The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 11, 1938
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XXXV—NO. 20. BLYTHEVULE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT -NEWBPAPKR OP NOUTHBAB* AHKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythoville Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi valley Leader BlyUievlito Dally News ARKANSAS, MONDAY, AI'KII, 11, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS P Whitney Gets Five ,250,000,000 FOR RELI Townsend's High Court n Plea Fails PLEBISCITE WTE WASHINGTON. Apr. II <UP)• Thf .supreme courl lodtiy refused io review validity of the :io-day Jail sentence Imposed on Franr-Li K. -rou-iM-nd. <,id ug e pe slon advocate, roi' com'lciion on charges of contempt of :i house Investigating committee. The court's action means Townsrnd must serve I Ihn wntenri' tarring <>xmillvr in-1 lerreiillon. Two Sentences Against 1'omier Morgan Broker \Vi!l Run Concurrently NEW YORK. Apr. 11. tUP)-— Diehard Whitney, former president of t!ie New vork Slock Exchange. \vns sentenced today to from five to 10 years in prison for stealing yecucltlcs belonging lo relatives and his former associates i» the highest Iliianc-ial circles ot the nation. Earlier, state Attorney General Jnlin J. Bennett had made It known that he would issue n permanent injunction forbidding Whitney ever io engage in the securities business again. General SPSKOIIS Judge Owen Uo- han gave Whitney. o;ice bond broker for the powerful house of Morgan, the same sentence on etich of two indictments for grand larceny. He ordered, however, that the two terms should run concurrently after, hearing an eloquent plea for mercy i tlle rc<lci ' a l government petition — ' — - that it review constitutionality of the bankhead cotton control act, repealed by congress in 1930, Immediately after the high court Invalidated the Agricultural Adjustment act. The government's petition said the review was desired in order to clear status of ITO-odd suits for refund of taxes paid by cotton growers under terms of the act. The suits were brought on grounds that the act was unconstitutional and the taxes Iherfore illegally collected. \ ",'j Vigorous Endorsement Ex- peeled To Stir New Nay.i r.xpansion Court Refuses Pass On Validity Measure Now Of ui WASHINGTON, Apr. 11 (tip)— Tlie supreme court today denied from Charles H. Tutlle, Whitney's lawyer. lly llnlti'ii 1'ress Na/i Germany \vns In an In- crcaslui; favorable position today lo resume n goose-stepping march to the east, peacefully If possible. hul by violence if necessary. Three developments encouraged Adclf Hitler's campaign to seize tlie fruits o( victory of a wnr that Knlsor Wllliclin lost two dtcadcs ago. They were: I. A 99 to 1 Nazi victory in Sulltl »i"s plebiscite on union of i Austria and Germany. 2 ' Crcntlon ° r n comparatively conservative cabinet under Premier Edoiiard Dalariei 1 in France. which Indicated emphasis on national defense and Jess active threats a»ainsl Nazi expansion' In central Europe. 3. Action by Great Britain to High Court Affirms Decree of Chancellor LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Apr. 11.— . The slate supreme court today affirmed a decree of the Mississippi county chancery court of the Osceola district refusing to vacate a decree of foreclosure and foi- ap- proxlinatelv $1,600 in a suit brought by Mrs.' George Crackett.o CapE "TUrarfieaU, Xfo. against Mrs.' -p. L: Ilmbands- of BlvthevllJc. Mrs. Husband.'! had sought to prevent levy of execution against her on tlie ground that original service in the suit was not proper, Claude R Cooper of this city was attorney for Mrs. Husbands n ml !•'. c:. Douglas of Blytheville and Ward and Reeves of Camth- fi'svllli 1 represented Mrs. Crockett, Iowa Tractors Reduce Horses To 1879 Figure OKS MOTNES, la. (UP)— Tractors have made such Inroads on tht* number of horses on 7owo farms that. iH present the slate's horse population Is about the- same as ttml in 1819. Leslie M. Carl, Federal agricultural statistician, reports that a livestock census revealed there were approximately 824,000 head of horses in Iowa on Jan. 1. 