Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska on November 3, 1912 · Page 38
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Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska · Page 38

Omaha, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 3, 1912
Page 38
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PART FIVE SPORT SECTION PAGES ONE TO FOUR VOL. XLH-NO. 20. Clash Between Crighton and St. ST. LOUIS WALLOPS unwi Fast and Hard Rushes of Missou-rians Too Much for Locals,' Who Lose, 28 to 3. TAMISEA SCORES DROP KICK Clever Jap Makes Creighton's Only Score in the Final Quarter. BILLIXIN STRONG DEFENSE First and Secondary Defense of St, Louis is in Sensational Class. CREIGHTON BRACES IN END After nelntr Shoved Around Field tor Three Qnnrters, the Locnl Wnv. rlorn Pick Up nnd Play Superior Ball. By tho persistent use of old style foot ball, Intermingled with' an occasional forward pass anil .end runs, St Louis university walloped Creighton yesterday afternoon by the score' of 23 to- 3, Creighton's only score came In the' last few minutes of play, when Jap Tamlsea booted the boll between the crossbars from the twenty-yard line. St, Louis'' defense was tho stiff est proposition tho blue and white has run up against, this season. Time after time thp Orelgfiton lads would -break through the first defense, only to ba stopped by a stonewall secondary. defense. Creighton, on the other- hand, seemed riot able to stop tho terrific smashes of -thd'St Louis backs. Rati can and Ochritz-'had little trouble getting by the first 'and 'second defense of the Creighton team and even then, with several husky opponents hanging about thorn, would crawl and Squirm and battle, for a fowmoro valuable feet Crelchtnn Stnrtx Well. Creighton Btarted off with a rush, but after a fumble the SL Louis backs started a march down the fletd. Twice they were In striking distance of the goal line, but a fifteen-yard penalty saved Creighton from one touchdown and the ball going out of bounds saved another. Snyder was then pushed through the center for the first touchdown and Magulre" kicked goal. The second quarter found the Creighton team fighting- hard and they had the. ball In St Louis' territory nearly tho, entire period, but when within striking distance of the goal they fell down. In this quarter Tamlsea tried his first drop kick, It being from the forty-yard lino. yThe ball carried well, but tho wind hold it off to one side. "Wnllc Over Crelarhtnn. In the third quarter tho Bllllklns literally walked over the Creighton bunch. Their rushes came hard and fast Ratl-can, Zachriti and T. Stadtherr carrying the ball mo$t of the time. Itatloan, especially, making long gains through the line and around the ends. About the middle of the third quarter Zachritz caught a punt off the toe of Tamlsea and ran sixty-five yards through a broken , field for a touchdown. Magulre negotiated the goal. Tn the samo quarter, after working the ball almost the length of the field, Ratlcan broke through center for twenty yards and made another touchdown. Ma-gulrd again kicked goal, In the last period Creighton quit Its use- Ifss attack against the stonewall line of the Mlssurlans. Open play was resorted to and many gains wore made for ipisd distances,' Once on a fumble the St. Louis team reeovored the ball and marched down the field, pushing Snyder across for their lost touchdown. Magulre kicked goal. In this period the prettiest play of the game was pulled off.' A double forward pass was worked to perfection by the locals. Miller heaved tho ball to Hopkins, who passed it clear across the line of scrimmage to Brennan, who got away for thirty yards. The St. Louis team then strengthened and Jap Tamlsea was given his fourth chance at a drop kick, and booted theball fairly between the posts. Fight lu the I. nut. Creighton. despite tho fact that It 'Was beaten, put up a hard gamo and never quit at any time. The backs smashed Into the beefy Missouri lino time and again, and, although being thrown for losses or held without gains, kept on trying, and towards the end of the 'gamo were wearing the line diAvn. Had the local