-side kick to Harvard's twenty-yard line, where Forbes got It. Roome replaced Knox and on his ftrVt play made no gain. Hsr- I vard was fcivt-n' five yards because of Yale's holding. Veeder on a fake kick. threw the ball to Forbes at Harvard's four-yard line. One yard was gained on mass play. On the next pluy Roome was shot over the line for the first touchdown. VlId enthusiasm on the Yale side. Veeder kicked the goal. Score Harvard. 0. Hurr kicked off on Yale's goal line and the ball was brought In for n free punt from the twenty-tive-yard line. Uurr got the ball on his own fifty-yard line ami carried it sixteen yards. Ncwhail, on a quarterback kick, sent the ball to Yalo's twenty-yard line. - Un a fake kick Yale gained three yards. Then Jones mnde u twenty-yard end run. A fumble behind Yule's line was turned i into a double, pass, but there was no gain and tho whistle blew for the end of tho first half with the ball on Yale's thlrty-five-yard line."Bcorc, first hulf: Yale, ti; Haryard, o. Prennd Half Opens. The tennis took the. field at 3 o'clock for the second half. 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MICKEL Mct. 1 III II II HI I IWI - -- lliai III I lllf McDonald's end, hut could not do so. Yale was penalized fifteen yards ami It was Yale's hall on its own four-yard line. Kennard replaced JleDotinld for Harvard. Yale piled up the Crimson line and got a yard. Then Veeder from liehind his goa. line punted to his thirty-yard line ami Ncwhail run outside at the thirty-three yard line. A forward puss, -New hull to Orr, gave Harvard ten ynrds. Yale bloke through the line the next time ami nulled Ncwhail for ti hiss. On a double last Foster fumbled. Forbes got the lull on hh own Twenty-live yard- line. Dines took Jones' plr,ce. Veeder pirtited to Xewhal. nt tlie (.'rlnisou's forty-seven yard line-Newhall fumbled and Forbes got the hall. I Linn took Lloniar's place. Yale tore up the Yale, 6; j Crimson In two plays for a total of ten vards. Wornecken took Morse's place and .Morse took Alcott's place. Yale tore lip the Crimson iu terrlllc fashion nnd tlie bull was ipilekly on Harvard's twenty-yard line. They smushed through for live yards. Tlie game ended with the hall on llar aid's thirteen-yard line. Final score: Yale, ti; Harvard, o. The lineup: YAI.E. Forbes Palg' schoivl of Cleveland for several years, will In returned to the Sta'e university. The gahie today was highly spectacular. A i.ike kick, combined with a forward pass, 'ave the Ohio Stnle university team a louflid'iwn In the first half, and Harrington a forty-live-) aid run, after catching a .tint, gave the other In the second half. when , it fte-ard line. It went wide by a few feet. Right after this Yale had another opportunity lor a try at goal, but lost It out of anxiety to make u touchdown. Burr hail punted to Knox at the Crimson's forty-live-yard line, and the latter, behind u screen of Interference, ran the breadth of ! the field for a gain of twenty yards. Three line plays which followed resulted In the necesasry first down and- a touchdown '. seemed certain. On the next play Jones I took the ball, made a forward puss to j Alcott, who fumbled It on the three-yard ; downed ba- k u!most to midtk-ld. Veeder made Ave yards on- an end run nnd then kicked to Purr at Harvard's thirty-yard line. Hurr kicked to Yale's thirty-yard line, but Harvard's end went down under tlie ball and Roome did not r,'-iln a yard. Jones made a twenty-yard run around McDonald's end, hut tiie. ball went back five yards becuuse it had gone out of bounds. The crimson line was fi stone wall when Koonie bucked