1938. The present figure compared with 1.G61.000 head, or about, twice as many, on Jan. t. 1914. Tlie number Ims declined each year since ih MI. Mulf-s. estimated at 57.000 heart ' Jan. 1. also have declined steadily since Jan. 1. 1927, when they niim- lii'ifd 101,000 head. In comparison with a- year ago. horse number.'; are down 5 per cr-nl and mules down 8 per cent. Burglar Takes $12 From Billiard Parlor The Pastime Billiard room was burglarized Saturday night by some one ivlio stole approximately 512 from the cash register. Police Chief E. A. Rice believes thai the burglar .was either hidden In the building when it was locked for Hie night or that ho fixed the rear door so that It might be opened easily from the outside. There were no signs of any tampering except that' (tie door was unbolted. Beavers Repairing Dams, Indicating Rainy Year ,STANFORD, MonL (UP)—There be plenty of rain In 1938, according to tlie beavers. Beavers In streams near here ™? —"™^ f 'I- <>- « or N aUonTcon- sider recognition of Italy's conquest of Ethiopia, Indicating an Impending accord between Britain and the Romar. partner of Nazi Germany. In Spain the steady advance of General Francisco Franco's Insurgent armies continued with a new maneuver virtually splitting Die loyalist armies into three sections on the Ctiuilonian front. Tlle Insurgent armies near the French frontier encircled tliou- sands of retreating loyalists sind sought to cut off .all flight across IV.;-' l6>j«v : 1 lie J-ailcrlngi.. attack at Morella, on the right -southern wing, cut the Catalonlan sector off from Valencia ami the insurgent drive to. tlle sea on the southern front advanced slowly. Woman'Mail Carrier Quits After 20 Years OREGON CITY, Ore. (OP)-Mrs. Edith Richards, who began her service for Uncle Sam behind n team of horses, retired here after 20 years as one of two women mail carriers In Oregon and one of the tew In the nation. .Mrs. Richards first served as a substitute carrier out of the Mtl- waukle, Ore., post office, but was soon transferred to {he office here and worked on the same route for two decades. The postwomen wore out seven automobiles on the 55-mtle route. Stock Prices have been observed building new j dams and repairing old ones, Indicating their expectation of plenty ot water. As weather prophets, beavers Pro n," ta^'attracted by are regarded highly. Each winter | t)aj , s advnn ^ s broUB ,, t > Pu/'/le: Find Candidate Flashing Ills best campaign smile aov. Martin r,. Dnvcy of Ohio Is pictured above siiri-oundcd by cheering supporters at Youngslown, O., vd - though Davey had launched hk cnmpalgn In the steel city ns a dc- nant gesture loivnrd his arch-enemy John L. Lewis and the C I O he surprised the crowd of 3500 by not once mentioning Lewis or the labor body. Davey w «s In the headlines last summer when he reopened the strike-bound Youngstown steel mills under the protection of the national guard. NEW YORK. April 11. preceding « drouth year, they were observed to have abandoned iljniK in the lesser streams. market down fractions to two points today. A. T. A; T 12B Anaconda Copper 2S )-2 U/tlA T 1 (Associated D. O c Wr A JODS. BeU '- Steel 405-8 Boeing Air 25 1-6 Chrysler 43'j-4J Cities Service ...'. i j-g General Electric 33 1-8 General Motors 32 Int. Harvester 60 7-8 fcU T€LL __i n _** _!•_!_ «j • J YOU BY ' BOB BURNS _ I was jc«l readln' where this country leads all others In the blackmnilin' record. In many cases the victim Is given a chance to buy some letters thai they wrote way back in the days before they Ilionght they would ever amount to vpry much. Tills form of bloclc- maUIn' would die a purly quick death If every victim would handle it like Grandpa Snazzy did. In his younger days he fell In love with a city girl nnd he wrote her many beautiful letters. Years Jaler. when he fell In love with a girl down home and announced Montgomery Ward 30 N Y Central 12 7. Packard 4 j. Phillips Petrol 34 Radio 61 Schenley Dist lo 5 Simmons . 