team used the open play and forward pass an much during the other periods as It did in the last, there Is no doubt but what the score would have been muoh closer, for when the blue and white tried the pass It meant gains In most Instances. St. LouU came through the west gate at 3 o'clock and began rhort signal prac-tlcetlce. Crelchton followed shortly from the gymnasium at the college buildings. Spectators had difficulty in distinguishing the two team 8, as both have practically the same colors, blue and white. It wat apparent when the two teams took tha field that St. Louis wai slightly the (Continued on "ago Two,) SQUAD The PRINCETON DOWN TO DEFEAT After a Hard Fought Battle Harvard Wins by Score of 16 to 6. BRILLIANT PLAYS MARK GAME Line Dncklnur of ' Brlckley, "Who Injured and Carried from the Field, One of thn Ventures . of the Contest. CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 2. Harvard vanquished Princeton in tho Stadium today by a score of 18 to 6, principally through the line plunging of Brlckley and his' wondorful flold goal and placement ki'oklng. Tho big Harvard halfbacu scored two goals from tho field and then kicked a placement goal of forty-sevon yards for a third, score. In the lost few minutes of play ho holped carry tho ball to the Princeton goal line, where Hard-wlck mado a, touchdown. In this last play Brlckley -was severely Injured and was carried from the field. Tho Princeton score was duo entirely to two beautifully executed forward passes in tho second period which netted fifty-seven yards and a touchdown. No goal was attempted. Both teams put up a Btrong defense on Una plunging by the opponents, but Fel-ton far outklcked Dcwltt in the punting (Continued on Pago Two.) South Dakota Loses in Last Minutes of. Game at Ann Arbor ANN ARBOR. Mich., Nov. a Securing a touchdqwn and goal in the lost few minutes of play Michigan today defeated the University of South Dakota foot ball eleven. 7 to 6. in a thrilllnc- game,,tho first contest In which tho two universities have ever .participated. A bad put-out by Sheeks after scored a touchdown for South Dakota In the second period lost the husky visitors tho pportUn'.ty to hold thn Wnlvxrlnoa to a tic. Held scoreless In the first 'quarter, both elevens played desperate foot ball In tho next period and finally after an oxchange of punts South Dakota secured tho ball on .Michigan's forty-yard line. Two forward passes, netaly oxecuted, netted South Dakota more than half tho distance and Sheeks tore through for a touchdown. Before Potts coud recover Sheek's erratlo put-out Michigan players had him blocked. Back and forth waged the tide of battle until lato In the final period, when Michigan worked tho ball well into Dakota territory, only to have a forward pass intercepted. Fenruson minted nut of bounds on Dakota's flftoen-yard line ana Michigan secured the ball. Using Thomson as tho vortex" of a terrific line attack, tho Malzo and Bluo warriors battered their way to Dakota's seven-yard line, where Thomson smashed through Downlgh for the tlelng score. Then Pat-erson, with the gamo hinging on his effort, kicked goal; Thomson and Sheeks were Individual stars. ' Oourtright's Kicks Defeat Oklahoma LAWRENCE, Kan., Nov. 2. Coming up In the last quarter with two place k cks, tho University of Oklahoma foot ball team defeated the University of Kansas hero today, G to 5. Both of Oklahoma's scores were made by Court-right, left halfback. The field was muddy and fumbles wero frequent by both teams. Weldlln, Kansas left tackle, did most of the kicking for his team. In the second quarter he made the first score of the game with a beautiful kick from p'acoment, but failed repeatedly on other attempts, one of them JJust before the final whlstlo when tho score would have meant victory for Kansas. The other two points by the local team wero made on a safety In the last quarter. The game was evenly matched, neither teutn being able to gain consistently through tho line. HADVAP) WINS CROSSCOUNTRY RUN FROM CORNELL ITHACA. N. V., Nov. 2.