The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1931
Page 8
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Mill OF EK-lhtville Boys Victory as -Reaches Heights. Shore inj Alabama Just PASADENA, pa).—The Crimson. Tide rf Alabama was ready to stiri; the long homeward trek to Tnsca-; locsa today' after the glorious vir- tcry in the sixteenth annual Tournament of Roses grid bait!? yesirr •',' day rver the Washington State Cougars, 24 to 0. Football fans' of the west were still.-marveling today at the wonderful exhibition by Wallace Wade's unr'rifeated eleven in decisively walloping the mighty Cougars. 1'acllic coast. champs. Grid fans of tlie • section were prepared to rank Alabama alongside Notre Dame for national football supremacy. ' It was a team that did everything »'i?ll.that Coach Wade showed tho again west as his farewell ediilon at, Alabama and many expo's rank llv; 1S30 Alabama team as tii|XM-lor to the Crims:n Tide defeated University rf Washington In lOM and tied Stanford in 1927. Incidentally Ihe vttlory kept Dixie's record in the Rise Bowl series iulacl as Oijoi'sia Tech beat Southern Celi- fornla in 192S. Shcclt Troops Start Tlie Dixie team entered the game a- : declded favoriie ns coast fans remembered tlie Tide of past years with high favor. The Alnlmnvj mentor sprung a big however when he started his shock tr'cpps with only Capl. Clements of his' regulars In the opening llnc-up. The Cougars displayed a powerful drive in the first quarter but could nsvcr get past the defense of Wade's righting- shock troons although (hey ni'.vcd the ball into Alabama territory moie Ihatl once, Toward the end of the first, quarter the Crimson mentor Injected most of his 1 regulars Into the Hne- !>•> ' including his varsity hadcfleld of . Campbell. Slither, McRigW and Cain. Then ihings began tn happen although they were delayed until the second p::r!od as regulars found a hirl chin-gins Cougar line bogging iliwn their plays.- • : ' That second period was one thai 'will long be rememberer! In .Rosy: B-'Wl competition ond was a thriller- llfcr the startling third quarter performance ol the Tide against Washington In I92G when tl-j Dix- ie.'beys scored three touchdowns Second Period Sensational • t .S03n af(er the period opened Alabama dramatically seated its first, touchdown in rt play ina't was en- tiioly unexpected aud caught th? Cougars flat-footed. Alter an 'exchange of purits Alabama took the bnlr on If.i 4fl vard line. An r((- •ifle penslty discounted two galn- InV'. plavs. Jttnmy Moore enmc rapidly 'back from end on what 1&4 the appefvrancs of a 'reverse end play, took the ball trom Campbell and fading bacX, tossed a heave '{o Flash Suther on Wnshlng- ton State's 35 yard line and Sulhc-r .iped unmpleste dfor the first touch- 'dcwn! The extra point was added ''on a perfect kick by Campbell. The •p!«y 'caught the Cougar secondary '.entirely ouf' r f iwsition and no one • : i»as In Suther's way as lie raced to • : the coil line after a fine catch. •' Hardly had the big crowd settled 'back in Its seats when another Ala• bama touchdown was in the making as the Crimson Tide flowed strcnjcr and stronger. - Eberdt, Tide center, intercepted a • pass on the C-ugars' 40 yard line . ('pori' alter the klckoft. Oh-the. next riltw M<wre again took the pigskin and' thww a beautiful spiral into the arms of Ben Smith, his fellow frit: who was dragged d"wn on the Cougars' cne yard line Smith mcde f sensational ciktch of the "vine p'lj.tkln. erabWrii! it out of the arrm of two members of the Coiignrs' .