The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1947 BLYTIIEVKJ-E (AKK.) COUUIKH NEWS Price Control Cases Reviewed U. S. Supreme Court Reverses Decision Dismissing Cases ' WASHINGTON, April 7. (UP) — The Suincme Court ruled yesterday that the government may prosecute iivicc control violators even 'K cases started after price control M-ii-cd temporarily last, Summer. • Without Issuing American Jet Planes Can Fly as Fast as Bullets But They Cannot Fire Guns or Drop Bombs BY DOUGLAS NKA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON INEA) — How fast can an airplane lly nn t i still be useful as a military weapon? The experts don't know, because thus for no u. S. Army or Navy jet-i)roi)elle<| plane which has bepn flown can successfully fire a machine gun, rocket or caunon, or drop a bomb. Finding a military use for these pet and rocket aircraft they are/ ion, U,e IIW1 court r<SS ^, %?&£'£££ X'lorc'e Arkansas Justices Plan Barlicr Vacation in '47 .,,'..,, and au<i ttcr. editor of llic St«(c-Oaz«ltc, A. I). Want Is general muuu- I-rriLE HOCK. Ark.. April U. (UP)— rnp Arkansas Supreme C'ourl yesterday umionneod Una ii.s Summer recess would bcKlu Juno 'M instead ol Hie mvm i sec oml Monday in July. The court sulci lliul tlic printer.^ Have been unable to deliver brlels en time, mid imiivoldivble delay has Wen caused in many cases (Iml woulil otherwise be rendy for submission ihc week before. July H. The lust submission (li'ite will he Juuu vs The court will go back to wink two <week s earlier. pro- The lower c onrt had ruled that the Kovernmciil lost its authority to bring new prosecutions when the price control act died' on June 'JO. it licKI that the retroactive phases ol Die new OPA law passed •A month later din not revive the power of the government to sccutc former violations. In other rulings the Supreme Coui't: 1. Ruled 3 to 0 that former sUKklioMcva ot the American President Lines must be given a chance U) prove in court that they, not, the government, own the West Coast Steamship Company. 2. Barred stall.' labor rclalions boards from ordering recognition of unions in plants that are subject to regulation by tlie national labor relation,; board. State boards can assume such authority only when federal jiower is not excer- autics. Military aviation realists say tlie emphasis is being put on speeu because it captures the headlines and Ule public fancy. The result, they declare, is a mistaken idea that jet planes ai'c the last word and that the U. S. is on the verge of mustering rjush-bulton warfare. Actually, the only practical use yet figured out for the Jet plane Is limited reconnaissance work. Both Army and Navy experts admit they have no idea how long It would take to make the jet plane worth anything as n direct weapon. If war were to_ come tomorrow, the best military aircraft nvailnblc would be the ones that were tops at V-J Day. A Navy P7P "Tigercat," in n test dive at almost 500 mites per hour caught up with the Inulets It was shooting. At this speed so much air lurbulance was created that the bullets had a tendency to atr forces are researching them-, selves right out of business—that! the inevitable result ot research into supersonic speeds is the pilot- less gtilxtad missile. This, it is uv- fiui'd. would be because the pilot can't be itupt'ovcd us much us the plane. And it Is not known ilial the pilot can survive at such .speeds. Meantime, however, the ordinance branches of both Army an.'l Navy are working frantically l<> supply some of these answer^ to arming jet planes, nesenrch is progressing along several lines. Tl>e Germans shot cannons from their jet planes by slowing down at the actual instnnt of fiilm;. This made Nazi planes vulnerable. He- vices .similar lo landing "flaps" which slow the plane down s o it can fire are being studied. Ileie 3. 'Agreed to review again the constitutionality of a California "tumble" in the air This slowed law that fo:tads aliens not eligi- them down so much that the plane We for citizenship to own land. ran in t 0 them. In one test this Tne nigh court upheld constltu- cause a broken oil line and in an- 1923. but o ih e! .. sct tll( . p , nll( , on fi ,. p AlK , of lioiialily of the act 'Jcckted to consider it again on BQC plea of a couple who tiirned over rend to their American-born son. 4. Kulcd that persons who brought foreign farm workers into this country during the war are not immune from prosecution for violation of the immigration laws. 5. Reversed a week-old decision to review the claims of ordnance plant, firemen for "sleeping-time' "B deny is affirmed. C. Upheld Cotirl ruling lira: must pay the American ' Can Co other, sel (lie plane on fire, the "Tigercat" is not a jet plane. UNSOLVABI.K PROBLEMS? 