Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska on October 1, 1906 · Page 5
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Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska · Page 5

Omaha, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1906
Page 5
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TWO MORE SQLPS FOR SIOUX "'' Foyi TJtabls to yak. a fh.wio, i Eoubls-Hsadtr. P'TCHR HALL PF.GVo A GR1AT ENIGMA - w - STI S a.) BSJ a rr SB. 1anla aed n, R p.., M"" nk Fletalae; a -First 6a . " CITY, 1... Hpt. .-Pttih.r HAii Vtis enigma to ,ha omaha player t. , , ntJr WOB b"" smes of Kmble-neader. Hell did not l.eue a free is In either tm ,nu wlth wrfMt ,, .lrrtWO,"rt h,T ,hut ,h visitor out In first g8m cleanly ha did In the aecond nix errors In th flnit game and four of thrm In the fifth inning allowed omuJ.a f,v, Plln, whcn ,wupW.d wlth In 'ach the seventh and eighth Innings, "jotted good enough to win. But tn th Inth Inning Pitcher Corn weakened ad tflJ1,.n" ,h b'' nd n a man. Noblltt hit a home run over the center ""Id fence", tying the acore. Dodge wii then substituted and Weed followed with "nd w" bro"ht In on Barmaid's triple to tight, winning 1h .mf. In the second came Dodge wa hit when hit 1 " th" " "") Pitcher Mall has taken pwt In ten games Inre joi,ng t Ucala ad ,, won ,, infl lort one. Th season will close with 'ft gams tomorrow. . Score, first game: SIOUX CITY. AB. .... 3 . . 4 ::::!. Campbell, if.,-,., "heehnn. a. ...... Nobllt, cf. ... Weed.' Jb.. KaerwBlit. Kb....! Frees, lb........ "orbett, rf P-ttIL, e HU. .. Totala ' ........ H. ro. A. E. 4 1 10 A tl 34 t OMAHA. 11 !7 14 Howard, ib Autre-, rf P'rHna;. ab:.,'." Wlrl,, rf....l Haeaev. rf.. T)olan, ..,..., 0nrtliia;, lb;..., Townnond, c... Corns, p rdgw. p AB. II H. PO. A. I S t E. .'. 5 0 1 0 0 Tote; .....36 7 S 28 II Two out when winning run wa made. f'JOX CitV - - 1 A 1 A A 41 A A Owiit .: o o o b o t i O Kerned rtiriST Nlnnw rit w.. TH: Weed 2. Welch 43. Three-baae hit: Wfterwald. Home run: Nobllt, Double rMya: Sheehan. Weed to Freeae: Dolan, llowsrd to Oondlng. Ift on bases: glous. '"'. : Omnha. 4. Stolen bases: Sheehan, Haerwald. Corbet t. Autrey. perrlng. Welch. Jacrlflce hits: Sheehan. Bsssey. Oondlng. TlHsns on balls: Off Corni. Hit bv nitched ball: Oonfllng. Struck out: Bv ''all. S: by Coma. 4. Time: 1). Umpire: Davis. . Score, second games 6K7UX CITY. AB. H. O. 1 I 1 t 4 0 0 11 1 1 0 ft 0 0 A. E. 0 0 4 1 cimpbeil. U . ?heehan, sa . Nobllt, cf .... Weed. 2b Baerwaid. Sb . Freesrw lh 1 1 2 0 0 0 s Corbel t rf HU. p.... ' Totala :.r... 29 OMAHA, 4 10 27 12 AB. R H. O. 1 t I 0 0 1 1" A. 4 0 s 0 1 1 1 s "Howard, 2b . Autrey, If-cf . Perrlng, lb ... , 4 weicn, cr-ir Basy, rf 4 Dolan aa ,,,., ...... 4 Oondlng. lb 4 townsend, o 4 Dodge, p I Totals ., 0 24 15 0 Slou City ..t 2002000 Omaha, ........0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 Earned runa: ' Slou Ctty, 2. Twp-baa hlta: Baerwald (2). Corbett, Dolan. Doubla playa: Nobllt to Freeses Sheehan. Weed to Jreeaa; Perrlng, Oondlng to Perrlng. Left on baee: filoug City, 4: Omaha, 4. Base n be,": Off Dodge, S. Hit by pitched ball: Nobllt. Struck out: Sy Hall. 6; by Dodge, . Passed ball: Townaend. Time: 1-J0. LmplreN Davis. Atendanca: l.SOOj !! Break la Oea " Motaea. DEB MOINES, Bept. SO.-Llnooln and De Molnea broke even today In the laat gam of the aeaaon. Millar a neaay pitetung, though hit frequently, and th daring baea running of the Champa won 'the Hist gain for the horn team. The second game wa mtx innings, by arrangement. In tha sixth, with three men on bases, Thomas hit tha ball under a yellow stanhope In right Held, th horse acted Ugly and before Weiday could purauade th animal to let him aet th ball had mad -the circuit of th baaeav than McKay reached first and was allowed to trot around while the Champs threw tha ball after him. Score. Drat gjime: DE8 MOINE8. AB. R. H O. A i 10 A. 0 1 0 0 t 4 0 1 Mowrey. If Magoon, 2b Andreaa, cf..... Weiday, rf O'Leary,' an Bchlpke, Sb 8abrle, lb Wolfe, 4 i MtlooniTcipestrixs FIRST impressions Ht lasting. Stranjert entering your home, get first impressions from the hall. It deserves then more attention than is perhaps ordinarily given it fully as much as any otTier part of the house. Always look for the Artloom label It is on every Piece 1 rt o. i 10 t 11 A. 0 i H. 1 0 1 1 1 2 I t t 1 IS LINCOLN. AB. R KMrliem. cf McKay, lb Holme, lb I r i i . . m . 