It. Veeder kicked to Ncwhail on Ids own thirty-flve-yard line and the Yale ends him in his tracks. Foster whs ...1..F.. ...L.T. Prides l-O. lloekenlierger Krwin HH. Migelow H.T. II Joncs-Aloott - Morse H.1-. I; I-H.T H.3 LO. L.T.. UK.. .Q.H. HARVARD. Starr -Orr Pit rce Kersoerg . .. Parker-Fraaer Hurr Osborne I T. Jones-Dims. y.U K nox-Roonie- i Homar-Linn L.H. 15. L.IT Veeder R.H.H.; It.II Morse-Wer- necken F. H. ; F.l ; Score: Yah', C; Harvard. . Touchdown Roome. tloal down: Veeder. Referee: W. West Point. Cmplrcs: Iv K mouth: V. II. Kdwards. Ptir. of halves, l!o minutes. VIl.l.ANOYA S(UI(i;i Maeiloiiald-Kennard .... Newall I'ostef Lincoln . .. W endell front loueh-J. Ilaikett. . Hall. D-iri-; ton. Time Ql Al KHS u Surprise by defeating l'.ovles oillege en th :'s ground-. Dundee won tlie toss I and ohuso Lh-.- west w ial. Hol ies Viiked t Howell, who was downed in his tracks. 1 Alter guiiimg their yards. Dindee kicked to the lif t --third-yard line, Nash recovering ' the ball. Dundee as.dii ki ked. the ball j giltir o'er the ;onl line, wbere 8to-tsel , fell on it making the only tomhdimn. j Si -loy missed goal. te,ire. S to rt. niter eight I minutes of play. The hall' ended with tne i ball in Dundee possession, iu Hoyh-s territory. The second h.ilf was hotly contested and aa largely a kicking game. Tlie lll seesawed laick and forth ovr the (.-enter of the held and the half ended with the Iwll In Hoy ies' ierrltor, llh liuudie tu possession. Dundee has never been scored on this '-ur, but w.eihl Ilk'- to plav some team who w'll be liable to score, a few o.iln's on them Thanksgiving. Tlie l:neup wa as follows : MNDKK. RU11.KS Nssh Klack Hloetsel Curtla Phillips Ho-ell llathewajr .. A Lewis Clarke Reiby Touchdom u son and I 'raver 8l by. Linesman: I..IV H K Pennington L.T.I K T Adums L.rj.i H Ci Hael ...C.iC 8..-OH R n j Hsves R T.i L.T Chutt R K I. t Johiuun ...uTQ...: CrMdtnaS I II K II llowley K H F.H A. Gldillngs RH'L.II A. 8oli 8tovtsel. Referees : Pcter- Tiniek-p'r: . l. limlc.l. Time of halves: hatuat far Med 4 loa4. HKl) CI.Ot'D, Neh.. Nov 4. iSe iai 'i'slegr. ti. j -iiuod lalal'id Bubllies college shut ll'tl 4. louu luduj t. bvvi v of 1 iw a. line. McDonald dropped punted out of danger. Harvard rkaiigra Altaek. With the score 6 lo 0 Harvard was com- I pelled to chunge its style of attack, and j Puir was called upon to put the ball out of danger with his toe. The first part of (lie second hiilf retched itself Into a punt- i lug duel between Hurr nnd Veeder. From thfti on the outcome eeer.ied certain. Yale, 1 with new players, put fresh life into its team and in the last live minutes of the half there was a march down the Hold. Yale was moving like a battering rnm and another touchdown apparently pre vented by the referee's whistle, ending! the game. j The gridiron was framed with a mass of I humanity, in which three ride.s were blue and the other crimson. The cheering and singing, while good, f II far short of previous years, explainable by tho fuot that the game was played so f,it that spectators pii not have time to pay much attention to th cheer leaders. Not a was vacant and at the gate a few stray tickets hmutcht phxnonu nal prices, one putr changing hands at $.'