Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1911 · Page 3
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1911
Page 3
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WAS ORGrAtfl2S!D IN 1752 What the North American Says Regarding Schaefferstown Company IHNOt 1 •*•*! .HOCKENBURYBACK II. C. A* Conference at Providence, B. i E. J. HockenUury. general tafy of tlie Y. iM. C. A., returned o n ; Friday ait«rnoon from Providence, j R. 1., where h e attended an educational tfonfertftce of the leading V M. C. A." men. Mr. Hockenbury de- HvereJ an address before the conference. DIED AT HEADING Plenty of Good- Water on , Hand at All Hoasons. % of the Year In an article on the State's water •resources, Jthe Philadelphia. North •/fmerldan .puWlshes tse following reference to the Schaefferstown water company: Wide as the span Ig between the old Schaefferstown Water Company of 17D2 and later water companies organized up to 1880, this span is not nearly as great nor is the distinction as marked as tho distinction between the water companies that existed in 1880 and the big monopolies that have been formed In the generation since 1880. ..• .vQLDJGJST IN AMERi.CA, The Schaefferstown water works is the oldest in America and still supplies 70 pjj^ "cent' of the people in Schaefferstown, Lebanon county. It was 'formed on the co-operative basis, and its builders in 1763, drew UP a peculiar deed to keep the water company on that basis for all time to come. These old wafer w.orka builders, who apparently had some high-strung scruples about making one of the prime necessities of life a source of proht, provided iu their deed that all people living along Market street in Schaeffcrstown ore. by virtue thereof, members of the Sou 'of' Dr. hml Kli-sj K. W. Moiitzer Announcement! was nmde doday of the death at Reading, of Roger Clark, the seven rii"nths old eon ol Dr. and Mrs. 1C. W. Mentzcr. 'Tho j parents arc widely known In Lei non and thp sympathy of manj fricds goes out to them in Uiel bereavement. soothes, What do** you* do^tw f^i»iilft«iaW thejnedldhe he aowoves. Tftisthfm BEALTY TBANSFKBS. lives. WHEN MOVING P1CTUU13S DKCOM 1C A RHGHLAR CO\GUFSSIO\ \1 STTNT -*oruo5, PlCtUPO exWWtl ° n WM g ' Ve " fw «* fln* t,n,o ^Mon^ "£ & [^^'^ Rcpresenta- DB.BUCHERATPOTTSTOWN What Ledger Has t o Say of Lebanon Practitioner PROGKAM FOR THE U, E, CONFERENCE PACKAGE PARTY water company, and shall meet annually to elect officers, who serve without pay. All the Market St. People get their water at the rate of 10 cents per head per annum, and Dr. I. Reilly Bucher, of Lebanon, ! „,,.„. says the Pottstown Ledger, was a j IK guest of Dr. W. B. Shauer, of No. j 58 King street. Dr. Bucher is one ..... U U ' J ' I5K 1IKIjD AT HKAD. INO M5AT AV10KIC Will be Held This livening hy Avon Young Folks The young folks of Avon will hold a private package Party in the Avon hall to-night to entertain their of the oldest and most prominent j 1{Isll °l )s nn(I Other Prominent Mln- ' f rlcnd s an <l many oth»r s that are nlivc.lntn M- 1« T nU«^. n _ j_. T r i iufmtt! r\P t Im Tl n ..» 1 *.,.._ «•.«•• I inVltCd. TllC OVCIlinrr Will hr» c:nr»nf i,i physicians in Lebanon county. He I graduated from the University of < Pennsylvania in 1857. Hi s room-! V* * W Wl'l-l-W l*\J*. U VI^V4 £* V* (.VU1XH.U1) fclU\* .• , T -. ... . thoee not living on Market street "f^l.Pf" ""^lff .^ n " burg ' now pay 20 cents per annum, which in all these years has sufficed for all expenses. This peculiar water company has always had plenty of good water on hand, and even during the severe drought of 1908 its supply •was ample. NO STOCKS AND BONDS. of course, the Schaefferstowu company had no stocks and no bonds on .