4 ....a tt;.::::; 4 t t I I It I nler. s .inrn, c fcylef, p Total fea Molnea ... Lincoln ' Stolen bases: brie. McKssr. a 2 1 1 e e 1-1 Andreaa 12), Schlpke, B. Two-haae hlt: Kyler, Hit bv nltrhed ball: Ev- Hchlpke, Stwn. lr. 1. Baeea on bnlla: Off Rvlr, 1; tiff Miller, 2. Rtn'ck out: By Miller. 4: by r.yier. . i-aaneu nana inran. Time: Attendance: t. Umpire: Ed Infer. . Store, aecond tarn: DEB MOIXK8. AB. R. 11. .(J. A. K. Mowrey, If i 0 a 6 Mmbxx.ii, 2b I B 1 I I u Anoreaa, c-f I 1 0 t 0 Welday. rf I 1 I 1 o o O'Leary, a t 1 1 I o Schlpke. Jb 1 a a a 0 Babrle, lb 1 0 0 7 1 0 Wolfe. C , I 0 1 Seaakona, p i 1 0 2 1 Tatala 22 '2 LINCOLN. AB. R. 18 o. s A. 0 t 0 o 1 0 1 1 Ketrhum, cf . Htilmea. lb .. Dnvldaon. If .. Tenlon, rf .... Thomaa. '.'b-lb Gagnier, aa ... Stean. lb Roaera, McKay, p 'it l o o l e o I Total a I ' I II Lincoln 0 0 0 0 1 De Maine 0 0 2 0 0 0 Htolen baae: McKay (I), O'Leary (2). Tlirea-baa hit: Ketchum. We I day U, rleanlon. Homo run: Ttaomas. Double play: flteen tunaaslsted). El rat baae on ball: Off MoKayl; off Peaalona, . Hit by pitched hall: By McKay, I. Struck out: By Heaetene, 2; by McKay, 1. Passed ball: Rogers. Time: 1:20. t'mpire: Edlnger. Attendance, 2,100. Erra Break la Dtattr DENVER. Colo.. Sept. SO. Pueblo and Deirrer closed the Western league season St Broadway park yesterday afternoon by Iv'idlng a doublcheader. The Indian took the first game. I to 2, and the Urlssllee captured the final contest of tha aeaaon by the score of 6 to 1 Tha playing wa about the caliber that might be expected from tallender and th errors were frequent. Tha heavy hitting Indians outslugged th local In both gamea. Score, first fame: PUEBLO. i AB. R. II. PO. A. E. Cook. If McOllvray, cf... 1M Amr tth I 110 ! Melcholr, rf...., f,. .1 V ii'Iw:"j.An-Vw 11 Vigil, as.. nnnlcker, c. Hill, p... Totala t 2ft I- DENVER. 13 27 IS AB. R. D , 0 O 0 0 0 0 1 1 H. PO. A. E. 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 Belden, If Smith, as Randall, rf Russell, lb...... Zalueky, lb Welgard. c Mr It a la, cf Davla, Jb Donahue, 2b.... Plg. p., 0 10 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 t 0 10 Total 14 17 21 I Pn'Mo 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 11 Denver 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 J I .Stolen baae-. McOllvray (ii. Cook. Bader. Two-baa hit: Rennlcker. Three-base hit: Melcholr. Home run: Vet-choir. - First base on balls: off r&lge, 1; oft Hill, 5. Struck out: By I aige. I; bv Hill, S. Double play: Vigil to Bader to Tonneman (); Smith to Donahue to Ru-sell: Smith to Zalusky to Davis; onhue tn Srhlth to Zaiueky. First base on errors: Denver. 4: Pueblo, 2. Left on bases: Denver, ; Pueblo, 4. Time: - 1:10. Umpire: Van Slckel. Attendance, 2,000. Score, aecond game: Denver. AB. R. H. PO. A. E. Belden,. If '. Smith.- Be....... Kandall, . rf.... Zalusky 'lb.... Weigardt, c... McHale. cf Davis, lb Donahue,. 2b... Wright, p Total........ . 4 . 4 . 4 .4 . 4 . I . 4 . 4 ITS 0 17 M PUEBLO. AB. R, S 12 XI H. PO. A. Cook. If McOllvray, cf . Baker. 2b Melcholr, rf.,., Elwert, lb Hill, lb Vigil, sa Tonneman, C. Henley, , p 11 0 4 4 6 4 , 4 I 4 S 0 t 0 I 10 '1 I 1 ToUl.. Denver .. Pueblo ... ..38 S It 24 14 ....0 1 0 0 0 S 0 t -4 ....1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0-1 Randall. Sacrifice hlta? Stolen base: Davla, McOllvray, Bader. Two-base hit: Bader, McHale. Three-baa hit: Tonne-man. Bases on balls: Off Wright, 1. Struck out: By Wright. 1; by Henley, 1. Double play: Davla. ijonahue to Zalusky. First baae on errors: Denver. 1; Pueblo, I. I-eft on bases: Denver. 7; Pueblo, 11. Time: 1:26. Umpire: Van Slckel. Attendance: 1.000. taaala f th Tram. Played. Won. Lost. . Pet. Do Molnea 141 91 61 .M Lincoln .....147 71 73 .610 Opening into parlor and din ingroom its decorations should harmonize with the general color tone of both these rooms. This is easily achieved with the endless variety of the Artloom productions. No doubt you intend fixing up your hall lomctime but don't wait until the - need .arises and then perhaps choose in haste and not too wisely. Make it a point to see the Art- loom Tapestries the very next time you go shopping curtains, table and couch covers. Their ar tistic beauty and wearing qualities are out of all Muter, i fatal f! .HE OMAHA 147 T4 72 .Ml iw t m . 