Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska on October 12, 1902 · Page 10
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Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska · Page 10

Omaha, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 12, 1902
Page 10
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10 TIIE OMAITA DATLT DEE; SUNDAY, rOCTOHER 12, 1002. THE VALUE OF CHARCOAL Few People Kaow Unit t'sefal It la la PrMrrrlnc Health anal Rriity, Kesri? everybody know that charcoal la to safest and moat efficient disinfectant and purifier In nature, but few realise IU value when taken Into the human ayitem for the name cleansing purpose. Charcoal Is a remedy that the more you take of It the better; It If not a drug at all. fcut simply abiorbt the gases and Impurities always present In the stomach and Intestines and carries them out cf the system. Charcoal sweetens the breath after amok-Inf and drinking or after eating onions and other odorous vegetables. Charcoal effectually clears and Improves the complexion. It whitens the teeth and further acts as natural and eminently safe cathartic. It absorbs the Injurious gates which collect In the stomach and bowels; It disinfects the mouth and throat from the poison of catarrh. All drurglsts sell charcoal In one form or another, but probably the beat charcoal and the most for the moner Is Stuart's Absorbent Loienges; they are competed of the flnejit powdered willow charcoal and other harmless antiseptics in tablet form, or, rather. In the form of large, pleasant tasting losengea, the charcoal being mixed with honey. The dally use of these loienges will soon tell in a much Improved condition of the general health, better complexion, sweeter breath and purer blood, and the brauty of It Is, that no possible harm can result from their continued use, but, on the contrary, great benefit. A Buffalo physician. In speaking of the benefits of charcoal, says: "I advise Stuart's Absorbent Lozenges to all patients suffering from gas In the stomach and bowels, and to clear the complexion and purify the breath, mouth and throat; I also be-llevs the liver la greatly benefited by the dally use of them; they coet but twenty-five cents a box at drug stores, and although In some aense a patent preparation, yet I believe I get more and better oharcoal In Stuart'a Absorbent Lozenges than la any of the other charcoal tablets." National x This is the Best Time of he Year to Ride a Bicycle. We have many special bargains we re offering now. It will pay you to . buy this fall Instead of next spring. We are western agents for the Edison Phonographs. We have a complete line of Machines and Records. Omaha Bicycle Co., . Cor. Itth and Chicago Sts. DOES IT PAY YOU to run risks or take chances where health and future are Involved when years of success furnish assurances that It Is not necessary? Medical advertisements frequently appear In the papers that were written by some advertising company or Individual at so much per Inch; concerns W, A. luuk, M have often approached us with such propositions, saying that they were writing advertisements for certain other doctors and that they were well pleased with the reaulta. This we regard as a sort of confidence game upon ttse part of the doctor. When a man fathers anything It should be his own, and you will find the treatment and results In such cases as fraudulent as their advertisements are fictitious. "Words are like leaves and where they most abound much fruit of sense beneath Is rarely found." Monte men and confidence- sharks always select large crowds like carnivals and fairs because opportunities-are better for them. Likewise the trickster specialist enters the field of private diseases because the Imperative necessity for treatment In these condition Is apparent to any sane man and as these pretenders know their unfitness they try to make up for their lack of professional ability with alluring advertlse-ments, aauve manner and promises that they never expect to keep. A man seeking treatment owes It to himself to know that his physician Is a man of ripe experience, reliable and trustworthy. When a doctor cannot establish these facts you should consult a physician who can. If you are not well enough satisfied with our reputa-' Uon as specialists for the last 26 years, come to our ottlce and let us show you our plan of treating and some of our references. We accept for treatment only such cases as we know for a certainty that we can cure and in each case accepted give a written guarantee. We treat BLOOD POISON of every character. VARI-COOKLK. PILKS. LOST MANHOOD, 8TR1CTVRR and reflex conditions. We cure these disorders to stay cured forever for less expense compared with results and In a shorter time than any specialist In the city. Examinations free and advice cheerfully given. If you cannot call at our office write for booklet and question list. Address Cook Medical Co., 110-112 $ 141b St., Omaha. Neb. OVER "DAILY NEWS." Office Hours: S a. m. to S p. m. Sundays, 10 a. m. to 12:30 m. EU1EN w a feaaaat to aaaa varart Vm m auaas mt wiiMurt DiMTHini iiuunl 4u-eM( a ai(hi loass ! Ar son .a.ctaa viifc STRICTURE CONORRHCEA . 