The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1939
Page 2
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PACE TWO _ .: ... ; BLYTHEV1LLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS When Stock Market Swings Up ICIMD) [ T[QTC ——— 01. UllVMLL ILOIiJ OF Piospect, Of Pie-election Spending Spins Rise In Stocks ! : Slack prices soared dranuili 1 - aUy, unexpectedly, (he oilier d;tj' —tiMrprfstaj; Wall Street it-A 11. W»« Uus spurt a reflection of af(u»l business improvement — or isi (he New \'ork Slock Kx- clunee n« l»nsrr a finUiiclal baromtter?, John T. Flymi, dls-i tinfuished . wrlltr-Monsmlst, views (he situation in this article, BV JOHN T. FLYNN Written lot NBA Service NEW YORK, Aug. 1.—At Intervals Ihe stock-market bolls up. And when it docs the waylarlng nian : to Wnll Street nlvvnys usiss: "Is this Uie beginning of the grout recovery bull swing!" fhe ,rke in stock market. )>rlccs wliicl) was set oft on July n came out of a clear sky, One wonders—and lii Wall Street Die best Informed join in Hie wonder—how it comes about Hint so many people from so many places *)1 at once slorin into the Street with orders to buy. For oao thing, a number of In vestment counselling ngeneies have been sending out Information or advice that wc.ara on the eve of a yery vigorous rise in the market. There is a question whether or not "this kind of advice, when Hie advisors happen to unite In their counsel, does not have the effect of''bringing about, the fulfillment oi- their own prophecies. DIVERSE KEASONS FOR STOCK SURGE Jfpr another thing; there has been latent in the country lor sevcvai yenrs, but particularly in the Iflst year,; the feeling that all Ihe old bad situations have' been cleaned up, itiat shortages liavc developed In all sorU of industries, chiefly In construction, that the shelves are eii'ipty and that sooner or l:\ter Ihe gas will begin to e\pioc!e In the cy.uwers of business. Also, for a full .year now nntl wita gro»mg intensity, several hava been cleieloulhg Lne is Uie ieeling among people with money that the New LIC-I as A reform ngcncy Js pretty well washed jup^that the reform ericigy nas about run out 'I lie re cent so-caUe[i economy \otcs of Congress and the fate of the WPA buiming workers'• strike have atkt- ed greatly 10 that feeling Also many people believe that the country is syringing to tiie right and they ale'cbnviiSccd tliat that fact alone, >ull uriiig about ieeo\erj—which is a sad illusion. But there it is MARKET UPSWING NOT JUSTIFIED More Import ant—and Ihis Is perhaps the.spark, which sets oil the gas—it is generally believed that Congress is going to approve the lending plnh of the President. There are a lot of conservative persons who ,are willing to slreteli a point anrt see that plan go •through because of the money it will mean for investors. They also think that Immediately ahead lie the elections and tliat in the next year the administration Kill spend Us head ofr to keep recovers* solng- The apparent lull in Europe and the suspicion that, after all. there Is going to be no war, also plays ils part. These are the reasons for wlmt has happened ui Wall Street; There is nothing in business itself—even takes a moderately optimistic view—to justify any such flood of buying orders into the market How long Ihls buying spurt will last no one can say. It all depends on what happens to Die boiTOsvins- inveslment program, to use llic new name for spending-leudiiiB pro- grain. above iurtiealed a new hull market , 0 , merely „ „,,,. Stock Exchaneo Unto* nmi clerte worked at « ,»« (hat reminded ,„ tllc them decade ago. The photo shows the crowded floor of (he Eichun B c on n recent day : trading climbed nenr ihe two-million innrJ:. of .stocks I bear market, of the itisli i Uie N(?w Oriuer (truce fvef«? Mr. and Mrs. Lee Reagan and children spent the week with Irknds at Dyess. Noble Sparks has returned Irom Clinton; Ky., where he visited friends and relatives last week. M. U Thomberry, of Dclroit. k spanding a few days with his daughter, Mrs. Charley Richards:!), and Mr. Richardscn. Mr. and Mrs. Larson Crump and daughter, Lavcrmia, visited Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Landsing, of