147 47 .464 147 (1 K .416 Piieblo Oame today: Omaha at Blou City. BA4IE M T1IR AMERICA LCAGI F. la nableHeadr. CTtlCAOO. Sept. to. Chicago and Wah-Ington dnlehed up the herliile of the eastern rluba In thla rlty by breaking even In a double-header today. The l.x-ala took the first game by heavr hitting, t to i. Waahington shut Chicago out. t to 0, In the aoond game. Waleh. who had finished the first game, continued to pitch the aecond, but had to retire after the fourth Inning, when the Washington made their ecore. Patton pitched a greet game, holding tha locale to three hits. Score, first game: THICABO. WASHINGTON'. HO A t. H O A K. Mlm rf. ilia ifc tninr. t... 4 l i i r. Josea, rt.. I 1 ir. joiim. cf. lAltlnr, as... I a i bell. tk ... 4 11 Kh. k 4 I Hlrkman, .-Hi. Hfinnhne. lb.. 4 1 It 4Aniro, If vsuanenr. If 4 1 1 Iviiivti), ... tit Qnlllls. 1 4 I T.noblll, aa I I o, t tvlh. 14 titahl, lk.,. 4 it a 14 "t U Tt t a Stanley, rf.. tWirntr, e... OOonaeitl, p. 4K.IIWB, Totala Totals.. m I rt ii t Chicago 2 9 4 0 0 0 2 0 t Washington 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0-4 Left on base: Chicago, I: Washington, . Two-lase hits: Anderson. halfly, Hickman. Bax-rilic hlls: ;. Jone. K. Jones Ooodwln. Stolen bufcca: Rohe, Donohue, Stanley. Double plav: 'Jnlllcn and IMjell. Btrm-k out: Bv twen. l: by Hltaon, 1; by Walsh, 4, r:ae on balls: Off tJTxidwIn. 2; off Owen, 2: off Walah, 1. TIit 2:03. Umpire: O'Loughlln. Score, second gam: . WASHINGTON. CHICAGO. B.H.O.A.C. B H O. A S. 1'btilr. th.. C. Junta, cf.. Altlier. at.... lllrkman. Ik. An'ron, If., fjl.hl. lb .... Btauley, rf... Warner, Pattea, a.... 1 1 atUhn. rf I 1 1 4 0-NHI, rf.... a 114 111 t i 4 a 1 11 I t I I e 4 1 t 7 a F. Jnneft. cf . t Ilbll, tb.... 4 Roh.. lb 4 1 Daaohua. lb. 4 tDoujh.rljr. If t I 4 It 4 ISulllran. ... 1 a 14 4 1 1 0Morr:n4, . g I - Taniwhlll. aa t I t I 1 I 1 1 44 a Tetala tl t IT 11 tv.aith, ....l t Smith, a I Roth 1 t (Julllla 1 Tatala. . . Batted for Hshn In elrhth. t 27 14 I Batted for Dougherty In ninth. Washington 0 0 03 0 0 0 0 03 Chicago 0 0 0 A 0 0 0 0 0-0 . Left on bases: Chicago. I; Washington, 4. Two-base hit: Hickman. Sacrifice hits: Altlser, Hahtw- Stolen bases: F. Jones, Btahl. Warner. Base on balls: Off Smith, 1; off Patten. 1. Hits: Off Waleh, 4 in four innings; off Smith, S In five innings. Time: 2:W). Umpire: O Loughlln. . F.rea Break la St. Loala. ' ST. 1X5UIS. Sent. SO. Th locals and Boston club played even In today's double-header. St. Louis batted Pitcher Harris freely in the opening game end won easily, t to 1. Youngster Crow, who officiated In the final game for the visitors, twirled sensational tall and shut th opposition out, 2 to 0. Score, first game: BOSTON. 8T. Long. J D.n.o.A.B. B H O A E Hoer. If Parent, aa.... I Btahl. f 4 Grtmahaw,- Ik 4 Wagner, Ik... I Morgan. Ik.. 4 Freeman, "M. . I rarrtaaa, e.. 4 Harrla. .... I Anrb'it'r, . 1 1 1 4 I Nllea. Sb 1 1 I Jonaa, lb ill a stone. If 4 t v 1 4 4 4 6 1 I H.mphlll, cf. I I 1 t I t eu-Brian, m.. I 4Koh!er. rf.. 4 4 Wallace, aa... I 1 Spencr, c. IHnwtli. p.. 4 11 14 I a - Totala.. .it 4 27 It 1 i Tetale. .tl 24 17 4 St. Louis I 0 0 0 0 S 0 7 Boston 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01 " Sacrifice hits: Parent. Jones (J), Nlles. Two-base hlta: Spencer, O'Brien. Passed ball: Carrlgan. Htolen bases: Hemphill, Stone, Wagner. Bases on balls: Off Howell, 2: off H"rrle, I. Struck out: By Howell, S: by Harris, 4. Left on bases: St. Louis. f; Boston, 9. Time: l.W. Umpire: Sheridan. . Score, second game: T. Lous. boston B H.O.A.g. a H.O.A.K. Nllea. !k..,.. 14 11 Hoar. It 4 4 I 4 a Jonea.-Ik I ill 1 Parent, aa.... 4 t t 1 Btnno. If I 1 1 4 8:ahl. cf 4 Hmhill. cf t 4 1 4 4 Orlmabaw, Ik 4 I t O'Briaa. tb... 4 4 11 4 Wanner, lb... till Knehier. rf.. 14 4 4 tkloraan. Ib... 411 Wallaoe. aa.. I 4 2 I 4 Preemaa, rf., I 4 O'Connor, a., t 4 I tArrnb'at'r, . i I f't Jacebeen, .. I 4 1 I 4 (.row, ....... 144 Totala... a.. tt tfflt I Tatala H "l IT It 0 Batted for "Harrla in ninth. Boston 0 0 1 0-0 1 0 02 Su Louis 0 00000000-0 Three-base hit: Orlmahaw. Bacrlflc hits-Wagver, Stone. Stolen base: ParentJ Bases on ball: Off Crow, 4. Struck out-By Jacobsen, ; by Crow, S. Left on bases : St. Louie. 