157 Socony Vacuum 13 3 Standard of N J 4S 5 Texas Corp 337 U S Smelt 55 U S Steel 45 Alabama Governor Charges South Is Being Discriminated Against BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. April 11. (UP)—The people of the south tire being denied -participation In the nation's commerce by discriminatory frqlglit rates, Qov. Bibb Graves of Alabama told the Interstate commerce commission today. Graves, appearing as tlie Initial witness In a hearing before Interstate Commerce Commissioner Wll- 'lam Lee on tho south's petition for freight rale parity, demanded elimination of/rate barriers against soulheni development. "Wo present to the commission the question of the rlaht of all people of the eight southeastern states to have a full and fair opportunity to participate in tho commerce of the nation," Graves said. Graves said also Involved was the question of the rtsht of consumer.? of the north and east to purchase goods of the United States In a free and open market. He demanded that the south be wen "free and impartial treatment by this system of railroad transportation which the supreme court and I. C. C. have said now constitutes a national system." Asserting that "this case is presented on its own merits," Graves denounced there "who would becloud the Issue by saying that our case Is mixed up neons matters, such as hours legislation and ow.« v,,,,, s .,, which have nothing to do with this case." flew Korfr Cotton NEW YORK, April U (UP) _ Cotton closed steady. open high low close Livestock May Jul Oct Dec Jan Mar 862 869 860 878 881 888 862 819 881 887 859 855 874 816 878 884 860 878 877 879 885 Absolute termination of direct re [i e f throughout the country and Spol-s closed quiet at 863 up 2, from the city girl that says: "How much would you be wlllln' to pay for those old love letters yc Mew NEW CottOTt - - ,Jbs for every w-~~ bodied worker, was proposed by "You can keep those letters, 1 don't need *m ... I have carbon cop.) '"•" Jan 875 882 890 high 875 882 890 low close- 872 874 877 878 887 8fla EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Apr. 11 (UP)—Ho?s: 10,000 Top, 8.55 170-230 Ibs.. 8.40-855 HO-160 Ibs.. 7.75-8.15 Bulk sows, 7.35-760 Cattle: 3,000 Steers, 7.35-9.00 Slaughter steers, 0.50-9.75 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 615-8.25 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-8 7S Beef cows, 5.25-8.73 Cutters and low cutlers, 4.25-5,00 Chicago Wheat open hi g |, i ovv c!ose 553-8 853-4 833-4 837-8 811-2 82 805-8 803-4 Roosevelt Insists Immediate Action Needed lo Prevent Financial Difficulties WASHINGTON, Apr. II. (UP) — President Itooscvclt today asked congress for Immediate emergency legislation to prevent serious financial urn) operating difficulties let tho nation's railroads. lie submitted recommendations ol u special committee ol Interstate commerce- commission members us a possible basis for an emergency program. " At the same lime ho noted Hint executive functions ot tho I. 0. 0. nro probably miconslilutlonal nnd suggested congressional study of a coordination of government agencies dealing with rcallronds. The Immediate relict program suggested by Ilin I, C. C. committee comprised: Relaxation of requirement* for Reconstruction Plnnncn rail loans and provision of $300,000,000 government loans lor purchase, of rail equipment, the equipment to security tor the loans. Government rail traffic lo pay full rate, eliminating land grant reductions. Modification of rail reorganization procedure under Section 77 ot the bankruptcy act with special attention to establishment of a slnglo court lo handle reorganizations. The commissioners declined to .express an opinion for p or ngalnst rail wage reduction. Five Burn To Death In Wreck YAKIMA, Wnsli., Apr. II (UP) —I'lve persons were burned to leath todny when two automobiles collided near heie. The dead: Mrs. Vloln P. Thcw and her four Jhlldirn, Kugrno, fl; Helen, 8; Mnr- 1011, -1; iiiul Doiiiilns, -I months. Oratorical, Reading Contests Are Held HOLLAND, Mo,, Apr. 0—Tho first session of the Pemlscot; County High School Music Festival was held Thursday afternoon at Hol- ivlth the o; Services Held In Business District In City-Wide Religious Campaign Downtown services In the former Burke Ifardware store building were begun this morning as the city-wide religious campaign en- comtmied throughout this week and to Jas. A. Vlckery of Slcele with will be climaxed by special services i "Tlie Big Parade", and fourth to on Easter Sunday. The Rov. V. E. Billle O. Boston, of Cooler with cwly Formed French Government Confronted By Labor Difficulties