'Attempts to put guns and cannons on the jet fighters which fly in the GOO-mile-per-hour range have been completely unsuccessful, the experts admit. Even if the planes were stout enough to carry weapons while they arc firlnit, how to fire guns accurately in air-to- air combat at GOO miels per hour problem. The probing rockets at this speed • is even more complex. And what a Florida Supreme such S F> CC<1 ?° ulfl flo '° thc accl!r that a juicc-canninf ac >' of bombing is another problem a $114,000 debt 10 th £ t ,! W: ;, Ule c *P crl s stumped. 1 Both the Army and Navy now inane, nrcincn for "sleeping-time . , pay. The action meant that a low- ! s an "^".'v cr court ruling denying the claims } cm of "»" The juice 1 . firm had sought to avoid payment lm 'e experimental, non - niililary on grounds tlie debt was for con- j Planes which are exploring the tainci'i sold in violation ol the transonic speed range _ between Robiuson-Patnian anti-trust act. RADIO REPAIR V AND 2 DAY SERVfCE ON 3JNY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSIHP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and •Deliver FRED CALUHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radio Sales and Service 106 South, First St. 700 and &50 miles per hour. This speed, say ordnance experts utight make some of the problems of shooting from an airplane unsolvable. It might even be. tlicy add, that because ot the limitations on guns and explosives a plane traveling in the transonic range couldn't be armed. •vThere Is also the view that Ihc Plane Shatters Record KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 7. <OP)—A trans-World Airlines Constellation shattcreti tlie commercial transport speed record between Kansas City and New York !<»' tne second time in 24 hours yesterday. Company officials said the pUne, Star of the Nile, made the flight in three hours, four minutes, and trimmed four and one-half minutes from n record claimed j-ester- tf »y- j, VIA;A Read Courier News Want Ads. Service Station Special».» SALE! VITALIZED OIL CHANGE QQC* onytfe* O 7F po3t*ng*r cor Change now lo Wards Vitalized oil for better gas mileage; power! *Plus Fed. tax, SPARK PLUGS INSTALLED FREEl Sale! Riverside plugs—none finer! For fast starts; long life! TIRE RECAPPING DONE AT WARDS Wards recapping means months of extra ~ wear from yrfur present tires! again, critics say, if tlve plane Has to slow down to fire, it's not much better than the plane which llrcs at its top speed. Another possibility being explored is lo Kel Knns with much higher nur/./.lc velocity. 11 look move Ittnn 20 years to fully develop Ule .50 caliber machine R«n which wns the most effective air weapon ot World War H. lint jt Is now obsolete lur jet planes. Completely new bouibtng techniques, bomb sights and bombs are beinj; studied. One llilni! is certain. At sucli speeds Ihe j>ilol or gunnel' would only have a fraction of a second to aim m an nlr or Riountt target. This means that any aiming or firini; would have lo" be done by radar or some electronic device. Paper Improves Service UYEHSWUUG, Tcnn.. April I) • UPi—The O.voiKlmi-K slnlc-Ciawt'.c today IjiTim receiving Uic hill dny leased wire . su rv!eo of the l/nl!ed Press. liussell M. D. Bruce. Is president NO'l'KJK Notice Is lit'veby Rlvrti thnt Ihe undnM^ncd will within tins tlino llxed liy luw miply to (he Commissioner of Revenues of Ihc Slnto of Arkansas lor a permit to ;>eH bcor lit lelull nl Houlc- a, Oseeoln, Mississippi County. ' The undersigned slates that he Is IL eitl/en of Arkansas, of tjood moral rhanu'tcr. (hut lie has never l>cun convicted of n felony or other crime involving moral turpitude.; that no license lo Kell beer by the undcr- slBitcd lias ueen revoked within five years lust pasl; and that the unitcr- siKiied iin.s never been eonvlotcd of vlulnltiiK the hiws of tills state, or any oilier slnle, relntlng to the s.ile of iik'ohullv liquors. l^conard Jones. Subscribed nnd sworn lo before me I his 'I day ol April, 1DV1. Elizabeth MHSOII ^K^-r^l^ Notary 5'ilbllc. My cotuiulsslon expires 'U'.!fl-5[), Arkansas State Planting Seed CERTIFIED Grade / A / D.