6; Boston, 1 Time: 1:36. Urn-plr: Sheridan. . k , , Staaolasj of the) Team, . t. Played. Won. Lost. Pet. Chicago Ii5 S U .eu New Vork 144 S7 b .Kkj Cleveland 144 86 ' HI ' ,bH Philadelphia 162 74 64 .17, St. Louis 144 74 70 614 Detroit 143 S 74 .481 Washington 147 64 M .37 Boaton 14 47 , lflC .lis Games today: Chicago at St. trolt at Cleveland. Louis, De- DIETS CLOSE WITH TWO WISS Atkletles Beat Ramblers aaal Aaaocla. tla Teaaa Coroaaa. The Diets Athletic association teams finished the seaaon by winning a double-header 8unday at their park. In th first fame the Diets Athletic had an easy vlc-ury on account of the Ramblers' errors. In tha aecond game the sssoclatlon team won easily from the Coronas by bunching hits In the first tew Innings. Score, flrat gam: DIETZ. AB. R. H. PO. A. I 0 0 4 0 0 I 1 0 1 Kennedy, 2b. . Wahl. lb Plainer, rf.... Knight, Sb Anderson, If.. Lafferty, cf... Strong, c Rloe, p Hunter. rf.. Tracy, aa Totala .... 4 2-1 1 12 0 IS S RAMBLERS. S 27 12 AB. R. H. PO. A. E. 0 Williams, e McMahon, cf... Bhamblen, rf.... O'Neill, tb Swift, If Corrlgan, aa Tuttle, lb Synek, lb Cavenaugh, p... 041 I 0 4 1 0 2 U 1 0 1 1 1 Totala ".34 4 S 2I Kennedy hit by batted hall. Ramblera 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 14 Diets 2 S O 0 0 0 1 0 S Two-base hits: Kennedy. Rice. O'Neill. Three-baas hit: Bynk. Struck out: By Cavanaugh, I; by Rice, 6. Attendance: 638. Time: 1:26. Umpire: Trail. Score, aecond game: DIETZ ASSOCIATION. AB. R. H. PO. A. E Kennedy, aa 6 0 0 Wahl. lh a 2 1 2 0 .2 0 1 4 0 Hall, 2b 6 11 F'latner. rf Sat Hunter, e 4 11 Knight, 3b 4 0 0 Lafferty, cf 4 10 Young, p 4 12 Anderson, If 4 1 1 Totala j CORONAS. 27 IS . AB. R. H. PO. A. E. Garvey. Sb 6 11111 Hachten, lb 4 0 i 1 Rhiue, If 61410 JeUen, I 3 0 0 111 Mokry, o , 10 0(01 Smith, rf 4 10 10 0 bos una. p 4 0 13 4 0 Bando, ss 4 Oil 0 1,1 Bowaa. cf 4 ' 1 1 Totala 38 7 7 2t 7 7 Corona 0 1 1 SO 0 02 Diets 0 S I 2 S 1 0 Two-baae hits: Young, Platuer. Struck out: By Bogatta, 4; by Young, 4. Attendance: 63L TlnM: lAi. Umpire: Trull. rraaat Defeat betters. FREMONT, Neb., Sept. SO. Special Telegram.) Fremont generally outplayed the Omaha Jetter today and won, 13 to I. The gm waa alow and devoid of features Collier waa knocked out of Ui box in the third inning. uorv: R. H K Fremont ... 4 I 1 I 1 0 0 U 16 3 Jailors 0O0IO1OO-3 S 4 Battariea: Brown and Shea; Collier. CaaaUn and Crandall. Attendanca: Suu. Uuipire: Haven. Tawaiaati Defeat Slrallcrs. The Townsend Oun company team defeated th Birollera, score S to 0. in a fast and snappy gam with th exception of th Aral aud last Inning. In these Innlnga tha Bi roller weat up in th air. Morearty pitched an excellent gaan for th Town-aanda. airlkiug out fourteen men and ict- DAILY BEE: SHAY, OCTOBER 1, 1D06. ting them down with one hit. The feature of th game ws the batting of Dauaherty. a senaitlonal catch by yulgley In deep center and the catching of Specimen. Score: Townaend 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 21 Stroller 0 0 0 t 04 Batterlt-!- Townsend. Moreartv and Speelman; Strollers, Unwell and Brown. Wrlglaala Elalah a Toa The Iee-Glaa-Andreeaen's relet aled the rinsing of the seaenn yesterday at Vinton Street park, by defeating the Joe Duffy'B of South Omaha, In a One-aided contest, by a score of 12 to 4. Adams Of th Lee-Glaas-Andreeaen's pitched an excellent game, barring his wildneea and but for a base on ball and a couple of errors with a hit sandwiched In, would have had another shutout to his credit. Uihaon's fast baae running and the hitting of Minlku were the features. Score: LKE-OLA88-ANDREESEN. AB. R. H. PO. A. E Robcn, cf I.awlor, as Mullen, lb Casy, If C. Clair, lb.... Minikus, Sb.... tllbann. rf K. Clair, c Adams, p 6 2 2 1U V Totals 40 12 i2 27 S 2 JOE DUFFY'S. . AB. R. if. PO. A. E. Bohm-r, r I it ti 11 2 0 Talbot, lb 4 11(00 Ppltaeti. rf 6 0 0 1 0 1 hunker, cf 8 0 1 ft 0 0 Carey. 2b. and sa. ...... 8 ft 0 2 1 0 Millet, 11). and 8b 6 0 0 1 1 2 Hadura. If 4 13 0 0 1 Fletcher, ss. and 3b... 3 1 0 0 2 I Williams, p .2 I 0 0 3 1 Totals . 