The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington on January 18, 1917 · Page 1
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The Seattle Star from Seattle, Washington · Page 1

Seattle, Washington
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Thursday, January 18, 1917
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t« ■fc£ST» f fIV mmMBB W'. . wL M . /Mi nfi Hi #zf *,< Mf. tcam£?) asj . /,' fW R. R. Wins Delay in Tourist Rates Federal Probers Areßusy That the federal grand jury IS following a hot trail of the rrorty alleged to have been paid for protection the Billing* leys My they received from the police following their compro. mile with Mayor G.ll August 29 wai reported in the federal building Thursday. The jury had examined Assistant Cashier Couch of the men Saving* and Trust Co.. Tni institution with which the Biilingileys did their franking, and a number of other men pre sumed to know something aoout their finances. Juat which of the wltne»s>-« queried along that line had divulged valuable information wasn't diiH-lovi But that a trail had been found whirh led the grand Jurors rlotrr than ever to what is esperted to t>e clinching evidence «rf a transfer of money »«i an almost open aecrei. Money in Secret Places Urn. >i»>4t»n*. J c. n7*M ami r>ay drag store la-l -Inly, • he RUiingsleya are thought to have ft uad obscure dsposlttrli *. TU»» th«* uioney alleged to have bwti pa id for protect Kin wa» secured from one of their secret hiding place* may he the new evidence that served to inrrcafe the confidence of I'. S. IMatrlct \ttorne; Allen and the special agents assist ing him in the hunt for ronnectlng links between the Hlllineslevg an.l .city officials. sk> well ha*e witnesses laid the foundation that Allen ready to call th«» BUlinnaley-i before the giand Jury Thursday afternoon. They were not on hand In the morn- In* but were e*i>ected to appear in am- fcr the afternoon »<a*lon Witnesses having to do with Uhlnor were before the grand jury Thursday morning. Several witnesses already called In connection with the sheriff* office angle of the boozegraft probe were aliont the corridors. Oarence L. Heamea. district attorr.ey for Oregon. here to aid Metric! attorney Clay Allen, haa *pent most of the time since hi* arrival familiarizing him«e|f wth evidence already in the hands of th»- government. Probe "Frame-up" Story Government agent* Thursday continued their inveatiftatlon of the atory of Fred BHHngsley that he was the victim of a frame-up when th- police aelzed In a garage hi* automobile. said to have contained keg of liquor. Tuesday night. Humor* wr-re current about the federal building that evidence wax being gathered Jn an attempt to •how that the kesj *a? placed In |he auto after Fred and Ora Fill llngsley left their car at the White garage M'-ndav night. The )«>l|c« have turned ov»r a keg of liquor, which thev say wan found in the car. Fred Hllllngsley ha* insisted to Ihe government acnt* that ho left no whisky iu .Uii car. 1 M. G. EVERSOLE, 50. a n iro {carpenter. wax Instantly killed liy |a fall from a ladder, on whi'h he ' win- workinK. at 4120 59th ave 8. W. ADVERTISING MANAGER'S OAILY TALK The best offerings of Seattle's best stores appear regularly in The Star. How rnwh fOU t>y th»m j <lr (s«n'la on ho vv r«r»fuily >our« ij th« MORE THAN 60,000 COPIES OAILV The»e be unae'.tled llmei. 0»»r in Otympla they're •till In doubt ai to how many alapa covered the aenatora' facet And In Seattle it may either rain or mow, ajya the weather man. Temperature 6 a m., 27; nojn, J3. Raider's Toll Is Higher BY CHARLES P STEWART Copyright, 1»17. H> the t'nlteii Pf»« I BUENOS AIRES. Jan. 1S — The British navy, as represented in South Atlantic waters. Is today in full cry on the hunt for the German ruder—still at Urge, which to date le be lieved to have sunk or captur. Ed 25 alli-d merchantmen. Latest reports account for 24 merchant ships rounded up by the Teutonic raider, and with two additional vessels missing, it is believed thay. too, may have been sunk or captured Four fast cruisers, including the famous Glasgow, which took part In the Coronel battle two years ago. are said to be leading the hunt for the raider. One report, as yet unconfirmed also declare* a Japanese cruiser is steaming northward from Pjnta Arenas to Join in the chase. lu addition to lb* 23 »es»#la I counted for >e.