-the market. Npr-iloes It pump the water into the homos of people, but merely feeds It by gravity to distributing 1 points. eighty years of age, is ill. KICKED BY HORSE isters of tlic Denomination Will be in Attendance The annual Kast Pennsylvania con- invited. The evening' will be spent in games and music. The hall has been Kaily decorated with the class colors, bark blue and yellow. Over a hun- George Kemble to Charles W Habecker, property on North Eighth street, adjoining C. & L. railroad company land, this city. Consideration, $5,400. E.,J...Sheeialcy to Ida 13. Sheesley four..lot's, on UV 13. Campr^oelliii grounds at Ml. Orctna. Consideration, private. John Atkins estate to Michael 0. Haggerty,'property, No. 1243 Forgo street, this city. Consideration private. S. P. Light to Matthew Canvnn- aught, property In Monroe alley, this city. Consideration, private. CO. Jlnrvcy Forry, of Iticliland, covering From Injuries Harvey Forry, of Richland. is l!o- ference of the United Evangelical ollt Church, to open in St. Paul's Church Reading Wednesday, February 22, will follow this program: Wednesday, February ZZ, 3 P. m.—Missionary Society; 7:30 p. m., Bishop W. F. Heil. Thursday—9 a. m., communion; dred invitations have been sent who 1'-^ V. m., Temperance and Re- K. OF P. ENDOWMENT RANK Rule Issued Against the liaising of Assessments 15ov. Sliroycr, of 1/ebiiiion Valley .Application for an inresllgalioii of j c '°»«g c . Assisted at Services the 'insurance! department •.>'(! ,tdie Supreme Lodge, Knights of Pythias, was made before the Supieme Court of .the District of Columbia by John H. Turnpln, of Greennbure, Ala. Mr. ' was kicked by a horse o n Monday, '°rin Alliance, Rev. John S. Rutledge, is recovering and liopes shortly to D. D., Cleveland, O., general super- bo able to attend to his duties in ' Intendent of the Anti-Saloon League, the butchering business. The horse Education Aid Society, Friday kicked Mr. Forry in the stomach anil evening, February 2-1, Bishop U. F. for som 0 time the doctors thought Swengel, A. jr., D. D.; banquet of internal injuries might develop. For- Albright College alumni, tunately this was not the case. j Annual conference rally of the K. t ' j L. C. E. on Saturday evening, Febru- • " ** * ary 25, Rev. Theodore F. Herman, Reformed Theological Seminary. Sunday—10 a. in., presiding bishop ordination sermon; 7 p. m., Bishop Swengel; 2 p. m., ordination services. Hishops W. H. Foulke, U. F. FUNERAL AT HIGHSPIRE PLEASANT SOCIAL EVENT Parly (,'ivcii in Honor of Mrs. Barry J'Ycy's Itirtluliiy A number of friends gathered at tile home or Mr. and. Mrs. Hurry T. Frey, -Kiti North Fifth' street, on Fri- iiay evening, in honor of the twenty- second anniversary ""of" Mrs'. Frcy's birthday. Tlie time was delightfully spent in a social" way and refreshments were served. Those present included t*, •' | lowing: Dora Bachman, Lydia Miller, Grace M-cConnell, Annie Klelser, 'Florence Miller ifoti.«^!«- ,,_/-,_.. THE HOOVEX MERCANTILE Dividend No. 81. The Directors of THE HOOV13N MERCANTILE CO.. have declare-! the regular quartecljr" dividend of 1 1-2 per cent, on the Preferred Stock and 1 per cent, on the Common Stock payable on March 1st to stockholders of record February ISth, 1911. ChockH will be mailed. SAI.ESMi;\ WANTED—$20 WEEK. Iy and expenses or commission. Experience unnecessary. Write today. UNION CIOAR COMPANY, j S-VS-U Cincinnati, 0. AOKXTS WANTED — OENEftAL' ngont wanted, who can get and manage sales force, will advertise In your local newspapers and givo exclusive sale. ECONOMY VARNISH CO.. • 2-18-lt Cleveland. O. * ..