4 24 L. O. A 0 7 0 ft ft K it n -t Joe Duffy's 0 004000004 Earned runs: Lee-Qlass-AndreeHen, . Two-base hit: MlniKua. Three-base hlta: Minikus, Uihson. Sacrifice hits, Spltaen. Kaaea on balls: Off Ada me, 8; oft Williams, 1. Btrutk out: By Adams, S; by NWHIania, a. lkmble play: Oloeon to C. Clair,. Stolen baees: Roben. Muller, Olb-son. Carey. Time: 1:40. Umpire: Shana-han. Attendance: 472. Baltalo Wlsa Third CSaai. COLUMBUS. O., Sept. 30-Buffalo won the third game of the eerlt-s from Columbus for the class A minor league championship today, Corcoran scoring the only and winning run for Buffalo on two hits and Veil's bad throw to second. Buffalo has won two gamea snd tied the third. Boore: R H 4C Buffalo 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01 6 0 Columbus 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 S 1 BBt.!'rie": v'" ,nd Blu: Elaslnger and McAllister. Towaaenda Beat Eagles. The Townsend team yesterday defeated the Eagles, t to I. Batteries: Townsends. Do ran and Qulgley; Eaglea, Grimes and Toodles. btruck out: By Doran, 12; bv Grime, t. The Eagles will play the Stroller next Sunday. Claelaaatl Nationals Defeated. ALBANY. N. T., 8ept. 30.-A picked team of players lrom Albany and Troy de-fealed Cincinnati here today by a arore of " - R.H.E. Albany-Troy 6 11 0 Cincinnati i a i Batteries: Pappalau and Mlllerlck; Fra-ser and McLean. Barllagtea Wlaa Iowa Chaateloashlp. BURLINGTON, la.. 8ept.3n.-The Burlington ball team, Iowa league champions, today defeated Cedsr Rapids, Three I league champions. In the contest for tha championship of Iowa. Burlington's victory today makes four out of seven played with Cedar Rapids. BIO BALLOO CONTEST BEGINS Slxteea Aeroaaata atart la Raee for Gordoa Cap. PARIS. Sept. 20.-Sixteen balloons, averaging over -2.0D0 cubic meters' capacity eacn and representing seven countrle. sailed away from the Tulllerles gardens. In the .heart of Paris., this afternoon In the first competition for the James Gordon Bennett aup for International aeronaut. ... 1 The contest waa primarily a long distance race. The date had been carefully selected when the prevailing winds are from the weat, in the hope of giving th aeronauts an opportunity to break the record of Count, de.Ja, Vaulx, made In 1X, when hllfbalmtiy landed tri Korosty-cheff, Russia, having covered a distance of 1,186 miles In thirty-five hours and forty minutes. But today the wind was light, hardly more than eight miles an hour and from the east, thus making the shores of the Atlantic th limit of distance and robbing the -ocean of Its choice sa a teat of long distance aerial . traveling. On this account th race was a keen disappointment tn the aeronauts, who had come from every corner of Europe. The rules of the contest-, however, provided that In case of unfavorable atmoapherlo conditions tha Judges could, at their option, make the test one of endurance to remain In the air. Each contestant Is an experienced aerial pilot, but contrary to expectations Santos Dumont, one of the two representatives of the Aero club of America, proved to be the only on to Inaugurate a novelty. For the purpose of keeping afloat as long aa possible he had equipped his car with a six-horse power vertical propeller, with th object of1 lifting and lowering his balloon without discharging any of It precious ballast. The enthusiaatlo cheers of the multitude which greeted th ascent of Santos Dumont showed that he waa a favorite and qiftt aa popular aa his French rivals. Major Hersey, the companion to Walter Wellman in the Well-man-Chlcago Record-Herald -north pole expedition, acted as assistant to Frank P. Lahm, the lieutenant In th Sixth United States cavalry, the other American competitor. . Each balloon carried a sealed recording barometer to Work tor twenty-four hours and a number of envelopes to be thrown out every two hours. In order to mark the individual trail. Foe4 for three daya was also on board each car. The contestants, with th namea Of their balloons, are as follows: America antos Dumont, Two Americas; Lieutenant Frank P. Lahm, United States. France Count de la Vaulx. V.'ai-halla: Count de St. Victor. Foehn: Jacnu s Buixan,, City of Chateairoux. Germany- j Captain Abercfom. Dueaeldorf; Herr j Scherl, Bchwaben: Baron von HevsM, Potmern. Great Britain Hon. C. 8. Rolia, Britannia: F. H. Mutier. i ity or London; Prof. Huntington, Zephyr. Spain Lieutenant Herrara, Ayayay; Senor Salamanca, Norte; Captain Klndelan, Montaner. Bel-glum M. Van den Urlesche, OJoukl. Italy Signor von Wilier, Elfe. The full moon tonight will be of great advantago to the pilots. In addition to the cup, which goes to the club of the winner and which is to be competed for annually, there 1 a cash prise of 12.900 to the winner, $268 to second and 1133 to third man.. WALCOTT AND RHODES DRAW Twtatr-Roaad Fight oa aa lalaad Near Kaaaa ( Ity. KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Sept. 30.