Blvthe- yille, Saturday. Miss Dorothy Day is seriously ill at her home tills week. Mrs. W. G. Mosley was seriously injuredswhen she fell at her h:mc her^ Saturday mcrning. She is resting well at her home after having been treated for braises and cuts and other Injuris- Ifiez Lloyd, of near Burdctte. spent last week here with relatives and friends. Edna and Wilbsrl Wilson ate HI at their home this wesk. Jupiter'Is the largest of Ihe planets, with a diameter of 86.720 jniies, which' Is' about 11 times tha 1 of the earth. Fcr every squats mile of surface on our own earth Jupiter has 120 square miles Dr. M. L. Skalln ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OP HIS NEW CUNIO ON THE 2nd PJoor of T))e < v 1st. NatK Bank Tests Disclose llypjiolic SnLjccis ' Soon Cast PIT Spell Without Aid LOS ANGKI.ES (UP) — • Exneri- icnts, jusl.completed by Dr.'rtcy 1.. Doreiis. professor ci psychol- Ky nt (he University of Cultioriila, i.ue established Unit a i^rscn •laced under hypnotic spell will re- inlii in a trance imteruiitely. but 'ill soon cast off the cilccts. The results of llicse experiments iave been communicated to Ihe Ycslorn Psyeliolcglcnl ass:flnlloa. Dr. Doretis, who is an expert on ypnosis, wiis assisted In Mis ex- eriments. by A. K. Urtntnalt and I. W. Case, graduate students and Isb experts in hypnotism. "Our experiments," Dr. Dori'us alii, "definitely dlsprcve the p:p- ilarly believed myth that once, a >erson is hypnotised, he ,vill rc- naln in that slate until the hyp- -lottzer snaps htm out o[ li. "In one of cur "It is entirely possible that hy|)- "•lisin may eventually illsnppcar along wllli the voodoo and iioxiti" when a majority of u le |)OC) , !e ,,° :nger believe In IU Bui, furlhei- iuvesllsatlou of the ^holc problem is still .neccssnry." Britain Conducts Study To Prevent Food V/aste LONDON (UP)-A campaign ( o Huffman News Mrs. Johuny Yancy anci sen, Elmer, of Rlplej', Miss., visited Mrs Yuucy's brother, j. A. Jamloion, and family I 1(s t weekend., Mrs. Victoria Neely ami granddaughter, Miss Meely Perry, ro- lurned home Monday from a month's visit -with Mrs. Necly's sons in Bcrjjer and Placedo, Tex. Mrs, Elizabeth Gllllsple, of Cln- einnatl, i:; visiting her niece, Mrs A. F. Green, tills week. Mr. and Mrs. L. p. Moore visited Mrs. Fannie Lucas at Essex, Mo this wctk. Rciy D. and Mason Yard, of si Louis, visited their sister, Mrs. Jess rtllen, last Sunday. InfestatUns is being undertaken by the British government. In charge of a new research nr- Tex. Mrs. W. M, Crowe Is improving Farm marked. «, names can be trade- from a serious illness, the Miss Velnia Loflin is - en- out following a j ,.-1110 cgist Prof. J. w. Miiiira. The formed recently. leMills of his Investigations will • ,T -r-•••--" V cx P (!riml; »ls- 2 <> I be available to industry throughout' tudenU were hyimUtal tind (old the country. """Uoiuwi.. o stielch.,out ;0n cots in iho Isib- >rnVry;:';Attcr'-lhe students had 'olnxed, an assistant cnme Into he room find snid lo Ihe cxpcrlnenter: 'You are «'iintod on Ihe clephonc ntoul an «pp:iiiliiieiit loivn town'." "The .cxjicrimeiiter replictl that ie had fcrsotlen nljotit the ap- ioidlment and would he away t:r iie rest of the afternoon. The ex- perinicnler nnrt his assistant then eifc the room. 'I-roni a [icephrlo. they watciicd he hypn:tized students. Most of hern arose from their cols very liiickly ant! lell thn room, Uelicv- ng that the experiment '>\as ever. "liieir behavior was cherked igainst. a conlro! gr:up wliich Imd lot been .hypnotized, ami it was .sccrtnined that both groups had icled in [ippioximatcly Hie same naniicr." Dr. D:rcus also lias established hal viily those who believe tlrcy an be hypnolizcil CHU be placed n a trance, null l|ml Ihose who I'emple Scientist Finds Ex~ pcrJmcrits Are 90 Per CciU Successful . (UP)—Ui. lion- ainin Gruskln, director of oncology (tUJiior and cancer resc'arclu tind pathology at c Medical ficlicol here, has developed a simple skin test for CJincer. licvelatloii of (he new cancer esl was inndc when Dr. Gruskin Sled for patent rights, thereby a<r.'