The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1930
Page 2
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:PAGE TWO BLYTHEVIM.E. (ARK.) COUIUEK NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1930 Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women Society Calendar Moodty Circles ol the First Methodist church women's: mlsUoanry society will meet at these homes: 1,-Mrs. W. M. Taylor;"2i Mrs.-?. A'.'Goodrich: 3. Mrs. S. P..Martin; 4, Mrs. E.J.'BWW'at one o'clock for s hintiitoiKwriea Mesdanies J/H. El- kihs'C. E- Atklnsou, Roscoe Crat- torfind Miss Cora Lee Coleman will also be hostesses. The woman's missionary union ot the First Baptist church will have tlw annual election of officers in a'meeting at the church beginning at 2:30 o'clock. The Woman's auxiliary of the First Prrcebywrlan church will meet at Ihe church at 1:30 o'clock so that members ol the Night circle may attend.'* special effort is being made U> have all members of.the entire auxiliary attend. Mrs. W. M Blaylock is entertain; ing the woman's missionary union oJ tlio Second Baptist church. Twsday The Senior High School Parcnt- Teacher association will have nn Informal reception for its teachers at 'the high school auditorium at 8 o'clock to which ail parents fo senior high students are invited. The Maple Crovc Cemetery as- socjiJJtlon is meeting with Mrs. Frwk Webb at her home on Chtck- ssawba avenue. Wednesday The Delphians will me.jt at the Hotel Noble at 9 o'clock. • •» Thursday ^trs. J. Louis Cherry .is having the^Mid-Week Bridge club. Officers Named • Officers of the 7B3 class of junior hitjtf school, ejected at a meeting ytfsierday, are: Butler Barksdalc, president; Mary Elizabeth Borum, vice-president; Marllm Ann Lynch, secretary; Ira Gray, treasurer; Daniel JBoone, reparter; Marylyn Bur- netj. librarian j • • .* Hah Bible Study Members of the Yarbro woman's missionary society met at iiic church in that community yesterday afternoon for the Bible study. • After the song. "Take the Nnnw of Vesus With You," Mrs. C. O. Deen offered prayer and passages from John and Matthews were reaS for UK devotional. ID the Bible study, taken from the book "Spiritual Adventuring," Mrs. R. H. Hood was leader and Mrs, D. L. "MeCauley dismissed the group with prayer,, * • .* • Class His Election Officers of tlw •»Dorcas Sunday school class of the First Br">tist church, .selected at a meeting last evening at the horn? of Mrs. ' II. Haynes, are: Mrs. J. K. .ce- ma£er, president; Mrs- O. V. - v- is.'.'first vice pesldcnl; MLS Jt • :- phine Brits, second vice presidi-nt; MrsV T. E. Epperson, Ihird Nice president; Mrc. A. Wert, treasurer; Mrs. T. H. Haynes, secretary; Mrs. 5. j. McDearman, assistant ^ccrc- tary; Mrs. R. I. Haby, teacher; Mrs.-Martha Lane and Mrs. n. A. Mnlmn, assistant teachers: Mes- daiftes J. T. Collins. G. A. Sasse. Arthur Rushing nnd T. E. Shepherd, group captains; Mesdamcs Arthur Rushing, Frank Simmons, A. Wert, social captains. The 13 members and 0112 guest, Mrs. A. S. Harwell, heard Mrs- R. A. Mahan lead the devotional nnd Mrs. Frank Simmons, Mrs. T. II. Haynes and Mrs. T. E. Shepherd 1 tay'prayers. IV was decided to havo'thc next meeting with Mrs. J. H. Shoemaker and. all members were urged lo attend the lesson class tomorrow morning at 9:45 o'clock. Dainty refreshments were served in ji; social hour with Mrs. Omar Lut^s and Mrs. T. H. Haynes as hostesses. O^**^ • WlGWTIE9 ABE BKWWING *0 TO SE9EM81E WE GOwW OF A VA1PV- FIGUPE W£. A .W A GK'SMCOIOCTO ORCPJT GOW WTW A 1ACC 9KTAHD INpeufMiCWliMTf D TO MATOU MO TIM v PUFFED vuwte' Iw THE etrmR A uisu WAISTED GOWW o? wrt?