-Joe Wal-cott of Boaton and Billy Rhodea of tula city fcught a twenty round draw this afternoon on a sand Island in the Missouri river twelv miles below Kansas City. The lighters and spectators went to tliu island by steamer, and the ring was pitch) d in the sand. 2.000 men standing sround tno ropes to see the contest. The Island belnx uninhabited and uujsaigned to either of th neighboring counties, neither s.ierlff concerned himself ' about the fight. Walcott was the sggreaaor troni the start, Rhode contenting, himself with cleverly blocking the negro, who was unable to land on Rhodea at any time. In the seventeenth round Walcott Injured hia hand and abated his a agrees! veneea, but Rhodes seemed willing, to continue on the defensive and accept i draw. While Walcott did most of the work and had a ahade tha better of the contest, both men were in good condition at the end of Ilia scheduled twenty rounds. The fight was announced to be for the world's welter weight championship, whk-ii Walcott clalma. Ak-lar-Bra Visitors Can have mall addressed to- Th Omsha Bee. W will a that It la properly cared for. Open day and night. DIAMONDS Frenxer. 15th and Dodge sts. LOCAL BREVlflES Lieutenant Ptful H. Bach of Fort Riley spvnt Sunday in Omaha. Th Rock Island has received a large number of the new folder issued bv that road showing the situation of the puature lands In the Oklahoma reserves which will suou be thrown open for settlement. Half a million acres of fertile land in Oklahoma Boon will be opened for settlement not waale land, but lwnd situated In Kloaa, Comanche and Caddo codntlua. In the heart of th moat proaperoua aection of Oklahoma, surrounded by farma and an-terprtaing towns ailh excellent railroad facillliea. COST fa f 4 S A. I- f ii isjne nousemie mat will Da interesteo: and protit most by following the valuable suggestions set forth in tho stony of the Whito Heart It w necessarily a story for the family, because it teaches Economy and Good Living in the Household The sfnrir nf tha WVife il..,e : tU- .i-. f Bast Breakfast Food-VITOS The White Heart TWO - j HONEST ii tusis owy POUNDS m 'SSZ 4-? I X rj-jswTAV3R g.. sear Ua. -mj FIRST TRIAL OF NEW RULES Xibrttka UniTertitj'i Pint toy at Fw loot Eall Game a Enooaii. FORWARD PASS WILL PROVE POFULAR Coach Foster Much IMeaaed vrtth Reaalt of First Uame-TkrtV Stronsi Play era Mlaalag - from Llaeap. LINCOLN. Neb., Sept. IO.-tSpeclal.) Nebraska university's first shy at the new foot bail rules, the flgurt considered, was a stunning success. To run up fifty-six points on an opponent In short halves of twenty minutes was such an unexpected achievement that Coach Foster and the Nebraska rootrra wore highly elated. The Cornhuskers had Hastings college outweighed in last Saturday's Initial contest by a safe margin, but the weight question, aa a matter of fact, cut but little figure In Nebraska's harvest of points. The Cornhuskers displayed speed and a quality of team play which completely smothered Hastings, and It Is these attrlbutea which cause most of Foster's elation. Cruditlea of play, due to inexperience In tha new rules and to lack of practice, were apparent, but the performance of tho Cornhuskers,. as a whole, was more than satisfactory to Foster, who had not anticipated so many as thirty points 1 and therefore feels acme pride in the knowledge that none of the big eastern team the same day waa able to pile up a score even approaching that made by Nebraska. Foster, however, Is not exultant, for he realises thst the Cornhuskers had tha Hastings collegians outclaased and also that It la too early aa yet to form any well defined opinion concerning the new rules, and whrth?r or not they ara to accomplish all that was