-Harvard cross-country runn-s defeated Cornell today In a fast race over a slz-m lo courie. By bunching four men In the first six Harvard pulled out tho victory by the close score of !i to Si. . Captain John Paul Jones of the Cornell team i easily led the runners to the tape, but the new men on the Cornell team oould ! not cope with the CambrldKo runners. The race v. as rim during a light snow. , storm. The first f.vo nun to Hnlth weru ! Jones, Cornell, 29:li; Copeland. Har-kard. 20:0H; Boyd. Harvard. 30:46; lawless, Harvanl, 50:13. Brodt, Cornell, 30:H, Omaha Sunday ONE OF THE EXCITING PLAYS IN TJIE FUiST GAME, CREIGHTON TAKINK THE BALL AROUNP ST. BLANK FOR MAGIC CITY Hp Nebraska City Eleven Plays Rj Around Team. . , lead WINS BY SCORE OF 46 TJ ' mile Hough Plnylntr nnd Poor I3yes,0pes on Part of Official Results Complete Detent of South 0nl7 Omnha Players. ttnd ntlon ioun- In a gamo marked with rough pW not South pmalia High school was b The by the Nebraska City High schoolrelgn ball team, 44 to 0, at South On tho The village squad outweighed the try. team fifteen pounds to the man,, race couplod with rough playing, Uo'from hurdling, off-side playB and all tho and means that could be brought Into 11 bo succeeded In decisively ovrushlng Sod-South Omaha boys. ;eots. The referee arid umpire repeatedly lfrom to see or penallzo tho Nebraska a the team for thoso plays. The local esent played clean ball all through and. In Opel of tho odds against them, put up alany; fight torm Colng into tho game with five i As players In placo of the btst men onlify-team this year tho South Omaha, race had Uttlo chanco of scoring from Btart. Nixon, the great quarterback, mig-placcd, at rlgh half Instead of his I be customed place and a now man punlch as quarter, who was unable to place the plays, or work tho forward passes. In the first quarter tho South Omnha boys succeeded in 'keeping the ball out of their territory. After this O. Porter, tho vjllago team's quarter, found the weak spots on tho opponents' line and sent the back field' crashing through the guards and tackles . tlmo and again, resulting in the many touchdowns. Trick Play Nearly Succeeds. South Omaha cume very near scoring In tho third quarter by a trick play. Inman, captain of tho team and fullback, tried a olever ruse that nearly secured a touohdown for his plucky Uttlo teaem. Telling Berlin, loft half, and Rapp, right guard, to get off the field if they did not wont to obey tho signals, tho two men walked over to the right end and the visitors relaxed thinking they wero going ou,t of tho game, Lyman snapped the ball, hurling It to Berlin, who succeeded in eluding the end man and reaching tho ten-yard lino from the center of tho field before being tackled. Berlin tried to place a drop kick betwoen the goal posts, but failed. Team CllnKn to Mascot, Dr. Bloomdale, coach for tho Nebraska City team, who had been very officious during the first part of the gome, ob-Jected to Officer Gaughan putting the team's mascot, a large negro weighing 203 pounds, out of the grounds for misconduct. As a result Officer .Gaughan Informed him of the exact location of th exit from the park and would havo Im pressed It upon the doctor's memory but for Chief of Police Brlggs. Tho visiting team and the-rooters from the village tried to play tho part of real "cut upa," which did not "Jlbo" with Officer Gaughan's orders from the chief. Tho lineup: BOUT1I OMAHA. I NBUltARKA. CITY. r.ettn Il.E.lL.E Bmlth Kittle ItT.lUT Helttir Mcntida n. 0,1 1,0 Hnty Crawford Peterson C.C - SnelJtr lUpp I..O. '1!.0 HaucU SnilnholU UT.'IUT Bhoitilter Sullltan UE.IR.B lUmUf Hunn Q. II. I Q.I) a. Porter Nlioi Il.lI..I,.lt Btltter I.rmin to F.D.I F.D IUrry CmwtonJ Berlin UIMIl.ll J. Potter (CI Substitutes for South Omaha were: Foley. Cur Patrick, FiUgerald and Parlsoy. For Nebraska City." Glbbs, Nosby. KelloKg and Nelson, neferco: Smith of Ashland. Umpire; Ludwlg of i Omaha. I lead linesman: ronucrson or Bcllevue. M'COOK FAILS TO SCORE AGAINST CAMBRIDGE 'CAMBRIDGE, Neb., Nov. 2.