(. Tho game opened under gray xkles. but was concluded 111 radiant sunshine und tinder a canopy of blue, Tho Harvard stands at the opening cheered Yale, and Captain Morso and the opitoslie side ret. lined thia compliment. At the close of the game the jubllnn Yale host' stood bareheaded for fifteen minutes in from cf the Harvard stand, cheeiliig and singing to the Ctlmson, the Inner responding, alo has always cheered Harvard, but never before litis it been turned Into an ovation. Game Beglm Captain Morse won tlir north goal, giving him a tare of tha breeae. The teams took the field. Knox and Howard Jones were In Y'ale'a llnejp. Roots and Alcott were out. Burr Kicked to Veedc at Yale's aeven-yard lino. It u carried back to the twenty-eight-yard line, where the first attend at tho lino wac stopped McDonald got the hall on Yale's fort) -fit e-yard Hoe. On a take pl thibiigb Hie line. Hlair ol tha bull ou a I oiv aid and madn twenty 'yards .iiouud Koi'Ihs i ij f A tot tUiuuh jrlfciit t!tckl, Uucolu ctirrjltjf th bull. hiiri had was on it uud Uurr ; called upon to hit tlie line, hut did not get ! through and in the mlxup lost the ball and Yeeler got it. Roome shot through for four yards end the Yale team shoved fo- three more. Fraaci took Parker's place. Vale failed lj make Its rtrt down and It Harvard's, bull on Its own twenty-flve-yard line. Hurr punted to Morse at his own fifty-yard line, but he fumbled, and Wendell got It. An on-slde kick gave Yale the bull on Its twenty-yard line. Tad Jones tried un cud run for no gain. Jones got four yards by relating the same play. Veeder punted from his own flfloen-yurd Unci In the Yale f.jrty-elght-yard line. Starr made a forward mass, which was a miserable one. and It went to Yale on its own I forty-yard line. Yah- galr.e.l ten yards I on an cud run and curried tlie ball over ! midhVId ilnu hy some fierce plunging. Tad Jones muile eight yards on an end run. Yale bored through left tickle for nvo more and on tlie new plav Roome was c-ir- I re d baek by Harvard after he had gained live more by line plunging. Yah- lost lif-j e,-n yards for off-side play, j Veeder I st two in trying the lines. ; VeeJ -r was comis-llLd to drop back to kick. J which h" did to Harvard's twenty-flve-yard ! line out of hounds. The hall was brought j in. Orr went In for Starr. Hurr kicked to I Yale' fort) -live-yard line, where Itoome twisted through for five yards. An on-side ' kick gavo Harvard the ball ou Its forty-five-.H!d line. Newhall kicked to Yale" . thirty-yard line. A gain of four ynrds was ' followed bv n fumble by Hnrvurd. Y'ule j did not lose the ball. Veeder panted out. of J bounds ut Harvard's fifty-yard line. Hurr j pnuled uuti.-f bounds at Yale's llfteen-yai d line. Harvard rushed Jones' at.fmpt at the tos and chose ": "a r 1,1 wmoiii a root or grouua neing him a slight advan- eameu. iconic was repiacen oy ramar tiuniar lust nve yaras ann rate waa penalised ten yards for holding and tha liall was Yale a on Its own three-yard hue. Yale drove through the Crimson line for five yards and Veeder dropped behind Ida goal line and punted to Newhall o.i the forty-live yard line. Hurr punted low to Yale's fifteen yard line slid the lll waa inn back by Joins to his mn fortv-flu urd Ilnu. , alc la Penalised. Huir punted to Yui ljtiteii xui imc. b'Jll.4C U'J JVU OOlll t. ttd tty ft l .rli,.r.l (.ailie of AfSil'iii) Team for the I uivrrslty. PHILADF.Ll'H IA. Nov. at.-The fni-veislty of Pennsylvania was scon d on today by tee Villanova eleven. Tne w ore was 'TI to 1-. The two torn udowns wnli'h tne visitors secured .ie made through Penns.v tvanlii's poor handling of punt'- in the back Held. Lawrence, the gn.iker uiiarlei back. J iggled a punt end nllowi d the liall to loll over the line, where M.Cinn f-II on it for the, visitors. In the y, eoud half L-Ulgweil h runible give tlie lull to Mciinn at mid-Held, and tin speedy back ran half tin; length or the field for a touchdown. 