1 fiat CLEET fHLAIBEO ROSTaTt. 10ST VITALITY? mbs r lim its ticttr ruag aras- Irals. Mf Irata af laasa 4s-asaa a? aiaaol, isi sa SMladfi.s H aealrartiaa ... aoianaaaa aisll.r cauaiaa t aaaa . wits Ik. tni, Dlil ,, a.lia has aaau raiso.! Na cutll.f, dilattas ar SrucgiB Ma caaaaa ta ai.t ar buiass pursuit.. Our raraadv I. a dtrart lal applicants ta ib. afiaclas aart.. feataf ha rail-as sad aatnla. Ta aWoso. strata U f rral TALI K to ok. thaiisaua. tb.. ai. wnttaf a., wa ara aaadinf aoa full sioata.' traatasaal araaalo. apus raoaiat ol SI.OS) TbU) M aaaugk to aariaao.ntl enr. nr araiaarf easa ..d arasaa abaalatatf last If f lnwa u. II w Ika aulf aaaltlf ... aura STBKTl kl Cl'KC Brar? ta.. toar w .uarauiad aaii.taetioa. Our boaklat. 'As Bunasi Talk.'' "ilk asaar bvak Ja tasliaaaal.l., a.e taKK. All reatatiiaK-atloa. traal.d Caa&a-li.llf . Jksv.n af liaitatioa. told esly by THI D. A. SK.EEN CO., v ttli&i lAfflft. PILLS rar Trart th.oair asfs and rallabl. ItnaU Hagulator tor a. I trsabtaa, Balme. vitfciu dark. Al.'ujgitu, ar tf saall. Price. Head r. tor "Wumsa's.-laf.Oaara "Wllooa Matt. Iral ia. Uk. UUs kt. I'albt i s. Bold by Sherman, McConnell Drug Co.. it. W. Cor. iih aotd Oedgd. Omaha. Neb. . D f IIAWREYES TARE TOE CAME Dm Voins High Sohool Bsjs Btat Omaha at rt BalL EIGHTEEN TO NOTHING IS THE SCORE Defeat of Locals Principally l)r to nut I j- Famhlra Two of Omaha's Beet Men Oat of the Game ky Injuries. Dee Moines, 18; Omabs, 0. This Is what the Des Moines High school eleven did to the Omaha High school team at Vinton street park yesterday afternoon. The defeat of the locals was principally due to costly fumbles, and they were also unfortunate In Injuries sustained by Fair-brother and Flemmlng. which took them out of the game. The Iowa scholars fumbled badly also, but were stronger on the aggressive than the locals. Their fullback. Strother, was always good for something through the line and Jenson kicked the three goals. Jenson, Strother and Jordan made the touchdowns. For the Omaha High school, Fair brother played a most excellent game, being about the only man who could be relied on for a gain and punting well. Shields got down the field well under punts and made, two excellent tackles, downing the Iowan, who caught the ball In his tracks and once carried bis man back for four yards. He, however, spoiled his game by making several costly fumbles on punts. Loftus, who was put back of the line, waa able to hold the punts which came his way and kicked well until he hurt his ankle and had to retire. H. Putnam played a good and steady game. The fierceness of the play was attested, especially in the last minutes of the game, by the number of men laid out. The game was, however, from start to finish, good, clean foot ball and no slugging was indulged In. Jenson Makes Tonrhdown. After the klckoff Des Moines worked the ball up the field. Jenson got around Omaha's right end and covered the twenty yards to the goal line for a touchdown. He kicked goal. Time, 7 minutes. Score: Des Moines, 6; Omaha, 0. Des Moines returned the klckoff with a long punt, which Shields fumbled, but did not lose the ball. Omaha was forced to kick and Iowa returned the ball. Shields again letting It fall. Omaha worked It back to a point of safety, Falrbrother getting around left end for fifteen yards. For the rest of the halt the ball was kept moving from one end of the field to the other, and time found It about In the center. Des Moines' klckoff In the second halt was blocked and the ball went down almost on the center line. Iowa played rap-Idly, fumbled ball on guard's back play, but fell on It with a loss. Omaha took it on downs, but could make nothing. Jen. son got around Omaha's left end for about thirty yards and had only one opponent between himself and the goal, but could not get by. Strother went through the line for good gains, got the ball down on