-Cambrldge foot ball tam won from Mct'ook on tho Cambridge field Friday, 38 to 0. Renu lnston, the Cambridge fullback, was tho big ground gainer, especially In the first halt when ho brought the ball In striking d'stance of the McCook goal repeatedly. The half ended 13 to 0, In favor of Cambridge. Mlnnlck, the Cam- bridge quarter, started the third quarter . wun a (orty-yaru enu run tor u toucn down,' and a few minutes later Ilagsnrty want around for fifty yards' and another touchdown. The remaining scores were 'made on Nhort gains through the line. In the lakt quarter McCook's fullback got away on a fake forward pass for Ihlity ya-ds. purt : t the ball oft the Cam. bildgc f (tccn-yard line, but they could not muku tho redulrc-d sulns. Cnmliil,In has wan unineH flu fnllowa this year: Canrtir'dKe. ti: Arapahoe, 7. Cambridge, 18; Oxford. 0. Cambridge, 13. McCook, 0. Cambridge, 27; Trenton, 0. OMAHA, SUNDAY iMORNlXU, NOVUM Louis University Teams on Creighton Field ISP! Ills immmmM ton mm m ON DEFENSIVE rif'lAST PERIODS Illinois I.nnen by Hrorp of Thirteen to Nothlnir, Mlniifsiitn'H CSoal lleliiur In Itrrtl Diiiikct Only Once, MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 2. Mlnm-sota's foot ball team today fought Its way unr other step toward tho "Big Nino" conference championship, defentlng tho Illlnl by a score of 13 to 0. Touchdowns by Mc-Almon In tho first and second quarter, respectively, and "Plnklo" Haywnrd's one kicked goal In the socend quartor tell tho story i of Minnesota's victory. Illinois came back strong in the second half and Minnesota practically played on tho defensive, while both teams were forced to kick frequently. Illinois and Minnesota In the second half tried tho forwurd ias frequently, tht former making good gains. A number of times, however, pusses on both sldo wero Intercepted, Hayward and Shnugh-nessy making sonsntlonal runs on such plays. Shaughncssy, who took the placo of Tollefson, disqualified for the remainder of the season because of scholus-tlo deficiency, did good work as a kicker, but wns not tho equal of Klllimnn and "Woolston. Only onco was Minnesota's goat really In danger, when In tho fourth quartor, by line smashed by Woolston and Kenneff, Illinois carried the ball to Minnesota's one-yard line. 5Ilnnesota held, however, and Shaughncssy kicked out to safoty. Lineup: BubHtltutes: Minnesota Raymond for Solem. Lawlor for ICrdall. Loverlng for Ostrom: Illinois Schoblnger for Wilson, Senneff for Dillon, Shapland for Boore. Touchdowns: McAlmon. 2. Goal from touchdown: Hayward. Referoe: Masker, Northwestern. Umplro: Italdernuss, Lehigh, Head linesman: Fleager, Northwestern. Durborow to Quit the Swimming Game PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 2. -Aftor his at-tt'Iiipt to swim the English channel Charles B. Durborow. the local swimmer, declares that he will quit the gaum for good. Ho announced today that ho will do no more long-distance swimming this year. The proposed thlrty-four-mllo swim from 8andy Hook to the Battery and thence to Coney Island has been called off. Tho Plilludelphlaii had planned a campaign tn tho attack of all aquatic features, nnd this Included tho long grind to Boston light. His performances during the last summer liavx stamicd him as one Pf the best long-distance swimmer In the world. Wood on thi Ntnn-. Wood and SiK-ukor. the Red Sox stars. were each offered $1,000 a week to go fued to consider tlio mutter, but Speaker "-fB protty well of the stage at that price. nln ll,l.p, 111. ,,fu . uti.r W'.wi,, .(milium on tilt Stmcf. Manager Hughoy Jennings of th Tlgors his signed a ten weeks' vaudeville con. tttirt that will net him about (V0) n week. His partner Is it prominent blackface comedian and t).e pair vlll "try It on (hp dog" at I'.Uerson N. J. I " I II -4:11111 Klull i - vii.rpiiiii ii'i... I cxiiKiiuii I. lull Wins. HOLDRROE Neb.. Nov. 2 -(Special viCKruill.f ivxillKlun IIIKII Sl'IIOOl (in reatea iiomrK High se'.ioul this after noon. 1' to 0. The Visitors scored touch 1 downs In the first and thliU quarters ! and kicked both goals. BUH a, 1012. QUARTER OF YESTERDAY'S LOUIS' RIGHT END. iHA WINS FROM LINCOLN iopes Beaten on Own Grounds by 27 to 10 Score. IS START OUT STRONG IIfkIiih (Smite with Sternly nnd nt Kim of Firm tnarter llml ScMtrp Tnelvc Points to tiooil. UN, Neb., Nov. S.-(8tecIul Tuln. 