'I'lit- Oinilti-iK scoted tticir l'our touchdowns by lushing tlie ball down the Held in gocil fashion. Independent!) lien Latliropn. The- Hist half of the gamo Saturday, be-iveen tlie Lathrops and the indepenuents ,as cliaracterizej by the stubtiorn of the Liitlirops. ond ulthough the all was in their territory most of the .me tlie Independents did not. succeed n pushing the hall over the goal. In ne second half tlie Independents started in with a rush that overwhelmed the Lathrops. Hy using, both tackles for good gains, the forward pass with success, tiie on-side kick and the return kick, the Iiijie, endelits scored three touchdowns, mnklng the score 1 r. to I) at the end of the hist half. The stars were Howard, Johnson. Whinncry and I elani;ttre. Referee: Prentiss. I'mpirc: Adams. Halves; J.1 minutes. Third 4 lelahton Team Wins. Cteighton's third team added tlie Omaha Conimeli ial college to its list ot vletorh s. deflating it on Brighton's field esten,ay by a score of ; to ,". Corrlenii and Magan slatted on Hi.- olTen-ive. Dougherty al.-o assisted in advancing the ball and put up a line defensive game. 4'relghton's ends were strong and aside from a few line sinn-ibes. win re their excessive weight told, tlie Commercials w- re nimble to giilu. 'I ho third team is mnde up of members of the liiKli school ejai't ment of the college and viii wind up a most successful season Thanksgiving day. when they go to Harlan, la., to meet the high school team of place. This team defeated the Omaha Hluh school this season. li st season a Fremont record In the box. he ployed a few games with n:ne and made a promlsinir EVEXTS ON THE Itl XMXi TIl.M KS lirund Islnnd Keeps on Winning:. (HtAND ISLAND. Nrh.. Nov. L'l (Special! The high school foot ball tiiim defeated the hiyh school team of Kearney yci-terday b. tin- score of 1J to 4. allowing supeiiorit at every point Iu the game, excepting weight. Tin- looniH have been defeated only once this sensuii, by the Military academy at Kearney, which team It icfented by a or' score in a return game in this city. The last game will In- played on Thanksgiving day, with the college of tills city. Soldiers to Pln' Superiors. Tlie Fort Omaha soldii i s and the Superiors will elasli on tlie gridiron at Dietz park this af.irnooii. The Fort oniaha soldiers ehein the championship of ail the soldier teams-Iu tills vicinity. The Superiors have played a number of e.atnea this year and have made a t-'unil showing for a light I' a:, i. I'.otll teams play fast ball, so a good game can lie looked for. (lime called nt .' p. m. S)ractie Wins frtini West Point. U'KST pdlNT. N. V.. Nov. Jl.-lu the loot hell ga.iK- here today Syracuse iml-Vcl.-ll) l.-leillill V,!-t point. I !. S.vra-.-ife seined in Ha i'.rst hull' with a pla e link eli.r tin iiucuci-i-sful trials pr-- sloti.-lv. West Point plaed r-.ggeillv. lllil.ois llel'enlH LA FA YI'.TTi:, Ind.. Nov. defeated by Illinois in the hi re on Slum t field, a t. n ci! ue. : i'l. - Ptird ue wus ' loot hall game I. ather on- dltlons were Ideal, but the Held was uiu.i.iy at the south end, lllis opei-iiting lo Piu-duc's disadvantage. N'ltlier side scored In the first half. In the second half Stewart kicked oft to Miles, who returned the Imll lo . Purdue's thirty-yard line. He. d tried an on-slde kick and Iiiik lell on th,. ball on Purdue's foriy-tH - ai d line. Long and Merrill made short gains and Heed's on-slde kick was captured by IVttlgl'cW. vim ran twenty ail- for a louchdjwu. ( ial Jin r failed lo kitik koul. York ( haiuiiiun of IHhIi Schools. ntIK. Ndi.. Nov. -t.- (Sim '.-In 1. 1 - Th" York Higli school Muilents are still c. ! hri'ting i heir victory ovr ine H.