foot from the line and went over the next play. Jenson kicked goal. Des Moines, 12; Omaha, 0. Omaha kicked off, was penalized for offside play and lost the ball on down. Dee Moines could not carry It along and punted. Loftus carried it back well, and Omaha made twenty yards next on a fumble. Dei Moines' next punt sent the ball over the Una. It waa brought out. to the twenty, five-yard 11ns and returned by Omaha. After several plays Des Moines punted again, Omaha failed to catch the ball, an Iowan got It, but let It drop, and another of that side fell on It. It was now on Omaha's ten-yard line and was carried over by Jordan by line plays in five downs. Ths lineup: DE8 MOINES 18. 0 OMAHA. Alien RE LB riemmlng W.lli RTLT I'ath.r Craig ROLQ stain Moors CC P. Putnam Jenson LOHO Smith Russell LTRT Robertson Orlfflth URB.... Falrbrothtr-Yoder Jordan R H I. H Burnett Reynold. LHRH Loflu. K( rot her r H F II H. Putn.m Wordan Q BiQ B Shield. Touchdowns: Jenson, Strother, Jordan. Goals: Jenson (3;. Time of halves: Thirty minutes. ONE-SIDED GAME AT CREIGHT0N Commercial C'ollesje Team Smothered by the I Diversity Athletes on Crelarhtoa Field. The Crelghton team yesterday plied up the biggest heap of touchdowns that has ever been recorded In the land west of the Big Muddy. The team from the Omaha Commercial college was no match for the victors. Outweighed, outplayed and outrun was the report they were compelled to carry home. During the first half the stenographers had their hands on the bait but once. This opportunity was given them by Welsh's return punt, but the rapid calculators could not multiply two scrimmages by a large enough number to result In five yards. This fact compelled them to try a punt. Joe Walker didn't like to see the ball kicked away from his goal, so Joseph blocked the punt. The ball struck him hard enough to rebound almost to the goal, and Joe Incidentally picked it up and turned It Into a touchdown. It may seem to one who reads the report of the game that It was oertalnly uninteresting, but to those who saw the Interference form for Crelghton s end runs It was good entertainment. It was not a case of each man In turn taking the ball and hik ing down the field. Almost every man got a touchdown to his credit, but the Teat of the team formed a wall to protect him, and they carried tne wan clear across me neia. That is why the Commercial boys were unable to get their man. In the nrst scrimmage retry Mustam waa given the ball and carried It seventy-five yards for a touchdown. Terry made a number of runs of a similar length, and the other halfbacks duplicated several of them. Harry Weleth In nis position as full-bark has no chance for long runs, but Harry looked "real cute" as he picked in punts and rushed the ball down the field. Although the Crelghton aggregation hid a walk-away they never ceased to play their best ball. To run the score to the top was the determination of every man, and for twenty-minutes halves 101 is a pretty good score. The Commercial boys are certainly plucky and they stayed by their Job to the finish. They have several good men, but are woefully In need of team work. For Crelghton there were no stars. Every man played his part. The lineup was: CREIOHTON. COMMERCIAL. Hohba RELK Laarr Walker RTLT Craven tielin.r HULO V.saarek K.n. ",r 2s rub. Kennedy LG RO Humitraet Crelghton LTRT tleltnct Huoney ...W LtKE Miller t'.ll.h.a J U McKenna R H L H Mans LHRH 8keea Wel.b f U,r B Larkra Officials: T-nne and Muleren. Touch downs: Mustain 3. Welsh 13). Walker (3). Callahan t3, O Keefe 2l, Klppes, MoOov-ern. Crelghton. Uoals: Walker. 10; Welsh, 1. Goat from field: Walker. Time of halves: Twenty minutes. OMAHA MEDICS FIND DEFEAT Go to Bellevo Fall of Hope and Re-torsi Home Wit boat Aay Glory. The Omaha Medics went to Bellevue yesterday confident of victory, but were disappointed, and suffered the s.cond defeat of the year by a score of 11 to 0. Bellevue s goal was never In danger and they were held but once on downs, while the Medics fulled repeatedly to gain ths necessary rive yards. Uellevue kicked off to the Medics, but Moure sent the leather out of bounds. On the next kick Pope downed the embryo doctor in his tracks and Helievue held for a down. In a short time the ball waa carried over and Moore kicked goal. The Medics kicked off to Bellevie and after a few line bucks and a forty-vard run around right end by A. Cooper, Moore dropped a Eoul from the thirty-yard line. The first alf sndd with ths bail In bellsvus's pos session In the middle of the