PARIS, Apr. 11. (UP)—Premier Edouard Dalndlcr's new "moderate" cabinet was confronted by the gravest Industrial crisis In months today ns It took office In nn elforl to snve Franco from the economic and financial dlillcuUIes. Tho strike of Industrial workers assumed major proportions when 35,000 Renault workeru joined tho currant strike -movement, maklua ft total of 1D5,000 workers hi 35 plants out. Approximately half of the hcavv Industries In Paris were paralysed The Renault Is the largest slu»l i> plant In Prance, manufacturing automobiles, airplanes, in o t o r s, shells, armor plate ami tanks. Dnlailler thus was confronted with a major labor, problem, even before he could concludo tho first meeting of .his cablnot. Oregon Farmer, 85, Buys First Loaf of Bread mmmm II Be First Approprja- tion Sought la Pump Priming Efforts WASHINGTON, Apr. 11 (UP).'resident Roosevelt and his con- cessional nnd spending aids today weed upon n "$1,250,000,000 .relief appropriation the first move ta i $-1,000,000,000 attack on business •cccsslon nnd unemployment. : Senate majority Leader Alben'W, Bnrkley, wlio Jed congressional lenders to a WJilto House conference, said that Uio president agreed Lo "earmark" $1,250,000,000 for toe Works Progress administration to meet needs for the first seven' months of the 1930 flcsnl year, The fund, Bnrklcy said, meet relief needs until February T, 0, He made no estimate of how much would have to be asked to meet needs subsequent to that time, although It has been reported that Mr, Koocevelt expects to rflr ?sl nn additional $800,000,000 apr proprlntlon next January. ; r: '/ Thu relief request^approxlmate- ly $250,00.0,000 above the $1,000,000 to which Mr. Roosevelt earlier this year had hoped to hold his recommendation—will be the first move In a wldo scale New Deal assault on recession and unemployment: ISarkley solil an additional $50,000,000 would bo provided in tho coming fiscal year to permit maintenance of 3M civilian Conserva- ilon camps previously scheduled lo bo closed, Darkloy said Mr. Roosevelt would send his recommendation to con-r gross In a special message, prob- My this week. MOLALLA, Oro. (UP)—An 85- vear-old farmer walked In to. it grocery store here. "I'll.try some of that store-made bread," he told tho clerk. Tho cleric gave him the bread t, selection a ""r, ett ' ° f Hayll , wltl1 tho n "noes" s ° f , second went toi . . . . Boston spoke at the noon services . Large attendance was rcporteii at tlic churches yesterday when Palm "What Is Right with Youth." In the girls serious readings first went to Ola Mae McCord, of Hoi- st's n dime," Ihc chrk said. ."Hmm, a dime, huh? I always thont'ht it was a nickel, but ot course I wouldn't know—this is the first loaf of bread I ever bought.' ' ... Innd, with the selection "Blessed Sunday was observed. Uamosal", second to Margaret Churches participating in this annl '' !!' "f y , tl wlth " TIlc Bour - cvangellstlc movement and minis- H^WO .i ,' '"...""M'"?" Rim " tcrs who are holding the meetings , ^f WKML with 'Ami a Litare: (lie Rev. V. E. Boston, Th. D. IfT , of Temple Baptist In Memphis, . ,,' assisted by Arthur Nelson, at the B ' First Baptist church; the Rev. En- Will Supervise Air fourth to Carrie L. Concord 'with "Homecom- Irrltaled Yegg Somewhere FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP) • . - pha D. Beasley has been conduct- Ing services at the First Church of - L^TlTV'^ RC V' f """-working bur lar whoook S 45 Harris Memorial Methodist church £° ^ , ,' ^^ l °° k In Memphis, assisted by D Ward ,, $ ' M ovcriookKl « C5 ° '" «>" Mllam, of Llncolnton, N. c., at the First Methodist church. Lower Court's Barber Act Decision Upheld LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 11. (UP) — Reftisal of the Pulaskl circuit court to grant a permanent injunction High Court Will Decide; 'Function' Of Football Game WASHINGTON. Apr. May Jul. 888 the New Deal's forthcoming ....... &,« KM sna gsu tour-billion dollar "pump prim- |Mar ....... 