—AGENTS WANTED—AGENTS STOP right hero something new: $4fi. 1 $90 a weok; Sells on sight: 100 per cent profit: n 0 charge for territory. New automatic razor sharpener, absolutely guaranteed for life. One agent without ox- perlence took 27 orders first day otit (aworn statement) 26 orders next day. 1'ront for 2 days $70.50:400,000 sell In 4 manths;phono- mcnal money-maker. Men everywhere are excited ovor tho mysterious accuracy and perfection of this little machine. Write today for full particulars, free; wa want,«, thousand agents iu. exclusive &mtoryj,ftt.pnce. Address / NEVER FAIL CO., 97,7 GoltottBldg., Toledo, Ohlp. The HnderslgaeclH sale, for the hexfr' the old at Southwest.! Chestnut '...„.. This Is an ota 1 ,"' In a good neighbftrlriJb^i not require much 2-16-3t P. FOB SAI>E"^ house, , ,. and heat; paper* Apply on ' ''•""'•- FOB SAWS machine—'Complete 2-13-tf in A slide of top dirt and snow IDley's slate quarry at Wind "cltin, threatened to carry thre e men into the quarry hole; but they luckily escaped. Association, care Lebanon Dally News. feed ness, Apply 2-13-tf. . FOR SALE —; cheap, room large, onu awftijto n first class grocery frtoreihl^l on proml'rient street. • " ' ' letter house on : C.heBti&t£ii Heights." iApPly ' FOB SALE — HOBSEy WAG Buggy an'd '•-- ijli '~* l! "*'' ffl:<t '-' : *'' WANTED — JUST Low,Priced .3 ib. mop. Turn crank to wring. Clean hands; -Women all buy: 150 per profit, Catalog free. U. S. MOP CO.. ' 1325 Main St., Lelpslc Ohio. 2-18-H IEN WANTED—A<VE 18.35, POK FOU SALE—10 ] firemen $100 monthly, and brakc-| modern ".,..._ ; .._^, J .-. r -^_ B men $80 on nearby railroads. Ex- ' 15 ° feet - East Lehman siree perienco unnecessary; no strike.! Eleventh Positions guaranteed competent I SEEGBRS men. Promotion. Railroad Em- 2-4-tf v- ;.- ! 'T ploying Headquarters—over 400 ' ...'..; men sent to positions monthly. vo f t SAIj B—WEMr : State age; send stamp. Railway butcher business man, of HighsPire. Services wcr 11 licld in the U. D. churchi at Hig:i- spiro, of which Rev. Sliroycr was formerly a pastor. I 1s a certificate holder of what Is known as the fourth class ijL the endowment rank of tlie Ifnlghts of Pythias and claim that the attempted action of the lodge to raise the amount of assessments t " certificates or the fourth clabs \NEW FEA TURE flscates his contract rights. He 'ges that several huudrul thou- Band dollars havo been wrongfully diverted from one class of endow- raibnt to another. Justice Gould 1s- Rev. A. 1C. Shroyer, of Lebanon Swpngpli forn , 0l . BIshop Holl| -^^ers Valley college, on Thursday aftc-r- A M S}um , se] and j. Hj shlrey and .noon a^Jiis'tteid at fuuel-a:'- laervicos R (j \y\ ost w m | )e among the promi- hcld over the. body of a former par- nent nlcn in attendance, ishioner, the late 'Sirs. Clara Poor- , - - Florence Miller, MeCon- ADJUDGED A LUNATIC I Itcinoviil of Corinnc Swarlx d> State Hospital Recommended 'orlnne Swart/, of this city, WHS ATCONFERENCE H"«"'.W'!»B round to be a ^ . iin-i iivii! removal to tlie Harrisbuvg ~~~ r " .|i<'ilv li')H)iital for liio Insane for nell, Mabel Kleiser, Stella Longen- T Cl , CCI '' ^ d '\ ''' rc ?'' Frank Bachman, .•Jr.. WJllKam Harry Bow, Charles Frey, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frey ami son, Earl. Demauy. Willis Vivy m»n, George Dettra, Weleflhorn Day Old CMcks A LIVE CHICK IS A REALITY— A HATCHING EGG IS A GAMBLE Place Your Order for March Chicks Now LEBANON POULTRY FARM, Bel) Phone 907-23 R.j. D.;N«.a ACCEPTABLEVALENTINE Bii'ed a rule requiring the officers of tlfe lodge to show cause why relief should, not' 'be (granted conljflbate |»hjders of the fourth, class. '' 'I AMIIUCiJIT- COLLEGE ALl'MM 1 Wll/l; I!IO lli;i-l) PARTY AT HARRISBURG J). Clnreiifw CJIblKincy, of Philadelphia, Will be tho Jlouur Guest.. of the Evening Ire.'ilM"'!]