- TKUCTIB1E VOlieiWASOFT CASA9A TOlITWvS'A VHCXT VFPtUM JACKET Or MI OCEPS I TilE COivW AT TWE ClGWT- IT IS TRIMMEO WiIU BO'V-k'WOT Bits of News Mostly Personal Artist's Model lo Marry Soon al Poplar Bluff son, sur.erln'.crjclent, the Rev. p. Q, Roiie. Harvey Morris. Max B, Reid, A. E. Scolt nnd R. P. Paddl- Eon miuje-. |t\lks- Thc Rev. Mr. Korie icd in the social hour in which Mesdnmes L. M. Burnclte. Sallic Hnbljr, Roland Greene, Jack Bishop, A. C. Ncely and Ear] Snyder served delicious refreshments. Daughter Horn Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Branson an- [torners Invite Public to View Model Dwellmi! nouno; ihe birtli of daughter Friday afternoon nt Ihe Blylheville hospital, pounds. The baby weighs 11 Sleek Society—Personal Miss Mildred Vick was in Memphis Tuesday buying full merchandise for the Phillip Hamrrt .store. J. R. Hutchlnson of Carutlicrs- ville transacted business here Monday. Mrs. IL A. Sponcc has returned alter an extended visit with relatives in poinls of Tennessee. Messrs Odie Smith and Ooldie H:cks of Mollrmcl were visitor; Circi Mecls Dr. Wells EasllHirn Is attending lo business In SI. Louis for several days. He uliins to relurn Monday. Ur. I. it. Johnson was a business visitor in Memphis hist night. Miss Venilce Lee is n patient at ihe Memphis, Methodist hospital. Mrs. Jlmmie Ledbetter and sls- ler, Mrs. Grace Phillips Jr., spent yesterday in Memphis. They were accompanied home by Mr. Ledbcl- ler's grandmother, Mrs. J. M. Kted, ol Memphis, who will spend two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Ledbetter. Mrs. O. P. Moss Is ill nt her home on Chickasawba avenue. I Mis. B. A. Lynch and children,'- j Mniiha Ann and Louis Mann, are I spending today in Memphis, I Mrs. Addison Snillh ami dangh- ! ler have returned from Cincinnati iwheie.lhcy visited relatives of Mrs.' : bniilli for live weeks. • j The Rev. nnd Mrs. H. J. Klehi, i (licnsl are spending .several days ! in St. Ixiuls. Upon their return to| day they will be at home nl 1130 Wesl Ash street. Miss M,avy Hubler, Mrs. Cecil G. While, Miss Eileen Faster and Roscoe Morris spenl yesterday at Hydrick, Ark., where they attended the luneial of Fred Clements who died in Si. Louis Thursday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Grnciy Harlan, of Marion, Ark.,' spent Thursday here having been called because of the" death of Fvjcd Clements who died Thursday. They accompanied the family lo Hydrlck, Ark., yesterday for I he funeral. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Needham. J. A. Brown and daughter. Miss Minnie, accompanied Miss Ruby Brown lo Jonesboro yesterday where she is lo attend Jonesboro college. Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer Wood, a Lcachvillc, spent Thursday in the i city and accompanied Mr. and Mrs i L. T. Wood and family to Hy- iclrick, Ark., yesterday for the bur| iul of Fred Clements, son ol Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Wood, who died Thursday. [ Mr. nnd Mrs. Edgar Posey, of I Memphis, are spending WFCI-*I weeks with the latier's father, J. ! A. Brown. W. B- Tanner has returned from several days spent in points of Louiiiana. Miss Elizabeth Dlylhe. who is seriously ill at her home on Wal- jiul street with typhoid Icvar, is no better today. The Rev. P. Q. Hone was n visitoi in Memphis Tuesday. John Miiliun will leave Monday . night for Alton. 