&P.LNo.l4 Cleaned Treated New Sticks tf> Purity 99.5 Germination LIMITED (IDA PER SUPPLY ^lyU TON Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas Soy Beans Cleaned Have installed boon clcuncr that re- moves all split and foreign matter. Visit me before having your jbcans cleaned and see the difference. Langley's Mil! On Bertig Gin Lot — Across Street from Armory *£r" CERTIFIED Grade 'A' D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned TreaUtl New Sack* Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED $*)AA PER SUPPLY £U(J TON ROSELAND GIN CO. Roseland, Ark. L "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 Cold Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 What do you think railroads make? The public thinks we make 15£ What do you think they should make? The public thinks 10* would be fair What are the facts? Actually the railroads earned only 2 K% in 194B. To provide the service you want, railroads need to earn at least 6£. But estimates indicate that •• even with the recent freight rat« increase, the return for 1947 will be only about half that remiiiement. Why it takes 6% to make the grade... Impartial research polls show that, on the average, people Ihink we make 15%. They also think a fair return would be 10%. What He But for the year I9-IG, with the biggest peace-lime traffic in history, the railroads earned only . . . 2-'i%. This is less than one-half the comparable earnings for other industries. The reasons for this low return are not hard to find. Since 1039 railroad wages have increased S2'/, 0 % and the prices of fuel, materials and supplies have gone up 6l' i /i'>%. Bui freight rates have just recently been increased nn average of only ; J7''/n?i— a year after the effective date of the last big wage increase. What About This Year? It is estimated that the rclvirii for ! 9-17, even with the recent freight, rate increase, will be only about half the 6% minimum return required to provide the improvements and service needed. This will be because of increased costs of materials and supplies; because cer- lain wage increases granted in 1946 were in effect for only part of 1946 hut will he in effect for all of 1947; because of increased spci,-i;il payroll laxcw on railroads; and because of a decline in pa.sKt'tiper Inisine^s. What Docs Tltix Mean Tt> Ymt? The answer is "Plenty!" Your standard of living is Die highest in the• world because of MASS I'KonurrrjoN. • Utif mass production would not be possible without MASH TIIANSI'OIITATION, which UlC railroads provide at low cost. Why 6% In Needed The kind of service your standard of living requires lakes a lot of money for new equipment and improvements. To carry out the post-war improvement program for better equipment, tracks, terminals and modern safely devices, a minimum return of 6% is needed. So when the railroads make only Vi ccnlji oi> each $1.00 of their net property investment, it concerns you.* The funds for future new equipment ami improvements must come from railroad <:nn!inj;s and nlso from investors. They will furnish money on reasonable terms only if I hey have confidence in the future earnings of the railroads. You llarc Another Slnke In Thin JCveji if yon do not own any railroad stocks or bonds, insurance companies and savings banks do. So yon still have a special interest in .seeing that the railroads are allowed enough to do a good job . . . Tor yon. We are publishing this and other adverlisemenls to (alk with you at first baud about mailers which ate important to everybody. *On (>ro[i*T(y investment, tlio railroads nnule only 2.1!)';;. 105 WK.ST I 1.1.1 NO I 3 Dr. CHAS. L. CRAIG Dentist Wishes to announce the opening of iiis office Lynch Building Blythevillo, Ark. Phone 2540 Under jVIuniiKement' of Stanley Keller Curb Service — Open 24 JHours Fresh Seafood Steaks — Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-que . Hot Biscuits Truck Drivers Welcome HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING LET US FILL YOUR CAR WITH QUALITY GAS — WHILE YOU EAT! **"*"*"*^*«o>;>;>,>>;;o Vhy INTERNATIONAL Truck Service TON-MILE ECONOMY • Contact us if you're interested in truck service that keeps trucks operating economically. Here's \vhy: We plan your work efficiently. Our shopmen are competent craftsmen. They find and fix linle troubles before they become big ones. They have the skill and will to t(o thorough jobs. We arc part of the International Truck service organization. \Vc have factory-standard International parts. \Vc have special International equipment for testing, servicing and repairs. So contact us for service that pays off in the language the truck operator understands best — ton-mile economy. This service available for other makes as well as International. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 31 2 So. 2nd Phon«863 INTERNATIONAL Trucks

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