Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on June 14, 1992 · Page 73
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 73

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1992
Page 73
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8 Asbury Park PressSunday, June 1 4, 1 992 'Real World' o F ? ' ! have school, you don't have nothing." Nies wanted to encourage the kids watching not to make the same "choices that he made. "He gave himself up in a lot of personal areas," manager Levin said. "The family's not that happy that the outside world knows about them." But it's one of the reasons Nies was chosen for the series, said executive producer Murray. The producers wanted people who "had not figured it all out yet," Murray said. "I certainly think that part of who Eric is and the troubles he got into as a teen-ager played into our interest in him," Murray said. "We also liked the fact that he was getting himself together." Murray also was floored by Nies' looks and charisma. He predicted bargain. He was fined $150 and sentenced to 80 hours of community service and drug counseling. "Everybody in Monmouth County knows Eric Nies for all the wrong reasons," Nies said. This is a chance to change that, he said. Nies talks about his past on "The Real World." On last Thursday's episode, the cameras followed him as he checked in with the Monmouth County probation department. The episode showed him working with a youth recreation program as part of his community service. Nies talked about experimenting with drugs and dropping out of high school. "If I could go back to first grade knowing what I know, I would have studied my butt off," he said on the episode. "Because if you don't Levin, who was there, swears that a teen-age girl put her hand over her heart and said, "Oh my God." A second chance The positive attention is a blessing for Nies. And not just because he wants to be a TV or movie star. Nies got in a lot of trouble in the past few years. He was on the front page of the Asbury Park Press in 1990 after he was arrested and charged with participating in a football betting operation at Ocean Township High School. A few months later he was arrested again and charged with selling anabolic steroids at the school. The gambling charges were dismissed. As for the steroids, Nies said he had nothing to do with them, that he was with a friend who had them in his car. But he felt it was best to plea From page Dl Since May, all the roommates have been blitzed by TV, magazine and newspaper reporters in a flurry of media attention to a show that makes life become art. Nies has been interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, NBC News, The New York Times, People. He has received nearly 60 fan letters already, according to Murray. "That's a lot for MTV," Murray said. Better still, last week Nies was playing basketball in a gym in Union when people recognized him. Nies' family friend and business manager Robert POOLS-POOLS-POOLS-POOLS-POOLS teBi great success for Nies. "I think Eric will end up on a sitcom in the not-too-distant future, playing a character not too different from himself," Murray said. Nies is now going through readings for a CBS series called "Freshman Dorm" and is talking to casting directors from Paramount and Disney. 'Our pay is now' Nies found out about "The Real World" auditions from the agent who handles his TV commercials. Nies has appeared on some TV ads, but isn't on screen long enough for anyone to recognize him, he said. After five "Real World" interviews, Nies was selected. At the time, he never imagined it would be a big deal. " 'Oh, that's cool, I get to live in New York for free for three months.' That's how I looked at it," Nies said. "We got paid peanuts. Our pay is right now. The publicity we're getting." At first, Nies was uncomfortable with the cameras in his face all the time. Then they became like furniture, Nies said. The cameras followed Nies to a pro-basketball game at Madison Square Garden, where his father, an NBA referee, was working. They visited the Nies home here and filmed Nies walking the Allenhurst beach. Nies didn't mind being filmed in em- -barrassing or sticky situations. "If I was going to care what people thought of me, of my personality and my attitude that I have toward certain things, I wouldn't have done the show," Nies said. "I wanted to show everyone who I am. "I think the biggest problem that they're going to have with this show is the audience is going to want more. At the end of the 13 weeks they're going to say, 'Where is Eric? What happened to Julie?'" MTV may air a future reunion of the loft group, Murray said. MTV also WE OWN THE FACTORY WE SAVE YOU MONEY l S X KEVIN COUGHUNAsbury Parti Press Eric Nies has been blitzed by 'requests for interviews from the media. is considering doing another real-life soap, perhaps in Venice Beach, Calif., or in London, Murray said. Since the end of their time living'to-gether, Nies has kept in touch with some roommates. Julie Oliver, he 19-year-old dancer from Alabama, moved to Jersey City with roommate Heather B, a rapper from New Jersey. Norman Korpi, the 25-year-old graphic designer, went back to'. Jis business in Brooklyn. ,1 The loft itself has been taken apart. Each "Real World" resident got to take home a chair from the loft at 565 Broadway. If Nies' theory that "The Real World" will influence viewers is correct, the kids watching will listen to Nies and stay in school and keep away from drugs. It will be hip for viewers to wear funky hats plaid hats or hats with tassels because Nies wears about nine different hats in the course of the 13 episodes. And all across America, kids ' will start putting their plates in the TAHITIAN POOL SPACE SAVER ADOLPHUS II OVAL POOL main I tNANUt FREE ALUMINUM MASSIVE T LEDGE & MASSIVE 6" RfMFRririAi . w""',wm MASSIVE VERTICAL WINTERIZED LINER PATENTED 4 BAR WALL CLOSURE SYSTEM JSpools are made X. 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OFFERS EXPIRE JUNE 17, OR MMITl5 UST- ADVERTISEMENTS ND THEIR OFFERS MAY NOf BE ?2Jl?iS,ES,A5S,t?"OR SALES ARE N0T APPLICABLE TO ANY OF THESE OFFERS. COPYRIGHT 199? BRANCH BROOK CO. 223 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE BOO ROI JTF ?nfi ....

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