111., where he ai: tends Western Military Institute ••WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Responsibility of the Individual i Icng ago Miss Ellis Morgav Brandon, artist's model, posed for pictures for the newspaper serial 'Hash Romance." Now she has. iound a real romance, and on Oct. 10 she will be married lo William J. !x)lim:i!i at -Poplar Bluff, Mo., where her parents live. Miss Brandon has Been model for such famous artists as Harrison Flshe: and McClelland Barclay. A model home has just been com- : aiter spending the summer with his Jlclcd for Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hov- ] parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ma- ICT al 1200 Chickabawbi'. avenue •UK! will be open to the public Sat- .11 day nnd Sunday ailernoons, from 2 till 5:30 p. in. The strnclnrc is a southern style bungalow of frame construction han. Mrs. M. S. Stegcr has returned • LUTHERAN CHURCH H. J. Kleindiensf, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Church, 10:45 a. ni. Eernion subject: "My Reason for Coming to You." - All are cordially invited lo these services. I-'IKST BAPTIST CHURCH ; Alfred S. Harwell, Pastor : Sunday School, 9:45 a. in. 1 Morning worship, 11:00. Subject '''Why Dj We Not Bring The King Back?" B. Y. P. U., 6:15 p. in. Evening worship, T:30. Pastor's subject: "God's Fool." MUs Elizabeth Haley, church or- ganis;- will give a brief recital bc- I ginning al 7:10 p. m. All lovers of The International Uniform Sunday School l.tisuj) for September 11. Itcsiwiiilbllity of Ihe Individual. Jcr. 1:4-10; ,'31:27-34. By WM. E. tilLUOY, 1). 1). Keillor of The Congregulioiullst From one of the so-called minor prophets, Amos, as we have seen, a man great In character and service, we turn now to a major prophet, Jeremiah, sometimes noted for Ihe dolefuhiess of his message, but more noled for the courage with which he refused to use honeyed words In a tragic time and for the pointcdness of his rebuke to his nge and the clearness of his message concerning the way of life and hope The core of Jeremiah's message is In his emphasis upon imllvdual responsibility. It begins with himself. He is conscious of a call of God that came in the very purpose of his life. He has the assurance that he was sanctified" even before blrllj nnd that lie has been called as a prophet. In spice of this call he feels iiis weakness, and lie assures the Lord Dial he knows not how lo speak. Bui with all his hesitancy he heeds the call and goes to do nnd say the thing given him. It is a great picture of a mai: with a consciousness of a mlssioi and.wilh the determination to fulfill (hat, mission even though he feels so little qualified for it. Individual Responsibility So he comes forward, daring to speak in the name ol tlic Lord. He speaks lo those who were hiding behind the law of heredity, and he reminds lh«n that they arc responsible lor their own iniquity, and that II is possible for them lo make a covenant, with God as directly and powerfully as any Uiat iheir fathers had made; He turns the mind of Ihe people from the outward aspect ol religion to its Inward 'as. The law ol God is in Ihe inward parts, and it is written in the hearts ol men. Here we see Jeremiah striking a note very similar to that of Amos. Religion docs nol consist of form and observance; it has a deeper realily. 11 is an ideal picture mat Jeremiah draws oJ a people with i» their hearts determining their obedience lo everything good. In the ideal kingdom lhal ne ihinka 01 zeal and knowledge as creating, he piclures a time when every individual will have his pan iu the true society, when none shall say to ills brother "know the Lord," lor all shall know him from the 'least unto the greatest. It is not quite easy to grasp the significance ol the work of these prophets. We read so much of the iceas and impressions of a later Text: Jer. 1:1-10; 31:28.34 Then the word of Ihe Lord came unto me, saying, Before I formed Uice in the belly I knew thee; and before thou earnest forlh out of Ihe womb I sanctified face, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Then said I, Ah, Lord, God! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child. But the Lord said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thuu shall ;o to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command I'.iee :hou shall speak. Be not afraid of their faces: fo r I am with thee lo deliver Ihce., Then the Lord put forlh his hand, and touched my nicmih. And the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put my words i:: thy mouth. day into a record, and we fall to sec ihe extent to which the prophet was a mail far ahead of his tune wild strong individuality and with magnificent, daring, expressing to i Ihe world tile vbion u! his own sou. ' Sec, 1 have Ihls day set thee over the nations and the iingdoms, to root' out, and to pul! down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant. Behold,- the days come, saith the Lord, that I will sq-.v the house of Israel and ihe house of Jutlah with the seed of man, and ',viih the seed of beast. • . And it shall come to pass, that like as I have watched over them, to pluck up, and to break down, and to throw dov-n, and to destroy, and to afflict; so will I watcii over them to built, and to plant, saith Uic Lord. In those days they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten a , sour grape, anct the children's teeth are on edge. Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that 1 will make a new covenant with the house oi Israel, and with the house of Judah: Not according to ihe covenant Dial I made with their falhers, from a two weeks vacation spi'nl ;il Louisville, Ky., French Lick, and West Baden. Ind., and Cincinnati. Mrs. W. J. LeUoy, of Memphis, and daughter, of Salisaw, whu arc visiting ill Para- wilh an exterior of while anil yrcen. I is .jxpeclcd to arrive today fur sev- The living room is finished in ivory [ era! days visil willi Mr. and Mrs. witli hardwood floors and cclotex ! J. Nick Thunuis*. '''••• walls. A fireplace of matt face ! Mr. nnd Mrs. Elton W. Kirby haci brick is one of the features. The | as llieir guests Thursday, Mrs- Bill living room is also equipped wilh a closet bed. The bedroom is in harmony with the living room in design and furnishings. The walls are lightly stripped with old rose and n lour pester bed and other period furni- luie arc features. Waterproof maple floors and convenient built-in cabinets feature the history as unique in relation lo music ar» inviled to hear Mlsslthors whose personalilies have become supreme above their enviiun- h: love and in righteousness. The '"JPJ'J 1 ^ °| th^rccords of In the day that I look them by Die? hand to bring Ihem oul of ihe sublime Halcy. .CHURCH OF THE NAZARKNE 11C Cherry Street ' A. T. McAimlly, Paslor ( The pastor will, preach at both morning and. evening hours. Classes for all "ages. Sunday school, 0:30 a. m. Preaching, 11 a. m. Junior League, 3 Sla., wlic arc visiting in Para- Junior League 3 p m i prcacncr. oumuim»» • »; ••> •• >••— - •uld. N. Y. P- S. Young People League, j ordained lo a particular calling and Lime Sutie Simpson, daughter j 0-45 •) m j service. Sonielimcs he is a saniici, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Neal Simp-| Preaching Services. 7:45 p. m. or a herdsman, or a man^ ol po^i- Okla. go Lit of son. is vi.'