-aTic team yesnrdav. lieu ti ice was II v team in tho slate tout i eiitly has ma I. unv claim for tlie . iianipionship ol (ilo m li.sds. Yol k's goal. In 1 he many g melius vear. im luding Omnha. lias u v. r l en eiossed. Iligti schools tliroughuiit the stile now concede linn York is champion of the stiite. on Thanksgiving dav York will play toe chanipious of low u--Missoiu I tilley-j u York. The ork team will do Us be-l ) und hopes to win the championship nf . the two Mutes. I Score X FALLS. Sloiiv l.. Nov ,1 hall Mi nil-.' , ;i. -(Special contert hero lilvh school ills neither same was SUM 'I'd. K; am. I- 111 III" ! this aflerneon betwi of Sioux t'hy and Siou' 1' t'-alil wjis iiile to fe ,'c. 'Ill" plaj i d on a tinnldj' i. I Ol It I IHSTS IMI T4 SF.4 4I), Iim'( llader Shows Skill in Athletics ut l-'reiuiit Meet. FIIKMt 'NT. Nel.. Nov. :'4 - iS' T1.-graio.i - Tiie I'reni'ini Miwli school lo-ld i;s ailOllijl tlal'K lie'! !.l ll.C NIHMS 1 ' ' ' lord. iv anctriooc. t.inesi icio.-r won in prl.e for t ne I" si atl-iound 'list 111 !-. i i oasn. throw and broad .iiiinp " i'nil 'J'-C-vaiti tea in will be rcprei ehool fl es'el'da '. is :m! is co.l.-ide I In. 1-,) r d : W till. V. illllilO' Si,ot pill, holllili '1 end ."coiid In tin h. Til'- u: ck alhb lie n led at the spring liiKh in. Under L'iiml foot hall iv-up b won n!a vej e h ill I'cli.-. Tellfnre Wins llantrra' 4 liamplouslilp Steepler bate at Helming- aar WASHINOTON. Nov. 24 -Heaut iful weather and a well balanced card In to" Hunters' Champion cte-plechase a'traeteil to the Hetining track today one of the largest crowds of the meeting. Pretension. In the fifth race, finished second, but was disqualified for fouling Oxford Just after the turn into the stretch. Jockey Miller had live mounts and won all of them. Results: First race, seven furlongs: Workman won, Helle Stronio second, Axellna third. Time: 1 :Ws. Second race. Hunters' Championship, steeplechase, about three miles: To'll.iiB won, F.ssex second. Mount Henry third. Time: li:17. - Third race, five and a half furlongs: Time meiac won, Narello second, Ambu.ili third. Time: l:lv Fourth race. Helming spfolal. one, mlln and a lull r : Hanker won. Cederstronie second. Dainty third. Time: '.::4iiv Fifth lace, one mile and seventy yarns: Oxford won. Ormonde's Right second. Volutin third. Time: Lif,,. Sixth race, one mile and three-sixteenth: Kmperor of India won. lvanhoe Hecond, Mintf'rod A third. Time: 2. (;;,. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14. Results at Emeryville: First race, six furlongs: Fred Rent won, Stiver Sue second. Tavora third. Time: 1:14'.. Second race, five lurlotiKs: Ocean Shore won At Ltndtey secotnt, j-red .Mittiioiianil third. Time: l:ii.s. Third race, one mile and an eighth: Water Cure won. Jack Little second. W. II. dates third. Time: 1 :5;. Fourth race, one mile and 100 yards. Ramus won, Ixiglntllhi second, Dulmdu third. Time: LCVy Fifth race, one mile: Dewey won. Military Man second, Roila third. Time: l:ll-r. Sixth race, six furlongs: ITlneess Tlluuiu won. Ruby second, Van Ness third. Time: 1:13H- ' ' NhW OHI.KANS, Nov. 21. ItcsultB at Fair (iroimds: Fiist race, tive and a half furlongs: Optional W'svl yuinn Hrady secend. Sneer third. Tiii: 1 :0'-,. Second rucr. six furlongs: Gild won. Read Hiumincl second, Jacomo third. Time: 1.1 1,. Third race, one mile and seventy yard-Judge, post won. Dr. Spruill second, Orly 1 third. Time: l:4T.v. Fourth race. Inaugural handiriin, six fur longs, fl.'iow added: Helmore won. Meadow Hreexo second, Hey third. Tunc: 1:1"". Filth race, five and a half furlongs: Te-b igan