field. Score, 11 to o. Iwrtng the second half Moore attempted several goals from the field which failed. The Merllrs wpre able to krep Helievue from scoring again. Final score, 11 to 0. The lineup: HKLLKVCE 11. -MEDICS. Friedman R E L K Hart Porter ..; RTLT J.rkenn Kerr R ti'L O Plan Hchofteld r C Jnnalrfr K.wtell L ft R O Whltromh A. Cooper L T R T Smith Pope L K R E 111. keen T. Cooper V y Pteaart B. rnwell R H L H Mrclaren Moore L H H H Petereon Oibb. F B K B Kohoot CRIMSONS BEAJ MAINE TEAM how Improved I'lay and Pall Oat Winners After Hard Ponstht (ante. CAMRRIDOE, Mass.; Oct. 11. Much to the satisfaction of coachers end undergraduates the liHrvard 'varsity eleven showed some improvement todav and defeated the I'nlversity of Maine oh Soldiers' field. 22 to n. The creditable playlnn of Harvard was entirely in the econd half, for the gnme opened with about as poor a showing as any seen this season. The Maine boys, although much lighter In the line, were able to hold their opponents down and In rushing the ball were able to get through time and again. In the second half numerous changes were made In the crlmnon eleven and in addition the plays were run off with a snap wiilch resulted In remarkable Improvement In the game as a whole. The vlHltors were kept on the defensive nearly the entire game. Only one touchdown was scored In the first half. In the second, with Daly at quarter, three Harvard men crossed the Maine goal line. Barnard had an off day, missing two out of four goals, which cut down the score. Lineup: HARVARD. MAINE. Jnne. L. E.TR. E Been Whltewell-m.kt ...L. T.R. T Tonne Hovey-Coburn k O R. O Llbhey King (C C,C Le.rned n.rn.rd R. i.L. O Reed Mllln-Oleaon R. T.L. T Sawyer Bowdltch, Motley.. ..R. K L. E Cole-Flnnegan Q. B ill. B ... B.lley Lindsay, PI par, Knowlen L. H.B.IR. H. B Parker, Taylor Foster-McOleny .R. H. B.U II. D. Besrse. Bradford Btlllman, Plpper, Ives F. B. IF. B Dortlrnaa Touchdowns: Foster (2), Piper, Mc-Gleney. Goals from touchdowns: Barnard, 2. Time: Two fifteen-minute halves. Attendance, 6,500. DOANE DISSECTS THE DOCS Lincoln Medics Have to How to Crete Crowd, bnt Fla;bt Plocklly to the End. CRETE. Neb.. Oct. ll.-Speelal Telegram.) Doane college defeated the Lincoln Medics on the new athletic field today In a fiercely contested game 11 to 0. The teams were evenly matched in weight and the game was very even throughout. Donne excelled In defensive, work and Its backs were able to skirt the Medics' ends for substantial gains. Much credit is due Wend-land for his punting for Doane and to the fast ends, Tidball and Price, who kept the ball In the Medics' territory. Neither side was able to wore In the first half and the ball was repeatedly lost on downs. In the second half Houston, the Doane left half, splendidly aided by Tackles Murphy anil Fuhrer, found the weak spots In the Medics' line and two touchdowns resulted. For the Medlca each man play., a plucky game, Cressman, Carr and Parmeter doing especially good work. This is the second game in the Nebraska Collegiate Athletic league and the interest is high. The lineup: MEDICS. DOANE. Pnellman C.C Spencer Smith R.G. L. O Spees Ms. Beth L. O.l R. O Ireland snth R. T.fL. T Fuhrer (-aut. Townley L. T. n. T Murphy kem-Parmet.r K. K.U K Iiniwu Goldman L. K. R. E. . .! 1'rKe Carr (capt.) Q. B.Q. B Bow I by Crewman R. H. 11. iU H. B Houston Braey L. H. B.IR. H. B Vance Burntdorft F. B.F. B Wendland IOWA 'VARSITY BEATS DRAKE Des Moines Men Play Slow Ball and Finish Wltbont Once Scoring. IOWA CITY, Oct. 11. (Special Telegram.) Iowa defeated Drake university of Des Moines 12 to 0 on Iowa field today. The Hawkeyes played In satisfactory farm. The occasional raggedness which allowed Drake considerable gains and two ties at a field goal was offset by frequent playing of great brilliancy. Coach Knlpe was especially pleased at the Interference and pushing done by the backs and ends. Hollen-beck, Slberts, Fred Buckley. Coulthard, Ochiltree and White were stars at carrying tht. ball. Howell, Ochiltree and White shone especially In the interference. Stewart, Main and Cochran were Drake's stars. Burcham punted excellently. Iowa's plays went off fast, but Drake played the slowest game ever seen here, taking ojt time after nearly every down and wrangling long with the umpire. The lineup: IOWA. I DRAKE. Slbert. L. E.IR. E Maaon Cnulth.rd ..U T.R. T ..U G.R. O Walter. Kenney ... Klntl Browning . Stewart . . . Bate. ... Bacon Cochran .... stain Burcham Donovan . Urlgga ... C... Atkinson Buckley . Hollenbeck R. O. R. T. ....R. K. Q. B. .L. H. B. ..R. H.B. L. O L. T U E Q. B R. H. B Jonea .... White .... Howell .. L. H. B.. Ochiltree . ...F. U.P. B WEST POINT IS VICTORIOUS Cadets Carry Sloppy Ball Across Line, Whllo Dickinson Falls to He ore-. WEST POINT. N. T., Oct ll.