-.'con^ary with a leap high int' the air. Campbell.Gets Camobell unmerilately sneaked the ball ever fnr the second touchdown and followed by converting suddenly as had the first, and sec- rnd. Alabama ran a pnnt to its own .47 yard line. Campbell, easily thn cul^'n^illn^. back of the game, spunned within six Inches of a firs', down on a deceptive play at center. A. raw wc-s grounded. With six inches to go for a first down Camp-1 bell "sllnpcd through, the center rf! the lin; and running low shiftod j hU way ' througli' the Wa c hinelon[ State,territory, twept into the clear; and raced across the goal line, ai scoring jaunt of about 44 yards. | Campbell again added the extra point and the half ended with Alabama h-ldin? a 21 tj 0 lead. Wade trotted but ms second string bactfieid and a' composite line, swain to start >he second half and the reserve back's remained in the Si>r-" vntll the Jburth poriod- With Holley, rtsorve ruarter, c>K- plftrirtg an eluslveness seccnd only t--Camnbc!l and aided by seme of- liclent'blocking, the Tide tool; the cffense «nd moved trie ball down to the Cougars' 22 yard line. Hr.r the lads from the northwest stcad- i'^ »nr) held. With f-wnh down ind plenty of yardage before them >*;.• Dixln boys decided to try for a field goal. . Perfect Fklo Kcal .Whltworth. a bl? husVv blond playing at guard, was called into tiie-bacifield.' He took his portion back 'f the 30-yard line. Th?. ball snapped back, was pjaced to the prpuad »nd ii perfect field goal was the reOTltr The 1 boct': f/onr Whtt- worth'j"educated toe describing a 'Iluy cllOn'i nlvc U''i llarvev, iht B!-itis!i mictdlewflghl, nny :co ic:t :i touch when ih?y malthrd the young mini with Vnuc Dii!u'.?e for his debut tre nlelit of Jan. 0. ... lx>n come'i h,n::?d as a piifcHh:, and :ilinc:-l a heavywelijhl, too, who irt only hus remained erect 1*1 men of IHs lights, but has knocked out 200 battlers cut o! ?50 chAiicc;,. . . . }fe ix-ajj M0 fi-ars. they £ay, (hougli you us- uaily :ii,ve to Icok at the back ol o llritish' fighter's neck for r::r.:b, el battle . . . and maybe Ihty haven't got a good look at his back yet . . . H L . brat Daw Elnrr last MI miner, which Is a I.rr-ttv filr rrcommriulation. LL-II l: iiiiht and ate his way up is OKI the llyweight division. . . , l.:n brotiiilu along Mrs. Harvey v.'lio wunt.s "lo r.-c all the night :iiiti.s (end everything", . . which mlfihi indicate that Leu's work .s a;i cm out for him. i Triumph in First Games of I, New City Basketball League Last Night. . lot the C3in|i:iny M iaccurate v.-Uli Ills foul s icf, ,lng four KUis. McHenry |\vell fcr the militia. A field ijcal by Tern rsej; mlnutlvi! lurward, In th" inlnut!; cf play saved t-"e -;, team from a shutout In tl ; - s -"-n i game. Bible, fast for was d -of"" nixie team, w::s the star of* •,•> conte:it. lliblc sunk four fl'-id "-\[and one extra point for nlnV pintV The Frisco team presented a",l",- The H-.ibbard quintet nnd Dlxii' Kiivis swept oil' to u -stai! >u tin City cage Lea-ill the VOJLl ])Cifcct (irch nnd tlrojijilng over llin Washington Slntc came in with ii >-<Ui in tlic- ilnnl quartc-r willi Alabama's first siring backlldd 4 a lor n touchdown fullback of the n tho game. The Cougars Bumbling rtpspcmtely f or n ,| Corc mixing .sli-aight f) !:,y s w j(|, some ' siilla-llke p:ui.v*s L>y Sanders, suo- stitute back, drove to Alabama's y:ird line nnd Ilrst .down, with yni'd to BO Schwart?, big _ Cougars luiiiuicd and Slngtoii, Ala- l).i:na's All-America tackle recovered. With the threat averted Cain, the left fcolod ace of the Tide punted out- ol danger. With only a lew minute's left.- to piny Coach 'Wade began sending his subs in the battle In llrcks: -Back •'iii Its own territory again the Coujars -were resorting entirely to overhead In n dcsncrate effort, to score, bcfoi'ij the game ended Hood] .ma MiU end, Intercepted B pass deep In Cougar territory. Wallace Wade, the Alabama mentor, gave'practically every nian on the Aliibanm bench u chance In the game using 33 men In nil. unnccs were given tor the tennis lust night with many movie cetc- btites In attendance. SPOUT AVERAGE KIXE1> COLUMBIA, Mo. lUPl-Tlie University of Missouri faculty has ruled that students participating h more than one Intercollegiate spar; In the school year' must • tivcr.rrv M" In Ills best twelve hours during the preceding semester. This rule