'laying a brand of football that avti been n credit to universities. High school established hnr t claim to tho chamtuoiighln tit te by trlumplng over the prevl- naoieatea Lincoln High school iro this afternoon by a score of Tho game was fiercely con- both teams being on a par as to ana while strong on tho offense, y weak on tho defense, first few moments of tho game High rushed tho Omaha forwards r foot, and before tlmo hint been or the first quartor had soorcd Jpolnta, Wllltlo falling at both at at goal. Undismayed, the purple ' mm wnrriurs cams back ns and with tho opening of tho uartor, Uncoln found ltsolt us utplayed as the boys from the pit" had boon In tho first. a followed up tho ndvantago In tho second quarter and cinched no on two brilliant plays In the third In tho erlod. Lincoln camo baok strong Wnat period nnd managed to scoro ono tojichdown, hut roulri not oven UP tho score, (in tin- (iooil to Wutuli. From tho spectators' standpoint tho gnmo was Ideal. Both toatns played magnificent ball, fighting desperately for ouch Inch and glvlngthu onlookora nil tho thrills nttnndant with football, For Omaha, McFurlane. Gardiner and Rouse did herculean sorvlco. MeFarlano, especially, distinguished himself. Cup-tain Doylo, Allen nnd WHklo wuro tho Lincoln mainstays, Four minutes after tho opening of tho gnmo Lincoln hul Scored a touchdown, tho Omnha lino giving way for long gains boforo tho ussuult of the Antolopo backs. Five minutes later a second touohdown had been scored by Lincoln, Doylo. making both of them on straight lino btickB, and Wllklo fulling at goal. Omaha's lino then stiffened In Its defense, and thn Omuha backs carried tho ball to Lincoln's two-ynrd line when tlmo for tho period was cullod. Gardner took It over for a touchdown on the first down with tho resumption of piny. MeFarlano kicked goal. Lincoln l.nxc mi Diiwiipi. Omaha kicked off to Lincoln, who loat the ball on down., It required but a fow line buckH for Omaha to send Gardner over the second touchdown. McFurlane kicked 'goal. Tho half ended H to 12 n wiimim. ai mo opening of tho second half, Lincoln ca.rled tho 'ball to tho Omaha twenty-scven-ynrd lino only. favor of Omaha. At the opening of tho tho to bo held for downs, on tho first play. MeFarlano took a forward pass and raced soventy-two yurds to ho finally brouRht (Continued from Pubo One.) Purdue Overcomes Northwestern Men HVANSTON, Jll Nov. 2.-Playlng a brilliant game of straight foot ball, Pur-duo university triumphed over Northwestern university horo today, 21 to 6. Purdue's scores were tho rosult of threo touchdowns, CBrlen, Purdue's fullback, wont over for the first In the opening period, after Ollphant had advanced the ball to NorthWfstern's ton-yard line. Purdue's second touohdown was made In tho third period, when Phelps raced sixty yards against a broken field and planted tlio ball between Northwestorn's goal poHts. Ollphant wont over the linn forJ I'liruuen rinai scoro in tho rourth period, after O'Brien had placed tho ball on Nor'thwcstem's two-yard lino. Ollphant kicked all threo goals. Spectacular plays by Hlghtower, I.amUe and Gruhn enabled Northwestern to seoro four minutes aftor tho boglnnlng of the gamo. Hlghtower gained forty yanlH on an ond run und tho ball was advanced fifteen more on n forward pass, Hlghtower to Ijimke. Gruhn then plunged through the line for a touchdown. Lamke failed to kick goal. West High Holds St. Joe at Its Mercy DKH MOINES. In.. Nov. 2,-(.?peo:ai j Telegram.) West High school had an I easy victory today over St. Jostph HIkIi ! euHy vioiory today over m. josspu iiikii , ' . . ... ! im a BamB ,nal P,UJW1 MJ 10 0 lor weM I ,iiihii. ic i"K luuai mcriK. waineil nil. over tint visitors and had no trouble r,..r In ilfnai or advueu Ml am- rw" r l "eIe,"'e or nuancs at an stage of tha guns. Bee S1NQJJ3 WISCONSIN BEATS CHICAGO Maroons Eliminated from Consideration in Western Conference. SPECTACULAR CONTEST IS SEEN Ilnril rouuht dnmr. 1'lllnl with lu-trlrntr Pin) nml .MMrkfil by llotiKliitPaa Won It)' Thirty to TwMvt Ht'ore, , MADISON. Wla., Nov. IV-The University of Chicago foot ball team was eliminated from conttilcratlon In tho ystern