! recommended by a cont- niis;'i>n appointod hy .ludgo Henry. Tlio cuiiHiiisslon, conaiiUinK of At- torncy. . C. D. Wolrlck, Dr. ticnr;;e Protis iind Fred W. Light, heard the l.iwllinony tills tnornlng. 'A. S. I'lrlch, cHd'.. re], resented t}ie John Htoncr, of Avon Iteueivos llauffing Lamp Mra. John ,S(o n or, O f Avon, received a bountiful hanging lamp mi -St. Valentino's day from an un- kimwn friend, n was a most ac- <:e])labl e "valentine," and the venerable Italy apprcclal.es It highly. FUNERAL NOTICES SMITH—In city on the 18th inst., Adam Smith, aged 73 years, 4 months and 17 days. Funeral on Wednesday morning, at 9:30 o'clock, from his residence, G09 Cumberland street. Services at Midway meeting house. Interment at adjoining cemetery. Relatives and friends are invited to attend without further notice. WANTED — YOUNG MAN FOIt ofiicc work. Must be experienced stenographer. Apply by letter CLERK, 2-17-tf • Care Daily NOWB. WANTED—VIHST CLASS COOK IN , fimtvl] family. $5 per w,eek. ,Ad dress letter to "COOK, 1 ' 2-lG-tf Care Dally News Bnry DuIldln«B/ ; ' Apply, ; ' Apply,; i'^ FOB! nut street, 6 water heat, coal and ( M'ANTED — A GIRL TO LEA1I> dressmaking. Apply 2-14-6t 13 N. TENTH ST. AVANTE1)—ItnLLINERY APPREN. tlce. Apply at ; 2-]3-tf 712 CUMBERLAND ST. DELIGHTFUL VISIT WHITMAN—In City, on the 17th inst., Wm. Jacob Whitman, aged 7 years, 2 months and 4 days. Funeral on Monday afternoon, id " o'clock, from his residence 445 North Fifth street. Services ut house. Interment at Mt. Lebanon cemetery. Relatives and friends are invited to atte.ml without further notice.- ... . • • v,' WANTED—YOUNG MAN, 10 YEARS old, to learn drug business, one speaking Penna German, preferred. "C. F., " 2-6-tf Care Daily News. riricn, esq., represented tie poll What will bo, an entirely now tea- Uuner, a brother of the lunatic ' re of tho annual liaat Pennsylva- i lure nia Conference session of the United ; Evangelical church to bo hold in 1 Heading, February 23 to 27, will bo I an Albright College Alumni banquet lo be held on Friday evening, Fob- In Honor of Miss Helen Shoot of -': This City .The Misses Margaret and Rebecca 1 Brendt entertained at their homo.' ^ immediately after Pine street, llarrisburg on Thursday, U)e anuua , meet , of the od afternoon in honor of their guest, tional Aid Sociot f the conferonco . Mies Helen ShoW. or this city. A dainty luncheon was "served during the afternoon, S Sarsaparilla , _ „_. „ 'c,?2Ti a gff ^ ,' Cures all humors, catarrh and ! be the toastmaster; tho guest of the rheumatism, relieves that tired j evening win be D. Clarence Gibboney,' feeling, restores the appetite, , of Philadelphia, Dr. J. F. Dunian,: cures paleness, nervousness, I president of Albright college, will builds up the whole system. rftnrpiKnnt Hin fannlfv nnrl fbn nnlli>i*«' ! /i«i it i^^i..^, i t it ., » __ fjeluuion Were Guests of Uov A, A. Bitclier, Tills City, Was •ti. tect of tho JEaiflce ii member of tho board of trustees chocolated tablets called Sarsatnbs. will speak for tho body; Rev. H. F. Srhlogol, college pastor Bucldcr and Wife MI-K. Ma.sMii Hnydcr and jMisa llutli \Vitiiic-i\ uf Ibis city, bavr. ruiiinied liuiiio from NorriHl'jvvii, wl-^ro iliov >voiY! Rii.-KlH'of H(.v. and Mr.«. |j. K", l!