.Hini; her grandmolher in ' Prayer meeting each Wednesday Union City, Tetm., lor the week- 1 evening, 7:45 p. in. •Till. ! Ladies prayer meeting, Friday The Ucv. nnd -Mrs. W. J. LcRoy, . afternoon, 4 p. in. Mcsdanu-s C A. Elf rank, C. L. j inent. The dcei>cst message that these prophets tnemselves would liaveen- torccd is that prophecy was not limited lo themselves, or to any particular time or place. Prophecy is not so much foretelling as forth- telling. The prophet, was, and is. the preacher. Sometimes he is a priest kitchen which is in lettuce green. Ciincll, Bert Mayo and George! A breakfast nook flanks the kilch- Shanks tpi-ia yisicrday in I'ani en and the furniture and color ! gouM as yuesU of W. J. Beard. scheme is in green tint. Mrs Anna Bouldin, who broke K1UST METHODIST CHURCH P. Q. Boric. Pastor Worship an sermon, 11 a- m..and 7:30 p. in. , lion and power—but always, be he priest or layman, tile distinclivi tiling about the prophet is his character and his ' message. The prophet is the seer— looking into the heart of truth and into the heart of reality, nnd applying the land of iisypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was a husband unto (hem, saith the Lord: But this shall be the covenant thai I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith Ihe Lord, I will put my law in Ihcir inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their Uod, and llioy shall be my people. And they shall teach no more\ every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from HID least of Ihem unto the grealcst of them, saith Ihe Lord: fey I will forgive Iheir initiuily, and-T will remember Iheir sin no more. ct more clearly today? Or arc we, also, among those who slonu Ihe truth fearlessly to the condilioiib and problems of his age. Message Often Spurned The iKM)]>lc around him did not always appreciate cither his character or his message. Somclimey they stoned him or cast him into prison. Can we discern tile proph- prophcls? Surely there arc prophcls in th? modem world, if lie ciin discern their characlcr and lined llieir message—men (and women) who^-c vision is of a world of tomorrow, progressing in peace and righlcouc- nct,s. moving forward in social welfare through devotion to God anil the service of man. Other features of the house arc: | her hf: arm in a fall two weeks; Morning service broadcast over concealed gasoline water hoalcr • Jr.. and Goorgc Sltamblm ol Uly- Itfembcrs of the Night circle in the 'Wcman's auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church were hostesses Friday evening to a supper for the Rev.' Samuel L. Joekcl D D of *' ri day to enter collog Austin, Texas-, the Rev. C. Gricr, «rsity of Alabama, late,of Oscoola. the Rev and Mrs] Marsh M. Callaway, given at the 11C£!> church. day. After the menu was served to the 16 present there was a brief bust' IKSS meeting with Mrrs.. C. M. Gray,,chairman, in charge. ! • i > i CoHjje Sl*de*t Complimented Mjs^ L. I,. McDearman, "of I,«x- ora,; was hostess to & dinner parly Fricray evening at Uw home ol Dr. and. Mrs. I. R. Johnson, complimenting her daughter, Miss Mar- <j Karet McDearman, who leaves Mon.,- day; for Union University at Jackson,- Tenn. A'low bowl of autumn flowers flanged with clcmatus carried out- a Mlor arrangement of green and i yellow for the table set for six guc-sls'who enjoyed'an appetizing Jour court? menu.: later, cards were enjoyed al the .- Johnson's attractive home. 