CollrKlatfl confrrnice champloti-slilp race by tho University of Wisconsin's speedy nnd powerful eleven today, the scoro being: Wlrconslh, 30! Chicago, II. Tho game wan one of tho most spectacular over played hero, utxHindlug In forward paes, speedy ond tuns, shifts, and other mtrlcato formations. At suoh tactics Chicago hod a decided advuntugo, but thin was morn than ovorcomo by tho powerful drive of tho Wliconxln backs In cronbucks and by Gillette's, ublllty to turn tho Maroon ends behind efficient Interference. It was lis Inability to gain by straight foot bull that cost Chicago the heaviest Three times tho visitors wero stopped In-eldo Wisconsin's flvo-yurd lino and on four other occasions they lost tho ball on downs whon another would hnvo mado thn fourth down for them. Wisconsin's lino otitchurKcd Its heavier opponentr. Butler vih especially effective nt right tackle. Iliiutor Help Wlsotiimlii, A great crowd saw the contest and cheered mightily. Whenever tho homo coal was threatened tho Wisconsin rooters I'o.'fl anil snug their "Toast to Alma Mnt'T" xct-pt for ono occasion the team Instantly rniipondlng. That tlmo It was Hhnkon by an tmoxpected fumblo by Gillette, which resulted In tho visitors' first touchdown. The gamo was rough In a degree and penalties wero numerous. Thn most sovoro occurred whon Norgren, Chicago's punter, wuh sent from tho flold for rough work and his tenm penalized half tho dlstanco to Its goal. Wisconsin cored easily utter that happening. Hcanlou, who wore himself nut stopping charges, at lino: Gillette and Tormcy, who dodged and twisted for long gains, und Plerco and Des Jurdlen wore tho bright particular stars of tho day. Lineup: WISCONSIN. CHICAIlO. Ofttle ur.riiii .. iiuntiniion Idmn UT IV, i , T ll-l H.O.., Reunion C fwn JnMIn U0..1.. Whltfild. UT rrpntr UtO Vruwlnk tlclflil UQH fuwll V. Kler, tlutlrr ... H.T. llovltl II. K, nillrlU Q H Q.n, Tornii.r LIM.U.H.. Norirnil Ilrldit v, It. 11. 1 Kit Kltii'ttHck Tentwrr r.ll.F.n tlercn Hubt.tltutes: Smith for Pal no. Rerxor for Bright, Kennedy for Norgren. Dals for Hoybul, Alexander for Tormey, Bellows fur Gillette, Moffatt for Tandberg, liiirrh"fnr Scanlon. Touchdowns: Vruwlnk, Tandborg (2), Ilercc, Uorger (2). Goals from touchdown: Gillette (3), Goal from flold: Hollows, Referee: Hacket, West Point. Umpire; Bunbrook, M'chlgun. Linesman: T. Hammond, Michigan. -ft t 1 m HeaVVDraKe leam f7 , TT , , jjests wasnmgton ST. LOUIS, Nor. 2. Dralco university foot ball team, nfter Bearing In each period ended it's gnmo with the Washington university team here today Uy" a scoro of 33tn 13. Tho Iowa team was fifteen kuiiIs heavier and while at times It lucked speed It was ablo by plunging to get thn bull behfnd the goal at frequent Intervals, Six minutes nfter tho play began Draka cot 0 points on a touchdown by Lansing, who failed to kick goal. After a kicking dual Washlnetoti negotiated a successful forward pass, Hiirdawtty to Botthoff, and scored n touchdown, Hardaway kicked goal. I.anMng of Drake, nfter his team mates had mado a torrlflo attuck on Washington's quarter, got a place kick which caused tho bait to go between the posts for threo points. Washington then got tho hall on a blocked punt, bu: lowt tho ball on a forced kick. Washington cunue back after the first half with renewed speed and after Saunders of Drako hod dropped a goal In tho field Washington started n march down the field which stopped only after Mllford took a forward pass from Mor-rcll for a touchdown. In tho final lurtod Washington slowed up and Drake managed by linn bupks and forwnrdp asses to score by using Lam-ing, two touchdowns. Goal was kicked after each touchdown. llnrlinotith Toyn with A lulu-rut, HANOVER. N. II.. Nov. 1 -Tlnrtnimill, wulked awa- from Amherst today, GO to a Fumbles at critical times prevented a much larger score. Ilnnm Tnken Moiv ft nine. . , y" ' ;... " . ,'" urown Vort a slow and noorlv nlavo.l i-;im from University of Vermont, '12 to 7. today. Vorli II lull Victorious. " YORK. Neb. Nov. l.