won. Cutter second. Alencon third. Time: laiei'r,. Slxili race, one mile: Missouri Lad won, Odd Ella second Henry 'vV.itterson thliu. Time: Ltl-'v,. . Doiible-llraiter nt llnsbet Hall. (LARKS. N. b., Nov. ".4. (8pvctul.l'l h (hiioii liiuh rctiool took a noiihlc t liim ('laiKs' liiuh svhotjl Ft Ida y night at the ( links' opera house. Iloth ganies wer hotly contested. Tin- Hi si game wits Ik -tw'-en Co-ooa . ml Clicks utile and resulted in favor of Heiioa by a scoie of US to u, I'he llnnup: llelii.l. positions. Miss Cotllu It. F Miss Audei sort ;vtlss Siniih 1.1' Allsa Miss Wiliard IW. ...... Mls SPiuliy A1lsS 'I'aiiol SC...... MisS Hh'tise .iss Hl'.lK .' L (i.... illSS Ymti r'lS I ! Miss iiisjn It. 1 1 Miss D.iiiu ls The second aioe was Ix twas-n Hie lit riu and tiarKs ILkIi scliool liys and ri-sulted I' to n'.t. oil the phivt.tT I'larks score 1 and ( ;.-noa - poi.ith, (icii'ia winning, 31 lo lu. i I In- lineup : Cnoa. Positions. Ciatk-. irisn , li. r i-oiiiiMi lilekey L.F pli-r-'-u Irwin I- '' DoiiKia ake L.C, !'. 11 u TOILET SKTfi ....K.iJ Uokjtr -Frenzi r, litli iind l'"di,- Kcurliiu. Defeated hy li to c. 'i'ulatot foil liall sea-i single point. lias ls-en tietealed 111 eveiy guinii Ollf. 111. score then brillK 1" " Aikaiisus loade Its score mainly by strumu loot Pall, bucking the line tor lo u u-tiuwns and making one place kick. Entire Season Without NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 21- thc rnivertliv of Arkansas, i-eiverslty todaN' closl its sot! Wltrio'.ll naMIIIC muMU TuUue except OS A CERTAIN SAFE TREATMENT the the lev Indiana Defeat tlnelauatl. CINCINNATI. Nov. 24 1 he (Titiisie Indians del.-ated tlie I'niversity of e'lnctulia'l team, la to . hrra today. Tlie It .cat t'-uu was stlengthened bv a few form.- C'n-rinnuti unlversliy piuvtrs und In (h lal. lr oar' of tlie e-ie. ( tdlf Tom (jravd.Ki, I lit- fainoiis Harvui'tl I uIDjm t k , mi 1 the guint. but hud no i ppoiiuaity lo any slar 1 lav s. I li. lake Oalw malr CoH'MHt'S. vV'ouoler iod., ci Ivcislty won Wlnt. Lhainiiluushiu O.. Nov. 24 -Hy defeating li 1. 1 U. ll'w Uh'o Stale the Ohio t li. a' f -" h ill t harnpic'is' lll "hip cup. ''1' for p'.it h tis . I- ttiitt ell I. I h t ha id by Hit i I'.vcti if ltit-rrurv .iii'l Dolasli could cure Contaiiimis Blcoil Toiaon, the ctindition in which tlicsc strono; minerals leave the system wotiM make the cure worse than the disease Hut tley cannot 'cu-J- the vile disorder, tbey can only cover up tlie symptoms for awhile to brak out with renewed violence when the treatment is left oft. When the jviru.i of Contagious Blood Poison enters the blood the entire circulation tiecoines ioisoned, and th loathsome tymptoias begin to appear. The mouth and throat ulcerate, haii and eyebro vs come out, glauds of the neck and groin swell, copper-colored fpols appear on the Isxly. and in seere cases sorts and ulcers break out. and even the bones Income diseased. S. S. S. is the only certain, safe cure foi Contagious Ulood l'oison ; thousands Lave been cured by it aiter failiuij with I the mineral treatment. Hot Springs, etc. It is tlie only lemedy that is ab i to pet at the root of the disease and force out the fjoisoti so that no signs an ever seen aain. S. K. ,S. is purely vegetable, K ing made of roots, herbs nnd barks, and never leaves any bad effects, but instead, tom s up the Mom-pch and digestion an 1 builds up every part of tlje system while removing the jiji.-.oii from the blood.' Lixik with instructions for self treatment auii li.celieul atU lee hee. THZ SWIFT SPtCtfIG CO.. ATLANTA. CA, I

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