'Besides the honorec, Mirs Margarot Williams of Allus, Okla , who will, Miss McDearman's room mate at school this year. Wiss-Louise Hudson of Luxora, Lloyd Hellcn of tuxora, Dudley Denlon and Junior Oritchfield, were guests. is now Improving. and lank, a cedar lined 'closet. ! Mrs. U. L,. Hurst and Iwo .sons, -. I liere Wednesday. buill-in garage and coal house nnd i accompanied by Mrs. Hull's tr.olh- Mr. autl Mrs. Chnrllon J. Crane j an attractive green tinted baUi- ; cr. Mi:. Uullie Bagcloy, of Para- ble class. thcville were vlsilors here Sunday veiling. Miss Maude Alice Beaslcy left Friday to enter college al The Unl- crsity of Alabama. Abner Ashcralt transacted business in Memphis Monday nnd Tucs- 'ay- , Misses Mcril and Ivis Mlchle of Cooler were shopping her: Thurs- Miss Manelti Manning of Louis spent las: week end Irieiidsjmd relatives here. . Miss r.iien Kelley returned Sunday frcm Fulton, Ky., where she has been veiling relatives for the past 1 month. Mr. and Mrcr. Euric Pitts anrl chllddren of Sherron. Tenn. and Mesdamcs P. E Wnt?rs and A H , room with Inlaid linoleum floor. i gcitld. iinvc relumed home after Buildings materials were K'cur- i a visit with Mr. and Mrs.. Oscar cd thiougli the Ark-Mo. Lumber i Tillman Co. Tuesday where she is nnd?i treatments of a specialist. Quincy Oliver Alexander and James '1 ;rry will leave Tuc.Mlay lor I'aseUuullc where they arc Iu attend the University of Arkansas. Mr. Alexander will iiccoin- KLCN. Sunday school, 9:45 a. in. Junior. Hi and Senior Leagu;, i FIRST I'KESBYTEKIAN CHUKl'H Mars,h M. Callaw.iy, 1'aslor Sunday school. 9:45 a. in. The ! three adult classes of Ihe school will be taught by Dr. Samuel L. school present Sunday morning, cs- don't think I'll care to live any- tired 12 years ago. He dtci nol pecially members of the men's Bi- j more," he said. His pipe is one i like home brew, automobiles, n<!of his chief Interests since he n.'-|dios or airplanes. 1 6:30 p. m. Workers' council. Monday, 7:301 p. m. Prayer mcctii\:. Wednesday. 7:30 p. in. Choir rehearsal, 8:15 p. m. St. with Mrs. L. w. Wc;i back in her class room atlfr ;\ slight '"''I', 5 . uu ™; ,, illness. i. Mu * ;i Mlll:c Alllso " Chas. G. Ross of Carulhr;,ville I ^"'i B '' ; . s !u '. c s " c " (t " 1 transacted business here Widnes- : l ,,. l *., lnp " ls "» . Miio I. I...I (JiVCII, Miss Pauline Evans of Lit CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Services arc held every Hundnv meriting. II o'clock, in room 218 of I the' Fanners Bank Building over "Siib- Joekel. Church, 11 a. in. Seron subject: Rock is visiting relatives hero this \ieek. Bcckham of Cooler were here Monday. shopping C.nutlu':svi!lc here Thurs- Cari Ulakcr of transacted business day. Mr. and Mrs. J. R the Sunday guests of Mr. ami Mrs.; nnd Mary | Kress store. Ihe week ' Snbjccl [or toihorrow: I stance." Golden text: Romn Miss miii'i Owen, of Kcnnelt, I "If we hop.; for what shopped here yisterday. .then do we with patience wait for, Mr. aiv.l Mrs. A. B. Falrlield. i it." I Mr. and Mrs F. E. Fox arc j-pomi-! Wednesday evening service nig today in Mcmpliis. : o'clock and Mrs. Uon Bouldin "Thc Right of Choice." Church, 1:45 p. m. Sermon subject: "What Then Shall I Di> With Jesus Which Is Called the Chrisl?" Dr. Jock?l wi! Iprcach al lioth services in closing the two weeks' omans 8:25: I evangelistic meeting. \ve .ico not, i All are ! Memphis, liave relurnud heme alt- tend. Moi-finv. wei-c:". f?V .-: ri11 li ' ljs sl;lv »'"'> M r. and All arc cordially inviled to O. C. Barnes of Blythcvillc was a business visitor here Thursday. Miss Delsie Stewart n» 5 i n si Louis Monday and Tuesday buying fall merchandise for Tile New Fashion Shoppc. the Melhodiit ch on nt lurch conduct :d by Rev. Wane, evangelist ol Caru'.h- ersville, -who is doing some line preaching.. Mr: and Mrs. V. P. Klhs, and $on Bobbie Paul of Blythcvillc wt .,p the guests of Rev. and, Mrs. G. H."i;m 5 A<«U Dtparimtnl i HM SocUJ Mcetlnr i mc Sirty-five members of the adult department of the Firtl Methodist church Sunday school atlcnrled a social meeting, at the church last evening. Crawford Greene was In. charge of the. program when E. D Fergu- Sunday. - Mrs - Earl Hudscns and <,on Bob- cut with her mother at. Carumersvilie. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hailcy and son Raymond, of Hayti we're th- Sueits of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Spencer Wednesday cvemr.g. Isaac McCoy of Cooler. Misses Oma and Alino Wl'.',iams of Luxora. Ark. were serial calicis here Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs?. Grover Davis.,' liouso guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. w.' Cock, were Ihe six o'clock dinner gucs:s of Mr. nnd Mi's. II. A. ! Spcncc. Mivs Eunice Gnlhvic o[ B'.ack Oak. Ark. is vlstiing her sister Mrs. Ruth La whom of the Tele- >lionc Co. Ihis w?ck. Sam Harnra of The New York Store Is in St. Louis and Chicago this week buying fall merdi;i:'.;i:si. Lindy Smith. Dick Slincs ami ;ho Misses Vclina Schradcr ami Mildred Vick motored lo BlytluMllc Wednesday evening. Mrs - ill li TI-. . been Tillman. J 1) Switt, who has beci-. j 11 week, is now improving.' Kev E. z. Nevvsom. who has quiii: ill for several weeks, is' LAKE STKEKT JIKTIIOUIST CIKillCII IV. J. l.t-Koy. Paslnr Sunday school. 0:45 a. in. Pastors Message. 10:45 a. nv Mrs. L. L'God." Subject:/'Standing Alone With •i':x' gl:cs;s of Mns. I. l: ••i.'iya evening. '•_Z. iV.'Wsuai Jr., of Little Ro.,;. - '•!" :-;:is'. of his parents, tli-.- ^ v - =':i<l Mi>.. E. Z. Ne»«.m. 11- The subjccl at 7:30 is: -Shall The Blind Load The Blind?" Miss Jones, who recently moved lure from Luxoni will have ctwn>c cordially invited. FIRST CHRISTIAN C11UKCH K. K. I^limcr, Minister Church school, D:-15 a- m. Communion and formon. H n. m. Subject: "The Gold In Your Street." Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. in. Evening Devotional and Sermon, 7:30 p. in. The timepiece of Louis XIV of France was so small that it was set in one of his finger rings. WHAT'S NEXT. UK ASKS FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UP)—Bruno Meyer. 93. thinks America is a. vt and sccoiul honor ol the A:i which is lino cun- XO (RISONEKS NORTHALLERTON. 'Yrsik Eng. (TJP)—A suggestion th,it liv, prison here, which has been u f t- i prison ncre. wnicsi nas. ucen fL ; , Ca " 1Cd his v since 1016, be turned into ri« -t , v daughter Dorothy to Memphis | is seriously considered, '-'- ^ IJCIIK pump,.d ( •'•_'.ii:.ui.ui »d! iocr.tcil m ii-.c r !!'..''. r' : °'" r5 ' st °re tinned by !arir.i.:-.s i;i auio;ncb:!cs nf the music al both services. Miss i great place except for nrohlbiliun Jcne.s' brother will play tu c vlo'.niluc worked lor 63 years as at ba'.h moruing and cv.:n;ii s sc-r- I moulder but he didn't mind H as vlccs ' jloiiR as he had two glasses ol beer Please brhi;; your Bible Sunday every evening after work, he said nisht. ' .-stxi uiing yon know they'll be • hiking my pii>e away and then I SECOND UAPTIST CliniC'll i E. /. Ncusoin, Puslur Sunday schcnl. <):45 a. in., w. M : Blaylcck. SufH-niHenden! Church servio.. 11 a. m . a:ul 7::to ! p. m. by the'.or. j Relieves a. Ilr.idartie. cr NcuraUia B. Y. P. U . (1:30 p. m |,< 30 mimiles, cbccks a Cold 111 Mid-neck mcr-'.mj;. 7-30: lirst day, and checks Malarii in p. m. Wcdncsiiiy. • Ihice days. • i we want to ;C c all n-.c Sunday 1 066 also in Tablets 666 We have back with us Mr. Ross Baldwin as Chef Mrs. Baldwin is Hie one who furnished the wonderful meals when we first opened this hotel. • Sunday Meals are to be a Real Surprise Bring your family and give them a real treat.' HOTEL NOBLE

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