-On a aoppy field and with a wet. slippery ball, which neither side was able to hold, the West Point cadets defeated the team from Dickinson college today by a score of 11 to 0. Dickinson put up a much better exhibition of foot ball than the cadets expected. West Point made Its first score early In the first half on a fumble by the visitors, the ball rolling Into McAndrew's hands. He ran fifty-five yards through a clear field for a touchdown, from which Torney kicked a goal. In the second half Hackett, Torney and Graves were sent repeatedly through the line for gains and Gardner made a pretty run around the end from the twenty-yard line, making the other touchdown for the cadets. Graves failed to kick the goal. Now came a game between the fullbacks, the ball being kicked back and forth every few minutes for the remainder of the half, which ended with the score 11 to 0 In favor of the cadets. NAVAL CADETS OUTPLAYED Princeton Wins from Annapolis by Score of Eleven to Nothing;. ANNAPOLIS. Md.. Oct. 11. In a terrific downpour of rain, which continued during the entire game, and made things miserable for all concerned, the navy foot ball team was defeated today by the Princeton team by a soore of 11 to 1. Never before was a game played here under more unfavorable conditions. 8o much water fell that the field resembled a quagmire and made it Impossible for the players to handle the ball. Considering the unfavorable conditions, the game whs a good one. and both sides may feel well satisfied with the result. The middles were greatly outweighed, and as the Princetons have had much more practice the former were lucky In keeping the score down. Time of halves, twenty minutes. IT'S EASY ENOUGH FOR AMES Iowa State Normal Team Goes Down to Defeat, with leers B2 to O. AMES. Ia.. Oct. 11. (Special Telegram.) The Ames Cyclones defeated the State Normal aggregation here today, 52 to 0. In the first half Ames scored five touchdowns and four In the IhkI. The Ames team played fast ball, making good gains around Normal's ends and breaking throufh tho line by tackleback tandem plays. Tener, Ames' quarterback, made good galna In exchange of punts with Jones,, twice for twenty-yard gains. Ames lost by three fumbles, but the team showed Improvement In getting plays off. L'mplre: Vuunj, Referee: Graham. Time: Halves, twenty-five minutes. Too Wet at Uaawa. ONAWA. Ia., Oct. 11. (8peclal Telegram ) Rain prevented the promised foot bull game today between the High school lsvsoa) of Woodbuts ul Onaws. CORMIUSRERS HUSKY ENOUGH Victarioria 0r Thair Viiitari from Grinnell, 15 ta 0. THREE TOUCHDOWNS IS GAME'S RECORD lowana Are Ontwelghed Ten Ptissia to the Man, hat Pot Ip ActlTe Resistance on a. Soaked Field. (From a Staff Correspondent.) LI.VCOL.N, Oct. 11. (Special Telegram.) In a drizzling rain, which drenched the players to the skin and converted the field Into a sea of slush, Nebraska university administered a decisive defeat to Grinnell college at foot ball today. Three touchdowns for Nebraska In halves of twenty-five and twenty minutes, represented the sum total of the Cornhuskera' efforts, while the Iowa lads were forced to do without even an approach to a score. Grinnell was outweighed fully ten pounds to the man and stood little chance to shove their huskier opponents down the field. Nebraska was penalized frequently by Umpire Clarke and lost the ball and many yards also at critical points, while Grinnell suffered but once on that account. The Cornhuskers expected to score at least a quartet of touchdowns, but the penalties, the soggy field and the short halves prevented. Once Nebraska had pushed the oval down to Grlnnell's two-yard line and a touchdown seemed inevitable. In the next scrimmage, which lacked but a few inches of carrying the ball over, a Hawkeye emerged with the ball. The Cornhuskers asserted It was stolen after the call of down, but the official ruled otherwise and Grinnell Immediately punted out of danger and saved the touchdown. The second halt ended with the oval on Grlnnell's three-yard line, Nebraska having rushed it there from the middle of the field. A moment more and the touchdown was secure. Thus the Cornhuokere lost still another score. For the Minnesota Game. Dooth tried out a half dozen substitutes during the game by