supersedes the former rulliv; which made eligibility In UVD o. more sports dependent upon : grade of "M" In nil studies of Ihi athlete in the semester prcc-JIn his coui]ietltlon; Indoor Baseball Loop To Start Tonight The |ndoor baseball' league will begin its schedule at the armory gym tonight. Felix Kyle's team will play the first team of the- remaining three in the loop to re|»rl tonight, it U stated. BECAME HKADLINER LONDON, (UP)-Kld Jacks 33 before being killed in tlic ring'haoi told his family "at lust I-have'got my nnme nt the-lop of the bill." TO HIRE BLIND TYTISTS LONDON, (UP)-/v resolution by Councillor Custance, blind, that blind typists be employed In coun- 'V council departments where v ancles occur, was approved. Q HE LOOD MOANS You've JOST HEARD MW BE CONIN I CANTOMDERSIWID nouJ i $pc MUCH/ 'CLASSIFIED ^•^ ^^-J"JJ|»B^. 'The Right to Love' FK'DAY. JA.XU.\11Y 2, 1901 cd In Its own territory by the'Fil- ers' defense. Crawford Greene officiated v- referee ond he was assisted („ i-, 1( > first game by Olcim Durham. Mnc-ups ol the yainos follow: Klnt (lame ains For Saturday Only Mxle Fliers ilnnlnglitim ilble 1)ami In • Lewis Q'a'nske I'os. HP SK-OJ LP Margiui. Harri C Ray'dci no Burnett, me: LO ' Cli'aiiln During tlie Middle Aijes ennls was popular timong nd nobles of Europe. Brookfield or Clover Bloom HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday QlPfl^ In Cloth Bags 5UbflK hmit. 10 Poisnrls Mary Nolan-Owen Moore in 'Outside The Law' A Crook Story — of the underworld- Comedy ami "Spell Circus, No. 3". , A(im. — Matinee and Night — 10 and 25ti. HOME THKATRli Sunday-Monday New Engiands Dozen lOc 39c Fancy HowelSs Tlie Affairs Of A Heart Hunter! 6 DZ. Medium No. 2 Can School Day or Tiny Tad wlmt does a baby like you tnov about love?" Miss Lou No:'2 Standard Genuine Biack Hawk Mixed Sliced i-opuiDB tin- first ij»in!-.s flayed "in tlii> iii-w, at ihe ii rmol . v ]. lst night Till- Hublrard quintet, sponsored by l)i: milliard Hardware company bowle-i! over Company M in the initial same. Ifi to 12. The Dixie Filers, HII independent team, originally Mated to play under the bann;r of the Ark-Mo Power cojnpany Had an easy lime in walloping a newly orgahtod team reprcsemin Frisco r.illroad, 18 to 2. 'llie liubbanl .squad loomed .is u formidable candidate for the league championship in the Rome. Wilson Henry, manager o! the llublurd team, slnrtec! ond string team against the cuard- men. but switched to .Jil3 vanity nc-up at the end of the first quar- er. Company M was leading 5 to at tlie half but the Hubbard live •as not to L-» denied, and soen to-j- he lead after the second ; hul' pcncd, never to relinquish if Th'e game was easily the bsst, OIK ! the two played. Herb Matthew: iant cenler of the Hublanl t/W •as the leadliiK scorer of the game ilh three Held goals. Carpenter nd nirge of the Hubbard learn oiml«d Iwo each. Pete Craig, gimrd RITZ THEATER Last Time Today MARIE PRKSSELER & WALLACE REERY . in 'Min Bill' Saturday Only OHN GILBERT — LELA IYAMS & POLLY MORAN in 'A Way For A Sailor' Comedy nntf Adm.— llatinet — Adm.— Night— 10\aml 3Gc. Ritz ATRE Sunday & Monday with Paul l.okas The stoty ol a • love that dies — nnd again! LIVES Comedy and News- Matinee—Sunday Only—Special School Price — 10-25c. Adults—iOc. Adm—Night—15 and 40c. BE'lTY COMPSON' IAIN KEITH MARY DUIXCAN JEANETTE LOFF F-.-oni tho. stage play l>y Rudolf I.othar and Fritz Gottwald- Con- 1 finuity and dialog by I Benjamin Glazer- A M A L C 0 L M ST. CI.AIR production. 1SAGE tb. 121c 5£2 BiSET ROAST !b. PORK CHOPS Ib. lie Comming [Attractions:— j Comedy and Cartoon. "WHOOPEB", "HELL'S AX-1 Adm.-Mutiiiee and nFJ.S" "BIG TRAIL", "ALL 10 and 25c. Shankle^s I Pi cn j c QUIET 0 N WESTERN FRONT", "LIGHTNING" with Will Rogei-s- Toan Crawford in "PAID", \Tnrip Tlrp.Cflftlni i« r '*Di? Marie Dresselei DUCING."- in "RE- Cominr; Attractions:— "KING OR JAZZ CARLO", HOLIDAY Bennett-

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