(i(l«lor. liov. Dodder., who WHH for- niorl.v |iasl(ir of Mio Firm. Ueforuiod church hero, is now pastor of Trinity Reformed c.liuruli, Norrlsliowii. Christ Lutheran congregation ui Contrcville, Northampton county, has awarde'l contract for a now £17,000 church. STAG 1311—Near Rcxmont, 011 tho lOlh.Iust., Hucher 13. Stagey aged 7 years, D months, and 28 days. Funcrii;! on Sunday,.at 0..30 q'xilock from souse. Soj-vlcos at Blither's Mooting HOUKO. Interment ,at Burner's cemetery. Relatives and friends aro Invfted to attend without further notice. WANTED — TO BENT BOUSE within city limits—Must mjve bath. Address letter to "HOUSE," 1-14-eodtf Care of New Office. WANTED.-—BOOKS TO KEEP, AC- counts to audit, or any clerical work for evening. Addresi letter to "OFFICE," 1 :- o|o Dally Newa. MTSCEJitiilMS •'•' Modern iior Good Locations^ Moderate Prices. span new ones all Let us show'you ... tages to be had in buying'a' It Js just as easy 'to' , asi it is to pay; reftt; ; f| J. L. Rl DAN1KL A. FRAWTZ 10* NORTH NINTH 8TREHT. DAF OAJjLS 78A.7A4 OITMRBRMNn STRBRT and pro_ 1 Tomorrow the new Harris Street , ressor of the newly-created Theo-' ,UV E. church, PTardsburg, will be logical course of the college, will! MISSES HURLEY LEAVE. church was buUt at a cost of $,4p,000 according to plans and specifications prepared by Architect A. A. Richer, "f this city. dedicated w ltiv befitting eervlccs. | apeak in the Interests of the newly- i Misses Helen and Virginia Iltir- •Teated theological course. The Al- loy ' ° r I50li Thirteenth avenue, bright College Glee Club will be prt!-' A1U)ona . havo returned home after spending two weekg with friends and -NATIONAL BREWING GO'S OCK BEER sent. St. Stephen's Reformed church, located but a short distance from the conference church, has been secured for the occasion. The purpose of the banquet in the spreit.-ing of necessary knowledge concerning the needs of the Institution and the deepening of enthusiasm In Us ;; Press. relatives in this city. iPERFECTION : FLOUR has the quality that makes permanent FOR SALE OR LEASE PLANT OF THE STOEVER FDRY. 4 MFC, CO, LOCATED atMYERSTOWN Lebanon County, Pa. Consistin a WANTED WANTED — HAVE PUBCBASEB for |120o to $1500 house, between' Railroad and Mlfflln and Seventh and Tenth Sts. W, HENIIV VANDE SAND15, Iloul Bstatc and General -.Insurance Room, second floor, .38 South Eighth street. 2-18,-tf WANTED—LADV OB Q1BL WANT. od each town, good pay spare tlmo, copy iianics for advortlsors, cash weekly. Stamp for particulars. AM. ADV. BUR13AU, 2-18-3t Sanbornvllle, N. H. FOB KENT. FOR HKNT — FUKNlSHRlVANn UN- furnished rooms for houuckcoplni;. Apply-. 2-1.8-Bt!" 420, N. NINTH $T- FOB BKNT — 8, BOOMfJD HOUSK, including suite of room suitable for ofllco or buHlnosH, and stable at COS Cumberland street. Office rented separately or .with house, Apply at HOUSE This tenants tihat tho house 2-lS-tf 24 N. SIXTH ST. H'OB BENT—BOUBE FJ51 (3BEKN street. Apply at FOB BENT— 815 UNION . .APPly 2rl6-tf JOHN C. IOUCK, ; so]d and that they- -tniisf ^ya ,«r before April. iBt!^ '^Sl^iSf it J« almost a house now lu Lebonon AN EXCEPTIONAL STOCK OFFER —We offer from one to five shares pf » gilt-edge, guaranteed 8 per cent, stock iu a Pennsylvania Financial House at $102,00 per share, par value $100,00. Dividends payable 2 per cent, quarter, ly. \Ve guarantee to resell ^ the for you, llf desired, at ftny .FqB BENT-r-0 IIOOMED • all' ooiivenleQceB. Apply .at KLEIN'S CONFECTIONERY, 2-16-3t Fourth & Weldman Sts. FOB RENT^-HTOBE BOQM residence either Jointly or ately No.,U6 NprtU Ninth St. Apply to . . ., U-H-tf OB- BBCKWJY, FOB SALE. ral 8t}uw«», Hawtwwrg, Pa. FOB SALE— COUNTKB lift ojgar show caeee. Must be sold by February 98, ply at • othora are $18.00 and very much leaa pie Imagine, W sales, on

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