way of preparation for next Saturday's game with Minnesota at Minneapolis. Bender, the smashing right half, whose runs and bucks are already the sensation of Nebraska's eleven, was kept out of the game to nurse a bruised shoulder. His failure to participate and the absence of Molony, the giant right guard, weakened the Cornhuskers' defense, although the team was held but twice for downs during the entire) play. Bell and Benedict, the latter changing from quarter to half, gained persistently on tackle bucks against the Grinnell line, while Mlckel st full back hurdled and plunged effectively. Benedict punted superbly, excelling with eaee Klesel, who did the kicking for Grinnell, but who had a poor chance from -he failure of the line to prevent the aggressive Cornhuskers from breaking through and blocking the punts. Grlnnell's Rally. In the second half, Grinnell In one desperate rally advanced the ball npward of twenty yards by attacks on Nebraska's left wing. Guard Ringer, however, finally solved tho play and threw the Hawkeyes back. Forcing a punt, Nebraska captured the ball and turned the tide. At all other times, the Nebraska line held firm against assault. Grinnell meanwhile, although outclassed In avoirdupois, played plucktly and checked the Cornhuskers frequently In their onward march. Westover, Ringer, Borg, Shedd and Cortelyou In the line contributed largely to Nebraska's triumph. Cortelyou performed with particular brilliance at right end, Nebraska's final touchdown coming when he grasped Benedict by the htpstraps and shoved him ten yards through the Grinnell right wing and across the goal. The lineup: NEBRASKA 17. 0 GRINNELJj. Cortelyou R Ell, E Benson Wmtuv.r (C), Brlggs RTLT Aureeher Tobln, Cotton RGLO Oooda Horg cic Hmitn H Inner LO RO .. Fuller Mason. Wilson. ...... L. T,R T back Bhedcf. Follmer, Westorer LE ft E M.r.h Benedict, Thorpe V.'Q Van Ut gimodynes, Benedict. R HI. H Kvsns Bell L 11 R H Welker Mtrkel V Hi? D Klesel Touchdowns: Bell, Benedict. Mlckel. Umpire: Henry Clarke of Omaha. Referee: W. A. Plxley of Omaha. SIMPSON PUTS UP HARD FIGHT Missouri University Wins by Hard Work by Score of Eleven . to Six. COLUMBIA, Mo.. Oct. 11. (Special Telegram.) The game between he University of Missouri and Simpson (Ia.) college proved one of the hardest fought seen here for a couple of years. Simpson came here a strong, well trained team and made the Tigers' fight for every Inch they gained. Missouri won by a score of 11 to 8. both touchdowns being made In the first half. The lineup kissoi'Rl. SIMPSON. Coa Kennedy Roger. Plcken Humphrey Rogers Mlddleton Jonaa Wllley White Wearer smith ,..L K R E.. ...U T R T... ...L O R O.. ClC ...R GIL O... ..R TlL T... ,.H EL E... ...Q B Q B... ..L H R H.. ..R Hi L H.. ...r B F B... 11 oft Chllders H.yes Kills, Back Anderaoa v.. Blmey Wulffe Ardlngar Kirk LINCOLN DIPS TO DES MOINES High School Boys Have to Saints a Snperlor Force 1st tho Iowa. Aggregation. DES MOINES, Oct. 11. (Special TelegramsThe foot ball game here today between the East Lies Moines and Lincoln high school teams resulted in favor of the locals, lt to 6. It was regarded as the best game played here this season and was hard fought. The foot ball game between Drake university and the Iowa State university at Iowa City today resulted In the defeat of Drake, 13 to 0. SAY SCORE WAS ACCIDENT Cornell Conches Claim Williams Should Have Failed to Cross Line. ITHACA, N. T.. Oct. 11. Thirty-seven points to tells the story of the Cornell-Williams foot ball game on Percy field today, and the else of the Ithacans score was beyond the sanguine hopes of the supporters of the red and white. Cornell s coaches claim the scoring of Williams waa due to an accident. The game waa spectacular throughout and punts were exchanged frequently. Time of halves: Twenty-five, minutes. PENNSYLVANIA WINS IN END Stiff Fight with Swarthmoro Ends in Victory for Red and Bine. PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 11. The Swarth-more college eleven today held Pennsylvania down to two touchdowns, made a touchdown and kicked goal, the final score being 11 to in favor of the red and blue. The game was played In a heavy rainstorm. Time of halves: Twenty-five and twenty minutes. Victory Is Red Oak'a. CORNING, Ia.. Oct. 11 (Special Telegram t The foot ball game here today resulted: Red Oak High school, 28; Corning academy, A. Dandee Defeats tho Colombia. Dundee defeated the Columblas Saturday in a hard-fouaht gams by the score of Id to Ub iaa voiumDiaa pisysa an sscsusni l a", ' 1 I a