«o«'le(lgiiig apirarent sutcoss r or his discovery. The (est, wliich was rcportrd successful In flo |ier cent of cases allempled, consists merely of :n- Jcdtng a specially prepared fiulfl uiutcr tiie epidermis, or outer skin. Hie fluid Is processed from tissues of embryo of calve.s. sheep or pigs. Test by Skin's Culm If a person Is cancerous hi sonic nt of the body, the section fit the skin where the fluid was injected will turn a telltale red, according to the test. The weal will dien push out lliln projections, or jK'iidopodia < feet). However, If Ihc skin does not change color, and the pseudopodla Jo not appear, Ihc person is not tillering a cancerous condition, lie tests showed. Dr. Gruskin described his experiment In the Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine. He explained Hint cancer cells ire akin lo normal cells but never "grow up" and remain in an embryonic stale which causes ihsm to grow wildly instead oi becoming useful tissue. Entire Body Sensitive The whole uody becomes sensitive to that type of cell, the article said, and so, If outside cmbry-j Jiiic cell material Is injected, the 3kln reacts and produces psemlo- potlia. Dr. Gruskin said he obtained Iha mbryonic cell material from the pancreas, liver und other organs •;/ foetuses taken from cows, sheep and piys in slaughter houses. They are then chemically processed Into a clear liquid which is suitable lor injection. A similar test can also be pcr- foimed on the Wood, if Ihe skin WEDNESDAY, AUGUST ;2,-.-19Sa-. unhealthy, according Temple scientist. to Ihc Leprosy in Hawaii lias -steadily ife-creased for Ihe past 40 years, j and. lias decreased 50 jier cent in, the.lnsl 'four years. o not believe in hypnotism can- j ict be hypnotized. New Uirf/cr-ftrni Cream Deodorant Stops Perspiration 1. 2, 3. 4. 5. 15 Docs not roi Jicsscs — Joes not itiiialc slcin. No w.iiting to ilty. Can be used light afict slaving. IiutJiuly stops perspiration fot 1 (o 3 d\ys. Removes pjot from pcrspir.xlion. A putcwliitc.gtnsclcss.sliin- loss vanishing ciram. Anitlliis been<)ci! rhc Approv.ti Scjl ol'ihc Amctic.m liistiwi!: of Lmnctcrinj!, for I^Ein^ Ii^imttw to fibncs MILLION i«» 0 | Arrld beei sold.Tiya |si lodayl laundry-Gleaners Phone 180 For Prompt I.nundry and Cleaning Service NOTICE! As an additional service to its customers, all cot- Ion received at: either the Memphis Compress and Sl.oragc Co. or the Wilson Compress and Storage Co. will lie insured tor ils full market vilhie against any loss or damage'hy fire. l\'o chare will he assessed fur this insurance. When issued, the. warehouse receipt wil!.sho\v llial the bale is so insured. This service wilj eliminale the necessity of owners of Ihe CQllou taking uiil individual insurance polici(;s against loss hy Tire. SIGNED: Wilson Compress Memphis Compress and Storage Co. and Storage Co, Kvadale, Arkansas Mtmphis, Tcnii. EXTRA SPECIAL ON BEDROOM FURNITURE fora Limited ITT" lime \Ve will sell you :> goniiini'ly ivooil, well built Iniit-r .Spring M;il(n.'«i (li:il retails for SI 1.75. fur only ?Y,!l"i M-licii purtrliiiyiiig n ;j.piece hcdroum suite— ft | Tim price of liuv Hcciriinm Suite is ' the regular retail price—The sivinjf liciiifj in Uie Inner Spring ftlaltn-ss thiil will Itist several ytnrs properly liaiulled. The is licit a cheaply biiilt mattress—it is our regular moderately priced mattress in heavy slri-. ped AC'A covering,—see it. 3-Piece POSTER SUITE As Shown 511.15 Inni'r-Siirin t; Mallrew Sold Wiih Suite For Only 57,9:1. 3-1'ierc Poster Suite $11.75 Iminr-S p r i n g fllaU .Viiltl With Stulc For Only $7.33. $3473 3-Picrc Modern Suite 511.75 timsr-Rnri n g- Mattress Fold With SiiMc l-'or Only 53.95. 75 3-l'icrc SM.7. r > Inncr-S p r i n g " iyiHl S'nltl With SiiHc For Only ^34 75 4-Piece Modern Suite A Ilr,m, Well Huill Suiic As Shown $ $14.75 Inner Spring $*795 Mattress WitK Suite Only I In niidition to tlicsc you may select iin.v other Ktiilo in llic house at rci-ular prices up lo §181UD »;id btiv Iho .iM; :it ST.!), 7 ;. ° KKMliSIHUU— THKJ1S may lie arranged al. small additional .cost. COME IN AT ONCb' AND SKLKCT YOUR 8U1TE— WK M-\Y WITHDRAW THIS SPECIAL IN A TEW DAYS. , HOME FURNISHINGS MODERATELY PHICED

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