«t«rUa>. U was limnhwi Ai|>mr„.UMM'iJM>A J«[nr.i'«' MMmmr iluliii Msr<> mss Inrliuie I among th# raider's! prUen. Shf arrival at Feinam b«'o In rharg* of a German cr«« I fnrvlvors landed from the Jap- 1 »n« se fusel told th" first connected storv fl f the operation* 1 cf the ral<!t»r today. The latest German sea rover left Kiel flying the Danish flag, tbe survivors said Th* dl*patrhe« retorting lk»lr •forie* said they declared ihr wa* In balla«t. being lad*n only with Iron Rover Well Provisioned The German raider 1* not only *till at targe, but she la plentifully supplied with food and fuel, taken from her *<ore and more capture* When she *ent the Hudson Mum ■lO tnlle* or *i> to l'>mambu<<* *h«- turned tail and sped away int.* the horizon line The Herman adopted the irreate*t precaution* in guarding her plana from the hundred* of prisoner* taken aboard h«-r prize* The sur vlvor* were closely confined below deck*. They were *o nomerou* th:it thl* cooping up force*! severe hardships. Prisoner* Poorly Ted Morti.ver, the fool served theca was utterly Inadequate All the survivor* were bitter In their complaint of 111-t reatmen' When the raider left home water* she carried 2SO sajiors and four German officer*. The two ships which sailed from Pernambuco on January 10. and ar« now believed also to have fallen victim to the raider, are the British Rteain>T Paraguay and the French freighter Admiral I .a Tonche Tr< -il!e Patrols Hurt Sea Terror Hoth for Mshon, Hf»aivh i#* bffintc nimlr for two v»«»- mr-* *• 0•-J# " ' .«'< • • 1 ahlps are reported to b« dlIlKe~"7 i vH. • . . , I)i*paich<" from Kio Janeiro r» veab<d th-i' the Japanese slenmer Hudson Maru, which brought In survivor*, v.a* it. ••'J a prize Her German commander hat t.>t yet made it known whether h'< »j» intern with hi* prize and crew, or whether he will discharge passenger*. take aboard supplies. and make a dash for Ihe open sea, to do raiding himself In the meanwhile the Itra/ilian government Ik preparing strictest surveillance to prevent any violation of neutrality laws The survivor landed hi Hi mat bnco by the Hudson Included IVr! Hrltlsh and Hindoo*, French and a few additional of varlou* nation alitie*. Fate of Hundred* Unknown Allho they had been closely rimfined aboard I heir captor, they Irlen lifted her an a Herman crulMer of (he Vlneta or Mwwe type, hut ill* guised no her warlike character was not revealed. The aurvlvors do not represent by a (treat mnnlier the total of lhone aboard all the ships known to have fallen victim to the <ier- raider The fate of several hundred other* la unknown. From stories told by |tie survlv(Continued on page 5) A MHTKfIDAM, .lan IS llerlln hn« JiiHt announced thai a submaline ha* returned with a record of Kinking 10 Klilps, dispatche* from the German ''apltal said today. The Seattle Star TH£ ONLY PAPER IN SEATTLE JTHAT DARES TO PHiNi THc NEWS VOLUME 19. GREEK MAIl) COMES FAR TO WED ONLY TO HAVE HER DREAM OF ROMANCE END IN BALM SUIT .'amea Carkonl* and Pater Farmasonis were good friend*. They *pent much time in friendly conversation over stetniinq cop* of black coffee, in the Greek cafea of Seattle They had both eai'ert from far away Greece for pro*|.erou* America, and they haa succeeded Farmiionn, the younger, had been succasiful in the canjy business. He wa* rt'iy, with thread black eyet and a mass of curly hair. He wa* young and full of the f re of nit race. "Why don't you Ret a wife? *mi!ed hi* friend Carkonla, one r>\ enlng while the pair *ipped their coffee In a common haunt early In the spring of IHS. Why should-i'i he* lie ha I r»*ltlon and wealth !n tln.< new i;,pd of bla. Ill* e*e* upa'Mel at the Real lon "Hut I have no < ii« In mind * ! could marry." *ald Farm atonU "That I* easily fixed..' re*|.ondc.| Carkonix. and hi* memory ahjfted back to 'i little fartn ne*fled in the Kr"«n hill* of far-a'v iy Knrtrl. a little hamlet that I* nightly h.