I . I ' V.'V 1 V 1 VMM, W ' . i , -af a " ' B - CI jar- - s V , A LAWYER Five years ago dyspepsia took such a hold on me I could scarcely ro. I took quan tities of medicines, but nothlne helped me. I tried Kodol, and Improved at once. It cured me. George S. Marsh, Nocona, Tex. A BANKER I suffered for four years with Indl- gestlon. After having almost despaired ever retting well, Kodol was recom mended to me, I began to improve at once, lam now taking the third bottle and I feel as well as 1 ever did. Can eat anything without bad effects. Thos. H. Taylor, Como, Miss. A MERCHANT 1 suffered heart-burn and stomach trouble, caused by dyspepsia, have had some very had attacks of same. My sister-in-law has had the same trouble. She lived entirely on warm water. Two bottles of Kodol cured her. As for myself, I am glad to say that a dose of Kodol always gives me instant relief. J. D. Erskine, Allenville, Mich A MINISTER. M For years I suffered from dyspepsia, growing worse and worse, until culminating in a bad case of ulceration of the stomach. Every known means, and many of the best physicians, were consulted. My people sent me to Europe. Each Hemorrhage left me weaker and weaker. Finally I was Induced to try Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It relieved me beyond imagination. I am now using my thtrd bottle, am preaching twice every Sunday, and thank Cod I expect to be well soon. W. P. LorER. Earlvllla, fa. A DOCTOR After three years almost constant use of Kodol In hundreds of cases referable to faulty digestion and assimilation, I can truthfully say It Is the most efficient combination for dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulence, nausea and all gaatrio disorders that it has been my good fortune to discover. My experience In general and nospltal practice dates from 1872, and of all the digestkfifs prescribed in those thirty years, none In my hands have proved so thoroughly effective aa Kodol. E. H. Hayes, M. D., Washington, D. C. DYSPEPSIA CURE Your Dealer Can Supply- You. Bottles Oaly Kefalir Site, tl.M, hoMinf 7'4 tiroes ai much si tht tri.l sire which sells 1st it ctats. Prepared by E. O. Sl Co., Sola Proprietors, Ohicago, U. 6. A. game, but Dundee was much faster. Dundee's fullback Ben Benson, wus eaelly th- star of the game. Ingram made several pood kiImh and Grant Benson did excellent kicking, scoring a drop kick from the twenty-flvt-ynrd line. Dundee will play I'apilllon at Dundee next Saturday. . YALE BEATS BROWN IN END Hard Fought Game Finishes With . Old Ell Nicely In .the Lead. PROVIDENCE, R. I., Oct. ll.-The foot ball game between Brown and Yale today resulted In a victory for old Ell. Although defeat, the followers of the Brown eleven were well satisfied with the excellent showing made by their team. The game was attended by the largest crowd seen at a foot ball game In many years in Providence. Brown won-the toss aiid chose the west goal, while Yale kicked off. Barry secured I he ball and made fifteen yards, and then Brown, by steady playing, carried the ball to Yale's thirty-three-yard line, where they lost It In a fumble. Yale then rushed matters and slowly forced Brown back until the ball was on Its live-yard line. Here a grand resistance waa made, time being called with the ball on the two and a half-yard line. Score, 0 to 0. When the players came out for the Becond half there waa no change In the lineup, but when play was resumed Bhevlln was soon substituted for Glass, and he waa easily the star, making a flfty-flve-yard run for a touchdown by magnificent dodging and aided by good Interference. The goal was not kicked. Soon after Yale forced Brown to Its forty-yard line, Bhevlln making moBt of the gains. Here Brown held for three downs and Metcalf dropped back and made a beautiful goal from the field from the forty-yard line. Brown's right side of the line was like a stone wall, but the left sde was weak. The lineup: brown. ' TALE, gehwtna Haacall L FIR E Coffin L Tl R T Hunan Shaw L G R O uuu CMtaa CC Holt Cobb R O L O tllas. Shaabaa RT LT ghrviin Kiiss R K L K Hsre Scudder QB QB Metcalf Barry (C) L Hi R H Wllh.lm, Ward. Prescott Ch.a. R H 1 1. H rhadl-k (C) Bakar, Hamilton F BF B F.rmer, Mrt'llntmk Score: Yale, 10; Brown, 0. Touchdown: Bhevlln. Ooal from field: Metcalf. Weeplnsr Water Needn't Weep. SPRINGFIELD. Neb.. Oct. 11 (Special Telegram.) Springfield was defeated at foot ball nere too ay oy weeping water in a iai and furious game. Weeping Water won with one touchdown. It was outplayed at most points, but 8prlngfleld was too weak itpxts "PA am J.WAiOAM. ffttsivemr II. D. Neely, We want good, responsible men to act as agents in every live Nebraska town. 4yhataji In the annals of medicine Kodol Is up above the world so high that It Is like a diamond In the sky. True merit has. elevated this fa- w mous . .