desired by the committee which framed them. roster Pleased with Xew Rales. In discussing Nebraska'a initial try of the new rulca Foster said: Not a man on either team In our first gam waa hurt or forced to retire during Ha prpgress because of Injuries. This fart, however does hot Imply In any aense that foot ball la not destined to be as rough a game aa before. My personal opinion Is that most of the severe injuries in the past have been due to open tackles, and I do not anticipate any material change in the. situation so far as pertains to Injuries. Foot ball Is not designed to be. snd never was, a parlor game. It la for strong, aturdy young men. who play the game for love of the sport and who are willing to take a chance at a sprain or a wrench. Rule tinkering, In my Judgment, which would completely eliminate the danger of Injuries, would so revolutionise foot ball that It would not be the same came. The American publfo long ago gav evidence that foot ball was the most popular of all snorts, and the line must be drawn on the tinkering or the rame will be ruined. Some of th changes are radical but, on the whole, I think the new game Is destined to prove even more popular than ever. There is no gainsaying the proposition that the gaije haa been opened up: the forward pass is nn Innovation and ona of the ahowlest plays' ever ettempted on the gridiron. The monotonous system of line plunging hss been checked, forcing teams to resort with greater frequency to end runs, a atyle of play, whenever successful, whh?h features the spectacular and popularisea th game with spectators. Forward Paaa Poaalar. In our first game Nebraska tried the forward pass ten times. More than half of these resulted In substantial gains, while once a touchdown resulted. The crowd was In an uproar whenever we attempted the forward pass . and mad it work, and I am ready to say right now that this play was a happy thought when the rulemakera adopted it. The offenee has been weakened by the rule forbidding the pulling hack of any of the linemen, but this prohibition ha been overcome In part by the provision permitting th center to pass th ball direct to one of the backs. Many of our best gains in Saturday's game were due to the center snapping the hall quickly to one of the backs, following which the latter was able to make distance, by a smash The winning foot ball team this year, in my Judgment, will be the one which haa a speedy pair of ends and a quarter, back The possesnlon of such a trio is Imperative. The line - must be composed of men fairly heavy, but quick and active and able to charge the moment the ball Is put In play by the opposing eleven. The backs -aiiuat be good on defensive and also fast on the offense. Such a team would play spectacular foot ball, and lis chief strength necessarily would be in th open game. It would put up a thrilling aame. and It la a long-established truism "b foot ball that the average spectator prefers to be thrilled snd is dlssullsnfled unless he undergoes that sensation . It Is much too early to paaa a well founded criticism on the new rules, but right now 1 am willing to be quoted on the prediction thai the new game will prove a uccesa. Three Uood Players Mlaslag. Despite the overwhelmnlng victory scored by th Cornhuskers In their Initial contest. Couch Foster haa encountered discouragements.., He had counted upon making us of Wenstrand. a guard, and Burns, a tackle, both of them huskies, in the Nebraska line, Westrand reported for practice last' week, but waa auddenly tripped up by a condition In his studies barring him aa a possibility for foot ball. Burns is y slow in returning to school that Foster has little hope of th big tackle jetling Into condition for th hard games with Minnesota, Chicago and Kansaa. Even Taylor, th giant negro guard, haa been snagged by faculty opposition aad was U4T 151 IN THE ... - 4V 1 4 --,7 v num. iiuii aa uic TO) m of the Wheat the real essence of nutriment ana navor 01 tne grain. Your money really 'goes far when von Knv PillcKnnr'o Tir ur , . J - j a vMt uiKSMaat ic a pouna, served as against man a pouna oi tne ordinary dry prepared foods. Then, too, yoii get tbe famous "Pillsbury' quality. ' An All the Year Food VOU will liLr it in tnmmar a a wsll Ask Your