>*cd by the mist* of lh« Mediterranean, where a amall. Ivory tinned girl, with Jtiat the slight'-*: tglth of pink in her cheek*, sanif her way thru dally toll In h«r father* orchard*. "Yew, I ran fit It," concluded t'arkoni* And hi* young friend Fartna»onl* irnel. The April f.k|e» were ' lear »hen Taiia AthunaKindc*. who wa* IP. wa* disturbed from her calm existence by a letter from her unrle. .lame* t'arlionl*. in Seattle She wa* agreeably surprised when she learned ttint she wa* to make the long, venturesome trip aero** the Atlantic to hecunm Ine bride of I'i.ter Karnißsonl It wn* custodian with thn people of her race to arrange marring •* In ■tich a manner So she contented herself with dream* of the man who wa* to be her husband. who.- her relative* did the necessary wooing. In time, thru Ihe exchange of BROADWAY BANK CLOSED ;$40,000 WiLL BE LOSS The Hroadwuy State tisnk, H24 r,,'tml Pike el.. whh clo*'d Thursday morning by Stale llilnk Kxamlner Moody, mill a complete < berk of the bank hook* started It Ik nalrl that the depoHltor* will lone about $40,000, according to nn early chuck, and the director* will lose their entire holdlngi The imnk waH capitalized al $»0,000. The clohliiK of thfl blink waft the remit of a ■tutu-wide Inspection Inllriitml by the HtHte Imnk e\ aiiilner at Olymplß. Small bunk* tliruout the Htiile are being f.nbject •'I in 4 sever* nix w-ili^atloa. a • • Sh'ATTI.K, WASH., THURSDAY, JAMJARV IS, I'M/ 'many letter* aud iablegrami>. tnei date drew near for tier leaving Hhe made c|o'h<-« She waa Si rep t>artle* Hs illee. laughter and t<*ar* »«>r» dally contribution* to the fare • ell It »a~ pot until Oecemtter that f-'armasnnls wrote for hi* fiancee to Come She .ailed with her two vo - •later-., Kftlalla an! Chi* (In* Ihet * held at tilhraltar for a lonir lime and braved the *ul> marlned *e«* to N>w York, ftul thru II all. 1«»ln »a* happy, for her RAIDER'S TOLL MAY BRING ON GERMAN FIGHT BY CARL 0 GROAT ' nlf««4 I'fiu tfiaff < * HIT —<1 111 il I I WASHINGTON. Jan. 18— In ternat'Onal complication! with Germany will «n»M If Amir, lean live* were loet. contrary to international law. In the German ralder'a actlvitlee, accord- ln(j to a broad official hlrt to the United Press today The official indicated peace maneuvers •mill) not preTcnt hi* «overntnent from tnklnK whiii> anion if It* rlKhts were invaded Several male <t«•; >jm <m<• ui officials said mi word had come thru ofrtrlal channels concerning the raid, and ilielr only Information concerning Anieiirani rim* from press dliv patchM. DETECTIVE SHOOTS UP ROOM WHERE THAW GUT THROAT PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 18.— Breaking under the strain of his long vigil, Norman Kelly, a private detective employed to guard the room where Harry K. Th»w attempted to commit suicide by slashing his throat and wrists, became hysterical, and started to "shoot up" the place today. Kelly, who Is attached to the Val O'Farrell agency, declared some one attempted to enter the apartment and cut him with a knife. DELAY LEAK PROBE WA Sill NOTON, .Inn. I* -That I )i,. nut"' louk probe may not bo aitn In taken up inilll next week wbh llii- hoi Iff horn today, when .1 I' Morgan, Hiihpoenaed to toKtlfy. wan notified ho lined not report until fur ihor not 100 Thorn wan no hoarlnn today, liomooratlo member* of tho nolo leak < -om in 111 oo had a now rliiikklo today In picking out counsel for fur tin r hosrlnitu Pater 'Famiaaonla ifweethegrt «a» awaittug h«-r. y• • • 1 a«* Athanaslade-i stepped frow a passenger train at Ihe Klhk •lr«l Ktatlon a year aao thl* Jan uary. Hlu- alighted in the mld*t of relative*. hearty kisses and handshake* Her young f)n ro»ed uier Ine ' ro «d In search of tho«e of the one she most w anted to m* , Peter K»r n.'iHonla. Karmasonl* eye* failed to re ■ pond a Welcome «hen he n« hi* Iniended bride llf ball.ed l-ater declined entirely to go thru with M* agreement He *ald he vi» disappointed. and did not want her • • • On Thrusday. January I*. 191". in the *ii|-erlor court of Kiiu county. a small. Ivory aklnned tireclan maid en. with ju*t Ihe *!lKhto*t touch of pink on her cheek*. told of the henrt a> !'