-. i wit V&,1 1.AV,tIM-lH, ;4V. nt nd running. Score: Weeping Water, E; Bprlngtield. 0. Referee and umpire: Lott of Ktmth Omaha. Springtlcld plays tho fcecond team of the Omaha High school next Saturday. MUD HELPS BUCKNELL TO WIN Heavy Mllit Tells Aaralnat Carlisle Indiana and Hesnlts In Easy Victory. WILLIAMSPORT. Pa.. Oct. 11. Bucknell defeated the Carlisle Indians here today by a score of 18 to 0. The game waa played on a field of mud. giving the heavier Bucknell team a distinct advantage. t'ollrne Foot Ball Brevities. At Nashville Vanderbllt, 29; University of Mississippi, 0. At Knoxvllle University of Tennessee, 12; Kings college, 0. At Dallas, Tex. Agriculture and Mechanical college. 111; Baylor university, & At Charlotte. N. C University of North Carolina, 11; Furman university, 0. At Atlanta Atlanta Polytechnic institute, 18; Georgia School of Technology, 6. At New York Columbia, 6; University of Buffalo, o. At Cedar Rapids, la. Coe, 69; Western, 0. At Chicago Northwestern university, 11; Rush Medical college, 0. At Madison, Wis. Wisconsin, 62; Law- At Champaign, 111. Illinois, 44; Washington university, 0. At Terre Haute, Ind. Rose Polytechnic Institute, 6; Franklin college, 0. At Columbusi, O. Ohio State university, SO; University of West Virginia, 0. At Tlltln, O. Heidelberg, 39; Flndlay college, 0. At Iowa Cltv Iowa, 12; Drake, 0. At Cambridge, Mass. Harvard, 22; University of Maine, 0. At WaHhington, D. C Georgetown, 18; St. John's college, 0. At Minneapolis Minnesota. 29; Belolt, O. At Ann Arbor, Mich. Michigan, 60; Indiana, . ' At Faribault, Minn. Shattuck Military academy, 21; PUlabury Military academy, 12. At Ames, Ia. Iowa Agricultural college, 62; Iowa State Normal, (J. At ixlngton, Ky. Kentucky university, 17; University of Nashville, 0. At Bethlehem, Pa. Lehigh, St; Rutgers, 0. Rebert Mrtingor Blood for Bale. Oct. 22 John Hall of Creston. Ia., will hold a closing out sals of colts, miles, stallions and brood mares, sired by Nitrogen (aire of Hydrogen 2:074, Kid Shay 2:1444), son of Robert McGregor. Nitrogen has 71 V per cent of the same blood aa Cresceus, 2:024. Send for catalogue. IN TffE LONG J?lJV to have an Endowment policy lira nra ASS U R ANci nnTrrrnn JH. Hrot, txe giB"cr tnr Merchants National Bank BUg., Omaha NchrzakM. Si remedy to that position wherein It stands preeminently as the world's recognized cure for all disorders of the stomach and. digestive organs. Unlike all other remedies, Kodol combines the natural dlgestants with the greatest known tonic and reconstructive properties. It does not purge the system. The weak should never be weakened and the sick 'should never be sickened. Such treatment gives temporary relief often, but permanent good never. Immediate benefits follow the first dose, and perfect health Is the permanent result derived, from the use of Kodol. $25.00 to California. That la ths rata from Omaha. In affect this month only. Tickets are good In tourist sleeping cars, which ths Rock Island runa to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ban Francisco. These cars make quicker time to Southern California than similar cara over any other line. Folder giving full Information mailed on request. If you are going to California, GO NOW. After November 1st It will cost you nearly 60 per cent more than at present. Low rates to Montana, Idaho, Utah and Puget Sound points now In effect. Ask about them. TICKET OFFICE 1323 Farnam St.. Omaha, Neb. Dapvty Btat Vstsrlnarta Food Inspector.. n. l. iu.sUcc.otti, d. v. s, CITY VETERINARIAN. Ofiloe and Infirmary, nth and Mason. Its. Omaha, Neb. ". Telephone 639. I 1 nirO My Monthly Regulator never falls. LAUlLO BOX FREE. Dr. F. MAY. Itloom-lngton, 111. This Is Written: by Fate "At the gate o. abundance are man' brother and JriendnV at tke grate of miser f are neither brother nor frUnde" Talmud You may now ba at the Gate of Abundance with yojr loved onea at your aide. Home day they may stand shivering at the Gate of Misery atrang-era to all men. A little Prudence now and a little Wisdom will make them a friend forever, and that friend Is the strongest in ths world, The Eultqabla Lift Assurance Sccistf SursJai J7I.S4MJ7. I www ptuott I

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