-f8peclal Telegram.) York High Hchool foot ball team defeated Shelby this afternoon, .10 to 0. sport : COPY FIVE CENTS. NEBRASKA TWISTS THE TIGER'S TAIL 'After Threatening to Cross Missouri's, Line for Three Quarters, They Succeed. i MISSOURI PROVES tA TARTABj Cornhuskers, After Expecting Ensyj Win, Treated to Surprise. T0WLE PLAYS A STAR GAME) Clever Nebraska Quarterback Runs; the Team Well. TIGERS HELD AT RIGHT TIMES, .cbrimWn Mnimgi-a tn Get Within) BhntltMT of MUiinnrl's Goal Several Tlinrs, hut .Meets with Stone Wnll tn Stop Thrin. Ily CliYIIF. 13. Kl.l.lOTT. COLUMBIA. Mo., Nov. 2. (Special Tel-( egram.) The Cornhuskers put n twist lu tho tall of tho Missouri Tlncrs today In'' a battlo that waged desperately fronv be-Klnnlng to end, with Nebraska tin eaten-lug to scoro In nearly ovory minute "Hhe twist mnde the final score 7 to 0 in, favor of tho battling Cornliuskeri.. Missouri was not any stronger thuni tho Cornhuskers had expected. Tho totiili dlstanco made by the Cornhuskers al comtfarcd to that netted tho Tigers. Bhows that tho visitors had the local' eleven completely outplayed. Yard aftcri Yard of ground was gained by the Corn huskers In tho final threo quarters an tlmo after tlmo they reached tho ten and fivo-ynrd lines of tho Titters only ( to bo held for downs because df a muddyi field that kept them from going thai pneo of which they are capable. Even, aftor they had given tho Tiger tall Itn filial, twist, -tho Cornhuskers took thn. oval In tho center of the flold nnd morohfd clear to tho one-foot mark of Missouri only tu lose tho ball when, Piirdy was Injured lu an attempt to place the oval over the final chalk mnrk. Hcnro AJrnr Finish, Tho Cornhuskers' mire came In tho final moments of tho game. Towlo had. Just, been substituted for Potter. Thet ball was In possession of tho fltlehm ma-i chlno In tho center of the field, Towla rushed In with Instructions to open up ipl Iti wldo and called for a forward pass, was broken up and tho ball still re- malncd In possession of Nebraska, Im-' mediately on the second play, tho Ne-1 hraska quarters ordered another forward' past. Ho hurled tho ball over thai left end to Frank, who raced thirty yards. Tho bill was on tho Missouri twenty-yard lino, and after a nodes of brilliant plays In which Halllgnn, Piirdy, and Towlo figured, the oval was shoved over, Towle carrying It on a fake, through center, Towlo then boojed u., clean goal. Attack Is Hard. ' In tho flret quartor the Tigers terrorized the Nebraska defense, and rushndi tho ball to the five-yard line before tho smnll band of visiting rooters had come to realize that they were up against a real team. A notable run by Knobel, halfback of the Tigers, was responsible for u thirty-yard advance of the oval that gave the Mtssourlans possession of tho ball on tho five-yard mark. Hero, with three downs In which to go, the Tigers could not negottato the goal, und tlio Cornhuskers kicked to safety. I Tho Tigers again came back strong and I it looked as though they were going to score, but tho cornhuskers hold at critical points, and Just as the quarter was closing the Nebraska players began to warm up anil shoved the oval toward the Missouri goal. Pinnae the Line, In the opening minutes of the second session tho orCnhuakers began to play the right kind of foot ball and on a series of brilllt linep lunges and end rushes carried tho oval to the ten-yard mark. They lost on downs. Then again they took tho ball to this position and tho Tigers' again held. Four times tn the fourth quarter the visitors went to the ten and five-yard lines, only to be held. In tha third quarter Nebraska, repeated what, it had done In the second quarter "and wero always dangerous, but did not have the punch to put the oval over for scores. The fourth quarter found the Nebraska ns fighting like demons. They realised that unless they did something wonderful within a few minutes thoy would ba held to a tie. They parried the pigskin to the five-yard line and lost It again on downs. Tho Tigers sent the ball to tha center of the field and then began that brilliant ferles of open and line plays that brought the touchdown and victory. The Nebraska line was weak, extremely (Continued on Pg Two.)

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