898 898 895 £96 in «" sending program, ' Spots do5«d ste»oy at 88* up 3, Chicago Corn open high low close May 803-4 807-8 605-8 605-8 Jul. 62 621-4 01 7.3 62 bcr law, was upheld today by the state supreme court. . The ruling upheld the lower court's decision lliat $5.000 may be taken from the governor's emergency fund for putting the act into effect. Tlie supreme court said such action "would not have anything to do with the law's constitutionality." If. C. Boatty, Little Rock barber, challenged constitutionality of the law, complaining that It would result in "confiscation of private property without due process of law." He further contended that tho law, which sets up a board to prescribe sanitary regulations for barbers .was a duplication of state agencies having the same power. 1 "The board of health already pre- scribea such regulations." Beatty said, . . < tcrcollcglatc football, as engaged In by state universities, Is "an essential government function" or a "gigantic commercial activity." The court granted the federi' government's petition tin decision, ruling in favor of the "essential governmental function" theory and exempting the University of Georgia and Ocorgla Tech from pay'"!? federal admission taxes on gate receipt. 1 ; of athletic contests. The government, In n brief signed by solicitor General Robert H. Jackson, told the hlgii tribunal "that the staging of Inter-collegiate football games Is not on essential governmental function, as has been amply demonstrated In our view," and that on the contrary football games are "gigantic commercial activities." I Is Assessed $100 Fine For Drunken Driving Various charges lodged against persons arrested over the. week- .i»t mado.n full docket in munlci- •;al court today, Frank Moore,.who vas arrested on a charge of drlv- 'ng while under tho Influence, of Intoxicating liquor, was fined $100. Ue was granted an appeal with :cnd set at $200. . ;O. R. perry forfeited a bond of MS,25 on a charge of reckless Jrlvlng. An alleged altercation between ^Jiibel Lambert and Everett' Bruce, nunngcr of the Hlde-Away Beer -larlor, resulted In Bruce being *ound not guilty of a charge of 'Isturbing the peace by fighting: ml Lambert fined $10 on a simi- 'ar charge. He was granted . an appeal and his bond sot at 475. 7 Tlie case of Carlton Tate, who as arrested Friday on a charge r grand larceny, was reduced to misdemeanor and he was "fined. "10 for petit larceny, ire was ar-' •csted In connection with some •hisky stolen- from a truck and •vhen arrested, Is said to have had 'hreo boxes of cigars hidden un- 'er hli coat. The case of one man, charged •"lib. public drunkenness, was dismissed bv tho state while three -thcrs did not fare so well. They •ere each fined S10 on similar cb urges. Elob Hamnto'.i, neero, was freed -hen cases of disturbing the peace nnd assault and bal'Wv M"ed i-nlnst him. were withdrawn by 'he slate after submission of evl- •'cnce. Lccla Robertson, negro .eirl, will be tried tomorrow morning on 1 a charge of petit larceny alter hav- 'IIR been accused of stealing a pocketbook from a man. Jim VVomack and Leon Auston, negro bovs. »re also to face charg- FS of petit larceny which grew out of their attempting to scl! a 16- 'nch electric fan to a dealer. Fans "f this type were recently stolen from the Hotel Noble, police say, SVntocMcl Races Clocked ROCHESTER, Minn. (UP)—Scientists clock streptococci In races five-hundredths of an Inch In length In a Mayo Clinic laboratory here. To tfce scientists the winners do not matter because It Is the losers that are the stronger agents jiu aggravating the common cold. I Dr. E. c. Rosenow, the referee, plucks out tho losers for use In * , vaccine. West Pointer, qualified army pilot and observer, Dents Mulligan, above, Is the new director of the federal Bureau of Air Commerce, appointed by Secretary Roper after Dr. Fred D. Fagg, Jr., resigned lo become dean ol the School ol Commerce at Northwestern University. Mulligan was assistant director of the bureau under Fagg. He completed advanced aviation training (n army schools at both Brooks and Kelly fields. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, cooler In northwest portion tonight; ( Titncrfov r^nprallv fair r^lrla* • '•' . clcudv Kht and iSav- warmer tonleht wltti lowst tern pcrature 54 to''58 .«.„ mavlm'iVm i.^tv^t,,™ v. vcst el|»7 was «4 mWmnm «? dear ShTWht' fro,? ' ^ ^rdrnf £! imuel F j ris, official we»ther observer. _

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