Grocer. I stop 7 su h mm mm mm liill not permitted to get .Into the first game, pending an examination In on of his atudle. Th Cornhusker lineup against Hastings Included only four veterans from a year ago: Denslow at end and three backs. Lit. Uo, Schmidt and Mason. The othera weie from the scrub squad of last season. Upon Foster's ability to whip them Into shape depends Nebraska's success for a winning eleven. Cooke, stationed at end, proved lightning fast and a whisser In poverlng ground with the ball. Wtlkie waa stationed at center and displayed an aptitude for the position highly gratifying to Foster. Ewtng and Chaloupka performed admirably at the guards, while Rice and Mattera worked at th tackles. Rice has been practicing at center, but he has been showing th adeptness of Wllkie. Mattera la espeolslly promising at tackle, although he has not yet cinched the position. Coach Foster Is not yet satisfied with the lineup and haa announced his Intention t ) do some Shifting In practice in preparation for next Saturday's conflict with South Dakota university. One of his intended changes will be the switching' of Cooke from the end to quarter. McDonald, at present a candidate for quarter. Is to be glveq a try out on the Varsity at end. Foster la hopeful that these changes, will strengthen .the team. Foot Ball at Xorth Platte. NORTH PLATTE, Neb., Sept. W.-tRpe-ctal.) North Platte High school promixea a formidable foot ball team this year. It has been practicing steadily since September 10. 190c. and Is showing excellent form. Twenty candidates show up promisingly. The first game will be played on the local gridiron on October 9 with a strong team from the Kearney State Normal school. The North Platte team has a few open date, and with their unbroken serlea of vlctorlee covering the past four years a ara Inst the teams of central and western Nobraaka are eager to try ronclunlons with some of ths eastern teams of th state. National League tianaee Today. Pittsburg at Brooklyn, St. Louis at New York. Cincinnati st Boston, Chicago at Philadelphia TOOTH TALK NO. 68 Lots of people ask me why I advert Ue. at the same time reminding roe 'that very few good or rellnble dentists uae irrlyters ink A MI tell you why I advertise. It's 4o get bubiness 1. e., desirable business. 1)K. FICKKH, DKXTIKT, S3 ltit Itldg. Phone, Douglas 637. EO ROTKERY'S Schlitz No. 2 BEBTAUBABTT-and CAVK. Ill South 14th Street. Hlgheat tirade of Winea, Liouor and tig a re. Imported Ale and Porter. 8ch Ills a Famous Milwaukee Beer nrA Hnlf-and-Half on l'ranyht DENTISTRY The Story of the White Heart .a at a a . aiuijr ui a Mi eight times as i t cicil, U clause 10c for less MAKES 12 POUNDS WHEN SERVED JT of Springs, Arkansas Is easily and comfortably reached by leaving Nebraska and Iowa point In the forenoon, arriving Kansas City la time to connect with the Southeastern Limited of the - Leaving Kansas, City dally 6:30 p. en., carrying Pullman Drawing Room Sleeper through without change. Any ticket agent In Nebraska or Iowa will cheerfully reserve berths In thla sleeper and sell through round trip tickets at greatly reduced rates. HEADQUARTERS FOR abastifie The tSanltaru Wall Coating Call and see colore and designs. &IYERS-DILLGN PALM DEPT., 'Phane Doug. I42S HU-1S Harney Food for Weak and nervous men who find . their power to NAP1A1 woik and youthful vigor U I W U O s;nr at result of ex-cefes or Indiscretions yhOuld take ORAY 8 NERVE FOOD PILLS. They will make you eat snd sleep and be a nun xgiln. 1 Box: Boxes a.B0 by Mail. Sherman H McCortnell DruJ C COB. 1STH AID SOBOB. Oat ABA THAT HAPPY LOOK rfll appear If you uae th proper rasa die to olaar your system of ImpuriUae, USE OA. iVSSTMAL'S SENNA LIVER PILLS THK PILL WITHOUT A PAIN SHKItMAN & McCONNKLL DIIUQ CO. if0 PostPaid. 16tu M Dodge Sua. St flUOI.S AMI C OLLEGES OELLEVUE COLLEGE pineal cour. ACADLM l-An accredited High Sohael Prepares fur bellsvu or aay other wears or university- NORMAL bvltOOl Klemortary ana a anced i-ouiave. CerUflcatea granted. CONSERVATORY Theory if mual. ft avno, voice, vi-.iin, ehioutum and art. OMAHA i'ONXEC'i ION'8-Electrl lib and Burlington Rail ay. Four Modorn Dormlioriea. Address :jreint VVauaworth, bail, fceu. , i V

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