<•* of those hour* that followed the *iid rcall'allou that iheie «a» no pot of cold nt the end of her dream rainbow A* the plaintiff In u $>">.OOO breachnf-proMil»e aiilt ag.iitiHl Karmasonls. "he dcMcrlhed her disappointment ami her longing now to return to the ureen hli/* of Her homeland "I don't iite *o much now." she faltered, thru the aid of an Intc* preler. and I don't even want any of hi* money " Her whole dream and belief in life ha« been shattered. She I* thru. • • • .lame* < arkonl* and Peter Parmasouls *lp black coffee nightly in the tlreek rnfe* of Hen!lie, lint they ale no lonci'i friend." HOUSE VOTES FOR CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION BILL MIMA, .lan. IK, The house, by vote of K4 to 10, pji**cd the Joint reaolutlon submitting the question of a constitutional con- Million to voters In 191S election. The fight on the bill was led by lloth, of Whatcom, who wanted to I;i ow what rea*on there wiih for ci Hint: a convention. lie said it ' ilbl be expensive, coHtlng about $300,1100, wouldn't do any Rood, and would probably fall to pins, like tlie constitution drawn by New- York convention. l/t people ill reetly amend constitution,'' lie , i aid. "as occasion may arise.'' 9-Pound Baby Born in /V. Y. Street Car MOW YOHK, Inn IS The rustle of the Htork'x wings unlit Mrs Hone Hntlnk, L'fi, toward llellevue The bill perched on n Second ave. mir face car After men had with drawn, a nine-pound girl baby waa born. Kratlng child labor act will reach ISO,OOO children, but thtr* anl.Rfin.noO children In tin* I'nllnd j rttmoH who cannot lie rvachul by fl'llulill legislation ONE CFNT ~N '«*•** am. v,nL » V - 1 - 1 * 1 hrw* "IANfHi *• Postponed to April 2 Became N. W. Failed to Enter a Protest; City Must Get Busy Seattle and the Northwest, to revise the, old saying, counted their tourists before they were hatched! The new rates removing the differential of $17.50, which operated in favor of Southern California and against the Northwest, WILL NOT GO 4NT©£FFECT ON FEBRUARY 15. The Interstate Commerce Commission at Washing* ton, D. C., today modified its decision to that effect. The Southern Pacific won its motion for postponement to April 2. IT WON BECAUSE THE NORTHWEST FAILED TO HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE AT WASHINGTON, D.C..TO WATCH EVERY MOVE AND TURN IN THE CASE. No one contested the railroad'* motion! Just what The Star feared and warned. against has come to pass. While the Chamber of Commerce hemmed and hawed aboaf having "no money for this purpose," and before The Star could raise the necessary money thru subscription to hire Attorney Reyn* olds to handle the case, the first blow fell! And the railway has several other moves up its sleeves. The discrimination against the Northwest won't be removed on April 2, either, unless the Northwest—Seattle particularly—gets busy. The Southern Pacific railway, besides securing a postpone-* ment, ALSO HAS A PETITION BEFORE THE COMMISSION TO REOPEN THE WHOLE CASE. If the commission decides to reopen the case, the old rates will continue pending the final decision, which may not come at all thia year. The commission today ruled that the railway may file its brief in support of the petition any time up to January 30, and tho Northwest is ordered to reply by February 23. SEATTLE MUST GET BUSY! IT IS NOW MORE APPARENT THAN EVER THAT THE NORTHWEST MUST HAVE CHARLES A. REYNOLDS, FORMER STATE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER, WHO WON THE FIRST DECISION FOR US, STAY ON THE JOB TO THE FINISH. The legislature should appropriate the $10,000 recommended by the state public service commission for this purpose! It should do it at once. But you can never depend on the lawmakers at Olympia. Seattle business men cannot afford the risk. Make doubly sura by subscribing the necessary money— by subscribing $5,000, at any rate. If the legislature comes thru, as it should, for it interests the whole state, then the money can be returned. If not, it will be money well spent. THE TOURIST RATE CASE NEEDS REYNOLDS. fi NIGHT EDITION You won't even get a chance to aee thla atuff, much leaa Imbibe It, when the "bone dry" law cornea marchlry to town.

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